View Full Version : The Magic of Chia Seeds

Will Moore
12-22-2008, 02:25 AM
There's been a lot of press releases lately regarding the health benefits of the Chia Seed...apparently, they're not just for sprouting to make those silly "chia pets" we've all seen on TV ads for years. The seeds are easily digested, very high in fiber, and have the highest omega 3 - omega6 ratio of any plant food. Here is a link to just one article of many: http://www.living-foods.com/articles/chia.html

Also, if you would like to buy some, the best price for these can be found here: http://nutsonline.com/. This is a source I have been using for over a year now for any kind of nuts. In bulk, the prices are good and the service is fast. When I order, I get my stuff in 5 days....and I'm on a temporary assignment in Iraq.

Liz Neufeldt
02-10-2009, 12:42 PM
I definitely agree that chia seeds are incredible. Thanks so much for that article on them as well. I've actually also discovered salba seeds (http://www.seacoastvitamins.com/topic.php?health=salba), which are essentially the same as chia seeds, but better because they are grown under superior conditions to yield a more consistent crop and have undergone clinical studies. So you know you're getting a good product. They are often sold at a higher price, but the site where I get my supplements sells them at a great price.