View Full Version : Milk vs Surge for PWO

Mike ODonnell
01-10-2009, 03:14 PM
Good read:


Supplements overhyped and not needed? No way...........

George Mounce
01-10-2009, 03:26 PM
Real food better than man-made overpriced junk? Say it ain't so! (And yes I realize that there are no cows making chocolate milk...but you can get it made with real things that are still a far cry better than anything some company decides is better for you).

Blair Lowe
01-10-2009, 04:11 PM
Very cool and thankyou for posting that.

Currently, I use whole chocolate milk from the local commercial dairy mixed with cocoa powder from the mexican market ( because it uses sugar instead of HFCS or corn syrup [ I'm lessening my stance lately on HFCS whereas once I didn't care but I still think think the cocoa+sugar tastes better or different than HFCS variety choco milk ]).

PWO, I stick with just whole milk, instead of adding the chocolate in. I'm wary of adding the choco in because of the higher insulin response which should be enough given the carb/lactose content in whole milk and the fact I typically drink about 24oz at a given time.

After I come home from a bike ride to and from work, and want to workout in a couple hours, I down the chocolate milk.

Also, it's ridiculously cheap compared to what I would be spending on whey all the time. I still buy whey when I know I won't be near any food PWO. However, if a gas station can be found, I'll pony up the buck for some chocolate milk which is generally 3x as cheap as MuscleMilk ever used to be at the store or 2x when I bring it with me.

Another cheap mix is whey, water and eating a banana or some fruit jerky. Lacks the fat but it's easy to carry.