View Full Version : Secrets Of The Max Effort Black Box Dvd

Coach Rutherford
01-28-2009, 04:54 PM
I wanted to let those who have followed the progression of the MAX EFFORT BLACK BOX know that I'm putting together a DVD on this effort based training program. I will be covering all the nuances of the first and most popular integration of effort lifting with mixed mode / CrossFit GPP. I will be also covering new template discoveries I have made since the initial publication.

The PERFORMANCE MENU recognized and embraced the idea that strength came before strength endurance and published my writings. The DVD will come with a M.E.B.B. training template tracker with each order. Improvements and changes of these MS EXCEL programs will be forwarded at no additional charge. Your ordering options are on my GEAR PAGE (http://bootcampfitnesskc.com/gear.php?productID=50).


Coach Rut