View Full Version : Paleo etc. info for someone with type II Diabetes

Craig Brown
02-02-2009, 02:08 PM
I have a guy at work who knows I pay much more attention to nutrition than most folks in our office whose wife was recently diagnosed with type II diabetes. They are both sedentary, mid to late 40's, and substantially overweight. However, they are also completely indoctrinated in the 'conventional wisdom'...but smart enoguh to know they may not be right, and asked me for some pointers. Looking for web links for good info for them. If you have anything, please post. I (and they) would appreciate it.


George Mounce
02-02-2009, 02:42 PM
This was done: http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00435240



http://www.diabetes.ucsf.edu/EN/recent_news/hunter-gatherer_diet_may_help_prevent_and_treat_type_2_di abetes/


My mother is a Type I diabetic who is a Diabetic Educator and RNP. She has all her patients on a paleo diet, and eats one herself, lost her 30 pounds on it.

Here is the email I got from her, italics are mine:

Hey, August of 2007 you encouraged me to eat the Cross Fit way. We talked about a goal weight. You said I could get to 130 lbs. I told you 150 was realistic to me, then you said something about if I got to my goal you'd pay my way on a cruise (and now I'm out money, lol). Well I got on the scale today and it read 150. Haven't been at this weight since the time you were 6 months old until getting pregnant with Rachel (my sister, who is 29). All of my clothes are hanging on me and everyone asks what has happened to me. I just say I've learned to eat a better way.

Thanks for starting me on the low carb vegetables and protein meal plan, which the American Diabetes Association came out this year saying was the best type of meal plan for people with Diabetes, especially those with Type 2 and overweight. I teach this meal plan as the best option to all those with diabetes and weight problems in the clinic, in social situations and who ask me how I've lost weight as the healthiest way to eat.

It works.