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Greg Davis
02-07-2009, 08:54 AM
Ok here goes a training journal. I'm in my last semester of grad school and back from some time in Australia. Feels like now is as good of time as any to shoot for some grappling accomplishments and get some input from others on my training. Going to make it super detailed when possible.

My basic schedule is during the week to fast in the AM (getting school work done), train in the afternoons (around noon) and then eat a lunch + dinner. Weekends are rest/random days with pretty much whatever comes up.

My goals are maintain weight, increase in strength (squat & deadlift), and primarily get my BJJ blue belt plus a good showing at my club's tourney in April.

Would really appreciate any input especially on how I could optimize my training schedule, weights workouts, and food intake. I'll start off with as much detail as possible for a week or so and then prolly intermittently be more/less detailed.

Greg Davis
02-07-2009, 08:59 AM

(weights + BJJ)

out of bed
glass of tea

double shot americano

glass herbal tea
1 tbsp natural calm + 30mg zinc

single shot espresso

11:30am - noon
dynamic warmup
1a. deadlift- 5 x 135, 3 x 225, 1 x 315 (felt easy)
1b. 10 x body wt squats, 5 x pistols each leg, 2 x pistols /w 20lb DBs
2a. 12 x 15lb DB press, 6 x 25lb, 2 x 35lb
2b. 2 x attempted subscapularis pull ups, 5 x pullups, 2 x attempted subscapularis pull ups
3. 2 sets of light db lying shoulder raises

*weights sessions limited in time to about 30 mins. Im trying to come up with about 2 routines to throw in on days where I'm not doing BJJ or only an hour of it. subscapularis pull ups were attempts at this exercise (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmgChXVLihM).. I was told my upper back is relatively weak so I'm trying to work in some exercises to help there. Don't think I can do enough of these yet to make them effective.

*my bodyweight was at 168 (with gi bottom and t-shirt)

had a jar of herbal tea + 5g creatine

leftovers lunch
big hunk of grassfed beef summer sausage /w mustard
~1cup of yam cubes, baked with olive oil
few pieces of celery
tiny bit of leftover beet/cabbage dish
couple pickles
herbal tea + 2 digestive enzymes tablets + 3000 IU vit d

had a snack with gf when she came home
piece of cheese + small chunk of her grapefruit

dinner- made a round steak dish in slow cooker- disappointed in result
about 3/4 lb grassfed round steak
red cabbage
chicken broth
some leftover fennel-broccoli soup
splash of avocado oil
herbal tea + 3 digestive enzymes + vit C

early night as I was wiped from lack of sleep, in bed prolly around 8.30pm, but had a bitch of a time sleeping. woke up at 1:30am, then once every few hours at least the rest of night. weird as i slept solid every other night this week and was really tired.

Greg Davis
02-07-2009, 05:46 PM

(rest day, just some walking)

6:30am wakeup
(shitty sleep last night, kept waking up!)
glass of herbal tea

double-shot americano

walked to grocery store /w gf, about 20 mins each way
hauled back heavy load

had a big piece of paleo pumpkin cake gf made (almond flour, canned pumpkin, butter, etc.)

stir fry of leftover round steak cabbage thing, summer sausage, a carrot, portabella mushroom, onion, garlic, coconut oil
1/2 an avocodo /w lemon juice
herbal tea + 2 digestive enzymes + b vitamins

herbal tea /w ACV

went for long walk to run some errands
sampled some high quality olive oils at a specialty store ~4-5 tsps olive oil (no bread)

herbal tea /w small slice of lemon

>1lb roasted pastured pork butt (lots of fat)
~2/3 bunch of broccoli /w butter & olive oil
herbal tea + 4 digestive enzymes + 2000 IU vit D + vit C

doing marking & reading in bed around 10pm

Derek Simonds
02-08-2009, 04:24 AM
[QUOTE]I was told my upper back is relatively weak so I'm trying to work in some exercises to help there. Don't think I can do enough of these yet to make them effective./QUOTE]

I like that exercise but I would probably add in rows. I had the same problem and have added a steady diet of rows and it has made a huge difference. Any kind of row, Pendlay, DB, Fat Man whatever you like. I do some type of row 3 out of 4 days that I lift.

Your diet looks dialed in. Best of luck with your goals.

Greg Davis
02-08-2009, 04:44 PM

was supposed to go to yoga today but had too much reading/marking to do.. so pretty much another rest day. going to aim for 5 days straight training this week then its a road trip to ottawa next weekend.

5:45 wakeup
glass herbal tea

slept a bit better last night but still woke up a few times. woke up feeling pretty awake and not feeling like coffee.

1 anjou pear
1 kiwi
scrambled eggs (4 xl) in 1 tbsp pork lard
fish oil + vit E + selenium

random walk

big piece of pumpkin cake /w butter

last of summer sausage & some leftover pork butt roast.. > .5 lb /w mustard
romaine salad /w carrots & avocado oil + lime dressing
herbal tea + 1 tbsp CLO + 2000 IU vid D + 3 dig enzymes

managed to get about 30-45 min nap in between reading stuff.. felt real good

quick wakeup/workout
2 x 15 push ups
1 min front & side planks, 1.5 min ham bridge
then out for a 20 min walk

big dinner..
3 chicken thighs in a baked dish consisting of tomato, bit of leftover canned pumpkin, mushroom, zucchini, carrot, some currants, lots of spices... hmm good
herbal tea + 1 tbsp fish oil + 3 dig enzymes + vit C

in bed reading around 9:30 tonight..

Greg Davis
02-08-2009, 04:47 PM
I like that exercise but I would probably add in rows. I had the same problem and have added a steady diet of rows and it has made a huge difference. Any kind of row, Pendlay, DB, Fat Man whatever you like. I do some type of row 3 out of 4 days that I lift.

Your diet looks dialed in. Best of luck with your goals.

Thx for chiming in Derek I've been looking at your log too. I think I'll take your suggestion and sub in DB rows.. so my 2 day weights split would look like this:

Squat Day

BB Squat
Single-leg RDLs

Bench Press / Incline Press
Face Pulls

External Rotations

Deadlift Day

Pistol Squats

Overhead Press
Subscapular Pullups

DB Lying In-Front-Face Rotation

I wonder about the pros/cons of trying to keep weights workouts separate from my grappling. Mostly for convenience I've been trying to hit weights briefly right before grappling, but I could probably squeeze in AM weights on their own and grappling later in the day.. if I was convinced it would be a lot more beneficial..

Greg Davis
02-11-2009, 04:28 AM

BJJ+Wrestling in evening

5:45 wakeup
tea + mag + zinc
*don't think I like having the mag right away.. just doesnt go down great first thing in morning. going to leave it for later in the morning next time.

double shot americano + 20 min walk

quick exercise session
1 x 10 fist pushups
1 min front,side, ham planks
30 sec wall handstand hold

big romaine salad /w some sliced carrot
~.5lb leftover pork butt roast (quite fatty)
2 tbsp avocado oil, lime, mustard dressing
tea + 3 dig enzymes + 4000 IU vit d + B vitamins + 1 tsp fish oil

walk ~15 mins

felt like my meal digested pretty quickly as I was hungry trying to do work in the afternoon
had a glass of tea and planned on just having a snack before training tonight but by 3:30 I figured I'd throw down another meal

last few slices of pork + 3 eggs
3 romaine leaves + 2 carrots
2 tbsp avocado oil, lime, mustard dressing
tea + 3 dig enzymes + 1 tsp fish oil

feeling kind of full not sure if that 2nd meal was a good idea but we'll see how she goes

single espresso shot

6:00-8:00 BJJ + wrestling

*ok i might be done with the wrestling class.. it runs later than I like with my schedule.. and tonight at the end the instructor had us run laps over and over it was getting ridiculous.. definitely frustrating as I don't want to run long distances especially at night like that. its too bad the thing i dont like about grappling training is not having control over what you're doing sometimes...

recovery shake
25g PRO from whey
50g CHO from dextrose
1 tsp maca powder
2 tbsp kefir
cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cocoa (my usual coffee spice mixture)

*shake went down surprisingly well. doesnt weigh me down at all and felt like it was digested in less than an hour.

*realized i was going to be up late and had another meal cuz i knew otherwise i wasnt going to fall asleep
1.5 chicken thighs with tomato, pumpkin, onion, zucchini, mushroom (lots fat/oil in there)
1 tsp fish oil
tea + 3 digestive enzymes + vit C

*after my training this evening I had some serious news of a close uncle with leukemia (just diagnosed 2 weeks ago) who is tail spinning- I realized this was going to be a long night. sat by my phone for most of the night til going to bed some time after midnight.

Greg Davis
02-11-2009, 04:34 AM

5:45 wakeup
felt like i could use lots more sleep but wide awake.. feels like that late meal is still with me..


still waiting to hear news re: uncle.. decided to go to the gym and hit some weights before I might be venturing out to the hospital


a. back squat- 10x95,7x135,2x185
b. single-leg RDLs /w DBs- 10x10lb, 6x25,3x40

a. inc press /w DBs- 15x20lb,8x35lb,2x50lb
b. db rows- 15x20lb,8x35lb,3x50lb

2 sets of DB external rotations

1 min each of bridges:front,sides,ham,wall handstands
took about 30 mins

1 pear + 1 kiwi, followed ~30mins later /w 3 eggs & little bit of ground pork
tea + 1 tbsp CLO + vit E & selenium

cup of brewed coffee at hospital

double-leg chicken @ swiss chalet
/w greek salad
had a big handful of almonds and a tbsp CLO afterwards at parents house

1 chicken breast fried in lots of olive oil
3 eggs fried in butter
/w frozen stir-fry veggie bag
1 tbsp CLO

in bed late ~midnight, prolly fell asleep ~1am

Greg Davis
02-11-2009, 07:07 PM

BJJ in afternoon

6:00am wakeup
glass herbal tea


tea + 1 tbsp mag + drop of iodine + 30mg zinc


2 BJJ classes
both pretty intense.. solid rolling

had a jar of tea /w 1 tsp creatine in it during training

glass of tea + ACV when I got home

~2.5 cups (cubed small) roasted parsnips /w basil,thyme,tarragon,fresh parsley,lemon juice,evo
1 can tuna
tea + 3 dig enzymes

as far as PWO root veggies go, im not so sure i digest them very well in big doses (ie. just them and meat). feels heavy and seems to take away my appetite for the rest of the day. as much as i am hesitant to use shakes with whey/sugar in them it might suit me better- a) they digest so quickly so im good to be more productive and get more food in the rest of the day; and b) theyre more convenient and can be downed closer to the end of a glycogen depleting workout. hm i might consider using shakes more while im into these draining grapplign workouts the next little while and see how that goes.

around 2/3 lb ground beef/pork mixture with onion n mushroom
broccoli tossed in evo+butter
small glass red wine
tea + 3 dig enzymes + vit C

tea + ACV + 500mg GABA

reading in bed by 10:15

Greg Davis
02-12-2009, 04:50 PM

AM weights session

5:30 wakeup
slept totally solid albeit a bit short on the hours, but sleeping well is what ive been after for a while!


weights workout

d/m warmup

a. deadlift 5x135,3x215,1x305,1x325 (last set felt pretty maxed, surprised me cuz ive hit 350 a few months ago)
b. 12xlunges,5xpistols,2x(25lb DB)pistols

a. db press 15x12lb,8x20,4x30
b. cable face pulls 15x20lb,9x27.5,5x40

2 sets of 'DB lying side shoulder extensions' (my best description)

took less than 45 mins

1 kiwi + 1 small red grapefruit
followed a bit later by 3 fried eggs in pork lard and a piece of cheese
tea+vitE&selenium+1 tsp fish oil

1 can pink salmon
~1 cup parsnips, ~1 cup chopped red cabbage, fried in coconut oil + butter
topped /w bit of evo
* turned out to be a great combination..
tea + 1 tbsp CLO + b vitamins + 5000 IU vit D + 3 dig enzymes

2 small handfuls raw almonds

2 small pork chops fried in coconut oil
few scoops thick (grassfed) ground beef spaghetti sauce (tomato & red wine, onion, spices)
small portion spaghetti squash
2/3 avocado
tea + 3 dig enzymes + 1 tbsp fish oil + 1 vit C tab

in bed early, around 8:30pm reading

Derek Simonds
02-14-2009, 04:36 AM
On keeping the grappling and lifting together. I do most of my lifting in the morning and BJJ in the evenings. It just doesn't work out consistently any other way. On Saturdays I train with a group of guys and then go to BJJ. I am always smoked after that class. Actually I am usually smoked before the class starts.

I hate it also when the instructors get on a conditioning kick. After a tourney if we don't do well every class is death by cardio. Ah well what can you do.

Greg Davis
02-17-2009, 03:32 AM

BJJ in afternoon

up at 5:30am


morning fast..

glass of tea + magnesium + drop iodine + zinc


BJJ class

leftovers lunch
spaghetti squash + beef tomato sauce
tea + 1 tbsp CLO

headed to Ottawa for a weekend away

ate half a grapefruit /w a few tsp's almond butter in the car along the way..

dinner /w gf's folks @ restaurant
split some sort of salad with yam slices
8oz striploin /w peppercorn sauce
some bad veggies, doused some olive oil on them

ate half a bag of pork rinds in the car for some reason.. (not necessary)

in bed prolly around 11.30

Greg Davis
02-17-2009, 03:34 AM

rest day / visiting friends

up around 7am.. staying at friends house
cup of drip coffee

went to visit with gf's grandma in a nursing home

ate a bunch of fruit (grapes, some dried figs) along with quite a few cashews and slices of brie cheese
cup of french press coffee

lunch stop @ restaurant
caesar salad /w side order of bacon
it was pretty good (quality restaurant) with real anchovie and a seemingly proper dressing

(expensive) restaurant
managed to get in to a good restaurant on the early side on valentines day
turned out to one of the best steak dinners we've ever had
split 2 appetizers of some meats, seafood, salad
then a huge proper rare steak with veggies and doused in lots of olive oil
finished by splitting a dessert /w gf (small serving of ice cream, banana brulee, and something else cant remember)

visited french friends in gatineau
immediately got to sample some nice olive oils (2 tsps) mmm..
glass of red wine

stayed next two nights in a spa owned by friend..

in bed late after midnight

Greg Davis
02-17-2009, 03:53 AM

forest walk..

8ish am wakeup
some grapes and ~2 tbsp almond butter

10am-noon restaurant
cafe ole (big cappuccino-like drink with milk+espresso)
pickerel (fish) filet /w sliced beet, some sort of green, red quinoa, seemingly lots of butter
half a (very rich, sweet) chocolate croissant

felt really full, not great..

2 hour walk in the woods in the gatineau hills.. really nice and sunny day. by the end of it i walked off the full feeling and was feeling great.

vegetables /w cheese fondue
split a huge bowl of melted cheese with gf & friend.. friend used bread but we used cauliflower & cucumber

meat fondue in canned beef & onion broth
thinly sliced beef & chicken, shrimp & scallops, broccoli & mushroom
no idea how much i ate but i was full... the broth wasnt very good quality and i didnt get a chance to get any good oil in my meal but first time fondue experience..
couldn't turn down a serving of ice cream (prolly one big scoop) with a blackberry/blueberry reduction sauce

2 tbsp almond butter back where we slept to kill the sugar feeling

in bed around 11:30pm i think

Greg Davis
02-17-2009, 03:56 AM

ice skating..

7.30ish wakeup..
just some water for now

went ice skating /w gf on the rideau canal for prolly 1.5 hours.. squeezed a few sprints in.. felt like a good moderate leg workout

half a grapefruit in car ride home.. followed about half an hour later by a tin of sardines and a handful of pork rinds (had to finish the bag)

@ home in toronto
small bowl of kefir + 2 tbsp almond butter

split about 2/3 of:
3 cans of tuna + 1 can of crab
1/3 romaine head, couple carrots, package of sea vegetables, and a small bag of rehydrated broccoli
lots of olive oil dressing
(we had to make due with what we had left at home- it was a holiday)

in bed around 10:00pm, read for a while

Greg Davis
02-18-2009, 04:35 AM

weights + BJJ in morning

5:30am wakeup, felt too tired for my liking


a. back squat- 10x95,6x135,3x185
b. single RDLs (DB)- 10x10lb,5x20lb

a. db incline press-14x25,8x35,5x45
b. db bent-over rows- 14x30,8x40,5x50

c. cuban press- 10x8lb,5x10lb
d. bent-over side shoulder raises- 10x5lb,5x8lb

BJJ session
3 good rolls at end

2 small apples
4 xl eggs fried in 1 tbsp pork lard
decent sized wedge of brie cheese
tea + 2 dig enzymes + vit E&selenium + 1 tbsp fish oil

lunch-made a big oven pot thing with 9 chicken thighs, 2 small sweet potatoes, 2 tbsp coconut oil, 1 small apple, 3 stalks celery, 3 onions, 3 cloves garlic, lots of garam masala

had 2-3 chicken thighs out of this mixture with a bit of leftover romaine salad from night before
tea + 1 tbsp CLO + 3 dig enzymes + b vitamins + 4000 IU vit D

started to feel pain in my stomach.. followed by a violent bowel movement. yikes what was that. i think i have to attribute it to last nights salad? either the sea veggies or dried broccoli? erg would be nice to know what caused that.. i checked with gf and she didnt have any issues so maybe it wasnt the salad.. could I have reacted that fast to the chicken at lunch??

snack- handful of almonds

~1 lb of: mixture of grassfed ground beef & pork, cooked with lots of onion & garlic, bit of celery, in coconout oil and pork lard, glass of red wine in the pan
served on top 2/3 bag of spinach
tea + vit c + 4 dig enzymes

in bed ~9.30pm but gf came home late so not asleep til 10:30ish

Greg Davis
02-19-2009, 04:16 AM

Double BJJ session in afternoon

wakeup 6:00am
felt extremely tired.. took 30 mins to get out of bed..
glass of tea


tea + mag + zinc + drop iodine


2 BJJ classes

had jar of tea + 1 tsp creatine during BJJ

PWO shake
50g CHO dextrose, 25g PRO whey, 1 tsp maca powder, 1 tsp creatine, some cinnamon & cocoa

threw this in for recovery.. i'm trying to train almost every day and stressed from school stuff so i think the shake should help shoot in some needed carbs. was able to down it close to when training finished, digested well, allowed me to rehydrate, and i didnt seem to crash. will keep blackboxing this but so far so good.

big portion of chicken dish from yesterday
1 carrot, 1 stalk of celery
tea + 4 dig enz + b vitamins + 3000 IU vit D

felt pretty full i think there is quite a bit of fat in this dish

about .6lb lb leftover ground beef & pork, and a piece of that chicken
at least 2/3 bag of spinach
some olive oil & nutmeg on spinach

have had something going on in my digestive system.. lots of gas at night. wonder if it is the chicken dish or residual from the weekend.

in bed around 10:30pm

Greg Davis
02-20-2009, 04:41 AM

weights + BJJ in AM

5:30am wakeup
glass of tea

still quite tired.. slept good last night but did wake up at least once and noticed i was "gassy". just not enough hours and i cant sleep in cuz alarm is set for 5:30 for gf's job. will have to try to squeeze in a nap.




a. deadlift 5x135,3x225,1x315
b. lungesx12, pistols 5xbw,2x15lb db

a. db press 12x15,7x25,4x35
b. chinups (shoulder width) 7xbw,3x15lb

kept it short (i was running a bit late but also my body was feeling a little battered)

worked armbars, armbar sweeps
nothing too crazy, rolled with 3 guys but didnt overexert myself

about 1/4 of a large cantaloupe
3 eggs
2 slices quality pastured bacon
tea + vit E&selenium + 2 dig enzymes + 2 tsp fish oil

took care of a few errands by foot, ~45 mins walking

2 cans sardines /w lemon & pepper
half of a cabbage & beet recipe ive got down to perfection this time:
1 onion fried in 'caratino' (red palm fruit oil + canola- its an auzzie product)
6 shredded beets
about 1/4 of a large red cabbage, sliced roughly with knife
add half cup of water, 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, salt to taste
bring to a high heat, then lower heat and cover
cook for 30 mins, stirring a few times
should form a glaze when done (water has evaporated)

tea + 3 dig enzymes + 4000 IU vit D

at some point I put down my reading and caught a 30-45 min nap

~.6lb grassfed beef liver + 6-8 slices bacon + 4 smallish onions
big bowl of brussel sprouts, guessing maybe 12 of em, with a bit olive oil
tea + 4 dig enzymes + vit C + 1 tsp fish oil

this was a big one.. felt pretty greasy even though i drained a lot of the bacon fat.

2 probiotics before bed with some tea

asleep ~11pm

Greg Davis
02-20-2009, 11:31 AM
random update and stuff

gonna try to keep this thing going for at least another week as its good to have a large sample size of days to learn much and im finding it has kept my habits in check quite a bit. ive been quite detailed and am less likely to down tbsps of almond butter after dinner if im writing everything down. havent had much feedback on the forum so im not sure if anyone is reading each post but i figure i could always save the posts for my own reference. ive got a bit of a reputation among friends as the "paleo" eating guy, which was ridiculous to most at first but now lots of dudes and their gf's keep asking me Qs so at some point i could just share this log.

this thing looks way more like a food log cuz im not really inclined to go into too much detail about my BJJ training.. but i actually enjoy logging the food im making and would even be up for starting/contributing to a paleo food blog. ive seen a few good ones out there but if there were one or two other people who eat similarly to me i think i could do a good job. would give me a chance to go in to a bit of detail about spices/techniques (my favorite stuff).

im gonna stop writing in "tea" cuz its just a waste of time i think. its mostly what i drink and is some kind of herbal tea like this one (http://www.algonquintea.com/content/teas/sweetfern-tonic.shtml) which is our favourite, or something with spearmint, fresh ginger, or whatever. i often have a small glass upon waking and then one with each meal and i bring a jar to training with a tsp of creatine in it.

found out that my next BJJ tournament is sat april 4th in toronto. this is great as its close to where i live, and the first one being run by my club so it would be great to have a good showing. its gi-only which is fine by me and so now i figure i should just focus on gi classes and i think i can get my blue belt shortly after the tournament.

my weight seems to be holding steady at just over 165 which is what i wanted, even though ive been skipping morning meals many days. this is ideal as i can have super productive mornings and then the rest of the day has less stress. oh and weight for the tournament will be 167.5 with a gi on, which is basically exactly where im at. im lean as can be and feel like there arent too many guys stronger than me at this weight. carb-aholics all carrying around an extra 10 lbs of water IMO. weigh-ins for tourney are right before fight so no cutting either.

Greg Davis
02-21-2009, 04:11 AM

BJJ @ noon

5:30am wakeup
felt pretty good, no problems getting up

i think i've had a slight cold since last weekend, but havent shown much symptoms other than an extremely mild sore throat and an "awareness" that i have some sort of bug. gf has had similar symptoms but has been stuffed up etc. so this morning i can feel it leaving me as i woke up pretty refreshed and spit out a bit of "phlem". i wonder if i should take a rest day but plan on going to BJJ class anyway while i know i can make it.

2 slices bacon, 3 xl eggs (drained some of the bacon fat)
1 small apple, 5-6 cubes of cantaloupe
1 tsp fish oil, 1 digestive enzyme

i dont usually like to eat breakfast before training but i was making it for gf as well and couldn't resist. plus my training this week/weekend is pretty constant so couldnt hurt to get an extra feeding in.

12:00pm - 1:00pm
BJJ session

most of a large chicken breast, sliced
fried in 1 tbsp coconut oil
/w garlic powder, onion powder (didnt have any fresh), tumeric, curry mix, and some grated ginger
topped with evo and some black pepper

threw in what was left of my beet/cabbage dish (hardly anything) and had some carrots & celery cut up on the side

3000 vit d + 3 dig enzymes

wow was that ever good

big rib dinner.. i went all out on a batch of short ribs.. dry rub overnight, braised them in sealed foil (with tomato, worcestershire, balsamic vinegar), drained the sauce and reduced to coat before broiling .
no idea how much of these i ate but it was a lot.
served with brussel sprout (with evo) and some celery & carrots.
vit C + 4 dig enzymes

i realized the cold ive had wasnt done with me yet as my nose started running and i wasnt feeling too great.

bit of kefir, sliced almonds, shredded coconut, /w my coffee mix spices, served in a coffee cup

in bed ~10:30

Derek Simonds
02-21-2009, 11:23 AM
I read everything you post. Sometimes I do zone out on tea though....

Thats great about your training and the upcoming tournament. I was up in Toronto for a quick meeting a couple of weeks ago and plan on coming back probably in April. I will let you know when I am up there.

Your log is great.

Greg Davis
02-22-2009, 08:10 AM
Thx for reading Derek. Heh FYI I'm not actually brewing cups of tea all those times.. I brew some in a litre sized mason jar in the morning and then me and my gf drink watered down herbal tea throughout the day (yeah im the guy with the weird travel jar- its kind of fun seeing ppl's reaction).

Re; toronto definitely give me a heads up if youre back ill get you in at the gym for some training !

Greg Davis
02-23-2009, 04:36 AM

late night hockey

6:30 wakeup
managed to set alarm an hour later.. but had a horrible sleep last night, kept waking up and nose was stuffy all night.

7:00 breakfast
~5-6 dried prunes, small apple
2 eggs and half of a lamb sausage fried in 1 tbsp bacon grease
1 tsp fish oil + vit E&selenium + 2 dig enzymes

12:00pm lunch
.5lb sole fillet fried in ghee /w dried herbs, some mushroom
split half a bag of dulse flakes with gf, crisped in oven
half an avocado
2 NOW full spectrum minerals (picked this up recently, think i could use it every few days), 2 dig enzymes

at some point in the afternoon i had another runny bowel movement (last time was on tuesday).. same kind of thing- could feel it in my stomach and then shortly after had to go.. i think it was about an hour and a half after lunch which is similar to last time but i dunno why. best guess is its just this bug i have.

felt the sickest i have in a long time today (still not very symptomatic but definitely affected).

6:30pm dinner
the rest of the ribs reheated, prolly a bit less than last night
half of veggie fry- 2 onions, half zucchini, white mushrooms- in palm & olive oil
half a carrot raw
vit C + 3 dig enzymes

small serving kefir

11:00pm - 1:00pm
full on ice hockey
(rented the ice and had a bunch of old friends together for a game)

1:45pm PWO shake
half cup kefir, 25g PRO whey, 50g CHO dextrose, 1 tsp maca powder, 1 tsp creatine, coffee spices

late night for me but had a lot of fun.. was pumped for it after catching end of Leafs game (Mats Sundin scored in a shootout to beat his old team).

still thirsty before bed so i had downed some water and 2 probiotics.
in bed around 2:45am

Greg Davis
02-23-2009, 04:37 AM

afternoon yoga

8:00am wakeup

feeling good, thought hockey was pushing it being sick and all but it was such a good time that im glad i played.

8:30am breakfast
1 small apple
2 blueberry paleo pancakes
1 tsp maple syrup
1 small serving kefir
2 espressos

~30 min errand walk

2:15pm lunch
more than half of a frittata which had:
1 lamb sausage
1 green onion
4-5 white mushrooms
6 eggs
1/2 zucchini
1/2 wheel of brie cheese
some herbs & sea salt
+ half a raw carrot
1 tbsp CLO + 3 dig enzymes

prolly a bit more food than i needed.. especially before going to yoga

"flow" yoga class /w gf

note to self: leave at least a few hours after a sizable meal before a yoga class.. it was good but so much better on an empty stomach.

7:00pm dinner
green curry chicken dish
(gf made it, not sure exactly what was in it)
ate around 1 large chicken breast in this coconut milk curry sauce
on top of steamed bok choy
1 tbsp fish oil + 3 dig enzymes

in bed ~10.30

Greg Davis
02-24-2009, 03:55 AM

fast until dinner, evening BJJ

5.30am wakeup
tried to fall back asleep after alarm but failed and got up anyway

still feeling effects of a cold but minor

7am espresso

~15 min walk each way to library

12pm supplements on empty stomach
mag + zinc + drop iodine, 2 probiotics

*have tried to get some probiotics in over last few days figuring it might help finish off this cold ive had and also last week on 2 occasions i had, to put it bluntly, "the runs".

2pm 30 min nap

5pm espresso

6-7pm BJJ
got some bridges in before class
worked mounted chokes, rolled with 2 guys who werent very good so i took it easy

8:15pm dinner
had about 3/4 of something resembling chili:
1 lb grassfed ground beef
1 lamb sausage
onion, 1.5 portabella mushroom, 1 carrot, 2 stalks celery, garlic
last bit of tomato sauce & added some water
2 tbsp fat from pastured pork rib dinner
lots of dried spices

drizzled some evo on my bowl, and had another half a carrot raw
+ 1 tbsp fish oil + 1 vit C + 3 dig enzymes

stretched and in bed reading

felt i didnt have enough time for my dinner to digest fully.. shouldve either had a bit less to eat or waited longer before bed. or it might be all the liquid in the meal?

Greg Davis
02-25-2009, 04:47 AM

AM Weights + BJJ

5.30am wakeup

stomach feels kinda rocked from last nights dinner.. too much chili?

6.15am espresso

7.45-8 weights (quick)


a. back squat 8x125, 4x145, 2x185
b. single leg DB RDLs 10x10lb,6x20

c. incline press DB 10x20lb, 5x30lb
d. DB rows 10x25lb,5x35lb

quick set of cuban preses with 8lb DB

had to run up to class

thinking of switching to a squat variation.. i dont like how the grip on back squats strains

my shoulder and ive been reading that guys with long legs (i do) can have issues. front

squats maybe?

8-9am BJJ class
2 rolls, nothing crazy

serving of pineapple.. maybe 2 cups in big chunks
11.15am lunch
most of a large chicken breast fried in 1 tbsp coconut oil, onion, garlic, curry powder
evo drizzled on after
1 tbsp CLO + 2 b vitamins + 2 vit D + 2 dig enzymes

5pm snack
1 large handful almonds
3 prunes
1 small cube bakers chocolate

6.45pm dinner
<1lb grassfed sirloin steak
half head broccoli tossed in half butter half evo
1 tsp fish oil + 3 dig enzymes + 1 vit C

my dinner appetite wasnt too high.. not sure if my stomach was still rocked from that chili

or if im feeling my cold still. anyway it went down well: makes me want to have a simple

meal like that every night... cant beat a steak and veggies.

3 probiotics. in bed early ~9pm reading.

Greg Davis
02-26-2009, 06:11 AM

hard BJJ training at noon

5:30am wakeup
had a good sleep, feeling pretty good, nose still slightly stuffed tho. stomach feels great i really think eating a clean dinner makes a huge differences for me.

gf and i started doing a quick 5 mins of yoga first thing in the morning. it was fun and good way to start the day.

6:30am breakfast
2 espresso
4 xl eggs fried in bacon fat
half a grapefruit, half an apple
1 tsp fish oil + 1 dig enzyme + 1 vit E&Selenium

1 more espresso!

12pm-2pm back-to-back sessions of BJJ class
totally intense.. we did mostly all"king of the mat" style drills after warmups BOTH classes, where 3 guys are in the middle starting in closed guard and whoever scores points stays in. rolling at end of each class. absolutely exhausting but i loved every minute of it. i was a machine in the 2nd class (for some reason i got all the rookies in a row) and was sweeping everyone by threatening the armbar and just hooking one leg to the sweep. great practice, my guard is getting really solid.

thinking rest day for tomorrow.

2:15pm PWO shake
25g PRO whey
50g CHO dextrose
1 tbsp maca powder
1/4 cup kefir
1 tsp creatine
1 tsp coffee spice

6:30pm dinner
rest of grassfed sirloin steak ~10oz
3 small links of conventional beef sausage
onion & portobella mushroom fried in butter
some romaine lettuce topped /w evo
small bowl of broccoli & fennel soup

i was so hungry for dinner that it went down exceptionally well. no bloated feeling that i sometimes get. i felt like i could have eaten more but i stopped myself and think i need to do that more often and focus on quality digestion. btw im done with trying to squeeze in more meals than i have time for. thinking of "eating windows" for a while made me rush my meals but im really moving towards 5-6 hours between feedings so that im really hungry for each one. better digestion, feel more productive/energized. if i lose a few pounds so be it but i have a hunch that enjoying each meal to the fullest will give better results anyway. i think a few days a week not eating in the AM and the odd day where all i have is dinner takes care of the beneficial IF. at least thats all that would be wise to work in with so much training in my schedule.

in bed ~10.30

Greg Davis
02-27-2009, 08:06 AM

AM fast, rest day

5:30am wakeup
feeling tired.. not surprisingly as i think i needed a few more hours sleep. sore too from yesterdays workout but not in an acute way. nice shiner on my left eye yikes.

no sign of that awful cold that hung around for too long. felt it was gone yesterday but had woken up stuffed up a bit. none of that today. good riddens. figure a break from training today is called for as yesterday was real intense. hopefully i can train hit weights and train tomorrow.

5 mins of yoga

6:30am - 7:30am
2 espressos


10am d/m + bridges
1 min each:
front plank
side planks
ham bridge
wall squat
wall handstand hold (30s)

11am lunch
1 can herring + 1 can sardines
small romaine, carrot, celery salad /w 2 tbsp olive oil & lemon juice
half a sweet potato /w 1 tbsp butter
2 dig enzymes + 1 tbsp CLO + b vitamins

felt like i overdid the lunch a bit.. maybe a bit less fat next time for lunch.

4pm snack
handful of almonds
half square bakers chocolate
3-4 pieces of cheese

6pm dinner
2 beef tenderloin steaks (~2/3 lb)
half a chicken breast
both fried in coconut/olive oil
lots of chinese spinach with an onion, garlic, oyster mushroom mix fried in butter+garlic

really big dinner but I felt up for it..

in bed ~10pm

Greg Davis
03-02-2009, 03:50 AM

Weights @ 11.30am followed by hour of BJJ, break fast at 2pm

5:30am wakeup, 5mins of yoga

6am espresso

9am mag + zinc

10.15am espresso

11.40am-12pm weights

12pm-1pm BJJ

BLUE BELT! Totally unexpected belt promotion. Awesome. This has been my goal for over a

year now (took 5 months off in between). Feels good. And get this: Xande Ribeiro just

happened to be visiting this weekend and was at the class for the belt presentation.

Quickly realized that this means I move in to the blue belt division for April 4th

tournament.. thats alright I'm up for a bigger challenge.

2pm lunch

125g leftover chicken breast

half cucumber

100g sweet potato
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp CLO

measured my lunch just to keep an eye on how much im eating for lunch. sometimes I think I

overeat at these meals which crashes me out or takes away from my dinner appetite so I'm

thinking around ~45g PRO, ~30g CHO, 50g FAT is plenty. I'd be interested to know what other

people consider reasonable for lunch meals that is substantial yet keeps them working during

the day.

6:30pm dinner
weird thing happened.. was supposed to have this dish with ground beef i made.. but we could

taste something weird in it.. suspect it was machine oil from the butchers machine that

ground the meat. gross but were pretty sure thats what happened.

anyway couldnt eat that so just had a small piece of chicken and half an avocado.

then went to a restaurant and split a "peruvian plate" appetizer (veggies & boiled egg with

a rich cream & asiago sauce) and then i ordered a mixed grill plate which had a piece of

sausage, chicken, beef, & lamb served with salad and a rich creamy dressing. gf had half

order of mussells and clams. we sort of shared the whole thing. very filling all up.

home around 9pm.. in bed ~10pm

Greg Davis
03-02-2009, 03:50 AM

indoor climbing, 3 meals..

6:30am wakeup

7:30am breakfast
small piece ~50g leftover chicken
half grapefruit
few big slices of a (paleo) pumpkin cake gf made

11am espresso

1pm-3pm indoor climbing with friend
hit 4-5 routes.. and a few boulder problems
its been a long time since last climbing session but i was totally feeling it. almost

flashed a 5.11-, shouldve had it!

after this we were at gf's sisters house to stay the night and look after her young kids so

im making do cooking at someone elses house

5pm lunch
can of sockeye salmon mixed with regular mayonnaise (yeah, soybean oil)
some sweet potato fries ~150g
some butter and evo in there

8pm dinner.. kids finally in bed
lots of a pastured pork butt roast.. guess > 1lb
broccolli /w lots of butter

in bed ~10pm

Greg Davis
03-02-2009, 03:51 AM

weights in afternoon, 3 meals..

7am wakeup

one of the kids cried all night off and on so sleep sucked big time.

7.30-8am breakfast

made a plate of grapes, peach, apple, blueberries for everyone to share
had ~2 apple equivalents i'd say

then came the bacon & eggs.. cant believe how much the kids ate i think they each had 3

fried eggs and some bacon.. i had 4 eggs and a bit of bacon.

11.30am lunch (back home)
2 small turkey sausages
some leftover pork
3 small slices pumpkin cake
small piece of grapefruit
few carrots & celery

quite a big lunch but i knew i was gonna take a nap soon anyway.. pretty tired.

1-2pm nap

5pm-5.30pm weights @ gym

a. squats 8x135,6x165,2x195
b. single RDLs

c. pushup variations (decline,flat,incline)
d. standing DB rows- 17.5,25,35

e. 1 x farmer walk with 50lb DBs

f. 2 x cuban presses
g. 2 x lying over ear DB raises

7pm dinner
ground lamb dish gf made- had 1lb of lamb, 1 sweet potato, olives.. other stuff not exactly sure. tried to just have small amount of the sweet potato.
roasted brussel sprouts and onions /w olive oil

2 probiotics before bed

in bed around 10pm

Greg Davis
03-03-2009, 03:53 PM

PM BJJ, all day fast till dinner

5:30am wakeup

10 mins yoga

2 espressos

11am mag + zinc


6pm-7pm BJJ

8pm dinner
round steak stir fry with onion, garlic, mushroom, broccolli
prolly around ~.8lb meat
1 tsp fish oil + vit C + 3 dig enzymes

in bed ~11pm

Greg Davis
03-03-2009, 03:55 PM

AM BJJ, first meal 10:30am

5:30am wakeup

5 min yoga

6.15am coffee

7.30-8am weights

a. dl 5x135,3x225,1x345
b. 11xbw lunges, pistols 5xbw, 1x30lb DBs

c. one arm DB press 10x15lb,7x25,3x35
d. chinups 7xbw,4x10lb,2x20lb

e. bent-over crucifix hold- 8lb DBs for 30s

f. 2x external rotations
g. 3x cable face pulls

8-9am BJJ

worked omaplata and triangle technque, 3 good rolls

10.30am breakfast/lunch

~200g mackerel /w celery, chopped pickle, parsley+spices, olive oil
~100g sweet potato /w butter & coffee spice
1 tbsp CLO + 2 vit D + 2 dig enzymes + 2 b-vitamins

2.30pm snack

1/2 cup kefir
1/2 scoop whey
2 tbsp macadamia butter
1/2 square bakers chocolate
100g honeydew melon

6.15pm dinner

shot from the hip on this one:
(pastured) ground pork + pork necks fried in lard
/w onion, mushroom, garlic, celery, 1 granny smith apple, some ACV, lots of spices

turned out really good
served with brussell sprouts & evo

1 tbsp fish oil + 2 dig enzymes

in bed ~10.30pm

Greg Davis
03-04-2009, 07:12 AM
I think my routine is pretty drawn out here. Might take a break from posting until I'm a bit less busy and/or my routine changes. Closer to my tournament hopefully the weights I'm throwing around go up somewhat and my BJJ keeps improving.

Will report back.

Greg Davis
05-26-2009, 09:21 AM
Restarting the log..

I took a month off from BJJ training (but it wasn't exactly all rest- did some paddling/climbing and some training)

Was planning on taking the whole summer off from grappling but I just missed it too much. In the meantime my girlfriend bought an expensive road bike partially on account of me taking the summer off and being able to bike with her so I'm going to have to backtrack a bit carefully on that one..!

So this summer is my last few months to finish my masters thesis at grad school and I landed another research position to tide me over. The thesis is a major source of stress but other than that life is good. So other than training my days are mostly computer work and hopefully a few summer paddling/camping trips.

For a few reasons I plan on taking it a bit easy with my grappling as I'm still showing signs of overtraining. Really need to work on my sleep. Symptoms that I am overtrained:
- my weight is lower than my average over the last couple years (I seem to be stuck down in the low 160s vs. 170s where I have been in the past), no big deal but in combination with other symptoms it would be a good sign if it went up a bit
- sleep sucks. im almost always waking up at least once. lately ive tried eating a bit less at my last meal and its has helped.
- my body temp feels oddly low. i havent measured but my girlfriend comments on it and its true sometimes I notice my hands are quite cold.
- somewhat lethargic and unmotivated at times, but its hard to tell if this is just me resisting finishing a thesis paper..

I've reluctantly added in a PWO shake consisting of glucose(~50g CHO), whey (~15g PRO), and kefir (1/4 cup), that I bring with me to BJJ sessions. And then I've been eating a meal of about 400-500g yams with half a can of salmon/tuna when I get home. Going to keep this up for a bit and see how my body responds. Idea is if I give this a try and take it easy on the training I'm hoping I can get rid of my overtraining symptoms, and eventually scale back these carbs and just eat more normal meals.

Of course I could just take a whole month off from any training and that would probably go a long way but heck its so rare to have the flexible schedule that I have and I enjoy BJJ so much right now that I can't stay away.

Greg Davis
05-26-2009, 09:30 AM
Mon May 25

0600 wakeup
feeling tired.. vow for better sleep continues
1 espresso

1100 bkfst
3 big hunks of cheese
4-5 prunes, ~1-2 tbsp currants

1400 lunch
salad /w romaine, carrots, celery, parsnips
3-4 tsps walnut/macadamia oil dressing
.5lb chicken breast

1545 snack
1 apple
2 tbsp almond butter
matcha tea

1 hour BJJ training
fairly intense.. i took it easy rolling.. until my 3rd match against a huge russian looking white belt who went nuts on me.. grunting and all.. i should have just let him spend his energy but got a bit resentful and had to lay a slight smackdown. ended up exerted myself to the MAX for 5 mins.

PWO shake

1945 dinner/recovery
yams + 1/2 can tuna
went back for more yams.. I was really hungry.. prolly ~600g.

22:30 in bed
later than i wanted but i was full from dinner and was dragged to a department store to look at duvets in the evening..

Derek Simonds
05-26-2009, 11:01 AM
Glad to see you back Greg. I wish you the best of luck finding the right mix of everything this summer, especially finishing that thesis!

Greg Davis
05-27-2009, 04:48 AM
Tues May 26

woke up twice last night, including before my alarm at about 5am.. erg

0600 wakeup w alarm
1 espresso

0700 1 hr BJJ
good session, nothing crazy, 1 of my rolls was intense tho

PWO shake

afterwards had a 15 min bike ride to a meeting

1000 recovery meal
yams + 1/2 can tuna

rode 15 mins back home

1100 bkfst
4 boiled eggs, ~1 tbsp olive oil
serving of pineapple

1300 lunch
leftover morrocan lamb stew /w bit of extra chicken

1600 snack
1/4 cup mixed nuts
5-6 prunes

1830 dinner
attempt at a coconut curry shrimp.. split 1lb shrimp with gf. onion, garlic, ginger... served on spinach.
there was something off in this (not the shrimp)- i think it was that the ginger had been sitting in the fridge for too long.. anyway my stomach was doing some funny things all evening.

2130 in bed
in bed early.. stomach rumbling and it took some time to fall asleep but i at least made it to bed early

Greg Davis
05-28-2009, 03:42 AM
Wed May 27
*note- started a fitday public log.. will try to use that when possible (link in signature)


0545 wakeup
~7.5 hrs sleep
BUT really wakeful sleep, woke up numerous times

1400 nap
managed to doze off for ~30mins.. not sure if a midday will help tackle my sleep deprivation or be counterproductive but i'll take it.

2200 in bed
took longer than usual to fall asleep... think i'll forgo a nap next time i have the chance.


Rest Day.

Spent 15-20 mins looking through a ginastica natural dvd and played with some positions.

A few short walks.

Short bike ride to store.


1/2 espresso in morning

1100 bkfst
4 eggs, fried in ~1 tbsp pork lard
small bowl of rhubarb-date compote

1300 lunch
~200g chicken breast
bunch of veggies- some leftover sweet potato, celery, carrots, cucumber
2-3 tbsp olive oil

1615 snack
2 tbsp nut butter
2 tbsp rhubarb-date compote
damn that is a good combo

1845 dinner
~300g pastured pork butt roast
half a bundle asparagus

Greg Davis
05-29-2009, 03:48 AM
Thurs May 28


0530 wakeup
~7 hrs sleep
only woke up once to pee, relatively good sleep. still find it odd that i had to pee though as I didn't drink much in the PM (nothing after dinner).

2230 in bed
feeling good and glad i didnt order dessert at restaurant


0700 1hr BJJ
Worked flower sweep again, i think this sweep plays into my strengths so i should try to keep using it. continue to have success taking the back though, with an arm-trap-to-back technique i worked in from a damian maia technique.

Discussion with some of the guys has me thinking about attending some of the afternoon classes with a better instructor (Jorge Britto). I've done these before but have found they can throw my day off and then I had discarded them after buying in to the idea that from 12-2 was a bad time to workout in general as thats when daily energy levels tend to dip. since fixing my sleep has been my priority i thought it would be best to avoid them. But I'm feeling pretty motivated today and reminding myself to chill out with the overthinking things (which is probably the root of my sleep problems).

Also a short bike ride to the store and a walk after dinner.


1 espresso in morning

PWO shake after BJJ

0915 recovery meal
~275g sweetpotato + 1/2 can salmon + 1 tsp butter

1100 bkfst
4 eggs, fried in pork lard

1300 lunch
leftover pork butt roast
with big bowl of raw veggies and bit of golden beets & sweetpotato

1615 snack
2 tbsp nut butter
2 tbsp rhubarb-date compote

1900 dinner @ restaurant
bit the bullet on an expensive dinner to celebrate gf getting a summer school position
1 pint guinness
split with her:
citrus arctic char salad /w thin sliced golden beets and heirloom radishes (amazing)
lobster asparagus salad /w truffle oil (this dish didnt really work IMO)
rainbow trout fillet on leek & cauliflower puree /w pine nuts (holy crap was this good)

Greg Davis
05-31-2009, 04:20 AM
Fri May 29

wt. 163.5

noticed i had a slight headache and my body temp felt really low in the AM.

felt really cranky in the afternoon..


0545 wakeup
~7 hrs sleep
woke up twice. a bit dissapointed in my sleep.. had to pee at one point, no idea what time that was.

2300 in bed
got in late.. tried taking some supplements to help sleep- "theanine serene" (mag, theanine, gaba, holy basil) + zinc


Rest Day. Decided to take it easy and just get some work done.

15 mins of some mobility exercises.


1 espresso in morning

1115 bkfst
4 eggs fried in pork lard
grapes & a kiwi

1400 lunch
chicken breast
big bowl of raw veggies and bit of golden beets & avocado

1630 snack
mixed nuts

1900 dinner
"naked burrito"- beef burrito from a cool place down the street that lets you hold the wrap.. beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and LOTS of guacamole, cilantro

Greg Davis
05-31-2009, 04:21 AM
Sat May 30

ended up reading some stuff yesterday about low body temperatures that led to it seeming like the symptoms I have (irratible sleep, low body temp., low weight) might be from an iodine deficiency and/or hypothyroid.. going to look into it and have already started taking some iodine with zma.. i also picked up 'thyroid energy' from now foods which seems to be a throid support that couldnt do any harm if i am misdiagnosing myself). theres a good chance these symptoms are just a legacy from the last year or so of not eating enough calories, too much IF/stress/overtraining.

morning body temp- 36.54 (97.7) *but i messed up and got out of bed before testing so im not sure if that counts, and this was after getting up and being back in bed. i'll give this a go for a the next week or so.

energy levels pretty good today.


0800 wakeup
~7 hrs sleep
woke up really close to when my sun alarm came on (~5.45).. so i pretty much slept through the night (yay), got up to pee and then spent anouther couple hours lounging/dozing in bed

2230 in bed


Rest Day.

Walked for hours downtown.

Played some frisbee ~20-30mins.


decided to forgo the coffee for a few weeks, had a matcha green tea.

given that i seem to be in a metabolic funk, im thinking of aiming for 4 feeds a day, might add another lunch instead of a snack... wanting to work in some IF may just have to wait till I gain back some more wait and/or feel ready for it.

1045 bkfst
4 eggs fried in pork lard
grapes & half an apple

had a rather nasty (read: liquid) bowel movement after breakfast..

12:00 snack
1/4 cup mixed nuts

1400 shake
stopped for a shake at a wicked local spot called "fresh"
"swoop" shake /w whey, coconut milk, cocoa, banana, maple syrup, peanut butter

1615 lunch
200g chicken breast
beets & cabbage dish

1945 dinner
about .6lb ground pork & beef, in a dish /w sweet potato, apple, broccoli
half pint of guiness

Greg Davis
06-01-2009, 04:27 AM
Sun May 31

morning body temp- 36.42

wt 164


0600 wakeup
~6.5 hrs sleep
woke up once to pee but fell back asleep easily enough.

2230 in bed


1500 weights + open mat

back to hitting some weights.. just want to ease in to incorporating weights before some of my BJJ sessions, maybe 3x week if I can keep it brief:

deadlift 5x135, 5x225, 1x315
DB OH lunges 20x10lb, 10x25

DB Pushup-Rows 12x8lb, 6x25lb

Crucifix DB holds ~45s 3lb, ~30s 5lb
Cable Face Pulls 2 sets

Pullovers 2 sets, just used increasing weight medicine balls
DB Y Rows- 2 sets with 3lb, 5lb DB... just greasing the movement, need to move up weight

took about 25 mins at the weights then moved upstairs for some rolling. took a while to find a partner so I spent ~15 mins on some bridges and greasing some hip movements.

rolled with 2 whitebelts pretty briefly, not too much exertion. then a really solid ~15 min roll with another blue belt. guy wasn't as strong but he had damn good positional defense so it went on and on trying to get a submission. finally got an armbar. really need to work on my attacking the turtle position. tip i saw recently of pulling diagonally seemed to work but i didnt know what to do from there exactly. need to work on my submissions from mount and chokes from guard.


im going to forgo any attempts at IFing and keep my kcals at 3k+ daily until i feel like im rebounding hormonally (my bf % is in the ridiculously low range).

0815 bkfst
baked apple /w nut butter
3-4 slices of cheese

12:00 lunch
chicken breast
big veggie salad
walnut & macadamia oil dressing

PWO shake after training

1630 recovery
sweetpotato + 1/2 can salmon

1845 dinner
9oz striploin steak
asparagus /w olive oil

Greg Davis
06-03-2009, 04:50 AM
Mon June 1


0520 wakeup
~6 hrs sleep
woke up once earlier in the night and then at 0520 to pee.. close enough to my alarm so i stayed up. not a good sleep but i feel ok so not complaining.

2215 in bed


Rest Day.

20 mins of ginastica natural warmup exercises before breakfast.


0815 bkfst
4 eggs fried in pork lard
bowl of chopped strawberries, apricots, /w rhubarb-date comptote

had another rather concerning bowel movement after breakfast.. something is giving me the runs..

1100 lunch #1
"lunch shake"
real food would be ideal but if im going to hit big kcals for a while im gonna need the convenience. whipped up a shake that has around the 700kcals, 50g pro: whey protein, an egg, some berries, coconut milk, almond butter, small amt of honey, cocoa, cinnamon.

had two "sesame dreams" bars that were lying around in the cupboard... a peanut/sesame/coconut bar thing i picked up a long time ago

1400 lunch #2
chicken breast
big veggie salad
walnut & macadamia oil dressing
~1/2 cup kefir

was feeling really stuffed.. struggling a bit with accepting that i have to stuff my face to put some weight but i think in my case it might actually be a healthy choice. perhaps i'll try a bit smaller salad/protein lunches and have a smaller shake with each those lunch meals instead of a whole shake on its own.. might make things go down a lot smoother. or just some whole milk maybe, that'd be even more convenient and i dont think i have any tolerance issues. then once i gain a few lbs i can ditch the shakes/milk.

1830 dinner
leftover pork & beef dish.. ~.6lb meat i think

Greg Davis
06-03-2009, 04:51 AM
Tues June 2

temp 36.21

wt. 161 (down? yea i guess i chalk it up to the bowel movements.. hopefully temporary. maybe due to the iodine i started supplementing?)

mood and energy levels felt good today.. nice sunny day, summer is here, im lucky to be able to working independently right now and have the ability to train. need to remind myself how good i have it!


0545 wakeup
~7 hrs sleep
woke up 3-4 times but stayed in bed. felt pretty tired getting up.

2230 in bed


0700 BJJ 1 hr

had some time at beginning of class to work some ginastica natural movements i saw on the dvd yesterday. i think i like em and will work on them as my major form of mobility work before BJJ and on off days. class was a mixed bag as the instructors are off to the worlds this week. 2 games of kings, lots of fun. had to pick my team as a captain, pretty embarassing when i couldnt remember most people's names. note to self: remember names! (important in the business world too). then we just worked sweep drills, no rolling. was tempted to stay for the second class but have to get some work done and am still overtraining-phobic.


1 espresso before BJJ (ok, back on the coffee but i'll keep it minimal)

PWO shake- sipped before, during, after BJJ

0915 recovery
yams + tuna

not sure why i went for the tuna.. it just doesnt taste as good as salmon in sweet potato. and im never buying the boniato sweet potatoes (cream colored) again.. stick to the good old orange ones.

1230 lunch #1
chicken breast /w big veggie salad & walnut & macadamia oil dressing
some of my leftover "lunch shake"
~3/4 cup kefir

1530 lunch #2
leftover steak /w big veggie salad macadamia oil dressing
some of my leftover "lunch shake"
~3/4 cup kefir

some weird lunches but i have to eat up the spare shake i made yesterday.. i was thinking about adding in a litre of whole milk for gaining purposes and was really close to going out and buying some but im opting instead to use kefir. there is a great brand for a good price available at a store around me.. pinehedge farms.. the store sells 1kg glass bottles for $4.29 (cdn) which is at about a dollar cheaper than i've seen it anywhere. more than milk would cost me but this stuff is organic and fermented so.. rather cough up the $$ and get some higher quality milk. anyway i watered down 1.5 cups of it to make about a litre and drank it with my two lunches and am it went down surprisingly well. im gonna keep it up for a bit, we'll see how it goes.

i think ive got a bit of meal plan for a gain phase finally ironed out. 4 feedings (brkfst, 2 x lunch, dinner), with the kefir added in. on training days i'll sub in a PWO shake + recovery meal for one of those meals. forget IFing for now. i like that it is something sorta sustainable in that once my weight comes back up to 170 or so i can just ditch the kefir, and reduce the shakes/recovery stuff, and skip meals here and there. and im working around the fact that my girlfriend usually eats the same things.. so lunches are salads pre-made for a few days for both of us and my dinner sizes usually work out to just over .5lb of meat so we can share something reasonable like 1 lb ground meat or 1 lb of steaks.. soon we'll be getting our weekly CSA basket!

todays food just too complicated to put into fitday.. i think im over 3500 kcals..

1900 dinner
pork stew.. not very creative but i need to save some $$. my girlfriend doesnt like buying conventional pork so we found some pastured stuff at a local market and are going to have to use the stewing meat now and then to save $$.

1 serving:
>.5 lb pork /w carrots, turnips, celery, onion /w fatty turkey broth i made a while back (yeah i know broths are supposed to be clear but somehow this one ended up emulsified i wasnt able to skim the fat).

Greg Davis
06-10-2009, 04:46 AM
Fri June 4


0545 wakeup
~6.5 hrs sleep
woke up once at 4am to pee.

2130 in bed


Rest Day.

Biked to meet with a professor. ~15 mins each way (flat and easy pace- although the fact that im right downtown and have apparently lost my helmet is a little stess)


1 espresso

0900 breakfast
3 xl eggs in pork lard
apple + rhubarb compote

PWO shake- sipped before, during, after BJJ

1330 recovery
yams + salmon
~3/4 cup kefir

1500 lunch
leftover steak+tuna & a veggie salad /w evo
last of my leftover "lunch shake"

1830 dinner
leftover pork stew, ~.5lb meat

Greg Davis
06-10-2009, 04:46 AM
Sat June 6-Mon June 8

Had visitors stay with us for the weekend.. so didnt get many log details down.

Saturday workout (pistols, good mornings, chinups, dips) + open mat. Rest days Sunday and Monday. Ate a lot of food sat night + sunday.

Greg Davis
06-10-2009, 04:47 AM
Tues June 9


0545 wakeup
~7.5 hrs sleep
woke up once at 4.15am to pee.

2200 in bed


7:30 weights
2 sets squats & single RDLs
2 sets kettlebell c&j
30s light crucifix hold, 65lb farmer walk
5lb db r-rows for my shoulders

8:00 1 hr BJJ
took it light, didnt exert myself too much. rolled with a girl and then took it easy with another dude.
lots of d/m mixed in there

walked (~15 mins each way) to grocery store after dinner and carried home a heavy load


1 espresso before BJJ
BCAAs in workout water

1045 lunch
~.5lb leftover ground pork dish
little bit of sauerkraut & kimchee

snacked on 1/4 cup mixed nuts

1430 lunch
~125g chicken breast
salad /w evo

felt pretty tired in the afternoon after that 2nd lunch

1900 dinner
~.8lb frozen sole, baked /w coconut milk curry sauce
had a good fraction of quarter head red cabbage cooked with 2 small grated beets, evo, & balsamic vinegar

Greg Davis
06-18-2009, 04:14 AM
Thurs June 10


0500 wakeup
~6 hrs sleep
crappy sleep.. woke up early before alarm.

2230 in bed


7:30 d/m + weights
deadlift + overhead lunges
1/4 getups + face pulls
db cuban presses

8:00 1 hr BJJ
was going to take it easy but ended up in some wars.. 20 mins of HARD rolling


1 espresso before BJJ

1015 lunch
3 xl egg omelet with small bit of leftover chicken and some shredded cheese, 1 tsp pork lard
half a small sweet potato
small bit of leftover salad and some sauerkraut, touch of evo

an apple in between

1400 lunch
can of salmon
salad /w evo

2000 dinner
chinese food with parents from a favorite restaurant

Greg Davis
06-18-2009, 04:14 AM
Fri June 11 - Tues June 16

spent fri-tues (returned tuesday) up north at a cabin on an island on the french river. awesome opportunity to RELAX. only exercise i got all weekend was one set of pushups to work up the courage to jump in the cold water on the last day..

ate lots, slept lots.

still having same problem with my sleep, waking up around 3-4am but it didnt matter much up there cuz i just slept in and even napped a bit during the days.

brought home some walleye and pike for the freezer :)

Greg Davis
06-18-2009, 04:15 AM
Wed June 17


got results from a vitamin d test... total was 65 ng/mL which is actually above the recommended range of 40-60 ng/ml


0545 wakeup
~6 hrs sleep
woke up at 3am.. not even to pee, just felt wide awake. managed to fall back asleep.

2230 in bed


12:00 2 hrs BJJ

two full classes.. worked on flattening a guy out from on top when half guarded and two brabo style chokes. armbars in 2nd class. pretty damn tiring. i like that my gym is moving towards adopting ginastica natural drills into warmups which takes care of some of my mobility work. we still do lots of stupid crunches, pushups, running that i could do without.


* back to logging on fitday for a bit.. i had a fun weekend of just eating whatever i wanted when i was hungry instead of worrying about kcals each day etc. so im gonna keep that up and just try to see if i can average in the 2800-3000kcal range over a week.. not worrying about skipping meals or meal sizes for that matter.

1 espresso early, 1 more before BJJ... hmm missed coffee on my trip

0815 bkfst
4 scrambled eggs /w cream, some strawberries, cherries, rhubarb compote

0915 snack
apple & almond butter

1445 recovery
~400g sweetpotato
can of salmon

1940 dinner
lamb /w asparagus

Derek Simonds
06-18-2009, 04:28 AM
Greg I will let you know for sure but it looks like Toronto is on my agenda for the last couple of days of June to the first few days of July. Nothing for sure yet but I will keep you posted.

Greg Davis
06-18-2009, 07:09 AM
Greg I will let you know for sure but it looks like Toronto is on my agenda for the last couple of days of June to the first few days of July. Nothing for sure yet but I will keep you posted.

Nice, for sure let me know.

Greg Davis
06-21-2009, 07:51 AM
Thurs June 18


0545 wakeup
~6.5 hrs sleep
not a bad sleep.. woke up a few times but stayed in bed.

2230 in bed


0730 Weights + BJJ

10xbw squats, 7xpistol squats, 1xpistols /w 30lb DB
2 sets of good mornings, 1 with bar, 1 with +50lbs on bar

8 x bw dips, 4 x 25lb dip
8 x bw chinups + 3 x 25lb

2 sets of:
5 x planche to handstands
~15s l-sits

1 min front plank

then 1 hour BJJ class, only one longish roll. worked same armbar technique from yesterday- from sidemount, far arm control. i think i could use this in combo with the type of side control i'm having success with recently which is using the crossface grip to control the head. if the guy defends the crossface i can just move to doubling his far arm.

later, walked to grocery store
heavy haul, ~15 mins each way


1 espresso

1015 lunch
4 boiled eggs /w some cheese on a mixed greens salad, golden beets, ~2-3 tbsp oil
protein shake

1430 lunch
can of salmon on mixed greens salad, golden beets, 2 tbsp evo
protein shake

1830 dinner
pork back ribs
spinach /w evo
half a guinness

Greg Davis
06-21-2009, 07:51 AM
Fri June 19


0545 wakeup
~7 hrs sleep
similar to night before, woke up but stayed in bed, not a bad sleep.

2300 in bed


Rest Day.

Biked to a meeting, nothing strenuous, ~15 mins each way.


1 espresso

0730 bkfst
4 eggs in pork lard, some leftover lamb
mixed fruit

1000 snack
1/2 cup mixed nuts
small apple

1330 lunch
curry chicken breast on mixed greens /w beets
evo /w lemon

1730 dinner
paleo hamburgers on portabellas

Greg Davis
06-21-2009, 07:52 AM
Sat June 20


0630 wakeup
~7 hrs sleep

2200 in bed


Rest Day. Rain. Took it easy, just a d/m break and a walk in the evening.

Feeling slightly under the weather today. Right knee a little sensitive/inflamed too.


1 espresso

0830 bkfst
3 eggs in pork lard

1300 lunch
curry chicken breast on mixed greens /w sweetpotato

1800 dinner
street festival- shared a lamb skewer, chicken skewer, bbq quail (yum)
at home finished off leftover pork ribs, hamburger /w cucumber and radishes

Greg Davis
06-25-2009, 04:55 AM
Mon June 22


0545 wakeup
~7 hrs sleep
think i slept through the night.. wow one of those rare nights :>

2230 in bed


Rest day.

Butt feels pretty sore from squats yesterday.


1 espresso

0900 bkfst
baked apple stuffed with steelcut oatmeal, date, nuts
(gf's mom was visiting so we tried to make something nice for her)
kefir + protein powder "pudding"

1245 lunch
cobb salad at a restaurant

1:45 snack
some leftover pinapple and nuts when i got home

1830 dinner
roasted pistachio crusted chicken
sweetpotato fries
bit of macadamia butter to finish things off

Greg Davis
06-25-2009, 04:56 AM
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0545 wakeup
~6.5 hrs sleep
woke up at about 4am.. back to sleep tho.

2200 in bed


0745 - 0900 weights + BJJ

deadlifts- 10xbar, 5x 135, 3x225, 1x315
db lunges- 20xbw,16x10lb db, 6x25lb

db pushup-rows- didnt count, 1 set 15lbs, 2nd set 30lbs

kb 1/4 get ups- 3-4x35lbs, 2x 55lbs (55lbs too much weight, need to move down and use dbs for better movement)
cable face pulls- 2 sets

2xdb cuban presses

1 hour BJJ- hot as hell in the gym.. worked brabo chokes on top in half guard.. rolled with 3 peeps, pretty intense or felt that way at least with the heat.


1 espresso

1000 shake
some leftover oatmeal, protein, rhubard, kefir

1215 lunch
chicken breast on mixed salad greens /w avocado, cucumber, radishes
walnut & olive dressing

1600 snack
apple and nuts

1830 dinner
liver w/ bacon and onion, spinach
whoa didn't realize how much fat was in that bacon till I checked fitday after.. (i used a really wide pan so didnt end up draining any of the bacon fat..)!

Greg Davis
06-25-2009, 04:56 AM
Wed June 24


0520 wakeup
~6.5 hrs sleep
woke up before alarm so just got up.. i really think i could use more sleep but it just doesnt happen.

2300 in bed
brutally stressful night dealing with new apartment stuff... could hardly get to sleep


Rest Day.

Lots of work to do. Short walk in the morning and helped a friend move some furniture in the evening.


1 espresso

0815 breakfast
big breakfast:
scrambled eggs
strawberries & currants /w kefir, almond butter

1100 (big) snack
rhubard compote /w mac butter
kefir /w protein powder

1430 lunch
leftovers- chicken, liver, bacon
radishes, pickles, cucumber, kimchee
some olive oil

skipped dinner, just got the keys to our new apartment so had to head over there and to some paint planning

Derek Simonds
06-26-2009, 04:44 AM
[QUOTE]1 hour BJJ- hot as hell in the gym.. worked brabo chokes on top in half guard.. rolled with 3 peeps, pretty intense or felt that way at least with the heat./QUOTE]

I love the brabo, and it is amazing what a little heat does to the way you feel overall.

Greg Davis
07-03-2009, 06:03 AM
Thursday June 25 - July 1st.

Things have been CRAZY. Moved apartments on Tuesday but before that could happen we painted the entire new place. Jeez my girlfriend came up an elaborate 4-color scheme with accent walls et al and was it ever a pain to get done. I had never painted anything so walked in to it totally naive. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do getting the whole place done over friday night, sat & sun. Then there was the move and we didn't have much in the way of help!

Food was sporadic as I had no kitchen and our stuff was packed up. Too much fruit, nuts, and coffee but had to make due. 3 (strong) coffees a day over these days.. felt crazy manic but we got a lot of work done. Body was aching from taping the ceilings and shouldering the brunt of the move. Lebanese take-out two nights with some decent meals mixed in there but certainly not enough food. Probably averaged less than 2500 kcals but I'm not sure.

Finally settled somewhat and it is crunch time with my thesis (only a few weeks to get it handed in). Haven't had a real workout in a week. Feeling super stressed.

Greg Davis
07-03-2009, 06:04 AM
Thurs July 2


0530 wakeup
~6 hrs sleep
woke up early..

2300 in bed


biked to and from a meeting ~15mins each way

1245 weights + BJJ
squeezed for time

quick set of 5 pistols, ham bridge
2 sets of dips and chinups
1 set of planch to headstands, l-sit

intense BJJ hour, worked stand-up takedowns. exhausted


1 espresso

0645 breakfast
2 duck, 1 chick eggs, in coconut oil
strawberries and grapefruit

im totally impressed with the pastured duck eggs we got. same price as the chicken eggs but HUGE. makes the price worth it. yolks are massive and shells are twice as hard to break.

fasted until after BJJ.. famished.

1500 lunch
BIG sweet potato
can of sockeye salmon
tbsp butter

1930 dinner
ground pork & beef with spinach, mushrooms, apple, lots of oil

Greg Davis
07-03-2009, 07:08 AM
I've been using a rough 3-workout split based on back squats, deadlifts, and pistol squats. Saw a comment from Art De Vany that makes me wonder if pistols are appropriate to work in on such a regular basis:

ArtDeVany (http://arthurdevany.com/) Says:

(http://www.arthurdevany.com/members/?p=1557&cpage=1#comment-2245) Lunges are worse than one-leg presses because the spine creates a lever between the weight on your shoulders and your hips.
I do feel the one-leg press is about the best of them all. It halves the load and creates an asymmetry that builds balance. One leg cannot support the other. There are side loading issues as Chris points out. A side load does create a shear force that can be damaging.

I can do about 7-8 pistols on each leg, and I don't do a lot of volume (usually a set of bw, then a set with some DBs).

Should probably look in to it.

Greg Davis
08-17-2009, 05:00 AM

successfully defended my thesis last week :>

training is going good.. sleep has improved a ton since finishing thesis and ive seen benefits from trying to keep my kcals averaging 3k+.

made it up to 170lbs.. still low bodyfat and my body seems to respond positively hormonally to having some more weight on. (better mood + sleep)

i found a system to make sure my kcals dont drop too low that works pretty well for me. i just keep a weekly checklist note in evernote that counts # of lunches/dinners/pwo. no measuring or predefined meal plans, zone blocks, or fitday logging.

i know how many i roughly need to keep my weight up and fuel my training, so this allows me to make sure i get them in over a whole week. IF whenever i want, and i just look near the end of the week to see if i need to get more feedings in or have a chance to fast some more.