View Full Version : Discounts on Duffels for Sandbags - Patience is a virtue!

Patrick Donnelly
02-20-2009, 08:26 PM
I was looking around online recently for a good place to buy two military duffel bags for training (one small, one medium). I came across a few surplus websites, and put the items in the cart for each of them in order to see the shipping charges. I didn't buy anything that day, and I simply left the stuff in the cart for each of the sites.

A few days later (3-5?) I got an automated email from www.armynavydeals.com saying basically "Hey! What's up? You haven't finished your order? Wanna do that now please? Y'know, we're in a recession and could really use the cash, so, why don't you just hit that 'process' button and finish up that order? Huh, huh?" Just didn't get around to it right away. Today, I got another automated email providing me with a 20% discount coupon code. I didn't do anything at all to get this - I was simply too lazy to order right away. I'm not really in any rush to get the duffels, though they would be nice. I've placed the order now, though I would have gone with that site in the end regardless, since they had the cheapest shipping options. Ended up saving me $6. Sweet.