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Adolfo Riveron
02-23-2009, 07:39 PM
Hey, first post here as a workout log. Long time Lurker and ive been on the CrossFit boards but like these boards more as of late.

Week 3 into my second round at Gant's Hybid:
Must work out 4 days in a row this week so I'll see how that works out.

Monday Feb 23:
intramural dodgeball game for about 15 minutes
Worked on Handstands
Burgener Warm up

3 position cleans( tall, mid hang, below knees) +2 jerks x 5
empty barbell

Clean and Jerks: 5 singles
135, 155, 165, 170, 175

Back squats: 3x5
215, 220, 225

50 burpees for time:

Comments: 14 hour fast
170 and 175 CJ's i rushed into the second pull and therefore the bar was too far forward. All others felt fine and felt like i caught them on my heels.

Adolfo Riveron
02-24-2009, 09:28 PM
Tuesday Feb 25 2009

20 hour fast today, longest in a couple months
Felt a little tight after monday as weights are starting to get heavy- i hope my legs and back feel better for snatches and deadlifts tomorrow

Weight: 168.5
Gymnastics work: l-sit holds- 26 secs; 15s; 11s; 16s; 7s; Total: 1:15

Press 3x5:
115, 120, 120 Ties PR, go for 120 across next week

Weighted Pullups 3x5:
32.5, 32.5, 32.5x4 Fell one short but still going to move up to 35's next week

Heavy Metcon: Good one i made up today
5 rounds for time:
10 box jumps
10 45 pound halfmoons- done with 45 pound plate(no sandbag)
10 kipping pullups

Time: 9:06

Adolfo Riveron
02-25-2009, 10:09 PM
Wed. Feb 24 2009

no fast today, need to make sure i can recover with no rest days until friday
Then i can take the weekend off

Was very p***ed off today at everything and let it all go at the gym- worked out great

Weight: 172 WTF???
Gymnastics: Frog tucks: 20s; 15s; 15s; 10s; total 1:00

95x2; 95x2 -first pulled with arms, second i was a bit forward, 100x1 felt good,
105x1 felt slightly forward but increased the wieght
110x1 really thought about using my legs to viciously extend off the ground- helped and felt great!
115 same as above and caught it with good balance

Takeaways: really think about and drill the legs viciously extending for the second pull

( Wish i had a coach or could find the charger to my digi cam so i could get so outside input)

Deadlift 2x5:
275; 275 - ties previous pr and was easy- probably the anger kicking in,

go for DL 5RM PR next week
No metcon, gym closing on me and i have an assignment due

Felt great to let alll my anger out, feel great

Timothy Scalise
02-25-2009, 11:47 PM
wow, that looks awesome. are the snatches in KG, or LBS? and now I want to play dodgeball :(

Adolfo Riveron
02-26-2009, 02:12 PM
definately pounds.....yea im working on that, maybe that will be in kgs some day
gotta love intramurals

Adolfo Riveron
02-26-2009, 02:15 PM
need to get a lot stronger before those numbers are kilograms

Timothy Scalise
02-26-2009, 07:13 PM
looks impressive either way to be honest. all day I have been wanting to play dodgeball, at work I was throwing a lemon at my busboy lol.

Adolfo Riveron
03-02-2009, 09:59 PM
Friday- no access to gym and pressed for time so did some pistol work
Weekend- little sleep and lots of beer.......no workouts

Monday March 2, 2009
~14 hour fast
Burgener warmup
Front lever(beginner tuck lever hold): 15s; 10s; 10; 10; total 45 s

Clean and jerk (all sets doubles): in pounds
135; 145; 150; 155

notes: worked on more upright set up and pull after reading the Pmenu article
felt really good and caught everything on my heels; no drifting forward
off balance

Back Squat:
225x5; 230x5 (5RM PR)- hittng linear progression again

was going to do 3 sets but ran short on time and just went for the pr in two sets

Metcon: 2 rounds of Barbara w/ no rest
time: 5:22

Adolfo Riveron
03-03-2009, 09:23 PM
Tuesday March 3, 2009
No fast today

Burgener Warmup
Freestanding Handstand holds: 5s;5s;15s;3s;9s;9s;3s;9s total: 58s

Press 3x5:
120# -across all sets (attempt 115, 120, 125 next week)

WOD: Helen
Smoked this one
8:04 PR (9:36)
I'm actually pretty upset i didnt break eight minutes but still a huge improvement.

All in all a good day. Time to eat and study.

Adolfo Riveron
03-05-2009, 04:17 PM
Wed- 15 hour fast
no workout, midterm to study for

Thursday 3/5/09
15 hour fast
Was really excited to workout but i ended up having a crappy day, sigh.

Gymnastics: l sit: 14s; 12s;15s; 14s; 6s; 12s; Total 1:13

95x2x3; 105x1x2;110x1x2;115 Fail; 115x1
Played with handstands between sets

Dont know what happened. Tried the whole bar over base of toes, arms vertical thing and not sure if it was that or volume that threw me off when i started adding weight. I handled 115 so easily last week that i thought for sure id get to 120, 125 this week. Ugh. :mad: Maybe it was the handstands....idk must do better next week.Must work on form

Deadlift: 2x5
280 across PR, kinda easy

atleast i got my anger out on that.

Metcon: 3rds for time
5 95lb bear complex
5 burpee-pullups
time: 5:05

Adolfo Riveron
03-09-2009, 09:58 PM
15 hour fast
worked from 6am to 2:30 pm outside, great weather. Getting that vitamin D
fa' sho.

Front Squat 3x5 #'s
185;195;200 200-PR

Weighted Pullups:
35x5x3 also a PR

no metcon
some frog tuck plance work

Monday 3/9/09
14 hour fast
Handstand holds: 3s;5s;3s;3s;5s;5s;8s;10s;10s; total:52s
Started getting better towards the end becasue i made a conscious effort to keep tight- all in all not a good session

C&J singles: #'s
145;155;165;175;185 185 ties PR; felt good but didnt want to push it further (wanted to keep linear progression in backsquats going)

Back Squat 3x5:
225; 230; 235 235- 5RM PR

Metcon: 1k row for time
damper on 4: time 3:56

a lot harder than i thought it would be to keep intensity high for 1000m. Got me good.

All in all a good workout today

Adolfo Riveron
03-10-2009, 06:39 PM
Tuesday March 10 2009
18 hour fast
gymnastics- beginner tuck lever holds: about 10s per hold- didnt keep track- tough
(worked on these for a long time, probably too long as i did not PR in any lift)

Weighted Pullups:
35x5;35x4;35x4 was supposed to try 37.5 but my back shoulders and abs were quite tired from the extended lever work

115x5;120x5;125x4- one rep short of a 5RM PR, gotta get it next week or im dropping down to triples

5 tabata rounds of:
ring pushups

Didnt keep count but i gave an all out effort. Tough stuff especially the ring pushups.

Plank holds- regular 1 minute; sides -45s each

Dont know whether to be upset or not. the lever work felt good but i didnt PR

Sam Nutt
03-10-2009, 06:42 PM
Tough stuff especially the ring pushups.

Ring pushups are a b****, IMO. Nice job taking them on.

Adolfo Riveron
03-10-2009, 09:44 PM
Ring pushups are a b****, IMO. Nice job taking them on.

Yea im feeling them right now. I didnt know what i was getting into. Thought if I was going to take the rings in to the globo today, might as well use them in my metcon. Tabata ring dips would be way too brutal so i decided on the pushups. Even at only 5 rounds it was tough

Adolfo Riveron
03-12-2009, 12:08 PM
Wed. March 11th 2009
No fast today
2 hours of volleyball today in the afternoon- plenty of Vitamin D! :)
Burgener Warmup

Gymnastics: l-sit holds: 15s;5s;12s;14s;13s; total:59 s -Overall not that great

planks to make up bad lsits: 1 minute front, 45 secs each side

Snatches singles: #'s
95;105;110-wasnt very good;110-much better; 115- slightly forward; 120-bad; 120 - felt perfect; 125- PR! was solid too!

I was only going to do five singles but i repeated weights i didnt feel i snatched well. Then when i got to 120, my previous PR, and it felt great the second try so i decided to go for a PR at 125 and i hit it on the first try. Yea 125 isnt a lot of weight but its still a PR for me and im happy. Hope to get to 135 by the end of the school year(two months).

Focused on the scoop on the last few reps and being a little more horizontal at the start. I feel im too vertical with my hips too low at the start, shoulder might possibly be at or behind the bar. Focused on getting them a bit more out in front.

Deadlift 2x5:
285 across- 5RM PR- linear progression continuing.

Metcon: 4rds of time
5-225 deadlifts
5 burpess
5 hspu's
time: 5:35
-shoulders were dead from yesterday and were the limiting factor in my time.

This was last night...woke up this morning feeling like i was hit by a truck even with the 9 solid hours of sleep i got...

Adolfo Riveron
03-17-2009, 10:39 PM
monday 3/16/09
no fast
no access to a gym since im at home on break
limited time to workout today as im going to the thrashers/caps game tonight

Worked on burgener/ oly lift positions etc with a hockey stick for a good 15-20 minutes

frog tuck holds:
14s;20s;11s;14s;17s; total: 1:16

L sit holds
14s;5s;14s;14s;9s;7s; 4s;8s; t:1:15

No time for metcon; left shoulder acting up during gymanstics

Tuesday 3/17/09
No gym still

beginner tuck front lever holds:
didnt keep track but it was about 10-15s per hold and i did 6 holds so about 1-1:30 total time

left shoulder bothering me again an was limiting factor in my holds, wonder if its impinged or something? its reoccurring though i haven't experienced it since last spring.

Sprint 30 seconds
rest/walk back to start point: 1:30- 2 minutes
6 rounds

First round was about 75% to make sure i was warmed up enough.
I had planned on doing eight but i dont want to be sore for golf tomorrow with my dad.
Was quite winded after six anyways, will definitely have to add more sprint intervals to my normal routine.

Adolfo Riveron
03-21-2009, 08:13 AM
no fast
played golf with my dad
2 random sets of 10 ring dips done throughtout the day out of boredom

18 hour fast

16 hour fast
l sit holds untimed
got a few that i counted into the twenty second range, with the average being around the high teens. Forgot to write down the times though

Beg. frog tuck planche holds: same deal as above excpet i did hold my last one for thirty seconds...cant even fathom doing tuck planches though, everytime i try i fall instantly.

6 rounds
sprint 30 seconds
rest- walk back to starting point

2 rounds sprint 10 seconds
rest 2 minutes

Did these before breaking the faast and i could not maintain full power past thirty seconds anymore so i dropped it to ten so i could go all out

Adolfo Riveron
03-22-2009, 10:20 PM
Sunday 3/22/09
18 hour fast
YAAAY!!! back to the weight room!!!:D
handstand holds: 15s;3s;4s;2s;8s;2s;8s;2s;3s;7s;5s; total 1:01

Clean and Jerk:
135x2; 155x1;165x1;175x1;185x1 Felt goos and went for pr

Back Squat 3x5:
225x5; 230x5 ;240x2---EPIC FAIL

Felt tired after the CJ so that might worn me out. Thats the end of linear progression on the squat. Will drop down to sets of 3x3. Might attempt 240x5 again next week though, we'll see.

3rds for time
5 135lb power cleans
10 walking lunges
15 pullups
time: 3:35- clock stopped, had to restart it and added the times up

Good stuff- now im sleepy

Adolfo Riveron
03-23-2009, 10:02 PM
monday 3/23/09
no fast

Press 3x5:
115x5;125x5;125x5- 5RM-PR pretty good considering my shoulder are a bit sore from putting up 190

Front beginner tuck lever
tuck back lever work

Didnt keep track of time- left shoulder in discomfort doing front levers
did these for a good 15-20 minutes while i goofed off talking and throwing in a few sets or dips

20s sprint
1:30 rest

Adolfo Riveron
03-26-2009, 02:17 PM
Wednesday 3/25/09
18 hour fast

sprint 10 secs
rest 1:10
sprint 20 secs
rest 1:30
sprint 20 secs
rest 2:00
sprint 30 secs

Thursday 3/26/09
no fast
weight: 167
Gymnastics: l-sit holds: 10s;15s;15s;10s;12s;10s time 1:12
cant seem to progress past 15-20 secs on these....frustrating since i first got lsits last summer..uuughh

95x1;105x1;115x1;115x1;115-F; 115x1

Cant believed i failed, i was so angry. I just thought too much during the pull instead of just pulling. On the last one i was so angry that i extended as hard as i possibly could against the ground that the bar had so much upward momentum that i almost lost it backwards. Went up as easy as the 95. I need to extend like that everytime and maybe ill reach my 135 goal by the end of the school year.

Deadlift 2x5:
290x5- 5RM-PR; 290x4;

were not touch and go however. I did the first three reps and then had to reset for the last two. Same for the last set.

Metcon: 5 rounds for time:
10- 1-armed dumbell snatches @35 lbs
10 burpees

Need to throw in a few longer workouts, i feel like my metcon ability is diminishing.
Feel like my metcons have been either too light or too short. The sprints seem to be having a good impact on body comp.

Adolfo Riveron
03-29-2009, 09:38 PM
Tired from the weekend
Sunday 3/29/09
Frog tuck planche: 11s;33s; 17s; total 1:01

Front Squat:
185x5; 195x5; 205x5- progression continuing even though i havent FS'ed in three weeks or so

115x5; 125x4 upset since i got 125x5 twice last week...ugh whatever 130x3
moving uo anyways but dropping to 4-5x3 from now on. I hate how week my press is.

Couldnt do weighted pullups or metcon as the gym was closing, Will do metcon tomorrow and weighted pulls wednesday.

Matthew Bacorn
03-30-2009, 04:42 PM
Its lookin pretty good ever here Adolfo; you're still doing the hybrid? How is it treating you?

And out of curiosity, where are you from / will you live this summer?

Adolfo Riveron
03-31-2009, 03:56 PM
Its lookin pretty good ever here Adolfo; you're still doing the hybrid? How is it treating you?

And out of curiosity, where are you from / will you live this summer?

Yes. I did it for eight weeks over the summer/fall then went back to crossfit then I did a strength and bulgarian cycle from the CA WOD's. Then i did eight weeks of crossfit and so far im on eight weeks of this hybrid. I havent been able to work out more than 3 days a week for the last few weeks but i working towards my goal of a 200 lb clean and jerk and a 135 snatch by the end of the school year and then ill re-evalute my training to whatever my goals are at the time. It's great, i love working out in this fashion and programming everything.

I am from Suwanee but i live on GT campus and i will most likely be living here over the summer unless i can find an internship but right not it doesnt look good,

Adolfo Riveron
03-31-2009, 04:07 PM
Monday 3/30/09
no fast
Wt: 167

handstand holds: 4s;8s;10s;2s;12s;10s;4s;3s;2s;6s Total: 1:01
l-sit:25s;14s;12s;11s; Total 1:02

Not spectacular but not bad

95x2; 115x1x3


not trying to push anything, just working on form

Metcon: from the crossfit mainsite
10 rounds for time
10 pullups
10 ring dip

got screwed a bit by the large crowd at the globo waiting for a pullup bar.
limiting factor was the ring dips....pretty sore today, glad to take rest. I should fast tomorrow, i havent in a while

Adolfo Riveron
04-03-2009, 01:10 PM
Wed 4/1/09

front lever work: tuck lever: 10sx3; 15sx2
Back lever work: messing around, didnt keep track of time

Back Squat:
225x3: 240x3x3;

295x5 -5RM PR; 295x4

Weighted Pullups:
40x3; 35x4;35x4

no metcon

4 rounds of:
30s sprint
2 minute rest

Adolfo Riveron
04-06-2009, 02:19 PM
Sunday 4/5/09
18 hour fast

4 rounds:
20 s sprint
1:30 rest

Light metcon, i wanted to do a light workout yet not tax my system for this week.
I feel good today so mission accomplished, we'll see how my lifts today goes.

Adolfo Riveron
04-06-2009, 10:50 PM
Monday 4/6/09 Week 9 of hybrid programming
Burgerner Warmup
freestanding handstand holds:
4s;4s;20s;8s;17s;2s;4s;3s; Total 1:02

Clean and jerk:
185 went up easy- try 195 next time for pr

Back Squat 3x3:
Tough but still progressing. I feel like i might stall again next week, i will have to eat more food between now and next week.

I wanted to do Monday's CF-Football WOD: CF Football Grace but i finished the squats right as the globo was closing. I will probably do it tomorrow. Felt the need to do metcon so with no gym:
50 Burpees for time
Time: 2:59- 46 second PR

Adolfo Riveron
04-07-2009, 10:02 PM
Tuesday 4/7/09
No fast- endless hunger this morning
about 4 hours of sleep.
1 hour nap before training

Lsit holds: 21s;15s;14s;14s; Total:1:04


Weighted Pullups:

Metcon: I was starting to do the CFFB "Grace", i was 10 cleans in when i got yelled at because you apparently can't do "momentum lifts" at my schools globo.
Guess what you idiots? Momentum = mass x velocity so anything that has a mass and is moving has momentum. Therefore you outlaw everything!!! Its a gym not a spa. I wish i had the money to go to a real gym.

I then tried to sub in 75lb db swings and got the same deal.

So no metcon tonight besides sprint intervals on my way back from the gym. I feel like im definitely not getting enough metcon lately

uuuughhhh im so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adolfo Riveron
04-09-2009, 08:34 AM
Havent slept longer than 5.5 hours in the last four days. I think im overreaching or underrecovering. I have also been feeling incredibly stressed and ive been noticeably moody.

Im skipping the rest of the workouts this week and probably take the next week off and see if my sleep and mood improves.

Matthew Bacorn
04-09-2009, 08:48 PM
Guess what you idiots? Momentum = mass x velocity so anything that has a mass and is moving has momentum. Therefore you outlaw everything!!!

uuuughhhh im so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geez, i thought techies were supposed to be smart...

Tough luck on the sleep brother, i always feel like crap when I'm not sleeping enough

Adolfo Riveron
04-12-2009, 06:10 PM
You have no idea how much i hate my gym.

Yea i have felt really weird the last couple of days. I have a lot of school work to do so i think that this time off will help me a lot. Plus ill be fired up to get back into it next week. I think its been 2-3 months since ive had a complete rest week. 3 weeks ago i took a half week where i did a lot of gymnastics and sprints and no weights. I plan on doin nothing but school work and guitar this week. I feel feel really bad about being a slob then ill run a 5k or something. Nothing too intense.

Adolfo Riveron
04-21-2009, 08:43 AM
After a week and a half off with no workouts whatsoever, im ready to come back.
Enjoyed not having my body destroyed and the extra time to play some guitar and get school work squared away.

Monday 4/20/09
no fast
Burgener warmup
Handstand holds: 2s;2s;2s;8s;2s;7s;6s;6s;4s;9s;6s;8s; total 1:02

Clean and Jerk: singles #'s
135; 165;185;190;195-PR

185&190 i did not set my weight as much onto my heels as i should have, thefore the bar got a little out in front of me. This did not happen for 195 however.

monday's CFFB wod: 7 rounds of 15s on 45s off
225 lb deadlifts
24 inch box jumps

dl:5;6;5;5;5;4;;6 total:36
bj:8;9;8;9;8;8;9; toal:59

not that taxing metcon wise but a good strength workout

Adolfo Riveron
04-21-2009, 04:07 PM
well one day back and i roll my ankle plaiyng basketball . Its very painful and very swollen, atleast twice its normal size. Im so angry, im just going to lose all my gains now. I can even put into words how angry i am. This sucks.

Adolfo Riveron
05-09-2009, 03:47 PM
Tested my ankle yesterday and i can now do squats amd pushups. Still cant hop on my right leg so i cant do full power workouts. Therefore i did this to entertain myself:

4 rounds for time of (no watch):
40 squats
20 pushups

Right leg started cramping a bit. Wow. Pathetic. These weeks off have killed me. Its gonna be a lonng climb back up. Im gonna do stuff like this for the next week and hopefully the monday after next i will be able to start lifting again.

Adolfo Riveron
05-14-2009, 07:01 PM
did the same workout again tuesday. This time no cramping but still not good. Im so sick of my ankle. Hope i can train hard again soon.

Adolfo Riveron
05-18-2009, 08:53 PM
First day back in the gym after the sprained ankle. Its still not completely healed so i took it easy. Was also considerably weaker after a month off. I am also about 6 pounds lighter.

New Programming Goals:
Recovery of strength from sprained ankle
incorporate summer activities including volleyball/ basketball/ swimming and jobs
gymnastics/oly/ strength bias
work metcon enough so that i dont feel out of shape. 2-3 times a week for about 5-10 minutes not including play time

Monday May 18 2009

Burgener Warmup: slight ankle discomfort

Handstands: 11s;6s;9s;8s;4s;7s; Total:45s

Better than i expected until i went too far over and landed on my ankle

C and J: #'s

cleans were good but i was very timid with the jerks due to my ankle. Hopefully this will be gone by next week. 165 was hard to put up due to my shyness to push under the bar. Ive put up 195 easily before, 165 should not be hard....

Weighted Pullups:
25x5; 25x5;25x5

Felt so weak...

No metcon, i was running short on time.

Adolfo Riveron
05-19-2009, 03:13 PM
Tuesday May 19th 2009
Weight: 164
Lsit holds: 15s;10s;17s;14s;5s Total: 1:01

BS 3x5:
135x5; 185x5;195x5;200x5

Felt weak so i didnt go higher. Feels like the work i put in during the winter/spring was a waste, im back to my old starting numbers. Sooo frustrating.


Same as above.

5 rounds for time:
10 pullups
10 clapping pushups

Time: 4:35

ankle needed icing afterwards but didnt really inhibit my workout

Adolfo Riveron
05-20-2009, 04:22 PM
Wed May 20
Weight: 160
Losing a lot of weight fast, even though i havent been fasting

Rest day

Very very sore so i jumped in the hot tub at the rec center. I also swam 400m at a moderate pace. Im not a skilled swimmer to say the least so it was harder than it sounds.

sauna was closed because its broken so that was dissapointing. My body still feels great after that.

Have some meat in the slow cooker that im absolutely going to tear into tonight.

Adolfo Riveron
05-21-2009, 04:44 PM
Thursday May 21 2009
Weight 164

frog tuck holds: 13s; 26s;21s

Snatch: #
95; 105 -f; 105; 105; 105;

Awful- lost so much strength and the ankle is still not at full flexibility.

Front Squat

Once again was harder than it should have been

No metcon, played basketball for about 40 minutes earlier

I think i need to shovel calories into my mouth constantly to get my weight and strength back