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Troy Archie
04-07-2009, 08:57 PM
I've been posting my workouts here (http://crossfitanywhere.blogspot.com/) the last forever but figure some eyes on my log wouldn't hurt.
27 y/o male
80kg / 175lbs
I've been on starting strength since November 1st so 5 months. This is my second time around with SS. Prior to that I was giving O-lifting a try and prior to that I CFíd for about 2 years plus. Iím more or less concerned right now that with my previous experience linear gains are all but dried up regardless of how week I am. Iím attempting to stay committed to the year of heavy lifting, strength and mass gain I set myself to for 2009 but as of right now the only thing that feels like itís gone up is my waistline. Iím going to keep plugging away but would appreciate any commentsÖ

BW 80.2kg / 176lbs (AM - empty)
-HB Back Squats: 110 x5x3
Going to stick with this for two more session and make sure form is down.
-Bench Press: 65 x5x3
Used a narrower grip but my shoulder was stinging on these. Felt fine the next day though. Should be much heavier and I'm worried that if I go any heavier it'll be too much. Physio on Tuesday...
-Deadhang Pull-ups: 10/7/6

BW 79.7kg / 175lbs (AM)
-HB Back Squats: 107.5 x5x3
-Shoulder Press: 47.5 x5x3
-Weighted Pull-ups: 16.5 x5x3

-HB Back Squats: 107.5 x5x3
-Bench Press: 60 x5x3 65 x5x2
-Deadlifts: 141.5 x5
Go heavier
-Power Cleans: triples up to 67.5

Troy Archie
04-08-2009, 07:17 PM
BW 80kg / 176lbs (PM)
-HB Back Squats: 110 x5x3
Felt pretty good and form felt better than monday. Gotta keep those knees out. One more session and I'll go from there.
-Shoulder Press: 48.5 x5x3
Hard and heavy work. I'm impressed by my mental toughness on the last rep to get it up and me under. Major back bend though. Stay put.
-Deadlifts: 142.5 x5
Solid work. Was suppose to do cleans but was under time restraints. Go heavier.

Solid session. Shoulder is feeling really good and I had no problems with it while pressing. It confounds me. Feeling good after that session and need to string a whole bunch of them together.

Troy Archie
04-10-2009, 06:56 PM
BW 80.2kg / 176.8lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 110 x5x3
Solid form. Really focussed on curling my toes up and keeping the weight in the middle-back of my feet.
-Bench Press: 67.5 x5x3
This was pretty easy except I felt a little bit of pain on my left shoulder. It wasn't anything eye bleeding but a little bit of a dull pain.
-Weighted Pull-ups: 17.25 x5/4/4

Feeling good. Legs sore. Bit tired and hungover. Managed a good session in spite of that. Shoulder felt great yesterday after the heavy presses from the day before. Today it was feeling a bit tight but I didn't really notice it.

Troy Archie
04-13-2009, 08:40 AM
BW 79.7kg / 175.7lbs (AM)
-Back Squats: 110 x5x3
Was going to go 112.5 but since this was suppose to be an off day I figured I'd give 110 one more go, take 2 days off and then go 112.5. The weight felt good and I just need to keep my knees out and over my feet and I'm gold. I always seem to stall for a second, remember to push my knees out and then stand right up.
-Shoulder Press: 48.5 x5x3
Solid. The last set was great and I had practically no lean back. It was better than the first two. Pinch that ass.
-Deadhang Pull-ups: 10/8/6

Feeling good. Had a light meal, coffee and went at it. Was suppose to be an off day but because of Easter it turned into a lift day. 2 days off now.
Shoulder felt a bit tight there and during warm-up but I didn't notice it or feel any pain during the presses.

Troy Archie
04-16-2009, 08:40 AM
BW 80.8kg / 178lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 112.5 x5x3
Good stuff. After the first set I had to check to see if it was still 110. It wasn't until the third set that form started to break done and my knees started to adduct a little too much. Keep at it.
-Bench Press: 70 x5x3
Solid and no shoulder pain. I've definitely got more in me.
-Power Cleans: 67.5 x3x3 | 70 x3x2
Popping up. The last set of 67.5 flew right up so I decided to try out 70 for a couple triples. 70 x3x5 next time around.

Feeling good. Dragged my ass into the gym as all I wanted to do was go home, sleep and vege-out. Glad I didn't. Shoulder gave me no problems after the shoulder presses and no problem during or after the bench presses.
Solid session. This is where I feel I should be at.

Troy Archie
04-18-2009, 10:04 AM
BW 80.4kg / 177.2lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 112.5 x5x3
Heavy. Form started to break down on the second set and the third was tough.
-Shoulder Press: 50 x4x3
Should have gotten 5 on the first set but lost balance. Solid though. 5x3 is there and it's something to work towards.
-Deadhang Pull-ups: 10/8/7
-Evil Wheel

Hurt all over walking in. Wednesday's cleans took it out of me, for some reason it was 3 weeks since I'd last done them. Good session but ouch. Shoulder is feeling great. Didn't hurt post benching and didn't hurt during or after the shoulder presses. Slept good the last couple days and ate well but need to eat more. I've been noticing the correlation between going to the gym, weighting in heavy and having a great workout compared to weighting in light and struggling. Duh

Troy Archie
04-19-2009, 09:04 PM
-Back Squats: 112.5 x5x3
Fucking heavy. Last couple reps on the last 2 sets getting ugly. Surprised I managed all the sets.
-Bench Press: 71.5 x5x3
Solid work. Try 72 next time
-Weighted Chin-ups: 17.5 x3x3
Sucked but it's all I had. 5x3 next time.

I've really been feeling the last couple of sessions and today I didn't think I'd be able to do the workout I had lined up. Shoulder was a bit tight during my warm up but I didn't notice it prior to. Regardless I manged a solid session.

Troy Archie
04-22-2009, 07:34 AM
BW 80.5 kg / 177.4lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 112.5 x5x3
1st & 2nd sets solid, with little knees in. 3rd set little bit knees in but good. Go heavier.
-Shoulder Presses: 50 x5/4/4
I have 5x3 in me. Next session.
-Deadhang Pull-ups: 11/8/6
-2 Rounds of:
Front Plank, 60 sec
Side Plank, 60 sec
Side Plank, 60 sec

Feeling good and fresh walking in. Shoulder has been feeling a bit tight and sore the last couple days but nothing major. I think I've found the cause. No pain on the presses though. Squats were feeling good and it's time to move up.

Troy Archie
04-23-2009, 07:05 PM
BW 80.7kg / 178lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 114 x5x3
Solid. First and second sets great, last couple reps on third a bit shaky but good all through. Go 115.
-Bench Press: 72.5 x5x3*
*Had a little help on the last rep, solid otherwise and should of had the last rep myself.
-Deadlifts: 145 x5
Solid. Go 146
-Power Cleans: 70 x3x2 | 72.5 x3
Cleans have been flying up as of late. 70 felt great and 72.5 was good.
-Evil Wheel work

Fuck'n eh.
Feeling good walking in, bit tired from school but other than that I was feeling fresh. Shoulder's been feeling fine yesterday, today and during warm-up. It pinched me a bit during bench presses but nother major and felt fine afterwards.

Awesome couple sessions I've been stringing together. Seem to be getting good results on this day-on-day-off sched I've been doing the last week and a half. Want to keep going but away for the weekend and 3 days off now.

Troy Archie
04-28-2009, 06:14 PM
BW 80.4kg / 177lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 115 x5/5/4
-Shoulder Press: 50 x5/4/5
-Deadhang Pull-ups: 11/8/6
60sec decline on med ball x5

Coming off 3 days rest. A well deserved rest but I was making some great great progress while going day-on-day-off and wanted to keep going. I might give that a go for a couple weeks and see how it goes. I know rest is important but I seem to be on top of things sleep-wise and diet wise so much more when I don't take consecutive days off.
Heavy squats. Some iffy reps in there and I just barely managed the 4th on set 3. Knew I wasn't going to come back up for the 5th. Will get it next time.
1st set shoulder press ugly, which affected the 2nd set but got tight on the 3rd and pushed through it. I have 5x3 in me.

Troy Archie
04-30-2009, 09:02 PM
BW 80.3kg / 177lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 115 x5x3
Got it this time. Some less than perfect reps but nothing terrible. Stay put for a couple sessions.
-Bench Press: 72.5 x5/5/4
Arrg, I have this in me. Got distracted on the last rep.
-Power Cleans: 70 x3x5
Solid. I mean solid. These were popping up no problem. Start at 72.5 next time around and drop down if needed.

Feeling Good. Need to eat more.

Troy Archie
05-01-2009, 06:12 PM
BW 80.7kg / 178lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 115 x5x3
Stay put. Much better form and the third set was my best set. Really stayed tight, kept my knees out and pushed my arms up on the last one.
-Shoulder Press: 50 x5x3
Solid and easy. Try 51kg
-Deadlifts: 125 x5
Was suppose to be weighted pull-ups but someone was doing a CF workout so did 85% my working set.
-Evil Wheel Work

Feeling good. Bit sore but fresh. Been having problems sleeping lately and waking up earlier than I have and want to. I sleep intensly up untill about 5:30-6 and then I wake up, toss and turn and sometimes fall asleep. Annoying but I'm still getting around 7.5h.

Troy Archie
05-04-2009, 08:03 PM
BW 81.1kg / 179lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 116 x5x3
Fucking heavy. Knees coming in too much and wasn't feeling solid. Lifted it though. This is the heaviest I've ever gone and that was with LBBS.
-Bench Press: 72.5 x5x3*
*Again, had a little bit of help on that last rep. Can't fucking get that last one.
-Weighted Pull-ups: 17.5 x5/4/3
-Weighted Plank: 15kg @60sec x4

Still coming in. I keep saying I need to come in on the weekend and do some stretching, foam roller and joint mobility. Didn't sleep as much as I'd like over the weekend but made up for it in eating. Slept well last night.

Troy Archie
05-06-2009, 06:29 PM
BW 81.1kg / 179lbs (PM)
Light Row
-Back Squats: 116 x5/4*/5
Fucking bullshit. Some fucker knocked me off balance on my last rep of the set and sent me teetering over. Got a good loud "Fuck you!" out of me as the weight pinned me down. Still pissed off about that.
Knees out is a good cue. Tried a narrower grip but it didn't feel good.
-Shoulder Press: 51 x5/5/4
I'll have this next time. Need to keep a wide stance which keeps me tight.
-Deadlifts: 147.5 x5
Fucking heavy. Stay put.
-Power Cleans: 72.5 x3 | 70 x3x2
Tough work after the deadlifts.

Feeling good.

Troy Archie
05-08-2009, 07:00 PM
BW 80.5kg / 177lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 116 x5x3
Solid. Lean back, control down, knees out.
-Bench Press: 72.5 x5/4/4 | 60 x5x2
Need to scale down and do a back off.
-Deadhang Pull-ups: 9-7-5
-Evil Wheel work - standing incline

Feeling good. Shoulders acting was acting up a bit on the bench presses. Time to scale back on the bench and give myself a little rest.

Troy Archie
05-11-2009, 07:17 PM
BW 81.7kg / 180lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 116.5 x5x3
First set solid. Second set a bit weak. Third set was a tough. Good work and solid effort. Stay put.
-Shoulder Press: 51 x5x3
Some major lean back but I managed to get it up. I feel I can be way tighter. Stay put on work on form.
-Deadhang Pull-ups: 10/8/6
-Evil Wheel: Standing Incline

Tired and cognitively spent walking in. Went home after school feeling like shit, laid down for a nap but couldn't fall asleep. Forced myself up, had a coffee and went down the gym and had a great session. Love that feeling. Didn't feel I ate enough on the weekend but the scale says otherwise.

Troy Archie
05-13-2009, 08:18 PM
BW 82kg / 180lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 116.5 x5x3
Solid work. Much better than Monday's session. 117.5 next week.
-Bench Press: 65 x5x3
Scaling back and reworking up.
-Power Cleans: 72.5 x3x2 | 70 x3x3
70 was easy but 72.5 was killer. Go for 3 sets at 72.5 next time.
-Weighted Plank: 15kg X60sec x2 | 20kg X60sec x2
These make me neauseous. Love 'em.

Bit intimated going in. Wasn't feeling strong and the weights seemed daunting but pushed through it did what needed to be done. Shoulder's been acting up lately but not as bad as before and not outside of the gym.

Troy Archie
05-25-2009, 12:39 PM
Away for a couple days to a binge-drinking, I mean music festival this weekend. 4 days completely off plus my computer broke down there's a log jam of updates.

BW 82kg / 180lbs (PM)
-Back Squats: 116.5 x5x3
-Shoulder Presses: 51 x5x3
-Weighted Pull-ups: 17.5 x5x3
-Evil Wheel Roll-outs:
Standing Incline 5x3

Feeling ok coming in.
BS heavy; 3rd set the best again. Cues "chest up-control down-knees out" seems to work the best.
Shoulder Press heavy; lots of bend on 1st set, 3rd ok.

BW 83kg / 183lbs (PM)
Row 500m
-Back Squats: 117.5 x5x3
-Behind the Neck Presses: 40 x5x3
-Deadhang pull-ups: 10/8/6
-Weighted Plank:
20kg @60sec x3

Was suppose to do bench presses but my shoulder was not liking it so I did Behind the Neck Presses instead, pain free. I'm feeling really tight in my mid-upper back lately and have brought in bent over flyes in my warm-up and went light on the BNP. Why? Because when I was O-lifting that's what my coach had me do to increase flexibilty in my shoulder. I'm thinking I might ditch the bench press. I keep getting up to a certain weight and my shoulder acts up on me. I'll try ring dips. Physio would be a good idea too.

BW 82.3kg / 181lbs
Row 500m
-Back Squats: 117.5 x5x3
Heavy & hard but done. 3rd set the best.
-Shoulder Presses: 51.5 x4x3
BNP cut into me
-Deadlifts: 147.5 x5
Solid. Try 150
-Power Cleans: 72.5 x3x3
Awesome. Try for 72.5 x3x5

Troy Archie
05-25-2009, 07:06 PM
BW 82.3kg / 181lbs (PM)
Row 500m
-Back Squats: 110 x5x3
-Shoulder Presses: 50 x5x3
-Deadhang Pull-ups: 10/8/6
-Plank - Weighted:
20kg @60sec x3

4 days off, lots of beer drunk and too much sun so I decided to take it easy and go light coming back. Shoulder Presses Solid. Could have gone much heavier on the squats but just didn't have it me mentaly. Going to work my way back up to 117.5 x5x3 and then shoot for 120 x5x3 for the end of June. 117.5 x5x3 was my goal for May and I managed it a week early.

Troy Archie
05-27-2009, 07:07 PM
BW 82kg / 180lbs (PM)
Row 500m
-Back Squats: 115 x5x3
Much much heavier than I'd of liked. Might stick with it for one more session but it'll be a day on decision.
-Power Cleans: 72.5 x3 | 70 x3x4
Heavy. Really wanted 72.5 x3x5. Alas.
-Evil wheel work

Tired and feeling down. Not much sleep last night and weighted in light. A good nights sleep should put me back on track.

I tried giving bench presess a go and warmed up with them but my shoulder didn't take. I need to get into some physio. Shoulder presses nip me a bit but only during the warm-up and first rep of the set.

Troy Archie
06-13-2009, 09:14 AM
BW 81.5kg / 179.5lbs
-Back Squats: 105 x5x3
-Shoulder Press: 50 x4x3
-Deadhang Pull-ups: 11/8/7
-Plank 20kg @ 60sec x3

BW 81.3kg / 179lbs
-Back Squats: 107.5 x5x3
-Deadlifts: 145 x3 / 140 x3
-Power Cleans: 70 x3x3

BW 81.1kg / 178lbs
-Back Squats: 110 x5x3
-Shoulder Press: 47.5 x5x3
-Weighted Pull-ups: 15 x5x3
-Evil Wheel work

81.2kg / 179lbs
-Back Squats: 112.5 x5x3
-Shoulder Press: 50 x5x3
-Deadhang Pull-ups: 11/8/7
-Plank: 20kg @ 60sec x3

BW 81.8kg / 180lbs
-Back Squats: 115 x5x3
-Power Cleans: 70 x3x5
-Evil Wheel work

BW 81.8kg / 180lbs
-Back Squats: 110 x5x3
-Shoulder Press: 50 x5/5/4
-Weighted Pull-ups: 16.25 x5x3
-Plank: 20kg @ 60sec x3

Late and mass post. I've been busting my ass off with school and workouts have taken a slide it. My weights gone down a bit and subsequently my strength too. I've been having a bitch of a time getting back into things from when I went camping and I'm having a hard time bringing any intensity to the gym. I've been scaling back a little but at the same time I just don't have it in me mentally some days. I'm obviously plateauing right now and I need to get back on track but I'm a bit bored with SS right now and feeling fat and heavy so that doesn't help. Just need to suck it up, eat more food and keep pushing. If I can gain 6 more kg in the next 6 months I'll be happy.

Troy Archie
06-14-2009, 09:01 AM
BW 83.2kg / 183lbs
-Back Squats: 112.5 x5x3
Solid. Lean back!
-Deadhang Pull-ups: 10/8/6
-Handstand work: wall @30sec x5
-Evil Wheel work

Feeling alright. Weight is up today which means the weights felt lighter. Back Squats were pretty solid and I think I've just had a bit of a epiphany when it comes to simple leaning back and thinking about that instead of pushing my knees out. If I lean back my knees follow.
Shoulder has been giving me pains this last forever and it's just been presses and starting today wall handstands, which are both pain free. Dips, push-ups and bench presses are still a no no.
I'm thinking I need to switch some things up. I'm getting bored with SS and it seems the only time I can make gains and not regress is if I'm 100% on the ball in regards to food, rest and lifting. Throw a snag into the routine, miss a meal or a day and I take a step backwards. It's been 7 months of SS, with some ups and downs so I'm thinking it's time to make a change.
Any comments from out there would be appreciated.