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Rafe Kelley
04-08-2009, 11:52 PM
This log is here to show my attempt to organize a goal oriented and focused combined conditioning and Parkour training program for myself.

Background info:

Height 6^2
Weight 210
Age: 27

I have been training Parkour for 4 years
Methode Naturelle/Movnat 2 years
Crossfit off and on over the last 2.5 years
Prior to Parkour
Rec gymnastics 6 years(I was terrible except at tumbling)
Various martial arts Aprox 5 years(1.5 of meaningfull BJJ and kickboxing)
I have done an]additional 2 years of gymnastics and 1.5 years of BJJ and Muay Thai since I began Parkour training.

More background: Feel free to this part if you just interested in my current program

I originally started crossfitting 2.5 years ago after two months I was worn out injured and had made minimal gains. I stopped and started experimenting with MN instead and was able to make significantly better gains. I was still interested in Crossfit and attributed my lack of success to much met con and to little strength in the programing at the affiliated I trained at. A year later a new affiliate opened in my area(bellingham wa) and approached me about doing some Parkour and MN training with them I ended up working for them and doing some Crossfit work outs in addition to my MN training and then coaching some Crossfit classes as well. I began a new Parkour program for the Pacific Northwest Parkour association out of Northwest crossfit in august of last year and ended up doing some of their Crossfit classes as well then moving down here completely in january.

Since I was teaching for Crossfit I decided to use the winter to experiment with Crossfit programing more extensively again I was curious to compare results using linear strength training and timed met cons vs free training in nature and I needed to prepare to go to Cert I also had allot more competition in seattle. When I had choosen to do the occasional Wod in bellingham I always high boarded when I came down to seattle my best times were not even close to the guys high boarding here so competition sucked me in a little to. My thought was that while I felt that MN was rooted in superior logic there was not the same volume of data on how to train with it and to compare your training to so there was allot I could learn from experimenting with Crossfit. However I was put off by a emphasis on long met cons and lack of strength training at Northwest Crossfit and was worried about the fatigue of doing them affecting my parkour practice so I decided to model my program more on Gants heavy hybrid with linear strength, short heavy met cons and 6 round Tabatas. In order to optimize recover to focus on parkour I did just three conditioning days a week. Since starting that program I brought my deadlift up from 385 to 425, my back squat from 275 to 308 and dropped by grace time to 2:34 from 5:15. However I decided I wanted to try to get a more ambitious conditioning program going to try to increase my progression and be able to absorb a little bit more work over the course of week. I stumbled on Brandon Otto's AGT (http://agt.degreesofclarity.com/) and it seemed like a great way to organize my training that still focused on my primary skill goals in parkour.

Current program

My current program is intended to last 8 weeks and started on April first I mean to follow It by a week taper off and then a sampler filming week.
I am using Brandon Otto's AGT (http://agt.degreesofclarity.com/)
program as an outline, with the skill module being filled with parkour training. I have tried to organize my parkour training as clearly as my conditioning program as well. I have divided into three separate training focuses.
Technique focus Which are days were I pick a given technique or family of techniques and work on increasing my capacity within that skill.
Flow focus which are days were I work on developing Rhythm, Cadence and preservation of momentum over a series of obstacles. Goal is to complete aroute with no hesitation stutter steps or messy techniques 10 times in a row then begin timing self over route and trying to improve time.
Stamina Focus which are days were I work on developing the ability to do continuous Parkour courses at high speed and over long distances either by doing one long run or intervals over short routes.
In order to keep a narrow enough focus and make clear goals I chose to focus on three main skill families to work on, running long jumps, Cat leaps, and wall passes.
Starting the program my personal bests were

Deadlift 425 x 1
Squat 305 x 3
Overhead press 145 x 1
Grace 2:34
Fran 4:45
Karen: 5:14
and Helen 10:00(this one was awhile ago)
32 inch vertical
Standing long jump 9^6
Running long jump 17
40 yard dash 4.9 seconds(2 years ago)
Weighted pull up and Dip 90 pounds
At my peak in gymnastics I could do layouts backwards and front handspring front full forwards.

Program Outline

Parkour Skillday: Sprints: Strength Training: – Squat 3 x 5, bench press 2x5, 1x5 weighted dip pull up 2 x 5, row 2x 5 weighted pull up, deadlift 1 x 5 back lever front lever progressions, handstands. Stretch:
Tuesday: Parkour flow day or Gymnastics skill day: Power training: Muscle up and Snatch and supplementary power training: Conditioning: Stretch:
Wednesday: Sprints: Strength: Front squat 3x5, overhead press 3x5, deadlift 1x5, max pull ups and dips. Stretch:
Thursday: Rest: Stretch:
Friday: Parkour Skill/or Flow day: Power and Gymnastics: L-hold v-hold, handstand, Clean and Jerk. Conditioning: Stretch:
Saturday: Stamina Training
Sunday: Rest

Goals for this Cycle:
Deadlift 470, Squat 385, Overhead press 160, Bench press 225
Power: Clean and Jerk 260, Snatch 190, Box jump 50 inches, standing long jump 10 feet, running long jump 19.
Speed: 4.7 40, 55.00 400
Met Con Grace 1:55, Fran 3:55, Helen 7:30

Parkour Goals: Skills goals, Chemistry wall pass 13^4 inches, Gasworks long jump 14 feet 5x5, Freeway park Cat not sure how long but long and scary. Flow goals, Master Gasworks perimeter route, time Gasworks kash to tac route then improve time, hit Mowgli tree route 10 times in a row then time, develop route to focus on at free way park master and then time, improve time on Whatcom falls windfall route(was 27.8 seconds) time canyon routes improve time.

Gymnastics goals: Total comfort with Gainer, front flip step out, Side flip, and two step wall flip and ability to throw them of height(except wall flip). Straight back lever 10 seconds, level l-hold 20 seconds, straddle front lever momentary hold, tuck planche level hips and shoulders 5 seconds, freestanding handstand 20 seconds.

The goals are set very high and injuries poor recovery or extraneous conditions might slow me down but the goal is by aiming high but realistic to make real gains.

Rafe Kelley
04-08-2009, 11:56 PM
Here are my Log entries for this training cycle so far. Lots of PRs a few set backs and back of days.

Parkour flow training in the trees exploring woodland parkour, mowgli route 10 times in a row.
5 x 40 yards 3 in sand barefoot 2 on track self timed 5.01, and 4.82
Squat 1 x 5, 225, 1x5 275, 1x 5 308, 1x3 330pr
Bench press, 1 x 5 135, 1x5 176, 1x 5 187
Pull up 2 x 5 dead hang 5 kip with 20 pound vest
Barbell row 2 x 5 with 135
Parkour tree training
Hang Power Snatch 150
500 meter row 1:29
5 back tucks, front lever and back lever, and l-hold and tuck planche 20 seconds
Handstand 1 minute
5 x 40 meter sprint
Front squat 225 x 3 185 x 5 185 x 5
Press 128 x 3, 118 x 5 118 x 5, split jerk 176 x 1 hold 20 seconds slow negative.
Deadlift 373 x 5
Parkour Skill Day Running jump focus:
Gasworks running rail precision 10 times 3 in a row 7 feet long. Wall combination Gap 5, 5 and 9 feet 10 times various methods, pipe to wall gap 5 times 10.5 feet. Block to block gap 10 feet from one step 5 times. Stair to wall gap 12 feet long, 5 times.
Clean, 5x 88 pounds, 3x 132, 3x 176, 1x198, 1x210, 1x220, 1x232, 3 fails at 242 psychological, I was able to get the bar chest high.
Rack jerk 88x2 push jerk 2x split left, 2x split right, 132 6x alternating, 176x 1 198 x 1. 210 x 1. Stopped due to sore shoulders. Box jump 47 inches
4/5/09 Rock climbing 12:30-3:00
Free routes, VB, V0, V1’s made some strides saw my weakness, need to improve hand strength, need to improved technique.
Parkour 2 hours at Whatcom falls skill focus wall pass ten attempts at tree wall pass 12.6 feet high caught once almost caught 3 times. First time every for the catch I was super stocked 2 years I have worked on that catch. Timed routes through gorge rocks, and windfall tree’s, gorge routes 15.10 from rocks to sand, and 15.37 going back. Windfall route 21.28 7 second PR!
Weightlifting. Squat 5x135, 5x225, 3x325, 3x345, floor press 3x3x3 186 pounds, weighted ring dips 1x5 plus 20 pounds, Deadlift 1x3 385 came up super easy could have hit 5 or more I am sure stopped at 3 for recovery
Parkour Whatcom falls, barefoot creek jumps, rock climbing, cat leaping routes by the highest falls, routes here and there. Sudden elbow pain after a muscle up shooting down from shoulder. Stopped quickly there after.
Oly lifting 3x5 Hang power clean with 155, skipped jerks gymnastics skills and conditioning due to shoulder/elbow.
Sprints: Warm up and 3 times 50 yard uphill barefoot sprints on turf. 2 x downhill sprints 40 yards concrete in shoes.
Weight lifting: Front squat ramp up to 3 reps at 232, handstand practice, handstand against wall one minute. Light pull ups with band to get blood into tweaked shoulder and elbow.

Liam Dougherty Springer
04-09-2009, 06:55 AM
I am excited to see your progression welcome to the PM Logs!

Man that high volume work, mucle up and snatch on one day would kill my elbows and am I reading it right that you are doing 5 heavy single DL twice in one week as well as a seprate day for each O-lift? I have got a way to go before I will be adopting this sort of a routine however it is a very atractive set of activities you have laid out. I am doing something similar on a reserved scale right now LDS CA WOD LOG which I need to change the name of as I am not planning on following the CA WOD for a while, this summer I will be doing more broad spectrum work.


Chris H Laing
04-09-2009, 07:34 AM
Looks like you have a great program to follow. I love the way you made parkour quantifiable by having the 3 different skills sets.

Hope it works out well for you.

Brandon Oto
04-09-2009, 08:56 AM
Very neat Rafe. I've been having much fun with a general use of the AGT model with a heavy gymnastics focus as well.

Nobody mentioned that killer 500m time, nice work.

Rafe Kelley
04-09-2009, 02:00 PM
Thanks for the welcome guys, BTW I edited my log so all the figures are in pounds as it was bit confusing the way it was written out.

Liam maybe your right I did have an really quick elbow flair up doing muscle ups on tuesday even before that I had been substituting clean variations for my snatchs here and there because my shoulder doesn't feel a 100 percent I tore my right shoulder cuff twice(jujitsu and skiing) and notice a visible difference in activation in the catch of my snatch unless I am very concious of what I am doing. I want to use the exercise as it is fun and super powerful but I may have to settle for using it as an assistance or warm up exercise as opposed to trying to use it as center peice of my programming at least until my shoulder is behaving better.

I am doing deadlift sets of five or 3 right now not singles and only doing the one set of them per strength workout so far my recovery has been acceptable.

Thanks Brandon I'll have to look through you log and see what your up too. I seem to be built to row that was only my second attempt at a 500 for time. My technique still feels like it could improve and my stamina improved substantial just between the first to trys so I think I can sustain my pace even longer with a bit more practice.

Liam Dougherty Springer
04-10-2009, 05:01 AM
I figured out about the DL protocol when I actually read your log entry post, interesting and sensible. I also saw the elbo issue and thought about what I had posted. As far as the Snatch and Muscle up situation why don't you alternate intensity in each exercise every week it would suck to give up the feeling of a heavy snatch.:cool: If you priority is with the gymnastics then snatch heavy every third week. (shrug)

Brian Stone
04-10-2009, 07:45 AM
I'm interested to see how this program goes. Very cool to see a program that incorporates a heavier lean toward Parkour/MovNat. I'm anxious to see how well this meshes with "normal" CF programming and your relative rate of progress.

Derek Weaver
04-10-2009, 10:32 AM
Really cool stuff Rafe. Looks like I've got another log to pay attention to and learn from.

Rafe Kelley
04-13-2009, 05:56 PM
Rest got a flue elbow was achey training motivation was just gone which happens rarely enough to me that I listened to it.
Time to get moving again still low energy and fuzzy headed 2 hours light parkour training in playground, lots of gaps and precisions jumps a little bit of climb up training till I felt satisfied but before I started feeling beat up by. Want to go in and do my squats dead and bench but I have photo shoot tomorrow so I am going to rest. Drives me crazy though why does life have complicate my training plans!

Liam priority is the muscle up because climbing strength is a big weakness for me in parkour hip power and explosiveness much less son.

Brian and Derek thanks for the complements I look forward to any feedback people have on how I am going about things.

Liam Dougherty Springer
04-14-2009, 11:51 AM
Liam priority is the muscle up because climbing strength is a big weakness for me in parkour hip power and explosiveness much less son.

Yeah I can see that by the huge difference between your Shoulder Press and Jerk.
Still impressive work. I want more of what youve got alot of. My SP is 175# solid and my Jerk is barely 205#.

Steven Low
04-14-2009, 01:20 PM
Hey Rafe... you coming to beast coast jam this year?

Chris and I should be there this year. Um, not sure about any others.. I'm sure Ryan may come, and a bunch of others you know from the Tribe and such should be there as well. :)

Rafe Kelley
04-15-2009, 01:12 AM
Not sure Steven I really need to out to primal one of my goals this summer is to spend a week with all of the other major parkour instructrion programs in north america. On the weekend of the beast coast jam there is the first big west coast jam in the bay area and possible another big jam in ohio trying to figure out where I need it go. Would love to meet you all though.

Liam, yeah its frustrating having weird weakness isn't it, that is crazy only being able to add 4 pounds between press and jerk, maybe you should do some Parkour training get your hips opened up ;-) . Last year I added 120 pounds to my deadlift and just 15 to my overhead press. Upper body strength has always come slower for me and 2 rotators cuff tears and a separated shoulder don't seem to have helped the situation, I am hoping that mixing up bench, weight pull ups and dips in addition to the the press and muscle up will help me make faster gains.

On to the log.

Still a little sick but body felt better.
Parkour: 1.5 hour photo shoot, 2 main areas worked one was 12-13 foot gap across a creek which we did probably 10 ten times as well as some playing around with other smaller gaps and combination while the photographer set up. The next main area was big tic tac over a gap on a group of boulders and a horizontal wall run to crane on the way back. Which we did probably 20 times. Definitely allot more repetition then we would normal do of such high impact skills.

Injuries: Pulled hamstring :mad: . Slipped on a seaweed covered rock jogging between areas and somehow managed to pull a hammie way up on the inside near the attachment I bruised this area a couple months ago on bailed underbar and it was sensitive for awhile infact the whole groin area on the left has felt a bit tweaky been doing lots of stretching a foam rolling alas seemingly not enough. Probably not going to be able to squat for at least a week :mad: .

Weight lifting: Power clean: 88x5 132x5, 176x1, 187x1, 198x1, 210x1(bodyweight and PR) 220x1(PR), 232x1(previous squat clean PR), 242 fail. Felt pretty amazing to bust through my old PR like that. I feel like there is still alot of room for improvement my initiation point on my second pull is still inconsistent 232 didn't really feel hard but my technique was breaking down which bite me at 242.

Bench press, 88x5, 132x5, 176x5, 210x3(first time bench pressing bodyweight which is cool didn't hit 5 reps which is lame).

Rafe Kelley
04-15-2009, 11:44 PM
Woke up late still feeling under the weather, pain in hamstring was about 50 percent reduced which was suprising and big relief I can do air squats with only minor soreness. Still skipped parkour training to emphasise recover.

Weight Training
Press 5x88 1x132, 1x142, 1x 146(Possibly a PR) 1x150(fail), handstand push ups limited range of motion 1x5. Push press 156 1x5, push jerk 176 1x5
Weighted pull ups plus 35 1x5, plus 40 1x10 kipping.

Rafe Kelley
04-18-2009, 12:01 PM
Still feeling sick but significant improved. Hamstring pull is recovering way faster then expected the specific sharp pain high near the attachment was virtually gone the though the left ham and groin were still tight and bit achey chose to put in a light training day anyways.

Sprints: Warm up with quadrudal, standard, side monkey, and gallop, pose pulling drills, then 5x40 yard sprints up hill on grass barefoot so nice to feel warm grass in between my toes. Form felt good no time.

Strength Training Wanted to take it easy but also try to hit enough elements to kind of make up for what I missed this
Wall Mantle: 5x1
Ring Muscle Up self assisted plus 20 pounds: 3x3
Front Squat: 45 1x10, 88 1x5, 176 2x5
Power Clean: 45 1x10, 88 1x5, 176 x 2x5
Deadlift: 353 1x3

Felt like the cleans and Deadlift were easier then expected its amazing to feel 350 pounds rise almost quickly. Hit the first Wall Mantle almost perfect pulled past the transition landed in a half dip had to push from there, next four I land just past the transition and had to push all the way from the bottom of the dip.

Rafe Kelley
04-20-2009, 11:03 PM
Mostly recovered from my cold but having some insomnia issues though sense I don't work except evenings I can make up for it by sleeping into a degree still need to get it in order. Slept form 3:30 am to 11:00 am last night.

Parkour Training 2.5 hours, ran down whatcom creek, mix flowing routes over boulders, rock hopping, lots of difficult precisions running and standing on slippery rocks, kongs over fallen trees, drops, cliff jumps, not as productive in terms of working towards any of my immediately goals but a beautiful training out in one of my favorite places it was great to be in the water again. Biggest accomplishment was double kong over to logs the distance wasn't great but the second log was higher then the first and the run up was difficult due to uneven terrain and moss. Double kongs are one of those skills I have been able to do to some degree for awhile but not able to master diving into the second hand placement f's with my mind so getting this one was big, doing it outside in difficult situation. Ran two miles on the way back uphill. Longest I have run in ages, I hate just running, wasn't really hard with my current level of fitness but I monotonous low level discomfort is just really lame. How anyone makes that their sport boggles my mind.

Weight Training
Took a nap after parkour training then went down and did strength training skipped sprints today because of the long run and just feeling a little worn down. Felt unfocused and fatigued from my earlier work out even with the nap.

Overhead press, 1x10 bar, 1x5 95. 3x5 120(had to push press the last two on my final set.
DH Pull ups: 12, 9, 5(hit 15 on these a few weeks ago so this was disappointing)
LB back Squat: 1x5 bar, 1x5 135, 1x5 225, 1x1 275, 1x1 295, 1x1 315, 1x3 345(shooting for 5 here but did not feel as strong as the last time, bar moved real slow on three went down in the hole on four and just felt overwelmed dumped the bar)
Deadlift 395 1x3 PR(again wanted to hit 5, but started to feel my form collapse with the bar just below my knees on 4 and decided to call it a day).
All in all it was an ok work out still hit a pr, but my strength wasn't were I wanted to me. I have some excuse coming out of the cold, interrupted training and probably doing a bit to much in the parkour department today, going to try to go to sleep now and see if I can do better tomorrow.

Timothy Scalise
04-20-2009, 11:19 PM
I skimed through this, plan on going back and reading it more. I have always been interested in how the parkour people train, that stuf is sick. If you could get videos of your stuff that would kick so much ass.

Rafe Kelley
04-21-2009, 12:04 AM
Thanks Tim glad your interested in the log I haven't created a sampler in two years so the videos I have are don't seem that great to me but here they are.

Recorded after 1.5 years of training my only really thought out video allot of the editing and a bunch of movement makes me cringe now but people seem to like it.

Clips from my 06 and 07 training featuring, whatcom falls, larrabee state park, Lisses france, and London england.

Seattle IAM interveiw featuring me Tyson Cecka and Brandee Laird.

MN training I lead at Whatcom Falls

Timothy Scalise
04-21-2009, 12:52 AM
DAMN... your pretty bad ass there man. definatly will keep up with this. its not my sport, but I like to watch it none the less.

Rafe Kelley
04-21-2009, 10:47 PM
Thanks tim I don't think I am anything special as far as parkour but I enjoy it tremendously and love the progress I see myself make.

Missed parkour and oly lifting because I had a short notice meeting, did a little gymnastics stuff back lever, front lever, l-hold and tuck hold and handstand work for 10 minutes before work, was able to hold my tuck front lever at parellel for the first time for about 5 seconds had some good handstand holds as well. Did a short conditioning workout after work.
AMRAP 5 minutes
Double KB snatches 16 kg 15
Push ups 15
4 rounds
That was killer haven't programmed push ups into any of my metcons in ages and forgot how once you reach failure the became just monstrous simple push ups. Going to have do program them in more.

Rafe Kelley
04-22-2009, 11:24 PM
Cold is still linger, hamstrings and lower back felt fried from the kb snatches all day. I even made up a haiku about the pain
So dead my legs are
Hamstrings by kettlebells slain
I canít write haikus

Parkour 30 minutes had only a short time to train due to business stuff. Worked two tree routes warmed up with slow movement through tree branches on a big cedar tree with bowl of large limbs coming out form the trunk. I followed that with a route pop vaulting up into the tree circling the bowl and dropping back to the ground. After 5 times through that I moved on to beautiful cherry tree, the route there was a pop reverse up into the nook of the tree precision out to a limb precision up to higher limb and then back down, the one on the way down for some reason is quite intimidating it took me quite a few times to start getting it without reaching to out to steady myself on another limb, I did it today 4 out of 5 times without a steady very satisfying.
I finished with big 12 plus foot wall pass with my legs and my focus seemingly not all there it took me 10 tries to catch it and then I had to go. Still was happy because I felt like I become conscious of quite a few little errors in my run up that can be ironed out and should improve my performance.

Sprints I jamed my toe at whatcom on monday and the wall passes didn't help the situation so I did 5 100 meter rowing sprints instead of running, averaged about 17 seconds per hundred about or about 1:25 500 split.

Strength Training
FS: 132 1x5, 176 1x5, 210 1x5(PR)
Muscle Up: 5 times self assist, 1x1 MU no kip failed on a second attempt. That was the First time I have hit the static muscle up since a had case of Rhabdo due to pull ups in january so that was a nice mile stone.
Ring Strength: kip MU up 20 second l hold, 20 second tuck planche(laughable form), press shoulder stand, 5 dips, straddle back lever, tuck front lever. 2 sets through failed on the shoulder stand on the second set.
Bench Press: 135 1x5, 176 1x5 198 1x2
One arm on leg corner bar deadlift: 1x5 per leg with 90 pounds
Lateral corner bar deadlift to press: 1x10 per side with 90 pounds.
One arm deadlift: 1x5 per side with 132

Notes Still feeling a little wiped out form the sickness and hard training on monday, decided to mess around with variation of the deadlift that I have been wanting to play to give my CNS a rest. My BP was crap, total crap, I was hoping to hit 210 for 5 today but my strength just wasn't there I think it is combination of the rings work before hand and the fatigue from the pull ups in my conditioning the day before.

I have been happy with my training on this program so far due to all the PRs but I think its not quite optimal yet, my parkour goals have not been as emphasized as I would like, I hit one new big goal in the big tree pass but otherwise have only even spent two session working towards my specific skill goals. The specific sessions I need to put into to achieve my goals have hit the back burner due to fatigue, injury or other circumstances.

The goal was to get myself to a GPP level that I felt was high enough to justify a completely parkour focused program this summer with everything else on maintenance but I still want to be making steady progress on my parkour goals, my gymnastics strength elements have also not got the time they deserve. Its hard to juggle it all, not sure what to do accept slower gains in everything else and keep pursuing these weight training prs until that well dries up or prioritize the other elements more right now and accepting slower progress in the weight training. As much as I enjoy the weight training and going in an putting up the occasional nice time on the conditioning those aren't my sports not my passion I wonder if I am getting distracted because progress is just a bit easier to come by a little easier to measure in the weight training.

I tend to want to jump between protocols to much and always want to be experimenting so its important to follow through with this but the question is how to tweak it to make sure I am progressing evenly across the whole range of my goals.

Anyones thoughts welcome.

Rafe Kelley
04-24-2009, 01:12 PM
I have decided to tweak my program just a little bit I think a month of trying this is sufficient data to go with in order to tweak it just slightly to suit my goals better.

I am switching from 3-1-2-1 to 2-1-2-2 with my Strength and conditioning in order to maximize recovery and be able to give my energy to my parkour practice. I am going delete my second oly lifting and conditioning day and try make up the conditioning by actually getting that stamina parkour training day in. Will due some light oly drills on my second strength day as well to maintain the skill development.

New Program will look like this

Monday Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Parkour Skill Flow Rest Skill Stamina Flow Rest
Sprints Clean and Jerk Sprints MetCon
Strength training Metcon Strength Optional

Today I and tomorrow I am taking as extra rest days because I have a possible audition on sunday I need to be fresh for.

Rafe Kelley
04-26-2009, 11:16 PM

2 hour rehearsal, vaults, underbars, flips
10 minute warm up
90 second performance

Knee a bit achey because due to time crunch I had to go cold for both rehearsal and performance. Performance went well though we will see on the results.

Liam Dougherty Springer
04-27-2009, 12:54 PM
Increasing the recovery I see...... makes since to me. I always want to take on more than I can handle learning restraint has been my most difficult lesson.

Derek Weaver
04-27-2009, 10:14 PM
This log is awesome Rafe. I really like what you've got set up. Impressive amount of volume that you're accumulating and still recovering from what it seems.

And it looks like you have a lot of fun too. What training should be.

Rafe Kelley
04-27-2009, 10:49 PM
Yeah that restraint thing is easier said then done prior to the start of this program I was doing 3 days a week of conditioning on top of parkour just because when I tried more I kept overreaching. This is my attempt to build myself up into a more ambitious program. The big key for me has been to realize that I have control my training today to make sure I can hit the mark tomorrow. If get to excited and play all day then I have to pay for it by not training for awhile. Anways on to the log.

Good Day of training got back on my PR streak on the lifts and had a great acro training session.

Strength Training
Ring Complex: Muscle up, L 20 seconds, tuck 20 seconds, 5 dips straddle back lever, tuck front lever, flyaway x2 skipped the dips the second time to tired. Back lever is regressing have some pain in my elbows due to the hyperextension need to back off a little.
Handstand push up: 1x1 static 1x5 kipping
Back Squat: bar x 10, 135 x 5, 220 x 5, 276 x 3, 308 x 3, 345 x 5(PR BABY!)
Deadlift: 400x5 PR!
Overhead Press: 110 x 10, 125 x 5(PR)
Weighted Pull up: 40x5, 20x5x2

Acro: 1.5 hours, supposed to do parkour but my toe injury was aggravated from yesterday and none of my skill goals seemed like good training options so headed out the gymnastics gym to work on my acro goals. Took time for real extensive warm up quadrupedal movement stretching for feet ankles and hips.
Handstand holds: 2x10 seconds happy with that
Trampoline standing Gainer Back flips: 10
Been wanting be able to do these of things but never been quite able to overcome the fear of hucking myself forward into them I would be able to do it occasional but never consistently enough to move on to doing them off of things. Today I was able to finally get the mechanics write and travel forward consistently while also getting into a good tuck. Hopefully next week I will start using them of things
Floor Standing back tuck: 5
worked on setting into these really quick and violently felt very explosive.
Front flip spring Board: 3 standard punch front, 3 russian lift, 3 split foot take off
Front flip off 4 inch matt: 10 times split foot front, want to get this down as I feel punch front takeoffs are to harsh on my legs outside, landed these considently but a little low travel a lot on these and its difficult to get into truly tight tuck feel really cool though want to see if I can do them easier with russian lift.
Aerial Side flip right side: 10 times off 4 inch matt.
Want to get this outside pronto, felt good but I am still having difficult co-ordinating the push of with the front leg with the back leg kick. Traveling allot on this, I want to keep my torso straight just for aesthetics but have tendency to tuck which really changes the skill improved on that.
Aeriel Side flip left: 5 into pit
Tend to want to turn this into a front flip but if I can get this consident it will work with my dominant side cartwheel making a cartwheel side much easier.
Gainer: on the ground 10, of 4 inch matt 3
Have big fear of using this off of things the 4 inch matt isn't much to step up to but it is start for getting over the fear.

Rafe Kelley
04-28-2009, 10:04 PM
Slept poorly last night 7.5 hours woke up 5 times during the night. Felt very sore primarily in my spinal erectors TFL and hip flexors. Saw a rolfer second in the rolfing series feet felt very interesting aftward, the work on my popiliteus and gastroc was incredible painfull among the worst things I have ever experienced probably good for me though. Appetite has been weird having trouble eating protien just want fruits and vegetables untill all of sudden I am starving sometime mid afternoon and end up eating starches because its what is available got to get back into a better pattern.

Parkour Flow 45 minutes:
Various routes in one of the green lake trees, dashes, off foot vaults, turns, one foot kongs, kashes, kong to precisions etc it is a good tree. No one to time me. Had to warm up for long time to get fully ready to go, then felt very good untill went to a second try at which point I bonked hard, lay down for 10 minute nap and still didn't have it so I made myself do the mowgli route once and then called it a day.

Clean and Jerk
88x10, 132x5, 156x3, 176x1, 198x1(no jerk) everthing felt easy till I hit 198, jumped under that one felt harsh on my elbows decided that I wasn't going to hit a PR and probably would just beat myself up if I pushed further so called it day on that.

155 HPC 10 reps
500 meter row
2 rounds

Despite being really tired it felt great to do a met con but I kind feel i stunk it up 1:50 splits on the rows, had to break the second set of HPCs at 5. Not quite the sprint I should have be capable of.

All in all ok day, wondering with the weights getting heavier if my recovery will allow me to hit PR'S multiple days in a row. Might get pretty hard to try and hit a PR clean the day after going to PR in dead and squat. Going to see how next week goes then reassess.

Rafe Kelley
05-01-2009, 12:42 AM

Woke up early to drive down to Olympia to train with Dane and Tyson at the olympia capitol campus one of Dane and I's all time favorite places tyson's first time there.
Getting up relatively early was a little taxing on my energy level and I still had some DOMS from monday. Still had very good day of training overall though chose not to tackle some really big stuff.


Skill Focus training and exploratory training: Cat leaps, Wall passes, various jumps, Tic Tacs a few routes.
Started at the water garden fountain a small almost forgotten Lawrence halprin fountain like a baby of freeway park (http://data.greatbuildings.com/gbc/images/cid_1112082104_DSCN1047.jpg) this area is awesome incredible dense with cats, jumps, and tic tacs.
Big accomplishment of the day: 4 perfect top outs
For some reason I have really struggled to get good symmetrical one step top outs with no hucking an elbow up or having to struggle through the transition and dip up, today for the first time I was able to pull straight from the bottom to support with no push through the transition crazy happy with that.
Skill focus: Cat Leaps
5 x 9 foot cat over water gap
5 x 10 foot cat, ground level
3 x 12 foot cat, water gap
2 x 9 foot cat 8 feet up.
All distances approximate
Today was my first chance to put in the good skill day with cats I have been meaning to do. So I took advantage after a good warm up with 20 squats and push ups and a bunch of quadrupedal. Had to overcome minor mental barriers over each cat despite all being in my range. Very good training for getting more comfortable and consistent with my cats.
Single technique of note:
Collarbone height Rail kong
Sternum height 2 foot wide wall kong and kash
Tic Tac, Cat, step turn across gap to side flip.
Tyson came up with this and threw it super smooth with real nice straight up and down side flip.
I was able to do it but cause I side flip on the opposite side I had to add an extra foot placement on the wall which slowed it down just a bit my side flip was also more of double leg have to work on it more.
Double tic tac to Cat
This was crazy we spent ages there trying and failing to get it finally we had to move on so I said three more times, Tyson hit in on his last attempt it was crazy. Need to go back and get that.
Wall pass, Wall pass.
First wall was 11.5 or so with ledge 9 feet in you could pull off of, second wall was 14.5 feet or so with ledge 11.5 feet high to grab and then climb up from.
Went real fast over the first struggled a bit with second had tyson chase me improved technique of last climb up considerably.
4. Turn vault turn gap jump(6 feet)
Sound easy but it was 25 feet of the ground which was a nice mental hurdle to get over.
Tweaked my ankle twice on tic tacs, then gassed hard at the end of the day, bailed two dashes and kong called it day except wanted to try one big wall pass 12.5-13 feet I sucked. I actually got fingers to the lip which was as high as dane or tyson but I just didn't feel like i had any explosion and my run up felt terrible worse I couldn't figure out where it was sucking fatigue eats my brain.

Weight training/Conditioning
After coming back from olympia had an interveiw for local public radio which ran late so missed my scheduled weights and sprints(legs were to baked to sprint anyways. Did what I Could after classes wanted to get through it fast and didn't feel like I could handle truly heavy weights so used the elements I would have for my strenght as heavy metcon.
Round 1
Deadlift 275 5 reps, backsquat 225 5 reps, bench press 176 5 reps
Rounds 2 & 3
Power clean 176 5 reps, BS 225 5 reps, dip five reps.
Time 4:40
Weighted Pull up: 70lb 2 reps
Dead hang: 5 reps
Kipping: 5 reps(had more here but my grip got f'ed and my shoulder started protesting

Rafe Kelley
05-02-2009, 07:23 PM

Parkour: Skill and Flow Greenlake Trees
More training with Dane and Tyson, this time around the tree's at greenlake supposed to be relaxed day of training cause we were all beat up from thursday and the rest of the weeks training. Thing Is I am pretty sure Dane doesn't know the meaning of light training.

Warm up: Run to bowl tree from house 300 meters. Stretch out, squats, push ups. Bowl tree route 10 times.

1. Tic to Branch Precision Bowl Tree 10 times 25 fails, best was three in a row.
This is the same branch and take off as the pop vault I have talked about struggling with being able to get both feet up on. Well today Dane immediately decided we should try to do it without bothering with the hands at all crazy Dane :rolleyes: . Surprisingly this helped us focus on the Tac better and we were immediately get a ton of height we all almost got it on our first try, and our second and continued almost getting it another 20 times or so. Finally Tyson got it then Dane then I.

2. Pop vault over branch 5 times
Same branch went to my hands between two branches vault throw very smooth feeling very cool to progress from not being able to pop onto the branch to being able to go all the way over. I came up with this one Tyson picked it up first try Dane took three tries.

2. Tree branch under bar 3 times
Standing on branch 6 feet up jump 6 feet across over a branch 8 feet high grab a branch 2 feet above that underbar through. Scary, fun not as difficult as you as the intiall impression. Tyson's challenge everybody got it first try

Combo:Tic to pop up vault over branch side vault along branch underbar.
Coming from the other side of the tree. Tyson's Challenge

Next area, henceforth to be known as the crazy tic trees.

1. Standing cat 8.5 feet to tree feet on truck hands on a branch 5
2. 8.5 foot precision 1.5 foot rise back 5
Doesn't sound to bad but this is freakin weird precision you have to stand in the crick of a tree between a limb and the trunk and its seeminly impossible to find a comfortable position to jump from either you to far back and have swing through and can't keep your footing or you feet like you about to fall forward plus there is nasty spike right next to your hip you have avoid. My shoes were gripping better so it was easy for me. I hit it every time took tyson about 5 tries Danes feet were slipping to much.
3. Tic tac to precision 10 times bunch of fails.
From the lower branch of the precision to the higher branch, multiple challenging things about this, can't see your landing when from the take off, weird angle, have to hit the side of the branch not the top or your foot can slip and twist your ankle.
4. Double Kong over two tree branches maybe two feet apart, 8 inch rise top portion was maybe 3.5 feet high. Not to challenging physically but a good place to grove a skill that I still have a descent amount of fear of.

1. Kong vault, two step punch kong precision, cat leap. 10 times approx
experimented with safety through the first tree too but decided it didn't flow as well for me. First kong is maybe 4.5 feet high enough to be challenging.

2. Run up tree two steps turn jump to underbar through next branch 3 times.
Hard to give this one justice just a weird and very explosive series of movements. First step was on fairly level bend in the tree then the tree starts going up at 60 degree angle or so and the second step is 3 feet higher on knot sticking out run and jump powerfully and accurately enough and you can spin on that knob and jump into underbar between two branches 3 feet away.

Dane came up with this and hit it first Tyson got it not to to long after I came over at that point and wasn't even close at first, slowly got closer and closer, had realize it wasn't a tic tac so much as literally running up the branch and I had to go as fast as I could out of three step run up. Typical Dane challenge.

3. Jump of tree branch diagonal along limb catch branch and underbar through gap. 3 times

More Dane challenges again I was stumped at first took 5 tries to start getting it another 4 or so before I got it right, required a huge push of and perfect controll of the direction in order to catch and swing your legs through.

Awesome training Day all of us had our moments but Dane threw Down some huge and difficult challenges for Tyson and I on our home turf stuff, we're going to need to work on, perfect big power and at the same time co-ordination moves. Huge fun.

Still need to get some Stamina parkour sessions in felt too beat up yesterday and thought I did today before we got all excited doing power stuff. Will rest tomorrow maybe skip parkour on monday then try to hit stamina next time I go out.

Rafe Kelley
05-04-2009, 10:57 PM
Weird day, woke up with lot of energy for writing which is rare worked on various projects for 6 hours, energy crashed, bought groceries, took a nap, still not allot energy went to workout anyways.

Skill Work
Ten Handstand holds best was ten seconds feeling much more consistent in my ability to hold the handstand
Black lever straddled: 5 seconds x1
20 degree above horizontal (would have done more but elbows didn't like it)
Front Lever Tucked: 3x10 second hold
First one was legit open tuck and started working on extending one leg a bit next two were harder.

Strength Training
Squat: 132 x 5, 220x3, 276x1, 308x1, 355x1, 335x2.5
This sucked, just didn't have it was supposed to hit 5 reps at 355, first one was little slow coming out of the whole but felt fine, ended up front loaded on the second and had to dump it. My head just wasn't in it. Went down to 335 to get five in and struggled slow on the first two couldn't get all the way in the whole on the next one. My Squat has barely moved over the last month I have strong days and week days I think my linear progression is over.
Power clean, 132x5, 176x5 2 fails
This was just weird two failures at 176 that is over 50 pounds under my max. I used that weight for metcon last week. Bizarre.
Pull ups: Deadhang 1x15(PR tie very happy to be back there), plus 40 deadhang 1x5, plus 20 5 deadhang 10 kipping.
Overhead Press: 1x5 132 PR, handstand push up 2x5 hit the first two on each round then had to kip.

We will see how I do on thursday then reexamine my program from there.

Rafe Kelley
05-05-2009, 10:59 PM

Feeling like the cold might be trying to make a comeback rested most of the morning took it easy, also cleaning up my diet, getting basically zonish based of 22 blocks, eating more vegetables and allot more protein it seems. Switch over could be messing with me I am at 210 right now want to be at 195 by june first probably 11-12 percent BF want to be 8-9.

Flow and Stamina!
Yey Stamina!
Trained with Tyson felt a bit unfocused at first but improved over time.
Warm up:
Rail balance 50 feet, forwards backwards, sideways both sides, no quad cause it bugged my to, quadrupedal movement 50 feet walking forward and backward, side gallop both ways, gallop forwards. Capoeira play with Tyson I suck at capoeira just want to start kneeing and elbowing people when the get close to me limb destructions etc gotta change the mindset.

Rail work 30 minutes or so of various mixes of going under and then over rails
Running Rail precision: 5x
7 feet 2.5 foo rise have to clear first rail, Tyson was training in five fingers and complaining so I took my shoes of for 3 of them no problem except my feet were raw from barefooting the last couple of days so had to put shoes back on.

Tysons Vault Kata: Safety, reverse safety, outside lazy, inside lazy, granny reverse, reverse, repeat opposite side finish with kash, kong and dash. All done on the same 3 foot wall with the goal to transition from one technique straight into the next without hesitating or resetting. Really hard to keep it all straight and get all the transitions right 10 tries got it on the last one except a small pause going to work on it fun drill.

Stamina: Five rounds for time, course covered about 150-200 meters, with 13 vaults, including on pop vault one turn vault and one tic tac to vault, one dive roll, and horizontal wall run. I finished in 6 or so minutes tyson in 7. Laid me out like all but the very worst crossfit workouts need to do this more often way more often.

David Boyle
05-06-2009, 04:44 PM
Awesome stuff. I love Parkour....I'm a very novice tracuer. I rolled my ankle last week and still healing a bone bruise on my left heel. I miss it man....even the most basic jump into a roll is fun.

Stay safe!

Rafe Kelley
05-07-2009, 11:53 PM
Thanks David I am trying to follow all the logs of other traceurs here so I want to see some parkour entries when your healthy again. I actually think parkour is incredible safe compared to most sports because of the lack of an accelerator other then the human body(bike, board, ski's) or other player interference. I have never had serious injury, lots of scraps and bruises a few ankle tweaks but all in all I thing is real safe way productive practice.


Good day slept well woke up and went straight to gymnastics. 1.5 hours practice went well.

Warm Up: Run 5 laps each direction on floor, quadrupedal movement forwads walking backwards, side gallop both wasy, forwards gallop. I have fairly long legs and if I feel bound up in my hips at all quad movements can feel tight and not smooth today I was able to reall flow with them get low in my stance and have allot of power felt good. Handstand 10 times best was 20 second hold stoked on that. 10 back tucks good height between elbow and shoulder height.
Messing about on trampoline.
Gainers: 10 gainers on trampoline, skill grooved in right away starting to be able to get both distance and good height and tuck
10 from run way in into pit 3 stood full upright on landing. Super happy about this trained gymnastics for 5 years regularly and never got over the fear of these. I should be able to do them of the vault next week.
Side flips: Can do punch style side flips with really ugly tuck pike thing pretty easily but I wan to develop a more aesthetic version of the skill so I worked on more of aerial style side flip trying to keep vertical orientation with big leg kick and straddle in the air never quite found a rythm hit one decent one but that was it.
Split take of Front tuck: 10 on spring board, 5 of 4 inch mat, five of 2 inch matt, 3 off ground level all landed. New skill Yay!
I love these everyone who was watching me do them was telling me how amazing it look for me it is exactly like the arm swing and take of for a young you just dive up and out and tuck it hard when I do it right there is ton of power it comes really easy allot softer on my legs then punch front really excited to see were i can develop this Super fun.
5 step gainers ok worked on tucking and started landing really solid doesn't feel like it pops.
1x Rings routine, kipping muscle up didn't have the static :( . ON the plus side getting allot closer to the jacknife FL.
1x kipping MU, FL had to leave after that.

Weight Training

Back Squat 155 1x5, 245 1x5, 308 3x3
Going to just focus on the backsquat for awhile drifting away from Oly lifts just to much stuff I need to get done so Front squat is less important.
Weighted pull up: 60x1, 70x1, 100x1fail(2 inches so close :mad: ) 85x1(PR tie)
Bench Press: 88 1x10, 132 1x5, 198x5, 176x2x5
Deadlift: 132x10, 220x5, 308x3, 418x5(PR!)
Super stoked though I had loaded it with 410, so getting that extra 8 pounds was good, Bar came of the ground pretty well felt some rounding in my back right around the knee final one was slow but form no worse then before. Thinking of mixing it up and throwing in day of RLDl to strength the hamstrings as at heavier weights feels like the activation is switching toward the erectors, or maybe just perfect form for speed and higher reps at lower weight. According to the 1rm calculator I am basically to the goals i set out for on this cycle as far as one RM. got three more weeks one to get legit one rms of 2xBW squat and 2.5 dead.

Rafe Kelley
05-11-2009, 11:49 PM

1.5 hours gasworks park
Warm up: Same as all of them recently really feeling like this warm up is working well for me.
Flow training: Handicap ramp, under overs,
Wall passes:
10.5 wall 2 step run up on stairs 15 tries one success need to go back and get it consistently.
12 wall, 10 tries 4 step run up, focusing on quick feet good posture and no sidewinding on run up caught about half the time on pole sticking out 4 inches from top technique is getting better though.
5 times out of a fly in realizing how different flying ins need to work it more hit my last one 2 hands over ridge.
More flow training, connecting jumps.


Freeway Park
Flow Training
Route 1
Started on lower fountain working a circular route kong to precision 6 feet between objects 2 foot drop first object 3.5 feet high but have to come at it uphill, run turn to downvault, turn to 10 foot jump, one step 10 foot jump split foor landing to kong.
Route 2
Small pop vault, turn imediadetly 8 foot gap, two steps pop vault, run tic tac vault really nice little route, felt very smooth felt like my footwork was coming on well.
Skill focus Cat leaps
Unfortunately started to rain right when I was ready to start cat leaps so had to scale down my ambitions.
Started working just on technique on small cat leap, felt like I was walking down the wall well muscle ups were poping through the transition but not to straight arms had to dip out.
Abandoned cat leaps cause of the rain explored, rain stopped found, a very cool cat leap, 9 or 10 feet long coming out of run up were each step was different wall, hit it three times moved on, went to another jump maybe 11 feet 1.5 step run up, I have done it before but its intimidating, did it twice, really wanted to get work on walking my feet down the wall, focused to hard on my feet missed my hand placement and ended up falling into 5 foot pool of water that was the end of my day unfortunately, good training other then that.

Strength Training
Going to start putting all my weights in Kilos its just easier that way notice allot of people are doing it anyways so I figure people can translate it.
Squat, 20 kg x10, 60x5, 100x5, 120x3, 145x5, 155x5, 130x5
155 is 2 kg below my PR but felt pretty easy went for a second set of five but dumped it on the first rep not sure why dropped to 130 to finish the set trying to get more volume into to stimulate a stronger adaption and keep the progress up hopefully I will PR again next week.
Overhead Press: 20x10, 40x5, 62x5(f)
stalled on the last rep at forehead height dropped it back and push pressed it would have been a pr.
Power clean: 40x10, 62x5, 80x3, 90x1, 95x1, 100x1(f)
Just wasn't feeling these today, just don't feel like it is helping my performance as much would rather focus on explosive training that is directly related to my training, sprinting, jumping, vaulting etc.
Vertical Leap: 31 inches

Rafe Kelley
05-12-2009, 01:05 PM
Forgot to mention I ran 4x40 yard sprints, minimal rest as I was excercising my new dog. BTW I have a new dog he is a malamute husky mix pure white and very athletic dog with great manners.
I also did 2 full head to the ground standard HSPU and 5 with a leg kick.

Rafe Kelley
05-12-2009, 11:23 PM
Feeling a bit under today today not so much muscular as mentally, managed to do all my lifting calm yesterday but still felt kinda hazy and lacking in focus today like I do after a real CNS heavy day.

Parkour: Flow Training
Bowl tree, various routes,
Cherry tree precisions and pop ups
Big wall 5 attempts not close starting to feel beat up called it a day.

Rafe Kelley
05-15-2009, 12:02 AM

Went with tyson today had a good day.
Warm up quadrupedal movement handstands x 10 best was 20 again but overall much more consistent, vault flow on beams fun!
Gainers 5 on tramp, 5 into pit 3 landing short, 5 off vaulting block onto 8 inch mat! Very stocked to get this of something onto seem real landing, Bailed my first one landed on my face just a little, had to overcome fear short he second then solid after that!
Side flips, much better then last week still struggling to make this do what I want it to problem is when I First learned side flips I tried to learn three different types, a aeriel style side flip, a punch side flip and double leg, without giving enough time to develop each skill now I Have weird half punch slightly kicked piked mess it gets me over but it looks like hell focusing on an aeriel style for now. Getting closer but no cigar got allot of height today though which was fun.
Kong Set fronts: Tyson picked these up imediately and took them to the next level getting really nice tight tuck and step out of them super height and distance, for myself I picked up a quicker more powerfull arm set from tyson but still am struggling to get a bit more upward force and a tighter tuck. Still its awesome to be able to throw down 20 front flips and not have sore shins.
Finished with 5 swing leg gainers. No rings out of time :(

Sprints: aprx 50 yard up hill sprints 3 warm ups, 2 full speed 6.91, missed second time, 1 fly in 6.69.
Downhill sprints: 53(messed up the distance measurement) yards sprint 6.69, 40 4.59 not sure the distance was measured accurately here didn't feel like rechecking going to measure it better next time and see if this time is reasonable or not if so I would be pretty stoked even with the slope.

Strength Training:
Cat to mantle: 10 times
Worked on walking my cat down then poping up first five caught right at the transitation slow muscle up out, next three were gotta better leg kick and poped through the transition but one arm went first, Last two did out of wall pass on high wall with better grip and popped all the way to the top with easy, oh if only everything were so grippy.
Squats warm up, then 3x3 145kg
Pistols: 5 right leg 0 left groin pain
Bench 90kgx3, 80kgx2x3
Weighted PU: 40lnx5, 20lbx2x5
Deadlift: 195x2, 180x1, 160x2
Was going for 5 at 195 which was my old 1rm, but just didn't have it tonight, dropped to one 180 still felt really hard, even at 160 it was big struggle to get the last to reps.

Rafe Kelley
05-18-2009, 07:18 PM

Taught Parkour clinic, did lots of demonstration.


MN session with two students, started with 10 minute of quadrupedal variations, then 20 minutes of movement drills for Combative skills, rolls and shrimps on the ground, forward and sideways jab cross, forward thrust kicks, stratle flinch defensive, drills, plum. Ran threw the woods barefoot, a few jumps bit of climbing, stopped for no holds barred races, fun. Hit the beach a few climbing routes, then a combo, noholds bared race up sand slope x3, 10x clean and thrust one end of drift wood log, log throws, rock throw and catch, and rock climbing I did it just once then had to go students stayed, lots of fun.


Parkour Hike up to fragrance lake with Dane 3 hours exploring a new area. Hiked about a mile in through uninviting for parkour terrain, found a cool water fall and ran up the rocks, followed the stream vaulting over and running on top of fallen tree's, arrived at the lack did some boulder traverses. Explored around found an area with good fallen tree's various running jumps, kong to precisions, balancing at height, small routes. Moved on, found a super fun little ravine probably 13 feet apart at the widest, perfect for running gap jumps narrower areas for tic tacs of the tree's, fallen tree's nearby for various vault combos, awesome. Ran back hit few more spots just a little bit. Found a fallen tree across the trail on the way back maybe six feet high, another cut up log portion maybe a foot high nearby rolled it close enought to jump off of. Jump on top a few times figured we might be able to kong it tried but wasn't happening rolled log closer maybe 4 feet away got the kong it was big, wondered if we could jump over it tried put a foot down realized I could dash it. Dashed it biggest dash ever for me lots of air time huge fun. Time to go after a few more dashes. Highlights of the day giant dash, big gap jumps, and soft forest landings!

Rafe Kelley
05-20-2009, 12:35 PM


1.5 Hours
Whatcom Falls Park

Not much of session, I am feeling kinda of stale and bored right now internal motivation is way down, my sleep has been problematic.

Warmed up with rail balance plus quadrupedal, squats and push ups a few vault combos on the rail. Spent 15 minutes or so practiced jumping up to a basketball hoop I have the same vert as the last time I was dunking allot but haven't tried to to jump at hoop in long time got a full hand over the rim a few times but felt like the technique for drop stepping was rusty couldn't get both hands over at the same time. Worked on the tree wall pass 15 tries no catches had my whole hand on top 5 times but couldn't hold it, 20 minutes or so tracking down my dog who decided he didn't want to come when called off lead anymore. 3 rounds as quickly as possible of the fallen logs route.

Meant to make up my monday weight training session but couldn't find time or energy.

Based on 5rm conversations I am basically at my targets for this session on squat and deadlift not to far away on the press, and have pretty much stopped carrying about my clean and the met cons. Thinking about testing for my 1rm taking a few days off then switching to a more Parkour and Mn focused program for the summer. As much as I believe in the value of the big compound lifts I just can't see myself building my training schedule around going inside to lift when its beautifull outside and I can go explore and play.

Rafe Kelley
05-22-2009, 12:39 AM

Weird Day felt completely out of it no training motivation at all but when I was able to push myself to get stuff done I ended up enjoying it allot and feeling like I was making good progres.

5x50 sprints uphill barefoot on turf
3 warming up
2x timed
2x40 concrete shoes slight downhill
missed time
5.00 flat
seems slow form did feel ragged

Flow + Wall Passes
Route 1
Tic tac to swing up into tree branch vault over limb side monkey vault along limb jump under bar x5
Route 2
Pop up to tree limb side monkey along limb, jump underbar x 5
This second one was really exciting I have struggled with that pop into the underbar and the side monkey is difficult to stay smooth and stable on and the underbar is bit of challenge as well fairly far and high. So having all three come together today completely smooth and only failing once was awesome.
Wall pass Theatre house wall 12 high grippy brick, warm up with 5 one step approachs getting about 11 feet of that then 5 three step approaches finger over the top but could catch. Then from a full run up 5 out of 5 with awesome muscle up to boot. Very happy with those results, still feel like I can refine my run up and movements on the wall allot more and should be able to get allot higher.

Wall passes are weird at first glance it just seems like a big power jump but the reality is allot of really complex things have to happen precisely right at high speed in order to get optimal height I feel like with more consistent better technique and my current jumping ability this wall really should be easy for me.

Strength Training
Been feeling burnt out on my routine so decided to just play around with some stuff I enjoy or have been wanting to do hand a bunch of fun hit some PR and got in my Squats after very glad I made myself do it.

Row 500 1:51 pulling nice and easy
Foam roll back and hip flexors
Kettlebell playing
16kg mix of snatches, clean and press, one arm swings switches and flips
2x16 same as above flips were hard so did just five of them
2x24 5xflips
Front lever extended tuck 10 seconds trying just a bit of jacknifing
L-hold 20
Tuck planche 20
HS hold 5x
HSPU 4 PR, 2(second round)
Tuck planche felt allot tighter and higher
Overhead press
70x1 F
Felt really close but just could quite break all the way past the stick point
Sled Drag 100kg, 100 feet forwards
Sled drag 160, 50 feet forwards, 50 feet backwards
60x5, 100x5,120x1,130x1,140x1,145x1,150x1,155x1,160x6PR
Last time a tired one 160 I bailed after one rep so this felt good lifted calm the whole time, took my rest visualized and really focused on form tried not to be in hurry in between reps, focused on thinking about coming up even on the way down. HIt five at one 160 felt like I had more 6 came up easy got off balance in the whole on 7 dumped it called it a day.

Rafe Kelley
05-27-2009, 12:54 AM


Whatcom Creek Run 2 hours with Lafe.
Wanted to push it was feeling real aggressive and energized very in the Zone haven't been that way much lately unfortunately Lafe banged his knee on rock and had to take it slow. Still able to do some jumps and techniques I hadn't done before, Struggled with the double kong, suddely felt way more comfortable with level kongs though.


Larrabee State Park, with Tyson, Brandee, Silverton, Beth and Lafe and my dog Jackson who I got 2 weeks ago.
Ran into the park practiced jumps across the creek, ran up to slope and did competive races grabbing and pulling on each other. Swang on ropes, did some vaulting and jumping routes, rock climbed, headed down to the beach, hit up the best areas. My dog can do wall passes! Hit slanted rock wall run to cat, then big cat to slanted wall crack, tic tac series got it one way but not the other amazing how hard this still is. Stopped in a cove to clean and press heavy logs, Ran along a slanted wall, kong vaulted big rocks, various routes, speed climbing. Ran back out.

Whatcom Creek Run
Tyson, Brandee, Silverton made it to the second session.
This was awesome higher pace, found even more big stuff, solved several problems that had bugged, including a very strange wall run, a lazy vault coming of slanted rock over a big fallen tree, a very high and dangerous jump between two fallen logs, got better on the double kong, found new fun routes. I love this stuff so much I walked around all day with giant smile on my face nothing is better then being down on the river, complete insulated from the city, seeing this amazing cliffs, waterfalls and tree's so much beauty so much amazing movement. Ran back rushed a few parkour routes felt amazing last time I did this run it was brutal mind numbing affar today I enjoyed it and despite pushing the pace still had extra gas in to explode over obstacles when needed.


Greenlake Trees
Tyson and Silverton

Started at the Berimbau tree formerly called the bowl tree. Normal warm up then we decided to try to do Capoeira in the tree hence the name, tyson and I first, then Tyson and Silverton then Silverton and I. Amazing fun my last bout with Silverton got epic taking us all through the tree involving all types of swings, kicks, trips etc so much fun.
Route 1: Pop vault side monkey underbar route did it 5 times barefoot felt amazingly confident in barefeet did faster routes then I had done before with shoes.
Skill 1 Drop precision on cherry tree 3 for 3 barefoot first time barefoot.
Skill 2 Wall pass 1 for 5
Worked the wall a bit barefoot getting over eleven feet stopped when skin started coming of my foot. Tried to flash it once I got my shoes no dice, worked up from one step and three step then full run took me three tries got it on the fourth feet feeling beat up called it a day for wall passes,
Skill 3 muscle ups 7 for 7.
Hit 5 good muscle ups fully past the transition small dip up, then tree more as singles.

Headed to tic tac tree's next hit both Danes crazy tac underbar challenges, the big tic tac the cat double kongs, minor routes.
Mowgli tree
Route 2 Mowgli Route: 5 of 6, timed the last two first times for this route 9.68, 8.47.
Did the first three barefoot felt amazingly good felt faster then with shoes.
Skill: Tac Front flip 2 hesitation hit it 4 times. First one was really big and powerfull
Dash Tree various new routes dash step underbar, swing around step kash, jump over branch precision to dive kong. Finished with timing the dash turn underbar kong route, hit it 5.00, 4.60, and 4.47, tyson had the best time time in 4.38 silverton got in on it at 4.72

Finished at the runing jump double foot tac to kong tree which shall hence forth be known as Silvertons end. Started with tic tacs of one branch into another then hit the big route, 3 times, played with couple other things then called it a day great day of training.

So I am definitely done with my last cycle of training the lure of playing outside is to much I hit my goals as far as weightadded to squat and deadlift, I did not hit my goals on oly lifts or met con but downgraded them as priorities because I felt the did not support my primary sport goals. My parkour goals are still in progress and my speed and jumping goals as well not sure how close I am to some of them. Will be still hitting heavy strength training once a week through the summer otherwise it will be all parkour with a bit of MovNat still want to keep a somewhat structured approach to identify and achieve goals.

I like AGT but will not use it again I think for traceur the oly lifting aspects are uneccesary. I think aside from parkour practice all a traceurs needs is good maximal strength training program and stretching regimen, all the other element of GPP can be adequately adressed through the practice of the sport/discipline itself.

Rafe Kelley
05-29-2009, 12:16 AM
Starting the program my personal bests were

Deadlift 425 x 1
Squat 305 x 3
Overhead press 145 x 1
Grace 2:34
Fran 4:45
Karen: 5:14
and Helen 10:00(this one was awhile ago)
32 inch vertical
Standing long jump 9^6
Running long jump 17
40 yard dash 4.9 seconds(2 years ago)

Goals for this Cycle:
Deadlift 470, Squat 385, Overhead press 160, Bench press 225
Power: Clean and Jerk 260, Snatch 190, Box jump 50 inches, standing long jump 10 feet, running long jump 19.
Speed: 4.7 40, 55.00 400
Met Con Grace 1:55, Fran 3:55, Helen 7:30

Parkour Goals: Skills goals, Chemistry wall pass 13^4 inches, Gasworks long jump 14 feet 5x5, Freeway park Cat not sure how long but long and scary. Flow goals, Master Gasworks perimeter route, time Gasworks kash to tac route then improve time, hit Mowgli tree route 10 times in a row then time, develop route to focus on at free way park master and then time, improve time on Whatcom falls windfall route(was 27.8 seconds) time canyon routes improve time.

Gymnastics goals: Total comfort with Gainer, front flip step out, Side flip, and two step wall flip and ability to throw them of height(except wall flip). Straight back lever 10 seconds, level l-hold 20 seconds, straddle front lever momentary hold, tuck planche level hips and shoulders 5 seconds, freestanding handstand 20 seconds.

The goals are set very high and injuries poor recovery or extraneous conditions might slow me down but the goal is by aiming high but realistic to make real gains.

Just wanted to go back and compare goals to results

Squat: Starting 5RM 130, End 5RM 160
30kg improvement very happy with this haven't test 1RM not sure if I care to, based on conversion should be well past my goal of 385lb
Deadlift: Start 5RM 160, End 5RM 190
30kg improvement in 5RM happy with this as well based on conversion again should be past my 1RM goal will probably test that I like heavy 1RM deads.
Press: Start 5RM 57kg, finish 5M 60kg
Well improvement is improvement more importantly I am able to handstand push up now and can focus them in my training. I think I am close to hitting my goal for 1rm though.
Bench Press: Start 5RM 80, 5RM 90
Did hit my goal of 100 kg Bench Press so thats good
Clean: Start 95 1RM finish 105 1RM
Might have hit the 120 kg goal if I had continued working on the skill felt like it was taking about form skill practice while not offering any benefits.
Snatch: Dropped it due to elbow issues
Box Jump: Haven't tested confident I have it.
Long Jump: Start 9 feet, finish 9^6
6 inches short of my goal with very little work will make this
40: Start 5.10 End 4.8
Quality of times is questionable felt like I got faster want to work sprints more
400: Never found time to work it.
Met Con: Stopped caring about Met Con didn't test any of them, will do Helen this week in preparation for Crossfit cert will see how I do then the Wods at the cert.

Skill goals
Chem Wall Have not attempted probably don't have it need to keep working
Gasworks Gap, have not attempted sure I have it will try to soon
Freeway Cat same as above
Going to focus on Parkour

Flow goals
Windfall route 6 second PR! Mowgli route 10 times yes and timed in 8.47, still need work on gas work perimeter, and time on Kash tac, have some routes at freeway no times yet. Will be focusing on this much more

Gymnastics started on these late, Gainers are close, changed my front flip goals should be ready soon, same with sides pretty sure I can throw everything outside now just a few more session needed for confidence. Strength stuff is not there yet but coming along.

Big things that weren't goals that I got

Static Muscle ups
Clean climb ups
New type of front Flip
Vertical leap improvement from 27 inches(32 pr was from years ago) to 32

Overall I am happy with the progress I made had few stalls some illness the held me back and probably cast to wide a net but those extra 30kg pounds on my squat and deadlift feel huge I feel so much stronger and more confident throwing my body around. Handstand push ups, and muscle ups coming along to lots of good skill work and flow work as well it was productive cycle.


Still sore from the crazy training over the weekend, lethargic forced myself to go to gymnastics anyways, it was really hot, everything felt like it took three times as much energy as normal also felt allot of unnecessary hesitation and fear over things that should be easy like wall flips really weird especially since I have been feeling very confident lately managed to break through all my fear barriers anyways so that was good. Did deadlifts with the parkour class mind wasn't completly in it still set a modest PR, finished with met con getting ready for crossfit cert.

Warm up run, joint mobility, quadrupedal movement.
Back fulls: mess around with these on the stringbed tramp landed weird and tweaked my knee minorly so moved on to the regular tramp
1 allmost full on the string bed 2 bails
5 3 quarters on the tramp
Gainers: 5 on tramp, 5 into pit, 10 off vault table on the floor! Landed three upright.
Left side, Side flip: Not sure how many have worked from the cartwheel up to the flip multiple times going back whenever the flip started to turn forwards, migrated to springboard after awhile felt like I got a good handle on the difference in feeling between forwards and sideways little hints of forwards are still creeping but big big improvements.
Kong Set front: 10 times got true tucks on the last one arm set is inconsistent when its good tons of power.
Wall flips: 5 left, 5 right
Rings: Muscle up no kip, press shoulderstand, l-hold 20 seconds, tuck planche 20 seconds, 5 ring dips, front lever 5 seconds, fly away of 2x. Front levers not as strong today.

Underbar biased route with class, 4 times almost had it fully flowing on the last one doing it barefoot made it significantly harder. Route started with percision jump to plyobox sideway under bar turn to immediate reverse under bar step jump to crane, jump to swing to crane on the next box, swing around bar precision landing jump pull on vertical bar to grab horizontal bar past it, lache to lower bar swing through underbar to precision jump to cat on wall with vertical one foot on ledge beyond bar spin up onto ledge drop precision.

Realy enjoyed the under bars and the cat turn around had trouble with confidence on the precision in barefeet.

40x10 90x5, 140x5, 160x1, 180x1, 190x1, 200x1(PR), 210(F)
This is PR but its not near what I am capable of its just 10 kilos over 5RM pr. I was fatigued and not focused and knew it just wanted to play with this a bit

Met Con
Franish 15,12,9
Didn't push super hard, haven't done thrusters in ages felt ragged not a big fan of the movement, pull ups were super easy did the whole thing as butterfly kips, was not dropping of at the end.

Gonna take it easy tomorrow train parkour hard over the weekend then hit a couple of met cons early week and rest up for crossfit cert.

Chris Salvato
05-29-2009, 01:20 PM
200 Lg DL? You have a 440 lb DL man? thats nutso.

How do you fare on your bodyweight skills? Whats your current BW?

Rafe Kelley
05-29-2009, 06:11 PM
Thanks Chris I think I can do better I would like to pull 215 this summer I have 5reped 190. I am at between 200-205lb right now cutting down want to be 190-195 for the summer parkour season. I Let my bodyweight creep up to fuel strength gains over the winter.

I have allways had good lower body strength naturally upper body is much more of a challenge.

As far as bodyweight stuff I am at 1 strict muscle up, 2 strict handstand push ups, a straddle flag above horizontal for a couple seconds, 7 pistols right 0 left due to linger groin injury. I am pretty happy with lower body strength feel very confident in my legs ability to take landings and stuff right now just want to focus on more efficient in applying that strength to parkour. As far upper body I still need to really bring strength levels up, I did learn consistent clean climb ups recently for the first time in 4 years of parkour which is big relief its been skill that has driven me crazy for years. Going to try to spend more time climbing and doing gymnastics strength over the summer to build up the upper body.

Chris Salvato
05-30-2009, 06:16 AM
well - grip is a huge limiting factor for most people in gymnastics/BW skills...with a 400#+ DL i don't think that will be the issue. I would definitely squeeze weighted pulls and dips into the mix because that helps everything from muscle ups to back lever to front lever etc.

Rafe Kelley
06-05-2009, 01:55 AM
Funny I tend to think of my grip as being a weak link I am terrible with all the pincyh finger strength climbing stuff, crushing grip I do fine but that is less applicable to parkour.


Gasworks Park
Tyson Dane Brandee, Ceit and a bunch of other traceurs there for the weekly jam.

Felt kinda hazy and out of it due to the heat, warmed up with add on with Tyson and a big crew of guys, concentrated on keeping movements low and tight and trying to not get in hurry but really make each movement flow from one to the next felt pretty good.

Then went and worked a series of jumps to working on that gap jump thing. Was working up to the 12 foot precision when Dane came up and asked me to show him the kong to cat. I looked at it but didn't have it in me. Tyson distracted us and took us over the big cat over the sand pit. We all did it but I had some major fear issues I am going to write more about on my blog. Still got it three times which is a good accomplishment.

Also hit a real weird swing around tree to swing release to cat challenge Dane came up with a few months ago that I hadn't been able to get before. Did some nice routes but overall felt really tired and not with it just didn't have any enthusiasm and a weirdly persistent feeling of fear. I was afraid of everything and even when I achieved things I didn't feel happy or relieved just still afraid.


Whatcom Creek Run

With Dane

Weird day ups and downs. We decided to take trash bags and clean up on the way. This is really important and something I am generally stoked I remembered to do. This day though I just really felt the need to string routes together and not have to worry about were too stow bags and retracing foot steps so I felt frustrated at first. Stashed the bags after awhile as we got into the better stuff. Dane still had his for awhile so I was still frustrated by waiting. Finally got to the whirlpool falls pike front of the cliff felt tight and clean opened at the right time just left my arms out to slap a bit.

Then we hit the boulder canyon area flew through there felt super confident. Went back to do it again, then in the area below awesome flow big jumps solid foot placements awesome flow. Dane was having trouble keeping up which is very rare. Down the fallen cedar tree and to the area behind more big jumps swing on maple precision to crack in rocks, moving fluid, loop back to the session area, vaults, jumps, awesome stuff, and were off rock bar area, tons of flow super fast great run. Now the first big boulder area, with logs piled up around it. Sessioned big rocks and logs, found new routes. Dane discovered huge jump two step take off, first step on log which moves a bit over two logs to rock lots of hang time scary, super fun. Off again, jumping over creek finding better routes flowing real well, Stop to session the cedar tree fallen over the waterslide. Run up the new wall run. Down the river some more very confident, good flow, Next area, got a jump I had wanted for long time created a good route, onwards. The double kong area also dane has found a kong to precison to front flip.

Up till then I had been totally flowing in the movement having fun very solid very confident. Here it got weird. Started with kong to precision working up feeling good, then three double kongs finally got a legit legs in between arms double here. Still not quite flowing can't get steps right lots of hesistations and resets. After the doubles went to work up to to danes kong to front. Realize I haven't practiced that combo in a year or so, haven't every done it before outside, have only worked punch fronts outside once this year. I know I can do it though work up with drop front, drop front, kong to precision drop, kong to front flip foot slips on take off still get the rotation land a little over rotated. Weirdly no fear reaction, why so much the other day and so little today doing something so much more complex and unfamilar?

Go for the front again weird slip on the run up hard fall smash both sets of fingers in pot holes in the rocks surprised nothing is broken. Shack it off, note to self still no real fear three more front flips 1 overrotated, one underotated, one just right.

Swim down creek, another log jam, routes, dash vaults kongs. Jump the lower falls. Finish the creek and go home. So far good day but somehow don't feel satisfied, go to whirlpool falls once more. Hit nice pike front, Dane standing gainers down. I know I can do it go look and it and there is my fear heart stopping overwhelming my mind will not let me do what I know my body is capable of. I am tired I did not sleep well I haven't eaten in hours I make excuses I go home. I am pissed. In retrospect so much good stuff acomplished but I can't seem to enjoy it only the one failure what is with my mind these days.

Met Con

2 rounds Helen
2 pood KB
Legs were gone from the run earlier plus barefeet slowed my down, 1:30 for the first 400 last time I did helen I hit the first 400 in 1:11. Transistions are very slow motivation was way low. I need some time off but have to much stuff coming up



Exploring Tacoma
Tyson, Colin, Brett
Felt like crap, worked on some fun climbs then a rip I got on saturday got a rip and I was done with that, fell out of my climb and bruised my right foot been having some overuse pain on the top center of my foot anyways suck, double suck. Didn't do anything worthwhile napped while everybody else played for the last 20 minutes.

Crossfit cert this weekend not looking forward to billions of pull ups or running.

Rafe Kelley
06-06-2009, 09:41 PM
Crossfit Cert:

Bottom to Bottom tabata squats 17. I had the best score.

Fran: 3:38 very happy with this big Pr and I have only done a bare handfull of Metcons in the last two months. Hurrah for strength and parkour.

Steven Low
06-06-2009, 10:53 PM
Crossfit Cert:

Bottom to Bottom tabata squats 17. I had the best score.

Fran: 3:38 very happy with this big Pr and I have only done a bare handfull of Metcons in the last two months. Hurrah for strength and parkour.
Nice man.

What'd you think of the cert? Who were the instructors?

Rafe Kelley
06-08-2009, 01:44 AM
I liked the cert for the most part. The staff was Lisa Ray, Mike Ray, Rachel Medina, Kurtis Bowler, Jesse Ward, and a couple interns whose last names I didn't pick up first names Tommy and Chris. Lisa administrated and gave the programming lecture, Mike did the majority of the lectures, Jesse and Kurtis got a couple lectures as well.

The lectures were mostly very familiar for me. I enjoyed the practicums more if nothing else I got a much better awareness of the errors in my squat and just how difficult and uncomfortable it is to get my knees all the way out and get truly back on my heels. As far as more in depth response I am going to try to have in depth blog about my response up by the end of the week.



Ira Keller Fountain (http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.waltlockley.com/irakellerfountain/ira%2520keller%2520fountain%252007.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.waltlockley.com/irakellerfountain/irakellerfountain.htm&usg=__7TDvYNSE3ZnE7UlVoR-AcO-bJG4=&h=486&w=648&sz=116&hl=en&start=4&tbnid=WKX5yKb8NCQytM:&tbnh=103&tbnw=137&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dira%2Bkeller%2Bfountain%26gbv%3D2%26h l%3Den%26safe%3Doff) and down town portland
1.5 hours

Had to take the time to meet up with the locals in portland for a bit of train 4 guys came out with me including two of portlands most advanced traceurs. Keller fountain is one of the Lawrence Halprins works which have been boons for traceurs were every there found. Loved my time here.

Did a 10 or so foot jump at 25 feet of the ground that I had been two scared to do the last time I was there two step take off. Very strange total freaked out by it last time this time no fear at all just like what I was afraid of that I should do it know since i am not. Worked some great long routes composed of long running jumps, smaller cadence jumps, drops, wall passes and cats. Got 12 foot running jump with 1 foot rise over water that had intimidated me as well before, know one else could get the guts to try. Good day. Finished with 3 rounds of 5 climb ups, 1 round five handstand push ups 2 rounds 30 second handstand hold.

Rafe Kelley
06-14-2009, 11:07 AM
Took most of last week off as planned deload, Also realized a pain in my foot is like a hairline fracture of my second metatarsal putting which has limited me even more. I have been focusing on my diet and am down to 200 pounds now looking to be 190 by the end of the month.

Played around with box squats, think this will really help with consistency and driving out of the whole tend to frontload at the bottom.

20kgx10, 40x10,60x10,80x5,100x20

First attempt at twenty rep set of squats not easy even at 100 kilos. Could not hit parallel without hamstrings kicking off so had one 10 pound plate above parrell on the box.

Rafe Kelley
06-17-2009, 09:14 PM

Foot is mostly better ran a bit did a few jumps today. Two bike rides total of 3.8 miles.

Strength Training

Handstand Push up:
3strict 2 kipping
1 stict 4 kipping
1 minute handstand hold

Wall Mantles
Five singles
1 single 1 triple 1 single
Five singles

Inconsistent form right elbow coming up first allot otherwise just getting the familiarity with the movment

Box squat
Barx10, 40x10, 60x10, 80x5, 100x5, 120x2, 130x1, 140x10
Did not expect to get 10 reps at 140 after a two week lay off and just getting use to box squats. Really really really liking box squats though feel like it is so good for my form. So much better for getting into your ass as dave tate would say.

Rafe Kelley
06-26-2009, 03:58 PM

UC Berkeley, the SF bunkers, a Park I can't remember the name of
With Locals Austin, Seng, Nick, Brett, Joe and Ryan
5 hours

Met at 10 at the DOE libarary
Warm up jog, quadrupedal, push ups and squat.
Then work on tic tac to reverse, two step tic tac to reverse, tic tac spin to lazy(couldn't quite get it). Some big vaults, a short route, then a wall run challenge provided by austin, which i then took up a notch by running a less prominent part of the wall.
Next we went to an amazing stairwell working tic tac to cat, vault over to short run up to wall run, and climb up. Very cool spot.
Then we joined the rest of the group and worked on some wall passes followed that with some cadence jumps, then got to some interesting stuff a decent sized wall pass and a big tic tac to cat. All fun stuff you can see some in this video one of the participants took I am the guy in the blue
It was after this that the jam got really good I had noticed when driving in the campus was full of really interesting trees. So I suggested we go scout tree's apparently the had only ever trainined in one group of tree's on campus. I think I will be forever remembered there for finding all these tree's.

The first group of tree's we found had a stem out to climb. Hard to described all that happened in the 10 or so awesome tree's I found but there was lots of climbing, tic tacs, underbars, jumps from limb to limb it was awesome which I could described it better then that.

The just about had to drag me away from the campus to go visit the Bunkers.
There did some routes some climbing a descent gap jump at height, and cool cramped cat out off a windowsill.

Finished the day playing hot lave in the weirdest tree's I have ever trained in crazy limb structures trailing allong the ground in all directions.

Parkour training:
Pioneer grove
Just me
1.5 hours

Found an amazing spot near the entrance to the redwoods in humboldt state park. Natural runs vaulting, tic tac, and running jumps and climbs over giant fallen logs beautifull area.

Fern Canyon
Beth and I
45 minutes
Klamath Beach
Just me
45 minutes

Fern Canyon is beautifull spot in redwoods national park with three areas of fallen logs and various jumps across the streams, we hiked up and I experimented with various jumps and climbs found a couple very intimidating jumps moving in the limbs of fallen trees. Then ran back down probably 200 hundred yards taking jumps, climbs and vaults on the way really fun run, did it back up again and down with beth coming with me huge blast.

Klamath river mouth we hiked out in to see the ocean and found some awesome sand stacks and a boulder field that I ended up having to climb and move around on despite having no shoes and kinda beat up feat. Mostly easy bouldering stuff but very fun.


Strength Training

Handstand push ups
3 strict first round
2 strict second round

Self assisted muscle up(just keeping the skill groved)

60 4 inch defict x5
60 suitcase x5 per side
24 pound one leg dealift 5 per side
190x1 Crappy form called it a day
Been quite some time since I pulled heavy will have to try hit that more often.

Rafe Kelley
07-14-2009, 11:38 PM
Took another week of because of my foot except box squats up to 150 for 8 reps. Plus muscle ups and handstand push ups. Hit strict rings muscle up, and 5 handstand push ups in a row felt good. Good wall top outs.

went up to vancouver with tyson. Trained 5 hours. Cool spots cool people tyson and I seemed to make a positive impression. Top outs are coming allong killer, did big wall pass, two big cats, cool routes, 10 foot precision!

More time of due to foot, light stuff here and there, deadlift up to 190 for 1. Weird I am regressing this much on deads on this program while my other performance seems to be improving across the board.

Foot feels mostly better. 3 hours training gasworks park. No structure. Long routes, totally adaptive not thinking about technique at all felt amazing, Free climbed 30 feet up a gas tower, did standing long jump of 8 feet over 20 foot gap between towers, very good fear training for me. Did it all in five fingers. Found lots of cool stuff.

30 minutes parkour
Walk to spot, quadrupedal, capoeira, handstand warm up. Short mobility flow challenge route x 5. Dash kong combo x 5 lazy precision to Kong x 5. Lazy, jump, tictac run up branch x 5, climb up into tree jump to other limb drop run to vault x 5.

Then put all together allong with one more two more vaults through another tree for single course 200 yards loop, 3 rounds for time. 4:47 First time timing, struggled mid way through last round able to push through it, transition to high jump between limbs was slow. Can do faster for sure. good challenge.

450 pound tire flip 1x5
5 handstand push ups strict!
5 wall top outs
600 pound tire flip 1x5
5 handstand push ups 3 strict 2 kipping
5 wall top outs,
Box squat barx10, 100x3, 120x2, 140x2, 150x1, 155x5

Rafe Kelley
07-22-2009, 12:42 AM
Nice training today, started with some striking drills and footwork, then some capoeira skills, ran sprints no clock.
long jumped 10.5 standing, 12 from on step on either leg, 14 from 3 steps either leg, 17 left leg full run in. Very happy with the first number and second, pretty happy with three think I can do much better on the fourth.
Ran a series of Rushes at gasworks for an hour, climbed some high stuff. Fun day.

Chris Salvato
08-13-2009, 09:05 PM

Rafe Kelley
08-22-2009, 02:24 PM
Been busy train hard but not with much organization so haven't felt like logging.

Went to toronto to train at the monkey vault (http://www.themonkeyvault.com/) for a week and be part of the Parkour toronto gathering. First I Opened my trip by hitting a 12.5 foot wall pass nobody else had been able to do in the monkey vault. Doing a bunch of cool cat leaps outside and finding some cool routes. Second day I promptly pulled my tibialis on 14 foot(slanted and with a good lip) wall pass I did get it though had to scale it back severely after that. Day 3 hiked around in the woods didn't find much played in coupe castle parks found a very cool route with I played on with few cool guys including king david but it was hard to do the whole thing because people kept getting in the way crashed after that with energy and having to work around the shin pull. Day 4 wondered around downtown more capable but still no big power moves lots of climbing some fun flow routes, saw some crazy stuff. Day 5 awesome scaffolding play, big laches, cool routes, fun stuff. Mostly rested my last couple days.

After that I headed to Denver to check out apex movement (http://www.apexmovement.com/) and take part in the Parkour colorado jam, Had great day on friday, summited the flat irons, and ran routes in the boulder field with some awesome traceur peoples, jeremy sanders, Zac Cohn, and Levi Meuwenberg among others. Second day I had tight knee so was pretty limited got some cool routes in with Billy Skipper Hughes, and Tyson. Compted in the apex ninja warrior challenge later felt smooth through the early going missed on the big lache to cat that killed 90 percent of the competitors. Tyson one with a time of 1:37 Levi was at 2:00 flat and justin ganguly was third at 2:28 very cool competition. Day three was at CU boulder, hit a 13 foot wall pass outside that only handful of people have done, did some big cats and things not to much flow got tired after awhile difinetly feeling the long weeks away from home at this point.

Got back last Wednesday took 5 days of then had traceur freind show up and come train with us here, trained at gasworks on tuesday. Flow routes, climbing in the high areas, new movement we hadn't done before crazy bizarre cat tyson came up with was the best challenge. Light stuff next couple days.

Rafe Kelley
08-22-2009, 02:32 PM
I have also been weight training here and there hopefully maintaining strength.


Greenlake trees with Charlie Moreland, Zac Cohn, Artem Sivak and Chris Price. Warm up, capeoira play, then tree precision on cherry tree. Then to birimbao tree, hit the big route there real smoothly. Lots of cool play with the guys exploring the tree.

Then to the Tic tac tree's did flyaway outside for the second time three good ones. Hit all the challenges there the weird precision and cat back, the big three tic tacs very cool felt very powerful. Then down to the dash tree, played follow the leader there with Charlie and Zac. Found cool new routes.

Then we stopped at a tree tyson and I had discovered when he discovered mowgli and the dash tree but had forgotten about found a bunch of awesome new stuff including a route up along a huge extended limb. We had little competition who could do it fastest it. Tyson and I tied at 2.16.

Finished at the mowgli tree. Started with exploration stuff, finished with the mowgli route for time, set a new PR at of 7.82 just better then tysons 7.89!

Rafe Kelley
08-29-2009, 10:52 PM
First day of WAPK national jam went off without a hitch, 70 people. Coached a clinic all morning went very well. Then did every huge thing I could think of at gasworks all afternoon. The 14 foot running stair gap jump I had been meaning to hit again only 1 time today needed to save energy for tomorrow stay safe, 11 foot kong to cat check, running rail to rail precision 10-11 feet didn't measure check, cat to pole at height, double rail kong check, series of gaps finishing with 11 foot precision with 3 foot rise check. Fun day.

Rafe Kelley
09-02-2009, 02:39 PM

Day two, Freeway park, did a bunch of big cats and running jumps and some wall passes. Felt very confident and strong. Good day.

Here is some footage including clips of me from various peoples cameras sorry about footage quality.

Starts with the rail jump I mentioned. Then the kong to cat I intended to work up to when I started this log.
The running gap jump I was trying to train up when i started this log.
Includes a big cat a high standing gap and wall run I did. Cat turns out to be around 10 feet wide not 11.


Did some location scouting, mostly low key did conquer a very large wall pass I had not done before. Now its time to rest up and get back to a more general fitness weight based and regimented program hopefully starting next week depending how my body is recovering.

Rafe Kelley
09-08-2009, 11:06 PM
Took almost a full week of near complete rest save for demonstrations in class. Feel good ready to get back to training hard. Really wanting to hit the weights again over the last month have almost completely fallen of that wagon.

Sunday I did a 6 mile hike with 2,000 meters of vertical gain and some random jumps and climbs while I was up there.



Barefoot Parkour run and swim with Jackson, only about 12 small obstacles taken mostly just a run swim felt amazing I thought the water would be super cold but it felt great.


Quick quadrupedal semi capoeira style warm up, then complex training.

Snatch grip deadlift, hang power clean, push press, lunges.

1x10 reps of each with empty bar
2x5 reps of each with 155, had to drop the jerk some of the push presses on the second round and dropped the bar after push press and on my second to last round of squats.
1x5 reps of each with 135 dropped after push press.

Not a great performance but I felt very happy just glad to be throwing some weights around again.

Rafe Kelley
09-11-2009, 01:46 PM
The summer Jam season is over and it is time to get serious about training again.

I think I have left the novice stage behind and want to work through a good intermediate program over the winter. My primary are increased speed, and jumping ability, gymnastic and climbing strength

My primary goals are simple and the goal is achieve them by May 15 next year.

40 yard dash: 4.5(PR 4.72)
100 meter dash: <12.00(PR N/A)
Long jump: 20 feet(into pit)(PR 17)
Vertical Leap: 35 inches(PR 32 currently 27)

My current best strength numbers are 355 5 rep squat, 418 5 rep dead, 155 1 rep overhead press, 225 1 rep bench. All those numbers are probably slightly depressed after a summer of little strength training. It is my estimation based on those numbers that I still need to gain about 100 pounds added to my squat and deadlift, and 50 pounds on the press and bench, this while maintaining bodyweight before strength is no longer a major limiting factor in my speed and power. So secondary goals necessary for primary goals.

500 5Rm deadlift
450 5RM squat
200 1rm overhead Press
300 1rm bench press

Primary goals
Front Lever Hold: 5 seconds
Straddle Planche: 5 seconds
Straddle Press To handstand: 5 reps
Freestanding Handstand Push: 5 reps

Climb V3 consistently

I am planning to use Wendlers 5/3/1 format on a M/T/Th schedule.

For assistance work I will run sprints and do plyos on upper body days, and climb on lower body days. I will train parkour for technique as energy allows on week days and more intensely on the weekends. I will do one gymnastic focus on each day to, planche work on squat days, front levers on press days, handstand press ups on bench days, and hanstand push ups on deadlift days.

Hopefully if I do this intelligently I will still have energy for plenty of parkour training on the weekends and week days when I Have sufficient energy.

Schedule looks like this
A day B Day C D
Climbing Sprints/Plyo's Climbing Sprints/Plyo's
Squats 3x5 Bench 3x5 Deadlift 3x5 Overhead press 3x5
Planche training Front Lever Handstand Push up Press to handstand

Going to refine the gymnastics and sprint approaches as I go a little see what works.

Right now I am low on weight with just 250 pounds worth so I will be doing Bulgarian split squat until I can buy some more plates or find a gym to work out of.

First work out


Bulgarian Split Squat
Based on 90 percent of calculated max of 160.
Warm up 1x10 with empty bar
Work set
89 pounds x 5
102 x 5
124 x 9
Weights were odd because of I have Kilo based weights in odd increments.
Press to handstand straddled back supported on wall, 3x5

Rafe Kelley
09-11-2009, 05:48 PM

15 minute mixed running jogging and walking with dog
3 hard 40 meter sprints not timed, run barefoot in turf racing dog
A few games of chase with the dog
Short but difficult traverse on pebble rock wall near dog park
Some ground flow Capoeira inspired playfull movement, finising with a sequence negativa to role to au, to macaco, to backhandspring 5 times. Not sure if my macaco is really a macaco.

Bench based of 90 percent max at 200
Warm up sets
1x5 132 pounds
1x5 155
1x11 176
Front lever 3x10 second OTFL

Rafe Kelley
09-13-2009, 11:03 PM

Gasworks Jam

Nice crowd of skilled traceurs. Warmed up with some "Capoeira" with tyson, I am not good. Then worked the sequence i mentioned above tried to add a back tuck landed pretty poorly gave it up. Worked my side flip on the ground a bit.

Then the gasworks silo cat 5 times, then tyson had a challenge for me. Its difficult to describe but involves tic tac off a pole, swinging around a vertical bar over one of the gasworks realasing and catting on to another vertical bar. When done right it was smooth and fast and complex. I was surprised how close I got but was not able to hold the cat that day. Hopefully soon.

Next I worked on a dive kong of a narrowish wall over a 3-4 foot gap. Not particularly power demanding but percise and a bit of mind f#$%.
Some random messing about then four more big techniques 2 new.

I did the gap from the stairs to the silo featured in the videos I put up, felt much easier this time running form felt allot better there is footage not sure how much of the run up was caught. Did the kong to cat again as well, felt easy, landed it a bit heavily though, then I did the standing jump over the Kong to cat gap that justin had done before, it measured out as just short of ten feet and finally did another around ten foot precision that had intimidated me for years.

Finished by doing the Ingersol rand route through gasworks get it timed. Did it in 11 west to east, 10.9 east to west and finally 9.00 falt west to east, besting the best time of the national jam but .98 seconds. Good day.


Hiked up to gold bar a local bouldering area I have been meaning to scout all summer did not dissapoint spent along time clambering around the boulder field scouted some very difficult jumps and climbs and found some sweet routes. Will need to go back.

Rafe Kelley
09-16-2009, 12:28 PM

AM: Whatcom creek run with dane, relaxed session, not high pace didn't stop and session much mostly just enjoyed being on the creek. Felt pretty low in motivation.

PM: Overhead Press 40 kg x 5, 45 x 5, 55 x 7. Was definately hoping for better performance on the press.
Supported tuck press to handstand 3x5

Did quite a bit of routes with two parkour classes and some climbing as well.

Rafe Kelley
09-18-2009, 10:43 AM

Demo from 11:00-3:00 with hour lunch break. Got a difficult climb up that I had not done before, and cat step up to precision had to skip just a couple techniques due to fatigue. Super fatigued today.

Rafe Kelley
11-04-2009, 02:53 PM
Back on the wagon.

After my last post I had back spasm, then was rear ended on the freeway then on my first training back cut my knee open and sprained my MCL all in all I missed the end of september and most of October. I am back in training though. I also got swallowed up in the opening of Parkour Visions Gym. The first parkour gym on the west coast. Since the opening I know have a fully equipped barbell room and training partners bonus.

I will be posting my training logs to my blog and reposting them here.

I am adjusting my program to an upper lower split I don't want to try doing a good squat workout the day after sprints or vice versa.

I got back on the wagon of 5/3/1 last thursday.


Parkour routes in the gym 48 inch box jumps, some reactive drills

Deadlift 225x5, 275x5, 305x10
That calculates out as 407 max just 33 pounds under my max before summer not bad for 7 weeks of and limited barbell training for 4 months.
Bench press 135x5 155x5 180x8
Again not far off previous performance
Parkour technical training, sprints through the tree's barefoot, some random messing about in the gym.
Squat 225x5, 270x5, 290x10
Again strength seems pretty stable.
Parkour technical trianing skipped climbing due to sprained fingers
Overhead press 95x5, 110x5, 120x8
Foundation is still there all around time to push it further.

Rafe Kelley
11-06-2009, 05:35 PM

Deadlift 255x3 290x3, 325x10(very excited about that result)
48 box jump 1x
10ft precsion 3x
12 foot running precision x3r3l
1.5 hour parkour intermediate class working on foot work tic tacs and underbars

Rafe Kelley
11-10-2009, 01:25 PM
On friday I was putting away weight I turned around quickly and managed to kick a piece of railing that was waiting to be used for one of our obstacles with my pinky toe, hard. Shock it off finished my bench press even jumped around a little bit. My foot started aching in the middle of the night, halfway through saturdays classes I got to the point were the pain made walking a problem.

I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday but I am fairly sure I have a hairline fracture in my 5th metatarsal. This may keep me out of regular training for 6 weeks or more so frustrating. Just back to normal training and bam, murphies law. I will keep training of course just no parkour, no squats, no deadlifts nothing were I have really push of my full foot.

Played around with stuff I can do with the injured foot.
Barbell hip thrust supine and elevated back
up to 1x5 at 145
Incline press up to 145 1x5
Seated Shoulder Press up to 120x5
2x20sec hold tuck blanche
3x3 of 2second l-2sec tuck-press shoulder stand
on P-bars
20x1 wall climb ups.

Rafe Kelley
11-15-2009, 11:30 PM

Single Leg gliding Hamstring Curls
Taken from this article
Nice tight hammies afterwards
BW 2x5, +25 1x5, plus 45 2x5
Weighted Pull up +25 3x3
This is seems pretty week like i have lost strength here my muscle ups have been weak to I think it is a result of upper back problems I have had.
3x3 of 2second l-2sec tuck-press shoulder stand
on P-bars
1x5 pike press to headstand on elevated mats. 1x5 straddled, 1x5 straddle press to handstand back to wall.
Bunch of Wall climbs
Just had to do some parkour came up with stuff I could do barefoot. Worked military vaults, lazy spins and this weird backhandspringy thing of the vault, then lazy spin to to the backhandspringy thing.

Bench Press
170x2, 190x1 205x4
Very pleased with this since I only managed 4 at 190 the last time I tried this might just be improving.
1 minute cumulative handstand
Barbell Hip Thrust 135 3x5
More Odd Parkour stuff foot starting to feel better, climbed a bit.
Foot is much better still achey but could run and take light landings.
More odd Parkour flow stuff, Gatevault style cartwheels over box, reverse but spin to back drop 3/4 spin and 1/4 spin, some weird miniroutes will upload footage of some of what I did when I get it.
Ninja Apprentice Climbing route at gym x2
Weighted pull up +10 3x6
Free Handstand work
Tuck Front lever 3x10 second hold
Lever pulls 3x5
45 Degree glute ham raise 3x5

Should be able to squat, deadlift and press again starting monday yeah. Go mutant healing factor.

Rafe Kelley
11-17-2009, 12:58 PM
Yesterdays training wiped me out like only heavy lifting can.

Parkour/gymnastics: 1.5 hours skill work, started with p-bar swings and handstands which are definately improving, then Vault flow, underbars, short running cat leaps, lots of muscle ups starting to get stronger at them again poping through to mid dip not the close to all in one motion I had but getting closer.

Strength training: Squat Day
255x5, 285x3, 320x6

Opened my last set with a crappy rep rounded back, coming forward on the toes, struggled through the middle on the concentric, thought I might have to bail, second was good, third had allot of forward lean, forth and fifth good sixth front loaded a little struggled to finish, might have had another rep or two in me but with form going all to hell didn't want to chance it. Not as strong a performance as my last squat day but all in all I was pleased with it didn't feel like I was going to have a good day but the goal was more then five and I made it.

Accessory Work:
3 runs through the ninja apprentice climbing course
3x 2sec l-hold 2sec Tuck Planche, 3x press to shoulder stand on p-bars.
Finished it all of with a set of 8 glute ham raises would have done 2 more but was feeling absolutely crushed by that time.

Tonight Presses, Front Levers, more light parkour.

Rafe Kelley
11-17-2009, 09:28 PM
I knew yesterdays workout was going to crush me, and it didn't dissapoint I was zombie the rest the evening and have been irritable and had waves of fatigue today despite 10 hours of sleep. The thing is I miscalculated I thought I had completed my week of 1's on 5/3/1 except the squat turns out I still had press and deadlift to get through, thursday is going to be fun.

Today I cut down the accesory work to just front levers and tried to get it all done as quick as possible feel like If had been more warmed up and pyschological there I might have been stronger but would have taken more out of me.

Anyways results
Warm up
Swings 25 P-bar swing feeling more confident by the day
Handstands 15 attempts more quality reps every time still way of my previous bests when I was in gymnastics.

Press 105x5 new it was bad day when this was hard, 120x3, 130x4. Was hoping for 6 that would have been better then my previous 120x8, no such luck every rep was a struggle.
Tuck FL 2x10 seconds, TFL pulls 1x5

Rafe Kelley
11-22-2009, 12:41 AM
Good day of training yesterday on and off parkour for 2 hours, mostly light stuff vaults, underbars, cat leaps lots of top outs, weird spiny stuff.

Strength Training

Deadlift 275x5, 305x3, 340x10

Feel like I can rip the bar up faster on the light weights just need to train myself too and I think that will help with the heavy weights. The 340x10 was exciting that equates to max above my tested best 1rm, form felt solid for all but a couple reps front loaded and rounded out a bit on my last rep, I might have a had a couple more in the tank too but again form is more important right now.

Tuck press to handstand shoulders against wall 3x5
Handstand holds
Top outs 2x5 as fast as possible
Glute Ham raise 2x5
Did not feel nearly as crushed from this as from the last squat day, going into my deload week now looking forward to getting back in with the fives again on the next cycle hope my foot is full healed by then and I can step up my parkour training again too.

Rafe Kelley
11-30-2009, 11:33 PM
Last week was my deload week which I didn't feel like bothering to log, I did miss my deadlift and bench press deload work outs but I am not to worried about it.

Fasted from 11 pm the previous night.
8-8:45Very light parkour , foot is not healing so I am going back to trying to rest it as much as possible just did a few muscle ups some ground flow and spinny stuff.

Strength Training:
Squat 235x5 280x5, 300x12
Pull up +20 3x5
L 3second hold-TP 3second holdx3 press shoulderstand x3 2 rounds
Glute Ham raise slight bent hips 2x5
Climbing static strength for grip for the finisher.

Was super excited to get 12 on the squat that calculates out as 432 single rep not a reliable number of course but relatively my strongest performance on the squat yet, especially happy since it came after a full days fast. I was very strong through the first 7 started slowing but still solid through 10, had to make reset mentally to keeping going into 11 but did it fairly well, lost tension and had to reset before my 12th super slow last rep had really struggle to keep from coming forward and losing my lordosis.

Pull ups really need to get stronger, climb ups had regressed today but after some work improved.

Rafe Kelley
12-02-2009, 12:20 AM
Very sore today though not as wiped after my last squat day got my workout in between classes very little accesory work not allot of time to warm up ended up messing up my math on my overhead press I was supposed to finish at 125 for as many reps as possible. I put 135 on by mistake.

Warm up, 20 squats, 10 push ups, quadrupedal movement, 10 lazy spin drop backs, 10 reverse spin drop backs, 20x20kg KB swings and 20 sledge hammer circles.
Strength work
Overhead Press 45x10 90x5, 115x5, 135x2
TFL pulls 3x5
1.5 hours later 120x6 overhead press
Felt very dissapointed with the overhead press untill realized it was 135 though even at that weight 2 is not acceptable. 120x6 after a the previous work and with minimal warm up is not to bad I think. I will will stay at my previous weight on 3's next week and see if I can beat my performance.

Rafe Kelley
12-08-2009, 11:03 PM
Foot is feeling better I can run, and jump without irritating it but if it is impacted on the side or I move hard laterally it acts up its also stiff and needs to regain limberness. I am really wanting to train again I need to be really carefull about it training regressing now would really suck.

Anyways played in the park for 30 minutes with the dog, jogging around short spurts of speed, wall passed into and climbed some tree's threw the ball a bunch, played tag. 32 degrees and sunny beautiful day only guys at the park bareshirt.

Did a bit of parkour stuff in the gym before my training and after during the intermediate class pretty minor stuff. Also did a bunch of mobility stuff.

Strength training:
Squat 245x3, 275x3, 315x9 Really wanted 10 here but I got into the whole rocked forward a bit and just stuck, If I could have stayed back and bounced of my hamstrings better I would have had it.
Pull up going to use the 5-3-1 method here assuming a max of 40 + which is pathetic but cogent with current performance
15+x5, 20x3, 25x5
So disgusted but should probably scale this back even more Suck.
Glute Ham raise 2x5

Rafe Kelley
12-11-2009, 10:46 PM

Scheduled Deadlift and Press day, slept went to bed at 1:30 am, tossed and turned till 4:00 am woke up 4 times during the night before waking up for good at 10:00 am. Skipped. In bed by 1:15 asleep by 1:45


Still fatigued but functionally, foot feeling much better still delicate though. 1.5 hour light parkour trianing, some frustration with intially really week box jumps and climb ups seemed to break through the fugue and had some good climb ups finally hit the big box jump which felt awesome first time I have box jumped in 2 months due to the foot. Took a while to get rid of neural inhibitions. Hit a 9^4 standing broad which is 4 inches shorter then my all time best once my foot heals I want to really focus on getting my all my jump goals going again I want a 10 foot broad, 16 foot running precision, 35 inch vert and 13.5 foot wall pass. Tyson and I tested one step one foot jumps vs, one step double foot jumps verdict no real difference both of us were able to get 8-12 inches further off one step using either method.
Broad jumps 9^4x1 9x10
One step broad jumps 10x9^8-10^6 depending
49 inch box jumpx3

Strength Training
Deadlift 350x10
Press 125x9

Funny I seem to be hitting 10's just about every time on the deadlift. On quibble on this one I pulled a muscle in my forearm some how doing muscle ups so created a makeshift strap for that hand. Anyways this was satisfying, minor back rounding, not worrisome, front loaded on my last rep and finished my hip before my knee meaning I had to finish the lift all quad which was hard, had to scream it out everything else felt solid.
Press was even more exciting my upper body has been such a pain lately two steps back for every step forward, this was solidly my strongest performance ever on the press the last rep was a hell of grind but if I am anywhere close to the 160 1rm this calculates out as I would be super stoked as 150 is the best I have ever done and that was a one time fluke I have consistently ceilinged at 145 every other time I have focused on this lift. Hopefully this 5/3/1 programming is working and I can get my recovery in line and bust those old plateaus.

Rafe Kelley
12-17-2009, 10:11 PM
This week has been hard, I have had serious sleep disturbances all week plus earlier morning commitments. Been following the debates about rest plus noticing my major performance fall backs when tired so decided to wait till my rest got better.

Today was not that day. I got off work last night at 12:30am asleep at 1:30 up at 6:30am undisturbed sleep though. Demo for local news from 7:30-9:30am, mostly jumps and tic tacs a few underbars.

Decided to go ahead and work out body felt the need for it despite mental fatigue 9:00PM
Pull ups 2x5 1x10
Bench Press 1x5 155, 1x3 175, 1x6 195
Dips 3x10
Assisted Straddle Press Handstand 3x5

Had noticed I had lost strength with my pull ups attributed to back spasm in september, had similar problem following bicep injury in febuary. Going to really focus on pullups 3 days a week alternating between pull ups max reps and weigthed pull ups want over 15 dead hang chest to bar pull ups and 1x +70 by febuary 1st.
Bench stronger then last time still not as good as my peak last cycle hopefully will be stronger with better rest next week.

Rafe Kelley
12-21-2009, 01:13 AM
Squat problems
Theres an old saying in the strength training community if your the strongest guy in your gym your in the wrong gym overall for barbell strength that is definately were I am in, and I have had trouble getting my training partners to cue me properly it looks like this has resulted in insufficent depth in my squat. Which I will have to fix now hopefully with the help of video now I will be able to get my training partners to give me the right cues.

Strength training
Squat 255x3, 290x3 320x10 with the aforementioned short range of motion.
L-hold-Tuck planche 5sec hold x3x2 6x1 press pike press to shoulder stand. Gymnastic progression very hard after heavy squats will try to start doing my gymanastics sessions seperately. Going to narrow my focus to in order to make better gains just the above sequence and press to handstands.

Prior to my strength training I did 1.5 of parkour mostly warm up with rail balance challenges basically doing my best to dance on top of the ground rail trainers I am no Oleg Vorslav but it was fun. Then lots of stride challenges tic tacs, vaults avoided climbing due to very sore upper body from the previous days training. Got one fun line on video one transition was a little week and theres some excess tension in my upper body but I think it looks fairly nice.

Squat Video here http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=210877889101
Parkour Line Here http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=210884069101&ref=mf

Rafe Kelley
12-22-2009, 01:30 PM
Irritating day, foot was feeling better so I played around in parkour and found myself to be far more rusty then I had excepted stuff that seemed like it should be easy just wasn't that got me frustrated and pissed of then I put my foot down wrong and basically jammed up the 1st and second metatarsals bad enough that I am limping hopefully the damage is not of the lasting kind this foot thing is killing me. Before that stupidity I had fun setting routes on our new rock wall for about an hour not hard climbing but nice to stretch that element out a bit.

Strength training followed the end of open gym Overhead press and Weighted pull ups I am feeling like a little hypertrophy in my upper body would help gain strength in what is huge trouble area for me not only is is hard to gain strength in my upper body its easy to lose. So I am going to see how adding volume work after my strength work helps plus heavy post work out nutrition.

Overhead Press
115x5, 125x3, 130x8
pull up 25+BWx3 30x3 35x4

Volume Work
85 pound press, Kipping pull up, Dip, BW row
Round 1, 10-10-10-10
Round 2, 8-10-8-8

Rafe Kelley
12-27-2009, 09:31 PM

Foot sprain was fairly severe but found I could still lift. Warmed up with a bunch of squats with the empty bar working on improving depth queing of the feeling of my hamstring and calf touching and some KB swings.

Deadlift 1x5 225, 1x3 245, 1x2 265, 1x5 290, 330x3, 370x6 Dips 1x3, 1x5, 1x9 Pullups 1x3, 1x5, 1x10, 1x6

. I just read Christian Thibideau's perfect rep article and it resonated with me so I started playing with the concept, my pull ups and dips felt much faster on the first rep that slowed down did result in my not getting as many reps wanted, felt really good after my 10 set of pull ups and wanted something on tape so did the 6 set would have liked to hit another ten but we will see how this modifaction effects the program hopefully focusing on the perfect rep will help me get to a point were 6 set of pull ups is laughable again. Going up by 20's on the deadlift from 290 to 370 felt like to may sets and to tiring and I was unable to maintain movement speed above 290. The 6 at 370 was dissapointing I was hoping for a another ten set but my back was rounding and I was really focusing on quality in this workout so called it a day


Six set on pull ups, 9 set on dips, and 290 and 370 on DL


Rafe Kelley
12-29-2009, 12:30 AM
Nice to get back to training after the holiday finished my 5/3/1 week with bench press and press to handstand. Did some very light balance, climbing, and spiny training as well, Foot is improving but I need to take it slow I have been unable to train hard parkour since early october that is killing me, I am going crazy, I need to heal up soon.

Bench 135x5, 155x5, 165x3, 185x3, 195x3, 205x4
Press to handstand on slanted wall 3x5
Bench Press performance was second best so far not were I want to be but nice to see improvement. Beginning to wonder if my previous 205x6 was miscalculation on weight.
BP 155x5 http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=222458839101
BP 175x3http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=222467734101
Press handstand http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=222463614101
BP 205x3http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=222470574101

Rafe Kelley
01-01-2010, 09:38 PM
Last workout of the year, Deload week on 5/3/1 still working hard on my gymnastics and pull ups.

Weighted pull ups +5x3, +10x3, 15x3, 25x3, 30x3, 20x3, 15x3, 10x3

Squats, 45x10, 135x5, 155x4, 170x5, 205x5

L-hold-Tuck planche 3second hold x 3 3x press shoudler stand

First set had to break up the shoulder stands second set I as short on shoulderstands, 3 sets was the best got the second on video.

Gymnastics Sequence


205x5 squats


Lost the footage of the pull ups.

Felt great after this work out very fresh liking the ramp up and down on the pull ups feel like I need more volume but again want to keep the movement quality real high.

Rafe Kelley
01-02-2010, 12:58 PM
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up I have moved my blog over to www.evolutionaryathletics.posterous.com and will be putting real content into it again, likewise you can see the training blogs of several other Parkour Visions staff including tyson who is doing a prettying interesting gymnastics SS hybrid which I know some of you might find interesting.

Rafe Kelley
01-09-2010, 07:20 PM

Foot feels 85 percent better, able to train lightly for about 30 minutes staying very very contentious of my foot will go crazy if reinjure and have to wait go back to recovery mode. Anyways did some light barefoot parkour included in the footage below is small section nothing special just working on posture and biomechanics and flow.

Strength training Deload day 2, Deadlift and Press, worked on climb ups and press shoulder stand as well.

Deadlift 155x5, 190x5, 235x5, Press 55x5 70x5, 85x5, Climb ups 5x3 sets, L-Press shoulder Stand 1x5 and 5x1

Video <object width="400" height="224" ><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie" value="http://www.facebook.com/v/239102224101" /><embed src="http://www.facebook.com/v/239102224101" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="224"></embed></object>


Foot feeling even better getting mobility in small toe back without pain, trained lightly parkour for 1 hour. Nothing particularly interesting.

Strength training, Squats and Pull ups skipped gymnastic accesory work due to fatigue. Droped by estimated squat max from 340 on my last cycle to 320 in to account for previous lack of range of motion, did 235x5, 255x5 and 275x10. This hammered my legs much more then previous squats and looking at the video I am still at lest 5 degrees high on 3-4 reps, groin and hamstrings in particular really felt the increased range of motion. Working on pull ups has helped my climb ups recover tremendously but I am shocked how weak I had become at the pull up, I maxed at 11 pull ups one better then last week which is nice good to progress but I got to get back in the high teen as soon as possible.

Video <object width="400" height="224" ><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie" value="http://www.facebook.com/v/239179899101" /><embed src="http://www.facebook.com/v/239179899101" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="224"></embed></object>


1 hour of light Parkour practice with Jackson at whatcom falls parkour just vault flow and few jumps really good to move again and especially to be in the woods, Jackson did amazing stuff, we played tag it was brilliant. Jackson doesn't quite understand the point of tag because He would destroy me at it if he did at least in that environment.


Foot continues to improve. 45 minutes of parkour with intermediate class flow work and stamina and hard climbing super fun had to bow out when we started doing high impact cat tac's.

Deadlift 300x5, 320x5, 340x11 and Bench press 165x5, 175x5,185x5. Bumped deadlift 10 pound over the last cycle stayed put on Bench since performance was so inconsistent on it. Really wanted ten on the bench but 8 is one of my strongest performances shows possible progression, spotter pissed me off with the hardly there but possible interfering spot on the last lift, Argh.

Video<object width="400" height="224" ><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie" value="http://www.facebook.com/v/239155759101" /><embed src="http://www.facebook.com/v/239155759101" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="224"></embed></object>

Rafe Kelley
01-09-2010, 07:21 PM

Foot feels 85 percent better, able to train lightly for about 30 minutes staying very very contentious of my foot will go crazy if reinjure and have to wait go back to recovery mode. Anyways did some light barefoot parkour included in the footage below is small section nothing special just working on posture and biomechanics and flow.

Strength training Deload day 2, Deadlift and Press, worked on climb ups and press shoulder stand as well.

Deadlift 155x5, 190x5, 235x5, Press 55x5 70x5, 85x5, Climb ups 5x3 sets, L-Press shoulder Stand 1x5 and 5x1



Foot feeling even better getting mobility in small toe back without pain, trained lightly parkour for 1 hour. Nothing particularly interesting.

Strength training, Squats and Pull ups skipped gymnastic accesory work due to fatigue. Droped by estimated squat max from 340 on my last cycle to 320 in to account for previous lack of range of motion, did 235x5, 255x5 and 275x10. This hammered my legs much more then previous squats and looking at the video I am still at lest 5 degrees high on 3-4 reps, groin and hamstrings in particular really felt the increased range of motion. Working on pull ups has helped my climb ups recover tremendously but I am shocked how weak I had become at the pull up, I maxed at 11 pull ups one better then last week which is nice good to progress but I got to get back in the high teen as soon as possible.



1 hour of light Parkour practice with Jackson at whatcom falls parkour just vault flow and few jumps really good to move again and especially to be in the woods, Jackson did amazing stuff, we played tag it was brilliant. Jackson doesn't quite understand the point of tag because He would destroy me at it if he did at least in that environment.


Foot continues to improve. 45 minutes of parkour with intermediate class flow work and stamina and hard climbing super fun had to bow out when we started doing high impact cat tac's.

Deadlift 300x5, 320x5, 340x11 and Bench press 165x5, 175x5,185x5. Bumped deadlift 10 pound over the last cycle stayed put on Bench since performance was so inconsistent on it. Really wanted ten on the bench but 8 is one of my strongest performances shows possible progression, spotter pissed me off with the hardly there but possible interfering spot on the last lift, Argh.