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Jon Brody
04-11-2009, 06:00 PM
Monday is the first day of the rest of my physical life! :D 6'0'', 23, ~205lb (will get pseudo-official # Monday morning), BF is like ~16%....kinda flabby....I might have my parents take some pics tomorrow just for reference and a visual.

Goals: become a BJJ beast, eventually get back to boxing/MT and compete MMA. I wanna be wicked strong and explosive, with metcon ability focused on ridiculous density training and heavy weight, shorter duration. CFEndurance type stuff is about as appealing to me as shaving my balls with a switchblade; that said, workouts like FGB, Murph, et. al. are pretty friggin' sweet and I'd like to be reasonably proficient at them and at the very least do battle with em' from time to time. Gymnastic work really intrigues me, but static moves aside, that's a future goal I'm not going to prioritize.

My diet is 17block Zone w/ Paleo + dairy parameters. Bulk of carbs and most dense carbs allocated to PWO window(s). 2x fat blocks, and I'm going to tinker with reducing specific carb blocks and jacking up fat blocks further per 42 WaysTSTZ recco. Once I get my weight down (thinking 185-190) I'm hoping to ratchet up fat blocks to 3-5x, incorporate a Gant-esque hybrid and train my balls off with an absolute focus on performance. After that I'll marry a bikini model and consider packing on some mass.....:eek:

Supplements: fish oils, creatine, BCAA's (going to go with 10-15gpre, 10-15gpost intense WOs), ZMA, greens supplement. C-Malate + Alaline seem to get beefy reviews, but I gotta draw the line somewhere haha....I'm thinking when I reach desired weight and re-program diet I'll replace BCAA's with that....

Annnnnd my initial program....It's a bit more robust than some of the recommendations, which I'll keep cognizant and scale back if I'm not adapting well. The combo of my + diet, + sleep, + supplements, not-horrible genetics and general propensity to reach for the sun is leading to:

MONDAY -- Maximal Strength (3x5 BS, 3x5 Press, 3x5 BP, 1x5 HammerStrength Chest Push, 1x5 DL)

TUESDAY -- Bodyweight, ~10min MetCon + core work + gymnastic statics -----> BJJ

WEDNESDAY -- Video Games, Porn, Literature, maybe casual kayaking/tennis/etc.

THURSDAY -- Choice of, Heavy/Short MetCon; Tabata MetCon; Density MetCon (20min max) ----> BJJ

FRIDAY -- Explosive/Gymnastic Strength Rotation (e.g. DB clean&press, 4x3; DB snatch, 4x3; one leg squat, 4x5; weighted pullups, 4x5; plyo-depth pushups, 4x8; 1 arm BP, 4x5; weighted dips, 4x10; lunge jumps, 4x10)

SATURDAY -- BJJ ----> Intervals (800m max, decrease weekly while increasing intensity) + core work + gymnastic statics

SUNDAY -- Usual mix of porn, Fight Night on PS3, and some kayaking/tennis/basketball thrown in

***every 4th week will be a back-off-week....strength training will be de-loaded greatly with an emphasis on gymnastic statics and moderate bodyweight exercises; my jitz rolling will be scaled back to an appreciable degree; met-cons will be replaced with kayaking/tennis/etc.; sprinting will be replaced by casual jogs.

****every ~12weeks I'll consider a full week off, with the exception of BJJ skill work and non-combat sports

*****I really shouldn't be going balls2wall when I roll since I'm such a newb, so I think that should work in my favor as I begin

****a floor up from where I work there is a yoga school....it's bikram, which I'm not sure about....I'm going to give it a one week shot in the next few weeks and will report back.

Game On! :cool:

Jon Brody
04-13-2009, 06:11 PM
And so it begins....

1) BS (teabagging-style) 185x5, 205x5, 225x5 --> Press 105x5, 115x4, 115x3 --> BP 185x4, 155x5, 155x5 --> DL 355x5

Running on 6h sleep, but I felt pretty solid to start. BP has always been real weak, and I've hidden from it....I can actually do = or > weight using DBs, which is odd....wonder if this means anything? First time doing legit, deep squats, so I was cautious -- felt solid, though, and I feel like it can be a + lift for me.....second time I've ever shoulder pressed and I felt really weak....I've DL'd prolly half a dozen times before....was tired going into my final lift, but pulled through with full lockouts, despite my form being a bit shoddy. I think DL could be my forte

Initial 50 Day Strength Goals:

BS #335 BP #235 Press #150 DL #450

Ambitious as I'll be shedding some serious fat during this time period and adapting to BJJ and a Paleo-Zone diet, but I'm confident.

**I got cajoled into a 60min spin class afterwards, which I kinda lolled through.
***I'm refining my Paleo-Zone meal plan, which should be finished and shopped and begun in earnest by next week!

Jon Brody
04-14-2009, 05:27 PM
Gymnastic Statics/Warmup

Planche and L-sit progressions; stability ball work; dynamic stretching; 20s sprint + 20s hang from bar.

BW MetCon

5 ROUNDS, of: 30s burpees + 30s jumping jacks + 45s sprint (on treadmill, 11mph, 1% incline) + 30s shadow boxing

I felt pretty good moving through circuit, and liked my warmup -- I felt kinda stiff and sore going in. I'd love to do this outdoors where I can do a legit 30s all-out sprint.

Core and Biceps

Seated Machine Curl: #80x5, #95x3, #115x1, each arm. Hammer Curls: #40x8, #45x5, #55x1, each arm.

5 flags --> 10 v-sits --> 20 medball twists --> 40 kimura situps. 3 circuits, 60s rest between.

I did the core+biceps at globo with a friend. I didn't really wanna do it, but I had amazing energy after my metcon, and I wanted to be social, so.....

Jon Brody
04-15-2009, 07:22 AM
Wednesday: Globario

60m spin class.

Lolling through it once again; today is my allocated REST day, but I feel fairly compelled to go for some social reasons.

My quads feel like a mallet got taken to them, though the rest of my body is just mildly sore. Going to approach today as more of a recovery vs. rest day, and just casually do the spin and work up a sweat while moving my legs around.

Will be watching the Ranger game w/ a friend afterwards, so beer and other glorious carbohydrates will assuredly follow -- maybe the spin won't be such a drain after all! :D

Jon Brody
04-16-2009, 09:28 PM
Thursday: MetCon

5 DB snatches/arm --> 5 DB swings/arm --> 10 burpees --> 5 Rounds for time, so a total of 50 snatches, 50 swings, 50 burpees

Time -- 14m

*55pound DBs

I feel like I could def have gone heavier on the snatches; the swings felt much more taxing. I don't recall taking more than 1min between any round, sometimes 30s, and I felt like I was going at a decent pace for most of it, but the time says otherwise...:eek: I'm looking forward to doing this again in another month or so and seeing how it goes then.

Jon Brody
04-17-2009, 04:15 PM
Gymnastic Statics/Warmup

Stability ball work, Planche and L-sit progressions, dynamic stretching, 20s sprint, 20s hang.

Starting to like this warmup a lot, and my gymnastic statics are already seeing some improvements.

Friday: Varied Strength

1arm DB BP, 4x5 --> #60, #70, #80, #80

Deadhang Pullups + #10 --> 5, 6, 5, 5

My lats felt kinda sore going in. Felt kinda "meh" about my performance on these, but not horrible.

1leg squat, 3x5

Used a flatbench as a metric for my depth. I felt good as I progressed through the sets, but it was def a weird-difficult feeling....look forward to ditching the bench and going much deeper in the future.

RDLs DBs , 3x8 --> #80, #100, #100

Felt good on these...could def see myself using #120s in a week or two....wanted to go lighter as it was my first time doing them and it's my first week on my exercise plan.

Jon Brody
04-18-2009, 03:04 PM
Saturday: Roadwork, Gymnastics, Core

800x2, 3:40, 4:20

Took 60s rest between sets.


Jogged back to starting line between sets.

I felt horrible doing the 800's. I planned on doing 4, but cut it to 2 due to such quick fatigue and then focused on the 50's, which I felt fast and powerful on (and hurt like a mofo'!). 800 has always been my worst distance, and as the last workout of my first week it was a disaster. I started "strong" each time, to then fizzle HARD while then making a final push the final ~100m.

Gymnastic statics followed by: 25# v-upsX15 --> 25# Russian twistsX20 (10 each side) --> 50 chinnies.....3 circuits, ~60s rest between circuits.

Week 1 in the books...tomorrow I'll sleep late, chill, and possibly go for a walk on my beach or play some tennis (at the max).

Jon Brody
04-19-2009, 01:38 PM
Sunday: REST

Doing pretty much nothing today but loll around...I'm pretty friggin' sore, especially my hammies...

Also, I have a confession: I ate like a garbage pale the past 24hours....went to a small party and was cajoled into some insanely caloric drinks, cookies, and wings....I still feel bloated...:eek:

But, tomorrow begins the first day of incorporating paleo-zone into my training regiment, so I hope to feel great again in another week!

Derek Simonds
04-19-2009, 06:08 PM
Looks like with the porn you have a great mix of training.

Welcome to the training log section. Your starting numbers are solid. I think all your goals can be accomplished and look forward to reading your progress.

How was your recovery this first week?

Jon Brody
04-20-2009, 08:07 AM
Haha, in actuality leisurely perusing "porn" usually ends up "working my ass off so I can buy that condo w/ the garage to make into a killer gym". :)

Thx for the welcome! My recovery and energy has felt good so far -- I've gone into the workouts pretty pumped up and even when I've felt demolished afterwards I've felt really...spirited...

Friday-Sat sessions still have me pretty sore, though -- lower back a bit, my core, but mainly hamstrings. Pretty sure it's from the (relatively) heavy sets of RDLs I did and my first time doing sprints in ages. It was my first time ever doing RDLs, also.

Just hoping that this doesn't wreck my performance tonight (BS and DL, specifically) -- I assume it's still kosher to train through this type of soreness. All in all, I think I recovered well, and I really can't bitch much. :) I just started ZMA, and tomorrow I am beginning to take BCAAs, also, so hopefully this will help, especially as I get into my paleo-zone and start some BJJ classes.

Derek Simonds
04-20-2009, 10:39 AM
Just be super aware of your recovery when you start BJJ it is very difficult to train multiple times a week for MT / BJJ and lift like you are.

I switch emphasis throughout the year. I will be in a strength tear and won't push as hard in BJJ then getting ready for a tournament I will put the majority of time into BJJ. It is always a balancing act.

Best of luck. Do you know where you are going to be training BJJ?

Jon Brody
04-20-2009, 11:34 AM
Hmm, duly noted...I'll be real cognizent of recovery as I start the BJJ (next week). http://www.bestwayjiujitsu.com/ (part of ATT) I'll be training out of their West Haven, CT location, hopefully 3x/week...it's maybe ~5m from my crib.

I tried out a couple classes a while back and got a good vibe from the place. You mentioned switching gears and not pushing as hard at times, which makes a lot of sense; and, it's something I'll shoot for when I start, simply by virtue of being a newb, but it should give some aid to my body adapting to the routine, also.

My vision is really going out of my way to emphasize feel/tecnique/control during the BJJ while I complete my "50 Day Plan"; then I can try to step it up a notch while I can also tweak my diet (assuming I've leaned out by that pt.).

Jon Brody
04-20-2009, 04:23 PM
Monday: Maximal Strength

aka So Much For Muscle Soreness :D

BS 225#x5, 245x5, 255x5

Maxed @ 225# last week. Decent improvement; it was pretty difficult on the last set, and I don't think I should have tried to jump much more weight.

SP 115#x5, 125x5, 125x5

Maxed at 105#x5 last week, 115#x3. Amazing how much stronger I felt this week. I feel like I could have gone for 130-135 on my last set, perhaps....:)

BP 185#x5, 185x5, 185x5

Maxed 185#x4 last week, 155#x5. Still feel like a weakling @ BP, but huge improvement from last week!

Hammer Chest Press Machine 180#x5, 200x3, 230x1

DL 365#x5

355# last week. In retro, I did more of a stiff-dl last week. This week, I pulled the weight surprisingly swiftly, and it was my grip (can't use chalk @ gym lol) that nearly betrayed me.

Finisher -- 5x5 clap pushups, 15s rest between, 3 double-claps last set

Jon Brody
04-21-2009, 03:54 PM
Tuesday: BW MetCon and Core

30s burpees + 30s jumping jacks + 30s "hip switches" (i.e. hands on hips, chest up, legs scissoring vertically) + 30s burpees + 30s jumping jacks + 30s mountain climbers

5rounds, 30s rest between

My quads felt pretty sore going in, and they quickly got pillaged and a deep burn reverberated through them through for most of the workout....the hip switches and even the jumping jacks were unreal, surprisingly brutal....by the last round I partially came to peace w/ the pain lol....I pushed myself hard, but not a total ME -- I took a few quasi-active few-second rests during many of the rounds, and I subbed like 20s of the mountain climbers w/ a plank hold.

5 flags -- >10 side bends (5x/side) 80# DB --> 15 knee tucks --> 20 chinnies

3 circuits, little rest between exercises, 60-90s between circuits

My core feels ravaged (in a good way). I liked this routine a lot. I might even give it a pet name -- "Quadruple Double" --....haha.... I kept at the gymnastic statics, and having been paying particular attention to planche progressions, and am def seeing improvement. The L-sit from the floor I'm having a supremely hard time getting to and holding for even a second, but I'll keep at it. Handstands are something I need to incorporate also.

Jon Brody
04-22-2009, 07:44 AM
Wednesday: REST

Actual rest...:) going into the city for the day -- 50/50 business/pleasure.....def needed today off....have a BEAST of a metcon tomorrow...! :eek:

Jon Brody
04-23-2009, 05:04 PM
Thursday: Density MetCon

5 PU's --> 10 medball slams --> 15 burps --> 20 jumping jacks = 1 round


6 **or** 7 rounds, + 5PU, 10slams, 2burps....followed by some bicep iso work @ globo

**I honestly lost count in the heat of battle; one or the other, but truly not sure either way.

I went in feeling kinda ill...stomach had been wacky the past 48h and I had some sinus issues....sucked it up anyways after a self-evaluation and put out a real good effort. I felt wasted post-WO, and ironically my stomach has felt much improved since. Brutal workout, either way....very deceptive....10 is the goal, and when I tackle it in another month or two I am getting 8 rounds bare minimum....:cool:

Jon Brody
04-24-2009, 04:09 PM
Friday: Varied Strength

DB Snatches, 4x3, #55 --> #70 --> #80

First time doing....felt pretty strong on them....goal = #100's.

Dips, 5x10 --> 10 --> 10 --> 8 --> 5 --> 5

But a few weeks ago I could barely do 2 half-assed dips....was real happy w/ these 5 sets and my ROM was very solid.

1leg Squats, 4x5 --> 5 --> 5 --> 5 --> 5

Had difficulty (again); though, on my right leg I'm starting to feel stronger and more balanced. I'm still using a flat bench as guidance. Goal = soon go MUCH deeper w/o a bench metric.

RDL DBs, 3x8, #80 --> #100 --> #110

Stepped it up a bit on these; 2nd time doing them. My grip nearly failed me on the #110's but I gutted it out. I feel extremely strong -- especially w/ my very limited training -- on DLs. No real goal, except I want my DL to get to #550.

I've been going into the workouts of late feeling kinda beaten down -- a decent amount of soreness and some general fatigue. But, mentally I've felt amped up and have felt good inter and post WO.

Jon Brody
04-25-2009, 01:23 PM
Saturday: Interval Sprinting

4x400's, 2m rests -- 1.20, 1.40, 1.58, 1.52

5x50s, jog back and go

felt stiff and fatigued going in....and it was hot as shit......my effort was good, despite the time....I wanted to quit baaaadly after the first two....goal = sub60....it will be done.

Going to Ranger game tomorrow...what a rest day, indeed.....good thing I'm not paleo or zoning cause' tomorrow would be reaping a fuckload of guilt(!)

Also, did some core.....#10 turkish get-ups x5/side --> 20 russian twists on decline bench #10 plate --> plank off stability ball till failure --> 3 rounds

Jon Brody
04-26-2009, 05:45 PM
Sunday: REST

Was in the city all day for the Ranger game.....UFUOEGFhweouFWUE haha....good, yet brutal times...feel drained, and did a good deal of walking in the city heat. Tomorrow is a new day -- wanna keep up with the PRs!

Jon Brody
04-28-2009, 11:34 AM
Monday/Tuesday: sick....:(

Took Monday off in addition to my scheduled rest day of Sunday feeling just run down; still feel sick today, though getting a bit better. I'm very tempted to try to make everything up and get in the gym tonight, but I'm not sure...very annoying....

I also ate like shit yesterday, but I'm back on the wagon today, and I somehow didn't eat/drink *that* badly when I went to the Ranger game. I think I'm going to go to the gym tonight and do yesterday's scheduled maximal strenght workout, but if my lifts look like shit I'll just pull the plug, stretch, and rest.

Jon Brody
05-05-2009, 07:02 PM
Wednesday through Monday -- SIIIIICK :mad:

Got a real bad flu....was pretty horrible....very annoying.....and I ate like shit....:mad:

Tuesday: Strength

BS: 225x5 --> 255x5 --> 275x5

PR on the last set!!!

SP: 125x5 --> 125x4 --> 125x2

Disappointing....I started a #10 heavier than last week, when I finished with 2 sets of 125x5....oh well....

DL: 315x5 --> 375x5

PR!!! I felt like I could have "easily" done 2+ more....I'm gunning for a 500+ DL...:)

OHS: Just used the bar for 3x5, first time testing it out

BP: 185x5 --> 205x3 --> 205x2

Kinda disappointing....I didn't like my mental-effort going in....woulda been PRs on my last 2 sets if I hit 5 reps....will try for it next week.

All in all...coming off a pretty bad ~5 days of illness and eating like shit I lifted pretty well.....squat and DL, especially, I crushed pretty hard, while my BP and SP "declined", though I did try out heavier weights on later sets.

Jon Brody
05-06-2009, 04:26 PM
Wednesday: BW Density MetCon

30s burps --> 30s jumping jacks --> 30s split jumps --> 30s burps --> 30s jumping jacks --> 30s mountain climbers (or plank when @ fail)

5rounds, 30s rest between rounds

I felt about as sore as I've felt in a while coming into this...yesterday was my first day back from the flu and I lifted pretty hard....my legs, traps, and shoulders were all sore today -- legs especially. Pretty happy with my effort -- not ball2wall where my teeth and jaw ache and I cough a bit PWO...but solid....eating decent again, too....next week I intend on paleo-zoning and starting w/ BCAA's....

My plan and current state: I feel like I've put on some legit size in just the past month, and my bodyfat has gone down a bit, too....when I start paleo-zoning I'm looking to shed fat like a madman while maintaining at the very worst my strength....weigh ~210 now, want to get to ~190 --> switch to pure paleo and focus on performance --> post-summer look to put on a bit of size.

Jon Brody
05-07-2009, 04:30 PM
Thursday: Gymnastics, Biceps, Core

Warm-Up --> 5m jump rope

Hammer Curls: 40x6, 50x5, 60x3

Barbell Curl: Bar + 50x8, Bar +70x6, Bar +100x1

Several series and sets of: L-Pulllup Holds, Planche static holds, Physioball-Kimura attempts, l-sit from floor statics

Didn't feel too good throughout the workout...was feeling down emotionally, thus I felt like shit in general. I forget the exact numbers and times on my static work; going by pure "feel", though, I'm definitely getting stronger at them. I realllllly want to be able to hold a full planche.....:cool:

Bit of a weird workweek since I missed Monday as a result of the waning days of my illness....tomorrow I'd like to do my power/gymnastic strength training, and then Saturday do my sprint work....will see how I feel tomorrow -- still pretty sore.

Jon Brody
05-09-2009, 01:25 PM
Friday & Saturday & Sunday:

Felt pretty run-down Friday and took the day off....I think the gymnastic statics I did the day before really took a greater toll on me than I expected...plus, first week back from a ~5day illness....

Today (Sat) I helped a friend move. Was pretty intense, actually.....sweated like a madman, pretty constant motion....felt like I was working my legs some, and definitely my traps/shoulders/forearms.

Tomorrow I'm just going to go for a 2mile run, and look to start back with a fresh, full week on Monday!

Jon Brody
05-11-2009, 05:25 PM
Monday: Strength

**I sprained my ankle Saturday, so did jack Sunday, and I also think it messed with my squat a bit today. I also felt like donkeyshit going into the workout -- not physically, per say, but all the same...

BS: 225x5, 255x5, 275x5

Felt weak on these...I didn't go as low as I normally would like (still better than average guy doing them, prolly), and the last set I got a spotter who seemed to give me some veryvery light and modest, but nonetheless "helpful" assistance.

SP: 125x5, 125x5, 125x4

Some PR's here for reps. Last week was x5, x4, x2...I came VERY close to finishing the 5th rep, final set, but my lower back seemed to give out, I got a bit wobbly, and I thankfully just re-set the barbell.

Dumbbell BP: 85x6, 90x6, 100x4

I felt pretty solid on the first two sets...prolly jumped weight too fast, too much final....my ROM wasn't that deep.

RDL: 100x5, 110x5, 125x3

I started to do my usual deads, but my lower back felt kinda funky since I did the SP's earlier, so I did some RDLs instead. My grip failed on the #125s.

Considering my ankle, still kinda recovering from my illness and it's ramifications, and my shit mood, the workout was alright.

Jon Brody
05-12-2009, 04:49 PM
Tuesday: BW MetCon

100 rope turns --> 10 burps --> 10 pushups --> 10 squats

10 rounds for time

Time: 32.50

Pretty bad time, but my effort was pretty good and I felt "good" afterwards. I was pretty sore in my legs going in. Also, I was using a new rope for the first time and the combo of it not being a "speed rope", and my rustiness had me going a good clip slower than I normally would on that portion.

I feel like this should be done in ~20 minutes. I'll try it again in a month or so.

25 static progressions of l-sit holds from floor, and planche progressions. Definite improvement on these. Finished with a plank to failure.

Jon Brody
05-14-2009, 04:43 PM
Wednesday: REST

Thursday: MetCon

10 pull-ups (with palms facing inward at each other) --> 10 double-dumbbell swings (#40's) --> 10 plyo-clap pushups --> 10 jumping nee-tucks = 1 round

AMRAP in 20min --> 5 rounds + 10 pullups + 10 swings + 3 pushups

Really brutal workout...I felt a bit queasy at a few points, which actually made me let up a bit and take some extended breaks....was in a reasonably populated, corporate gym and really couldn't risk hurling....! :) It took me a loooong time to get my heart-rate down PWO, and I felt really spent, but in a good, pumped-up kinda way. Getting 8 rounds in would be really sweet....10 ideally.

Jon Brody
05-15-2009, 06:39 PM
Friday: Strength

DB Clean/Presses: 4x3, #50's, #70's, #80's, #80's

Mild PR here in weight on my 3rd set...liked my effort.

Dips: 10, 10, 10, 8, 6

PR's in 3rd, 4th, and 5th sets for reps!

1leg Squats: 2x5 per leg

My legs felt kinda wasted going in, so I decided to not overdo the sets. I did set "PRs" in my depth, however, which was my main goal.

I called it quits with that. Just going with how my body felt...opted not to do any RDL's or weighted pull-ups. Will hit it hard tomorrow with sprints and then kill it nxt week.

Jon Brody
05-16-2009, 07:14 PM
Saturday: Modefied Hill Sprints

~10s ME uphill sprints --> 5 360degree burpees --> ~60s rest --> x5

Felt surprisingly spent, and I almost didn't workout today due to time...wanted to do 10 burpees and/or closer to 10 rounds, but I kept it short and sweet. Solid.

Chris H Laing
05-17-2009, 04:06 AM
Whats a 360 degree burpee?

Jon Brody
05-19-2009, 05:03 PM
Just when I do the jumping motion I make sure to explode enough to do a 360degree turn in the air, land and rinse n' repeat. I wanna start adding a lot of intensified, low-moderate volume burpees into my sprint work, or in general when looking to add a nice finishing blow to a sequence lol.

Monday: Strength

BP: 185x5, 205x5, 225x3, 245x1

PR'd my 1RM!

BS: 225x5, 255x5, 285x5

PR last set.

SP: 135x4

Never went this heavy but wanted to see if I could make it work. Couldn't quite finish the 5th....really pushed myself....was totally drained on this exercise and decided to not push it further.

Hammer Strength Press Machine: 225x5, 245x5, 275x2

DL: 315x5, 315x5, 405x3

Usually just do 1x5...but I got to talking with a couple of powerlifters at the gym. Apparently my form sucks donkeydick and I am using my hamstrings too much and my motion is basically broken down into 2 parts. I went in wanting to do 405x5, so after polishing off the 315's went for it. 1...2 weeks max and I hit 405 for 5...book it! :)

Tuesday: MetCon, Gymnastics

10 explosive medicine ball woodchoppers (first time doing, pretty cool exercise, felt like it enforced good ROM in the squat and pushed me to explode up really well)--> 10 straight-arm push downs with a resistance band -->10 straight-arm twists -> 10 standing rows w/ same resistance band --> 10 burpees

5 rounds for time, zero rest during the round, explosive throughout

I took 30s rest between rounds. I was so spent when I finished that I forgot to stop my stopwatch, so I'm not totally sure of my time...I *think* somewhere in the mid 9's....liked this workout.

Practiced l-pulllups and l-sit from floor and caled it a day.

Jon Brody
05-21-2009, 01:59 PM
Thursday: Date Night Jackassery

Ran a mile, increasing speed gradually, topping out at 10.1 on the treadmill for the last 60s. Did some curlz for the gunz. Did some russian twists and situps for the abz.

Got a 1st date tonight, so didn't want to risk being wiped out from the big metcon I normally would have done..

Jon Brody
05-22-2009, 05:21 PM
Friday: Strength

Hanging Power Cleans: 135x5, 155x5, 185x1

First time doing this exercise. *LOVED* it...can't wait to do more.

DB Clean & Press: 70x3, 85x3 (right hand) x2 (left hand)

I need to work on my shoulder strength.

Dips: 15pound weighted x10, x10 bw, x7 bw, 15pound x4, 15pound x4

First time doing weighted dips. I made really quick progression past 2 weeks on dips, and wanted to start up doing weighted ones, incrementally.

1leg squats: 4x5, per leg

Lovin' my improvement on these...right leg markedly stronger, or at least better balanced....I'm going damn low on and pumping these out now!

L-Pullups: x5, x3, x3 --> 5 max-power kipping pull-ups finisher

Making improvement in my l-ups, really liking this exercise.....pretty cool stuff.

DB RDL's: 80x8, 100x8, 115x8

PR on last set for weight.

All in all...loved starting the l-pullups and the hanging power cleans....

Jon Brody
05-23-2009, 10:44 AM
Saturday: Sprints

5x100m @ football field, 2m rest between rounds

Pretty simple....I planned on finishing off with 10x20m, but my legs felt fried and I couldn't get any explosion when I attempted....my ass and hips were also spazzing out a bit by the end. I think in part it was because I didn't do a great warmup.

Just going to chill the rest of the weekend and hit it hard next week while integrating in Oly lifting.

In another couple weeks I am going to see where I'm at with the initial 50 Day Goals I established....#450 DL and #150 OP I feel really confident about, my #335 squat I'm a bit worried about.....I feel like I've been pussying out on my squats some recently...not going deep enough and just being pussyfooted about them....I'm hoping that by adding snatches and cleans 1x/week my squat will get a boost.

Jon Brody
05-25-2009, 04:42 PM
Monday: Kettlebell Beach Stuff!!!!!

I bought some kettlebells today....two #20's and a #45...and a #20 weighted vest. Went to the beach feeling kinda "meh", but wanted to do something and put the new gear to work:

10 clean&presses (with full squat) using the #20s --> 10 alternating swings using the #45 --> 10 burpees. 3 rounds. 8minutes :mad: .

I don't know if I was just tired and my intensity wasn't that great, the workout was harder than I thought it'd be, or doing it on an uneven plane in the sand made things that much more difficult, but this really beat me hard and early....my legs especially just got killed really early on, and my my burps and rest between rounds was way too long. I'd like to tame this circuit in sub-5min at some point.

Jon Brody
05-26-2009, 03:29 PM
Tuesday: Strength

Big workout day..lots and lots of PRs and attempt:

HPC: 135x5, 155x3, 185x2, 190x1, 195x1, 205x-fail

2nd time doing these, really love 'em...mistakenly used the gym's shitty bar...185x2, 190 and 195 were PRs...failed on 185x1 last week.

BS: 225x5, 265x5, 300x5

15plb PR on the last set!

SP: 95x5, 125x5, 135x5, 155x1

PR for reps on 3rd, went for a 1RM at the end and PRd!

DL: 315x3, 375x3, 405x1, 455x1, 475x-fail

So, my first 3 sets I felt unusually weak, endurance-wise....I went in wanting to do 405x5.....but I was PRing the shit out of the entire workout, and I felt 1RM-strong, so I went for it and PRd my 1RM....I couldn't even lift the #475 attempt off the ground afterward at the end lol...

L-Pullups: x5, x5, x2

My "form" was significantly improved on these over when I first tried them a week ago....really cool movement....going to start doing more of these, more heavy weighted PUs, and more front lever progressions.

Just checked...I've already eclipsed my 50-Day Goals w/ time to spare, accept for not attempting a 1RM BS, though my 5rep working sets are pretty close to it as is....awesome stuff....my SP has gone up #40 on working sets, BP by #50+, BS on working sets by #75, and my DL has gone up ~#40. I've also dropped BF during this time period *AND* packed on a REALLY surprising amount of quality muscle. I'm also beginning to make quick gains on the new oly movements I've been starting up.

Chris H Laing
05-26-2009, 03:37 PM
Just when I do the jumping motion I make sure to explode enough to do a 360degree turn in the air, land and rinse n' repeat. I wanna start adding a lot of intensified, low-moderate volume burpees into my sprint work, or in general when looking to add a nice finishing blow to a sequence lol.

I like it. I might try those this week.

Jon Brody
05-26-2009, 03:44 PM
I liked em a lot; makes them more interesting, and to me the biggest thing is mental...in that the simple goal of doing the 360 really helps ensure I give a true explosive effort at the top...vs. the more general parameter of jumping up high, I find myself slacking sometimes when I'm fatigued. For whatever reason, the added mental stimulus and goal of doing a 360 helps me push myself, aside from whatever benefit the 360 itself gives.

Jon Brody
05-28-2009, 11:31 AM
Wednesday (yesterday): MetCon

10 burpees --> 20 lunges --> 30 squats --> 60s rest --> x5


10 kipping pull-ups --> 20 plyo pushups --> 10 power cleans with bar --> x2

Time: 22.22

Wanted to do 5 rounds of the 2nd circuit, but I was wasted...hadn't slept much, my diet was utter shit the past 24hours, and I was feeling the big workout I had on Tuesday. Not my best/favorite workout that I've done.

Core: 10 flags --> 10 kimuras w/ physioball --> 10 medball twists --> plank for time --> 60s rest --> x3