View Full Version : Another Clubbell Design

Grissim Connery
06-25-2009, 09:35 PM
I went home last weekend and while I was there, I grabbed some old plates that were lying around. I went to home depot and rigged this up. It's 32 pounds right now. I can unscrew it and put on a different steel nipple to get it up to around 52 pounds. the grip is 1" in the pic. i can also unscrew that and screw in a 1.5" handle

this is the order of the equipment from bottom to top

3/4" cap
3/4" x 5" nipple
1" to 3/4" reducer
1" x 8" nipple
1" coupling
1" x 12" black steel nipple

to get it to the 1.5" handle, i replace the 1" coupling and 1" x 12" nipple and put on

for reference, there's a 1 pood kb right next to the club and a 2 pood nearby. my old club is hanging out there as well.

1" to 1.25" hex bushing
1.25" to 1.5" hex bushing
1.5" coupling
1.5" x 10" nipple

i was worried that the 3/4" nipple wouldn't be strong enough to take on the force of the weight on the end. i wanted to use thicker steel, but these were the plates i had on hand. anyways, i figured i would try to break it to see if it could hold up. i took it out side and smashed on some grass. it did fine there. i then hit a big tree root stick up out of the ground. it did fine there as well. finally i hit some pavement with it. the first hit knocked some pavement out of the ground. i did 2 more hits just to make sure it was sturdy. the 3/4" nipple ever so slightly curved. I'm pretty confident with it seeing as how i'm not ever gonna be bashing it on the ground again.

in the future, i'm gonna go try to find some cheap olympic sized plates. that way i can just use a whole bunch of 2.5# plates and make the whole thing look more like a bat. the big hunk on the end doesn't hurt when you bump your back with it, but i like the club-like feel more