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John Filippini
06-29-2009, 06:24 AM
So I've been around here a long time reading with a few posts here and there, but finally decided that I'd rather move my workout log over here from CrossFit.

BACKGROUND: (Largely copied from my post in another thread)

As a youth I was pretty much entirely unathletic. The only two sources of regular physical activity I had as a kid were a lot of backpacking trips as a kid in Scouts and a lot of Ultimate Frisbee senior year of high school. Not particularly good with Ultimate, but it was fun and for the majority of senior year I was playing something like 3 hours/day, 5 days/week. After I left, the group my friends had started actually turned into an official team and then a local league a few years later, which I'm mildly proud of.

I dabbled with going to the gym through college, but really didn't know what I was doing so I didn't stick with it. Sometime late junior year of college I started going to the gym with a couple of friends, doing split routines for the most part. I may have started because the girl of the two started to make me feel embarrassingly weak.

After that, started CF'ing at the end of senior year, moderately consistently for about a year I think. Found an oly lifting team downtown that I started lifting with for technique help for CF. Dabbled in Oto's hybrid program for a bit, which I liked for the increased focus on both barbell and gymnastic strength.

In November or so I decided that there was too much skill training to be done on both weightlifting and gymnastics to be able to be happy with my progress doing both at once, and decided to try doing 6-month splits between them, starting with weightlifting since the oly team was so convenient.

Now 8 months later I've decided to focus entirely on weightlifting because my gains have been too fast for me to walk away from. Going from a total of 127kg in July of last year to hopefully 190kg by the end of the current July is just too exciting to walk away from. I'll likely return to something like my split idea when I finally start to slow down my progress in weightlifting.

Q1 2011 STATS: (2011.01.12)

Bodyweight: 87.8
Best Meet Total: 215
Snatch: 95
Clean: 124
Jerk: 124
Back Squat: 195
Front Squat: 160
Press: 75
Deadlift: 210

Q4 2010 STATS: (2010.10.22)

Bodyweight: 86.2
Best Meet Total: 215
Snatch: 95
Clean: 124
Jerk: 124
Back Squat: 195
Front Squat: 160
Press: 75
Deadlift: 210

Q3 2010 STATS: (2010.07.02)

Bodyweight: 84.2
Best Meet Total: 207
Snatch: 95
Clean: 120
Jerk: 120
Back Squat: 182
Front Squat: 158
Press: 75
Deadlift: 207

Q2 2010 STATS: (2010.04.10)

Bodyweight: 85.1
Best Meet Total: 205
Snatch: 93
Clean: 120
Jerk: 120
Back Squat: 182
Front Squat: 158
Press: 70
Deadlift: 207

Q1 2010 STATS: (2010.01.05)

Bodyweight: 86.8
Best Meet Total: 205
Snatch: 90
Clean: 120
Jerk: 120
Back Squat: 182
Front Squat: 155
Press: 70
Deadlift: 185

Q4 2009 STATS: (2009.10.07)

Bodyweight: 83.8
Best Meet Total: 205
Snatch: 88
Clean: 117
Jerk: 117
Back Squat: 175
Front Squat: 134
Press: 65
Deadlift: 185

INITIAL STATS: (2009.06.27)

Bodyweight: 82.3
Best Meet Total: 176
Snatch: 81
Clean: 105
Jerk: 101
Back Squat: 165
Front Squat: 132
Press: 63
Deadlift: 160






South Baltimore CF (http://southbaltimorecf.com/)

John Filippini
06-29-2009, 06:38 AM
Garden State Championships
Snatch Attempts: 70 - 75 - 75
Clean+Jerk Attempts: 95 - 100 - 100
Meet Total: 170


Not my best meet ever, but that's ok, it's the opening event for ECG's weightlifting camp, so I don't mind taking my percentages off of slightly lower numbers for the week given the high volume.

ECG Weightlifting Camp: Day 1

Snatch: 3x40, 3x45, 3x50, 2x2x60, 2x(f)x60, 2x60
Snatch Pull: 5x60, 4x70, 3x80, 4x60, 3x70, 2x80
Abs: 25 bicycles, 25 toe-touches, 50 crunches (continuous)


Clean+Jerk: 3x45, 3x55, 3x65, 4x2x75
Clean Pull: 5x75, 4x85, 3x95, 4x75, 3x85, 2x95
Front Squat: 5x55, 4x65, 3x80, 3x3x95

Also, a lot of foam rolling and stretching after both sessions and a dynamic warm-up in the morning, all of which sounds like it will be happening every day of camp.


1 - Got a lot of really useful work done on my starting position in both snatch and clean that already seems to be paying dividends. Pushing my starting position slightly forward over the base of my toes allows me to get a lot more power out of my legs in the beginning and keeps me from scraping my shins, which I always do.

2 - Got some good advice on how to avoid tight-roping my jerk, which hopefully will help. Focus on putting the front foot forward and out (seems simple, but it actually helped a lot).

John Filippini
06-29-2009, 07:12 PM
ECG Weightlifting Camp: Day 2

Snatch (2sec pause at knee on first rep): 3x40, 3x45, 3x55, 2x60, 2x65, 1x65(f2), 2x65
Clean+Jerk (2sec pause at knee on first rep): 3x50, 3x55, 2x65, 2x75, 3x2x85
Clean RDL: 5x100, 5x4x115

Hang Power Snatch: 3x30, 3x35, 3x40, 2x45, 2x50, 2x53, 2x56, 2x58, 2x60
3-Position Snatch Pull (Fl, BKn, HB): 2x53, 2x60, 2x67
Push Press: 5x40, 5x47, 5x4x55
Reverse Hyper: 3x10


1 - More work and more advancement in getting myself settled in the new and improved starting position with both pulls.

2 - More work on getting my jerks to not tight-rope. Continuing to focus on stepping forward and out to the side. Also got it pointed out that I don't bring my feet back in coming out of the clean, which may contribute. By trying to drive with my feet wide, they reflexively swing back to the center in the split. Good results with this method as well.

3 - Got the recommendation to do my RDLs closer to an SLDL in order to get better recruitment of the hamstrings, though otherwise positioning is perfect.

4 - Got drilled pretty hard on really extending at the top of the pulls, got complements from other observers on the power output that resulted.

5 - Push presses were mad easy today, which is a relief.

John Filippini
06-30-2009, 08:06 PM
ECG Weightlifting Camp: Day 3

Clean+Jerk: (3+3)x50, (2+2)x55, (2+2)x65, (2+2)x75, (2+2)x80, (2+2)x85, (2+2)x90, (1+1)x95(f2)
Back Squat: 5x85, 4x100, 3x115, 3x132, 2x2x140, 3x132, 2x150
BTN Split Press: 5x40, 5x50, 60(f), 4x57, 4x58

Snatch: 3x40, 2x50, 2x55, 2x60, 65, 68(f), 68, 68(f), 2x1x68
Clean+Jerk: (3+3)x50, (3+3)x60, (1+1)x70(f2), 3x(1+1)x80
3-Position Clean Pull (Fl, BKn, HB): 2x80, 2x90, 5x1x100
Leg Throwdowns: 2x20
GHD Sit-Ups: 2x20 (to parallel)


1 - Testing clean and jerk's for doubles went well, I would've liked to have gotten a double at 95, but I'm ok with 90. Watched video from this session, with two major notes. First, need to work on staying over the bar just a little longer so that I finish vertical, not back. Second, there may be something funny going on with my right leg, my right foot shuffles out a step in the middle of my rebend in the pull.

2 - Back squats were silly, I was supposed to do a triple at 140, then two doubles at 150, then back down to triples at 140 and 132. When I realized my mistake... I just decided to finish at 150 anyway.

3 - Split presses sucked! Then again, presses always suck, just need to keep working at it.

John Filippini
07-27-2009, 11:05 AM
Well, I'm gonna give this my best effort at least.

Snatch: 3x40, 2x45, 2x55, 2x60, 2x65, 2x68, 2x70, 2x73, 75(f2), 75(f2)
Front Squat: 3x80, 3x86, 3x100, 2x112, 2x116, 2x120, 2x125
BTN Snatch Push Press: 5x40, 4x45, 3x3x55

Clean+Jerk: (2+2)x50, (2+2)x60, (2+2)x70, (1+1)x80, 3x(1+1)x85
RDL: 5x90, 4x105, 3x120, 5x90, 4x105, 3x120
Reverse Hypers: 3x10


1 - PR'ed my snatch double by 8kg to 73, almost matched my 75 that I got at the meet, but not quite.

2 - PR'ed my front squat double all the way up to 125. Not sure what it was before, but 125's not bad with a best single of 132.

3 - RDLs have been snatch grip for a long time, but today I was told that I should straighten my legs more, almost to an SLDL. This made clean grip pretty damn rough, so I'm gonna go back to those.

Snatch: 3x40, 2x48, 2x55, 65, 2x1x68, 65, 2x55
FS+Jerk: (3+1)x60, (2+1)x65, (2+1)x75, (2+1)x80, 2x(2+1)x85
Split DB Press: 6x80#, 6x50#, 5x60#, 5x70#

Power Clean (HB) + Push Jerk: (2+2)x40, (2+2)x50, (2+2)x55, (1+1)x60, (1+1)x70, 2x(1+1)x75
Clean Pull (HB): 5x70, 4x80, 3x90, 5x70, 4x80, 3x90


1 - My FS+Jerk combos were really good! The things I've been focusing on with regard to foot position in the jerk has helped a lot.

2 - Split DB Presses sucked! I started with 40# DBs and pushed through it, but I looked like crap, so I came back down.

3 - Decided after the power clean workout to start estimating my power cleans off of 90kg from here on in, though I don't remember ever testing it.

Power Clean: 3x55, 2x65, 2x72, 77, 80, 80(f), 2x1x80
BS+Push Jerk: (2+2)x55, (2+2)x65, (2+1)x72, 3x(2+1)x77

Power Snatch: Not sure of the rep scheme, but I maxed out at 68kg
FS+Jerk: Again, not sure of the rep scheme, but I maxed out at (2+1)x95kg.

***Now there's a long break with a little intermittent practice at the end that I'm not even going to stress about***

Keystone State Games
Snatch Attempts: 70 - 74 - 80
C+J Attempts: 90 - 96 - 102 PR Jerk
Total: 176


1 - Was sick for the majority of the previous week, finally feeling better again the morning of the meet, so all the snatches were power snatches. Just the same, 74kg is a 6kg PR on my power snatch, and I came a lot closer to making 80kg than I ever would've expected.

2 - Clean and jerks felt great! My last attempt at 102kg was a 1kg PR on my jerk, and then I went back to the warm-up platforms and hit 107kg for another PR. The clean on that one was a bit forward, but I recovered it and finished with a nearly perfect jerk.

***This concludes my recap, starting today I'll be back on a regular program, so there will be further updates again***

John Filippini
07-27-2009, 07:58 PM
Snatch (1st bkn): 4x40, 3x50, 2x57(f3), 1x65(f2,f3), 1x70(f2), 70(f), 70(f), 1x70(f2), 3x65, 3x2x60
Snatch Pull: 5x57, 4x65, 2x4x73, 4x65, 4x73
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x92, 3x106, 3x3x112, 4x106, 2x5x100
Press/Row Supersets: (6+6)x40, (6+6)x50, (5+5)x55, (4(f5)+5)x57


1 - Terrible day for snatches. Just could not tighten up in the receiving position and had no speed at the top of the pull. Finally got it together by the time I was doing my back-off sets.

2 - Worked really hard at maintaining good speed on the pulls because Joe thinks they just make me slow. Generally sounds like the first couple sets were good, then after that the first half of each set was fast.

3 - Front squats were really hard and really tiring, but I managed to force my way through them.

4 - Actually completely screwed up the rep scheme with the supersets, but whatever - I was already 3.5hrs into the workout by then. Need to learn to move faster or something.

John Filippini
07-28-2009, 08:40 PM
Clean (1st bkn): 4x120#, 3x140#, 3x165#, 2x190#(f3), 1x200#(f2), 2x2x200#, 3x190#, 3x2x175#
Clean Pull: 5x165#, 4x190#, 2x4x210#, 4x190#, 4x210#
Back Squat: 5x220#, 4x255#, 3x290#, 3x3x310#, 4x290#, 2x5x275#
BTN Snatch Jerk: 4x110#, 4x125#, 3x145#, 3x2x160#


1 - All weights are in pounds because I went and visited South Baltimore CrossFit at their new facilities. They have a cool space, and I'm really happy for them and excited for them to get rolling in the upcoming months.

2 - All the volume in the past two days has made me feel something that weightlifting has pretty much never made me feel - actual muscle burn/fatigue. I felt my posterior chain really getting worn out by the cleans, and then my quads burned like hell by the time I was in my last two sets of squats.

3 - Also, improved my workout duration despite visiting friends - down to only 2:45.

John Filippini
07-30-2009, 09:39 PM
Snatch Balance (2s pause): 4x40, 3x50, 3x57, 2x65(f3), 3x2x70
FS+Jerk: (3+3)x55, (3+3)x64, (3+2)x75, (3+2)x86, 3x(2+1(f2))x91
RDL: 5x80, 4x92, 4x106, 4x3x120
Press/Row Supersets: (6+6)x40, (5+5)x50, (5+5)x53, (4+4)x55, 2x(3(f4)+4)x55


1 - Snatch balances were good, with one fluke thrown in.

2 - FS + Jerk wasn't as bad as it has ben in the past, but wasn't great, and was certainly exhausting.

3 - Finished the workout in 2 hours flat!! I'm pretty sure that should not be so exciting...

John Filippini
07-31-2009, 06:40 PM
Power Snatch: 4x40, 2x3x45, 3x52, 2x60(f3), 3x2x63, 2x3x60
Power Clean + Jerk: (3+3)x45, (3+2)x55, (3+2)x63, (2+2)x72, 3x(2+2)x77, 2x(2+2)x72
Back Squat: 5x100, 4x116, 3x132, 3x3x140, 4x132, 5x124, 2x6x116


1 - No real problems with the main lifts other than the one fluke in the power snatches.

2 - Back squats were a lot easier than earlier this week. Managed to keep really good upright posture through pretty much all of them. Man was that a lot of sets though.

3 - Workout duration: 2:30

John Filippini
08-03-2009, 02:39 PM
Snatch (1st bkn): 4x40, 3x50, 3x57, 3x65, 2x70, 1x70(f2), 2x2x70, 2x65(f3), 3x60, 2x60(f3), 3x60
Snatch Pull: 5x60, 4x65, 2x4x73, 4x65, 2x4x73
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x92, 3x106, 4x3x112, 4x106, 3x5x100
Press/Row Supersets: (6+6)x40, (5+5)x45, (5+5)x48, 3x(4+4)x50

Workout Duration: 2:15

John Filippini
08-07-2009, 10:58 AM
Clean (1st bkn): 4x55, 3x65, 3x75, 3x86, 3x2x91, 1x91(f2), 3x86, 3x3x80
Clean Pull: 5x75, 4x86, 2x4x96, 4x86, 2x4x96
Back Squat: 5x100, 4x116, 3x132, 4x3x140, 4x132, 3x5x124
BTN Snatch Jerk: 4x50, 4x57, 3x65, 3x2x73


1 - Generally a good day lifting, only lift missed was missed because the previous one caught me solidly in the trachea, so I was a bit winded and disoriented.


REST - Skipped third workout this week due to travel.

Power Snatch: 4x40, 3x45, 3x52, 3x60, 3x2x62, 3x3x60
Power Clean + Jerk: (3+3)x45, (3+3)x55, (3+2)x62, (3+2)x72, 3x(2+2)x77, 3x(2+2)x72
Back Squat: 5x100, 4x115, 3x132, 4x4x140, 4x132, 4x125, 2x6x115


1 - Visited CF Morris County today for my workout. Rob was very welcoming and we had a good time chatting between his classes.

2 - Lifts were a bit slow, but not that bad. Squats were fine, just trying to keep my back upright and my weight on my heels correctly.

John Filippini
08-20-2009, 06:15 AM
REST - Basically took a week and a half off because of traveling and vacation. A little lifting and definitely some physical activity, but nothing really structured.

Snatch: 4x40, 3x50, 3x57, 2x65, 2x70, 2x75, 78(f), 78(f), 78(f)
Front Squat: 5x85, 4x100, 3x115, 2x123, 2x127


1 - Not bad for a first day back. PR doubles on both snatch and FS are fine with me. My max FS definitely should be higher than 132.

John Filippini
08-20-2009, 01:57 PM
Snatch Balance: 4x40, 3x50, 3x57, 3x65, 2x75, 2x79, 83(f), 2x83, 85(f), 2x85, 2x87
Clean: 3x55, 3x65, 2x75, 2x82, 87(f), 2x87, 92(f), 1x92(f2), 92(f)
Back Squat: 5x100, 4x115, 3x3x130


1 - Lifting in the dungeon of heated despair that is the Littlestown High School today. No cooling systems at all, it turns into a sauna.

2 - Snatch balance PR double by 5kg today, which is good. Probably could get 90kg, but was a bit burned out.

3 - Cleans were a little disappointing, since my PR double is 94kg, but I was completely burning out by then, the bar literally slipped off me at one point.

John Filippini
08-22-2009, 05:01 PM
Maryland State Games
Snatch Attempts: 75 - 80 - 85
Clean+Jerk Attempts: 97 - 102 - 107
Meet Total: 187 PR


1 - Best meet EVAR!

2 - Missed the 85kg snatch, because apparently my feet shifted weird in the middle of the pull. That's just odd. That would've made it a pretty much perfect meet, what with finally getting a bodyweight snatch and also going 6/6. I'm not complaining though.

3 - This is an 11kg PR total fools! One lift or the other kept screwing up since I made 176 way back when.

John Filippini
08-25-2009, 06:11 AM
Snatch: 3x40, 2x50, 2x57, 65, 70, 75, 80, 83(f), 83, 85, 87 PR, 89(f), 89(f)


1 - Snatching 85 felt so close at the meet on Saturday that I felt like I had to try again today... and instead I made 87!!

2 - Huge PR over my previous best of 81kg.

3 - First actual BW Snatch! I weighed in at the time at 83.5kg. My snatch has been going up, but so has my weight.

4 - The reps at 89 actually felt easy, I was just massively fatigued by that point and couldn't control it anymore. I think by the East Coast Gold meet in October I could easily break over 90kg.

John Filippini
09-01-2009, 08:01 PM
Snatch (HB): 4x45, 3x52, 3x61, 3x2x70, 2x1x75
Snatch Pull: 4x75, 3x3x83
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x92, 3x3x106, 2x2x112
BTN Snatch Jerk: 4x50, 4x60, 3x70, 3x3x80, 3x2x85


1 - Did not miss a single rep of anything! Not even the 75kg snatches from blocks!

John Filippini
09-02-2009, 05:45 PM
Clean: 4x55, 3x65, 3x75, 3x2x86, 2x1x91
Clean Pull: 5x75, 4x86, 3x96, 3x3x102
Back Squat (FAST): 5x100, 4x116, 4x3x132
BTN Jerk: 4x55, 4x65, 3x75, 3x2x86, 2x1x91


1 - Day 2 in a row of missing zero lifts!

2 - BTN jerks are weird. They feel like the range of motion is crazy long compared to jerks from the front, which doesn't make much sense to me.

John Filippini
09-03-2009, 02:12 PM
Fun day out on Hopkins campus with assorted kettlebells for conditioning.


1 - Two sessions of indeterminate length tossing a single kettlebell around - one person does a lift at whim, then passes it to the next person, and so on. First session with 28kg bell, second session with 40kg bell.

2 - Managed to C+J the 40kg bell, as well as a few juggling tricks. I could barely pick it up when I first tried in October(ish).

3 - Managed to C+J two 32kg bells a few times. Very hard, but definitely reasonable.

4 - Finished with 50 one-arm swings each side with the 28kg bell at speed.

5 - Haven't done conditioning this serious in a long time, definitely knocked me on my ass. A lot of fun though!

John Filippini
09-04-2009, 10:36 PM
Snatch Balance: 4x45, 3x52, 3x61, 3x2x70, 2x1x75
Clean (HB): 3x55, 3x65, 3x75, 3x2x86, 2x1x91
Snatch Pull: 4x70, 3x78, 4x2x87
Front Squat (FAST): 5x80, 4x92, 4x3x106
Planks: 3x30s@50kg


1 - Snatch balances, cleans, and pulls all felt easy. General consensus was that if I snatched the way I pulled I'd be snatching 90+.

2 - First time doing planks in a while, decided to modify my technique towards what a friend suggested a while ago - keeping my lower back flat to the plate. I hadn't been paying this any mind before and letting my back arch as much as I felt like. Dropped from 75kg to 50kg and was still dying, but it felt a lot more productive.

Brandon Oto
09-04-2009, 10:40 PM
You doing weighted planks?

John Filippini
09-05-2009, 02:58 PM
Power Clean + Jerk: (3+2)x45, (2+2)x55, (2+2)x63, (2+2)x72, (1(f2)+1)x72
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x92, 3x106, 3x2x112


1 - Power clean and jerks were supposed to actually go up to 77, and I was supposed to do clean pulls - but I felt the ripped calluses from kettlebells rip significantly more in the middle of pulling the last 72kg clean, so I stopped there and moved directly to front squats.

2 - @ Brandon - Yes, the planks were weighted, I have a member of my team load plates on my back. In this case, they loaded two 25kg plates.

John Filippini
09-07-2009, 08:52 AM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x52, 2x61(f3), 2x70, 3x1x75
Clean+Jerk: 3x55, 3x65, 2x75, 2x86, 3x1x91
OHS: 4x55, 4x63, 2x3x72, 3x77, 2x77(f3)


1 - Lifts felt good despite hands still being torn. Just needed to perfect creative new taping methods.

2 - First time doing overhead squats in close to a year. Neat. Working off of 90kg as a ballpark, which seems just about appropriate.

Snatch: 4x45, 3x52, 3x61, 70(f), 70(f), 70(f), 70(f), 2x2x60, 2x2x65
Snatch Pull: 4x65, 3x75, 2x3x87, 2x87
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x92, 3x106, 3x2x120
BTN Snatch Jerk: 4x60, 4x70, 3x80, 3x90, 2x2x95


1 - I hate lifting in the morning. Gym closed at noon today for the holiday though. Le Suck.

2 - Snatches felt awful, couldn't get over 75% today.

3 - Coach had me cut my pulls short and move on to front squats.

4 - Squats were surprisingly easy.

5 - Happy about finally feeling like I'm doing the snatch jerks with what feels like legit weight.

John Filippini
09-09-2009, 05:28 PM
Clean+Jerk: (3+3)x55, (2+2)x65, (2+2)x75, (2+2)x86, 2x(2+1)x91, (2+f)x91, 2x(1+1)x96
Clean Pull: 4x75, 4x86, 3x96, 3x3x107
Back Squat: 5x100, 4x116, 3x132, 3x2x150
BTN Push Press: 5x50, 4x65, 3x80, 1x90(f2), 2x2x85


1 - Been a while since I've done back squats that heavy, but they felt really good.

2 - Coach said to work my push presses off 10kg over my snatch. That didn't work. I think 90kg is a legit max for that exercise.

John Filippini
09-10-2009, 05:37 PM
Snatch: 3x45, 2x52, 61, 70, 75, 80, 85(f), 85(f), 85(f)
Clean+Jerk: 2x55, 2x65, 75, 85, 95, 100, 105, 108(f), 108(f)


1 - No prescribed workout today... so I did someone else's! Minus 90% BS 2x2, since I did that yesterday.

2 - Was really hoping to hit that 108kg C+J, but I just couldn't hold myself under bar in the clean. Weird.

John Filippini
09-12-2009, 11:24 AM
Power Snatch (HB): 4x40, 3x50, 4x2x55
Power Clean (HB): 3x45, 3x55, 4x2x65


1 - Light day to work on speed.

2 - Lifting at 8am blows.

Snatch: 4x45, 3x52, 3x61, 2x70, 2x75, 1x75(f2), 80(f), 80(f)
Snatch Pull: 3x80, 2x3x95
OHS: 4x55, 3x65, 2x75, 2x80, 7x85(f8)


1 - Snatches blew today.

2 - Snatch pulls were slow.

3 - Overhead squats were the only enjoyable part of this workout. Was feeling really good with them, so I impulsively decided to attempt the 15 rep BW OHS challenge. Made it through seven reps before everything past my elbows went numb and I decided to dump the weight. Then proceeded to laugh at myself for a long period of time. Good fun.

John Filippini
09-14-2009, 05:54 PM
Power Snatch (HB): 4x40, 3x45, 3x52, 3x60, 2x2x65
Power Clean + Jerk (HB): 3x45, 3x55, 3x63, 2x72, 2x2x77

Snatch: 4x44, 3x52, 3x61, 3x70, 1x75(f2), 2x75
Snatch Pull: 4x61, 4x70, 3x78, 3x87, 3x2x91
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x92, 3x106, 2x120, 2x2x125


1 - First workout went well, though I'm still trying to get myself not to pull back on my snatches from the blocks.

2 - Apparently that's the point, as working on that from the blocks has massively improved my layback in my full snatches. Not that it really means much, but 70kg is a PR triple, which means greater consistency, which is a big problem of mine.

3 - Front squat doubles at 95% went well, I think I can expect to see some sizable PR's in FS coming up.

John Filippini
09-15-2009, 07:26 PM
Clean: 3x55, 3x65, 2x75, 2x86, 2x2x91
Clean Pull: 4x75, 4x86, 4x96, 3x107, 3x2x112
OHS: 4x55, 3x65, 2x75, 1x85(f2), 1x85(f2), 1x85(f2)


1 - Both cleans and clean pulls felt really good today. Pretty much zero jumping back. Focused on using my hips to push through my shoulders. Seemed to work well at getting me to pull straight up.

2 - Overhead squats were a different story however. I was supposed to be testing doubles today. But I couldn't even hit a double at 85kg, which I managed to hit for 7 reps on Saturday. Fail.

John Filippini
09-18-2009, 05:16 AM
Power Snatch (HB): 4x40, 3x45, 3x52, 3x3x60
Power Clean (HB): 3x45, 3x55, 3x63, 3x2x72

Snatch: 4x45, 3x52, 3x61, 3x70, 2x75, 1x75(f2), 78, 78(f), 78
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x92, 3x106, 2x120, 2x125, 1x131(f2), 2x131, 1x134(f2)


1 - The first session went extremely smoothly, continuing to focus on pulling up rather than back.

2 - Snatches in the second session weren't bad, but still need some ironing out, as showed at a couple of the top weights.

3 - Still managed to hit 70 for a triple again, which is really exciting levels of consistency.

4 - Testing doubles for FS today, and I got a PR double of 131 (1kg under my old max) and attempted 134 for a double but only hit a single, which is still a PR. Weak point in FS is still the core strength, need to keep working abs.

John Filippini
09-18-2009, 05:06 PM
Clean+Jerk: 3x55, 3x65, 2x75, 2x86, 2x2x91
Clean Pull: 4x75, 4x86, 4x96, 3x107, 3x2x112


1 - No misses!

2 - Cleans and clean pulls still feeling really snappy and in good position, hopefully tomorrow I'll hit some big lifts at the McKenna Developmental meet.

John Filippini
09-19-2009, 01:24 PM
McKenna Developmental Meet
Snatch Attempts: 82 - 86 - 86
Clean+Jerk Attempts: 105 - 110 - 113 PR
Total: 195 PR


1 - Snatch just felt a little burned out. Each of the 86s got up there, but I couldn't stay stable. Still 2kg above my best in competition.

2 - Clean and jerks were awesome! That's a full 6kg PR for both meet and training.

3 - Inching closer to that 205 collegiates qualifying total! This is another 8kg over the MD State Games last month.

John Filippini
09-23-2009, 05:40 AM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x52, 3x61, 2x70, 1x75(f2), 2x75, 2x1x78, 83(f), 83(f)
Snatch Pull: 5x60, 4x70, 3x78, 3x87, 3x3x91
Back Squat: 5x85, 4x100, 3x116, 2x132, 3x1x150


1 - Snatches just felt off today. No power, things were out of alignment etc.

2 - Snatch pulls felt the same, but the last few sets came together really nicely. Hopefully if I can bring that feeling back into my full snatches, life will be good.

John Filippini
09-23-2009, 03:32 PM
Clean+Jerk: 4x60, 3x70, 3x80, 2x90, 2x96, 2x1x102, 107(f)
Clean Pull: 5x80, 4x90, 3x102, 3x113, 3x3x120
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x80, 3x95, 2x107, 3x1x121


1 - Clean and jerks today were ok, but early sets left me really tired for the singles at the end. They matched my best triple at 80, and PR'ed my double by 6kg. Timing was just off by the time I attempted 107 and decided not to try again.

2 - Clean pulls were excellent, as were front squats. Does anyone smell a 120 C+J?

Michael McKenna
09-24-2009, 07:42 AM
Smell it? I think it's sitting in the corner giving you sidelong glances.

When you do triples in the C+J, do you do three cleans and three jerks? Or 2+1 or 1+2? Just curious.

John Filippini
09-24-2009, 07:52 AM
For multiple reps I do them as complete lifts. So a triple would be Clean, Jerk, Clean, Jerk, Clean, Jerk. If you see something noted as (2+1) that means I clean twice then finish with a jerk. I missed the clean on the 107, otherwise I probably would've written (1+f)

John Filippini
09-24-2009, 08:40 PM
Power Snatch: 4x40, 4x45, 3x52, 3x2x60
Power Clean + Jerk: (3+2)x45, (2+2)x55, (2+2)x63, 3x(2+1)x72
Front Squat (FAST): 4x67, 3x80, 3x95, 3x2x107


1 - Light day focusing a lot on speed. Gearing up for tomorrow and Sunday which will be testing days.

John Filippini
09-25-2009, 11:14 AM
Snatch: 3x45, 2x55, 2x65, 70, 75 Power Snatch, 80 Power Snatch, 83, 86, 89(f), 89(f), 89(f)
Clean+Jerk: 2x70, 2x80, 90, 100, 105, 110, (1+f)x115, 117(f)


1 - Snatches started really good with a 6kg PR power snatch. Then I was still happy that I actually managed to have a repeat performance of BW snatch at 86. Back was rounded on all of the actual PR attempts though.

2 - Not sure if some of my plans this weekend will be conducive to lifting, so I just decided to test clean and jerk today too. Made a 2kg PR clean. Missed the jerk by grazing my chin. Not enough to hurt or anything, just enough to get distracted. Similarly fuzzy when I took 117. I think both lifts are right there and might even come in at the meet.

John Filippini
09-28-2009, 05:20 PM
Snatch: 3x45, 2x55, 2x65, 2x1x75
Clean+Jerk: (2+2)x60, (2+2)x75, (1+1)x90, (1+f)x100
Back Squat: 5x85, 4x100, 3x115, 2x130, 2x2x140


1 - Tapering week before big meet this weekend.

2 - Jerks felt a little off at the end. I think I was just being a bit slow and was catching my right shoulder badly, because it was a bit sore at the end and I decided to stop.

Michael McKenna
09-29-2009, 05:20 AM
John, I always felt like crap the week before my best meets. That's why you taper. 205 is yours.

John Filippini
10-04-2009, 04:38 PM
Snatch: 3x45, 2x55, 2x65, 2x1x70
Clean+Jerk: (2+2)x60, (2+2)x70, (2+1(f2))x80
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x80, 3x95, 2x2x110


1 - Shoulder still bothering me in the jerks, quit that early, took the rest of the week off until Friday.

Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 2x2x65
Clean+Jerk: (2+2)x60, (2+1(f2)x70


1 - Felt slow all over the place.

2 - More problems with my right shoulder. This is the one that I dislocated several years ago and caused ligament damage.

3 - Had the official ECG Masseuse Extraordinaire Mike Walters work on my shoulder. Apparently I have a few key points with problems - sub-scapular and interior serratus. I was dizzy and nearly passed out after he was done, but it paid off big time.

Gold Cup Challenge
Snatch Attempts: 80 - 84 - 88 PR
Clean+Jerk Attempts: 110 - 115 PR - 117 PR
Total: 205 PR



2 - The meet went pretty much as perfectly as I could have hoped for. Lifted 6/6, qualified for collegiates, finally snatched BW in competition, snatched a 1kg training PR and 6kg meet PR, and C+J'd a 4kg training/meet PR. Now I just have to take a class so I can actually go to collegiates.

3 - Mike: Thanks for the support this weekend and helping to keep my head in it during the last week or two!

Emily Mattes
10-04-2009, 06:18 PM
Whoa whoa whoa! Shame on me for not staying around! Congratulations on the big PRs--and I hadn't realized you'd gone 6 for 6!

As for classes, two words: WATERCOLOR PAINTING. YEAH!

Michael McKenna
10-05-2009, 06:11 AM
John, you did awesome. Seriously. You're going to the American Open before you realize it. Did Mike give you a series of stuff to do to fix your shoulder?

John Filippini
10-05-2009, 06:21 AM
He mentioned one or two things to do. Main one I remember is to stretch in my warm up using a light weight - bent over, let your arm hang straight, holding the weight in your hand, then just do circles.

Any other suggestions for a tight sub-scapular and serratus interior?

John Filippini
10-07-2009, 06:03 PM
Back Squat: 5x70, 4x100, 3x115, 2x130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 175 PR
Press: 5x30, 4x40, 3x45, 2x52, 60, 65 PR, 67(f)
Deadlift: 5x70, 4x100, 3x115, 2x130, 150, 170, 190(f), 180, 185(f), 185 PR


1 - Decided that I wanted to have fun and take a break from the fast lifts to do slow work - so a CrossFit Total was in order.

2 - BS at 175 actually felt really good, but decided not to push it too far with all the other work I was doing. A 10kg PR was good enough.

3 - Press only gained 2kg, but that's fine, it's the press.

4 - Haven't deadlifted in forever, so I gained a full 25kg over my last test. The 180 and 185 lifts were actually with a belt, which was an interesting experience. Woohoo, 400 pound deadlift!

5 - New total is 425kg, which isn't terrible. That's 5xBW, I'll get to 6x eventually.

Michael McKenna
10-08-2009, 07:51 AM
The circle thing is something I was told in high school, and when I do it, everything is better. really. So I'll throw in 22 years of exerience with that movement as back-up. There are a lot of good, basic shoulder warm-ups and cool-downs to do, but here's mine:

Shoulder circles, slow, fast, both ways- in and out. Do a bunch until I feel loose. then, with a 5 kilo plate, a dumbbell, a med ball w/ handle, etc. I do: external rotations, a set of 10 or 2 both sides (elbow at my side, arms rotates out); then elbow up 90 degrees from my body, 2 sets of 10 or so, then elbow supported 90 degrees from my boyd, a set or two of 10, then do the circles in the sand drill Mike showed you.

Afterwards, I stretch my shoulder girdle. Sometimes first, sometimes later. If I'm really tight I stretch shoulders first. I do basic shoulder stretches, nothign fantastic. Once in a while I throw a bar on the rack, get under like I'm BSing, then I rotate my elbows up and forward. I usually load the bar to 100 kilos or so just to stabilize it. I try to get my elbows past my shoulders.

Michael McKenna
10-08-2009, 08:53 AM
Check it out:




John Filippini
10-08-2009, 10:20 AM
Thanks for the info!

The Diesel Crew rehab program is what I used to get my shoulder back in shape when I was first starting with lifting, so I'm well familiar with it. I was thinking of going back to that while mixing in the exercise Mike showed me.

Isn't the shoulder girdle stretch you mention normally done with a FS position and someone pushing your elbows up?

Also, that T-Nation article looks really awesome!

John Filippini
10-12-2009, 08:22 PM
PC + FS + Jerk: (3+3+3)x50, (3+3+3)x60, (3+3+3)x70, 3x(3+3+3)x80
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x80, 3x95, 6x2x110 (1 min rest between sets)
Plank: 3x30s@50kg


1 - Start of a few weeks focusing on general work capacity.

2 - The PC+FS+Jerk combo was murder for triples, but I generally did a pretty good job of keeping my form together.

3 - Timed FS was easy by comparison. Then again, they were only doubles at 80%.

3 - And we're back on board with the planks. Need to fix my weak abs.

Michael McKenna
10-13-2009, 07:29 AM
PC+FS+Jerks bite. I hate doing them. They work wonders, though. I suppose you could do the stretch with the front squat and someone pushing your shoulders up. But you would need someone to push your shoulders up.

John Filippini
10-13-2009, 05:12 PM
PS+DS+OHS+BTN Snatch Jerk: 3x45, 3x3x55
Snatch Pull: 4x70, 4x80, 3x90, 4x3x95

Front Squat: 5x70, 4x80, 3x95, 2x110, 125, 140(f), 137 PR, 140(f)
Plank: 3x30s@55kg


1 - I thought PC+FS+Jerk was bad. Today's complex was just silly. And yes, I did three of each piece, I just didn't feel like writing it out.

2 - In the afternoon I went a bit off program... but that means I got to rewrite my entire board in the span of a week, which I think is cool. The second attempt at 140 really felt right there out of the hole, but I hitched somewhere around parallel and lost all power.

John Filippini
10-14-2009, 08:05 PM
Snatch: 3x45, 2x53, 2x62, 2x68, 1x72(f2), 2x70, 1x70(f2), 2x70
Clean+Jerk: 2x60, 2x70, 2x85, 2x95, 100(f), 2x1x100
Back Squat: 5x90, 4x105, 3x125, 3x2x140


1 - Snatches were all over the place today. Half the ones I made weren't that great.

2 - Clean and jerks were strong, but still not as consistent as normal.

3 - Squats were strong, nothing really to speak of.

4 - Going back to working in shoulder prehab work, but I'm not going to bother writing it all in here. I'll be doing the Diesel Crew program with the stretch Mike showed me worked in.

Emily Mattes
10-15-2009, 04:04 PM
Victor was saying you need to develop more consistency in your form . . . Basically exactly what I needed.

Aside from yesterday, a lot of your snatch work recently has been low-rep, high percentages. Have you thought about dropping the percentages (working at 70, max), upping the volume a bit (more triples) and focusing on making sure that every snatch is dead-on?

Might also be an out-of-workout issue. Dunno what your out-of-gym life looks like, but when I switched jobs and got more sleep, the consistency improved as my CNS was able to recover.

John Filippini
10-20-2009, 08:00 PM
Power Snatch: 4x40, 3x50, 3x56, 3x2x65
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x85, 3x100, 1x110(f2), 6x2x110
Bent Row: 5x70, 5x50, 5x60, 3x5x65
Plank: 3x30s@60kg


1 - Beginning a modified Russian squat cycle for front squats! Time to get anal about my back and shoulder positioning.

2 - The failed attempt at 110 was due to searing pain in my right shoulder just after the first rep. Continuing to work on that.

3 - Starting to add in rows twice a week to improve scapular retraction and such. Needed to feel out what I could do with good form today.

4 - Next time will not increase weight on planks but instead make sure that I'm keeping my butt low enough.

John Filippini
10-22-2009, 09:53 PM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 3x63, 3x2x72, 1x72(f2), 2x72
Snatch Pull: 4x72, 3x80, 2x90, 2x2x95

Clean: 3x60, 2x72, 2x85, 1x95(f2), 2x1x95
Clean Pull: 4x95, 3x110, 2x120, 2x2x130
Incline Press: 5x135#, 5x145#, 3x5x155#
Pull Up: 4x5


1 - Snatches were much more consistent again today, which is a good feeling.

2 - Cleans were easy, but I was feeling pain in my right shoulder still in the rack position.

3 - Clean pulls were looking really good today and I was allowed to go up to doubles at 130kg.

4 - Attempting to add more regular strength work into the mix.

John Filippini
10-23-2009, 06:48 PM
Power Snatch: 4x40, 3x50, 3x60, 2x2x65, 3x65
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x85, 3x100, 6x3x110
Snatch Pull: 4x70, 3x80, 3x90, 2x2x95
Press: 5x40, 4x45, 3x5x50
*Assorted Fun Things*


1 - Power snatch PR triple.

2 - Day two of FS cycle went much better. Abandoned the cue of "scapular retraction" and went for extreme "thoracic extension". All of a sudden I was doing exactly what coach wanted. Also realized that I am mad weak in my upper back.

3 - The assorted fun things included some windshield wipers, some random pull-up variations, and ended with a weird DB bench press variation that destroyed my abs. On a decline bench, lock your torso in a horizontal position with abs, then do bench with DBs. That... destroyed me. Courtesy of powerlifter Matt.

John Filippini
10-26-2009, 06:51 PM
Power Snatch: 4x40, 3x50, 3x55, 3x3x65
Front Squat: 4x70, 4x85, 3x100, 6x2x110
Clean Pull (2s pause below knees): 5x70, 4x80, 4x95, 2x3x100


1 - Power snatches were really good today.

2 - Front squats were not. The doubles today felt twice as lousy as the triples on Friday. Whatever, probably just a bad day.

3 - Clean pulls were good as well, though I think I need to stay over the bar a little longer. Lower thighs were red at the end of the workout from dragging the bar.

John Filippini
10-27-2009, 04:56 PM
Diesel Crew Shoulder Rehab Day 2
Clean (HB): 4x60, 3x70, 3x80, 2x(f)x90, 3x80, 2x80


1 - Shoulder pretty much felt like it was going to explode today. FML.

Emily Mattes
10-28-2009, 05:46 PM
Do you roll it with a tennis ball regularly? Masseuse Mike has said rolling is the next best thing to him. You can find 'em all over the JHU tennis courts.

John Filippini
10-28-2009, 07:23 PM
Snatch (HB): 3x43, 3x52, 3x61, 3x2x70
Back Squat: 5x89, 3x105, 3x2x125
Snatch Pull: 4x61, 4x70, 4x80, 3x3x89
Push Press: 5x39


1 - Shoulder was sore today, but reasonable. Until the push presses, those were bad, so I stopped after the first set.

2 - Should have been pausing in the bottom of the squats, that's why they were so light.

Emily, you're probably right about the tennis ball thing, but no, I haven't been to this point. I'll see if I can grab one and try that out a bit. I think I'm going to go to see him Monday with some people anyway, so hopefully I can get some ideas then too.

Michael McKenna
10-29-2009, 01:02 PM
John, assuming you're doing the shoulder prehab, are you also stretching afterwards? And are you doing any actual rehab with weights? Try doing a high rep set of dumbbell presses- 2x20 or 1x25-50- with 10s. I often do them with 25s x50reps after I snatch and jerk on the same day, or with 40lbs x2x20.

John Filippini
10-31-2009, 08:48 AM
Snatch Balance: 4x45, 3x53, 3x62, 3x2x70
Power Clean: 3x50, 3x60, 2x70, 3x2x80
Lunges (2sec pause): 4x5(each leg)x50


1 - Snatch balances were surprisingly not painful at all.

2 - Was supposed to do power clean and jerks however, and jerks were completely out of the question, even at 50kg.

3 - Single leg work to do... something. I think it actually will help me with better glute activation. At least that's what was getting beat up.

John Filippini
10-31-2009, 08:51 AM
Mike, I have been stretching, though I'm not always sure which stretches are actually effective on my shoulder. I just don't usually feel much of a stretch in that area.

Also, I attempted a set of 20 with the bar before lifting today, which helped get me warmed up. I know you were saying DBs, but it didn't occur to me at the time. We'll see.

John Filippini
10-31-2009, 02:48 PM
Power Snatch: 4x40, 4x48, 3x56, 2x65, 1x65(f2), 2x65
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x82, 3x96, 6x4x110
Ab Game to 10 points


1 - Power snatches were a little sloppy, apparently I was swinging some of them, but I couldn't really tell.

2 - No shoulder pain in FS! Form was decent too. Need to focus on keeping my chest up while relaxing my shoulders.

John Filippini
11-02-2009, 07:45 PM
Power Snatch: 4x41, 3x48, 3x57, 3x3x64, 2x64(f3)
Front Squat: 4x70, 4x82, 3x98, 6x2x111
Clean Liftoffs (2sec Pause): 5x70, 4x82, 4x98, 3x3x107


1 - Still no major pain in shoulder.

2 - May have been swinging power snatches a bit, hard for me to tell.

3 - Front squats continuing to feel easier at this weight.

4 - Holding ideal clean position below knees is annoying, but manageable at this weight.

John Filippini
11-03-2009, 05:20 PM
Clean (HB): 4x60, 3x70, 3x82, 4x3x95
Jerk (Blocks): 60(f), 60(f), 40(f), 40(f)
Clean Pull: 4x85, 4x95, 4x105, 4x3x125
Rows: 3x6x65, 6x75


1 - Still cannot jerk at all, too painful on the shoulder.

Emily Mattes
11-03-2009, 05:40 PM
Hmm, have you been keeping up the DC program regularly? Maybe it's time to switch to the Rippetoe injury method. Are you icing and stuff? Taking your fish oil? Not sleeping on it? The fact that it's going on this long is really worrisome.

John Filippini
11-05-2009, 07:17 PM
Snatch (pause): 3x45, 3x55, 3x62, 1x70(f2), 2x70, 1x70(f2), 2x70
Back Squat (pause): 4x90, 3x3x120
Snatch Pull: 4x70, 4x80, 4x3x90


1 - Snatches pausing in the receiving position are weird, and definitely a test of overhead control.

2 - Pause squats are just annoying, even at 70%

3 - Snatch pulls were feeling pretty forward, last set they finally kicked in a little better.

John Filippini
11-05-2009, 07:20 PM
I've been doing the DC program regularly, but only for the last couple weeks. Icing has been more intermittent, I tend to forget to do it once I get home. I've been out of fish oil for a while, some more should be arriving shortly. Sleeping on it... I have no idea.

Mike Walters will be visiting on Monday, so hopefully he can give some input. Also, the Rippetoe thing is just to do sets of 20 presses or something at light weight, right?

Emily Mattes
11-06-2009, 10:29 PM
Here is the tried-and-true injury rehab method for muscle-belly injuries we got from Starr and that has worked for years better than any other method I've ever used. It also works well on orthopeadic injuries in general, and should be tried before anything more elaborate is used. Wait 3-4 days until the pain starts to "blur",which indicates that the immediate process of healing has stopped the bleeding and has started to repair the tissue. Then use an exercise that directly works the injury, i.e. that makes it hurt, in this case the squat. Use the empty bar and do 3 sets of 25 with perfect form, allowing yourself NO favoring the injured side. If it's ready to rehab you will know by the pain: if the pain increases during the set, it's not ready, if it stays the same or feels a little better toward the end of the set, it is ready to work.

The NEXT DAY do it again, and add a small amount of weight, like 45 x 25 x 2 , 55 x 25. Next day, 45 x 25, 55 x 25, 65 x 25. Continue adding weight every day, increasing as much as you can tolerate each workout. It will hurt, and it's supposed to hurt, but you should be able to tell the difference between rehab pain and re-injury. If you can't, you will figure it out soon enough. This method works by flushing blood through the injury while forcing the tissue to reorganize in its normal pattern of contractile architecture.

After 10 days of 25s, go up in weight and down in reps to 15s, then to 10s, and finally to fives. During this time do NO OTHER HEAVY WORK, so that your resources can focus on the injury. You should be fixed in about 2 weeks, squatting more than you hurt yourself with.

This method has the advantage of preventing scar formation in the muscle belly, since the muscle is forced to heal in the context of work and normal contraction, using the movement pattern it normally uses. The important points are 1.) perfect form with 2.) light weights that can be handled for high reps, 3.) every day for two weeks, and 4.) no other heavy work that will interfere with the system-wide processes of healing the tear.

It is also very important through the whole process of healing the injury that ice be used, during the initial phase after the injury and after the workouts. Use it 20 on/20 off, many times a day at first and then tapering off to morning, after the workout, and before bed. Ice is your best friend in a muscle belly injury, holding down inflammation and fluid accumulation ("swelling") while at the same time increasing beneficial blood flow through the injury. But DO NOT USE ICE MORE THAN 20 MINUTES AT A TIME. More than that can cause more damage than it repairs.

This may actually be the most useful post on this entire little forum of mine, and if you use this method exactly you can save yourself many weeks of lost training and long-term problems with muscle-belly scarring. Try it and see.

I've had it work on more things than just muscle-belly injuries. I've never had the discipline to actually lay off on all other work . . . But it's still worked for me.

John Filippini
11-08-2009, 09:25 AM
Snatch Balance: 4x45, 4x55, 3x60, 4x3x70
Power Clean + Jerk: 3x50, 3x60, 2x70, 2x2x80
Power Clean: 2x2x80
Pause Lunges: 3x5x55
Pull Downs: 4x6x90#


1 - Shoulder actually felt good enough to jerk a few sets, but called it off a little early and went back to just power cleans.

2 - I know lat pull downs seem lame, but it's worth noting that I have problems with these at 1/2 to 2/3 my bodyweight, even though I can do pull-ups. There's a particular part of the range of motion in my shoulder that this hits that I think needs work.

Session 1
Power Snatch: 4x40, 3x50, 3x55, 3x2x65
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x80, 3x95, 6x5x110

Session 2
Clean: 3x60, 3x72, 2x85, 95(f), 95(f), 95, 95(f), 2x2x95
Clean Liftoff (Pause): 4x95, 4x3x105
Press: 2x6x40, 2x6x45


1 - Squats were really good today, fast, tight, etc.

2 - Experimented with using a belt with cleans. That went... poorly.

John Filippini
11-10-2009, 06:16 AM
Power Snatch: 4x43, 3x52, 3x61, 3x70, 2x70, 2x2x61
Front Squat: 4x70, 4x84, 3x102, 6x2x111
Clean Liftoff (Pause): 4x84, 4x102, 2x4x111
Incline Press: 5x135#, 6x165#, 3x6x155#


1 - Power snatches were I think heavier than they should have been. Kinda working on the fly and converting from pound plates, so I may have overshot. Not the neatest power snatches ever.

2 - Front squats felt heavy. That may be from the 6x5 on Saturday.

John Filippini
11-10-2009, 07:47 PM
Clean (HB): 4x60, 3x70, 3x82, 2x95(f3), 2x1(f2)x100
Jerk (Blocks): 3x(f)x60
Clean Pull: 4x82, 4x95, 4x105, 2x3x105
Rows: 4x6x70


1 - Cleans were pretty messy, as were pulls. It occurs to me that in a really heavy squat cycle it makes sense that my technique will break down a bit for a while. Still frustrating though.

2 - Still no go on the jerks.

3 - Was a lot more strict on not bouncing my torso in the rows. I think this was actually a lot more effective at targeting the posterior part of my shoulder that's been an issue.

John Filippini
11-16-2009, 09:07 PM
Power Snatch: 4x43, 3x52, 2x64, 2x68
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x82, 3x95, 6x6x111
Snatch Liftoff (Pause): 4x61, 4x70, 3x3x80
Row: 4x6x61


1 - Work caused me to be a bit lax on lifting this week, so today was the first day lifting since last Tuesday. But it's ok, because I won't be in this job much longer.

2 - I hit my 6x6x80%!! Apparently my face turned some very interesting shades of purple at the end of the last couple sets, but that's ok. I think the reps in question were also the only ones that I rounded even a little.

John Filippini
11-18-2009, 12:45 PM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 3x62, 1x70(f2), 1x70(f2), 3x2x70, 75
Snatch Pull: 4x80, 3x90, 3x3x95
BTN Jerk: 4x40, 4x60, 3x72, 3x85, 2x95, 2x2x100


1 - Reporting in from Jacksonville, FL and the gym of Coach Joe Hanson!

2 - Took FOREVER to warm up during the snatches, still really sore from the 6x6 FS and the flight. Last few sets felt really good though.

3 - Pulls felt really heavy, but were pretty good apparently.

4 - Absolutely zero pain during the jerks! I think there might be something wrong with how I'm jerking from the front... but that's as yet untested. The time off may just have been that good for me.

Power Snatch: 4x40, 3x50
3-Pos Power Snatch (HB, Bkn, Fl): 50, 55, 3x60
BTN Jerk: 3x60, 3x3x72, 2x2x72


1 - Technique day, so nothing really heavy.

2 - New cue to avoid swinging: elbows to the ceiling at the top of the pull. Seems very helpful thusfar.

3 - Working on stepping my front leg out farther in the jerk. Apparently even my "improvements" are still just foolishly bad. Oh well, I'm just happy I have a jerk to even need work on.

Emily Mattes
11-18-2009, 08:43 PM
So awesome you're visiting Joe--how is he doing? Tell him I said hi!

John Filippini
11-20-2009, 11:47 AM
Clean: 3x60, 3x72, 2x85, 1x95(f2), 1x95(f2), 2x2x95
Clean Pull: 4x100, 3x110, 3x120, 2x3x100
Back Squat (Pause): 5x90, 4x105, 3x3x120


1 - Felt out of gas tonight. Cleans were extremely sloppy, clean pulls were painful, backed off to play with start position and technique.

Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 3x62, 3x2x70
Snatch Pull: 4x80, 3x2x90

Clean: 3x60, 3x70, 3x2x80
Clean Pull: 4x100, 3x110, 2x2x120
Snatch RDL: 5x60, 2x5x70


1 - Snatches felt fantastic today.

2 - Cleans also felt good.

3 - Learned something new today. Ostensibly, one's clean RDL should be the same as one's BS; same with snatch RDL and FS. Wow. Also, I was warned against rushing this. Form matters more than anything else, and this might be something to aim for improving for 8 months down the road or something. Also told that I need to keep my whole back tight in RDLs in order to keep the bar on/close to my thighs.

Power Snatch: 4x40, 3x50, 3x2x60
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x82, 3x95, 2x105, 5x5x116


1 - Woohoo, FS 5x5! Went well. That is all.

John Filippini
11-21-2009, 02:06 PM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 3x62, 70, 75, 80, 83, 86(f), 86(f), 86(f)
Clean+BTN Jerk: 3x70, 2x80, (1+f)x85, (1+f)x85
Clean: 2x95, 100, 105, 110(f), 110(f)


1 - This was actually a much more satisfying workout than it looks like on paper. Keep in mind that I had just done my 5x5 FS earlier in the same day.

2 - Snatches felt really good, kept them a lot closer than I feel like they've ever been. The 86kg attempts flew into position... faster than I actually got ready for them mentally.

3 - By the time I was doing the cleans, I was just exhausted, so I don't feel bad about that part of the workout.

John Filippini
11-22-2009, 09:13 PM
Power Snatch (HB): 4x43, 3x52, 3x3x61
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x82, 3x95, 6x2x110


1 - Usually lifting at South Baltimore CrossFit feels a lot more difficult due to using bars not standard for oly lifting. Today, however, FS felt easy for the first time ever at SBCF, which I think is a sign of improvement.

John Filippini
11-23-2009, 06:14 PM
Clean: 3x60, 2x60, 2x70, 2x80, 1x95(f2), 2x95, 2x85, 1x85(f2)
Clean Pull: 4x95, 3x105, 3x2x120
Clean RDL: 4x110, 4x125, 3x3x140


1 - Cleans were awful today. Slow and sloppy, had a lot of trouble getting under the bar, no energy.

2 - Clean pulls were pretty messy too, but got better toward the end.

3 - RDLs felt tough but apparently looked easy.

John Filippini
11-28-2009, 11:39 AM
Power Snatch: 2x3x43, 3x52, 3x2x61
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x84, 3x102, 2x111, 2x116, 4x4x125
Shoulder Rehab


1 - Power snatches started off slow, but weren't actually that bad, all things considered.

2 - Successful 4x4x90% FS day. A bit ugly in spots, but I blame that on suboptimal rest and not using proper oly bars for whip and such (at SBCF). And on it being really rediculously hard.

3 - Worth keeping track of that I blacked out at the end of the third set. Started getting spotty as I stood up, completely blacked out as I was racking the weight. Not the safest decision ever, should have just dropped it, but no actual disasters. Then the fourth set was the easiest of the day. Go figure.

John Filippini
12-02-2009, 07:38 AM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 2x63(f3), 2x70, 2x75, 1x75(f2), 2x2x75
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x85, 3x100, 6x2x110


1 - Felt good to snatch after a week or so mostly off. Feeling a lot faster than I have been, need to just get more consistent again.

2 - Front squats were easy enough that I took them slow and worked on technique. Definitely much easier to do on good bars.

John Filippini
12-03-2009, 10:55 AM
Snatch: 3x45, 3x55, 3x63, 2x70, 2x75, 80(f), 3x1x80
Clean: 3x60, 2x70, 2x85, 2x95, 100(f), 100(f), 2x1x100
Clean RDL: 4x110, 4x125, 3x140, 3x150


1 - Snatches went well, especially considering I was lifting at 9am and operating on 4 hours of sleep.

2 - Cleans were a bit uglier. A bunch of the ones I made were messy, received them soft and lost all my air, but still managed to stand up with them.

3 - Clean RDLs are really not hard for me. Matching it to my BS may not actually be that unreasonable. Should go back to more snatch RDLs to improve strength in those positions.

John Filippini
12-07-2009, 08:49 PM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 3x60, 2x70, 2x75, 80(f), 80(f), 2x75
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x85, 3x100, 6x2x110


1 - Snatches were really good today, I think I just psyched myself out on the 80 attempts. I was actually going to attempt that for a PR double because they were feeling so good. Returning to 75 felt easy again.

John Filippini
12-09-2009, 09:12 PM
Clean: 3x60, 3x70, 2x85, 2x95, 1x100(f2), 100(f), 100, 100(f)
Clean Pull: 4x100, 3x115, 3x2x125


1 - Not sure what happened, but cleans felt awful. No timing, caught a few stupidly forward, etc.

2 - Clean pulls still felt pretty good and in line. Not sure where the problem in the cleans was.

John Filippini
12-10-2009, 06:04 PM
Snatch Balance: 4x48, 3x52, 3x61, 3x2x70
Power Clean: 3x61, 3x70, 2x80, 3x2x84
Back Squat (Pause): 5x93, 4x111, 3x3x125


1 - Nice light day.

2 - Power cleans felt pretty good, a lot better than cleans did the other day.

John Filippini
12-11-2009, 08:41 PM
Power Snatch: 4x45, 3x50, 3x60, 3x2x65
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x85, 3x100, 2x110, 1x125, 2x2x137


1 - Front squats were good today. First double at 137 was just plain easy, the second was harder, otherwise I would've gone for three reps. Still, 2x2x100%, with no question that I could do it. Testing next week, here we come.

John Filippini
12-15-2009, 09:34 PM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 3x60, 2x70, 2x75, 80, 85, 90(f), 90(f), 91(f)
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x85, 3x100, 6x2x110
Snatch Pull: 4x70, 4x80, 3x90, 2x95, 2x2x100


1 - Snatches felt good... so I naturally pushed it too far. 80kg was easy, 85 was easier, so I beat my head against the wall trying to get 90. I think missing there is all mental though, honestly, they just felt different than the previous reps.

2 - Front squats continue to be easy.

Clean: 3x60, 3x70, 3x80, 2x95, 2x100, 105(f), 105(f), 105(f)
Clean Pull: 3x100, 2x117, 2x123, 2x2x130
Snatch RDL: 4x70, 4x80, 3x3x90


1 - Cleans feel all over the place. They started to feel crappy from 70% on, probably shouldn't have tried to be so strict to the 2x1x90% plan.

2 - Clean pulls felt heavy as hell.

3 - Snatch RDL felt good, though tiring.

Michael McKenna
12-16-2009, 07:46 AM
Flipper, didn't you start a new job? If so, then your nervous system will be tired from adapting to the new environment, and it will affect your training in the oly lifts. Give it six weeks to settle in and then you'll be fine. Meanwhile, get some more sleep and that should help out with the "strong squats" and "iffy cleans" feelings.

John Filippini
12-17-2009, 05:47 AM
This is true, I suppose I hadn't been really taking the new job into account. Going back to a full time office job has been nice, but also definitely different from how I had been living.

Snatch Balance: 5x45, 4x55, 3x60, 3x2x70
Power Clean: 4x60, 3x70, 3x2x80
Back Squat (Pause): 5x90, 4x110, 3x3x125


1 - Didn't miss any snatch balances, but a lot of them felt like they were drifting back, so they were a struggle to hold onto.

2 - Power cleans were fine, back squats were easy.

John Filippini
12-17-2009, 05:00 PM
Power Snatch: 3x40, 2x50, 2x55, 2x2x65
Front Squat: 5x70, 4x85, 2x105, 2x120, 130, 140, 150, 155, 160(f)


1 - Front squat max day was awesome! 140 and 150 were easy, 155 my shoulders caved a bit, but I was still moving fast enough, and by 160 I was just done. PR by 18kg over my previous best of 137!

Emily Mattes
12-17-2009, 08:31 PM
Awesome work! Way to be a beast!

Michael McKenna
12-18-2009, 07:17 AM
300 pound c+j is around the corner.

John Filippini
12-20-2009, 03:04 PM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 2x60, 70, 80, 85(f), 87, 90, 93(f), 94(f), 94(f)
Back Squat: 4x90, 3x105, 2x125, 2x140, 155, 170, 182
Ab Game to 5 (4-5 L)
BTN Lat Pull Down: ... 3x5x130#


1 - Snatched 90! Then got a little over excited and under supervised, but oh well...

2 - Squated 182 = 400#!

3 - Getting better at ab work.

Emily Mattes
12-20-2009, 03:20 PM
BTN Lat Pull Down: ... 3x5x130#

What is the purpose of these? Not meaning to be snarky, genuinely interested.

Can you get videos of your lifts?

If I were you, every time I fail a lift three times (unless it's clear I was utterly exhausted and out of it) I would drop the weight quite a bit and pop out a double or two with perfect form. I see a lot of max attempts/high percentage work and a lot of red "f"s in your log, and those aren't even necessarily at those high percentage lifts. When that's happening it's time to suck it up and scale down the weight to drill consistency.

John Filippini
12-20-2009, 05:26 PM
Yeah, I think consistency is going to be the name of the game in the next cycle. Honestly... today I was just screwing around with the maxes.

As for the lat pull downs, this is me attempting to isolate a weakness in my shoulder joint. Remember how I can't do pull ups without rolling my torso to about a 45 degree angle? Well, I'm trying to strengthen that piece of the range of motion because I think it might be related to, or at least not helping, my shoulder problems.

And I'm definitely going to start videoing more of my work sets. I'm going to be largely joining the rest of the world that has to do remote coaching.

Emily Mattes
12-20-2009, 09:55 PM
I wonder if more pull-up retractions and overhead barbell retractions wouldn't do the trick as well.

Michael McKenna
12-24-2009, 06:13 AM
John, why the remote coaching? Because Jordan's leaving?

Philip Stablein
12-24-2009, 06:48 AM
John, why the remote coaching? Because Jordan's leaving?


However I must laugh when looking at the title of your log! Wheres them gymnastics now?!

Also, Diesel Crew shoulder rehab has set me aright, so thanks for that tip. Its been 9 weeks since the separation and I am totally pain free and un-impinged.

John Filippini
12-24-2009, 07:35 AM
Yeah, with Jordan leaving and focusing on med school and such I need to make new plans for coaching. Ellyn agreed to coach me for Collegiates, so I'm going to be working on her programming. She is however in Boston. Hence remote coaching action. And attempting to go up to Moorestown possibly on Saturdays.

Phil, glad the shoulder rehab worked for you. I'm better, but probably would be set if I had actually stuck to it more religiously.

As for the gymnastics bit, that was a reminder that I left for myself that I want to return to it. I enjoy gymnastics, but I'm improving too fast in weightlifting to not enjoy my competitive years. If I start to seriously stagnate, I'll reconsider my priorities and possibly return to more gymnastics training. Of course, I'm shooting myself in the foot by getting big legs, but oh well. The rings are just too much damn fun!

Clean+Jerk: 3x40, 3x60, 3x2x80
Clean: 2x90, 2x100, 1x100(f2)
BTN Jerk: 2x80, 2x90, 2x2x100


1 - Cleans were better today, but still felt irregular.

2 - Jerks definitely felt better, but I didn't want to push it from the front too much. A little twinge in the last couple reps in front.

Emily Mattes
12-24-2009, 08:53 PM
When do you drive back down? Stop in at the gym this weekend. It's open on Sundays too, 12-3.

John Filippini
12-29-2009, 09:12 AM
Snatch: 4x45, 2x55(f3), 3x60, 3x70, 2x(f)x75, 1x75(f2)
Snatch Pull: 4x70, 3x80, 2x3x90
Back Squat: 5x90, 4x110, 3x125, 2x145, 3x2x155
Press: 5x40, 5x50, 4x55, 3x60, 65, 70


1 - Snatches were a bit wonky. Jumping back and... whatever else I was doing.

2 - Snatch pulls felt pretty good. Probably could have been faster, but positions felt good.

3 - Squats were a bit burned out, not so good at keeping my back upright.

4 - Press PR! Ok, so that's really not that exciting, but still. I am not one of those dudes that can take upper body strength for granted.

John Filippini
12-31-2009, 10:10 AM
Clean+Jerk: 3x40, 3x60, 2x70, 2x2x85, (1+f)x85
Clean Pull: 4x100, 3x110, 3x3x120
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x95, 3x110, 3x2x125


1 - Cleans were easy, and jerks felt good as well. Realized that by thinking of the dip and drive of the jerk as a front squat (which I am now very well acquainted with), the positioning was a lot more precise. The last one was forward though, and hurt a bit, so I dropped it.

2 - Clean pulls felt light.

3 - Front squats did not. I think this is the first time I've gotten my max on a lift heavy enough that the subsequent increase in percentage loading just feels... unpleasant. Not in a painful way, just in a "man, that's really hard" way. Time to man up. I've done more than this before. Just not at the end of a full workout.

Emily Mattes
12-31-2009, 04:14 PM
Nice press work. When will you be recording your lifts?

I've heard the front squat tip before. You just have to make sure to not shove your elbows up too much--I was jerking essentially from the rack position and it was no good.

John Filippini
01-05-2010, 05:34 PM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 3x64, 2x73, 77, 84(f), 2x1x84
Clean+Jerk: 3x59, 2x70, 2x82, 93, 100, 107, 114, 120(f), 120
Back Squat: 5x91, 4x109, 3x127, 2x145, 155, 3x1x164


1 - Very very nice day of lifting...

2 - Shoulder is officially recovered! 120kg C+J felt easy and zero pain the whole way. I was a little sloppy on the first clean attempt at 120, but that's all. The weight was light, just have to hammer in technique.

3 - Snatches and BS also a good day, with two singles at 93% snatch, and three easy singles at 90% BS.

Michael McKenna
01-06-2010, 06:30 AM
Great lifting. Don't stop the prehab/rehab on the shoulder.

John Filippini
01-06-2010, 07:11 AM
Absolutely not. Didn't stop to do it last night, but I think rehab work is just about all I'm doing tonight. And I went and iced as soon as I got home just in case.

John Filippini
01-07-2010, 08:29 PM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 3x63, 2x72, 2x1(f2)x77, 2x77
Clean+Jerk: 3x60, 2x72, 2x85, 1x96(f2), 2x2x102
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x95, 3x110, 2x3x130, 3x2(f3)x130


1 - Snatches didn't feel terrible, but showed my lack of consistency. A double at 77 is actually a PR.

2 - Clean and jerks were fairly good, my only miss was just because my head wasn't in it and I clarked the clean. Still not getting my front foot out on heavy weight jerks though.

3 - Front squats are a sad, tiring exercise. Supposed to go for 5x3x130, but was just way too tired by the third rep on the last few sets. No air left, and just got squished.

Michael McKenna
01-11-2010, 06:17 AM
How's your diet and sleep?

John Filippini
01-13-2010, 08:07 AM
Well... I'm spending this week in Korea for my college roommate's wedding...

Back when I was State-side my sleep was great and my diet was getting better. Hopefully it will be completely reigned in after I get back. It is surprising how much effort it took to put the quantity side of my diet back in check after spending two months eating whatever I wanted because of holidays/squat cycle.

Michael McKenna
01-15-2010, 10:26 AM
I hear you about the quantity. Sometimes I just can't go under 4,000 calories.

John Filippini
01-19-2010, 09:15 PM
Returned from Korea!

Snatch: 3x45, 3x55, 2x63, 3x3x68
Back Squat: 5x90, 4x110, 3x125, 5x145, 5x150, 5x155, 5x160, 5x165
BN Pull Ups: 2x6, 2x5, 4
Jerk Recoveries: 4x135#, 3x225#, 3x255#, 2x275#(f3), 3x275#
Standing DB Press (each hand): 6x35#, 3x5x45#
V-Sits: 3x10
Decline Planks: 30s@45#, 30s@70# (crappy), 15s@70# (good until the bench slipped out from under my feet)


1 - So... new coach likes the accessory and support exercises. They're actually being prescribed... so I can't really skimp on them anymore (which is probably a good thing for me). Also need to improve my time efficiency getting through the workouts so they don't take in excess of 3hrs.

2 - Holy crap back squats! Supposed to do 5x5, moving up if I made the set. Did not think I was actually going to make it that high! That's 90% for a set of 5.

3 - Pull ups kinda sucked. Supposed to do 4x6, but I did an extra set because I couldn't get all the reps in the previous ones. Will discuss going back to pull downs to focus on lat development before doing these.

4 - Welcome back to jerk recoveries/supports, remembering why I used to do so many of these. Slightly overloaded my jerk, but should be able to do more.

5 - DB presses probably really good for me.

6 - V-sits done with straight arms in front of face to make them doable. This are probably also really good for me, despite how miserable they are. (Or because of that.)

7 - Lastly, decline planks are difficult. Not because I can't do them, but because I can't find anything stable to put my feet on. I'll work on that.

Michael McKenna
01-20-2010, 07:26 AM
Will you be training Sunday? I'll be at the DAC around 1 with some new lifters from Arlington who want to get in a session.

John Filippini
01-20-2010, 05:54 PM
Mike, I'll actually be up in State College, PA for the USAW 1 course with Leo.

Snatch Balance: 4x50, 3x60, 3x70, 1x80(f2), 5x2x80
Snatch RDL: 4x80, 5x5x90
Lat Pull Down: 10x70#, 6x130#, 4x6x140#
Snatch Grip Lever Abs on Ball: 2x12x(Stick), 2x12x(10# Bar)


1 - Snatch RDLs are a serious weak point of mine, so it's good that I'm doing them (sensing a pattern yet?).

2 - The last exercise can be further explained upon request, but that's enough to remind me of what it is. These are also really funny when you miss them, as I learned from trying to do it with a women's bar.

John Filippini
01-26-2010, 10:02 AM
Catch up time...

Clean+Jerk: 3x60, 2x72, 2x85, 3x3x90
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x95, 5x110, 4x115(f5), 3x115(f4), 4x115(f5), 5x110
Hypers: 3x10x25#
Ab Game


1 - Clean and jerks were good.

2 - FS had no energy, kinda blew.

USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Course
Lots of volume at light weights. Also sots pressed, in front, clean grip, 60kg. Pretty sweet, since I can only press 70kg that grip normally.

Box jump from snatch set-up: 4x3, no arms, 30" box, supersetted with Snatch warm-ups.
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 3x63, 1x72(f2), 2x(f)x77, 2x77, 1x77(f2)
Hang Clean + Push Press: 3x55, 3x65, 3x75
Back Squat: 5x90, 3x110, 2x130, 5x150, 5x155, 3x160(f4), 2x5x140
Jerk Balance: 2x3x45, 3x55, 3x65
BTN Pull-Ups: (3+3xN), (2+4xN), 6xN, 3xN
DB Press (each arm): 5x45#, 5x50#, 5x55#
V-Sit (arms up): 3x10
Decline Planks: 3x30s@45#


1 - Snatches were strange. I just couldn't get myself in the right positioning.

2 - 5x5 Squat RM attempt did not go as well as it did last week... but that's really ok.

3 - For the BTN pull-ups, N=Negative, attempting at least a 6s decent. The latter two sets were a lot harder because a friend cued me to keep my chest up so that I would actually get the right positioning.

4 - All the other assistance exercises went really well, after I recovered from the squats.

Emily Mattes
01-26-2010, 05:16 PM
Your log is making me want to add more to my workouts. How long do yours take now?

John Filippini
01-26-2010, 06:15 PM
Well, that's a funny thing. Last night's workout took me 3:15 including warm-up. I asked Ellyn about it, she said it shouldn't have taken more than 90 minutes. I was also supposed to superset all the ab stuff, which would help I suppose. Tonight's was only 1:45.

Also, don't take it too much to heart, I'm pretty sure this is a GPP cycle. I don't imagine a more focused program approaching collegiates is going to look like this.

Clean Pull: 5x61, 4x84, 3x102, 2x116, 5x3x127
Snatch RDL: 4x84, 5x3x102
Press: 5x43, 4x52, 5x3x61
Hypers to Weighted Y's (2s pause): 3x10x5#(each side)
Monster Walks w/Band: 3x10xGreen Band


1 - The middle sets on the clean pulls were a bit slow, then started focusing more on using my legs and they sped up.

2 - Snatch RDLs easier than in the past. Definitely learning to engage my lats better.

3 - Presses were solid.

4 - Hypers/Y's were pretty darn good for back and shoulders, but particularly hamstrings.

5 - Monster walks seem just odd. Good hip prehab from what I've heard, but I felt a little goofy.

John Filippini
01-28-2010, 08:55 AM
Tonight's workout - 2:30 including warm up and full stretching. More or less tolerable.

Snatch Balance: 4x50, 3x70, 3x2x85, 2x(f)x85, 2x85
Snatch: 2x50, 2x60, (1-f-1)x72, (1-1-f)x72, (1-f-f)x72
OHS: 3x50, 5x3x70
BTN Jerk: 2x70, 4x3x90
Lat Pull Down: 10x90#, 4x6x150#
Snatch Grip Lever Abs on Ball: 3x10x(10# bar)


1 - Snatch balances were good, just had a fluke set in there.

2 - Snatches were so-so. The ones I made felt and looked perfect, but the ones I missed were way off, just tired I think.

3 - OHS at 70 felt easy, but felt exhausted when I tried 80.

4 - Jerks went really well, foot way out in front. Weight was light, but wanted to focus on form with slowly increasing weight.

John Filippini
01-29-2010, 07:01 AM
Tuck Jumps: 5x3
Snatch Pulls: 4x70, 3x85, 4x3x95
DB Bench Press: 8x60, 5x60(f6), 6x60(f7)
Snatch High Pull: 5x5x40
T-Bar Row (1s pause): 5x5x80#
Superset (Reverse Hyper/GH Sit-Up): 3x10x15#


1 - Snatch pulls took longer than anticipated. Had a mutually bullheaded discussion about my first pull with another lifter in the gym. It gave me a little to think about in the end I suppose, but mostly caused me to bleed all over the bar from my shins.

2 - Felt fairly unstable in BP, but I attribute that mostly to being unfamiliar with the movement at this point.

John Filippini
01-30-2010, 11:47 AM
Visiting FDU for training today...

Front Squat: 5x80, 3x90, 2x100, 5x105, 5x110, 5x115, 5x120, 4x125(f5)
BTN Push Press: 5x50, 3x70, 3x80, 4x3x85


1 - I want to count 125 as my 5RM. My hands slipped and I did half the rep Frankenstein style. Just before the top it slipped into the crook of my elbows and I lost it. Lame.

2 - Supposed to finish with abs, but they feel kinda tender at this point, so I decided to rest them.

John Filippini
02-01-2010, 06:42 PM
Clean+Jerk: 3x60, 2x72, 2x85, 97, 3x(f)x110, 2x1x95
Front Squat: 5x80, 3x95, 5x110, 5x115, 5x120, 5x125, 4x130(f5)
Push Ups: 10, 10x15, 2x10x25
Leg Raises: 4x25


1 - Cleans sucked and felt slow the whole day. Jerks were ok, but obviously didn't get to try them out at high weight.

2 - FS went well, hit 5x125 for real this time, then missed the last rep of 130 the exact same way I missed 125 on Saturday. But 130 for 4 is still a PR.

3 - Weighted push ups are annoying. That is all.

John Filippini
02-03-2010, 07:21 PM
Snatch Pull: 3x60, 4x5x80
Snatch RDL: 3x80, 5x5x100
Snatch Balance + OHS: (2+2)x50, 4x(3+3)x65
Body Rows: 3x10
Russian Twists: 3x10x25#


1 - Snatch pulls were really good today. I processed some of what my teammate was saying back on the 29th and I think there was a kernel of truth to it, even if I think he was taking it too far. Adjusted my start position to be a little more vertical and I think keeping position got a lot easier, hence pulls snappier/easier.

2 - Snatch RDLs coming along too.

3 - The SB/OHS combo was surprisingly rough. Also, I tried out a friend's wrist wraps. The overhead position felt much more comfortable. Not something to do all the time, but maybe to experiment with on higher volume sets or maybe high percentage snatch attempts.

John Filippini
02-04-2010, 06:27 PM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 2x65, 73, 81(f), 81(f), 75, 75, 81(f)
Back Squat: 5x90, 3x110, 5x10x127
BTN Push Press: 4x60, 3x75, 3x90, 2x90(f3), 3x3x85
Hypers (straight arms): 3x10


1 - Every snatch below 81 felt like it was in perfect position. Snatches have pretty much never just fallen into position like that before. But then I just felt slow as hell trying to hit 90% like I was supposed to.

2 - BS sets of 10 are rough. I probably could have done a little more weight, but the emphasis was on perfect form, so I stayed at 70%. They still sucked.

John Filippini
02-05-2010, 07:53 PM
Clean Pull: 4x60, 3x75, 2x90, 4x5x110
Clean RDL: 5x110, 2x5x130, 3x5x135
Lat Pull Down: 4x8x130#
Hypers+Weighted T (each hand): 3x10x5#


1 - Clean pulls felt good, though still not sure they're as fast as they could be.

2 - RDLs were great.

3 - Lat pull downs and the hyper combo both made my shoulders feel mostly better, which had been screaming all day.

John Filippini
02-07-2010, 01:37 PM
Add to the below that I dug my car out of 3ish feet of iced over snow this morning. Which went much easier than ever before. Buried to mobile in 25 minutes, thank god for weightlifting...

Snatch: 2x43, 3x43, 2x61, 2x70(f3), 1x70(f2,f3), 2x3x68
Clean+Jerk: 3x61, 2x75, 2x84, 3x3x91
Front Squat: 5x84, 3x102, 5x3x116
Superset (a): BTN Pull Up (w/green band): 3x8
Superset (b): DB Press (each hand): 8x45#, 2x8x40#


1 - Snatches definitely took the brunt of my tiredness from shoveling snow this morning. And I also didn't do a good job of warming up. The last couple sets were good though.

2 - C+J's felt good. As an aside, my FS cycle has left me with good enough upper back control that if I lose an entire hand on the clean, I can typically still get up with it and get the arm back under. Kinda fun actually.

3 - FS felt tired.

4 - Actually using bands for BTN pull ups was interesting. Definitely focused on weak spots in a good way.

John Filippini
02-08-2010, 07:20 PM
Hang Clean + Push Press: 3x50, 2x70, 2x(1+f)x90, 3x3x80
Front Squat: 5x80, 3x95, 2x110, 4x120, 2x3(f4)x125, 2x4x115
Push Ups: 3x10x25, 1x8(f9)x25
Leg Raises: 4x25


1 - HC+PP was supposed to be 3x3x75%, which I took to be % of C+J. This turned out to be nigh on impossible to PP after a clean.

2 - Kept running out of gas on squats.

Michael McKenna
02-11-2010, 04:49 PM
American Open, 2007, I lost my hand on the clean at 165, re-racked it, and jerked it. The most I've ever done like that was 170. I do not recommend it.

John Filippini
02-11-2010, 06:40 PM
Yeah... I'm pretty sure that will never feel good at real maxes. At the same time, it looks pretty beastly.

Hang Snatch: 4x43, 3x52, 1x61(f2), 2x3x68, 2x68(f3)
Snatch Pull: 4x68, 4x4x86
Back Squat: 5x88, 3x111, 2x125, 5x8x136
Push Press: 3x61, 84(f), 5x3x70


1 - Hang snatches felt surprisingly good, especially since the same weight for full snatches sucked so bad on Sunday.

2 - Snatch pulls apparently looked fast, even though they felt slow.

3 - Back squats were excruciating, but I managed and apparently kept decent form.

4 - Had to back off on push presses because I felt a little fried from BS.

John Filippini
02-13-2010, 05:41 AM
Clean Pull: 3x60, 3x85, 3x100, 4x4x115
RDL: 4x115, 3x130, 5x145, 4x5x130
Lat Pull Down: 4x8x140#
Hypers + Weighted T's: 3x10x12#(each arm)


1 - Clean pulls generally felt good. Need to constantly focus on leg drive.

2 - Could have kept going with RDLs at 145, but decided to not tire myself out unnecessarily with 5x5x120% of clean.

3 - Lats/Shoulders felt a lot stronger than the past.

John Filippini
02-13-2010, 11:05 AM
Snatch: 3x43, 3x52, 2x61, 68, 73, 77
Clean+Jerk: 3x61, 2x73, 2x84, 91, 98, 102
Front Squat: 5x84, 3x102, 2x116, 3x125
Superset (a): BTN Pull Up: 2x8xBlue Band, 8xGreen Band
Superset (b): DB Press: 8x30#, 8x35#, 8x40#
Russian Twist: 3x25x16# Medball


1 - Snatches felt good.

2 - C+Js could have been better. Need to stay over longer in clean. Still, all successful, easy reps.

3 - Had to cut FS session short because the back of my calf feels slightly tendinitis-like. Not sure what's going on with that, but it felt pretty rough today.

John Filippini
02-16-2010, 10:10 AM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55
Clean+Jerk: 3x60, 2x72, 2x85, 95, 1x96(f2), 2x2x96
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x95, 3x115, 3x120, 3x125, 3x130, 3x135, 140(f)
Push Up: 3x10x25
Leg Raises: 4x15


1 - Did snatches in the beginning by accident, but the form work probably didn't hurt.

2 - The only clean that I missed I just Clarked and walked away from.

3 - PR triple FS, probably have some room on my clean if I can stay tight and fast.

4 - Focused heavily on doing every rep perfectly for the leg raises, so they were actually a lot harder than in the past.

John Filippini
02-18-2010, 12:40 PM
Snatch: 4x45, 3x55, 60, 2x72, 1x72(f2), 2x72
Back Squat: 4x90, 3x110, 2x110(f3)
BTN Snatch Push Press: 5x50, 3x70, 3x3x80


1 - Snatches felt lousy. Slow, cut pull early, swung the bar, apparently I'm driving more with one side than the other... great. We'll see how this weekend goes...

2 - Back squats also went badly. The tendonitis-like feeling in my right calf has gotten bad enough to cause me to visibly favor one side. I tried to correct and had to bail with 60%.

John Filippini
02-20-2010, 06:13 PM
Snatch: 3x45, 2x55, 3x1x63
Clean+Jerk: 3x60, 2x72, 3x1x85

Garage Ink Invitational
Snatch Attempts: 83 - 85 - 90
Clean+Jerk Attempts: 112 - 117 - 117
Total: 197


1 - Probably my worst meet yet. Oh well, also first meet in almost 5 months. Warm up round for the Arnold Classic in two weeks.

2 - Snatches: 83 was just a little forward but light; nailed 85 easy; cut my pull at 90. Not generally too upset about snatches, all easily recognizable and fixable mistakes.

3 - C+J's: 112 was a passable clean followed by an easy jerk; clarked 117, then squished by 117. Need to figure out how to keep my back tight and my chest up so that I'm solid in the receiving position.

4 - Also my first time ever trying to cut weight. Weighed 89.6 about 2.5 weeks ago, weighed in at 84.8 today. Interesting experience.

John Filippini
02-25-2010, 07:07 AM
I recently got a new phone, which means that I'll be actually able to video record my lifts now. Starting with yesterday's snatch session, I'm going to start recording my work sets on the competition lifts and keeping them up on a youtube channel for ~2 weeks. PR's will stay up longer.


Clean+Jerk: 3x60, 2x75, 2x90, 2x100, 1x100(f2), (2+1(f2))x100
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x95, 3x115, 3x120, 3x125, 3x130, 3x137, 140(f)
Push Ups: 4x10x25
Leg Raises: 4x25


1 - Cleans are still really crappy. Missed the last jerk because I caught the clean soft and forward and was burned out by the time I stood up.

2 - 2kg PR triple on FS.

Snatch: 3x50, 2x60, 70, 2x75, 1x75(f2), 2x75
Back Squat: 5x90, 4x110, 3x125, 3x5x145, 2x3x125(pause)
Push Press: 5x50, 3x70, 4x3x75
Snatch Balance+OHS: 70(f), (1+3)x50, 2x(1+3)x70, (1+2(f3))x70


1 - Snatches felt better than cleans do, but that's normal. Still slightly weird. Missed one in front.

2 - Squats felt better than they have, but started to bother my right ankle/calf again, so I reduced weight to make sure I was staying balanced on both legs.

John Filippini
02-25-2010, 07:22 PM
Clean Pull: 5x70, 4x100, 4x3x120
Snatch RDL: 4x70, 3x90, 5x4x110


1 - Quick day today, needed to get to laundromat before close.

2 - Clean pulls felt really good, did a much better job of keeping my lats tight and chest up - hopefully should help on Saturday if I can do that with heavy cleans.

3 - Snatch RDLs felt good, happy I could do them this well with 20kg above my best snatch. Was also during this was demonstrating light snatch rdls to a friend, and may have finally clicked in my brain how it should feel if I don't extend my hips early (like I always do).

John Filippini
02-27-2010, 02:28 PM
Snatch: 2x50, 2x60, 70, 80, 85(f), 88(f), 90(f), 92(f)
Clean+Jerk: 2x60, 2x80, 90, 100, 110, 115(f), 120(f), 122(f)
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x95, 3x110, 5x3x125


1 - Please don't comment on today's lifting. Just don't.

John Filippini
03-02-2010, 11:16 AM
Clean+Jerk: 3x60, 2x75, 2x90, 95, 100, 100(1+f), 95
Front Squat: 5x80, 4x95, 3x110, 2x120, 2x130, 2x140, 2x145
Press: 3x20x20
Leg Raises: 3x25


1 - Cleans still felt pretty messed up. Tired on the jerk that I missed.

2 - FS PR double.

John Filippini
03-03-2010, 08:24 PM
Snatch Pull: 5x70, 4x3x90
Snatch RDL: 5x90, 5x3x110
BTN Snatch Push Press: 5x50, 4x70, 3x3x90

Snatch: 3x50(f4), 2x60, 1x60(f2), 70, 75, 75(f), 70
Back Squat: 5x90, 4x110, 3x125, 4x3x145


1 - New lifting shoes, so snatches didn't actually feel bad per say, just different and weird. Some things actually felt better. We'll take some more time to adjust to the new shoes before passing judgement.

2 - Feeling a bit low energy in the squats, so stayed at 80%.

3 - Having let my diet get really screwy again the last couple weeks, I'm starting to realize the contrast in just how emotionally stable I felt while being strict on my diet, let alone stronger, faster, etc. And that was while cutting. And only a couple weeks each way. Methinks I should get back on that. Just in time to travel for a four day weekend...

John Filippini
03-14-2010, 04:11 PM
Ok, so this update is going to be painfully long, but that's what I get for being lazy...

Snatch: 3x50, 2x60, 2x1x70
C+J: 3x60, 2x75, 2x1x85



2 - Warm up lifts before competing Saturday morning.

3 - All lifts went well - due to revelation. My snatches/cleans always look stupid because I'm donkey kicking all over the place, receiving the bar high, etc. So I thought back to the last time lifts felt good. Which was a few weeks earlier while doing hang cleans and hang snatches. So I just thought about getting into that starting position and finishing with a hang version - eureka! Will take practice to hammer in, but the results were immediately apparent.

Arnold Classic
Snatch Attempts: 80 - 85 - 89
Clean+Jerk Attempts: 110 - 115 - 115
Total: 200


1 - While the resulting total from this meet isn't that much better than the Garage Ink meet, I think it went a million times better.

2 - I hit 80 and 85 easy, felt light, and knew WHY I was hitting them easy. Got a little out of position on 89, no big.

3 - C+J victory was in the form of mental training. I missed 115 because I started with my back loose. Started to mentally beat myself up. Right before I went on stage, shook it off with a sick burn on a teammate, walked out there grinning, and hit it easy. Positive Mental Attitude, baby.

4 - Because I had so many other stressors, I decided not to bother cutting for this one. Weighed in at 88.3kg.

Clean+FS+Jerk: 2x(1+3+1)x60, 5x(1+3+1)x80
Clean Pull (BKn Pause): 4x3x95
IYTW Hyper Holds: 3x8x5#
Leg Lifts: 3x30


1 - Supposed to go to 90kg on complexes, but wrist was bothering me.

2 - Skipped jerk balances for the same reason.

Muscle Snatch: 3x3x40
High Hang Snatch: 3x50, 4x2(f3)x70


1 - Just couldn't manage to get all three in one set... Every miss was just a balancing point issue. I think I got too tired from these to stay tight in the bottom.

South Baltimore CrossFit Total
Back Squat Attempts: 177 - 186 - 186
Press Attempts: 66 - 70 - 75
Deadlift Attempts: 180 - 195 PR - 207 PR
Total: 454 PR


1 - Ok, so this is my one weakness - a couple times a year I just love to do this thing, whenever there's a break in my training cycles. And the SBCF people were excited about the end of their strength cycle, so it just looked fun.

2 - Squat had issues today, not sure why.

3 - Press matched PR, but no more. Got screwed up by mismatched plates for a bit.

4 - 207 deadlift to make goal! 1003lb CFT, breaking 1000lbs for the first time. This was the first time I'd deadlifted since the last CFT I did, which was 10/7/09, five months ago. 22kg PR above that day.

5 - After someone asked me why I wasn't using a belt on the BS, it prompted me to experiment with it again on the deadlifts. As it turns out, I was wearing it WAY too tight before. I went out the next night to buy a belt, since I now understand how to use one.

6 - Experimented with Kendrick Farris' style of explosive start with the deadlifts and it was awesome. The weights moved SO fast!

Snatch: 3x50, 2x60, 4x2x70
FS: 5x80, 4x95, 2x110, 5x115, 5x120, 5x125, 5x130
Lat Pull Down (alt f/b): 4x8
Hypers w/Straight Arms: 3x10
Decline Reverse Crunch: 3x10


1 - Experimented with the Kendrick Farris start on one of the warm up snatches - TERRIBLE IDEA! Works great for him, clearly not a good plan for me. Maybe I will try it on cleans, but I really think it probably won't work out.

2 - FS were maiden voyage of my new belt, felt awesome. Plan is to only use it on weights above 85% for FS, BS, DL and Clean.

Emily Mattes
03-15-2010, 06:23 PM


I use a belt for my heaviest sets of squats and I think doing it that way provides a good balance of engaging the core and still pushing the weight. Basically, I go beltless until I'm failing squats or my lower back is bugging me, and then I put it on. My beltless squat as well as belted squat have both gone up this way so it works well for me.

Michael McKenna
03-16-2010, 06:18 AM
Flipper, never apologize for lifting heavy things (above CF total). And thank GOD you realized you were donkey kicking. That's one of the things that inspired me to do the clinic down at SBCF in April, many of the crew around Charm City donkey kick (I wonder why...)

A 1,000 lbs CF total is pretty good stuff.

And I still say ditch the belt.

John Filippini
03-17-2010, 06:46 AM
I've known for a while I was donkey kicking, floating, etc. I just really couldn't figure out what to do about it until I realized I wasn't doing it on heavy lifts from the hang. Now I just feel like it's obvious and I should've figured it out sooner.

John Filippini
04-10-2010, 07:56 AM
Ok, so I've been completely negligent here. I don't really feel like rewriting an entire four week training cycle though, so I'll just post results. Not sure yet, but I'm likely to repeat the same cycle again.

Power Snatch PR: 85kg (+5kg)
Snatch PR: 93kg (+3kg)
Power Clean PR: 105kg (+15kg)
FS PR: 158kg (+3kg)

John Filippini
04-13-2010, 06:27 AM
Snatch: 2x80, 2x1x80
Clean+Jerk: 2x2x90
Back Squat: 2x2x145

John Filippini
05-16-2010, 06:06 PM
Skipped another training cycle on the log. About to start being a whole lot better about that. I have to or I'm never going to keep track of the training program I think I'm about to embark on.

Will start with the workouts this week that will be my usual post-meet fare of doing whatever strikes me as fun at the time.

East Coast Classic
Snatch Attempts: 85 - 89 - 93
Clean+Jerk Attempts: 108 - 112 - 118
Total: 207 PR


1 - Finally feeling like I might be back in it. Both 89 and 118 are 1kg meet PRs even if they aren't training PRs, and 207 is a 2kg PR. Time to get moving.

2 - Snatches felt good, 93 was close enough that I tried 95 on the warm up platform, and that was even closer.

3 - Got to see video of C+J attempts in slow motion. Jerks had issues, but weren't a crime. Cleans were seriously rough, despite the decent performance. Way over-pulling still, shrugging up when it's doing me no good at all. Also jumping back about a foot in all cleans. Need to drill a lot of position work.

John Filippini
05-18-2010, 06:24 AM
CrossFit Total for kicks
Back Squat: 180
Press: 75
Deadlift: 190


1 - Took much bigger jumps on the big lifts than probably made sense. Missed a 210 deadlift attempt immediately after 190. Also attempted 190 BS immediately after the 180, which I actually came damn close to making.

2 - Happy with the 5kg PR on press, and hitting within 2kg of my BS PR when I haven't done any of these lifts in two months.

Emily Mattes
05-19-2010, 05:01 PM
What, you saw the weight on the floor and figured you could squat it, too? :D

You're getting closer and closer to that BW OHP, good job!

John Filippini
05-22-2010, 06:02 AM
Bench Press: 5x175#, 3x185#
Bent Row: 10x50, 5x60, 2x5x70

KB Swing
KB Push Press
KB Snatch
Weight: 24kg
Time: ~7mins


1 - Bench Press! Both of those work sets are PRs, but I'm just counting them as baselines because I pretty much haven't benched in two years and they weren't true RM attempts.

2 - Why did I experiment with bench and rows? Because I'm actually making a pass at the LSU program. Here's hoping it doesn't kill me. I've heard one person who did it refer to it as having "made a man out of him." Sounds good.

3 - Conditioning! Just for kicks. I was confused at first and did 20 swings, 16 presses and 10 snatches and thought I was done at 1:40 with an all out sprint. I was politely corrected and then wanted to die at the end of 7mins.

John Filippini
05-22-2010, 03:32 PM
Back Squat: 2x3x136
Shrug: 2x5x143
Pull Up: 4x5
Push Press: 2x5x52


1 - Again, mostly trying to just keep the blood flowing and get acclimated to some exercises I haven't done in a long time (or ever).

2 - Shrugs are a strange exercise, but also kind of fun. Had to review in Starting Strength to remind myself how to properly do them.

3 - Widened grip a little on pull ups. Made my positions much more proper and the whole thing became a lot stronger.

4 - Going to spend the volume phase of this cycle trying to get better about driving with my elbows wider/lower. Still feels odd doing it on push presses.

John Filippini
05-24-2010, 09:00 PM
Push Press: 10x70, 10x67, 10x62
Back Squat: 2x10x130, 10x125
Bench Press: 3x10x62
Press: 5x52(f6), 5x47(f6)


1 - Surprisingly, this workout only took a little over 2 hours to complete.

2 - Push press weight was appropriate, all sets extremely difficult.

3 - Squat weight was sandbagged a little, repeated same weight on second set, which caught up about right.

4 - New to bench press and it turns out I seriously sandbagged it.

5 - As should have been better anticipated, presses were nigh impossible by this point. Not sure what was going on with my right arm, but it just would not move the weight past my forehead on the sixth rep with either attempt. Should have sandbagged more here.

John Filippini
05-26-2010, 07:42 PM
Hang Snatch: 5x60, 5x62, 4x65(f5), 5x62, 5x60
Snatch Deadlift: 10x90, 10x85, 10x80
RDL: 10x120, 10x115, 10x107
Shrug: 3x10x160
Pull Ups: 5, 2x10xRED, 10xBLUE


1 - Pull day SUCKS! My hands wanted nothing to do with holding a bar by the end of this. Also could not physically make myself hook grip on shrugs, needed to completely load the weight on the straps. Not sure if this is normal or my thumbs were just burned out by this point.

2 - First set of deadlifts were cold starts on each rep, last two were touch-and-go. Not sure which way to go with this. Cold start was obviously harder... but to the point that just getting into position was searing pain on the hamstrings, entirely separate of lifting the bar. I went to touch-and-go because I mentally could not bring myself to do it again. My brain just said "this cannot be what was intended" and changed course. Feedback welcome if anyone still reads this.

3 - Colors on pull ups refer to what band I used. On a good day I can do a set of 10 full bw. At the end of this death march, not so much.

4 - Was also supposed to do bent rows. Forgot those. I'm ok with that this week.

Push Press: 10x63, 10x60, 10x57
Back Squat: 10x125, 10x119, 10x113
Bench Press: 3x10x57
Press: 2x10x40, 8x40(f9)


1 - Also screwed this up, supposed to do 3 sets across at top weight, then take the back off sets. Just did the back off sets, except for bench (unfamiliar) and press (botched on Monday). I'm also ok with this for the first week. I'll deal with fixing it next week.

2 - I think I begin to get a better picture of this program as I go. Even accounting for the forgotten sets, this workout was substantially less intense than Monday's, making it more reasonable to follow the craziness at the beginning of the week.

John Filippini
05-27-2010, 08:31 PM
Hang Clean: 5x75, 5x80, 5x85, 5x81, 5x77
Clean Deadlift: 10x110, 10x105, 10x100
RDL: 3x10x108, 10x102, 10x97
Shrug: 3x10x145, 10x137, 10x130
Pull Ups: 3x10xBLUE


1 - Having not forgotten any sets, this workout was still substantially easier to manage than the heavy version. Also took an ice bath last night, which helped a lot.

2 - Cleans got better as I went (more efficient), I think.

3 - Deadlifts were all from a dead start, no touch-and-go. Very uncomfortable, but manageable.

4 - Half way through RDLs I got a lot better at tightening my lats, which I've been good at with snatch grip and bad at with clean grip.

5 - Shrugs are kind of all over the place. Not sure if it's how I'm returning the bar or what, but the lift feels fine, I'm just returning the bar in all sorts of weird places. Recorded a set and it looks like I'm keeping my shoulders back like I'm supposed to so not sure if this really matters...

6 - Now glorious rest! Some technique work on full lifts on Saturday and some front squats, but other than that I don't do anything crazy until Monday.

John Filippini
05-30-2010, 05:06 AM
Snatch: 75(f), 75, 75, 80(f), 75, 80, 80, 82, 85(f)
Clean: 90, 95, 100, 100, 105, 110, 105(f)
Experiment with yoke walk (1 time)
Shot Put lesson (~10 throws)


1 - Snatches were slow to warm up, but felt great once I got going. Very strong first pull meant for good lifting overall.

2 - Same idea with cleans. Strong first pull led to very snappy turnover. At 110 I rounded out a lot receiving it though, also why I missed the last 105.

3 - Glad I tried the yoke walk, but not sure that's really my event.

4 - Shot put was crazy fun though! Not very good at it, but then again, first day ever.

Emily Mattes
05-30-2010, 08:17 PM
Yoke is fun, painful fun, like Strongman stuff in general: bruising and scratching and injuring yourself while manhandling heavy weights for good times!

John Filippini
06-02-2010, 08:40 AM
Push Press: 10x72, 10x77, 10x73, 10x70
Back Squat: 10x137, 10x130, 10x123
Bench Press: 10x66, 10x68, 9x65(f10), 7x62(f8)
Press: 2x9x40(f10)


1 - Push press went much better than last week, 7kg PR for 10.

2 - Squat went decently, also a 7kg PR for 10.

3 - Bench also moved up a bunch (6kg for 10), but then went through massive triceps burnout the rest of the workout.

John Filippini
06-04-2010, 07:09 AM
HB Snatch: 5x65, 5x70, 5x72, 3x75(f4), 5x68, 5x63
Snatch DL: 10x95, 10x105, 10x100, 10x95
RDL: 10x125, 10x119, 10x113
Shrug: 10x165, 10x175, 10x166, 10x158


1 - Had to go before I had time for rows or pull ups.

2 - Snatches felt great, other than the fact that I gave myself a serious bruise on my pelvis - possibly pushing my hips through too much?

3 - Deadlifts were all from a dead stop, and I'm told position looked good. I'm amazed at how fast my body seems to have adapted to this.

Push Press: 3x10x69, 10x66, 10x62
Back Squat: 2x10x123


1 - My right ankle was severely acting up in squats today, to the point where I just had to stop the squats. It was already 8:30, so I had problems motivating for the rest of press day. Need to attempt to video my squats to see what I'm doing that's aggravating that ankle.

John Filippini
06-13-2010, 04:11 PM
Ok, definitely gotten terrible at updating this log...

Snatch: 3x1x75
Clean: 3x1x90
Front Squat: 2x130, 2x137, 1x145(f2)

Hang Snatch: 3x2x65
Snatch DL: 10x110, 10x120, 10x114, 10x108

Push Press: 2x10x60, 7x60(f8)
Squat: 10x130, 9x130(f10)
Bench Press: 3x10x66

Hang Clean: 2x5x80
Clean DL: 10x145, 10x155, 10x140, 10x125

Snatch: 70, 75, 75, 80, 80, 82, 82(f), 82
Clean+Jerk: 85, 90, 3x1x95


1 - Shoulder and ankle problems reached a peak at the beginning of this week, causing me to bail on the heavy push day completely.

2 - However, others came to the rescue to solve both problems. My trainee actually taught me a few things about ankle rehab from her days as a marathoner, and my ankle feels a billion times better. Trying to coach someone with shoulder mobility issues led me to tell him to "put his elbows out". This got me thinking about my overhead position too, and voila - I now know how to engage the posterior of my right shoulder. It also feels on the fast track to recovery, and was able to jerk for the first time in weeks.

3 - While that was all going on, managed to pull some great numbers in both deadlifts, teaching me a thing or two about engaging my hamstrings and lats to keep in good position. Snatch DLs at 120 were apparently great, and I only broke down on the last two reps or so at 155 with Clean DLs (had observers for both).

4 - Managed to hit some respectable numbers in snatch given the volume I've been on, and managed to jerk decently for the first time in quite a while. Volume moved down to 5s after this, and I am very excited.

John Filippini
06-20-2010, 01:24 PM
Power Jerk: 5x80, 5x76, 5x72
Back Squat: 5x145, 5x155, 5x147, 5x140
Push Press: 5x80, 5x76, 5x72

Hang Snatch BKn: 3x60, 3x65, 2x70(f3), 3x70, 3x66, 3x62
Snatch DL: 5x125, 5x135, 5x128, 5x120

Power Jerk: 3x5x72, 5x65, 5x60
Back Squat: 3x5x140, 133(f)
Bench Press: 5x70, 5x75, 5x79, 2x84(f3), 5x75, 5x70

Hang Clean BKn: 3x95, 3x90, 3x85
Clean DL: 5x160, 5x152, 5x145

Snatch: 3x50, 2x60, 70, 75, 80, 85(f), 85, 4x90(f), 90
Clean+Jerk: 2x70, 80, 90, 100, 105, 110(1+f), 110(f), 110
Front Squat: 4x70, 3x100, 2x120, 1x130(f2)


1 - Weekly updates seem to fit better into my schedule.

2 - First week of 5s, but came down with an awful head cold, so some things kinda went to hell. Started feeling off Tuesday night, it really hit home Wednesday, by Thursday the gym was the only thing I was dragging myself out of the house for. Didn't start to feel better until Saturday, pretty solid by today (Sunday).

3 - Even so, set a fairly good baseline for the next two weeks to improve on. All of my 5RMs were a little over my 10RMs from the first weeks, which was a legitimate relief given how crappy I felt.

4 - Power jerks feel slow. Not sure why, possibly just that the hip depth is harder to hit in this position than a split.

5 - Shoulder continuing to improve steadily.

6 - Ankle/calf pains came back with a vengeance this week. Getting through the sets across on Wednesdays BS was an act of sheer will, and I couldn't get through the back off sets at all. Also think that I'm a little slower on the clean at the moment because of pain in the bottom receiving position.

7 - All in all, very happy with training this week, all things considered. Snatches just keep feeling better and better. Had some trouble at 90kg, but every single miss was close enough to warrant another attempt. Need to get more comfortable with cleans, fairly certain jerks will follow naturally.

John Filippini
06-26-2010, 08:24 AM
Power Jerk: 5x80, 5x85, 4x90(f5), 5x80, 5x75
Back Squat: 5x145, 5x137, 5x130

Hang Snatch (BKn): 3x70, 3x75, 2x80(f3), 3x70, 3x65
Snatch DL: 5x130, 5x150, 5x143, 5x135
Pull Ups: 3x5x10kg

Power Jerk: 2x4(f5)x77, 5x77, 5x74, 5x70
Back Squat: 3x5x130
Bench: 5x82, 5x77, 5x73

Hang Clean (BKn): 3x90, 1x100(f2, f3), 3x94, 3x90
Clean DL: 5x165, 5x157, 5x150

Snatch: 70, 75, 80, 85(f), 85(f), 85(f), 70, 75, 80, 90(f), 90(f)


1 - First four days of training were great, last one was not. Might not have rested properly enough, also might not have been taking intelligent jumps. Either way, not fun.

2 - Ankles feeling better, shoulder no problems at all anymore. Now my groin has been feeling funny. Nothing big, no pain, just feels like the muscle shifts a little sometimes in the bottom position and such. I'll keep an eye on it.

3 - Not many other real comments. Squats were a little lighter to work on form, deadlifts hit new PRs and kept my back still steady. Did weighted pull ups for the first time ever.

John Filippini
07-02-2010, 06:58 PM
Power Jerk: 5x85, 3x90(f4), 5x80, 5x75
Back Squat: 5x150, 5x160
Push Press: 3x5x70

Hang Snatch (BKn): 3x50, 2x60, 2x70, 80(f), 3x70, 3x75, 2x80(f3)

Power Jerk: 3x5x75, 5x72
Back Squat: 3x5x145, 5x137, 5x130
Bench Press: 5x79, 5x84

Hang Clean (BKn): 3x80, 2x90(f3), 3x95, 3x100, 1x105(f2,f3), 3x95, 3x90

Snatch: 70, 75, 80, 85(f), 3x50, 3x50, 85, 90, 95, 98(f), 98(f)
Clean+Jerk: 80, 85, 95, 105, 110(1+f), 114(1+f), 114(f)
Front Squat: 2x110, 2x120, 2x130, 2x140, 1x145(f2)


1 - End of volume phases! Now semi-rest week during ECG Weightlifting Camp where I'm doing my USAW 2 course, then 3 weeks of 3s, a peaking week, then taper for MD State Games.

2 - Hitting PRs again! Added 2kg on snatch (coolest), 3kg on FS double, 4kg on clean triple (yes I'm counting it, they're from a hang below the knees for heaven's sake) and 2kg on bench for 5 (never done it before, gets notice for novelty).

3 - Ankles, shoulder, and hip all seem to be pretty much entirely recovered at this point. Pretty cool.

4 - Noticed testing C+J that my power in jerks are WAY up, but my foot position in the split is now atrocious (small wonder).

5 - Clean testing went well in general, especially given how crappy they've felt for so long.

6 - Tuesday was my first experience with really just being too busy coaching to lift well myself. Snatches were a little weird, and just didn't have it in me to do the deadlifts.

7 - Thursday was the best clean day I've had in months. Decided not to do deadlifts because I was testing the next night and wanted to take advantage of it.