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Sam Nutt
07-13-2009, 12:40 PM
It's been so long since I last lifted, I figured I'd just scrap my original training log and start over. Plus, I hated the title of my old log (this one's bad, too, but at least it's a different kind of bad). I'll be following the PM WODs, with some occasional KB work thrown in for fun. Weights in kg unless otherwise specified.

Here's to new beginnings:

I. BS - 75% x 4 x 5

105 x 4 x 3

Man, it felt good to squat again. I never thought I'd be saying that. The squats themselves felt surprisingly strong, but in between sets I had immediate soreness. Figured it was best to cap it at 3 sets for the first day back.

II. PP - 70% x 5 x 5

50 x 5 x 5

I have no idea what my max PP is. I really suck at any dynamic overhead movements. Presses are fine, but PP, jerks and snatches all blow. It's an obvious general weakness to work on. So I kept these light and concentrated on form: maintaining upright back, tempo change and driving head through.

III. Snatch pull - 90% (of snatch) x 5 x 5

50 x 5 x 5

Given the hamstring soreness from above, these were, um, interesting. I've got get straps. And maybe petition my gym for some Olympic bars.

IV. Weighted sit-ups - 3 x 10
Full, unanchored, with a 25# plate.

Not sure how to do these, but I just put a plate on my chest and felt the burn.

Sam Nutt
07-14-2009, 12:16 PM
T-t-t-today, Junior:

I. Snatch high-pull + muscle snatch - 70% (of MS) x 4 sets

50 x 4 sets

II. 3-position snatch (floor, knee, mid-thigh) - 70% x 5 sets

45 x 5 sets

Get the weight BACK.

III. Power jerk + jerk - 75% (of jerk) x 4 sets

60 x 4 sets

Should have gone heavier.

IV. Pullup/rowing metcon.

Rowing :cool:
Pullups :mad:

Eric Peterson
07-14-2009, 07:07 PM
Good to see you back in the gym my friend. To the stars through b*kk*ke!:cool:

Sam Nutt
07-17-2009, 08:29 AM
Is that what "aspera" means? ;)

Little KB metcon yesterday:

6 rounds for time of:
5L/5R 1.5 pood snatch (odd rounds) or 2 pood clean (even rounds)
5L/5R 1.5 pood push press
10 2 pood goblet squat
5L/5R 2 pood one-armed row
10 v-ups

Goblet squats are AWESOME.

Sam Nutt
07-17-2009, 04:55 PM
4 rounds of static strength:

35s on, 25s off

Pull up hold
Goblet squat hold, 2 pood
Overhead walk, 2 pood
Superman hold