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Justin Keane
08-07-2009, 02:49 PM
Well, if this doesn't force me to stop crossing out and rewriting "Day 1--New Routine" in my journal, nothing will.

I've been training at Crossfit Boston for almost two years, but the past year has been hit or miss for me after a really great summer of 08. Deconditioning/whatever coincides with the birth of my first son, so hey, it is what it is and I'm not beating myself up about it--but he's 9 months now and sleeping through the night so it's time for Daddy to get stronger and faster again and drop some weight along the way.

Training: A friend and I are going to be following Gant's hybrid routine (as he posted in June of 08) for the next 12 weeks.

Nutrition: Paleo Cyclic low carb (protocol is as described in Natural Hormonal Enhancement)...like everyone else says, tonight is the last gasp of the higher-carb life. Couple of beers and some ribs sound great and then...BAMM.

Goals: Some solid increases on the Oly lifts (Snatch and OHS are a particular hole in my game and Jerk lags behind Clean), holding serve or bettering Fran time of a year ago, additional 5-10 lbs on dead and squat, 10 lbs-ish fat loss, use gymnastics time to actually get some HSPU.

Relevant benchmarks:
Body Weight: 197 (July 09)
Fran: 5:31 (summer 08)
Grace: 8:04 (June 09)
Helen: 9:55 (Summer 08)
Elizabeth: 13:47 (Summer 08)
HSPU: a big fat 0, can't even kick up into one
Max Snatch: 75 lbs (summer 09) (Power Snatch 105, Aug 09)
Max O/H Squat: 115 (summer 08)
Max Clean: 185 (June 09) (Power Clean 185, Aug 09)
Max Jerk: 170 (split, summer 08)
High Bar Back Squat: unsure of max but have been doing straight sets of 5 at 225...need to get deeper and hold chest up so am going to drop down a bit and dial in form
Low Bar Back Squat: 305 (May 09)
Dead: 413 (Aug 09)
Pullups: 30 (summer 08)

Well, here we go.

Justin Keane
08-10-2009, 11:43 AM
1st day on the new protocol felt good. Different but good. Somehow more intuitive.

w/u: 500m row, then ring work (dips: 10, 8, 3; pullups 3, 3, 3)--false grip has disappeared and will be sole focus of next ring session

power snatch (in lbs): 89, 89, 89, 109, 109x2x2, 109--need more shrug and work on setup
overhead press: 119x5, 124x5, 126x4--core weakened earlier than usual on these

metcon: 5 rds 185 lb back squat (high bar), 5 chest to bar pullups, 6:11
squats need to be even deeper. turns out there is a little bit of a mental hurdle there.

Justin Keane
08-11-2009, 11:56 AM
Today is a free wod/fun day.

The fun, she is not fun.

w/u: Row 1k at medium pace overall, alternating speed and power of strokes, 3:50ish
10 ktes, Tabata rows, 6 rounds of tabata pushups, 15 back extensions as finisher.

Rows cooked me. In retrospect, I might have chosen a different warmup.

Looking forward to hitting this hard on Thursday after a rest day tmrw.

Justin Keane
08-12-2009, 12:54 PM
Rest Day today

Keep getting fouled up on the metabolic reset of the NHE diet. We have a Wednesday lunch out each week and inevitably eat at a Thai or Indian place where it's pretty hard to get anything that hasn't been cooked in sauce and likely has enough carbs to push me over the 20g limit. I'm just anal enough that this freaks me out and I feel the need to restart the reset. This is dumb, but then again I blame Rob Faigin for writing (paraphrase) "you must stay under 20g (in the reset) or your metabolism will not reset and you won't turn into a fat burner"

Le sigh. Le dumb.

Tomorrow: handstand practice, snatch work, heavy back squats, and maybe Fran

Justin Keane
08-13-2009, 11:26 AM
total junk today after 4 hrs sleep. (on a plus note, late night was due to brother's rock and roll show, which went went really well for him. amazing how a late night with zero beers at age 35 feels worse than a weekend in vegas did at 23. amazing and depressing.)

w/u: 500m row.
Gymnastics work: kicking into handstand against wall. got 4-5 seconds but nowhere near structurally sound. arms bending almost immediately.
Power clean and jerk: 133x2, 153x2x3. Moved to split on 153 and that needs a lot of work (explosion and trap door)
High bar back squats: focusing solely on form and getting a2g: 177x5, 199x5, 209x5
Set of 209 felt 85-90% structurally solid. Will not go up in weight until that gets closer to 95%. This is a 12 week program and I'm confident an ego check here is going to pay huge dividends down the line.

No time for metcon. Need to move these workouts along quicker.

Justin Keane
08-14-2009, 04:15 PM
w/u: 3x10 PVC o/h squats, hip extensions, pushups, 3x5 chest to bar pullups

ring work: 5 or 6 sets false grip pullups, usually 3-4. Feeling a little stronger at the top. I want my muscle-up

power snatch: 5x2 at 105, 2 min rest btw sets--got some good coaching on starting position after 2nd set. Still pressing out slightly, may go down in weight to 95 for next round, or may just warm up a little longer w/PVC

overhead squat: 3x5 at 75. Haven't O/H squatted in a while. It shows. Psyched to work on this and just keep adding weight. Form improved as sets went on and got tighter and madder

metcon: 15-10-5 kb swings (2 pood), box jumps, 2:48. broke set of 10 kbs, need to not make that happen again.

Day 1 of 7 Metabolic reset. Looking forward to a longer metcon tomorrow--maybe some new bumper plate thrusters

Justin Keane
08-15-2009, 03:13 PM
felt a little bonked before I even got started today

w/u: started to put together new squat stand, got frustrated, 10-12 135 lb clean grip deadlift, went right into wod.

metcon: max 135 lb. clean and jerk/overhead anyhow, 6 min: 22--little bit behind my PR Grace pace, somewhat frustrating but jerks felt solid.

missed deads and weighted pulls today, but just didn't have it in me to max out.

day 2 of 7 day metabolic shift...rest day tomorrow and hit it hard monday for week 2 of 12.

metcon 2: couldn't resist making it to full Grace #s, so, after 3 hrs-ish: 8 135 lb clean & jerk/overhead anyhow, 1:03. Happened upon a novel strategy: don't let go of the bar! Resetting w/hands on bar improved cycle time. Previous 1 min best has been 5.

Justin Keane
08-17-2009, 11:44 AM
w/u: 3x10 o/h squat pvc, pushups, 2x10 hip extensions
ring work: 3x5 false grip pulls
oly: power snatch 107x2x5...good pull under the bar last set. felt more explosive
strength: press 125x4x3...losing core on this, really wanted straight sets w/5 but it wasn't happening. 4th rep last set took about 10 seconds.
metcon: 5 rounds, 5 db squats 55 lb dbs, 7 kb swings 2 pood, 40 yd sprint (walk/jog back)--10:15. Will add 2 squats and 2 rds to this to make it 7 rds of 7-7-sprint and will do it in less than 10 min by the time these 12 weeks are over

Justin Keane
08-18-2009, 04:12 PM
fun day #1 of week:
5 min long cycle kb clean and jerk, 26 lb kb, 5 each arm then switch

tabata pushups (no gaming): 19, 11, 8, 6, 5, 5

tomorrow: heavy squat day, plenty of hunks of protein and veggies. Time to paleo bigfeed this shiznit.

Justin Keane
08-19-2009, 11:48 AM
kicked out the metabolism reset...it's reset enough. meats and veggies and some fat.

w/u: 2x10 pushups, hip extensions, goblet squat holds, dislocates

gymnastics: kicking into handstand, got inverted legit 2-3 times, last two felt like they weren't going anywhere. Kicking one leg at a time was a huge tip

oly: power clean & split jerk, singles: 89, 133, 143, 148, 153, 158. Pressed out jerks slightly, need to drop into that bottom

strength: high bar back squat: 208x5x3. Chest caving slightly on latter reps. Going to try Rip's squat stretch--just sitting at the bottom under 135 lb or so.

metcon: 5 rds, 7kb swings, 2 pood, 20 situps, 5:22. Need to move away from the kb swings for a few days.

Justin Keane
08-20-2009, 10:16 AM
falling asleep at desk signals rest day today instead of saturday.
i'll shift around the snatch and o/h squat work to a broomstick saturday session with some burpees and sprints for a metcon.

I am really liking how I am feeling on this program. Less than two weeks in and I am feeling like my pulls are stronger, technique is improving. I like lifting heavy, I like sprinting, and I want to get better on the oly lifts. Great stuff.

Justin Keane
08-22-2009, 04:32 AM
8/21 work--all about a max dead
warmup: dislocates, barbell power cleans
oly: power cleans, 135x2, 135x3, 135x4--working on speed and keeping bar close
strength: max dead, 135x5, 225x3, 275x2 then switched to mixed grip, 315x1, 365x1, 420x1 (PR by 7 lbs)

in Ohio for a long weekend that I suspect will involve a little bit of beer and a little bit of pizza. some sprints today, tabata Monday then back in the gym upon return Tuesday.

Supplemental goal is to pare down a tiny bit of bodyweight by end of September for FGBIV

Justin Keane
08-26-2009, 08:11 AM
do I call it a lost weekend? i think so. did not feed and water myself optimally these last few days, fighting off a cold but i think i am out of the woods today and am itching to get back into the gym tomorrow.

going to go heavy on the Fight Gone Bad exercises in my metcons over the next few weeks. Box Jumps and Push Presses in particular. and interval/tabata rows are always fun.

Justin Keane
08-27-2009, 11:32 AM
back to work. man that felt good.
w/u: dynamic range of motion--saw Dutch video the other day and mimicked that w/u with some added dislocates
no handstand work today--shoulder felt a little hinky during dislocates
oly: hang power clean, 95x5, 125x3, 135x2x2, 145--need work on hip pop and the extension up and slightly back. training partner observed that my hip angle isn't changing very much.
strength: back squat, 145x3, 197x3, 215x3, 225x3
metcon: kb swings, box jumps, 15-10-5, 2 pood, 2:38--10 sec better than last week which i count as a nice victory given this weekend's bacchanalia

Justin Keane
08-28-2009, 03:46 PM
w.u: dynamic range of motion plus some dislocates
oly: snatch technique work, 95 lbs for 5-6 sets of 2 and 3. got some good instruction on driving the knees back rather than moving the bar around them
no strength work today as oly went a little long

metcon: 5 rds: 5 db thrusters (55 lbs), 5 chest to bar pulls, 50 yd sprint (then walk back), 8:48

tweaked my lower back on a thruster...think i may have been hyperextending it slightly as i was hyperaware of doing that. icing it now, not feeling so hot. discretion would have been the better part of valor on this one, maybe should have stuck with 45 or 50. will likely take tomorrow off and see how monday feels. if need be, i'll go back in with light oly technique work and bench press for strength and figure out some supercrazy metcons

Justin Keane
08-31-2009, 05:45 PM
back at it tomorrow--reducing volume slightly from 5 days to 4 (though I only hit it 2x last week), am going to look into doing some mma-type training on a 5th day for a change of pace.

not feeling super since reintroducing dairy on the meta resets; taking that out of the equation and moving back to strict paleo.

Justin Keane
09-01-2009, 12:09 PM
ok, go team paleo!

w/u: dislocates, goblet squats, and then right into it. shorter session today, getting the land legs back a bit

strength: push press, 45x5, 95x5, (working) 115x5, 125x5, 139x5, 144x5, 149x4

metcon: 500m row, 30 situps, 400m row, 25 situps, 300m row, 20 situps, 7:30

kept rows close...lost it on the last 150m or so.

Justin Keane
09-14-2009, 11:51 AM
that was a little break, huh? felt like crap for the last two weeks--hoping it was just the strep and not anything more lymphy.

anyhow, back at it and what the hell, we'll call this week 1 of 12. reset.

w/u: dynamic rom

oly: power snatch 95x2x3, 105x2x4...my snatch is broken. just can't put it together from ground up, not getting pop. the oly seminar with coach b will be very welcome this weekend

strength: press 95x5 (w/u), 125x4, 130x3, 135x1...shooting for 125x5x3 next week

metcon: 5 rds: 5 back squat 185, 5 c2b pullups, 10 pushups, 7:06. Abt 60% pulls c2b.

felt really good to be back

Justin Keane
09-16-2009, 04:19 PM
Tuesday: free day

15 power clean & push jerk, 135 lb, 3:30 (slightly ahead of best Grace pace, but was bonking for sure)
power clean & jerk 135x2x8 (abt 30-45 sec rest btw sets)

Wednesday: rest day

Tomorrow back at it.

Justin Keane
09-17-2009, 12:09 PM
crap day today.

w/u: 500m row, 1:46. maybe go at a 2:00 pace

handstand work, 5-7 min. didn't feel as solid this time in the kickup as it did last time.

oly: clean and jerk, technique, 95x1x3, 105x1x3, 115x1x2. got some nice cues from a fellow CFB athlete on the jerk. thanks John Z

strength: high bar back squat, 165x5, 209x4--head wasn't into this and time was ticking.

metcon: had wanted to do heavy helen (w.sprints and weighted vest pullups), but instead went for 3 rounds 10 kb swings (2 pood), 15 tuck jumps, 20 situps, 4:06

Justin Keane
10-06-2009, 04:47 PM
sick, again, crap, again...got strep for the second time in a month and have been busy enough at work that i'm fine with calling a legit reset on the 12 weeks and beginning anew, which I did on Monday.

Monday, Oct 5
w/u row for 2 min
ring work--pushups and static holds
oly: clean shrugs 135x3x5, power clean last rep (on Coach B's advice--my extension on oly lifts sucks completely
strength: back squat 223x5x3; weight represents a 10% deload to nail down form
metcon: row 500m, 7 db thrusters 50 lb, row 400 m, thrusters, row 300m, thrusters, 7:03

Tuesday, Oct 6 (today)
w/u 1.5 min row
strength: weighted pullups, 35 lbx5, 35x4, 35x3; will deload 10% next week to get straight sets
press, 115x5x3; weight is 10% deload, adding 5lb next time
deadlift, 115x5, 225x3, 315, 365, 435 (fail). Didn't plan the rep scheme well on this.
Cooldown: reverse hypers 2x10, back extension 2x10

will start charting food--after reading through Gant's hybrid thread, a few things clicked, among which was the use of blocks as an appx tracking device to check at day's end, and maybe some playing around with IF. certainly don't need to put on any mass; i'd like to see if i can make some concrete strength gains with the kind of linear programming i've never really stuck with before.

Justin Keane
10-07-2009, 05:55 PM
Wed, Oct 7

Rest day today. Going to play with doing Mon-Tues-Thurs-Sat workout scheme.
food was a lot of ice cream after dinner--a definite carb up after a 3-4 day stretch of low carb. appx 26 pro, 36 carb, 60+fat blocks. Big day.

Looking forward to some power snatching and box squats tomorrow. KB swing and ring pushup metcon.

Priority these next 12 weeks is strength, recovery. Maintenance of current metcon and conditioning level (fair to middling) via 20-30 min weekly metcon is fine. Low carb, lots of meat, occasional ice cream--confident i'll look, lift, and feel appreciably better 12 weeks from now.

Justin Keane
10-08-2009, 11:41 AM
Thurs, Oct 8
w/u 400m run, dislocates
gym: handstand work against wall. nothing i hate more than sucking at something while people watch.
oly: snatch shrug 95x5x6-7. shoulders still tensing up beforehand, need to keep nice and loose and then pop
strength/dynamic box squats 136x3x8, 30 sec rest btw sets
metcon 12-9-6 kb swings (2 pood), burpees, 3:01...next time, 15-12-9 on this one.

Justin Keane
10-10-2009, 09:59 AM
Fri, Oct 9
rest day, lots of pulled pork and a big bowl of ice cream w/butterscotch to carb the hell up

Sat, Oct 10
fast from 9 PM-1:30 PM
w/u 2 min kb swings, 26 lb
long cycle clean & press, 4 min: one hand 26 lb kb, other 20 lb kb, alternate every five. form needs some work.
metcon: 6 rounds, 10 reps 135 lb dead, 10 pushups, 6:54. dead form needs work as well. might scrap this one until back rounds less.

Justin Keane
10-12-2009, 11:36 AM
Sun, Oct 11
rest day and some pumpkin cake at night

Mon, Oct 12
good day today
13 hour fast
w/u 400m row, then ring work
oly clean shrug 145x3x7
strength back squat 230x5x3
metcon 15-12-9 kb swing (1.5 pd), pushups, 200m run--wod from crossfit boston, 5:23--4th or 5th out of the 15 or so guys who'd done it already, so that felt good.

Justin Keane
10-14-2009, 08:55 AM
Tues, Oct 13
rest day--hitting press, pull, and dead tonight in shed.
food: abt 31 blk pro, 5 blk carb, 70+ fat
took in a little dairy--2 slices cheese. not thrliled with that.

Justin Keane
10-15-2009, 11:29 AM
Wed, Oct 14
unplanned rest, abt 31 pro, 7 carb, 50 fat

Thurs, Oct 15
w/u: Catalyst w/u
strength: weighted pullups 25x5x3
strength: shoulder press 130x4, 126x5x2--meant to only go up to 120. last two sets weren't at great form so i'll look to hit 120x5x3 next time.
cooldown: reverse hypers 2x10, 1x15, back ext 2x10, 1x15

Justin Keane
10-17-2009, 11:49 AM
Fri, Oct 16
rest day

Sat, Oct 17
w/u 2 min kb swings
long cycle clean & push press (26, 20 lb kbs), appx 5.5 min
metcon: 6 rds 10 135 lb deads, 10 pushups, 4:49--2 min faster than last week. cool.
farmer walked the 26,20 kbs appx 400m

Justin Keane
10-18-2009, 10:54 AM
Sunday, Oct 18

w/u jumping jacks, squats, shoulder, hip rotations
oly power cleans, 135x2x10, on the minute--ones where I gripped bar least felt by far the best.
strength back squat, 235x5x3

started to do a squat jump/tuck jump metcon but one round in my legs were like, are you serious? 3 metcons a week will be fine: this week Tues, Thurs, Sat

Justin Keane
10-20-2009, 11:32 AM
Monday, Oct 19

Tuesday, Oct 20
w/u: 30 o/h squats with PVC, empty bar presses
strength press, 120x5x3
strength weighted pulls 27.5x5x3
metcon 15-10-5 kb swings 2 pood, box jumps, 2:44
finished w/foam rolling

here on out: 4 meals, hunka protein (day>1g/lb), veggies and occasional fruit, some added fats. slight caloric deficit and a carb up meal w/the family.

Justin Keane
10-22-2009, 11:43 AM
Wed, Oct 21
rest day

Thurs, Oct 22
w/u 400m run, 35 o/h sqts PVC
oly power snatch 105x2x10 on the minute...not thrilled w/extension. Back to shrugs next week
strength box squats 145x3x8 every 30 seconds
metcon 4 rounds max chest-to-bar, 100m sprint (walk back), 7:15, devolved into 10 pulls 3rd & 4th rds

Justin Keane
10-26-2009, 11:38 AM
Fri, Oct 23
rest day

Sat, Oct 24
felt like all deads in the shed: 225x5, 275x5 (o/h grip), 325x2, failed at 375. Max is 420 so this just felt like crap. Called it a night after that.

Sun, Oct 25
Rest day

Mon, Oct 26
w/u40 PVC o/h squats
oly On the minute for 10 min: 2 clean shrugs, 1 hang power clean 135 lb. Up 5 next week
strength back squat 240x5x3
metcon 25 situps, 25 pushups, 200m farmer's walk (w/1.5 pd kbs), 25 situps, 25 pushups, 5:41

Justin Keane
10-30-2009, 11:46 AM
Tue-Thurs Oct 27-29

Fri, Oct 30
warmup: 20 pvc o/h squats
warmup/oly: power snatch, 10 minutes, 95 lb, either 2 or 3 on the minute--working on shrug
strength: press 122x5x3
strength: weighted pull 30x5, 30x4 (failed at 5th rep)--deload next week and go up by 1s if need be
metcon: 4 rounds--5 back squat, 185; 2 pood kb in both hands farmer walk 30 yards; 10 sandbag cleans (45 lb?); 2 pood kb farmer's walk 30 yards, untimed

that metcon was fun.

Justin Keane
10-31-2009, 11:09 AM
Sat, Oct 31

Light day today, just long cycle c&j (26/20 lb), about 6 min
About to go for a walk, 70 and sunny out--too nice to miss.

meanwhile, on tv, vincent price is being haunted by a ghost.

Justin Keane
11-02-2009, 11:36 AM
Sun, Nov 1
rest day, 500 kcal deficit, <30g cho

Mon, Nov 2
warmup: 135 lb squat, sat at bottom and rotated hips
oly: every min on min for 10 min, 138 lb clean shrugx2, hang power clean x1
strength: high bar back squat 245x5x3, some back rounding so will deload next week
metcon: 4 rounds, 7 pullups, 12 pushups, 50m sprint, walk back w/37.5 lb vest, 8:27
500kcal deficit, <30g cho

Justin Keane
11-05-2009, 11:19 AM
Tues, Nov 3, Wed Nov 4
rest days; kcal deficit 200-300 each day, <40g cho

Thurs, Nov 5
w/u: pressing w.empty bar
strength press 125x5x3
strength weighted pull 35x5x2, 35x4 (failed on last rep)
metcon row 500m, 42 situps, row 400m, 30 situps, row 300m, 18 situps, 8:30

Justin Keane
11-06-2009, 01:52 PM
Fri, Nov 6
olysnatch shrug 155x2x 10 min every min on min
strength/speed dynamic effort squat 155x3x8 (w/30-40 sec rest btw sets)
no metcon today

Justin Keane
11-07-2009, 06:51 AM
Sat, Nov 7
metcon 3 rounds of 3x 9 26/20lb kb cleans, 6 pushups, 9 squats--rest 1 min btw rounds. Then son's baby monitor went off so 4th round was done 27 cleans, 18 push, 27 squats while he watched. Abt 15 min total. And now...to carb up