View Full Version : wrist pain.. carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carl Chia
08-16-2009, 04:28 AM
Hi all,

I strained my right wrist from a Olympic Clean about 5 months back but I was still able to do all the lifts without much problems. It was only until about 2-3 months ago where my right wrist started hurting badly. It hurts from bending the wrist backwards and placing pressure on top of the wrist bone. However, it wasn't bad enough for me to stop completely.

At first, it was the wrist that hurt only. Then, it started spreading to the top of the hand, where the bones are. I haven't done heavy olympic lifts/front squat/overhead stuff since 2-3 weeks ago, apart from just playing with the bar alone. When playing with the bar alone, I would not flex my wrist back like what you would see in the clean racking position but rather keeping it straight so that it doesn't cause me pain.

I haven't done any recovery stuff at all apart from a general full body massage and icing my wrist once. Anyway, I strained somewhere in my thoracic spine which then affected the cervical spine. It was from performing a rack jerk about 2-3 months ago as well and it was very painful. I couldn't do any overhead stuff for awhile. It went off after awhile but somehow, it seems to have created some scar tissue in my traps/neck area.. It is much better now but not the same as before. I wonder if this has any effect on my wrist injury..

Carpal tunnel syndrome/wrist tendonitis or? Appreciate any advice to solve this niggling injury!

Steven Low
08-16-2009, 08:36 AM
That's probably not carpal tunnel or wrist tendonitis. Well, I suppose it could be tendonitis.

You need to get that looked at by a professional... ortho or chiro or something around there. Depends what happened in the strain if that had anything to do with the condition later, but it's probably just overuse and improper prehab for wrist health.

You need to take time off and let it heal.

Wrist probably with ice and massage and then getting back into it slowly.

Same with the t-spine/c-spine. If that's muscle then it's different.

Need to do prehab/rehab work not keep on lifting

Carl Chia
08-17-2009, 09:15 AM
Thank you for the advice. Gonna stick with ice and massage only though as i can't afford seeing a professional!

Gavin Harrison
08-17-2009, 09:56 PM
I've suffered for a few months with terrible inflammation in my right wrist. It severely limited the range of motion and caused a lot of pain. I believe the cause is computer overuse (it's what I do :/ ), along with for a while practicing handstands and gymnastic things (not doing that ever again..). Doctor gave me strong anti-inflammatory meds, I took it until the pain went away, and now I just take it if it ever starts flaring up. Hasn't bothered me since. Eh, see your doctor, could be something simple. Inflammation sucks.