View Full Version : Confirmed: Power-bias training carries over to endurance!

Greg Battaglia
10-25-2009, 11:16 AM
For the past few months I've been doing Crossfit with a strong power/strength bias. I usually do a P-lifting or O-lifting workout before each Crossfit mainsite WOD, which I scale down a bit to avoid over training.

I decided to run a 5K this morning for a fundraiser being held at my school and figured I'd just go in and give it a go and do my best, thinking I would be easily beaten by my peers who are mostly endurance athletes. MUCH to my surprise I ended up coming in 1st place after doing NO running or any type of "endurance" training for several months. My time was 19:57. I couldn't believe that I won, I thought that I must have gone the wrong way and taken a shortcut by accident, but I didn't.

This is just another good example of the superiority of power-bias training, especially considering that running is one of my biggest weaknesses. This stuff works!