View Full Version : Snatch Bottom Bounce?!

Mildred Arencibia
11-09-2009, 10:11 AM
Recently, someone told me that I should bounce at the bottom of the snatch kind of like some people do at the bottom of the clean.

I don't have very flexible hamstrings (yet) so if I attempt to bounce at the bottom I get the dreaded "butt wink," lower back rounds, weight of body and bar shifts more to the quads, and I can feel my hamstrings and glutes dropping off not assisting as much in the lift.

So I think I should just catch it at the point in the squat when everything (quads/hamstrings/glutes/etc) is engaged. That plus work on hamstring flexibility...Is this the route to go?

Also, for experienced and flexible lifters out there, is there such a thing as a bounce at the bottom of the snatch?

Thank you!!!

Brian DeGennaro
11-09-2009, 04:48 PM
There is no real reason to "bounce" out of a snatch because a snatch will only be about 65% of your best squat but a well executed snatch will have almost no pause in the bottom, the lifter will stand up right away. I assume that's the "bounce" this person refers to.

In a "perfectly" executed snatch the lifter should receive it overhead with arms locked out and stand up immediately, same with the clean. This means that there was good timing in the extension, the pull under, the turnover, and receipt. That is what that lifter or coach was talking about. However, do not try that with every lift, there will be times when you must sit there and fix it in position before standing up. There is nothing wrong sitting there for a few seconds to make sure everything is in place.