View Full Version : Exercises during deload week

Brian Stone
01-26-2010, 03:50 PM
In my current programming, I'll be incorporating a deload week after every 4th or 5th week. The rule of thumb from my understanding with the core lifts is 50-60% on both weight and overall work.

How do barbell complexes fit into deload weeks? Most of my primary work currently is based off of strength/power stuff, so I was considering adding complexes during deload. Does the stress created on the body from intense complexes defeat the purpose of deloading, or is the stimulus different enough to give the major groups the break they need before going heavy the following week?

Steven Low
01-26-2010, 05:16 PM
Probably not a good idea to add complexes to deload week..

If you want to add them then add them the week or two before to push you into an overreaching state.

You don't necessarily have to deload intensity. You can just deload volume or frequency if you want as well.

Basically, cut down a total of about 50-60% on all of the parameters combined.

So if frequency of workouts is 5-6x per week, intensity is up near 80-100% usually, and volume is say 50 reps... then cut down a total of 50-60% off of that.

It can be spread out such as taking it down to 4 days a week + 60-70% intensity + 35-40 total reps or,

just cutting it into one such as volume where you stick with 5-6x per week up near 80-100% of work but cut down total reps to 20-25 per workout or whatever your program was prescribing.

Anything along those lines work. Some people do much better deloading but keeping frequency up. Some do better with keeping intensity up.

Gotta play around with it to see what tends to work the best for you (and the best is judged as being able to come back with all of your adaptations intact + extra strength/conditioning and body feeling refreshed going into the next cycle.