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Matthieu Hertilus
02-08-2010, 08:45 AM
Made some modifications and made a program (closely following Eric Cressey's approach to strength building and protecting the shoulder) which will span for the next 16 weeks.
1st Cycle (4 weeks - 3 on/ 1 deload): Stage System
2nd Cycle (4 weeks - 3 on/ 1 deload): Clusters
3rd Cycle (4 weeks - 3 on/ 1 deload): Singles

Split -4 day split (2 Total Body days, 1 Upper, 1 Lower, 1 weekend lift)
Goals - Increase total strength (over 455# deadlift), Better core and grip strength, Joint health
Diet: 1st 4 weeks (Low cal diet/ Low carb diet- fat loss)
2nd 4 weeks (Medium cal diet/ Low carb - strength building)
3rd 4 weeks (Medium-High cal diet/ Cyclical carb - strength building)

1st Cycle:
Day 1 (Total Body)
A1) DB Swings - 4-6x3
A2) Deadlift (from deficit) - 3,4,5* (all done with 5 rep max)
B1) Med Ball Slam - 4-6x3
B2) Weighted Pullups - 3,4,5*
C) Turkish Get-Up - 6x3
D) Farmer's Walk - 4x40m

Day 2 (Lower Body)
A1) Deadlift - 3x1(>90%), 3x4
A2) Hip Flexor Stretch/ Ankle Mobilization
B1) Front Loaded Single Leg Work - 3x8, 1x10
B2) Landmines - 3x6
C) Real Runner - 5x

Day 3 (Upper Body)
A1) Rack Pulls - 3x3, 3x5
A2) Floor Press - 6x6
B1) Face Pulls - 4x10, 1x15
B2) Renegade Rows - 4x8
C) Weighted Chin-Ups - 4x5
D1) BB Curls - 3x10
D2) French Press or Band Pushdowns - 3x10

Day 4 (Total Body)
A1) Plyo Pushups - 4-6x3
A2) Floor Press - 3,4,5* (all done with 5 rep max)
B1) DB Swing - 4-6x3
B2) Snatch Grip-Deadlift - 3,4,5*
C) Turkish Get-Up - 6x3
D) Farmer's Walk - 4x40m

* There will also be atleast 1 day at the track purely for speed work (10x30m w/ full recovery)
* And off days will be dedicated to a session of mobility/ static stretching and soft tissue work
* Any other work will include light upper body work (100 band rows/day & 50 pushups)

Thoughts, comments, suggestions???
Would love to hear what people think

Matthieu Hertilus
02-08-2010, 08:45 AM
Cycle 1/ Week 1
Day 1 (2/8) - Full Body

DB Swing - 5x3x50#
Snatch Grip DL - 3,4,5,5,5 x 225#

Med Ball Slam - 4x3x12#
Weighted Pullup - 3,4,5,5 x 60+#

TGU - 3Xx3x25#

Sledgehammer Work - 3x3min rounds
-Alternating 10 swings on each side
-60 sec b/t rounds
-Avg: 120 total swings/round

Matthieu Hertilus
02-10-2010, 08:22 AM
Day 2(2/10)

185#x5, 225#x3, 275#x3, 315#x3, 345#x1, 365#x1
385#x1x2, 400#x1

Single Leg Work: Front Loaded Reverse Lunges- 3x8x135#, 1x6x115#
Core Work: Back Ext - 3x12x25#/ No Support Incline Plate Press - 3x20x25#

Finisher: Real Runner (5x24 strides, Lv 5, 30 sec rest)

*One of the most efficient training session I've had in a while. Not a lot of rest, just kept going. Deadlifts felt great; I definitely could've done another 30#

Matthieu Hertilus
02-11-2010, 09:37 AM
Day 3(2/11): Upper Body

A1)Rack Pulls:
185#x3, 245#x3, 295#x3
315#x3x3 (mid-thigh) 3x3 (just above the knee)
A2)Floor Press:
155#x3, 185#x3, 195#x3, 200#x3, 205#x3, 210#x3

B - Accessory Work
Face Pulls - 3x10x55#/ Renegade Rows - 3x8x30#

C - Arms
DB Curls - 3x8x25#/ French Press - 3x10x50#

Finisher: [3 rounds/ 60 sec b/t rounds]
-Real Runner (Lv. 3) x40 strides
-Med Ball Slam (25#) x10
-Med Ball Pushups x10

Matthieu Hertilus
02-13-2010, 09:06 AM
Day 4(2/13): Full Body

4 sets:
DB Swings (50#x5)
Snatch Grip Deadlift (225#x3)

6 sets:
Med Ball Slam (13#x3)
Weighted Chin-Ups (60#x3)/ 3x6x60#

DB Complexes (3 rounds, 45 sec rest)
-Push Press x10
-Single Leg RDL x12
-Bent Over Rows x10
-Reverse Lunges x12
-Neutral Grip Pushups x20

Arms (3 sets) - Hammer Curls (25#)/ French Press (50#)

*Need to tweak the total body days to resemble more of contrast training (one day for strength, one day for conditioning). Other than that, complexes were a nice complement and they will definitely be implemented more often.

Matthieu Hertilus
02-15-2010, 04:34 PM
Day 1 (2/15) - Full Body

DB Swing - 5x5x50#
Snatch Grip DL - 3,4, 3x5, x3 x 225#
-60 sec rest between sets

Med Ball Slam - 4x5x12#
Weighted Pullup - 4,5, 2x6, 2x4 x 60+#
-60 sec rest between sets

DB Complex (3 rounds/ 60 seconds between rounds/ 25# DBs)
-Push Press x12
-Single Leg RDL x20
-Rows x10
-Rev. Lunges x16
-Neutral Grip Pushups x15

*Still getting used to Sn. Grip DLs, probably need to use a lighter med ball for that contrast, otherwise, felt pretty good

Matthieu Hertilus
02-16-2010, 03:59 PM
Day 2(2/16) - GPP

3 Rounds (3 minute rest):
-Power Snatch x3 (50kg)
-Real Runner x40 strides (Lv. 2)
-Power Clean x3 (50kg)

3 rounds (2.5 minute rest):
-Power Clean x3 (60kg)
-Real Runner x40 strides (Lv. 2)
-Power Clean x3 (60kg)

2 rounds (2 minute rest)
-Power Clean x3 (75kg)
-Real Runner x40 strides (Lv. 2)
-Bench Press x3 (225#)

*Just felt like I had to do something today. Attacking this fat loss hard and quick. Won't know what I'm doing tomorrow until I see how I feel in the morning - upper/ lower/ or rest. Will tweak the complex for next time (shorter rest periods, nix the bench press and snatches for push presses and more cleans, higher weights on the cleans)

Matthieu Hertilus
02-17-2010, 12:08 PM
Day 3(2/17) - Lower Body

185#x5, 225#x3, 275#x3, 315#x3, 345#x1, 375#x1
385#x1, 395#x1, 405#x1

Accessory Superset (3 sets)
-GHR x12
-Walking Lunges x16 (35# DBs)

Heavy Core Work
-3x30sec weighted isometrics

Short Metcon (2 rounds/ 60 sec b/t rounds)
-DB Snatches (35#x3/side, 55#x3/side, 70#x3/side)
-DB Swings (35#x3/side, 55#x3/side, 70#x3/side)
-No rest: between increased weights, switching hands, snatches to swings

*Loved the short metcon. Will probably extend it on my next GPP day.

Matthieu Hertilus
02-18-2010, 11:36 AM
Day 4(2/18) - Upper Body

Rack Pulls:
185#x3, 225#x3, 275#x3, 315x3
335#x3x3 (just above the knee)

Accessory Superset (4 sets)
-2 Band Pushup x12
-DB Rows x10 (70#)

BB Curls - 3x8x65#

Heavy Core Work - 3x30sec weighted isometrics

Short Metcon (2 rounds/ 60 sec b/t rounds)
-[1 minute] Med Ball Pushup/Slam Ladder (25#) 1-4
-[1 minute] Farmer's Walk (70#)

*Strange that my training performance stays high on the Bare Basics Diet. Got to thank para training nutrition. Very excited for tomorrow's GPP session {Spoiler Alert - Gary's Half-Hour "Power Clean" Challenge}

Matthieu Hertilus
02-21-2010, 10:10 AM
Day 1(2/21) - Full Body

DB Swing - 3x4x50#
Snatch Grip DL: 255#x3x4, 225#x4x3

Med Ball Slam - 3x4x10#
Weighted Chinup - 60#x4x2, 85#x4x3, 50#x4x2

DB Complex (3 rounds/ 60 seconds between rounds/ 30# DBs)
-Push Press x6
-Single Leg RDL x20
-Rows x10
-Rev. Lunges w/ knee up x20
-Neutral Grip Pushups x20

Heavy Core Work - 3x45sec weighted isometrics

Matthieu Hertilus
02-23-2010, 08:18 AM
Day 2(2/22) - Lower Body

225#x5, 275#x3, 315#x3, 355#x3
395#x1, 405#x1x2

*Just one of those days where I couldn't do anything else, literally. I fell asleep on the Glute-Ham Machine setting myself up for back extensions

Matthieu Hertilus
02-23-2010, 08:34 AM
Day 3(2/23) - Upper Body

Rack Pulls:
225#x5, 265#x3, 295#x3, 315#x1
335#x3, 345#x3, 355#x3

1 Arm DB Rows- 12,12,10,10 x70#
Band Pushups - 4x15

BB Curls - 3x10x65#

Heavy Isometric Ab Work (3x45sec)/ Real Runner Finisher (3x40 strides, Lv. 4)

*Back with avengence! Can't wait until after my competition for my refeed and a chance to put on good weight

Matthieu Hertilus
02-25-2010, 09:58 AM
Day4(2/25) - Competition Prep

Back Squat - 315#x1x3
Bench Press - 225#x1, 245#x1x2

*Back Squats felt REALLY heavy. Could be due to a lot of things: low calories/low carbs, lack of sleep, LOTS of stress, haven't done squats in a while due to injury. Probably all of the above. Still going to push it for Saturday. I WILL be better. Shooting for a 1000# total.

Matthieu Hertilus
02-26-2010, 07:22 PM
Competition postponed. Going to get a good session in tommorow, rest on Sunday, and asses these past weeks as I deload. Already I know:
-Core strength needs to be more of a priority (i.e. TGUs)
-Calories need to be raised (Work more, eat more = more efficient metabolism)
-Post workout nutrition will be more of a priority (i.e. integrating carbs in a major way)
-Speed Lifts will be integrated. Never tried it so it will be interesting to see how it works for me.
-Keeping the stage system of loading

Matthieu Hertilus
03-06-2010, 07:02 AM
3/6 - Speed Work

8x30m (Full Recovery, 80%)

*Back for a new cycle. Started early with some speed work to get a feel for it again. it's going to take a little time before I get my starting technique back

Matthieu Hertilus
03-06-2010, 02:03 PM
3/6 PM
Upper Body

Bench Press:
220#x3, 230#x3, 240#x3

DB Elevators:
Incline Row - 4x10x25#
Incline Press - 4x6x70#

Lying DB Tricep Extensions - 3x12x25#

Matthieu Hertilus
03-07-2010, 11:32 AM
3/7 AM
Lower Body - Quad Dominant

Front Squat:
135#x5, 165#x3, 185#x3, 205#x1

Bulgarian Split Squat - 4x6x155#

BB Rollout - 3x10
HLR- 3x6

*That was rough! Definitely going to feel that one tommorow. Though I'll be glad once I get through this first week. Going to try recovering for the rest of the day in hopes of doing sprints tommorow

Matthieu Hertilus
03-09-2010, 08:50 AM
3/9 AM
Upper Body

Push Press:
95#x3, 115#x3, 135#x3
145#x3x3, 130#x4x2

Weighted Neutral Grip Pullup - 4x6x60#
Landmine - 4x16x35#

DB Hammer Curls - 3x12x30#

Farmer's Walks - 4x60mx100#
Real Runner - 4x30 strides (Lv. 4)

*Farmer's Walks were brutal! Still soar in the glutes from sprints on Saturday and lower body lifts on Sunday. Diligent recovery the rest of the day to go at it again tomorrow.

Matthieu Hertilus
03-10-2010, 12:34 PM

*Sprained ankle while doing bounding drills, going to be at least a few weeks before it's completely healed. Taking the rest of the week off before focusing on High-Frequency Benching while scaling back on th e diet (i.e. no starches at all, plenty of veggies, some fruit, good fats all-around, meat, shakes when necessary). Mainly focused on more alkalizing foods in general. Tough blow to the training, but I'll be back.