View Full Version : Programming for Kickers

Troy Kerr
02-23-2010, 08:08 AM
The topic for this post is primarily concerned with strength and conditioning for athletes whom have athletic roles that revolve around applying force to an object. The object can be a ball( punter, place-kicker, soccer, rugby) or a human-being ( MMA,kickboxer, etc.)

I realize that the heart of the program for any of these athletes is based upon their sport and its demands and domains. However is it necessary to train the athletes with sport-specific movements that recruit hip flexion and knee extension simultaneously? Hip flexion over knee extension or vice versa?

I have been brain-storming this for the last week and keep turning my thoughts to such as abdominal movements, kicking pads, and leg extension. Not as the onIn my past experience as a soccer player my best technique came by blending traditional tang-soo-do kicks on a heavy bag.

Just wondering if anybody has worked with this or what some thoughts and comments are on the topic.