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Martin Bonn
04-04-2010, 06:37 AM
Hi all!

I've just completed the russian routine for the FS and went from 111 to 120. I had to do this right after a club competition and my legs were pretty shot by then and i reckon i could have done more!
So all in all it worked pretty well!

The usual advice is not to do any high intensity cycle more than 2/year and certainly not one after the other!
I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on doing...say the smolov jr after a week's break (i'm literally just getting fat on the sofa at the mo, which is bril!).
I did find the russian hard but not impossible and i always squatted at the end of a session. I did feel a little fatigued in the end I have to admit!

However, my squat really isn't that high for my bodyweight and it's the biggest thing that is holding me back, the difference between my sn and cnj is getting smaller all the time (95 and 110) and i m really keen to up my squat.

so, good idea or not? or any other advice on how to get massive quads in 6 weeks?! haha!

cheers all!

Gavin Harrison
04-05-2010, 08:41 AM
The usual advice is not to do any high intensity cycle more than 2/year and certainly not one after the other!

To play devil's advocate... why? Your legs will get used to the stress and adapt to be stronger. That's the point. Maybe not Smolov, but the "russian squat cycle" doesn't seem that bad. Or even the four week "loading" program that's recommended after the smolov cycle. Just take a deload week of about 60% volume and/or intensity after each cycle. Seems reasonable to me.

Martin Bonn
04-05-2010, 09:06 AM
see tha'ts kinda what i'm thinking! plus like i said, my squat really isn't big at all, so it's not like the stress will be massive! I quite liked the russian routine, it's really nice to see the progress as you go along, doing 6x6 seems impossible after the first 6x2, but by the time you get to it it's not that bad (still had my lungs screaming! this, for all intents and purposes was cardio to me! haha!).

i've had a week of nothing, so plenty of recovery, so i think i'll take smolov jr for a spin, but stretch it into 5 instead of 4 weeks, that should be managable and still give me good gains! if i get another 10 or so kilos i'll be happy!

i wonder if anyone on here has had experience with doing two high intensity cycles back to back?

Brian DeGennaro
04-05-2010, 10:00 AM
Or you can just keep doing squats after most of your workouts? 3x3, 5x3, 10x1, 10x2, whatever works at getting you stronger. That's the simple thing I would suggest: just do more squats.

You can use Prilepin's chart to gauge your workout volume and intensity if you would like.

Martin Bonn
04-05-2010, 10:47 AM
Hey Brian,
I was kinda doing that before and I did make some progress, I just wanted to try something different! and it is tempting to do the cycle, from what i've read, people seem to make awesome gains on this in a short time. my coach said he did the full smolov once when he was lifting and he said it nearly killed him, but it worked a treat!

I did more squats than ever with the russian routine and i think i responded well to it, just like with the lifts: if you wanna be good at sn and cnj, then you need to do just that (thanks by the way mate, you kinda gave me the push in the right direction with that!).

I'll probably go back to what you said after this cycle, to consolidate and get some 'recovery' in. haha!

Brian DeGennaro
04-06-2010, 07:13 PM
My personal suggestion would just to tack on 5x5 at the end of each lifting session, increasing weights each practice. Start at something fairly comfortable and make fair jumps. Or squat a heavy (NOT grinding) single every session, then do some volume with 20kg less.

Martin Bonn
04-07-2010, 03:55 AM
That sounds pretty reasonable, I might do that after this cycle.
I'll do 5x5 with linear progression twice a week and a heavy single, then drop 10kgx2x2 and then drop 10 again x3x3. or something like that.
I don't BS at the moment, just FS so I'll get plenty of practice in.

I just read something on pavel's 'pins into pillars' (50%x5x10, up by 5kg each session, 3 sessions a week for 4 weeks, test for new max). sounds very volume heavy but the first couple of sessions should be easy considering the loading, might try that as well, can't hurt! or maybe a mix of the two.

if i can i'd like to go back to squatting in a dedicated session, sometimes feels like i could do better if i didn t squat at the end of a heavy session lol!

Allen Yeh
04-07-2010, 04:30 AM
Martin did you read Mark's experience with Pavel's Smolov routine?


I thought it looked interesting.

Martin Bonn
04-07-2010, 04:39 AM
Hey Allen,

yes I did! I only found it after I posted this! (should have looked harder!)
I thought it was very good, it's nice to hear how people got on with the program, not just in terms of numbers but mentally!
I shall do the same for Smolov Jr once I've completed it, hopefully I'll be reporting back with a massive PB!

There is an interesting article on the SS website. The guy used the program a couple of times with great success, which is encouraging. It really hammered home how much harder the smolov is compared to the russian routine...but you get more out of it apparently (let's hope so anyways!).