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Troy Archie
02-19-2007, 02:23 PM
I've set up a metabolic diet plan for myself, something pretty basic and simple that I'm using more for basic guide lines. All the info that I've picked up on the MD is from the Performance Menu's 3 and mostly 17ís ďMass!Ē article so my knowledge on the subject isn't the best I'm a bit confused on a couple things namely the carb load days. Nothing's written in stone here as this plan is sort of "By the seat of your pants" as Greg and Robb wrote and is for someone who likes cooking and food way too much and hates the strictness of the zone. Even though I took most of my info from the Mass article my goals are not directly Mass but more general health and fitness without major hassles and such. I guess Iím more interested in tracking my intake more than anything and this serves as a general guideline for me to follow.

Regular Day:
15 block base x3 fat (45f)
7 blocks carbs
8 blocks make up:
+6 blocks fat X 3 = 18 + 45 base = 63 Total
+2 blocks protein plus 15 base = 17 Total

Carb Load day Ė every 3-5 days
15 block base with base fat and protein
35 blocks carbs

For the regular days I times 3 the amount of carb blocks Iím turning into fat blocks as per PM17 plus my regular x3 base. Iím also upping the protein a bit too, which more than anything probably has to do with the old mindset that you need lots of protein. Sound science.

For the Carb Load days Iíve dropped the protein and fat to base levels and upped the carbs to 35 blocks (315g carb). This again comes from the Mass article in PM 17.

Any pointers or input would be great.

Robb Wolf
02-19-2007, 06:51 PM

It looks good...I actually like that your carb load day is a base Zone day...you will top-off glycogen but will be slightly caloric restricted. Should blunt insulin response and mitigate fat gain. Looks good to me! The most important thing is to track progress if you want to do some tinkering, but make it livable for long term adherence. I tried a base Zone for one week for kicks (16 blocks) and lean out really quickly...but I really do not find that a fun or livable approach. i like the seat of the pants CLC approach.

If you are feeling flat after WO'd don't be afraid to take in say 6-8 blocks of carbs post WO in the form of yams or sweet potatoes...just adjust the fat blocks accordingly.
Keep us posted!