View Full Version : Maximizing recovery in competition prep

Emily Mattes
05-05-2010, 04:54 PM
I have done two meets in two weeks (well, the second was more testing my snatch max over and over again), and will be doing another one a weekend from this one. My body and mind may not take much more of this, but skipping the meet is not an option (last-ditch to qualify for Nationals).

Any tips for maximizing my recovery before this meet, and not just keeping my body together but hopefully putting on a good show?

This is what I know already:
- Sleep
- Rolling
- Ice bath
- Stretching
- ZMA/Vitamin B/Hemaplex (normal vitamin regimen)

I'm planning on maintaining my current magnesium intake (two tablespoons of Natural Calm) and upping my fish oil intake to the recommended intake of the Robb Wolf fish oil calculator (normally taking this much is not affordable) using the "1.0" factor (though damn, 5 tablespoons of fish oil is going to be a lot).

I would like to include "eat the hell out of everything" on the list but I need to stay in my weight class.

What else should I be doing?

Tyler Micheli
05-05-2010, 05:01 PM
Contrast showers?

Steven Low
05-05-2010, 05:50 PM
Depends if you need to taper or not.

Just sounds like you need to recover. If you need to take a few extra days of rest do it. Just work with light weights drilling technique during those rest days.

Sleep is the main, and obviously good nutrition + fish oil. If you're really feeling it add some vitamin I.