View Full Version : Learning to Power Clean

Derek Binford
05-24-2010, 03:53 PM
I'm new around here, I believe this is actually my first post. I mostly compete in raw powerlifting and strongman, however I want to learn to power clean. I think it will help me with my strongman events, plus it's just cool to be able to power clean alot of weight, lol. I do alot of overhead work out of the rack with a barbell and log clean and press. I mostly do push press and power jerk, but have never really tried to push my power clean.

I got some video of a few power cleans that I did today. I've done very little of the olympic lifts in the past but have worked with an OL coach in the area for a short time to try and learn how to clean.

The first 2 singles are 185lbs, and the rest are 205lbs. Also 225lbs is the most i've ever cleaned.


Any tips and criticism welcome.