View Full Version : Thoracic Spine "Area" Discomfort

Brian Gill
06-02-2010, 12:13 AM
Would a lack of thoracic spine flexbilty cause discomfort/ pain after heavy sets of low bar back squats? As my weight creeps up to 350, my thoracic spine area is "uncomfortable" for the next few days.

I know my form is good, but the only thing I can think of is the stress from squeezing my chest up and extending my thoracic spine. I feel NO pain when squatting and sets feel good. Ideas?

I also have a weird problem with my left foot. If I do anything that stretches the hamstrings (sit and reach, pick something up, rdls), I get this weird pulling feeling on the inside of my left foot, right where the arch hits the heel. Doesn't necessarily hurt but it is a very strange feeling. Is this some sort of muscle insertion point that I'm pulling?

Thanks guys...

Garrett Smith
06-02-2010, 05:50 AM
Do you have a "long" torso? I do, and my middle back takes a pounding on squats (or KB exercises, etc.).

Chris Butler
06-02-2010, 05:56 AM
When you stretch your hamstring are you stretching your calf as well?

Brian Gill
06-02-2010, 10:41 AM
Garrett- I'm not sure if I have a long torso. I'm kinda short, 5'7", but I would definitely say what height I do have, is not in my legs. I can high bar squat 315-320 with zero discomfort in my middle back.

Chris- If I were to only stretch my calf, I do not feel that weird pulling through my foot. I would say I feel it the most on RDL's or anything where I'm pushing the hips back with my knees relatively straight. I'm not concerned by it, just wondering what it is. If RDL's were being used in my programming I wouldn't be able to do them.

Steven Low
06-02-2010, 02:06 PM
Where is the discomfort in the back? can you google a pic and mark it?

Do any other exercises hurt?

Same with the foot.

Could be any number of things. Does any type of ankle movement hurt? PF/DC/IV/EV?

Brian Gill
06-02-2010, 03:39 PM
Steven, here are some pics. My back does not hurt in any other exercises. When I switched back to high bar for awhile the pain went away.

My foot does not hurt with any ankle movement.

Would a previous rib injury cause this pain? I got hit in the last rib, right in the back about 6 months ago...

Brian Gill
07-13-2010, 04:48 PM
Ok, so I'm digging this thread back up to see if anyone can help with the foot problem, because it's not going away and actually seems like it could be a bit worse.
I went to do some Rdl's the other day and it was unbearable. Getting in to the starting position for a hang clean/snatch feels just about the same. If I do an RDL and put the majority of my weight on the outside of my foot (like a rolled ankle) I don't feel the pain. The past two weeks have been a deload for anything lower body ( I was sick for a few days after my programmed deload week) and it hasn't improved at all.
As far as the picture goes, it feels like it is the tendon that runs parallel to the posterior tibial tendon. I have no idea what this is or what to do to heal it or make it go away. Any thoughts on what the hell I got going on here?

Also note that I didn't do anything where I felt like I injured it. One day I bent down to pick something and I felt that weird, dull pain and it hasn't been the same since. I appreciate the help.