View Full Version : End of Linear Progression or simply deload time....

Jason Barrow
06-11-2010, 04:39 AM
Yo yo,

Hoping to solicit of few opinions from the Catalyst community on my current training status, hit a bit of a wall in recent weeks.

Currently 25yrs old, 177cm/5"10'ish and last weight taken at 89kg@13% bf.

Since January my training week has pretty much the following:

Mon- off
Tues- Squat 5x5/Bench 3x10/Bent over row or single arm DB row
Wed- Pre-hap type session (long stretch/mobility work etc) or off
Sat- Deadlift 5x5/Shoulder Press 5x5/Pullups 3xMAX

Progression on all has been good overall but squat/DL has sort off fallen off in recent weeks. Moved up from 5x5@155kg and hit 3x5+2x4@157.5 but have been unable to complete the full 25reps for 4 sessions in a row. My thoughts currently are as follows:

1) Could just be that I'm badly prepared when entering my sessions. Have mover recently, new job, moved in with gf, sleep+eating a bit all over...
2) This week would be week 8 of this particular 12wk block. Time to back off for a bit? Warmups feel heavy almost every time and honestly not quite as up for it some sessions as I'd like
3)Could the stall in my squat signal that I may perhaps have to re-work my (squat/DL) programming? 1rm on 6th April was 170kg, imagine close to 180 now. Perhaps I may see slow to no gains as I approach/pass 2xBW? And if the answer is to move on from linear progession, are we talking 5/3/1 or similar...

And yes, I am long-winded! Any comments welcome!