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Dave Coughlin
06-15-2010, 09:31 AM
Stats: 34 y/o male. approx 240 lbs
Profession: Firefighter, and part-time bartender
-(all these were within the last year)
1RM DL 455#
1RM SP 200#
1RM BS 360#
1RM PC 275#
Mile run 6:16
100m sprint-13.1
400m run-1:21
800m run-2:50ish
Plus a bunch of CF stats, ask if you care

Athletic Background: Been doing some type of CF (main page, hybrid, CFFB, CFE, Affiliate, etc.) since April 2008. I competed in last year's Southeast CF Qualifiers, and finished in the bottom half (as expected). Prior to that, I was a fairly serious triathlete in my late 20s/early 30s, with several half-IronMan and a full IM finishes under my belt (I had no favorite distance, they're all pretty awesome). HS and some college athletics, nothing especially earth-shattering.

Current Athletics: Competing in Firefighter or PD/FD events, and the occasional CF Affiliate event (if it's nearby). TCA events, FLA and National FF Olympics Track Meet, FF Combat Challenge, Sprint Triathlons, and I am looking to compete in my first Highland Games and possibly a StrongMan event (maybe).

Goals: Increase strength, conditioning, while developing/improving skills to not look like a complete A-hole in whatever athletic endeavor I choose to partake in on that given day. Also, have enough energy to work a busy 24hr shift at the FD, come home and keep the two kids entertained for a few hours until I shove off to my PT gig.

Logistics: I'm going to try to attempt a 5/3/1, plus one assistance movement, and one short/heavy metcon (think CFFB or Gant's hybrid) for the majority of my programming. Other days will be a grab-bag of whatever I can do that day, and the implements I have at my disposal. I typically have a three day rotating schedule that goes something like this:
Day One-on shift at FD from 0730-0730
Day Two-off during day, work at hotel from 4pm-12:30am
Day Three-off, usually at home most of the day so wifey can leave the house!
Most stations each have a treadmill, and a universal-type machine. I have some bumpers, iron weights, oly bar, sandbags, push/pull sled, med ball, 12 and 16# shots, etc....which gives me some flexibility at the station. On my off days, I have access to some decent equipment at the FD training center, not to mention I have a pretty sweet DIY pullup bar in my house. With enough planning, I can maintain the benchmark workouts required in 5/3/1, and fill in the other days with some other stuff.

Dave Coughlin
06-15-2010, 09:34 AM
6/14/2010-Start of 5/3/1@ FD

(outside temps were 99 degrees during workout)
CFWU 1x10

Shoulder Press (clean into position)
45*8, 75*6
125*5 140*5 155*9

Dips 4*8

Four rounds, all-out effort
-20m sled pull then push, 290#
-10 pushups
-20 DUs

*Crazy busy day @FD yesterday, lots of moving up and vehicle inventory/cleaning. I managed to eat clean all day, and get this workout in around 4pm. First 5/3/1 day wasn't too scary, although I was hoping for 155*10. I was going to try to do DLs today, but we were up most of the night on a working fire, and I have to work tonight. Shouldn't be an issue for tomorrow.

Derek Simonds
06-15-2010, 09:58 AM
Nice first workout. I look forward to keeping up with your training through your log. It is just brutal hot right now. I can't remember a June this bad in years.

There was some major Orlando FD activity at Princeton by the playhouse last night. I saw it after BJJ around 8:15. Looked to be 4 to 6 trucks there never saw what was happening though.

I am going to make some of the Highlands game implements next month and see how those events feel.

Jay Ashman
06-15-2010, 03:15 PM
about time you came over here, DC... about damn time

Kevin Perry
06-15-2010, 04:10 PM
I like your log name. Make me want to go kick something.

Dave Coughlin
06-16-2010, 06:34 PM
Derek-Thanks for the hit, and look forward to meeting you eventually. I didn't know about that OFD call a couple days ago, we have been very busy the past few shifts-with legitimate EMS calls, house fires, and entrapments. Very different then the regular BS calls. I am pleased.

Jay-Yep, I made the switch to CA, although I'm double posting for a while longer. I have not learned a single thing on the CF forum in over a year, just too much focus on beginners perhaps. Plus, every time I try to give advice/opinion, the responses are beyond irritating. BTW does your relocation mean you're becoming a Browns fan now? The GM is the former GM of your Eagles, and C Alex Mack is a bad dude...look up his lifting #s.

Kevin-Glad you like the title, brother. If it makes you want to kick something, then it's working.

6/16/10 @FD Training Center

CFWU 1x10

Deadlift (65%/75%/85%)
135*5, 225*5
265*5, 305*5, 345*Max reps (8)

Assistance Exercises
Bosu ball situps (no GHD) 3*10

Five Supersets of:
6 deadhang pullups of different grips
6 Good Mornings w/45# bar

C2 Tabata-850m total

*After the shoulder workout on Monday, we got a double trailer fire at around 3am. It was still 90 degrees, and more humid than during the day. Saw a lot of guys fade quickly on the scene. Luckily, I have been really concentrating on hydration during the day...I'm also glad we did chicken and salads that night, and not enchiladas!
**First time giving max rep DLs a shot, at least since the Dirty South last year. There were a ton of FD VIPs around today, and I was getting some dirty looks for banging the weights a couple times. In forgetting to bring chalk today, I have now learned a valuble lesson in what to pack for DL days from now on. I should get double-digits next time I DL. The Tabata rowing was a horrible experience. All in all, I am really pleased with how that last max rep effort is making me feel....not looking forward to squat day. Tomorrow on shift I will try for some Oly lifting, sandbag runs, and throwing...or getting floated to a station with a squat rack.

Jay Ashman
06-17-2010, 06:36 AM
I will look him up.

The CF boards are irritating, everyone is an expert over there as soon as they pick up a barbell or do a workout.

I don't follow any one team in FB, but I guess I will have to start looking at the Browns because they are going to be my hometown team so I may not have a choice haha

Dave Coughlin
06-18-2010, 07:42 PM
6/17/10 on shift, 15 calls so no workout

6/18/10 working OT @FD:)

CFWU 1*10

Bench Press (65%/75%/85%)
175*5, 205*5, 225*10

-Pushups 3*20

-4 x 125# sandbag sprint 40m, turn around and walk back to start
(holding the sandbag like a barrel around my chest each way back)
-2x 40m sprint @85-90%
(focusing on quick feet and using my hamstring)

*I really wanted to do squats yesterday, but we were just too busy. I was able to get OT at a station with a bench, so I'll try for squats on Monday without throwing my first cycle off too much. Bench felt OK, my first time benching in quite a while. Once again, the max rep set is really a killer for me. I might have a couple more reps in me at 225#, but that is pretty much the same thing I've said each time. Not looking forward to max rep squats.
**I plan on having a rest day and a day with some Oly lifts, shot putting, and maybe some timed burpees; however, I haven't figured out the order yet. After working 48hrs, I doubt me going to the gym for a couple hours is high on my wife's priorities;)

Dave Coughlin
06-25-2010, 01:09 PM
Crazy week at both jobs, and I've been dragging since working that 48 last weekend....

6/232010 @ FD

cfwu 1x10

Shoulder Press (70/80/90% day)
warmup-single arm DB presses with various weights
133*3 (Rx was 126#)
162*Max Reps = 9

Push Press 133#*12, 60 sec rest, 133#*7
Bench dip 3x10

Played lacrosse for the first time, then flipped a 700# tire 10-12x

6/25/2010 @ WW

cfwu 1x10

Deadlift (70/80/90 day)

365*Max Reps = 11

Dead hang pullups 6*5
Modified GHD situps 3*15

500m TT on C2-1:41

*The second week using a max rep set seemed to o better than the first. It probably helped that I brought some chalk for DLs. I have to find a way to make up my first squat day as well.

Derek Simonds
06-25-2010, 06:22 PM
Nice Press and DL. Lacrosse is cool, my son is just getting into and loves it. So I am getting into it with him. We have been playing at the beach. That is a whole lotta running in a game so I doubt I will be doing that any time soon. :D

Jay Ashman
06-26-2010, 07:23 AM
lacrosse is a great game, really started to appreciate it when I moved to long island... but now that I will be Ohio haha

Dave Coughlin
06-28-2010, 11:20 AM
I enjoyed tossing the ball around, Jay; however, I'm not sure I've got the availability to take up a new sport. Maybe later....

6/26/2010 @FD

Shot Put tosses, about 10 or so all around 36 feet

Sled Pulls with crew, I did about 6-7 (150-400#)

Some sprints and running with various different weighted implements

6/27/2010 @ FD Training Center

warmup-500m row in 2mins, cfwu 1x10

135*5, 135*5, 2015*5, 237*5, 270*6

Assistance-Leg Extension 130# 4*8

Bench Press
45*5, 135*5, 185*3, 217*3, 247*8

Assistance 3*10 pushups, 3*10 pullups

*Fun day at FD on Saturday, as I got the whole crew to join in the fun of throwing, sprinting, and sled craziness. Of course, we ended up running all night long on BS calls. Monday was my first squat day, and my second BP workout, so I wanted to try to bang them both out because of logistic issues. Of course, right before I leave for the gym, I tweak my back HARD trying to dump all the water out of our plastic white-trash kiddie pool:) I was tight during the squat portion, but I really felt it during the final max rep set....of course.

Dave Coughlin
06-30-2010, 11:47 AM
6/30/2010 @WW

CFWU 1x10, plus some light KB fun

Shoulder Press-First day of last hard cycle of 5/3/1

45*8, 135*5, 155*3, 170*5

Assistance work
-Push Press 135#, 3*8
-Bar dip, 3*15

Treadmill Hill Sprints
-4*100m, about 2min RI
-15% incline, 8.6mph (6:58/ mile pace)

*This is going to be a tough week, as the end of my first 5/3/1 cycle has begun. I ate pretty well yesterday in anticipation of today; unfortunately, the natives were quite restless last night at work, and I wasn't very well-rested. Rest is going to be a big issue with 5/3/1, and I'll have to tweak my programming accordingly for the next cycle-after I get back from the beach;) The last set got pretty heavy pretty fast, but I'm not sure if I've ever done more than 165# for 5 prior to today, so that's OK I guess. I like adding the PPs into my assistance work, as well. The treadmill hill sprints are from Jay Ashman, thanks a lot-they were horrible, but they are something I need to work into my stuff. I'll be on a bit of a time crunch for the rest of the week...I need to DL tomorrow, and try to get a squat and bench day in before we leave on saturday. I also want to attempt either Tillman or Kalsu for my birthday workout on Saturday morning...

Derek Simonds
06-30-2010, 02:30 PM
Happy early birthday. Mine is at the end of July and I have been planning on it being a birthday month so might as well start mine with yours...

Is Tilman and Kalsu hero WOD's? I looked in the crossfit FAQ and did a quick google search but my google fu is not working so well.

Jay Ashman
07-01-2010, 07:22 AM
Tillman and Kalsu are CF Football hero workouts.

and treadmill hill sprints are a nice alternative for when you don't have a hill handy

Dave Coughlin
07-01-2010, 02:45 PM
Derek-A birthday month? Genius! My nutrition has been awful since May, hopefully I can clean it up after the holiday weekend...BTW here are the two CFFB WODs I was referring to:

Complete 5 burpees and perform max rep 135 lbs thrusters on the minute.
The goal is to complete 100 total thrusters.
*At the beginning of every minute perform 5 burpees, for the rest of the minute perform as many thrusters as you can during that minute. At the beginning of the next minute perform 5 burpees and then max rep thrusters and so on until you reach 100 total thrusters. Post the total number of minutes it took to reach 100 thrusters.

7 Rounds for time(rest :45 seconds between rounds)
7 Deadlifts 315 lbs
1 Full Gasser(Starting on one sideline of a football field an athlete will sprint across the field to the opposite sideline, turn and sprint back to the sideline, plant and sprint to the sideline, plant and sprint back to the sideline-212 yds)
15 Pull Ups

7/1/2010 @WW

CFWU 1*10, plus some 1 poos KB snatches, hi pulls, etc

Deadlift (75%/85%/95%)

115*5, 205*5, 310*5, 350*3, 395*8

Assistance lifts

Pronated Grip pullups-3*10 (DH first two sets, kip/BFK last set)
Modified GHD situps-3*15

*Pretty happy with my first cycle of DLs and SPs, although the logistical problem of lacking a squat rack and bench are hurting me. I'll probably buy another bar to leave at home, and maybe another pair of 45# plates off craigslist. The 5/3 sets felt pretty good and strong, so I was going to try to aim for a best case scenario of 395*10. I hit a huge wall halfway up on #7, though. The last rep was a tough one, but I was happy with eight reps for my first cycle. I could probably get a couple more, but there would be quite a bite of forward-arching back.BTW what is the 5/3/1 stance on reps with sloppy form? Either way, I'd prefer to be conservative when it concerns my back, so I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. Hopefully, I can try to get up an hour early, and see if I can get in my squats and bench tomorrow morning.

Dave Coughlin
07-06-2010, 05:37 AM
7/2-7/4: Enjoyed a quality three-day weekend for holiday/brithday

7/5/2010 on shift @FD

Minimal warmup

Back Squat (70%/80%/90%)
45*5, 135*5, 135*5, 225*3, 255*3, 285*8

Bench Press (75%/85%/95%)
45*5, 135*5, 135*5, 205*5, 230*3, 255*8

No Assistance lifts

5 rounds of 10 pushups/10 squats...not very fast, but deep ROM

*Long day at work, but I still managed to sneak in some BS and BPs. Spent all weekend at beach with family, got up around 4am to go to FD, had a huge auto accident where we cut out four people, and then got to sleep most of the night. While I didn't get to take on a birthday WOD, I'm going to try to sneak it in right before I start my deload. If I can get to a squat rack tomorrow, then Ill do my last set of squats to finish up the 5/3/1 work cycle; however, if I can't then I'll punish myself accordingly. So far, it seems like my squat is the furthest behind, most likely due to me not squatting enough. Lame.
**The max rep sets are starting to feel better, and I seem to be more confident doing them. I'm really liking this 5/3/1, but I need to start integrating more conditioning work. Maybe if I started to do multiple workout days

Dave Coughlin
07-09-2010, 03:14 PM
Deload week, plus some rowing

7/6/2010 @WW

CFWU 1x10, plus some light KB work

Deadlift-185#, 3*5
Shoulder Press-95#, 3*5

C2 500m-1.40.1, 1:41.4, 1:44.7

7/9/2010 @WW

Squat-165#, 3*5
Floor Press-145#, 3*5

C2 2000m-7:41 with a slight negative split

*Deload week-bleh. I am itching to get into my second 5/3/1 cycle. I'll try to get some CF/metcon days in, as well. The rows were pretty brutal, and nothing too impressive. Th3 500m TTs were intended to be high effort, but withing about :05 of each other....mission accomplished on both fronts. The 2K was an exercise in suckitude, and I just tried to improve slightly on each 500m.

Dave Coughlin
07-11-2010, 04:37 PM

Warmup-squats, SDHPs, PPs, SPs, SJs, HPCs all with 45#oly bar

Shoulder Press-Day 1/Cycle 2 of 5/3/1
45*5, 45*5, 120*5, 140*5, 160*10
(day1 of last cycle was 155x9)

Assistance Work
Bar Dips-4*12

Grace-30reps 135# G2OH-3:23

*Pretty happy with my first day of new 5/3/1 cycle, all in all. I may have to make tomorrow my squat day, if I am able to score some overtime. The first two work sets seemed a bit harder than I was expecting, and the max rep set had me hitting a wall at rep #s 5&10 (a huge wall @#10). THe dips felt strong and deep, and I thought I was going to go sub3 for Grace until my fatigued shoulders gave out. I got twelve reps in my first minute, and then really lost my pace. The last five reps were fairly quick, pretty much all reps were PC to PP/PJ. Pretty sure there's a 2:45ish Grace in me right now if I'm fresh, even at 240ish lbs. I was wondering how my metcon has been going, but I am pleasantly surprised so far...but not impressed. I was looking to do some sled pushes/pulls, but I had to move them to another day with the possibility of squats tomorrow.
**Now that our 6m/old has started to sleep through the night, I will be able to start getting my diet a little more under control-heard that one before:rofl:

Dave Coughlin
07-12-2010, 06:05 PM
7/12/2010 @FD-OVERTIME;)

cfwu 1x10

Back Squat
45*6, 135*5, 210*5, 240*5, 275*12
(last set of previous cycle was 270*6)

Assistance work
Front Squat-185# 3*5

Treadmill Hill Sprints
15% incline and 10mph (6:00/mile pace)
3x :15 sprint w/:45 RI
3x :10 sprint w/:50 RI

*A pretty good day, and my legs are beat. My legs were somewhat sore all day, without any particularly good reason. The first two work sets were surprisingly tiring, so I was hoping for a max rep set of 8...10 at the best. I hit walls on 5, 8, and of course 12. Still trying to teabag the ground on each rep, and I still think I'm accomplishing that for the most part. I haven't done FS in a while, and I figure I should start adding them for Highland Games prep, which explains why I didn't go higher on the weight. Treadmill hill sprints-boo. Very tough, but I managed to keep my feet quick throughout. All in all, another day where I am quite pleased with my efforts...

Derek Simonds
07-13-2010, 04:14 AM
Nice squat work and overtime doesn't hurt either I am sure.

Dave Coughlin
07-15-2010, 02:23 PM
Derek-Thanks, man. Overtime is always welcome in the Coughlin house; well, maybe not the additional 24hrs away from the family, but the $$ is nice.

7/15/2010@ WW

cfwu 1x10

Row 5k-20:20 :shrug:

Toes2Bar 4x5
Situps 3x15

*Irritating day today. Not getting OT today threw me for a loop, although the 4hr nap I took this afternoon helped reset me. I was planning on going to the nearby Cty fitness center today and knocking out DLs; however, the Oly bars are no longer there! I was going to do Helen, but today was apparently old fattie day on the treadmills. I wanted to do something in the 20min range, and still be able to DL tomorrow...thus the 5k row. Tried to keep a 2:00/500m pace, and pretty much did except for when I had to stop to turn my phone/mp3 player off. Last 500m was about 1:47-1:50, so that helped empty out the chamber. T2B are not recommended for anyone 240# BTW...I can't complain about a bunch of work on my weaknesses, though. Hoping to DL 345x15 tomorrow!

Jay Ashman
07-15-2010, 02:59 PM
a 5k row is death, better you than me, my man.

I'll get a pic of me in your nice shirt and post it for you, thank you again!

Dave Coughlin
07-17-2010, 06:09 PM
Jay-The 5k row sucked, although I'm going to have to give it another go to get sub 20min. Glad you like the shirt; I found an XL sweatshirt shrunk down enough to prolly fit Nikki, but I'll wait until you guys make the move to OH to send it.

7/17/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10


135*5, 175*5, 270*5, 315*5, 355*9
(last cycle's max rep DL was 345*8)

6x sled 50' pull-then-push @275#

*This day didn't turn out quite like I had hoped, and I blame the job;) Actually, I don't know what it was-maybe I set the bar too high with a goal of 355x15, maybe it was the two calls we ran right before the max rep set, maybe it was the 3.5 hours of sleep I got last night...I don't really know. I'm starting to realize that my $30 play-it-again sports Cap barbell is in need of an upgrade...the grip is shredding my hands and I have to take off my wedding band because of the discomfort. I'll start looking at legit oly bars then, plus an extra few 45# plates. The sled evolutions were sefl-inflicted punishment for not getting 15 reps@355#, and they sucked as expected. Tomorrow is BPx5 day, and then I can reset my schedule back to normal.

Derek Simonds
07-18-2010, 04:44 AM
Yeah that probably wasn't too big of a jump to go for... I stopped by Crossfit Evolution and dropped Leo off an empty keg. They were doing Fran and his brother got 2:39. I was tired just watching him.

On the bar front I bought a Pendlay Mens bar back several years ago and it is great but I don't DL with it. It is slightly smaller in diameter then most bars and it does flex when you get up over 275. I have been using a bar I bought 20 years ago to DL it just feels right. If you find a good bar for squat and DL for a decent price let me know.

Dave Coughlin
07-19-2010, 06:56 PM
Derek-I was staring longingly at the empty keg just waiting for me to take it, at the recycling yard next door to the station last shift. I would have hopped the fence; however, there are a couple of pretty quick rotties that hang there over the weekends. Let me know how difficult it is to load one of those things, if you would....

7/18/2010 @FD...OT again

cfwu 1x10

Bench Press
135*5, 135*5, 185*5, 210*5, 245*12
(last cycle was 225x10)

Assistance work-pushups 15x5

sprint 50', pick up sandbag (1st time 55#, 2nd time 120#, 3rd time both bags)and sprint to start, drop one sandbag and pick up other bag, sprint 50'
50 DUs
Rest, then
Sprint out-and-back 50', pick up 120# sandbag and sprint out-and-back 50'
-Repeat 5x

*It looks like my bench seems to be improving, as I expect this lift will take longest for me to reach a plateau. I might have even got 15, if I was more comfortable with the bar/bench. The first sets x5 I was moving all over the bar to find a sweet spot, which never happened. The sandbag stuff I went pretty hard with, mainly so I would be forced to take a rest day tomorrow. Tuesday, I'll start the second week and hopefully I can have a good DL workout on Wed AM; however, I am concerned with the short turnaround time.

Dave Coughlin
07-20-2010, 05:28 PM
7/20/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10

Shoulder Press, cycle 2/week 2
45*5, 75*5, 105*5, 130*3, 150*3, 170*7
(Last cycle week 2 max reps was 162# x9)

Bar dips 4x15

100 Double Unders-1:48

2x easy sled pull, facing away from sled (like a horse): 270#

*Meh. Probably should have taken another rest day, but it would throw off my logistical plans even more. If I keep it up, I can do a 2on/1off schedule, which would go pretty well with my FD job and keep a good balance at home. I work out on shift, then the next morning, and then I'm pretty much home for the rest...we'll see I guess. I wanted ten on the max rep set, but I suppose I need to stop being disappointed with my max rep sets' output. In addition to DLs tomorrow, I'm meeting another FF who wants to put together a CF/FireSled challenge workout course. After I DL, I'll basically be his bourse guinea pig for a few hours-should be fun!

Dave Coughlin
07-21-2010, 05:10 PM
7/21/2010 @FD Training Center

cfwu 1x10

135*5, 225*5, 285*3, 325*3, 375*10
(Last cycle for this day was 345*11)

No Assistance work, just this bruiser of a workout

CrossFire Course Guinea Pig Test day 1
50ft FireSled (90# plus the sled est 180#) Backwards Dummy Drag
30 DB Push Presses 2/45#
30 Ceiling Breach & Pulls on FireSled
100ft farmers walk holding two 40# sandbags
100ft sandbag carry w/125# bag
30 pullups
30 KB swings w/45#
25ft FireSled pull-pulled hose towards you, one knee must stay on ground
30 burpees
125ft FireSled forward pull

*I was quite pleased with my DL, especially since it was such a short turnaround time from my underwhelming SO day last night (last nights WOD was 1900hrs, and today's was 1030). I really like the old Oly bars they have here at the FD Traning Ctr, so I'll do what I can to get down here more. My goal was 7-8 reps for my max rep set, but I felt pretty good after #8. I could have had 2-3 more, but I knew I had to save something for the CrossFire course.
**One of our LTs is the creator of the FLA FF Olympics, and they have a ton of events. One of our PFTs has been asking me about CF, hybrids, CFFB, etc for quite a while, and he was tasked with making a FF Olympics event that combines functional movements with the FireSled that one of our chiefs is a creator of. They've asked for my input on the events, so I'll be doing the course once a week, telling them the good/bad points, then they'll change it for the next week, and lather rinse repeat. It was a pretty tough workout, but I thought it would might be more attractive to folks if they would drop the # of burpees and pullups to 15-20, and add another lower body-biased movement. Once we got talking, I thought that changing it to 15 burpee pullups might be the smartest move. That way, the CF guys can't just kip 30 super fast, and the bigger guys can stay in contention. My back was fried halfway through, thanks to DLs, but it was a nice lung-burning sensation I haven't had for a few weeks.

Dave Coughlin
07-26-2010, 07:36 PM
7/22/2010 Driveway

Partner WOD-working while other partner runs (est) 200m
Run/plank hold
Run/flutter kicks
All out sprint & back

7/26/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10

Bench Press
45*5, 135*5, 195*3, 220*3, 250*10
(Previous cycle's performance was 247*8

-Pushups 3x10, CF Games standard (chest/chin hit the deck, with palms of the ground on each rep

*Between the last DL day and the CrossFire guinea pig WOD, I was pretty fried. Luckily, we had some family stuff going on this weekend, so I got to chill eat and relax. Today has been a long shift, and I barely had enough spare time today to eat...much less work out. I got to bench, and had a decent day with plenty to improve upon. I might have had 13ish reps in me, but I'm not too keen on having help outside of a lift up initially. The CF Games pushups were interesting, and a bit difficult.

Derek Simonds
07-27-2010, 03:55 AM
I am glad someone else thought the pushups were odd and slightly challenging.

Dave Coughlin
08-02-2010, 12:46 PM
Yes Derek, the mental part of the pushups were quite unexpected. Hope you had fun in KW.

7/30/2010 @FD Training Center

cfwu 1x10

CrossFire Event Guinea Pig, take two

(FireSled is has 90# of weights, plus the 185# sled)
50' backwards sled pull
20 reps DB push press, 50#
20 ceiling breach & pulls on FireSled
100' farmers walk, with a 45# plate in each hand
load a 100' section of 5" hose on your shoulder (foul if it touches the ground once loaded)
20 burpee pullups
25' pulling of FireSled via a utility rope
20 DB swings, 50#
125' forward advance on the FireSled

*Crazy week, I haven't been able to do anything since Monday I still need to do squats before my last hard week of 5/3/1 this cycle; hopefully, I can sneak out tomorrow AM. This week's version of the XFire course was upping the DB weight, lowering reps, putting the burpees and PUs together, and adding the LDH hose load. The hose load was a nice little recovery, but it was a pretty mentally taxing event due to the strategery of it. Gawd it was hot out there today, luckily I hydrated. Oh, and I signed up for the Iron Curtain Challenge at CF Evo on 10/9. I was supposed to do my first Highland Games event that day; however, I feel a huge need to make up for last year's waste of a day performance. There's a closer HG event in January about 20 mins away from me, so that helps.

7/31/2010 @CrossFit FireBase

cfwu 1x10, plus some DUs and some C2B PUs

Partner WOD-teams of two

Four Rounds for time
-50 wall balls (20#)
-50 KB swings (70#, 70#, 53#, 35#)
-400m run

*The Rx was five rounds, but starting off with 70# KBS had my back fried fairly quickly. Plus, yesterday's XFire training had some DB swings, and quite a bit of PC stressors. Regardless, I'm pretty sure it was the longest duration CF workout I've had all year, with the exception of a few 45min LSD runs. It was very very very hot this AM, as well; however, the sun wasn't even out in force until we were done. Mark today as the start of Operation: Iron Curtain Redemption.

8/1/2010 @FD Training Ctr

cfwu 1x10

Back Squat
45*5, 135*5, 185*3, 225*3, 265*3, 290*8
(Last cycle was 285*8)

Leg Extension 100# 2*15

500m row-1:39

*I could hardly walk Sunday, thanks to the wall balls. I spent some time on the spin bike and stretching on the floor yesterday, that's about it. I was still pretty tight and sore today, although I was able to get loose enough to have an OK day on the squat rack. I'm pretty sure I have 290*10, but I was starting to feel the tightness rearing it's head so I stopped. I'm still feeling a bit tight in the legs/hips, so I'm glad I shut it down. I blew my wad a bit early on the row, as usual; however it left me pretty gassed.

Dave Coughlin
08-03-2010, 11:16 AM
8/3/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10, OHS with PVC, light KBS

Shoulder Press-3 reps on the minute for 10mins
155# for first five sets, 160# for last five sets

30/20/10 of
-24" Box Jump
-Ring Dip
-95# Overhead Squat

*Tomorrow was supposed to be my last hard shoulder day for this 531 cycle; I'll just have to play around with some things this week I guess. I was the only one in the AM classes who didn't scale anything on the metcon, and it was a tough one. I probably could have pulled off all ten SP sets at 165#, but I knew the dips/OHS would drain the life from my upper body. I probably should have scaled it down after the round of 30, but another 20min metcon could probably do me some good right now. The jumps felt fine, the dips were pretty much done in sets of 5-7, and the OHS were quite a bear. Haven't done OHS of any kind in quite a long time. Good one though...

Derek Simonds
08-03-2010, 12:41 PM
That was 3 intense workouts in a row.

Dave Coughlin
08-06-2010, 09:42 AM
No doubt they were, Derek. That team WOD really messed me up...Wednesday's rest day was just what I needed!

8/5/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10, plus GHDs and lots of hip/back mobility stuff

Deadlift-find a 1RM
135*5, 225*5, 315*1, 405*1, 455*1, 475*1, 505*1
(Previous 1RM was 455 in summer 2009):kicking0:

Mini OPT Flight Simulator
Unbroken DUs: 5/10/15/20/25/20/15/10/5

Airdyne Tabatas:smiley_ev

*I have been getting off the 531 track the past week, but I have still been able to hit the desired parts with some heavy work the past two workouts. We had a pretty busy shift the night before, so I was a bit skeptical about my 1RM DL day. I eased into it more than usual, and it seemed to pay off. I might have had 525# in me, but my back was pretty toasted. The 505 went up pretty strong until about 2/3 of the way up, but I managed to fight through it. It felt like my back was kept straight/tight the whole time, and I lowered it down with full control each rep.
**That was my first time doing the mini flight simulator and the airdyne tabatas, man that airdyne is a prehistoric piece of torture! I was worried about the DUs, but I didn't have a foul on any round. Hopefully, I can get a 531 day on bench/squat the next two days, and figure out a deload strategy for the rest of the week.

Dave Coughlin
08-08-2010, 08:59 AM
8/6/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10

Bench Press
45*5, 135*5, 135*5, 210*5, 235*3, 265*6
(Last time was 255*8)

8/7/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10, easy running

Back Squat
135*5, 135*5, 185*5, 235*5, 275*3, 305*5
(last time in this cycle was 285*8)

-50 burpees in 3:38:shrug:

*Both days were in the midst of a time crunch. The Bench day was doen on shift, and we were busy all day and night. I was happy to get the BPs in without getting a call; however, I kept getting screwed out of my assistance/metcon stuff a couple other times. So I tried to knock out my last day of heavy 531 squats this morning, after shift. I had a weird sensation in my left knee on the first heavy set, but it went away. I didn't have a very good last set, as it wasn't really max reps. I stopped a bit premature, because the setup isn't very ideal for heavy squats:( The 50 burpees were quite a not-to-subtle signal that I need to get my wind back.
**Looking forward to a nice deload week, with some running and bodyweight work thrown in (not too much.)

Derek Simonds
08-09-2010, 07:41 AM
Or the burpees might just have been a sign that it was time for a rest week and you did after a busy night. I hate burpees for time by the way...

Dave Coughlin
08-11-2010, 08:29 AM
Burpees for time really suck, Derek, and I was due for some recovery for sure. Them and wall ball usually make for nice conditioning after my 531 bench and squat days.

BTW last entry's dates were incorrect-Bench was on 8/7 and squat was 8/8...

8/9/2010 @WW

C2-kept effort at 75-85% throughout, and rested half as long as previous work interval

8/10/2010 @FD

Deload week

AM-Loaded 1200' of 5" hose into new engine

PM-Fun with my DIY sled
-20m pulling backwards (simulating dummy drag)
-20m pushing forwards (using the lowest bar)
-Ten evolutions
-alternated with two other FFs
-one guy puked at #7 (he ate right before doing the workout)

*Nice workouts, with hardly any issues from the previous day's work. I'm going to keep the conditioning going during the deload week, but I'll try to keep it within comfortable limits.

Dave Coughlin
08-12-2010, 05:53 PM
8/12/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 2x10, subbed DH pullups

Front Squat
95*5, 135*5, 155*5, 2252*5, 235*5, 245*5

Shoulder Press-deload week
95*5, 105*5, 115*5

Conditioning Mash up-:30 on/:30 off, then on to next movement
-Abmat situps (15, 16, 16)
-125# sandbag run (est 60m each time)
-Tire Flips (6, 6, 7)
-20m shuttle runs

*OK so the front squats weren't at very good de-load weights; I'd say the effort was around 75% at the heaviest set. Since the only time I ever FS is when I'm without a rack, the most weight I've ever done is whatever I could power clean into the rack position. So technically, 245 is my de-facto FS PR. I had no issues with the weight at all, and got pretty close to tea-bagging the floor. The presses were a true de-load weight, and felt fine. The metcon was 12:00 long, with 6:00 of max effort and the same amount of recovery. It gassed me, but I don't feel any ill effects an hour later...maybe a bit in my calves, but that's it. Tomorrow on shift, I am hoping to get in my de-load DL and BP with some LSD running on the treadmill:mad:, a FireBase workout on Saturday, rest and cookout on Sunday, then back to 531 on Monday....

Dave Coughlin
08-17-2010, 04:38 PM
8/17/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10, plus easy 500m row, lots of hip/shoulder mobility stuff

Shoulder Press-day one of cycle three
45*5, 45*5, 135*5, 145*5, 165*9
(this day previous cycle was 160*10)


Five rounds for time:
-20 pushups
-30 squats
-40 abmat situps
-400m run

*I may have to re-think doing the FireBase WODs Rx immediately after my 531 days. A trainer brought it to my attention that my situps weren't going all the way up, so that was a helpful little nugget. No issues with the SPs; I just keep thinking these longer metcons are money in the back, as long as they are kept to about one per week. This 531 cycle will be a transitional one, as I try to seemlessly go from 531 to CF in preparation for the Iron Curtain on 10/9/2010.

Dave Coughlin
08-21-2010, 11:52 AM
8/19/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x15, 500m row untimed, shoulder/hip mobility

Deadlift Week 1/cycle 3
45*8, 135*5, 225*5, 300*5, 345*5, 390*9
(last cycle was 355#x9)

Group WOD/metcon
100 burpees for time
*perform 3 Power Cleans every minute (starting at 1:00, up to 15:00)
16:38, used 155#

[I]*Ouch, tough day at the FireBase. The first week of 531 has been pretty tough, those sets of five coming off a deload might be the reason why. I took my hands off the bar for a quick moment after rep#8, and that really messed my rhythm for the set. I wisely scaled back the weight of the PCs (the Rx weight was 75% of PC 1RM-I've never maxed out on PC but I've gotten 275# up pretty well), and this combo was pretty brutal. I knocked out 21 burpees in :50, but doing those PCs in between was just terrible. Lots of bodies on the floor after this one. Plus I worked last night after going to CFFB after shift. I'm thinking some solid conditioning tomorrow (unless I get floated somewhere with a bench)...

Derek Simonds
08-22-2010, 03:34 PM
My golf cart will at least be at the Iron Curtain. I might be out of town. Hope to meet you f2f there.

Dave Coughlin
08-25-2010, 06:30 PM
Hope to see your at IC2010 as well, Derek; however, if you have to work out-of-town, I'll be sure to take a picture of me with your golf cart and tag you on FB.


8/22/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10

Bench Press-cycle 3/week 1
45*5, 135*5, 135*5, 185*5, 210*5, 240*11
(last cycle was 235#x12)

Pushups, dips

8/23: 10am-1am thrashing at PT job...very tired
8/24: rest day, see above

8/25/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10

Shoulder Press-cycle 3 week 2
45*5, 75*5, 105*5, 135*3, 155*3, 175*7
(last cycle was 170# x7)

Dead-hang bar dips, 5x10

*Work has left me very beat down for the past couple of days; couple that with my sporadic eating, and you have a recipe for crap workouts. Luckily, I have pushed off the metcon the past couple of days, and it has kept me pretty fresh for the kids, strength days, and work. The BPs felt ok, considering I didn't have a spotter. It's really pretty wierd how quickly I can hit the wall when doing high-weight max-rep shoulder presses. At my 6th rep@175#, I felt pretty good, and was looking towards 8 or 9 or even 10...About halfway up #7 I hit the wall, and was lucky to get the rep. I tried another attempt, but that was comical. Looking forward to squats and some MC fun in the morning....

Dave Coughlin
08-26-2010, 02:55 PM
8/26/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 2x10

Back Squat-cycle 2 week 1
45*8, 135*5, 135*5, 185*5, 210*5, 245*5, 280*10
(last cycle was 275*10 IIRC:shrug:)

5 sets, starting every :90 (I used 65#)
2 RDLs
2 jump shrugs
2 HPCs
2 mid-HPCs
2 PCs
2 cleans

CFFB WOD-work up to a 1RM Power Clean
135, 155, 185, 225, 245F, 245, 265F, 265F

*Wierd throat thingy is still messing with me, but not imposing any physical limitations on me. I was happy to get in my 531 squat day, and was pretty pleased with my depth on the 280x10 set. Doing the PCs were pretty much a skill day more than anything. I haven't done any type of cleans outside of the 2x I've tried the Grace WOD the past few months, so I was glad to get in the much-needed work. My 1RM for a PC was 265# at last year's Iron Curtain event, but it felt a lot easier that today's attempts at the same weight. My legs were pretty drained near the end of today's PCs, so I'll just write it up to that. After this last 531 cycle, I'll probably try to stretch each 531 cycle over two weeks, and get in more metcon, Oly lifts, and advance CF movements.

Dave Coughlin
08-28-2010, 01:39 PM
8/28/2010 @ CFFB

Filthy Fifty-time sucked

There is a major hole in my fitness, at about the 22:00 mark. I will try to address this type of duration workout every 7-10 days. Track tomorrow, I hope. (Across from Howard Middle in Orlando FYI)....

Dave Coughlin
08-30-2010, 11:42 AM
8/30/2010 @CFFB

CFWU 2x10

Deadlift-cycle 3 week 2
95*5, 135*5, 185*3, 225*3, 320*3, 365*3, 420*5
(last cycle was 375*10-big jump in weight after my 505#)

21/15/9 of Power Clean/Push Jerk 95#

1 20' rope climb

Easy 5K row (D6)-23:10

*Pretty solid day, plus I got back on the clean-eating wagon yesterday. Legs/hamstrings were still really sore from F50 on Saturday; I haven't done much lunge walking, good mornings, or box jumps...which all makes sense. I tried to stretch it out more than usual because of that, but couldn't get to 100%. The 420 DL set came without an issue for the first four reps, but it took a lot out of me for #5. I opted out a little earlier than usual, given my PC issues coming into today. Still, I'm fairly certain that 420 is my new 5RM, so I can't complain about it. I then did the group WOD with the owner, who smoked it in 3:39. The first round of PCs were unbroken, but everything else was broken up. My time was still about 3mins faster than anyone else in the AM classes. After the WOD, I thought I heard the owner say "OK Dave, lets go grab a rope!", so I had a quite painful 20' rope ascent. Once I finished, he told me "A ROWER, Dave, not a rope! Lets do 5K easy..." So I took it pretty easy on the 5k row, which helped loosen up my PC and my arms. Good day-hoping for some sled fun on shift tomorrow...

Derek Simonds
08-30-2010, 01:22 PM
You are seriously an animal. I would have at least paused for clarification before starting my ascent :D

Dave Coughlin
09-01-2010, 11:40 AM
Derek-I am hardly an animal, but thanks. Plus, I have to go non-stop because once I stop....it's all over.

9/1/2010 @WW

cfwu 1*10, lots of shoulder mobility

Bench Press-week 2 of Cy3
(used a smith machine due to location/time factors; assuming bar=25#)
135*5, 135*5, 205*3, 225*3, 255*5

Assistance-games standard pushups, 2*15

Logistically-hindered Litvi Shuttles
Three rounds of:
-8 front squats, 75# DB in each hand (mimicking a FS rack position)
-4x shuttle run out&back on the basketball court outside (100ish ft one way)
-rest as needed (2-4 mins for me)

*I know-don't use Smith machines for benching. I was in a huge time crunch, plus we were quite busy last night at work, so I thought something was better than nothing. I'm not at all happy with the benching, I didn't have much strength to start and I almost left after my second work set. I really wanted to try some variation of the Litvi Sprint, so I thought this was a pretty good version of it-considering my crappy location. Once I get my bar back home, after my transfer goes through at work, I plan on doing these a lot more. My legs were hurting after the first round, but my lungs were on fire as I finished each couplet. My tri experience has taught me to not go all out when running off a long bike, so I applied the same principles today. Still, the quick turnarounds probably gave me more than then intended amount of slight rest. Doing a 400m or 200m instead will probably have me seeing things. All-in-all, the conditioning work saved the day for me.
**BTW last night I entered the Central Florida Strongman Contest, in the novice division. Should be fun;)

Derek Simonds
09-01-2010, 11:54 AM
I saw the date was the 18th. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Dave Coughlin
09-02-2010, 11:11 AM
Derek-It should be a cool event, at least it will prime me for out daughter's 3rd birthday party the next day @Fun Spot....Seriously, the only event that really frightens me is the yoke walk @500 lbs. I should be able to steadily get through the other stuff. I'll try to get some pics...

9/2/2010 @Random gym

Two hours of full-court basketball...

Back Squat-week 2 cycle3
45*8, 135*5, 230*3, 260*3, 305*6

*I wasn't planning on doing my squats today, because I was roped into playing basketball with a bunch of other FFs this AM. We played 5on5, with four nonstop 20 minute quarters; I pretty much played half the time. Once we finished, I was eyeballing the adjecent weight room, and was pleased to see an empty squat rack. So I crept over there, and banged out some BS. I didn't have my 531 template with me, so I just guessed at the weights; amazingly, I was correct on the first two work sets. My max rep set was programmed for 290#, oops. I could have done more with 305#; however, my legs were pretty beat from the ballin' yo. Still, I am quite happy to be able to finish up this week's lifts, and hopefully I can knock out my last hard week before I leave for Cleveland for the weekend on Friday 9/10.

Dave Coughlin
09-06-2010, 01:37 PM
9/6/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10, lots of stretching

Shoulder Press-cycle 3/week 3
45*5, 75*5, 105*5, 145*5, 165*3, 185*5
(last week was SP density sets at CFFB, so no 531 day)

Assistance: Bar Dips-5*10

Five rounds of:
-10 yd sled pull&push (225#)
-6 tire flips
then Five rounds of:
-10 yd sled pull&push (225#)
-flutter kicks

*I needed those extra rest days to knock out the remnants of my sickness earlier in the week, as well as prime myself for my last hard 531 week. Leaving for Cleveland on Friday, so I'm going to try to knock out four straight 531 big lift days and some metcon madness. That will set me up for a deload period, before being able to shake some rust off before the strongman event on 9/18/10. I'm fairly certain the 185# press was a 5RM PR, so that's neat. The last two reps were pretty tough, as my goal 225#x1 press is sort of within reach. Tomorrow is DLs at the FireBase....

Dave Coughlin
09-07-2010, 07:05 PM
9/7/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10, 500m easy row, reverse hypers, lots of thoracic/hip mobility stuff

45*5, 135*5, 225*5, 345*5, 390*3, 435*4
(last cycle same spot was 505*1)

FireBase WOD
500m row, then
five rounds of : 15 wall balls (20#), 10 pullups
500m row to finish
14:10 (rows were 1:45/2:10)
one minute rest, then
5:00 plank hold, however you can do it

*Pretty good morning at CFFB. We worked an early AM house fire, but I still got about 5 straight hours of sleep at work. My hamstrings were a bit sore from the sled evolutions yesterday, and it took a while for my back to loosen up during the DLs, but I was pretty happy with the effort. I wasn't sure how many I could do when I started; however, that fourth rep was a killer for me! I went hard but not max effort on the first row of the group WOD, but my shoulders were still beat down after round #3. That last row was brutal. Good day-the WOD complemented the DLs nicely.

Dave Coughlin
09-09-2010, 01:02 PM

cfwu 1x10

Back Squat-Cycle3 last week
45*8, 135*5, 185*5, 230*5, 280*3, 310*5
(Last cycle was 305*5)

Bench Press-Cycle3 last week
45*8, 135*5, 185*5, 210*5, 240*3, 275*5
(Last cycle was 265*6)

Assistance work
-3x10 pushups, CF Games standards (hands off ground at bottom of rep)
-10 ring pushups

Three rounds of:
-21 KBS w/2 pood bell
-200m sprint/run
-rest as needed
Each couplet was about :90 long, give or take; approx 2mins RI

*Well I had to combine my last two hard 531 days into one, after getting fried by the wallball/pullup C2 sandwich WOD from Tuesday. Pullups were still a bit tough for me during the warmup, and it seemed to take my legs longer than usual to get stretched out. Anyways, I was hoping for 7-8 reps of 310 on my last set of BS, but it didn't seem to be in the cards for me today. I'm pretty sure I didn't eat anything for breakfast this morning before coming in; however, I'm not too sure either way. The bench did OK for me-275# is my new 5RM de facto. The last time I went for a 1RM was at the bench press for last summers TCA event down south, and I got 285# without too much trouble. According to Wendler's 1RM estimation formula, my 1RM on the bench is about 320#, so I hope to test that out sometime in the near future. The conditioning was another variation of the Litvi sprints, but I used heavy KBS for the big movement. Pretty nice feeling after the second/third couplets....

Dave Coughlin
09-20-2010, 01:09 PM
9/11/2010 in aunts driveway

Ten rounds of:
-34 DUs (37 in rd1)
-34 pushups
-34 squats
-343m run (estimated)

*Deload week be damned, for at least another day. Had to pay tribute to fallen Brothers. It was a tough one, I was glad I brought my jumprope.

9/12/2010 @ Gym in CLE

cfwu 1x10

Clean & Jerk, working up to a hard triple (no 3RM)
135, 155, 165, 185

500m row, with 2min RI
1:39, 1:42

9/15/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10

Push Press, working up to a heavy triple (not a 3RM)
135, 155, 185, 205, 225

21 KBS, 2 pood; then 200m run; rest as needed
three times

9/16/2010 @CFFB

Sandbag training
Trying to simulate stone load/carrying
Uneven farmers walks

Conditioning-three rounds, rest as needed
8 thrusters, with a 24kg KB in each hand
20m sprint dragging a tire

9/18/2010 @ Central Florida Strongman Championships
(I was in the Novice division)

1) Press Medley
200# log, 9" wide x 6' long
200# log, 13" wide x 9' long
240# axle, 2" wide x 7' long
:32, 2nd place in division

2) Axle Deadlift (2" wide bar)
400, 425, 450, 475, 500, PR, I barely tried 550# and stopped
2nd in division

3) Yoke/Keg medley-carry a 550# yoke 60 feet, then carry a 260# keg back to the start
:34, third in division

4) Farmers Walk-carry 250# in each hand 100'
:39, 5th in division

5) Stone load medley
250# stone onto a 60" platform
280# stone onto a 54" platform
310# stone onto a 48" platform
325# stone onto a 42" platform
Loaded three stones, 2nd place in division

Third place overall, Novice division

* Nice deload week I'm having....heavy atriple C&Js and 500m rows...
**I was able to get some quasi-relative Strongman prep in the last week at CF FireBase, mainly just to get some confidence in putting things over my head. It seemed pretty effective at the time, and the Litvi couplets are fun to play around with....
The Strongman event was a blast! I got a 20# PR on my DL, even if it was on a wide bar-I was DYING to hook grip it, but no dice. I was pretty happy with my performances; especially considering I never touched any of the implements until that day, and I was the only competitor without a thick weight belt. The farmers walk was a tough one for me-a guy that went a bit in front of me tore his bicep right at the start, which got me a little tentative. I got about 60' before I dropped the weights, reset took a couple breathes and finished the event. That performance kept me out of getting 2nd place, but it was by far the hardest for me. The 550# yoke carry was the only thing that really made me sore afterwards. All in all, I'm not sure if I'd do another one of these events, but I did have fun and a great experience. I'll try to post some pics in the next few days....
***One more rest/recovery day, then an easy cardio day, then on Wednesday I start my programming for my redemption for last years Iron Curtain CF competition at CF Evolution!

Dave Coughlin
09-27-2010, 06:56 PM

30mins on recumbant bike
15mins on elliptical

9/22/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10

Gymnastics skills work
Ten rounds of :10 of work/:20 of rest
L-holds, or knee ups/tucks, on pullup bar

9/24/2010 @FD
20 freaking calls!

9/25/2010 @Home

Warmup-mowed the backyard, and some sprints in the front year with Katherine

Sandbag Elizabeth
21/15/9 of:
-125# sandbag squat cleans (bag must touch ground after each rep)
-ring dips

5mins rest, then

AMRAP in 3:00-3 pullups and 3 pushup burpees (no diving flat on the ground)
7 rounds

9/27/2010 @ FD

531 Cycle four, week one
Shoulder Press
45*5, 45*5, 135*5, 145*5, 165*8
(last cycle was 165*9)

10mins rest, then

AMRAP in 10:00
95# bar-5 thrusters, 7 hang power cleans, 10 SDHPs
5 rounds, plus 5 thrusters/7 HPCs/3 sdhp

*Not much going on, lots of home time and trying to prep for the Iron Curtain. Two of the the four events have been released: a 1.8 mile run (with the first 600m carrying a 45# bumper plate) and a 1RM Deadlift. So I've got one I am happy about and one I am meh over.

Derek Simonds
09-28-2010, 08:44 AM
I saw the 20 calls on FB the other day. That makes for a long day I imagine. Carrying the 45 LB bumper plate is interesting. It will be harder for the smaller faster guys in the start and maybe wear on them a little more than the bigger stronger guys. I am looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

Dave Coughlin
09-28-2010, 05:22 PM
Derek-You hit the nail on the head regarding the bumper carry. I have been doing some stuff to optimize my post-bumper run, and will continue to do so. Lots of little guys will be crash&burn on that event methinks. 20 calls was a bit much, so I took the day off working out.

9/28/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10, plus lots of mobility drills

Every two minutes:
-One Power Clean
-Two Push Jerks
(recommended weight is 2/3 of 1RM clean)
185, 185, 205, 205, 225

AMRAP in 12mins
-5 pullups, 10 ring/bar dips, 15 pushups
5 rounds plus 3 pullups (ring dips for first two rounds, bar dips for the rest)

Rest 1min

1:00 Unanchored abmat situp test

4x200m with 45# bumper plate
-walking, slow jog @ 50%, jog@70%, hard run

*Got some subtle coaching up on my feet placement for the PC, it made 225# go up almost too easily...without a hook grip! The much-needed skill work, plus yesterday's shoulder work, got my upper body nice and fatigued for the metcon. I flew through the first round in about a minute, then tanked like I knew I would. Probably won't be doing much upper body tomorrow anyways. The bumper plate stuff is just to get the optimal way to carry the 45# bumper for the first Iron Curtain event. I'll probably mess with carries one more day, and then try something close to the race distance early next week.

Dave Coughlin
09-29-2010, 01:24 PM
9/29/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10, burgener warmup, airdyne, easy 300m on C2

70# KBx8, 135*3, 225*3, 315*5, 355*5, 405*5
(last cycle was 390*9:shrug:)

200m Prowler push with 90#
2min RI
800m run-4:00 (probably at 80-85% effort)

*Upper body was destroyed from yesterday's metcon, and I found my posterior chain a little tight once I started my DLs. I set the wendler formulas based on my 525# pull at the Strongman comp, so it was quite a jump up in working weight. This first week of 531 is always the toughest for me, those sets of five are always a bear. The intention was for a 400m prowler run; however, the owner wanted to use it for his own workout (I came in between classes), so I was happy to cut my working distance in half. I then ran a pretty steady 800m, first time I've ran that much in a while...and certainly first time since I've gotten over 240#. Hopefully, I can get to the track on Saturday.

Dave Coughlin
10-01-2010, 02:01 PM
9/30/2010 rest day-on shift

10/1/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10
CF Evo Gymnastics warmup x1
Foam Rolling and tennis ball self-mutiliation

2009 Iron Curtain Chipper
10 OHS x95#
20 squat clean x85#
30 Push Press/PJ x95#
40 Pullups
50 wall balls, 20# ball to 10' target
60 unanchored abmat situps
70 DUs
800m with 55# sandbag

*I forgot that I wanted to get this one in, about a week before the Iron Curtain event. Last year, I was a moron and took pretty much last place in the Road2theGames division; this year, I am doing the Rx. The wall balls were just about as tough as I remember them, especially after all that upper body stuff. Good, long workout. I hope I can get to the track tomorrow morning...

Dave Coughlin
10-04-2010, 09:18 PM
10/4/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10, mobility, gymnastics warmup

Snatch-4x3@95#: tougher than I thought, since I haven't snatched in a while

Eight rounds of :30 on/:30 off
Games standard burpees (hand release on ground)

Iron Curtain WOD #4-Three RFT:
-10x 95# OHS
-10x box jumps 24"
-20 DUs

Mainly Iron Curtain prep today, although the group WOD was awesome. It's been awhile since I've OHS, and it showed today. I did the Curtain WOD with two other competitors, and my OHS and jumps were lacking. Luckily, my DUs were pretty solid-with the exception of my first round. I wanted to do the PU/burpee AMRAP today, as well; however, I had some premature calluses pop up on my hands right after my warmup Pullups. I trimmed them down today, and hopefully I can do something similar tomorrow.

Derek Simonds
10-05-2010, 06:04 AM
I dropped off my golf cart to Leo yesterday and we talked through a bunch of stuff. The Iron Curtain is going to be a lot of fun this year. I will be there around 8:00 am and hang out on and off most of the day. See you there.

Dave Coughlin
10-06-2010, 07:34 PM
Derek-Looking forward to meeting you Saturday. It looks like the event will be infinitely more organized than last year; not that last year was bad, but it looks like Leo has addressed many issues.

10/5/2010 @WW

cfwu 1x10, mobility stuff

C2-500m in 1:39.8, 1K in 4:03
Stair trainer-10mins AMRAP/38 floors

10/6/2010 @FD

Treadmill CFE-style
5mins fast walk
:30 on/:30 walk (7min/mile pace)
1min on/1min off
3x (2min on/1min off)
2x (1min on/1min off)
2x (:30 on/:30 off) 6:00/mile pace
5mins fast walk

Dave Coughlin
10-18-2010, 04:30 PM
I took a few days off after the Iron Curtain event, then I started rocking a 102 temperature after my second day back! Curtain report as follows:

Iron Curtain 2010-Rx class
1) 1.55 mile run, with the first 600m carrying a 45# bumper plate
13:01-35th out of 50

2) AMRAP in 6mins of: 10 pullups and 10 burpees (with games style pushups)
83 total reps-39th out of 50

3) 1RM deadlift, three attempts
455, 495, 535 PR-1st out of 50

4) Three rounds of: 10 OHS 95#, 10 box jumps 24", 20 DUs
4:56-12th out of 50

Final rank-22nd out of 50 competitors:shrug:

*What a nicely run event, hats off to Leo S and the CF Evo crew for putting together a top-notch CF competition. The programming was across the board, and there wasn't a lot of standing around/dead space.
The run was horrible. I started carrying the weight on my back, then under my right arm, I couldn't find a real way to do it. The fact that I am pushing 250# and haven't ran much at all really became apparent, because in my running days I could go at a decent clip. Not today.
The couplet was going to be my worst event, and I knew it. I flew through my first round in :45, then flamed out royally. BOdyweight stuff has always been an issue for me, and this couplet exposed me. I was not pleased about my placing after the first two events, but I knew that the last two WODs were more my style.
The DL was a group of five guys, an empty bar, and weights, and everyone had 15min to get three attempts. Just from talking to the other four guys made things much more relaxing, even though everyone was competing against each other. 535 came up real fast at the start, but it took a couple jerky jerky movements to get it all the way up.
I thought I'd do well at the triplet, even though I got gigged by the judge after my first round of OHS. He said I didn't finish my last OHS rep before dropping the bar....too bad I was on my 5th box jump when they told me to go back, and those jumps didn't count. Everything else went smoothly, the DUs were unbroken, not too fast, and easy. All except for my last DU, it took my three tries to get that last one! I was beat.

10/15/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10, rolling

Shoulder Press
45*5, 45*5, 135*5, 155*5, 175*5

Conditioning, not timed
Four rounds of:
-2mins on stair trainer, no hands on rails
-40# DB snatch from ground, 5 each arm

10/16/2010 @FD

cfwu 1x10, stair trainer

Back Squat
45*5, 135*5, 225*5, 275*5, 275*5, 275*5

Three rounds of:
-135# Hang Power Clean
-15 burpees

*I went with manageable yet hard weights for each big movement, and I was planning on doing the same with DL and BP before I got sick. The stair trainer couplet was pretty tough, and the main site couplet from a few days ago was a killer. I tried to really jump on the HPCs, so I wouldn't muscle them up or reverse curl them...like I sometimes do on similar WODs. The burpees were a killer, but I was really happy with the workout. What sucks is that yesterday was the start of two weeks off for me! Argh!

Dave Coughlin
10-26-2010, 05:02 PM
Been sick for the past week, then lazy for a couple days....

10/26/2010 @ the park

cfwu 1x10, stretching and light jogging

AMRAP in 20mins of:
10 thrusters, 95lbs
340m run (all on grass)
6 rounds

*I was not pleased at my wind at all, during this effort. I was originally wanting to do a 20min amrap of heavy thrusters, 200m run, and a short bear crawl; however, I couldn't get to a track and I only brought my 25# bumpers with me. I guess my eyeballing distance isn't too well, as the out-and-back I used today was 170m each way per mapmyrun. I was gassed after the second run, the thrusters weren't an issue at all. Overall, today went a little worse than I expected, but not too bad.

Derek Simonds
10-27-2010, 03:37 AM
Just remember today was the first day back. :)

Dave Coughlin
11-01-2010, 10:08 AM
Derek-You didn't have to tell my legs that, they figured it out after the first run! Great at-home workout BTW, I'm planning on upping the thruster weight (lower reps of course) and dropping the run distance. Hope 10/31 was fun for you guys....

10/28/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10, rolling stretching etc

135*5, 225*5, 315*5, 365*5, 415*5

AMRAP in 10mins
-5 Power Cleans 135#
-10 pushups
10 rounds, plus 5 PCs and 2 pushups

11/1/2010 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10, HSPUs, mobility

CrossFit Total
(warmup sets were done for all three lifts prior to first CFT BS attempt)

BS-45*8, 135*5, 225*3, 315, 365 (ties PR), 385 Fail
SP-135*3, 155*3, 185, 205 (ties PR), 215 Fail
DL-135*5, 225*3, 315*3, 425, 515, 550 Fail
CFT: 1085 PR (old PR was like 940 in early 2009)

500m row-1:34.5 PR (old PR was 1:36)

*The thruster/run WOD was hell on my legs, but it is definitely a couplet I'd like to revisit fairly soon and tweak the weights/distances. A shorter run and heavier thruster would make for a terrific workout IMO. I wanted to get some solid DL work in, but I haven't been able to logistically commit to restarting 5/3/1 for another week or two, so I just went for sets of 5s. I think 415x5 is my new 5RM, but I'm not sure...I'll have to search the archives. The PC/pushup AMRAP was perfect due to my sore legs from thruster/run WOD, and the ten pushups were just enough for me to pretty much do them non-stop. I tried my damndest to keep from muscling up the PCs near the end, which was hard to do. Solid day.
**I wanted to do a CFT for the longest time, and I finally got an opportunity to do one during the open gym hours at the FireBase. It's been about a month since I've done any 531 squats, so I was worried about my BS result. My 365 went pretty well, so I threw on a couple 10s and tried 385 for a PR. I went up a bit early, and tried to reset, which led to a fail. 205 was a PR, and 215 barely got off my rack position. The DL didn't feel like a PR day, but 515# felt OK getting off the ground. I still went for the Affiliate record of 550#; however, I'm convinced the iron 100# plates we have are fabricated with some kind of magnet or something, because it makes lifting the bar quite difficult. As punishment for missing the 550# attempt, I made myself do a PR attempt at a 500m row. I went for a negative split, and that went pretty well. I did not feel very fluid or efficient, so I now I've got a sub :90 row in the future....

Dave Coughlin
02-20-2011, 07:52 PM
Wow, I've been the opposite of consistent.

Since the beginning of the year, I've been pretty inconsistent with my training. It's been good enough to maintain; however, there's no real way I could have made any progress the past few weeks. Work has been busier at night, wifey has been working more at night, which means I am at home with both kids two out of every three nights. Here are some highlights of the past few weeks, although they weren't everything.....

**Back Squat
recently 3*5*284#

**Took 2nd place in novice division at Florida Strongman Championships (won the press medley, got 2nd in the others)
-Press medley, 1st place: 100# kegx3, 175# logx3, 200#logx3
-Farmers walk 225# each hand/400# sled pull medley
-150# sandbag run/240# keg medley
-700# tire flip x5 in :21
-220# stone load max attempts in one minute-9

**Came up with an FD baseline workout for all the guys on shift
-300yd shuttle run
-250# tire flip 25 times
-300yd shuttle run

**CrossFit FireBase for two pretty great workout days
-Press 135*5, 155*5, 175*5, 185*4
-DL/KBS/ 50 DUs medley 21/15/9 in 10:36 (DL 225#/1.5 pood KB)

Great team WOD with prowler, sandbag run, lunge walks, rope climbs

I'm looking at experimenting with Gant Grimes' hybrid Version 3.0, because I like the intoductory Oly work. The barbell focus has lots of wiggle room programmed in, which I need given my schedule. I've got a few irons in the fire for the next few months....
-Highland Games in March
-Florida Throwdown CF comp and strongman event late April
-Florida police/fire games Toughest Competitor Alive event in May

Dave Coughlin
02-21-2011, 08:26 PM
2/21/2011 @ FD

VERY busy day today at the station-a BS house fire, two entrapments, and about ten EMS calls, plus the Monday vehicle cleanup/inventory. Lots of functional work today.

-ascended the 75' aerial ladder this AM
-carried the 125# Hydraulic power unit (for the extrication tools) a grand total of around 200' on both calls
-in addition to normal stuff

I tried to get in a quick burner around 8pm tonight, but then we got banged out on back2back2back calls. Tuesday is another day.

Derek Simonds
02-22-2011, 07:37 AM
Lots of stuff happening around the station. Good thing you are functional... Hope to see you soon!

Dave Coughlin
02-23-2011, 09:21 PM
Very busy, indeed, Derek. Now that you're back in Central Florida for more than a couple days, perhaps we can meet up. How's the tri training going? I may be out for that Lakeland tri; the Europa Show at the Convention Center is having a CF event and a Strongman contest...and I might do both.

2/23/2011 @home

Pullups 5x10, over the course of the day

Press, with a PC into position
45*5, 75*5, 105*5
Density Shoulder Press, 10x3 EMOM
Rds1-6 170#, Rd7 165#, Rds 8-10 155#

Long break for daddy stuff

Randy 75x75# Power Snatch
5:35 PR I believe (old PR is 545 methinks)

*I'm going to try to get in 50 pullups every day that I am home, my wife has been busting my chops about building the rack and hardly using it. Pullups seem to build my humility a bit more, anyways....

Derek Simonds
02-24-2011, 05:46 AM
I think there is a grappler's quest at the same show. I will look and see what is going on. If so I will also be there. About those pullups, yeah they are humbling...

Dave Coughlin
02-25-2011, 10:49 AM
2/25/2011 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10, sub DH pullups

Back Squat
45*5, 135*5, 225*5, 315*3, 315*3, 315*3

500m rows with :60 RI
1:48, 1:51

Several no-leg rope ascent attempts

Dave Coughlin
02-26-2011, 04:30 PM
2/26/2011 @ CFFB

easy warmup

Chelsea-5 pullups/10 pushups/ 15 squats EMOM for 30 minutes

8 rounds within EMOM scheme, then took a minute off; two more rounds, then went one round every two minutes for the rest. Total of about 18-19 rounds total, maybe?

*Well I got my 50 pullups in that I wanted to; however, the bodyweight stuff is my current weakness, along with general metcon. After the highland games next week, I'll start bumping up the MC and trying to lose some lbs.

Dave Coughlin
03-01-2011, 07:13 PM
2/27/2011 @FD

Two aerial ascents, 75' ladder


Daddy's Infirmary, CEO and Founder

3/1/2011 @CFFB

cfwu 1*10

45*8, 135*5, 225*3, 275*3, 365*5, 365*5, 365*5

Three rounds of:
-185# push jerk, 5 reps
-15 foot rope climb

*15 calls at work kept my workout difficult, logistics-wise. I was going to come home and hit it hard Monday, but everyone in the house was sick. Luckily, I was able to get a good one in today. Deads weren't too bad at all, first time in a while I've even done them. I didn't want to go too hard, since I have the Highland Games on Sunday-after shift:censored: The metcon was very fierce, but quick. Adding a gasser movement, like sprints or DUs, would really add to the suckiness of that metcon.

Dave Coughlin
03-16-2011, 07:28 PM
Catching up with the past two weeks...

3/3/2011 @FD
Three 75' aerial ladder ascents

3/4/2011 @CFFB
Front Squat-work up to a heavy triple
45*5, 135*5, 185*3, 225*, 275*3

20 mins of hollow rocks and superman holds

3/5/2010 @FD

3/6/2010 @Zephyrhills Highland Games
1st place Novice Division, won all seven events
Weight for height: 13'
Sheaf Toss: 20'
Hammer: 74'11.5"
Caber: two 12:15 tosses and a perfect 12:00 toss
Stone throw: 34'7"
Heavy weight for distance: 30'8.5"
Light weight for distance: 40'2.5"

Week of 3/7-3/14: lots of recovery, and lots of basketball

*I had a blast at the Highland Games, and definitely look forward to doing my next event(s). I had zero experience with using the implements, since I literally had to race there once I got off work; however, my hip activation really helped me out. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a few more HG in the c division before they make me bump up to the Bs.
**I signed up for the CF Games Open, mainly to help the other guys at FireBase perform better. As soon as there is a pullup WOD listed, I am done. If I can get my hands on a decent rope, I should do okay at the first WOD.

Dave Coughlin
03-17-2011, 07:20 PM
3/17/2011 @FD:(

Lots of DU practice on stupid new licorice rope

One round of Games open WOD #1 @ 90% effort
about :60, DUs unbroken

The Gauntlet-OCFRD Station 41 baseline workout
6x25yd shuttle run (out & back, total of 600 yds)
25 tire flips (tire est 250#)
6x25yd shuttle run

DU practice: easily got 35 in a row, I stopped because my metcon is poopoo

*I bought a rope at a sporting goods store last night, since my speed rope's plastic cover ripped off. I used this same kind of rope at the 2009 Dirty South WOD, and did pretty well with it. I just wanted to see how I'd feel after doing one round of the AMRAP, and I figured the time element to be about right. DUs aren't really a problem for me, and the 75# should be something I can do one-handed; however, seven rounds is really not possible given my shitty metcon at this time. Six rounds plus should be doable for me, although I won't know until Saturday.
**I've also been working on some type of set workout guys on shift can do, and compare their times to others. That's how I came up with the always-evolving "The Gauntlet" WOD. 300 yard of gassers, 25 lightweight tire flips, followed by 300 more yards of gassers. I am looking to keep tweaking the WOD, although all of the guys that do it are completely cashed out.

Dave Coughlin
03-21-2011, 07:00 PM
3/20/2011 @FD

Three station workout with two other FFs
-Firesled pull and drag
-two evolutions of a 75# bear complex
-25# med ball slams

Three station workout
-plank hold
-hold 105# overhead
-3x20m run/pick up implement/run back with implement
(25# med ball, 50# KB, 125# sand bag)

DU practice, 40 in a row without much issue (not bad for almost 250#;))

*Great workout at the station with a couple guys. Legs and back were feeling it. Non-shift days have been a bit tough to get a workout in, as we've been doing a ton of stuff around the yard re: spring. I'm thinking to hit the strength stuff again once wifey and I get back from our mini-vacay next week.

Derek Simonds
03-22-2011, 06:12 AM
DU practice, 40 in a row without much issue (not bad for almost 250#;))

*Great workout at the station with a couple guys. Legs and back were feeling it. Non-shift days have been a bit tough to get a workout in, as we've been doing a ton of stuff around the yard re: spring. I'm thinking to hit the strength stuff again once wifey and I get back from our mini-vacay next week.

Nice job on the DU's. Enjoy the time away with the wife.

Dave Coughlin
03-22-2011, 08:16 PM
Derek-Thanks man. Next week will be the first time without the kids since before our daughter was born in Fall 2007:eek:

3/22/2011 @home

Warmup-mild stretching, chores around the yard

Five rounds:
-5 pullups
-10 KBS w/50#

2min RI

Every two minutes
-30 DUs
-5 50# KB snatch each arm
-rest for the remainder of the 2:00
1:00, :50, :52, :54

*The first couplet was a nice little burner, since I haven't done PUs in a while. The second was my first time trying something along the lines of the Games Open WOD #1, so I was curious from the start. I know the snatches will take longer each round, but I am starting to feel like anything under six rounds is going to be a disappointment....even taking into consideration me giving up metcon for Lent;)

Dave Coughlin
02-03-2012, 11:11 AM
Bad logger; it's been too long.

In the 3-4 weeks since my last post, I've competed in a Highland Games, took two complete weeks off, visited and re-connected with family, reset ourselves financially, and started a new workout plan. My 2012 calendar is still not complete, but I have a few events highlighted.

1/15/2012-Central Florida Highland Games
4th overall in B division (18 guys in division)
-1st in Open Stone throw
-2nd in Caber Toss
-3rd in Weight for Height
-3rd in Hammer Throw

This past Monday, I have started to follow CrossFit Football programming. I will be using the Collegiate strength programming for a few months, and maybe bump it up to the Professional level if I can pull it off. I will be trying very hard to follow the site verbatim, albeit one week behind. Also, from now on I will no longer be posting my warmup. Assume I will always perform something to get the blood going, then bodyweight movements, then stretching, and then mobility.

1/30/2012 @ OCFRD Fit Pit

Back Squat-find a 5RM, then 3x5 at 90% of 5RM
45*5, 135*3, 185*3, 225*3, 295*5, then 275*5, 275*5

Bench Press-1, 1, 1, 1, 1
45*5, 135*5, 185, 225, 245, 255
(left shoulder didn't like that last single)

-70# Russian DB swing
-CHIN up

*First time squatting in a few weeks, legs were sore all week; same thing for chins. Quite a slap-in-the-face for me today, LOL.

1/31/2012 @ Fit Pit

Deadlift-find 3RM (or heavy triple in my case)
-45*8, 135*5, 225*5, 275*3, 315*3, 365*3, 405*3, 455*F

2/1/2012-Rest day, busy shift at FD anyways

2/2/2012-Unplanned rest day

2/3/2012 @ Fit Pit (Thu and Fri WODs)

Good Mornings-3RM
45*8, 95*5, 135, 185, 225*3

Power Snatch-2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2
45, 89, 101, 111, 122, 155, 177F

Three rounds for time:
-30 walking lunge steps
-10 bar dips
rest a couple minutes, then
Complete Five rounds:
-5 pullups with two chains around neck (est >50#)
-100' farmers walk with 75# DBs
rest after farmers walk, but not after PUs

*The pop-up rest day just sort of happened, so I had to double up on Friday. The conditioning WODs were scaled back two rounds, so I could pull both of them off. Also, the RX was a 45# plate OH on the lunges, and 15 ring dips. Ring dips still hurt my left shoulder (like BP does), and my legs were still pretty beat up from the squats on Mon. So sue me.

Dave Coughlin
02-21-2012, 11:00 AM
2/4/2012 @FD

Teams of four, rotate 5x through each station:
-20m out & back prowler 125#
-plank hold
-sledge swing on tire
-225# tire flip

Three rounds of:
-forward 250# tire drag
-5 burpees

2/5/2012 off

2/6/2012 @ OCFRD Fit Pit

Front Squat-find 5RM, then 3x5 @90% of 5RM
45*10, 135*5, 185*3, 225*3, 255*5, 225*5, 225*5, 225*5

Shoulder Press-1, 1, 1, 1, 1
45*8, 135, 155, 175, 185, 195

WOD-Every 30 seconds perform 3 burpees, for the rest of the 30 seconds perform as many pull ups as you can during the time period. At the next 30 seconds perform 3 burpees and then max pull ups and so on until you reach 100 total pull ups and so on.

Total time-11:58

*Still getting adjusted to the volume of the CFFB strength training, it seems to be just outside of my comfort level....sets of five especially. I held back a few pounds on the FS 5RM, mainly because I went too hard on back squats last week. A little bit of discomfort on the left shoulder once the presses got real, but nothing that stopped me. Tough metcon, but I finished better than I expected.

2/7/2012 @FD-off
swapped CFFB scheduled rest day on Wed for Tue

2/8/2012 @ Fit Pit

Box Jump 5x3 @ 75% of 1 RM Box Jump
limited implements, but managed a pretty tough 38" for 5x3

Power Clean 3 RM, 3x3 @ 90% of 3 RM
133*8, 155*3, 177*3, 199*3, 3*3*177

Sprint 60m, with :30 rest between sprints-fastest was unofficial 8.4
50 evil wheels (scaled from 100)-4:22

*Busy shift, plus nothing to jump on, resulted in a flip-flop of rest days for me. I also took it easy on the 3RM PC, as I haven't done much recently and I learned my lesson from my first CFFB squat session.

2/9/2012 @Fit Pit

SWOD-7x1 of complex: DL, HPC, FS, PJ
45*5, 77, 133, 133, 177, 177, 199, 199, 221

WOD-Six rounds of: Max distance pinch plate carry (45#)
longest set was 140'

2/10/2012 @FD

AMRAP in 15mins:
-3 push jerks (185# for first two sets, then 155# for rest due to shoulder)
-6 pushups
-9 good mornings w/45# DB
12 rounds

2/14/2012 @Fit Pit

Back Squat-1, 1, 1, 1, 1
45*8, 135*3, 225*3, 275*3, 315, 335, 355, 365, 385F

3RM box jump
4x30 yard sprint
2RM box jump
4x20 yard sprint
1RM box jump
4x10 yard spring
Rest :30 between sprints, rest as long as necessary between jumps and sprints. Record 3RM, 2RM, 1RM box jumps.

3RM-38", 2RM-40.5", 1RM-42"

*First time going for heavy singles on BS in a while, not to mention first time wearing Oly shoes. Felt OK, my previous PR was 375# I think, so I am happy starting my third week of CFFB. I might have been able to get higher box jump numbers, but I am challenged equipment-wise in that regard. Sprints were fun, and short enough I didn't slow down as the intervals went on.....


Deadlift-find a 5RM
135*8, 225*5, 315*5, 365*5, 405*F

Beat the Coach WOD
Every :30 perform:
-one power clean
-one hang power clean
-one push jerk
score is lowest weight
199# two rounds, 177# three rounds, rest at 155#

*Meh, ****ty day. I might start doing 531 just for DLs, as I am not a fan of this decrease in strength. A couple months ago I did 425x10, so failing to get 405x5 is unacceptable for me right now. Tough metcon, courtesy of CF Outlaw, RX weight is 225#.

2/16/2012 @FD busy busy

2/17/2012 @ Fit Pit

Push Press-1, 1, 1, 1, 1
45*8, 95*5, 135, 155, 185, 205, 225, 230, 235

Death by 225# Back Squat
EMOM add one rep
Eight rounds
*Started to favor left shoulder once 225# was on the bar; I have to figure out what is going on with my wing sometime soon. Death by back squat was atrocious! First case of DOMS in a while, my shoulders gave out before my legs quit. Not the aforementioned shoulder pain, just tightness from maintaining the back squat position for such a long time duration.

2/19/2012 Hoops at the FD

2/20/2012 @Fit Pit

Squat 5 RM, 3x5 @ 90% of 5 RM
45*8, 135*5, 225*3, 275*3, 315*5, 285*5, 285*5, 285*5

Helen-three rounds for time:
-400m run
-21 KBS w 55#
-12 pullups

*Nice little improvement on my BS 5RM, at least that is going up! Helen was tough as expected, ran my first 400m in 75sec. First round in 2:40, last two rounds were 4min each. Definitely lacking in the metcon department....

2/21/2012 @Fit Pit

Rack pull (middle of knee to lockout)-find a 3RM
135*8, 225*5, 315*3, 365*3, 405*3, 495*FAIL, 455*3

Sprint three 300 yard shuttles.
-Rest 5 minutes between efforts.
-300 yard shuttle runs are completed with (6) six 50 yard sprints
:59.5, 1:02.1, 1:04

*First time ever doing a rack pull, nice assistance work for my horrible DLs. Looking forward to putting them into my programming. Those 300m shuttles were crazy tough, haven't done something like that in years. Great workout, despite my pedestrian times and awful change-of-direction.

Derek Simonds
02-21-2012, 01:47 PM
*First time ever doing a rack pull, nice assistance work for my horrible DLs. Looking forward to putting them into my programming. Those 300m shuttles were crazy tough, haven't done something like that in years. Great workout, despite my pedestrian times and awful change-of-direction.

Rack pulls are one of the few exercises that I can do where I look like I am good. There is something between my simian arms and my low back that I can pull a ridiculous amount from the rack. I have ran out of weight before doing them. Now that was a couple of years ago but I sure do like them.

Lots of really cool stuff in this post. Helen didn't look too bad to me. Your first round was great.

Dave Coughlin
03-06-2012, 07:52 PM
Derek-Totally agree with you about rack pulls! Definitely will be seeing more of them, especially with CF Football's push/pull alternating days. Hope all is well, and best of luck to Tracy with her fitness endeavor!

2/23 Off FD

2/24/2012 @Fit Pit

Close Grip Bench-find a 3RM
95, 135, 185, 205, 225, 245, 255

Complete Six rounds:
-3x225# front squat
-20 yard flying start
-rest two mins between rounds

WOD 12.1 at CF FireBase
AMRAP burpees in 7mins-74

2/25-2/26/2012 Forced rest, triceps were trashed and I could barely wipe my arse

2/27/2012 @Fit Pit

Squat 5 RM, 3x5 @ 90% of 5 RM
135, 185, 225*3, 325*5, 3*5*295#

Complete Ten rounds:
-5 KBS w/70#
-sprint 15 yards
-rest 15 seconds

2/28/2012 @FD, played some ball

2/29/2012 @CFFB

Deadlift 5 RM
135, 225, 315, 365*5, 455*5

Strict Pull Ups 3 x max reps
8, 10, 8

AMRAP in 15mins:
-5 HSPUS, 10 KTEs, 200m run, 15 Power clean 95#, 20 DUs
-3 rounds plus about 100m of the run

3/1/2012 Overtime at FD

25 evil wheels
Find a 2RM front squat: 135, 185, 225*3, 275*3, 325*2
captured on video, legit depth

3/2/2012 @FD
8 sled drags 75' and sprint back to start, with about 90sec rest

3/3/2012 @ South Orlando CrossFit
WOD 12.2-snatch ladder
69 reps (one failed rep at 165#)

3/4-3/6 rest period-I was sick and so has the little buddy...ready to get after it tomorrow!

Dave Coughlin
03-07-2012, 07:58 AM
3/7/2012 @CFFB

Back Squat-1, 1, 1, 1
45*8, 135*5, 225*3, 315, 365, 385 ties PR, 405# PR

Shoulder Press-find a 5RM, then 3x5 @90% OF 5rm
155X5, THE 3X5X135#

Four rounds of:
-10 ring dips
-20 KBS w/53#
-30 DUs

*Happy with the back squat 1RM PR, 405# went up quicker than I thought. Yes, squatting 2x per week is definitely helping me out. I took it easy on the Press 5RM, as I still am babying my shoulder. Ring dips were tough, but I managed to fight through them without any bad reps.


Dave Coughlin
03-19-2012, 07:35 PM
3/8/2012 @CFFB

CF Open 12.3-18min AMRAP of: 15 box jumps, 12 push press, 9 T2B
5 round plus 4 PP=199 reps

3/8 and 3/9-off weekend

3/10/2012 @ Fit Pit

Front Squat-find a 3RM, then 3x3 @90% of 3RM
135*5, 185*5, 225*3, 275*3, 295*3; 3x3x265#

Five rounds of:
1 push press 155#
1 strict pullup
3 push press 155#
3 strict pullups
5 push press 155#
5 strict pullups
90sec rest

3/11/2012 @CFFB

5x1 hang power clean-135*5, 155, 185, 205, 205, 225, 225

AMRAP in 20mins-200m run, 15 pushups, 20 abmat situps, 25 squats
6 round plus 9 pushups

dates were a bit mixed up on the previous entry.....

3/14 off FD

3/15/2012 @CFFB

Back Squat-1, 1, 1, 1, 1
45*8, 135*5, 225*3, 275*3, 315, 335, 365, 385, 385

legs were still sore from Tuesdays BW squat AMRAP, which is why I kept four wheels off....

Complete seven rounds:
-Max rep plyo pushups
-50m sprint
-rest 45sec

Pushups: 20, 12, 10, 10, 8, 8, 10

3/16/2012 @Fit Pit, then CFFB

Power Snatch 2 RM, 3x2 @ 90% of 2 RM
165#, 135*3*2

CF Games Open WOD 12.4-150 wall balls, 90 DUs, 30 MUs
150 wall balls and 70 DUs

3/17 & 3/18 Rest days through the weekend.....quads were TRASHED

3/19/2012 @Fit Pit

Back Squat 3 RM, 3x3 @ 90% of 3 RM
135*5, 225*5, 275*3, 330#, 300*3*3

155*5-shoulder hurts at the start of every press

Complete two rounds:
-50# KB push press, 50 reps
-48" standing broad jump, 15 reps
(5 burpee penalty every time you rest the KBs)
12:47, three sets of burpees in each round