View Full Version : Upper limit of weight classes?

Todd Rehm
06-19-2010, 11:53 AM
I'm curious if anyone knows the rule of the upper limit of weight classes under USAW/IWF rules and in various powerlifting federations.

In USAW, does a weightlifter have to weigh under the weight the class is named for? I.e., a 94 kg lifter must weigh less than 94 kg?

Or does it go up to anything less than the next kilo? Meaning can you weigh in at 94.5 or 94.9 kilos and lift in the 94 kg class?

I've looked in the USAW and IWF rulebooks and cannot find the answer.

Same question for PL. Can someone who weighs 220.5 at weigh in lift in the 220# class or is he in the 242?

Michael McKenna
06-19-2010, 12:19 PM
You cannot weigh more than the weight class. Therefore, a 94 kilo lifter must weigh 94.00 kilos on a certified scale. Local competitions sometimes use a scale not accurate to hundredths, so there the lifter cannot weigh more than 94.0, for example. Also, a lifter must weigh more than the next lowest weight class; for example, to lift in the 94 kilo class, a lifter must weigh at least 85.01 kilos.

For powerlifting, the lifter cannot weigh more than the weight class; 242 pounds is okay, but 242.1 is not. I don't know any more specifics about the Powerlifting.

Note: if you weigh a lot, this rule is moot. So squat more and become a superheavyweight.

Todd Rehm
06-20-2010, 03:54 PM
Note: if you weigh a lot, this rule is moot. So squat more and become a superheavyweight.

I'm coming to OL from a powerlifting background, and I probably have a way to go in catching my technique and speed up to my strength. For example, I've front-squatted 150kg, but my PR clean is 88kg.

For the time being, I'll compete in both sports and it looks like 94kg in OL and 100kg in powerlifting will be a sweet spot for me.

I've been moving toward 207# and plan to compete at 94 kg in November. Not in a hurry to drop weight at the expense of strength. Yesterday I weighed in at 96.7 kg.

In powerlifting, the superheavy unlimited weight class doesn't start until either 125kg (275#+) or 140kg (308#+). Don't intend to go up in powerlifting class anytime soon.