View Full Version : Alternating Straight Arm pulling and Statics

Troy Kerr
08-14-2010, 07:46 PM
I was wondering what the opinion was of alternating static holds in the back and front lever with straight arm pulling movements that relate to each hold. I am considering using the reverse crank or back pull for the back lever ( I am currently at a supinated grip straddle). If this is an acceptable training alternative, I was considering implementing it either 1 day a week ( some weeks I can only manage 3 days), or 2 days when I can make it in for 4 training days. What volume would be required if i were to replace a static movement with a straight arm pull? something along the lines of 5 sets of 3?
The front lever I find is a bit simpler for alternating. I already get in a day of negatives on 3 day training weeks, and 2 days on 4. But I was considering rotating pull-up work ( I currently use L-pullups) with front lever pulls.

My overall goal is to improve my strength in the static holds and eventually progress to harder gymnastic pulling elements.

Blair Lowe
08-15-2010, 04:17 PM
such a movement would be called an embedded static exercise in GB.

For example, I like to start from a basket position, press to BL, then pull to invert hang.

I've been thinking I should start my ring supports such as. support move into L-sit, press to HS, lower to L or support and hold, roll out.