View Full Version : Loading/Progression for Cleans

Samuel Hughes
09-08-2010, 10:42 AM
I'm going to try to post some gains in cleans and need advice on programming. In the past I have used them at sub-maximal loads mostly for conditioning. I have looked at Prilepin's table but don't know exactly how to apply it from week to week... (http://www.texaspowerscene.com/articles/powerlifting/prilephin.html).

Should I do something similar to 5/3/1 but using Prilepins table? i.e. week 1 use 65%x4x6, week two 75%x4-5x4 etc.

Basically looking to do full heavy cleans 1x per week and work assistance/technique 1x per week on a different day. Thanks for any advice.