View Full Version : meditation demystified

kevin mckay
02-26-2007, 07:43 PM
This has really helped my sleep, stress level, and I could swear performance.

Based on hard science from an M.D. at Harvard Medical School, no incense, chicken feet, or hippy fluff.



Steve Shafley
02-26-2007, 08:08 PM
You lost me at "chicken feet."

Looking over that procedure, I've done that approximately 20 years now, with the progressive relaxation and breath control.

I found it most effective when in a sauna, to tell the truth.

Mike ODonnell
02-26-2007, 09:06 PM
The only time I can not meditate is whenever the Red Sox are on TV....other than that I am usually at peace....somewhat....

Steve Shafley
02-27-2007, 04:56 AM
It's funny, Mike, most of the time so am I. The monkey mind in me is quiet, and if not quiet, I generally can ignore it and calm myself.

I've played hundreds of rugby matches. The absolutely best matches were played in an aroused, yet calm, state of mind, not enraged, though lord knows I've played enraged. An island of calm action on the sea of the rugby pitch...sounds goofy, but that's the way I played best.

As a high school wrestler, I would get freaked out and keyed up until I read something very similar to what Kevin posted, then I started to get more consistent and better.

Even as a competitive lifter, that's how I'd try to lift. Just the bar, and me, and no mental chatter, just focused on the lift.

Allen Yeh
02-27-2007, 05:26 AM
I've used a variation of the technique described in the link to get myself to sleep. I usually lay there and start from the feet and work my way up and I'd be asleep before I knew it.