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Grissim Connery
12-13-2010, 08:45 AM
I'm trying to be more diligent with a set program. I have a bad tendency do workouts primarily because they're fun and not based on what i need. Everyone has a log, and i figure this will keep me on track better.

Here is the scheme i'm gonna run with for the next 12 weeks. i may make a few changes, but i'll reassess where i'm at after that time period.

-Exercise split:
--- 4 days exercise days
--- Work to Rest split
------- Option 1: W/R/W/RR (repeat workouts every 9 days)
------- Option 2: W/R/W/R/W/RR (repeat workouts every 10 days)

Option 1 gives more rest, which i may need b/c of BJJ.

Day 1:
- Squat (generally 5x5)
- Planche and FL work
--- 5x15sec holds of current progression
--- 5x5 assistance exercise (OA pushup or ab roller crosses, weighted deadhang pullup)
KB (short rest periods)
--- 5x15 double KB swings
--- 5x5 double KB jerks
--- 5x2 TGU each arm

Day 2:
- HS work
--- 5x1min holds stomach to wall
--- 5 x handstand walks for distance
--- various presses to HS from floor or handbalancing platform
--- 5x3 HSPU variation
- BL - 5x15s holds of current progression
--- ice cream makers - 5x5 with current FL progression @ horizontal
- Lsit holds (vary whether straddled and such) - 5x30s @ current progression
--- 5x5 HLL variation
- jump rope 30 min

Day 3:
- CJ 3x3, 3x1
- OHS 3x3
- DL (generally 5x5)
- repeat planche and FL work + assistance
-Running (one of the following)
--- 3x1 mile; 2 minute rests
--- 6x0.5mile; 1 minute rests

Day 4:
- Ring work
--- cross holds - 5x 10-15s of current angle in progress
--- support holds - superset with cross holds
--- 5x5 RTO dips
- BL - 5x15s holds of current progression
--- ice cream makers - 5x5 with current FL progression @ horizontal
- Lsit holds (vary whether straddled and such) - 5x30s @ current progression
--- HLL 5x5 current progression
- 30 min jump rope

- BJJ and S&C balancing
---- BJJ days: I can typically train BJJ 4 days a week before i'm too sore. If i train 5+ days a week, i can't do any other workouts. Although one may argue that i should choose to do 5+ instead of workout, i find that the the physical and mental drain is a little too demanding. thus i generally do 5+ BJJ days only if a competition is w/i 3 weeks.

for me, BJJ typically causes the following when done in excess:
- intense soreness and aching of internal rotational muscle in the core in addition to the psoas
- aching mixed with a deadened, numbing of the upper body posterior muscles
- on occasion, really puffy feeling in the lats

these are my cues to taper BJJ down

S&C obviously causes soreness directly in the muscles worked. aside from that, my cues to taper it down are the following
- hot, inflamed shoulders throughout the day
- aching, tightness, and a general feeling of instability on the posterior portion of the upper pelvis, both internally and externally
- brutally tight lats
- foot pain b/c calves don't seem to be blunting impact as well

Derek Simonds
12-14-2010, 07:56 AM
I am excited to follow your workouts. Do you find that the gymnastics work you do gives you enough upper body push and pull stimulus? Besides the KB Jerks I didn't see any upper body pressing with weights. I think RTO means rings turned out for the dips which is really hard for me.

Looking forward to following along.

Grissim Connery
12-15-2010, 08:38 AM
Workout done yesterday:

Followed workout #3 but i only did the bar work and the static holds. i didn't have time for running or the assistance gymnastic work because everybody is throwing holidy parties that i have to attend.

I missed BJJ because of the direct party conflict, but i squeezed in the workout beforehand.

I suck at jerk. i'm debating whether i should go about direct work on it. my shoulders do pretty well nowadays. one reason for my focus on straight arm static presses or holds is because my shoulder generally feel fine doing them (except OHS and snatch which can feel scary sometimes). dynamic motions requiring bending at the elbow can be iffy on the shoulder. thus i typically do handstands with minimal HSPU work.

i added OHS back in although these sometimes make me nervous. i find that they can add a lot of stability to my shoulders if not overdone. i am probably going to stick with these for a while since i'd like to start snatching again. i don't know if these will really care over to the jerk well. i feel that the problem is in the hole, not at lockout. i'll reassess at 12 weeks and then decide how to adjust.

DL - got to my 3rd set of a 5x5 and my back felt funny when i set down the 4th rep. i decided to stop here for safety. i don't think it's serious. it just needs a break.

Static holds: FL is improved consistantly. I dropped back down my planche progression today to try to get my arms elbows and spine a bit straighter as well as push my chest out more.

Grissim Connery
12-15-2010, 09:00 AM
I am excited to follow your workouts. Do you find that the gymnastics work you do gives you enough upper body push and pull stimulus? Besides the KB Jerks I didn't see any upper body pressing with weights. I think RTO means rings turned out for the dips which is really hard for me.

Looking forward to following along.

my shoulders feel fine with straight arm presses/supports. i have to play all actual presses with bending elbows by ear. surprisingly, dips typically feel fine, so i like to push them harder.

i'm playing around at the moment trying to find a good upper body press to stick with (other than dips). RTO pushus are great, but i'm only setting the rings up one day, and the dips that day seem to be enough already. HSPU and OA pushups are ideal b/c of the lack of equipment, but sometimes my shoulders just aren't in the mood after a lot of straight arm stuff. another option i'm leaning towards is a little toy i made a while ago. i took 2 ab rollers and spread the wheels out so you can grab the middle. using these to do cross-like pushups is tough, and you don't have to spend all the time setting rings up.

for the RTO dips i normally start in an RTO support. when i begin the dip, my arms naturally pronate a bit until they are neutral/hammer grip. typically then i focus really hard to make sure that i get them turned out by the time i break parallel. i find that if i arc my back at this point, it helps the rings slide behind me. it feels a lot like a korean dip but easier since you don't have a bar in the way. i normally hit the bottom and spend a second in a bent arm support with RTO. normally the same thing happens as i ascend where the rings begin to pronate as i break parallel.

at the moment, i'm viewing this as a progression because it gets more reps. i can do one with RTO the whole time, but not for a 5x5.

i am under the impression that for crosses, the back should not arc, so i'm guessing this is bad form. i'm hoping to eventually cut out any pronation as well.

eventually i want to try this variation where, at the bent arm support, you press your head a few inches forward (towards a maltese) before you come back and press back up. Gregor showed this on a video on the GB forum using parallel bars. it looks pretty sick.

Grissim Connery
12-16-2010, 12:03 PM

Went to BJJ. Had trouble with a wrestler guy. He's brutally strong. i think i need to gain a little more confidence in my arm drag.

i need to work on the technical omoplata escape more. i mainly have some confidence issues there because they can catch triangles in the middle of it.

People commented that i looked skinnier. I weight myself after practice and was down 6# from 195# to 189#. I'd probably be 185-6# in the morning i'm guessing. I didn't really do anything other than jumprope and squat more, so that was surprising. I hadn't planned on losing anything.

Grissim Connery
12-18-2010, 02:22 PM
Did day 2 (i just switched position's of day 2 and day 4, so it's messed up right now).

i took out the HS presses. i may just make that portion freestanding HS work and just keep the presses embedded w/i all HS work. i also changed the distance HS walks to the wall walks that coach sommer recommends. i noticed that these are safer for you body once you've started to tire out.

i hadn't tried full HSPU in a while. i was pretty burnt out from my other HS work, but then i tried a set and got a few. i recorded the second set. in the video, i only got 2 reps and then decided to do a negative. next workout i'm gonna try the full HSPU while fresh to see what my numbers are. this is fun since i hadn't really done them before on a platform without kipping or using stretch rebound to get up.


Grissim Connery
01-04-2011, 12:09 PM
no post for a bit. went back home for winter break for 2 weeks; did a combination of whatever jiu jitsu was available around the holidays and filled in the gaps with kettlebell work.

although i said i wanted to stick with my plan, i already need to gut it. my shoulders have been flaring up a bit again, and i think i just need to add a lot more strength to my upper back. maybe my lats take over too much. i'm going to try to see a pt again and get a new assessment on them.

in addition i got joel jamieson's book, so i need to finish it and figure out how to implement it.

i'll post up a tentative plan soon.

Grissim Connery
01-06-2011, 09:47 AM
BJJ has been hard this week, partially because i missed so many days the last month or so that i'm being more aggressive. tonight is supposed to be hard. i skipped a workout yesterday so that i could roll again today and get some research work done.

i've been doing YTWL complexes each day, or LTYP as nick tummelo (sp?) renamed them. my last few months of workouts have been a little tough on my shoulders. i'm going to leave some static pressing in the new cycle, but there will be a lot of rowing, shrugs, and LTYP in the next few months.

i think i'm just gonna leave pushups as my primary pressing motion with higher reps. i think the subscapularis could get more work.

on a side note, i talked my dad into squatting the other day. he's around 60, but he still works out regularly. he mostly does upper body and leaves his legs for stairmasters and such. he was nervous of squatting for his knees, but i told him that he could stick with just a bar for as long as he wanted to.

i was gonna send him some videos to check form before he started, but he sent me a text today saying that he already started and he thinks he used too much weight. lol

Derek Simonds
01-07-2011, 06:14 AM
i was gonna send him some videos to check form before he started, but he sent me a text today saying that he already started and he thinks he used too much weight. lol

That sir is awesome. My dad has been working out pretty consistently at the YMCA with my mom. They do machine circuits and cardio. Could they do different stuff yep but man it makes me happy just knowing they are at the gym.

Grissim Connery
01-19-2011, 06:44 PM
Haven't posted in a while

I've been trying to implement joel jamieson's methods

I'm doing a primary focus of general conditioning with a secondary focus of explosive power

last week i did three workouts
1) cardiac output using jump ropes and rowing machines
2) tempo method and shorter cardiac output
3) explosive repeat: 10s work, 50s rest for 8 rounds using the following exercises
- box jumps for 2 series
- swinging dips
- clapping pushups
- pullups
- power hang cleans

i was pretty sore from the explosive workout

today i did HICT today doing 2 rounds of 20 minutes on a high step box at about 75% up my thigh; i tried carrying an empty bar for most of the time, but eventually my traps kept dying. thus holding DB didnt' help much either since it just hit my traps again. i ended up draping a 30# chain around the back of my neck and that made it great

i'm gonna try doing a HICT round next time of alternating single arm deadlifts

although i like the explosive work and i probably need it, i already miss heavy squatting, planche, and FL work. i'm doing handstands for fun and in my warm ups, so that's still in a bit, but with way less volume.

the complex method sounds appealing b/c i could mix up the explosives w/ ME stuff, but that's supposed to be a doozy on your CNS. i guess i'm caught between wanting the conditioning and wanting the skill/specific motion.

Grissim Connery
01-23-2011, 07:42 PM
week in review:

1) 3 bjj sessions this week
2) 2 cardio sessions (the hict from before and cardiac output)
3) 1 explosive-repeat session + squat 5x3
4) 1 gymnastic strength session + DL 5x5

Grissim Connery
01-31-2011, 06:43 PM
week in review:

1) 3 bjj sessions this week

2) 1 tempo day + hict + a few gymnastic rings series + handstand maintenance work
-------- tempo focused on ring pushups and ring rows
-------- hict was 12 min box step up with 30# chain behind neck

3) 1 cardio day + handstand maintenance work
-------- 3 rounds: 15 minutes of rowing, 15 minutes of jump roping,
-------- done decent aerobic pace

4) (today) complex method day + 30 min jump rope + handstand maintenance
-------- 6x5 squat
-------- explosive repeat: box jumps
-------- 5x5 ring dips
-------- explosive repeat clap pushups on 2 boxes with a gap in the middle
-------- 5x5 tuck lever rows
-------- explosive repeat body rows w/ feet on box

- explosive repeat was 10s work/50s rest for 8 rounds

Grissim Connery
01-31-2011, 06:47 PM
i've come to the conclusion that a general endurance cycle is too boring. thus i'm willing to spend 1 out of 3 workouts a week on straight endurance. I liked the complex method, but i don't think i should do it that often. it seems like it is kinda rough on the body.

thus here are the choices i am picking between:
1) explosive repeat day
2) tempo + hict day
3) max effort day

i think i need the first 2 the most right now, but i like the max effort day because i can give more attention to some of the basic gymnastic holds. i'll ponder it

Grissim Connery
03-06-2011, 09:54 PM
hadn't posted in a while.

i competed in arnolds in the gi on saturday, but hardly anybody showed up. I think it was poorly run last year (like every year), so people got fed up. I don't think i'll go again next year. it felt silly. fwiw, i won my tiny division.

strength goals: after playing with "ultimate mma conditioning," i enjoy the block system, but i'll change a few things based on what i know works for me and what random exercise goals i have. for example, jump roping for 15-30 min after every workout has tremendous benefits for me, so i think i will continue that regardless of cycle now.

i thought of approaching the blocks differently as well. i've never put a whole lot of training into OL like i have other exercise. i'm considering running blocks of OL now w/ maintenance gymnastics or vice versa. basically, 2 days of OL and 1 day gymnastics or vice versa. i saw a lot of improvement in my gymnastics strength when i took time off to try the ultimate mma conditiong approaches. i think the rest was what i really needed.