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Cain Morano
01-08-2011, 10:38 AM
Hello to everyone on the forum! I recently started Greg Everett’s 12 Week Technique Development Program out of the second edition of “Olympic Weightlifting”. I wanted a post specifically about this program. After this program I will get through the two strength and power programs, also in the book. I think it's cool that there is the recipe for the next 36 weeks.
Here’s my background – I have been CrossFitting for over eight months. I reached a point where I was strong enough to do the WODs at full weight – but my times are still long. In conjunction with the technique program done at a separate time of day, I have scaled the WODs to 50% weights and far less than 100% intensity of effort. I workout at an intensity which does not tax me to the point that I can’t recover from lifting, it’s like heavy cardio now. This was also to help get my times within smaller limits, but that is no longer the priority. My priority now is to add volume so I can get accustomed to more training and the later heavier training more regularly and also to work on technique. I am 35 and untrained until this year, so I need this.
I finished week one of the technique program. I performed all of the lifts with between 40% and 50% of 1RMs, which are real 1RMs tested within the last two months. I feel good and a little tired. I am excited to start week two, I’ve never completed a program this long before.

What are your thoughts and experiences with this program? It would be great to hear about your progress with this or any advice. Maybe Greg Everett has had some feedback on his program?

My first solid question to Greg is : What’s up with the rep schemes?

Greg Everett
01-08-2011, 02:31 PM
What’s up with the rep schemes?

You'll have to be more specific.

Cain Morano
01-08-2011, 02:38 PM
Over the course of a four day week, the reps and sets change. For example, week 1 back squats go 10x3, 3x8, 4x6, then 3x8. Why do the reps and sets change from day to day?

(I was hoping an open ended question like 'what's up with that' would just release any thought or two off the top of your head, but specifically that was my question about the rep schemes.)

But aside from question about the day to day variation, what was the rationale to the numbers you chose for reps and sets?

Thanks for your time!

Greg Everett
01-08-2011, 02:54 PM
12 weeks of lightweight technique work is pretty boring - any kind of variation from day to day is usually very welcome. As far as why those actual numbers, basically I like lower reps, e.g. 3s, when introducing a lift, then when "training" it, bump up the reps a bit - this is intended really for younger trainees who will not be using much weight, especially at this stage, so more reps are needed for some kind of training effect. Ultimately, there's nothing magical about any of those prescriptions.

Cain Morano
01-14-2011, 07:33 PM
I have finished week two. It feels good. I have been out of work so I get to work out twice a day many hours apart... workouts separated by meals and naps. Very nice. I have the gym to myself, I drink my coffee, stretch and warm up, listen to my own tunes, and work in the zone.

This week brought order to the program. Week 1 was a little disorganized as far as load and schedule. I completed the workouts on the days prescribed, M, T, Th, F. I decided that the loading will increase over the week... 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%. On day 1, 40% day, I pause at the tops and bottoms of some of the reps, for stability and flexibility assessment. Day 3, 50% day, I treat as dynamic effort day. Not all lifts get the speed treatment, it's not a formal thing. Also, if a set has 5 reps, that isn't the best for speed day. I do the first two or three reps fast and finish off at a slower tempo. I competed in a PL meet, so I have been through cycles of DE before.

I think the load increase is a good idea because I don't want to go from light weights to heavy weights in the strength cycle and not be able to handle the work and recovery. I am using this cycle as an opportunity to increase my flexibility and adaptation to work volume.

In conjunction with the lifting program, I am doing CF WODs. Our gym programs heavy days frequently - twice a week usually, 5,3, or 1 RM days. Today was an unusual max reps for 5 rounds of BW bench press and strict pull ups. I do the heavy days, but I scale the met cons or the weighted met cons. So there is the randomness in my lifting - plus my timing is different over the week. I make sure I don't get bored with things. Also, I recorded the first and last sets of some lifts to watch my form. The camera doesn't lie.

I love the snatch balance drills (press, heave, snatch balance). Those are cool, I feel like I'm doing some challenging, useful work when I do these. I'd like to try these at higher weights in the future but 55% 1RM of OHS was a great weight. It wasn't hard but it was taxing - especially today's final set of snatch balance of 8 sets of 3.

Finally, my shoulders are getting stronger - the one shoulder with pain and clicking is no longer painful or clicking. I feel good. I gained a couple (10) of pounds as I started this cycle (intentionally, lean mass).

That's it. Week 2.

Cain Morano
01-18-2011, 11:36 AM
This is a great program. I recommend it for preconditioning for strength training of any kind just because of the wide range of motion and different skills. My shoulders feel awesome. That 10 pounds of weight gain turned into 5 pounds and holding. It looks like any lean mass gain is accompanied by water and a little fat. I'm happy with that though, that puts me over 200 pounds.

I dropped the pause and DE days, that wasn't going to work. I just throw in a random pause or fast rep instead. This program isn't structured to accommodate a systematic program like that. I am getting bored though, but I left the program as written. I did add a one heavy lift at the end of each day. I chose Wendler's 5/3/1, so I will finish two 5/3/1 cycles by the end of the program. I like it because of the simplicity, the progression, and the low volume.

Here is my 5/3/1: using 90% of 1RM as 5/3/1 max...
week 1 = 65%x5 / 75%x5 / 85%x5 plus max reps
week 2 = 70%x3 / 80%x3 / 90%x3 plus max reps
week 3 = 75%x5 / 85%x3 / 95%x1 plus max reps
week 4 = 40%x5 / 50%x5 / 60%x5...deload week.

My lifting program is concrete now... Rep scheme and lifts as prescribed in book, weights and 5/3/1 described below. Percentages are for Oly technique program.

40% 1RM weights Monday, 5/3/1 Press
45% 1RM weights Tuesday, 5/3/1 Snatch balance (so much fun, and scary)
REST Wednesday
50% 1RM weights Thursday, 5/3/1 Power clean
55% 1RM weights Friday, 5/3/1 Back squat
CrossFit WODs on same schedule (plus one on Saturday) but at way scaled back weights and intensity - CF is for GPP, not for daily suicide attempts.

I feel awesome - flexibility, strength, and technique are improving. I am seeing a change in technique compared to before I did any of these assistance exercises. For example, today I did mid hang snatch pull. Fortunately, there were ten sets of three so I had plenty of opportunities to work on hip extension and shoulder retraction. I thought I was more coordinated and had better form until I worked on this one segment of a classic lift!

Cain Morano
01-22-2011, 08:45 AM
Roughly the first half of this program is devoted to mostly snatch associated movements.

By now, a beginner's crappy snatch has been dissected and is ready to be put back together properly. This week consisted of what I found to be somewhat difficult to perfect technique work. Difficult to perfect, but not impossible, the bar becomes very light and the movement fluid when the technical assistance lift is done correctly.

Doing CrossFit, the snatch is just a snatch. Doing this program, the snatch has become many different separate movements, right down to details of wrist, elbow, and shoulder position, as well as pulls, presses, squats, and all combinations of the above.

This program works well as a warm up for the 5/3/1 lift at the end. So I am concurrently building strength, correcting technique on oly lifts, and adding volume to my CF routines. This allows me to build my recovery capacity and shorten my warm up time, which is great since the next cycle looks harder.

Just to recap, my schedule is technique program olympic lifting/531 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I have a rest day on Wednesday and Sunday for sure (one of those is a total rest day), and I participate in four CF WODs a week, using scaled weights in met cons, and nothing longer than 15 minutes... I usually take 10-15 minutes to do the WODs - and absolutely NO chippers.

I have to make choices sometimes, like today, which was a max effort. Since I was a bit sore and didn't have enough time to warm up for a max I worked on technique instead (press doubles speed day, pressing/heaving/full snatch balance sequence singles).

Cain Morano
01-26-2011, 04:36 PM
Still at it! This week we did a CF Total, so I had to move my lifting days up a day to rest after that. I PRd on all three lifts. My heavy lift today was snatch balance! I got 5 reps at 135# on my last set. It wasn't to failure, just to where my form started falling apart.

What do I mean by my technique starts falling apart? I start to get tired, so instead of catching the snatch balance at the bottom of the squat, the catch starts to creep up higher and higher. Also, I use very little movement to unload the bar. I nudge it upward with my traps at the same time I press and drop. For the purpose of sharpening techique, I don't consider the snatch balance as beginning with a jerk. I try to keep the technique as a simple unloading of about two to three inches of bar movement upward and a fast transition into the bottom of the squat. Also, my shoulders begin to creep away from total retraction and my hips start to rise faster than my shoulders.

I did today's technique work and one heavy lift, but we had some snow so my evening WOD was cancelled. Instead I did a strongman WOD... 3 rounds (not for time), 5 minute rest between rounds.
110# (in each hand) farmer's carry ~100 ft
135# power clean
3 - 145# log presses
3 chin ups
3 dips
1 tire flip (~600# tire)
This was awesome! Also, Friday night we did one round of:
405# yoke carry 40 ft
5 chin ups
5 - 105# log press
5 chin ups
405# yoke carry 40 ft back to start.
These are great WODs. Each round takes about a minute and a half to complete. Then we go eat 70sbig at Mongolian Grill.

Cain Morano
01-29-2011, 10:14 AM
I am toast. I did a lot of strength work this week. I completed 3 light technique days, three 5/3/1 lifts, a CF Total, 2 strongman WODs, and 2 weighted Met Cons. I am tired today, Week 4 is done. I forfeit the last day. I did one of the met cons this morning, nice and short. 5:23, 5 or 6 rounds of 115# front squat and 45 single unders. I think it was the ridiculous strongman WODs. Last night was awesome...
3 rounds, not for time, 5 minute rests in between:
10 x 70# KB swings
105# farmer's carry 100' (first round we did 155#)
315# yoke walk 70'
3 x 155# log power cleans
3 x 155# log get it overhead anyway you can (push press and jerks)
1 x 315# DL
Rest is good. Lots of food is good. Back to lifting on Monday.

Technique! I mean that's why this post is here so let's talk about it. This week there were a lot of mid hang snatch pulls, muscle snatches, new moves like the tall snatch and scarecrow snatch. The pulls and snatches are a lot easier than when I started. I am more relaxed doing them, position is more accurate and precise to standards. The tall muscle snatches and scarecrow snatches were hard to get used to because there was no weight involved and also they are lifts with relatively short ranges of motion. I like the mid hang snatches the best! They are fast and excellent at correcting early pulling.

The progression of this program is great, the snatch deadlifts and snatch pulls set up an efficient bar path so when the snatch is performed it is a lot closer to correct than before breaking it down. This goes for all of the lifts in the progression. This program was very well thought out for amateurs like me. It's already been a month, I've done so many pieces of classic lifts it's silly. Minus the snatch deadlift, I think not pulling from the floor is a saving grace.

Cain Morano
02-04-2011, 05:21 PM
I am fried, again. It was a great week though! I did not complete the last day of week 5. I did the first exercise, snatches, but 10x2 and not 10x3. The snatch work is paying off. I am a lot more comfortable getting under a bar - and faster too. Also, I got a new 5RM overhead squat, 155#. The 5/3/1 cycle ended at 95% this week, but I didn't get to finish back squats. Maybe tomorrow I'll go in just to get that done. Next week is deloading week and I am on vacation the following week. So the week 6 active rest is now week 7 and vice versa.

I reached a snatch 1RM PR last night, that was the WOD. I put up 155#, it took me six attempts. I moved the weight, it wasn't too heavy, I just couldn't stabilize it. I caught it in the bottom pretty easily but I couldn't settle for more than three seconds, and then I dropped it. The last few attempts I was able to settle and start coming up out of the squat, but dropped out again. Finally, it was the end of the session so I tossed it and won me a 155# sloppy power snatch.

Clearly I have more to work on... I am getting better at not sliding backwards. I set up on creases in the lanes so I can see how much I move. My landing position is more consistent than before the program and I am sliding backwards a lot less thanks to assistance from friends.

So that's week 5, one more WOD left in the morning, "Jackie" - I think I'll go, I need a little cardio: 1000m row, 50 thrusters 45#, 30 pull ups. That's not too silly.

Cain Morano
02-08-2011, 07:24 PM
Pirate yell...YYYYYAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR! Prowlers are awesome!

Cain Morano
02-26-2011, 02:24 PM
Week 6 was pleasant. I was fizzling out from the boredom of snatch work and this was the first week where cleans were introduced and the snatch work was dialed down. This was also the deload cycle of the Wendler 5/3/1 - 5 reps at 40,50, and 60%. It was an easy week.

My technique still needs lots of work, I think I need to go super basic and just do foot position drills for a billion reps until my feet hit the same exact spots no matter how tired I am or how hard I pull.

I make this analogy about the technique cycle: this program is like examining an old mechanical device of some kind, something with lots of moving parts, caked in rust, dirt, and grease. I took the machine apart, I knocked off the cakes of dirt and the sheets of rust. I degreased the sliding points, joints, and pivots. Then I polished and lubed each part and re assembled the machine. The machine is working a little better, a little smoother, definitely faster, more reliably, and more powerfully - but I haven't fixed it.

I merely made it possible to see each moving part and the out-of-tolerance behavior of their movements, which will help a trained mechanic to repair it.

Cain Morano
02-26-2011, 02:26 PM
Ah, glorious vacation. My wife and I walked all over the ancient city, visited monuments, took pictures, drank lots of wine, ate lots of cheese, and even went Yogging along the Tiber river once - with 4x100 sprints...and some push ups...and some air squats. I stretched everyday. BUT other than that it was PURE vacation. My shoulder stopped hurting, everything stopped aching, got great sleep, ate great food, I felt great!

Cain Morano
02-26-2011, 02:43 PM
This was a tough week. I started out with a fresh shoulder on Monday morning, and by Monday night it was shot. The WOD was Bench 3RM - my old 1RM at 225 is now my 3. THAT felt awesome! It was one of those lifts where it's total fight on the good side of almost failing, the bar was moving slow but moving! And that made my shoulder hurt again. I had good form, I use very strict powerlifting bench press form, but I pushed it sooo hard. Then that night I did the extra curricular technique and strength work. It was week 8 out of the technique cycle, plus week 1 of a new 5/3/1 cycle, press and back squat.

Day 2's 5/3/1 lift was snatch balance, which I dumped on rep 4 of the last set. Whatevies...

Day 3 I added back squat 3x5 across to aid my weak squats. That rest day is gone.

Day 4 brought another max effort WOD, 3RM deadlift. I got 405. And repeated my 1RM at 415.

Day 5 we did a strongman WOD (zercher carries, dips, log presses, tire drag, tire flip), followed by a Tabata warm up that my buddy and I modified. Instead of doing the deadlift-hang clean-push press-thruster barbell complex through a Tabata cycle, we loaded 135 and did deadlift-hang clean-push press-push jerk for 8 sets, once every thirty seconds (on the 'go' of the 20s work segment of Tabatas). Then we modified the gym daily WOD by adding weighted vest and increasing the KB weight.

Day 6 we did the CF football WOD, as posted for 2/26/11.

I like the new phase of technique work, concentrating on the cleans. THAT is fun. I got 3 of 4 days in, Monday I will start Week 9.

I missed the last day of technique work, adding in extra strength work. I feel good, minus the tight shoulder, the extra volume isn't killing me. I ramped up smartly. I still haven't gotten the third day of back squats, speed day. I have one 5/3/1 back squat day, one 3x5 across LP day, and one DE day. I think my squats are super weak, I am 6 feet, 200 pounds, and I squat 285 once. My goal is to do work above 300 - meaning multiple reps (3 would be fine) at any weight from 300 up. This is my goal to reach by the beginning of the next 12 week cycle out of Greg Everett's book, the S&P dev cycle.

I have come to realize that this technique program as a very involved warm up for my strength training. This does not detract from its value in any way, I really dig this program.

Cain Morano
02-26-2011, 02:51 PM
I noticed that my thread has a relatively large number of hits. It was at 1500+ views on 2/26/11. I am assuming this is because people want to know what the program is all about done right out of the book. Here are some 'collected thoughts'...

(Since I don't have a lifting coach to correct me on the finer points) I make this analogy about the technique cycle: this program is like examining an old mechanical device of some kind, something with lots of moving parts, caked in rust, dirt, and grease. I took the machine apart, I knocked off the cakes of dirt and the sheets of rust. I degreased the sliding points, joints, and pivots. Then I polished and lubed each part and re assembled the machine. The machine is working a little better, a little smoother, definitely faster, more reliably, and more powerfully - but I haven't fixed it. I merely made it possible to see each moving part and the out-of-tolerance behavior of their movements, which will help a trained mechanic to repair it.

In corresponding with another local lifting club, it seems this program-in an abbreviated form-is also useful as a movement assessment! Great idea!

If you are trained already, I recommend this program since it covers so many different assistance lifts. If you are really digging for technical perfection, maybe look for the lifts that aren't included and add those too. This program addresses basic pulling, foot transition, racking, and squatting. There is no such thing as too much training in the fundamentals - there are only fundamentals. Maybe consider a permutation of this program if you are stuck or something.

If you are already in the midst of strength training, this program can be used as a very long warm up.

If you have an idea about your weaknesses, or need additional volume, extra conditioning, or something else then add it in! Layer appropriately, don't kill yourself, and don't work against yourself. I only had a daily CF WOD. Then I added the technique cycle, then I added one 5/3/1 lift per day, then I added strongman and assistance work, then I added additional squat work. Just make sure you give yourself time to adjust and monitor yourself. The overtraining caveat remains in effect - eat, sleep, hydrate, stretch!

It works! Watch your PRs improve and listen to feedback from others. If you do this right your pace, power, range of motion, and lifts overall will improve because of the added volume and the improvement in efficiency based on technique.

It is fun. In an earlier post I asked Greg Everett about the rep schemes and he mentioned that this wasn't the most exciting program. In it's prescribed form, I can understand that. Don't get discouraged, understand it for its purpose in the macrocycle. Know why you are doing this program and what sort of training will come afterwards.

My advice to make this work:
-Focus! Each repetition must be deliberate, every mistake must be revealed
-Be consistent in effort and attendance
-Warm-up: no time to warm up means no time to work out
-Make it your own: apply your goals and creative problem solving to the template
-Don't go heavy: I kept my weights 40-55%, I think for some lifts this was too heavy. I had to dial it down (a lot in some cases). The program is about perfecting technique, which can't be done at high weight.
-Video record and assess your lifts after certain sets (first, middle, second to last, last)
-Be honest with yourself about your technique

I think that's it for now. If anyone has specific questions, I'd like to field them. If anyone has suggestion to help me along, I'd like to hear them.

Cain Morano
03-05-2011, 05:26 PM
Lots of cleans this week! All the technique work plus...

5/3/1 press
DE back squats
5/3/1 power clean

DE deadlift
3x5 across back squat

5/3/1 snatch balance
5/3/1 back squat
DE press (actually this DE press was combined with the technique power cleans, I did 3 PC into 3 press at 95# on the minute...some varieTAY...Greg was right, this shit gets boring!)

..plus two WODs
100KB swings, 18#/hand - 4:52
2k row 7:44, 100 jump rope+10 sit ups 5+35

Then finished with:
Technique work as prescribed plus 5/3/1 dead lift. On my last set, I got 10 reps at 337.5#.

I am very happy with my times and endurance lately. I'm not really focusing on that, but somehow I can still keep up. I think the strength training is helping. I am feeling good! I am changing my routine to every other day for at least another week to see how that feels. I have this volume and intensity I have slowly layered on, I felt like rest every other day this week and that worked out well. It just feels odd, too symmetrical. Before this week I was doing 2 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off.

Back to writing my law paper now, I am writing about current legal developments in biotechnology. Anyone ever take a graduate business law class? I have to read these supreme court decisions. I make this analogy: reading these decisions is like taking a half a sleeping pill before watching a riveting conspiracy movie.

Keith Miller
03-08-2011, 07:40 PM
[QUOTE=Cain Morano;87801Back to writing my law paper now, I am writing about current legal developments in biotechnology. Anyone ever take a graduate business law class? I have to read these supreme court decisions. I make this analogy: reading these decisions is like taking a half a sleeping pill before watching a riveting conspiracy movie.[/QUOTE]

Well, I never took a graduate business law class, but I did just graduate law school. Reading those opinions suck, but that's how you learn the law!! Good luck with classes!!

Cain Morano
03-11-2011, 04:47 PM
During week 9, I tried something different. I rested every other day. I lifted Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Then I rested on Monday and Tuesday, which worked out because I was busy with homework. I was adequately rested for each session, but I liked the stress better of 2 on, 1 off, 3 on, 1 off. It's a schedule that's easier to keep. And the last day is a WOD anyway. I'm going back to this schedule.

At the end of week 9, for the set of power cleans, I tried the variables from the Prilepin table - 70% 1RM for 6 sets of 4. That was good, it was work but not crushing.

Week 10 was supposed to start this week. I did WODs on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday was 1RM Jerk. I put up 245 (pounds! sorry, everything I'm doing is in pounds - I should have specified early). The last time I tried a 1RM jerk was sometime last summer or fall and it was 205 - so a 40# PR, but of course, I am novice and I haven't tested it in several months. Thursday's WOD was a BW metcon, I needed the cardio. Tonight we did March 1 CF Football WOD, 3 power cleans at 65%, 6 toe to bar, AMRAP 8 minutes. I did awful, power cleans were cake, my toe to bar is crap.

My shoulder and chest still ache a bit on one side. Fortunately it's only on the bench press and push ups and not overhead that I am affected. I will rest until Monday then start Week 10 with zeal.

Cain Morano
03-15-2011, 01:02 PM
Week 10 is on.

What I learned about the snatch balance:

It is a lot easier to catch the snatch balance all the way at the bottom of the squat (when the weights get heavy or when tired) than it is to catch it half way down and then finish. If you catch it above parallel then you have to do all the reactive work (eccentrically decelerate, isometrically stabilize, concentrically accelerate the mass). If you catch it at the bottom the only work is the dive down and the drive upward. So just ride that sucker all the way down and stick the landing, stabilize, and come up.

To get this down requires two things:
1) Confidence! Trust the process. Be comfortable under the bar.
2) Perfect position. You and the bar have to move in a straight line, with a perfect overhead position. Let it drive you straight down like a nail and trust your explosive landing sticking skills.

This leads me to other things I learned about the snatch balance. There are two ways to do them. One is to perform the snatch balance as a jerk from behind the neck, meaning a hard dip and drive to move the bar as high as possible. This means that your final extension under the bar is more likely to land you above parallel, and that could mean more work. However, this method is better for bigger weight. The other method is to use barely a twitch or shallow dip and drive to unload the bar enough to hit that extension like a champ. We tried this and we noticed the difference was several inches to a foot (or more) between the two methods. I like the 'unloading twitch' method because then most of my work is going into the dive and drive up, and it seems more like an exercise that has snatch carryover than a jerk from behind the neck.

So the next time you are doing snatch balances and notice that your catch is getting higher as you get tired (or the weights are getting bigger), suck it up and bury yourself deep under the bar. It will be better for your strength, technique, and confidence.

Cain Morano
03-19-2011, 04:48 PM
Virtually, anyway. Tomorrow I will finish the last day of Week 10 but I wanted to post some remarks now.

I am a clumsy turd on my first few sets of jerk exercises! I really need a better way to warm up, including a mental ritual, to get me on a better level. Aside from that, these tall jerk exercises are interesting. I've never done these before. They are a bit awkward at first. This was a good week for drilling foot position on the split, hip tilt, and scapular retraction. Yes, all postural distortions come out in the wash with week 10 drills.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't fully activated from the warm up on through though. Maybe a lack of quality sleep and veggies...The technique work was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Then the session concluded with speed sets of press, triples. Then 5/3/1 power cleans, got 8 at 180. I was lazy. I wasn't even trying to catch the weight at anything lower than standing, which almost cause me to hurt my elbows and wrists. But I was impressed with myself that I was just 'standing there' and still catching cleans. Again, not enough warm up to get me jazzed and moving. After power clean, I finished the workout with 3x5 back squats at 215 (warm up sets before hand). The extra squat work goes a long way in all movements.

From now in, if exercising it is a workout, if training it is a session. I like that use of language. O yeah, I signed up for the Capital City Open. I won't alter my program much. It's in three weeks from today, so I'll finish out this 12 week technique program with a week left before the meet. The week before the meet I will lighten up the WODs, practice near max classic lifts before Wednesday, and rehearse the meet game plan. For the state meet I will peak using a program.

My goal for the meet is to snatch 165 and clean and jerk 215. So kilos... what is that... 75 kilos and 97.7 kilos rounded to whatever the plates would be. At least a 170 total. I will update these numbers later towards the meet. This is my first meet, and accordingly my other goal is to catch the flow of an oly meet and also to make all of my lifts. I am applying the same strategy here as I did to my first PL meet - check it out and make all lifts with good technique.

Cain Morano
03-20-2011, 05:19 AM
After further review of the program and my goal of competing in three weeks, I decided to end the 12 week technique program with weeks 11 and 12 left. I will start the 3 week Bulgarian Peaking Cycle today, also from Greg Everett's book.

My final assessment of the technique program? It's good stuff. If you have experience with lifting then using some permutation of the program would suit you better. If you don't have any experience at all then the full program would be better. See my notes that I posted previously.

Yes, I think my lifting technique is better because of it. This program accomplished two objectives: better technique and increased awareness of body mechanics.

Philip Stablein
03-24-2011, 12:20 PM
I am just about done the 10th week of the Strength and Power Development program Cain. I see we ended up on similar paths! Adhering to these methods really works, and I hope it gets reflected in the meet results on the 9th. I saw you registered, and Susan as well. Should be a good Saturday!

Cain Morano
04-11-2011, 08:32 PM
I did 10 of the 12 weeks technique program, tried to peak for three weeks, and then competed in the Capital City Open. I won first place in the men's master's division. I hit a PR on the Clean and Jerk. I didn't warm up enough on the Snatch, only made the first attempt. It was an awesome experience! I am still toasted. I don't think I'll be back to the gym until Wednesday and probably not lifting until Thursday or later.