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R. Alan Hester
03-05-2007, 12:05 PM
Since my fastpacking question only 75 hits with no responses, I figured I would change the question to make it more encompassing. Any sprint distance adventure racers out there?

If so, how do you incorporate strength training, GPP, and specific skills such as running and MT biking? Would a week look like this:

Mon.—ME Front squats (morning) and 20 mile MT bike (evening)
Wed.—WOD (non-running focus)
Fri.—ME Press and Pull-ups (morning) and Intervals (evening)
Sat.—alternating long run or trek w/ pack

Any thoughts?

R. Alan Hester
03-30-2007, 01:29 PM

Mike ODonnell
03-30-2007, 01:44 PM
I've done some sprint ARs....but I usually don't go overboard on training....right now I am getting back into running/biking shape for some races coming up....I usually do this:

Weight training: either a 5x5 or 5x10, 2x a week looks something like: Workout #1:Squat/Pullup/Clean and Press, Workout #2: DL, Bench, BentRow (with other AB, lower back type exercises thrown in)

Running: Intervals 1x a week: Progressions of 400 and 800s

Trail Run: I have a 1.5 trail run I time..."All out" laps (Time 1 lap, recover....run another lap...usually around 12-13min per lap...lots of hills, it sucks)

Small Ride MTB: Trail loop timing (I have a around 12-13min lap, and 20min lap to pick from. 1-2 laps for time, rest between laps, using single speed MTB)

Long Ride MTB: 1-2 hr rides

To get going I do more sprint and bike intervals (the single speed is basically interval training up and down hills). I am lucky to have a local place 10min away that is small and hilly so it's a great training ride. As the races come closer I use the weekends for longer training....which seems like a cake walk after all the intervals for me.

I try not to do too much....weights 2x a week, track 1x a week, bike/trail run intervals 1-2x a week, long run/bike (later in season) will replace a bike/trail run interval day. Works for me....I have fun with it...but avoid over training. Plus at 35 and 195lbs, I don't plan on outrunning the 22yr old 135lb cross country runner.....just plan on drinking his beer after the race....Hence why I am the President of BAITB. ("Best Athlete in the Bar")

R. Alan Hester
03-30-2007, 02:30 PM
Thanks for the reply. My friend’s company is going to sponsor a team this summer and fall, and we plan to do some in the NC, SC, GA areas. I will relay your plan to him. Both of us are too big to be competitive at 6’ 2” and
200 + pounds, but it is the fun that counts.


Derek Simonds
03-30-2007, 02:38 PM
I like your plan MOD. I am working on the template for my triathlon in September and I came up with basically the same idea.

For the next 6 weeks (I am working on the Mass Gain Plan) here is what I am doing.

One workout per week of each swimming, running and biking.

Swimming is easy because I love the water and we will be going on a regular basis up to our little slice of heaven we call the Redneck Resort. I have access to both an olympic pool and a spring fed lake for open water swims. I will start with really simple intervals (100's, 200's, 400's, 800's) and longer swims in the open water.

Running is a little different. I am going to run intervals for 3 weeks out of the month than take 1 longer run the 4th week. The longer run will be at race pace minus 30 seconds or so. Intervals will be same as swimming except for no 100's. I only plan on running one time per week for the next 8 weeks.

Biking I plan on spending one day riding. Most of the rides will be longer rides with my sister. She is a triathlete also. On the longer rides we do big ring intervals starting with 3 X 5 minutes working up to 5 X 5 minutes. On the shorter rides I will be hitting a loop I run that is 15 miles and I will work that for time. With traffic my goal is to be able to run it 45 minutes or better consistently.

BTW I think this is my official 100th post! :D

I also am not competitive at 6' 1" and 188lb's but man I love it.

Mike ODonnell
03-30-2007, 07:26 PM
It's funny, I typically do nothing at race pace or distances....and have the great motto....if I can run 3 miles not during a race...I can pull off 6 on race day. Granted it's more AR than sprint tri's so speed is not the only factor....but on race day with adrenaline pumping it goes by so quick. Also a factor is the race for ARs as some require more navigation (hence sprint, stop, read map...repeat 100x) or the old Balance Bar/Hitec series where you just run/bike your ass off and they tell you where to go.

Lots of races in the southeast here....Alan let me know which ones you guys sign up for....I might see you out at one. My other race partner is an Ex-pro Tri Guy from Canada....so hence I am the weak link on the team, but thank god he loves beer more than me....keeps him slow and his mile times at a "slow" 6 min avg (Ha...I am way off that mark...)....great training partner....as he makes me run his pace...way out of my comfort HR zone...nearly puke every ride/run...and then we hit the bar for a beer on the deck....ahhhhh.....

Mike ODonnell
03-30-2007, 07:33 PM
I like your plan MOD. I am working on the template for my triathlon in September and I came up with basically the same idea.For the next 6 weeks (I am working on the Mass Gain Plan) here is what I am doing.

I'm going to guess that trying to gain mass and train for running/biking/swimming is kind of like wanting to practice ice skating on a pond in the middle of the summer.....the 2 really don't go hand in hand. I did a gain over the winter and basically did NO running or biking...and just lifted 2-3x a week, Zero cardio and ate like a pig. Now with the running and biking the pounds are starting to come back down again....as I am burning way too much calories. But to minimize muscle loss I am doing no more than 30min a session, more intervals, and drink an amino/whey drink post and after and then have a protein and carb meal. But I think trying to gain while spending so many calories running and biking will be very very hard to do. My endurance sucked when I came off the gain cycle, but that is coming back little by little...now the trick is to get endurance without losing too many lbs in the process....oh yeah while trying IF....should be fun!