View Full Version : Bob Greene - Oprah's trainer

Steve Liberati
03-06-2007, 12:41 PM
Lol Noticed a banner ad on Dr. Eades's blog today linking to Bob's Green's "Best Life" website. Almost tempted to click on it to find out what I been missing out on all these years. For breakfast, its Best Life Cheerios Cereal Mix. For lunch, its nut butter and pear sandwich (don't laugh the bread is whole wheat).

Jokes aside, at least its a start in the right direction for the habitual junk eater. But certainly not a diet Doc Eades would endorse...

Mike ODonnell
03-06-2007, 01:19 PM
Maybe he is trying to get on Oprah and sell more books.....$ makes the world go round.....Oh yeah, Bob Greene's book saw in B&N...and wait there's more...you get the journal (blank pages you fill in) for only $19 more!! I'll buy a book if he every wrote it called "I want to strangle Oprah"....