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Brian Baggetta
05-14-2011, 12:53 PM
Hello all -- I am getting geared up for highland games season and wanted to get the thoughts of the board on sensible weightlifting progressions during the season.

I will be lifting two days per week, with each day starting with an o-lift variant (I only use power versions, or maybe more accurately muscle versions -- I pull everything high enough to catch on almost straight legs), followed by a strength lift or two.

The goal of this lifting is to improve explosiveness for throwing, not necessarily to translate to competitive o-lifting -- just looking for an intelligent way to add weight.

Lifting looks like this:

Day 1 (usually Sunday): Power snatch, front squat, incline bench press, farmer's walk

Day 2 (usually Thursday): Power clean & jerk, incline bench press, farmer's walk.

The plan I was working with (which probably isn't very good) was that for the o-lifts, I would do three triples around 65%, three doubles around 75%, and then three singles at 85-90%, trying to bump those numbers 5 lbs every workout or every other workout.

FWIW, I have some experience with the lifts, and have done a few CA cycles in the past, but have not been doing them regularly for the last six months or so.

Appreciate any thoughts. . .

Greg Everett
05-16-2011, 09:16 AM
I think that's a pretty good plan. As you get to the week before a competition, i would cut the volume way down - singles all the way through, and probably only one single at the 85-90% range. then after the meet, restart your weights a bit below what you ended at. you should really be able to work by feel more than numbers.

Brian Baggetta
05-16-2011, 10:48 AM
Thanks very much, Greg -- I assume there will be a lot of "feel" in this, and volume will definitely be cut on competition weeks, as you suggested.