View Full Version : programming question for returning oly lifter with "unusual" circumstances

Will Seubert
06-08-2011, 10:31 AM
Hello all. First post here - going to be a bit long.

30 years old, 5'10 180 pounds, naturally lean.

I trained for and competed in (once) olympic weightlifting for a six-month period about a year ago. PR lifts, recorded at the comp about 10 months ago, were a 60 kg snatch and 83 kg C&J. I was training about 5 sessions a week at the time.

Life intervened, and I haven't trained at all since October 2010.

I moved during this time and had to switch gyms. The new gym is fully accomodating to strength athletes, however, due to structural issues with the building they've had to enforce a no-dropping of weights from the overhead or the rack. It's ok to "ride" the weight down (i.e. as you would with a deadlift).

The gym is building a new section on the ground floor to accomodate oly lifters and will have platforms ready within a couple of months. Until then, I'm limited in what I can do in the competition lifts.

That said, I'd like to start training again. I figure if I can work technique with training plates on the competition lifts and focus on strength work, I will be in a good position to go heavy on the competition lifts when the platforms are ready.

I would like your take on the following. Emphasis is on squatting, pulling power, and weight gain (I'm about 15 pounds under my former comp weight) with technique work thrown in.

3 days a week (married and life is still a bit crazy, not able to commit to more at this time). Format A/B/A, B/A/B.

A session:
snatch, 25 - 30 kg for technique (I can easily return this to the floor without dropping)
clean pulls to a heavy double or single
squats to heavy doubles or triples, maybe a few back-off sets at 5 or 6 reps
jerks from the rack to a heavy double or single
romanian deadlifts, several sets at 5 or 6 reps

B session:
C&J, 25-35 kg for technique
snatch pulls to a heavy double or single
front squats to heavy doubles or triples
push presses to a heavy double or single
romanian deadlifts, several sets at 5 or 6 reps

I haven't tried to detail sets and reps too much, or weight at all, as I am not sure what my strength and conditioning levels are at this time.

Please let me know what you think, and if this would be a good "primer" program for a couple months until the platforms become available.

Sorry for the long post, and thank you.

Greg Everett
06-08-2011, 02:12 PM
I think the basic plan is good, but I would suggest starting with higher reps in the pulls (3-5), back squat (4-6) and push press (4-6). Build up for 2-3 wks at those reps, then lower, build up again, etc. This will help the weight gain (assuming adequate food and sleep) and also give you some momentum for adding weight.