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Bee Brian
07-15-2011, 10:40 PM
The concept of our "limitations."

By Bee Brian. (A.K.A. ViKtoricus)

There are limitations to everything. It is a fact of life that resources in everything and anything MUST BE PRESERVED. If water is too little, we better stop wasting water and save enough to help us survive.

This same exact concept applies in weightlifting, a phenomenon that I call "adaptive reservation." If we have 5 years to lift weights and only 5 years, and our goal is to be able to bench press X amount of weight, how would we spend those 5 years?

Will we spend those 5 years playing football? Playing soccer? Training for wrestling? Doing split jerks? Squats? Deadlifts? Curls?

The answer is no. We will spend all those 5 years doing all the things necessary in order to achieve our goal (of bench pressing X weight.). A logical approach would be to study the biomechanics and characteristics of bench pressing, and work on all the necessary prerequisites to make the attempt plausible.

In order to achieve the best rewards in your training, you have to stop wasting your time and work on what it is that you need to work on, starting today...