View Full Version : Random KB round up

James Evans
08-11-2011, 05:31 AM
Some stuff that may be of interest to any enthusiasts:

1. Andrew Read on the Delorme method:


I would suggest you work of 80% of your 5RM or this can be unpleasant.

2. A good follow up for the Swings portion of part one is:

15 Swings
30 seconds recovery
10 Snatches each hand
30 seconds recovery
3 rounds

That's around 5 minutes max and will help snatch numbers go up. Cycle the weight through the week. Can't remember who I pinched that off. Aim to reduce the rest periods as you progress.

3. A complex targeting hypertrophy from Read

Double Snatch x 5
Double Press x 5
Double Squat x 5
See Saw Press x 5

I rest two minutes between complexes and repeat this anywhere from two to five times depending on how I feel. My usual number is three to four.

His blog isn't available at the moment so I can't link to the original article. Limiter in this is the See Saw Press (although I imagine double snatches are probably a challenge for many).

4. A little KB version of Ethan Reeves' Wrestler's Combo from Gym Jones:

KB Triplet:
3x Clean + 3x Front Squat + 2x Jerk @ 2x 25#-44# KBs
One triplet every 40 sec for 20 sets (each triplet takes +/- 15 sec)

This is good. Not as hard as the Rower's Combo but more of a dog fight than the Wrestler's.

5. Finally an old one from Matt Wiggins:


I've busted up my left hand after a bike fall and can't easily rack or press a barbell at the moment. Double KB clean & presses worked well for this. Follow up with 2-3 leg blasters.

Double kb moves have really captured my imagination in recent months having previously only really done one arm stuff. The 4 ideas above just clarify to me how effective simple stuff can be.

Tami Collins
08-12-2011, 08:06 PM
Thanks! Looks like some good stuff. I've been getting into kettlebells more the last couple of months and look forward to trying some of these.