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Chris Henderson
10-22-2011, 11:17 PM
This first video matches my PR 108Kg

I felt strong and decided to make a 2Kg jump for a new PR at 110, but failed


I have a problem with my split jerk. I tend to shift my weight forward. I think this causes me to miss my Jerk on the 2nd lift.

Any comments would be welcome, and especially any movements that would help me to train my weaknesses.


Matt Foreman
10-24-2011, 08:13 PM
Just a few general comments. Your pull looks pretty good, but you're jumping back quite a bit when you turnover into the bottom position. It's good to jump back a little, but yours is a little too much. It could be caused by a few things, shifting back to your heels excessively or leaning too far back with your shoulders at the top of the pull. The biggest thing you need to improve is your squat strength. That's the reason you missed the 110 jerk, in my opinion. If you were standing up from those cleans easier, you'd have more reserve strength to drive the bar in the jerk.

Tyson Wright
10-25-2011, 11:05 AM
Feet may be a little wide on the jerk?

Chris Henderson
10-25-2011, 09:26 PM
Matt, I didn't see the jump back, but yeah, I do cover quite a bit of ground. Jumping back is a problem I usually have with my snatch. I tend to lean my shoulders back. I'll work on that part. About the front squat, yeah I was feeling it. my max front squat is about 120kg. I'm not sure how far my squat should be ahead of my max clean, any ideas? thanks for the comments

Tyson, I did notice my feet were wider than normal on the jerk, next time I'll see how it feels to keep them more narrow.

I worked with the Olympic lifting coach at my gym, his thoughts on the jerk: my weight shifts forward, to help fix this, he recommended a slightly slower and more shallow dip.

Thanks for the comments.

Greg Everett
10-27-2011, 10:32 AM
Definitely pushing that squat up will help your clean (and jerk). In the clean, you sweep your feet way back out from under yourself as you transition from pulling to receiving. Try to keep your feet as close to the ground as possible during this transition and punch your heels straight down into the floor. The more your feet stay under you, the more balanced you'll be and the easier that recovery will be. You're also spending way too much time at the top of the pull - pop with the hips and legs at the top and get under right away - think of making the pull under part of the finish rather than a separate movement.

Hard to see in that video, but it looks like your weight is forward over your feet during most of the pull. Right off the floor, shift back to your heels with your chest up and stay there until you finish. When you rack the bar, relax your hands and get your elbows up a bit more. Looks like you're still gripping the bar tightly, probably because it's in front of you instead of on top of you thanks to the forward balance during the pull and the backward sweep of the feet. But that will also make the recovery a lot tougher.

Jerk - you're in way too much of a hurry all around. You're dipping as you're still getting your breath and splitting before you even finish driving. Bring your feet in a bit closer. Get your air, lock in, tighten your quads, settle on your heels and only then start your dip. Dip on the heels completely - as far back as you can stay without falling on your ass. Keep your knees moving over your toes rather tahn inward. Drive straight up through the heels and finish that vertical drive before you start splitting. WHen you split, don't jump forward - drive your hips down under the bar and reach your front heel forward. You're jumping onto your front foot, which is why it hits before your back and your back foot shoots so far behind you, putting all your weight on the front. Aim to get your hips right under the bar and balance your weight equally between your front and back feet.