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Clayton Mac
11-22-2011, 11:58 AM
Here are a couple of videos of my last workout. A couple of my videos didn't rotate like I thought they would. Sorry about that. I went ahead and included some misses, one at 85% and one at 89% on snatch. I figured it might be good to get some critique on ones that weren't successful lifts as well.

All critique or feedback is welcome and appreciated

Thanks for the help!

Snatch (miss) - 85% http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAjkVzbfqu4
Snatch - 85% http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOQEasuKPUk
Snatch (miss) - 89% http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqCOcQR2In0
Snatch - 93-94% http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdge3wiPkVY
C&J - 75% http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Qdmao9DMQ
C&J - 85% http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1dyXWIoHPs

Matt Morris
11-23-2011, 10:04 AM
In my amateur opinion, it looks like your weight is too far forward and your torso is too parallel with the floor. If you can get your weight on your heels after the first pull, I think you'll be much better off. Try getting your lower back extremely tight when you pull off the floor and keep your back angle through the first pull. When you get ready for your second pull, the double bend should only happen at the knees, not at the waist.

Best of luck!

Greg Everett
11-23-2011, 10:18 AM
mean beard. i'll give you some more specifics later.

Greg Everett
11-23-2011, 02:07 PM
OK, snatch (based on the 85% make video specifically):

Start position is good - only exception to this is that it looks like you might be externally rotating your arms - internally rotate them as much as you can instead (point the elbows to the sides). And relax them completely. Engage by arching the back forcefully and including the lats in this effort - that will push the bar back toward you while keeping your posture good and allowing your arms to remain relaxed.

When you start the pull, though, your hips shoot up and you leave your shoulders and the bar behind. Your knees are almost straight when the bar is still below your knee caps. At this point, I would want to see your shoulders directly over the bar and much more bend the knees.

This causes your balance to be really far forward, which then causes you to row the bar up and in with your arms to keep from falling forward.

This rowing does have the benefit of getting the bar into your hips instead of it hitting low on the thighs as it normally would when forward like that, and that lets you be pretty explosive at the top.

It's pretty near a hitch as well - that bar almost comes to a stop as you transition from that position below the knees into the initiation of your final extension. If you can keep your posture more upright and your balance farther back, and continue pushing against the ground with the legs, this will go away.

I'd like to see you open the hips up a bit more at the top as well, which is pretty much impossible to do when you're coming into that point as you are (out of balance forward, leaned that far over the bar).

Your pull under and turnover is actually pretty good, although the elbows not being pointed out holds you back a little. Also hard to see with the long sleeves, but it looks like your arms are a bit too internally rotated overhead (ideally the points of the elbows are halfway between straight down and straight back), although this might just be a product of you trying to save the lift when it's in front of you and not something you're meaning to do.

So, all summed up neatly - turn the elbows out maximally in the start position and pull; maintain the upright posture of the start position all the way up; relax the arms until you're pulling under; pull the elbows higher before you turn them over; externally rotate the arms a bit more overhead.

You're strong and quick, so when you clean up the technique, you will lift some big weights no doubt. Will try to comment on the CJ in a bit.

Greg Everett
11-23-2011, 02:32 PM
All right, clean first:

Same things I mentioned w regard to the snatch. Good start position, but you tip over the bar a bit too much. Definitely less dramatically than on the snatch. Also the same forward balance and resulting row with the arms. Also the elbows back instead of out to the sides. Bar comes out away from you right as you finish extending and start pulling under - just like in the snatch, elbows out and engage the back to continue pushing the bar back into yourself.

Good speed at the top and on the pull under. Get the elbows out to the sides and pull them higher before you turn the bar over. You do a good job of bring your shoulders and the bar together smoothly.

Feet a little wide in the squat and you're sitting back behind your feet a bit too much. Bring the feet a little closer and try to sit straight down in the squat so you can be more upright and you'll be able to maintain better posture when you receive the bar.

Jerk -

Definitely need to loosen up the shoulders so you can get a better rack position. Keep working on getting the shoulders forward and up so the bar is on them rather than on your sternum and in your arms. You can see as you dip that it slides down slightly - that's giving power away.

You start shifting forward as you initiate your dip and continue going that way as you drive and split. Don't start dipping while you're still getting your breath. Get your air, lock it in, then settle back on your heels, THEN start the dip. No rush. Taking that breath will shift you forward, so you want to re-establish your balance afterward.

Get all the way back on your heels without letting the balls of your feet lift from the floor and stay back like that as you dip and all the way up in the drive. You have to have the discipline to dip and drive all the way up vertically before you ever start stepping forward into the split. Thinking too soon about the split will usually cause you to jump forward into it like that.

Your split position is pretty good, you're just way too heavy on the front foot because you're jumping forward. Aim to balance your weight evenly between the front and back foot with your hips directly under the bar and the bar over the back of your neck. Drive straight up, the step the front heel forward and push the hips down under the bar. You can also think about almost sliding the back foot back and stepping the front foot - that will help you keep your balance back a bit.

Keep your head forward slightly instead of tilting it back and looking up - that position will prevent you from locking in the shoulder blades and getting the bar in the right position.

Clayton Mac
11-24-2011, 07:47 AM
Wow...thanks for the breakdown....friggin awesome!

I went back and watched myself and tried to stop it at different points in the lift and I saw what you were talking about. At one point it looked like I was doing a snatch-grip, straight legged, DL with maybe a barbell row in there...holy cow. sure didn't feel it. Makes sense though as to why I always miss forward if my weight is out in front.

I messed around with my starting position on the snatch and I do rotate my elbows back instead of pointing them straight out. Also, I have noticed the last couple of sessions that on some lifts I feel like my shoulders are "searching"...not sure if that makes sense, or not, in the OH receiving position as I am on my way up...might be due to trying to save the lift from being off balance like you mentioned. Is that due to the improper positioning of my elboys OH?

I have terrible ankle flexibility (have a band in the mail to remedy it best I can). that prevents me from dropping straight into the squat on the Clean instead of staying too far back. The Oly shoes I have only have a .66" heel on them. Should I find a pair that has a true .75" heel?

Any suggestions on ways to improve my front rack for the Jerk? I have been really hammering my tricepts and forearms, but still have trouble keeping my delts up when I transition from the clean to the jerk...as you pointed out.

Oh...and my wo partner and I are finishing up the general oly cycle and are planning on switching to the Sample Master's program. With my deficiencies, is that a good program to use and/or should I supplement any different assistance work with it?

Man I can't thank you enough for your coaching...this site is awesome! Can't believe you find the time...or motivation to do this pro bono! It is much appreciated!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!