View Full Version : Oly lifts and the army

carlos cruz
12-17-2011, 01:27 PM
I'm currently serving in the army and over the last 2 years I have grown fond of lifting and having a goal of becoming stronger.
In the recent months I had a run in where my mass gain plans went a little overboard and was flagged for being overweight( small neck). Needless to say this led to my irrelevant to my current stance where I will focus more on the oly lifts as its more technical and I can progress with out a real need to eat my brains out. I come to this conclusion as a big portion of the lifts comes down to technique. The added bonus also being being that all the pulling exercises will help develop the neck trap area which will make it easier to pass tape.
So anyways, my question id has anyone had any experiences training with the oly lifts while also having to focus some time on keeping a decent run time.*
*Currently im doing thinking if diing the intermediate program out Greg's book, and adding to two sprinyd and a run where ever can during the week.
Would it be best to separate workouts, say an AM and PM workout? I guess the main question how would you go about training to still keep enough cardio for the APFT 2 mile run but not adversely effect lift loads.
At the moment my lifts *are as followed:
Front squat: 235
Back squat : 315( low bar) will probably be moving to high bar next week*
Deadlift: 370
Bench: 225
C+j: 187
Snatch: 130, p. snatch 140