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Albert Bush
01-27-2012, 09:39 AM
Apologies if I'm not posting this in the right place. I was hoping someone could take a look at the 5-week program I have developed for myself and possibly provide feedback. I am a beginner and don't have any coaching credentials, so this programming is based on my own research. Any input would be much appreciated. I am currently working with a coach on the olympic lifts, but will be on my own in a couple weeks.

My goals are to develop proficiency in the olympic lifts and build strength, with a tertiary goal of general fitness. I've included some of my current numbers below as additional background. I realize they are weak and would probably suggest simpler programming, but I really enjoy the olympic lifts and would like to focus on them while I build the strength to do them well.

M, 36 years old, 6'0", 210lbs.
BS: 265 lbs. (3RM)
FS: 205 lbs.
Clean: 185 lbs.
Snatch: 115 lbs.
Strict press: 135 (3RM....a couple months ago)
Pull-ups: 13 (goal is 20 deadhangs)

One other note is that some of the programming is limited by the equipment I will have (no rower, rings, etc.).

Thanks in advance for any input.


Albert Bush
01-27-2012, 09:46 AM
Sorry, forgot to mention loading. I plan to start between 65-75% of my 1RM generally for each exercise, but will try to increase 5-15% each week. I figure that makes sense for someone with my level of proficiency/strength