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Derek Simonds
03-13-2007, 05:41 PM
Day One! There I was in the jungle naked and covered in motor oil and through the distance I could hear the natives drums and they were restless.

Actually day one went really well other than I feel like a stuffed pig from all the eating. Here are my vital stats for benchmarking

36 YOM, 6' 1", 185.5 LB's, Orangutan Arms with a 79" wing spread
BF % from an Ironman scale is 8.6% on athletic and 16.1% on normal person. I know that they are both wrong. My best WAG is around 12% I can see my abs but they are not standing out looking ripped and the only area on my entire body with any extra fat is right on my belly.

I am doing the mass gain program from the Performance Menu. The food is a combination of several things but mainly large amounts of clean food with a low carb leaning on off days. I try to stay close to Paleo but usually don't quite make it. I will weigh in once a week and keep the log updated to see how things work.

5:30 1/2 Trioplex Bar, Propel
8:00 3 eggs scrambled, slice of ham, 1 wheat and nut pancake
10:00 other 1/2 Trioplex Bar
12:00 4 oz lean turkey, 4 oz lo fat cottage cheese, 4 oz watermelon, 2 oz egg salad
3:00 ABB Blue Thunder RTD
6:00 1/2 BCAA
6:50 1/2 BCAA
6:50 Cell Mass Creatine
7:00 16 boiled shrimp, 4 oz rice, big salad, 2 oz green peas

6 x 6 FS 90 LB's no problem felt good worked form not light but easily do-able
6 X 6 Press 70 LB's same as above really worked shoulder activation
6, 6, 6, 3, 3, 4 Chins a lot harder than the above could have done more sets 4 and 5
AB Circuit with S/U GHD, BE, Knees to Elbow and PU 10 minutes I was sweating hard at the end. Everything felt good nothing was tight no worries.

Derek Simonds
03-15-2007, 06:57 AM
Day Two

6:45 Cell Mass Creatine
6:45 2 Activa Lights with 2 tbsp flaxseed, 3 scrambled eggs
9:50 4 oz beef jerky, banana
12:30 4 oz lean turkey, 4 oz lo fat cottage cheese, 4 oz watermelon, 2 oz egg salad
4:00 4 oz lean turkey, 4 oz lo fat cottage cheese, 4 oz watermelon, 2 oz egg salad
5:45 started drinking 32 oz powerade
6:00 1/2 BCAA
8:45 1/2 BCAA
8:45 Fininshed 32 oz powerade, 16 oz lo fat choclate milk
9:30 chicken breast, 4oz squash casserole, 3 oz fettuccine JoAnne

6:30 - 7:30 Fundamentals kept heart rate low focused on streching and movement worked with 2 beginners during drills
7:30 - 8:45 Advanced 25 minutes light conditioning, 1 technique gi trap to armlock and 45 minutes of grappling. Once again tried to keep my heart rate down but didn't succeed. Good matches rolled with a huge dude who I couldn't get both hands around his biceps if I wanted to, worked position and transition. almost pulled a triangle from the guard but his neck was so thick I couldn't close it tight enough, used the triangle to sweep and ended up in the mount. Changed partners worked on my 100 Kilo position and landed 2 subs with keylocks, 4th match with a wiry guy who has dominated me in the past, same thing as first match worked transitions and position felt really comfortable and ended up with a clean guard pass to side control right before time expired.

Looking back I only ate 5 meals plus one chocolate milk and I dont think that is enough.

Derek Simonds
03-16-2007, 06:16 AM
Day 3 (I am changing from spelling the number out now so I don't have to type day forty two)

6:45 cell mass creatine
6:45 activa light 1 tbsp flaxseed, 1/4 kashi go lean, 3 eggs
8:45 blue thunder RTD
10:15 chicken breast, 4oz squash casserole, 3 oz fettuccine JoAnne
12:00 cell mass creatine
12:45 baked potato plain, chilli
3:00 trioplex bar
6:00 1 3/4 oz peanuts
7:45 1 BCAA
8:00 3oz lasagna, 7 oz ground turkey, 1 really small piece of garlic bread

11:00 to 12:15 No-Gi
Warmup was running and stretching instructor was taking it easy on us. Worked on one technique a bicep crush. Wrestled 3, 8 minutes matches.

In the first match I worked my position and transition game ended up with the guy in closed guard and went on the attack. I faked an armbar a couple of times and landed a triangle. It wasn't too deep and as I was working it I tweaked my knee pulling it in. No big deal. I got the triangle locked down and got the submission.

Next match with a guy that had to be 250 plus and he had an amazing top game. He submitted me twice in 8 minutes once with an elbow lock that is still sore this morning.

Third match with a guy I roll with pretty often he is a blue belt and has a great technical game. He had me in side control I rolled into him going for the hip escape and he went for an armbar. I grabbed my own arm across my chest and he was wrenching on it trying to extend my arm. I faked like I was going to pull really hard to escape and when he pulled back again I bridged and rolled right across the top of him. Unfortunately in the scramble I landed on my shin funny and felt some major pain go through my knee. I iced it down when I got home last night and did not work out. If it feels ok I will hit the weights tonight.

Derek Simonds
03-17-2007, 10:42 AM
Day 4

6:45 cell mass creatine
6:45 activa light 2 tbsp flaxseed, 1/4 kashi go lean, 3 eggs
8:45 trioplex bar
10:45 blue thunder recovery
12:45 cell mass creatine
12:45 6" turkey, ham, roast beef on whole wheat
3:45 6" turkey, ham, roast beef on whole wheat
6:00 1/2 bcaa
7:00 1/2 bcaa
7:30 7 oz grilled salmon, lima beans, broccoli, 2 0z of spagettini, small slice of apple pie

My knee is definitely tweaked talked to my sister the doctor and she recommended that I take it easy. I tried 1 push press (hurt like he##) and decided that it was straight press all the way.

6 X 6 Press 85 lb's
3 X 6 med grip Pull Ups
6 X 6 incline press 95 lb's
abs and back circuit

Derek Simonds
03-18-2007, 11:19 AM
Day 5 Saturday an actual rest day

No workout of any kind today. I bought a soft knee support to see if it helps with my knee and it feels pretty good. I am helping a family our church knows move this morning but I am going to take it easy. Most moves I participate in I turn into some sort of competition. Not today!

6:45 cell mass creatine
6:45 activa light 2 tbsp flaxseed, 1/4 kashi go lean, 3 eggs
8:30 4 oz egg, potato, ham casserole (courtesy of one of the ladies in our Sunday school class)
9:30 pure protein bar
10:30 4 oz beef jerky
1:00 cell mass creatine
1:00 organic peanut butter, strawberry jelly on 2 pieces whole grain bread
4:00 1 BCAA's
4:00 Derek's protein shake 2 scoops whey, skim milk, ice, yogurt, organic peanut butter and flaxseed
8:00 ceasar salad light dressing, 8 oz sirloin, broccoli (Outback) 2 rum and diets

Derek Simonds
03-19-2007, 12:35 PM
Day 6 Sunday

6:45 cell mass creatine
6:45 activa light 2 tbsp flaxseed, 1/4 kashi go lean
8:30 Banana at JR's meet
9:45 M and M's (I know there was nothing else to eat at the meet)
1:00 ceasar salad, grilled salmon, risotto and spinach
4:00 cell mass creatine
4:00 1/2 BCAA
4:00 blue thunder mass gain
5:30 1/2 BCAA
7:30 chicken breast, broccoli
9:45 1 and 1/2 scoops protein with water

4:15 Workout

Deadlift Hi Pull 6 X 6 120 LB's These were a lot harder than I had imagined. in the beginning I was nursing my knee and not using explosive force. The last couple of sets I really worked on exploding and it felt much better.

Push Pull Circuit
5 X 3 ring dips / 3 X 3 alternating grip pull ups
6 X 6 bench press 95 LB's, 30 LB's DB Row

Abs Back Circuit
Sit Ups
Back Extensions
L Sits

Derek Simonds
03-19-2007, 07:11 PM
Day 7 Monday

6:45 cell mass creatine
6:45 activa light 2 tbsp flaxseed, 1/4 kashi crunch
7:45 1 1/2 scoops whey protein water
11:00 1 chicken breast, broccoli, multi grain bread
12:30 cell mass creatine
12:30 trioplex bar
2:45 1 chicken breast, broccoli, multi grain bread
4:45 4 oz sirloin jerky
6:30 started drinking 32oz powerade
8:45 16 oz reduced fat chocolate milk
10:00 4 oz ground turkey, cantelope

6:30 to 8:45 BJJ
Great classes tonight. Wrestled with a guy tonight and managed 6 different submissions from side control or full guard. I didn't use the same sub twice and really worked to flow with him, I even pointed out when I could have used a submission I had already caught him with. Than I wrestled with the really big guy from last week still couldn't submit him, and man if he ever learns how to move he is going to be unstoppable. Finished the night wrestling with the highest blue belt on the mat. Him and I have wrestled several times lately in fact I tweaked my knee escaping an armbar from him on Thursday. I managed to get side control and worked for 2 different subs he defended both nicely and I learned from his technique. He also paid me a real nice compliment when we got done telling me how far I have progressed. Nights like this certainly make you want to go more often

Derek Simonds
03-20-2007, 01:55 PM
Day 8 Tuesday morning weigh in

Jumped on the scale with thoughts of at least 1 lb gain. Imagine my dismay when I looked down and saw the numbers. I am down 3 LB's

182.6 LB's
10.1% BF on athletic 17.5% on normal

I tried to keep everything the same as when I weighed in last week Tuesday morning both weigh ins were after grappling Monday night. I might have been more dehydrated today but I don't think so.

1) My diet must have been worse than what I thought for the last year.
2) I feel like I am eating more food but it is certainly good to clean food.
3) My best guess is that I need to up my total calories and possibly add more carbohydrates.

Allen Yeh
03-21-2007, 03:46 AM
Day 8 Tuesday morning weigh in

Jumped on the scale with thoughts of at least 1 lb gain. Imagine my dismay when I looked down and saw the numbers. I am down 3 LB's

182.6 LB's
10.1% BF on athletic 17.5% on normal

I tried to keep everything the same as when I weighed in last week Tuesday morning both weigh ins were after grappling Monday night. I might have been more dehydrated today but I don't think so.

1) My diet must have been worse than what I thought for the last year.
2) I feel like I am eating more food but it is certainly good to clean food.
3) My best guess is that I need to up my total calories and possibly add more carbohydrates.

1)It usually turns out that way
2)According to your log it seems that way
3)I'd play with adding more fat before the carbs.

Another thing is were you eating more carbs prior to when you started doing this mass gain thing?

Derek Simonds
03-22-2007, 06:12 PM
Allen thanks for the feedback. I need to figure out how to add more fat into my diet. I will research and post as I figure it out. I have started taking my fish oil again and have significantly upped my intake. I need to find some fish oil in liquid form I can take. My other thought is adding olive oil to my shakes.

Day 8 Tuesday

6:45 1/2 cell mass creatine
6:45 1 cup of kashi crunch with low fat milk, light yogurt
8:30 blue thunder mass recovery
9:45 4 oz ground turkey, broccoli
11:30 4 oz ground turkey, asparagus
1:30 chicken breast, spagettini, carrots
3:30 4 oz ground turkey, asparagus
5:30 started drinking 32 oz powerade
7:45 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk
9:00 something for dinner

5:00 5 X 6 Chinups I bought a dip and chin up station for my office. I figured that I would get in my chin ups before I got home so that I would only have to do the squats and presses. Didn't work out that way as my knee was too sore.

6:30 No-Gi BJJ
Great workout rolled half guard drill with Fabio and he rolled on my bad knee I went down and hurt really bad. Amazingly it doesn't hurt when rolling as long as I don't twist it. I rolled with 2 different guys and pulled off 6 submissions. I landed an omoplata, keylock, choke, armbar, keylock, and I think a rear naked choke. Unfortunately my knee doesn't feel good at all with any sideways movement.:mad: It looks like I am going to need to take a couple of days completely off to let my knee heal.

Derek Simonds
03-22-2007, 06:19 PM
Day 9 Wednesday

4:00 yep thats early 1/2 cell mass creatine
4:00 1 BCAA
5:00 Apple
5:00 Banana
8:00 everything bagel with turkey
9:45 banana
1:45 4 oz beef jerky, peanuts
4:00 zone bar
4:00 - 10:00 drinking
5:00 dolphin fingers, buffalo shrimp, conch fritters
9:45 12 oz filet mignon, ceasar salad, huge baked potato

Rest day!
Got up flew from MCO to PHL for a meeting in New Jersey. My driver got lost on the way to the meeting so I was 45 minutes late. Which caused my meeting to run over 45 minutes and I got back to the airport at 1:15 for a 1:20 flight. I ran through security and made it to the plane at 1:22 and I got on. Flew to Fort Lauderdale with the president of the company I work for and had fun while we did our strategic planning. If you ever want to know if there is money out there to be had just go to a large marina. looking at those yachts lets you know all the money you ever could want is out there you just have to go get it.

Derek Simonds
03-22-2007, 06:23 PM
Day 10 Thursday

8:00 Water, aspirin, fish oil
1:45 chicken tenders, chicken cheese steak double meat no bread
6:45 Chocolate chimp with double protein planet smoothie
8:00 1 BCAA
8:00 1/2 cell mass creatine

8:00 Workout
6 X 6 Press 90 Lb's
2 X 5 pull ups, 4 X 5 chin ups
6 X 6 105 LB's bench

Another travel day got home at 8:00 and worked out. Just don't feel like eating anything else.

Derek Simonds
03-26-2007, 07:51 AM
Day 11 Friday

6:45 cell mass creatine
6:45 1/2 BCAA
6:45 kashi go lean crunch with milk
6:45 1 1/2 scoops protein / water
9:45 blue thunder RTD
12:00 double meat steak on wheat 6" subway
5:45 1/2 bcaa
5:45 1 scoop protein / water
6:45 1/2 chicken nachos
9:00 red snapper filet blackened

Workout Marco Island Hilton Hotel Gym
Incline 6 X 6 machine 140 lb's
3 X 10 25 lb hammer curls
3 X 10 25 lb curls
3 X 10 120 lb pull down
3 X 10 70 lb tricep pushdown

Derek Simonds
03-26-2007, 07:59 AM
Day 12 Saturday

8:00 cell mass creatine
8:00 1/2 BCAA
8:30 yogurt, pears, tangerines, pineaplle, fresh granola, 2 egg beater ommelette with cheese, ham and bacon, potatos
10:30 zone bar
2:00 double cheeseburger, small fry on way back from meet
6:30 ceasar salad, filet mignon, lobster, baby asparagus, mushrooms, 2 glasses red wine (sons birthday dinner unfortunately I wasn't more specific with the concierge and we ended up at a really nice place , more so than a 7 year old needs for his birthday)

Rest Day
Spent the morning at a gymnastics meet than headed back to the beach and pool. I highly reccomend the Hilton on Marco Island to anyone looking for an incredible get a way.

Derek Simonds
03-27-2007, 08:56 AM
Day 13 Sunday Travel and Rest Day

8:45 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
9:00 2 egg beater omelette w/ bacon, ham, cheese, potatoes, oatmeal
11:30 1/2 ceasar salad, 6 oysters rockefeller
2:00 handful of chips and salsa cruising Naples on the boat
3:30 4 0z beef jerky, 3 oz trail mix
6:30 pure protein bar
8:00 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
8:00 2 chicken tenders

Derek Simonds
03-27-2007, 12:31 PM
Day 14 Monday

6:15 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
7:15 kashi go lean crunch, lofat milk, 1 1/2 scoops whey protein and water
11:30 4 oz turkey, 4 oz cottage cheese, 2 oz egg salad
2:30 4 oz turkey, 4 oz cottage cheese, 2 oz egg salad
5:00 recovery drink 260 calories, 56 grams protein
7:00 side salad, 7 oz steak, 4 oz shrimp, small piece of bday cake for my daughter
9:00 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA

6 X 6 85 LB's Press
5 X 6 chinups
6 X 6 110 LB's Bench
6 X 10 Hyper Extensions

My knee is still awful stiff and I am going to go a couple of more days with no leg lifting to see how it heals.

I thought I was going to BJJ during the day so I didn't add any abs. Ended up not being able to go during the day so no classes yesterday. After my daughters birthday party I watched some drills on DVD.

Derek Simonds
03-27-2007, 12:38 PM
Day 15 Tuesday Weigh In

186.6 LB's
11% BF on Athletic 17% on Normal

I am back to where I started plus 1 pound!

I don't think that I have gained or lost any weight over the last 2 weeks. My last weigh in I was down 3 LB's and the big difference is that I did not grapple for 2 hours last night. Robb made a great point that a fluctuation of a couple of pounds is easily accounted for with depletion of glycogen stores and dehydration.

I am really looking forward to getting back to some leg work by the end of this week.

Derek Simonds
03-27-2007, 06:17 PM
Day 15 Tuesday

7:00 cell mass creatine 1/2 BCAA
7:00 kashi go lean crunch lo fat milk
9:45 recovery drink
11:00 4 oz turkey, 4 oz cottage cheese, 2 oz egg salad
1:00 6 oz smoked turkey, 1 slice texas toast, some fries, baked beans (took an employee to lunch)
3:30 more turkey
5:45 6 oz steak
6:30 start drinking 20 oz gatorade
8:00 cliff bar, 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk
8:30 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
9:45 kashi go lean crunch lo fat milk

6:30 - 8:00 No Gi BJJ
Great workout tonight. Practiced arm triangle from side control. Drilled 2 minute side control drill guy on top submit only, guy on bottom escape or pass only. When either happens reset and start again.

Rolled with 4 guys tonight. I cramped up bad in my forearms in the 3rd match. First 2 matches got 4 submissions, RNC, Triangle, keylock and something else. Last 2 matches both with guys a lot more experienced and no subs for me or them really worked on flowing. I managed a couple of really cool escapes. Twice I was caught in bad positions and let them try to go with an armbar and rolled out of it. Felt real good tonight other than the cramps. I find that in No Gi I use a lot more grip strength than when I roll Gi.

I don't know why but I jumped on the scale tonight when I got home and I was 189 after eating all day and grappling. It will be interesting to see my weight in the morning.

Derek Simonds
03-28-2007, 02:24 PM
Day 16 Wednesday

5:45 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
6:45 kashi go lean crunch, lo fat milk
7:30 banana
9:45 recovery drink
11:00 chicken breast, 3 oz mushroom pasta
2:00 6 oz turkey breast
4:00 6 oz steak, apple
6:30 started on 32 oz powerade
8:50 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk, cliff bar, water
9:30 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
10:00 chicken breast, wheat tortilla with moz cheese

My knee feels pretty good today even after grappling last night. It is definitely not right yet but getting there.

6 X 6 85 lb's push press
4 X 6 pull ups almost up to 6 reps across from there watch out weighted here I come
6 X 6 105 lb's incline
3 X 10 155 lb's SGDL (I wanted to get in some additional legs and back but am still worried about the knee)
3 X 10 back extensions

6:30 to 7:30 Fundamentals, good class worked with the biggest guy in the class on bear hug defense and Gi collar chokes. My neck is sore.

7:30 t 8:45 Advanced, must have been Gi choke night worked another choke from open guard where you reach under the neck grab collar and squeeze in with your other elbow. Painful. Actual grappling was different tonight we lined up 2 across and went for 3 minutes at a time with 1 minutes break switched partners and went again. Non stop for 30 minutes it was intense. I ended up wrestling every blue belt on the mat. I landed a couple of subs and got caught in a vicious omoplata by a guy named Vanderlei. Great night of training.

Derek Simonds
03-30-2007, 07:51 AM
Day 17 Thursday

7:00 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
7:00 kashi go lean crunch lo fat milk
8:15 banana
9:00 apple
9:30 recovery drink
10:30 chicken breast, 3 oz mushroom pasta
12:45 1/2 steak on a strip, 5 shrimp, chicken leg, black beans, white rice
2:45 1/2 steak on a strip, chicken breast, red beans, white rice
4:45 chicken breast, apple
6:30 started drinking 32 oz powerade
8:00 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk, 8 oz coke (yep thats the a full strength coke), cliff bar
9:00 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA

6:30 No Gi grappling
I actually thought about not going tonight because I am overly sore and have a private in the morning. I went and decided that I would take it easy rolling. Technique was a toe-hold and a rolling toe-hold. Both are illegal for black belt and below with a Gi. Grappling rolled 4 8 minute matches and there was only one other guy that went all 4. Both the 3rd and 4th match I rolled with a guy who had rested the last time. I landed a RNC, missed a guillotine, and several armbar, keylock combinations. I got caught with a RNC and an armbar that ended up as a neck crank. I had plenty of endurance my muscles just failed me. I was never gassed but I had a serious case of forearm pump. In the last match I passed guard and moved into side control, 100k man and I couldn't even put pressure on the body because my biceps and forearms were spent.

My lower left rib cage is very sensitive but my knee is feeling great.

Derek Simonds
03-30-2007, 08:28 AM
Day 18 Friday

6:45 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
6:45 1 1/2 scoop protein, water
7:30 1/2 kashi bar
9:00 other 1/2 kashi bar
10:30 32 oz planet smoothie protein chocolate chimp

8:30 Private with Brian
I wanted to focus on a couple of challenges
1) 1/2 guard
2) escape from side control
3) submissions from guard

1/2 guard the major breakthrough came when I realized that I need to hook my inside leg outside and triangle it. Once I understood that I was able to secure my half guard a lot.

We worked a pass from 1/2 guard when you are on top here are the steps.
1) pin free leg to body to prevent them from moving
2) post inside leg and walk up as close to their rear as you can
3) push their knee to the mat opposite of your body
4) slide your inside knee onto their stomach
5) gain your base and keep pressure on them
6) push with your knee on their belly into their leg to free your trapped leg
7) swing your trapped leg as far back and over your body as you can to gain solid side control
8) suck in and transition to 100k man

We worked a sweep from 1/2 guard when you are on the bottom
1) drive elbow to the mat
2) swim opposite hand under neck until you gain the shoulder
3) swim hand from step 1 to same shoulder
4) push with both hands on shoulder to create space (think frame)
5) immediately shrimp hips away
6) grab belt with opposite hand
7) grab hamstring with first hand
8) grab other hamstring with opposite hand, from belt to hamstring
9) scoot down tuck head get good control, play with their balance
10) pull elbow of first hand to belly fast and shove back under arch between floor and foot
11) bend arm at a 90 degree to bring their foot to your other hand grab foot and hold
12) bring triangle to the middle
13) catch their leg with your triangle foot and extend to make their base linear and easier to topple
14) push against them to get them to resist
15) once they resist take their movement and roll completely over them
16) don't let go of them when you roll land with their knee up to their chest and sprawl
17) fight to maintain position once you have it begin transition to side control

We worked positional escapes from side control
1) both arms inside
2) bump and create space
3) touch knee to elbow
4) control one opposite arm and push back and extend body
5) slip leg through for full guard

I liked this and have been working it the key mistake I have been making is not pushing with the leg and extending my body. Doing those 2 items allows you to create more space to feed your leg through.

We worked 2 submissions from guard collar choke and elbow lock. The collar choke sets up so many different moves and allows you to control the direction of the attack. Here are the steps for the choke.

Gi Choke from guard
1) grab lapel with hand loosen it up
2) feed other hand inside palm down so you can push or pull
3) feed lapel into hand and pull tight until blade of wrist is on the artery
4) get a grip and pull elbow to hip to lock opponent
5) feed first hand palm up under other arm and grab as deep as you can palm up
6) roll towards side where you elbow is touching your hip and lock your elbow to the mat
7) choke

Elbow lock from guard
1) thread the needle with arm through their arm
2) pass your hand across your face and grab your own shoulder
3) post foot on same side and their arm and shrimp hips way out
4) while shrimping place your other hand on top of your elbow so that both are on top of their elbow
5) bring your posting foot to their hip bend your elbow to the top of their arm and pull down

The key to this lock is speed and to get their hand trapped behind your ear in the 2nd step

Derek Simonds
04-02-2007, 09:35 AM
Day 18 Friday Continued

12:30 1 slice multi grain loaded with ham, turkey, 1 slice of cheese
2:30 some more meat, some cheese and a couple of reduced fat triscuits
5:30 handful trail mix
7:30 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
7:30 steak, wild rice big salad, 1 small slice of the kids pizza (couldn't resist)
9:30 1 1/2 scoops protein and water

My rib is killing me! No abs and pullups because of the pain. The squats felt great.
6 X 6 90 lb's FS a2a nice and deep and slow
6 X 6 110 lb's bench
3 X 10 70 lb's bent over BB rows
3 X 10 BE's

Derek Simonds
04-02-2007, 09:40 AM
Day 19 Saturday

6:30 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
7:00 1 pancake with sugar free syrup at a pancake breakfast my son was working. I really didn't enjoy it at all. I did it for my son.
7:45 slim fast protein from 7 - 11
9:45 trail mix
12:30 1 potato skin, 10 wings with blue cheese
3:00 some more crap
7:00 garlic chicken from chinese restraunt
9:30 1 1/2 scoop protein and water
9:30 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA

What a whirlwind of a day. Pancake breakfast with son, T-ball with my daughter, grand opening of Crossfit Evolution went to see it, lunch with entire family at wing house, rest of the day working on the boat to get it ready for fishing trip Sunday.

Derek Simonds
04-02-2007, 10:05 AM
Day 20 Sunday

5:45 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
6:30 blue thunder recovery drink
9:30 beef jerky
12:30 1 1/2 PBJ (at least it was on whet bread)
2:30 lots of peanuts
7:00 salad, big ole steak, shrimp and some sauteed mushrooms
8:00 small slice of kids b-day cake and ice cream
9:00 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA

Here is a picture of my son carb loading at 6:30 AM on the way to the boat ramp

Will repost when I resize

I prepped and worked on the boat and fishing gear many hours on Saturday for our trip Sunday. Unfortunately we were about 9 miles offshore and the starboard engine decided it wanted to have an electrical failure. Crap! The day is not lost the seas are only 3 - 5 and its beautiful. Lets make the most of it and do some snapper fishing. We used light tackle and caught Mangroves and Red Snappers. Brought some Mangroves home and I will be eating them for dinner Monday night.

Here is me with my rally cap on reeling in a red snapper. My brother in law is the disembodied arm sticking the mangrove snapper into the picture. I wish I had a picture later of the snapper.

Will repost when I resize

I am going to the doctor on Monday for sure. My rib isn't getting any better.

Derek Simonds
04-02-2007, 10:06 AM
Just crap I forgot to resize the pictures. I will fix them later.

Derek Simonds
04-04-2007, 01:41 PM
Day 21 Monday

6:45 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
7:45 blue thunder recovery drink
10:00 chicken
12:30 baked potato, chili, 4 chicken nuggets
3:30 steak
6:30 garlic chicken
9:00 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA

6 X 6 90 LB FS
6 X 6 75 LB press
6 X 6 35 LB DB Row

Derek Simonds
04-04-2007, 06:17 PM
Day 22 Tuesday I really have to fix the sizing on those pictures!

Weigh In:
I have two weights for todays entry. I was weighed at the doctors office last night 194 lb's in clothes no shoes and 6' 1 1/2"

My normal Tuesday morning weigh in
189.2 LB's
9% BF on athletic, 17.1% BF on regular

5:00 blue thunder
6:00 banana
10:45 zone bar
12:45 8 nuggets, chicken on wheat some waffle fries (chik-fil-a)
3:30 beer at the Masters
4:00 - 8:00 snacks and more beer
8:30 slab of ribs, 6 smoked wings, habenero sauce, cole slaw

Met up with a business partner at 6:00 this morning flew to Macon GA for a meeting, closed the deal and he said lets go to the Masters. Holy Crap! He had tickets from another company we do business with. Flew in his plane to Augusta parked with about 60 other private jets and went to watch practice. It was pretty cool walking the course. It is prettier in person than it is on TV.


My diet has been off the last couple of days as I have been feeling pretty crappy about my busted rib and scapula problem. Deal with it big boy.

Derek Simonds
04-04-2007, 06:24 PM
Day 23 Wednesday

4:45 blue thunder
6:00 diet coke
8:00 1/2 tortilla with egg and bacon. It was disgusting.
10:00 zone bar
1:00 2 grilled tuna steaks, some salad w/ oil and vinegar, steamed brocolli
4:00 zone bar
7:30 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
8:30 cell mass creatine
9:15 whole wheat and peanut butter sandwich (Yippee)

6 X 6 90 LB's Push Press
3 X 10 45 LB DB Shrugs
3 X 10 Scapula Push Ups
6 X 6 115 LB Bench
6 X 6 65 LB Overhead Shrug (felt kind of goofy)
3 X 10 85 Lb Bent Over Rows

Good workout need to determine set, rep weight scheme for back work. I will be adding that in to every workout from now on. No p/u's or ab work since last week Wednesday. I am hoping to be able to do some this weekend. Will need to see how the ribs are fairing.

Derek Simonds
04-06-2007, 01:28 PM
Day 24 Thursday

6:45 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
7:00 kashi go lean crunch, lo fat milk
8:30 apple
9:00 banana
11:00 blue thunder recovery drink
1:15 baked potato, side ceasar, small chilli
3:00 tri-o-plex bar
7:30 16 0z lo fat chocolate milk
8:30 cell mass creatine

No Gi
6:30 - 7:45
We worked attack chains from the gaurd. Opponent started with both hands on hips and you go inside his arms and in front of your legs and sweep his hands off.

1) When his hands hit the ground you immediately go for a kimura
2) When he defends the kimura by straightening out his arm transition into a straight arm elbow lock like I learned in my private last friday
3) If the guy is really strong and turns his elbow into you so that you can't get the elbow lock you reach out and grab the sleeve of his other arm. You pull the sleeve forward shoot your leg through and go for the triangle. You can really sink it deep.
4) If they fight off number 3 by blocking your knee than move to an armbar. The way to do this is to shoot the leg over their head and curl their head to your butt and apply the lock pressure on the elbow by pressing down with your hips.

In grappling I had a lot of fun I landed an arm triangle for the first time, a leg triangle and some other submission with a lower level guy. Next match I rolled with a senior guy and he was positionally dominating me I was working from under side control and really trying to escape. He kept me locked up for the first part of the match. I finally pulled guard and was working to try and get in a position for a sub when he reached back with one arm. As soon as he did I threw the leg over for the triangle got it and had to reach up with my hand pull my foot forward and roll into the choke. I finally got him under control and pulled his head down to finish. First time i have ever caught a senior guy in a triangle.

Last roll was with a blue belt from Brazil who is a really great guy. We worked on several different moves and he even stayed after class and showed me some things. No submissions for either of us but he is such a smooth roller it is a pleasure to learn from him.

Derek Simonds
04-06-2007, 01:40 PM
Day 25 Friday

6:30 NO Shotgun creatine, BCAA and NO, first day with this stuff and it takes like crap!
7:15 kashi go lean crunch, lo fat milk, flaxseed
8:00 apple
9:30 blue thunder
11:00 tri-o-plex
1:30 2 slices pizza
3:45 slimfast
6:00 1 1/2 protein with water
7:45 lot of tuna salad on a 1/2 piece of rye toast, couple of chips, and a landshark lager
9:30 3 pieces yellow tail sashimi, florida roll, 2 kirin lights with the wife

Open Mat
Worked out with Steve 3 stripe purple who basically worked me in side control for 20 minutes. He got a collar choke that was pretty sneaky and I will practice. He reached up with his bottom arm and grabbed the Gi at my shoulder than reached behind the top of my head and grabbed the back of my Gi. At this point he pulled hi hand up and over shoved the forearm in between the chin and choked. Spent about an hour rolling and was toasted showered up and went back to work.

75 lb barbell complex 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 with 90 seconds of rest
DL, RDL, Power Cleans, PP, BS, Good Mornings
I liked this complex a lot. I could see working up to 95 lb's and that being fairly challenging

6 X 6 120 lb Bench
3 X 10 45 lb db shrug
3 X 10 24 lb over head shrug
6 X 6 115 lb bb dl with shrug each time
3 X 10 25 lb db curl

Eva Claire Synkowski
04-06-2007, 02:06 PM
Met up with a business partner at 6:00 this morning flew to Macon GA for a meeting, closed the deal and he said lets go to the Masters. Holy Crap! He had tickets from another company we do business with. Flew in his plane to Augusta parked with about 60 other private jets and went to watch practice. It was pretty cool walking the course. It is prettier in person than it is on TV.

man do i wish i closed that deal. so jealous.

Derek Simonds
04-06-2007, 02:17 PM
Once in a lifetime chance. You got to go if you get a chance.

Derek Simonds
04-08-2007, 06:23 PM
Day 26 Saturday

8:00 No Shotgun
8:15 Banana
8:30 kashi go lean crunch
9:30 20 oz accelerade
11:00 tri-o-plex bar
11:15 2 scoops protein, pnut butter, 1tbsp udo flaxseed oil, 16 oz milk
12:00 huge salad with oil and vinegar, meat
3:00 snack
6:00 wahoo sashimi, wahoo cerviche, wahoo fried with yucca root, green beans, mashed potato's
8:00 no shotgun

Rode for the first time since June of last year with my sister today. She is training for a couple of triathlons coming up soon. She said why don't you take the lead on the way out since you haven't rode in a while. My what a generous sister I have to let me lead the pace line into a freaking 20 mph NW wind for the first 10 miles. Aargh she got me good.

All in all the ride felt really good. 20.3 miles, 143 bpm avg, 14.3 mph, 1090 kcal. Oooph that was a lot of calories. I plan on one long ride a week building up to my race in September.

Yep I took a nappy nap nap! I was exhausted.

Derek Simonds
04-08-2007, 06:28 PM
Day 27 Sunday

The Easter Bunny brought me 3 BJJ DVD's!

6:45 No Shotgun lots of water
11:30 Huge salad, smoked turkey, green beans, sweet potato, couple bites of macaroni and cheese, couple of french fries
3:00 2 scoops protein, peanut butter, 16 oz lo fat milk, flaxseed oil
6:00 a lot of ham, corn, asparagus, small amount of mashed potato's

Allen Yeh
04-08-2007, 06:32 PM
How is the weight gain going?

How are the injuries?

Derek Simonds
04-09-2007, 02:42 PM
Day 28 Monday

Normally I weigh in on Tuesdays but today because Allen asked here are the details. I will weigh in on Tuesday so that I will keep everything the same with the other results. I grapple for 2 1/2 hours on Monday and I think that it impacts my weight.

Drum Roll Please!
192.3 LB's and 9% BF on athletic and 17% BF on normal
28 days and 7 LB's with the same BF percentages as when I started. I think I could up the CHO and probably speed up the weight gain but I am plenty happy with the overall progress.

Injury Report
Last week was a doozy. I wasn't going to train but decided to go Thursday and Friday. Friday night I am at dinner with my wife (second date of the evening :D) and she looks at me and says your face is all busted up. I decided to go easy and ended up with a black eye, bruise right in the middle of my forehead and another bruise middle of my cheek. I got a pretty good chuckle out of it. My knee feels absolutely wonderful ever since I added 5 - 10 fish oil caps per day. My rib hurts like a bear especially when I laugh. My face isn't killing me I know, I know, it's killing you ha ha. All in all its going pretty good.

6 X 6 80 LB Press
6 X 6 95 LB FS (I am up to the big boy plates woo hoo)
6 X 6 120 LB Bench
6 X 10 BE
5 X 10 45 LB DB Shrug
3 X 10 45 LB BB Overhead Shrug

I need to change up my back / scapula exercises. I haven't taken the time to plan them out yet and need to get that done before Wednesday.

Derek Simonds
04-10-2007, 11:03 AM
Day 28 Monday

6:00 No Shotgun
7:15 2 scoops protein 12 oz water
8:00 apple
8:30 banana
9:30 blue thunder recovery drink
12:30 smoked turkey, black eyed peas, baked beans
2:30 chicken, rice, black beans
4:30 banana
6:15 started drinking 32 oz powerade
8:45 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk
9:30 1/2 chicken breast, broccoli, small amount of pasta and red sauce

Allen Yeh
04-10-2007, 11:57 AM
Day 28 Monday

Drum Roll Please!
192.3 LB's and 9% BF on athletic and 17% BF on normal
28 days and 7 LB's with the same BF percentages as when I started. I think I could up the CHO and probably speed up the weight gain but I am plenty happy with the overall progress.

Awesome progress!

Derek Simonds
04-11-2007, 04:12 PM
Day 29 Tuesday

6:30 No Shotgun
6:45 2 scoops protein, water
7:30 banana
11:00 blue thunder
11:30 chik-fil-a, some fries
2:00 banana
2:00 apple
4:00 2 packages mixed nuts
4:45 tri-o-plex bar
7:45 10 oz sirloin, broccoli, ceasar salad, sweet potato

a couple of jack and diets with the boys in MI

Derek Simonds
04-11-2007, 04:30 PM
Day 30 Wednesday

6:45 No Shotgun
7:00 2 scoops protein
8:00 tri-o-plex
9:00 apple
11:30 double helping of turkey 1 slice of bread
2:00 beef jerky, trail mix
7:30 pork tenderloin, broccoli, mixed vegetables and ceasar salad

3 X 10 45 lb bb curl wide, narrow, normal grip
6 X 6 95 lb push press
6 X 6 125 lb bench
3 X 10 55 lb db shrug
3 X 10 40 lb db row
3 X 8 95 lb good morning
3 X 6 95 lb back squat
3 X 8 85 lb cable row

Derek Simonds
04-13-2007, 09:08 AM
Day 31 Thursday

7:45 No Shotgun
7:45 2 scoops protein, water
9:15 3 egg white, 1 egg, broccoli, turkey, provolone, mixed fruit
2:00 1/2 protein plus bar
2:00 1 oz beef jerky
3:30 Wendys potato, chili, 5 nuggets
7:00 3 yellow tail sashimi, 1 tuna sashimi, california roll
11:00 3 oz beef jerky, zone bar
1:00 cell mass creatine

I spent the last two days driving through a blizzard in Michigan. I started in Grand Rapids drove to Traverse City in a crazy blizzard with 4 people from our ad agency. They were totally freaking. Our flights out of Traverse got cancelled because a plane skidded off the runway the night before. Drove to Detroit to catch a flight and made it back super late last night.

Derek Simonds
04-15-2007, 10:47 AM
Day 32 Friday

I didn't get home until 1:30 from the blizzardy north last night. The kids wanted to see me before they left for school so up and at it.

6:45 No Shotgun
9:45 2 scoops protein, 1 tbsp flaxseed oil, peanut butter, yogurt
12:15 spaghetti, slice of cheese pizza
12:45 blue thunder recovery
3:00 tri-o-plex bar
6:00 2 scoops protein, water
8:45 antipasto, clam and corn chowder

6 X 6 115 lb sgbdl
6 X 6 115 incline bench
6 X 10 45 lb db shrug
6 X 5 chin ups, first chin ups since I broke my rib Yeah!
6 X 10 to the deck push ups
6 X 12 be
6 X 15 situps once again first full situps since rib injury

Great workout and I am looking forward to testing next week

Derek Simonds
04-15-2007, 10:50 AM
Day 32 Saturday

Fished in an offshore fishing tournament today. Weather was for crap. We went anyway and didn't do very well. We caught a ton of fish just nothing with any weight. All the fish we caught needed to be on the mass gain plan.

4:00 diet coke
10:00 - 12:00 some peanuts and beer (really good food huh)
12:00 half a hoagy sub bread with all the meat
2:00 zone bar
4:00 tri-o-plex bar
6:30 lots of sushi, sashimi and rolls

Derek Simonds
04-15-2007, 10:54 AM
Day 33 Sunday

7:00 No Shotgun
7:45 2 egg, 2 egg white, turkey, cheese omlette 1 small slice whole grain toast
10:00 2 scoops protein, 16 oz lo fat milk
1:15 2 slices whole wheat no sugar added bread, ton of chicken and 1 slice cheese, activa light yogurt
2:35 40 gram protein drink
5:45 salad and 5 chicken parmesan breast strips, it was a lot


Ran with my sister. 4 miles 35:30 in a brutal wind. Great day for a run. My legs and aerobic system felt great, ligaments specifcally my right ITB are overly sensitive when I haven't been training. Got home and iced immediately.

Derek Simonds
04-16-2007, 12:06 PM
Day 34 Monday

6:00 No Shotgun
7:00 activa light, kashi go lean crunch
7:45 turkey burger
8:30 apple
8:45 zone bar (I was starving)
9:45 banana
10:00 turkey burger (still starving)
12:30 trop chop, black beans, rice, double chicken
3:00 turkey burger (how much poultry can I eat in one day), banana
6:00 tri-o-plex bar, started drinking 32 oz powerade
9:30 chicken, sweet potato, broccoli

6 X 3 70 lb bb press
6 X 3 90 lb bb FS
6 X 10 45 lb db shrug
6 X 6 135 lb bench
6 X 2 25 lb weighted chin
6 X 17 situp
6 X 13 BE

Great beginners class. I am still nursing my ribs so I was going easy and ended up rolling 6 times. Unfortunately I was rolling with a guy that moves really fast and I went for his back and spun around him and hit a padded pole in the middle of the mat. Stupid move on my part. Hurt really bad. The worst part was that my knee hit the pole and my foot whipped around it. I think I probably strained something again. Doh!

Derek Simonds
04-18-2007, 08:55 AM
Day 36 Tuesday

Weigh In:
Well this sucks I lost all the weight I had put on. Probably because my diest wasn't the best last week on the road and I was rolling hard last night.

188.4 lb's 10.0% and 17.1% BF

6:45 No Shotgun
7:00 Kashi Go Lean

No - Gi
Another great class. We rolled fast and hard with several different drills. All out grappling but starting in rear control than starting in side control. I really enjoy working positional escapes. Based on the success I had with rear control I am going to focus on adding some additional techniques for taking the back.

Derek Simonds
04-22-2007, 06:08 PM
Day 37 Wednesday

4:00 leave for airport early morning flight to Birmingham
12:00 Grilled tuna, brocolli, 4 hush puppies man they were unbelievable
7:30 5 chicken tacos

Derek Simonds
04-22-2007, 06:09 PM
Day 38 Thursday

Second major travel day in a row. 4 hours sleep and heading out to Ft Lauderdale.

Derek Simonds
04-22-2007, 06:19 PM
Day 39 Friday

8:30 Steak and Eggs
10:45 Tri-o-plex
2:00 chicken sandwich, some fries
3:30 No Shotgun
4:30 2 scoops protein, water
6:30 appetizers at father daughter dance

Just in case anyone wants to see why I work out so hard. I am afraid that I will need all the size, skill and toughness I can muster when my little princess starts dating.


This is right before we headed out to the dance. Best of times

Workout Testing Day Today

Lift, Old PR, New PR
SN, 75, 85
CLN, 115, 145 (75% BW)
Press, 115, 120

I also tested bench at the end
BN, 185, 200

Derek Simonds
04-22-2007, 06:23 PM
Day 40 Saturday

7:00 No Shotgun
8:00 2 Scoops protein, water
9:00 apple, banana
11:30 chicken, black beans, rice
3:00 turkey
6:30 shrimp, ceasar salad, turkey,

First swim of the year.
4 X 100 average pace technique was a little off but no problem
2 X 200 good pacing tech a little rusty

Derek Simonds
04-22-2007, 06:28 PM
Day 41 Sunday

7:30 No Shotgun
7:45 Kashi go lean
9:00 snack
11:30 2 turkey, gatorade
2:30 shrimp, turkey, ceasar salad
6:15 beef jerky, peanuts
8:30 chicken, black beans, small amount of linguine my wife made


25 miles 1:32 rolling hills and one huge bridge with my sister the hammer. On the way out we were riding with the wind and averaging big numbers on the way back about 6 miles out the wheels started coming off for me. My back was cramping, foot cramping, and my legs were running out of gas. Oh well still not bad for second ride of the year.

Derek Simonds
04-23-2007, 06:07 PM
Day 42 Monday

6:00 No Shotgun, water
7:00 Kashi go lean crunch, activa light
7:30 2 scoops protein, water
9:30 tri-o-plex
12:30 chicken breast, peppers, cheese, ceasar salad light dressing, sweet potato fries
4:45 apple, nut harvest bar
8:15 pork, rice and spinach, green beans
9:10 cell mass creatine

Workout First Day of Strength Cycle
FS 125 lb's 2 X 10
Bench 140 lb's 6 X 6
Shrug 45 lb db 4 X 12
Row 35 lb db 6 X 7
SN Pull / RDL 80 X 3, 85 X 3, 90 X 3
SN Balance set up at 75 and failed first try, decided to work on technique but did OHS instead for today worked up to 85 lb's X 1

Only could attend first hour tonight great refresher on scissor sweep. Man I forget how much I like that move, I need to commit to working it more often.

Derek Simonds
04-24-2007, 04:58 PM
Day 43 Tuesday

Weigh In
187.0 LB's Unfortunately my diet has stunk for the last 10 days and I have started triathlon training with my sister on the weekends. I am visibly bigger than when I started I just went backwards on my weight from the high I achieved. Still floating around 10% BF on athletic and 17% on normal.

6:00 No Shotgun
7:15 2 scoops protein, flaxseed oil, 8 oz milk, water
8:30 1/2 apple, banana
9:30 everything bagel, light cream cheese
11:00 1/2 chicken breast
12:30 3 arby roast beef meat portions with 1 bread
3:30 protein power bar
6:15 cell mass creatine
6:30 huge salad all lettuce, chicken breast

3 position clean 85 lb (I liked this and got a little spike from the ole heart doing these in a row)
1 arm sotts press 20, 25, 30, 30, 35 X 6 I worked my way up as I have never done them before
weighted p/u 25 lb 2, 2, 1 X 8
OH Shrug 45lb 15 X 2
s/u 20 X 3, BE 15 X 3, ball crunch 30 X 3, leg lift 10 X 3

My daughter wants some emoticons so these are for her ;) :cool: :mad: :D

Derek Simonds
04-25-2007, 06:57 PM
43 Wednesday

6:00 No Shotgun
7:15 kashi go lean, activa light, 2 scoops protein, 8 oz water, 8 oz milk, flaxseed oil
8:30 banana
9:30 chicken
11:00 chicken
12:30 1/2 chicken, 3 jamacain beef patties (not really on the diet but man they rock)
3:00 pure protein
6:00 32 oz powerade
8:50 16 oz lo-fat chocolate milk
10:00 peanut butter toast with cheese, 1 1/2 scoops protein, flaxseed, milk

BS 165 lb 2 X 10 felt real good
clean pull, RDL X 3 135, 145, 155
push jerk 45 X 3 95 X 2, 115, 125, 135 (pr), 140 (pr) I had more but ran out of time this morning

first class focused on sweeps second on one variation of the clock choke. I got a stripe tonight. I had 4 great rolls tonight. I worked gaurd passing with1 guy, choked another guy out 4 times, worked side control with another, and guard submissions for the first.

Derek Simonds
04-26-2007, 05:10 PM
Day 44 Thursday

5:45 No Shotgun
6:50 activa light, kashi go lean, banana
6:50 8 oz lo fat milk, 8 oz water, 2 scoops protein, flaxseed oil
10:00 honey 9 grain bagel, turkey
11:00 zone bar
12:45 2 grilled hamburgers, small amount pasta salad
4:00 2 oz jerky
7:30 steak, sweet potato


3 position snatch started at 65 and missed. Went to 55 and missed Ooof! Now I am perturbed. I do the bar and everything is hunky dory. I load back up and everything is just fine. I went ahead and did an extra set just for GP.
3 pos snatch 55 lb bb X 4
PP 95 lb bb 2 X 10
jumping rope p/u 15,15,15,7 X 10
bent over row 95 lb bb 3 X 6
single arm bent over row 40 lb db 3 X 6
s/u 3 X 20, be 3 X 15 sbcrunch 3 X 30, hanging leg raise 3 X 10

Today is a travel day ended up in a meeting in FLL for 4 hours got a lot accomplished and am looking forward to getting in bed early tonight.

Derek Simonds
04-28-2007, 06:12 PM
Day 45 Friday

7:30 No Shotgun
7:45 2 scoops protein water
9:15 zone bar
11:30 pure protein bar (in a meeting and I am going to have to haul to catch a flight)
12:45 grilled chicken sandwich plain
3:00 32 oz chocolate elvis with 2 scoops protein planet smoothie
7:45 shrimp nachos, fajitas

Rest Day

Derek Simonds
04-28-2007, 06:18 PM
Day 46 Saturday

6:30 No Shotgun
6:45 2 scoops protein, water
8:45 banana
9:45 apple
11:00 slice of pizza
1:00 blackened grouper, broccoli, potato, ceasar salad
4:30 No Shotgun
5:45 2 scoops protein, 8 oz lo fat milk, 8 oz water, flaxseed oil
8:45 steak, sweet potato, ceasar salad, sauteed mushrooms

Workout Testing Day

All worked out up to 1 RM
Snatch 95 lb's (PR by 20 lb's)
Clean and Jerk 145 lb's (PR as I have never cleaned and jerked just cleaned) missed jerk on 150 cleaned 155 easily (PR on just clean)
FS 185 lb's (Tied PR) missed first time reloaded and made it. It wasn't all the way to the bottom but dang close and it felt good.
2 rounds abs, back

Derek Simonds
04-30-2007, 02:11 PM
47 Sunday

6:45 No Shotgun
7:45 Steak and Eggs with the kids
9:45 2 scoops protein, water
2:00 2 oz beef jerky, pure protein
5:30 1 scoop protein, yogurt, flaxseed oil, water
7:45 grilled sea bass with butter and garlic, a couple of waffle fries, black eyed peas and small amount of cole slaw

Today was supposed to be a rest day but I took my son and his cousins 7, 7, and 5 for a 3 mile ride and 1 mile run as a final prep for their first triathlon next week. When we got done with the ride and run my brother in law wanted to work out so we hit the back

2 X 10 weighted chins 25 X 3 30 X 7
95 lb bb rows
40 lb db rows
135 sgbdl
55 lb bb curl wide, narrow and regular X 30 no rest

Derek Simonds
04-30-2007, 02:52 PM
48 Monday

6:00 No Shotgun
7:00 2 scoops protein, flaxseed oil, water
8:45 apple, banana
10:30 new detour bar
12:30 half whole wheat with double meat, lo-fat cottage cheese
3:30 myoplex 42 grams protein
6:00 started drinking 32 oz powerade
8:45 cliff bar, 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk
9:45 turkey burger

FS 125 lb bb 2 X 10
SN pull, RDL 80, 85, 90
Snatch balance up to 90 lb's and I didn't even feel retarded.
bench 145 lb 6 X 6 I am going to do a linear progression until I can't do 6 X 6
shrug 45 lb db 6 X 6
OH shrug while doing snatch balance

Did both the beginner and advanced class tonight. Great news 1 of the AC units was broken. Worked 2 variations of open gaurd scissors sweep and a couple of self defense techniques. Advanced focused on an absolutely nasty gi choke using the opposite lapel and flipping it over the head. Grappling went long and hard. By the end 75% of the guys were sitting out. Not me I kept it going at the highest level I had. Rolled with a black, blue and 2 whites tonight. All were good and a lot of fun. The black had the tightest half gaurd I have ever been in. I partially passed to half twice and couldn't do anything else.

Derek Simonds
05-01-2007, 02:37 PM
49 Tuesday

Weigh In
188.6 lb's, 9.9% BF Athletic, 17.5% Normal and I am sure that I am dehydrated from last night. I took water to bed with me but didn't drink as much as I should have.

6:00 No Shotgun
7:10 kashi go lean, milk, 1 1/2 scoops protein, water
9:30 turkey burger, carrots
11:00 turkey burger, cottage cheese
1:00 turkey burger, carrots
3:30 turkey burger, activa light yogurt
5:00 half turkey burger, carrots
5:30 started drinking 32 oz powerade
7:45 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk, cliff bar, lots of water

3 Pos Clean 95 lb's X 3 I moved it up from 90 as I felt 85 was too easy last week
Sotts press 2 X 10 40 lb db's this was heavy for me but no problems
P/U's 3 X 8 I did weighted p/u's on Sunday so I went with normal just to keep the movement alive
3 sets of abs and back

Summer is going to be interesting to keep enouugh fluids in the system. I was sweating like mad tonight and it isn't even hot yet.

Got to roll with one of the BB's tonight he is incredible. He knee rode me to death. I got caught once with an armbar and once he had his freaking knee so deep in my sternum I was pretty sure he was going to throw my back out ;). Rolled with a guy from Sand Lake and was defensive at first and he caught me with a shoulder lock than I went on the offensive and controlled. Really a great class for me to get a vision of where I am.

Derek Simonds
05-04-2007, 06:26 AM
Day 50 Wednesday

5:00 No Shotgun
6:00 2 scoops protein, flaxseed oil, lo fat milk
8:00 apple, banana
10:00 eggs and grits
11:00 zone bar
12:30 carne asada, shrimp, grilled vegetables
3:30 some snack
7:00 chili, ceasar salad with steak
9:00 2 nyquil and a glass of water

BS 165 lb 2 X 10
Clean Pull / RDL 145 X 3, 155 X 3, 160 X 3
Rack Jerk behind head to max 155 LB

Derek Simonds
05-04-2007, 06:35 AM
Day 51 Thursday

Woke up feeling like crap, caught the cold my wife and kids have had for the last week. I am going to fast until noon to let my body focus on repairing itself.

12:30 potato soup, chicken ceasar salad
2:00 protein smoothie
4:30 zone bar
7:45 steak, sweet potato, broccoli, ceasar salad

Workout in the evening
Push Press 95 lb bb 3 X 10
P/U's 4 X 5
3 Pos Snatch 55 lb's really worked on locking the weight back and strong

Derek Simonds
05-05-2007, 03:29 PM
Day 52 Friday

Another meeting and travel day

8:00 Big Ole Breakfast at Cracker Barrel 3 eggs, a huge piece of ham, some grits, hashbrown casserole and some sort of apples. I didn't eat the biscuits and gravy or the pancakes even though they were calling my name
12:00 2 chick-fil-a's on wheat with cheese
3:00 protein smoothie
5:30 tri-o-plex bar
7:30 chicken sonora with very little noodles

Derek Simonds
05-05-2007, 03:34 PM
Day 53 Saturday

6:30 No Shotgun
8:10 6 eggs, half pancake with peanut butter
10:45 protein smoothie
12:30 dbl Wendy's cheeseburger some fries (Had to go to work and gave myself a treat)
4:45 tri-o-plex bar
7:15 small amount of spaghetti, meatballs and a lot of salad

Workout Testing Day

Snatch worked up to 100 LB's (NEW PR) I am in the triple digits
Clean worked up to 145 LB's I just wasn't feeling the clean today and didn't want to push it.
Front Squat Worked up to 190 LB's and it was clean and deep. Very happy with the FS in fact felt like I could keep going but I was out of time. I am really looking forward to unloading this week and going for the gusto next week.

I have decided that I am going to start the Dan John BIG 21 (TM) program next. I have been making great progress in all the O-Lifts and I am going on vacation middle of the second week of June so the 9 day program fits in nicely before vacation.

Derek Simonds
05-07-2007, 01:58 PM
Day 54 Sunday

6:00 No Shotgun
7:15 Banana
8:00 2 scoops protein, water
10:45 3 eggs, sausage, bacon, grits
1:30 pure protein bar
6:30 8 jumbo shrimp
8:00 small filet, beef brisket, 2 short ribs, clam chowder

Nice recovery and bonding session with my son at his first ever triathlon. Rode 3.1 miles and ran 1.1 miles. Jr is definitely built to be a sprinter. He is super fast on short distances.

Derek Simonds
05-08-2007, 06:32 PM
Day 55 Monday

10:00 Big breakfast at the Ritz. I spoke at a conference and waited till afterwards to eat with the wife
1:30 pork bbq, collard greens
5:45 No Shotgun
7:00 2 scoops protein, water
8:00 roast beef, green beans, collard greens

I am in the unloading cycle before the last test day.
135 lB FS 1 X 3
50, 50, 65, 70 lb Snatch

I am taking the week off grappling also to really try and unload and recover.

Derek Simonds
05-08-2007, 06:37 PM
Day 56 Tuesday

I have decided on days that I travel I am going to go with IF because the unfortunate reality is there is nothing to eat in the airports worth consuming.

3:00 5 pc chicken nuggets, spicy chicken bottom bread, some fries
5:00 bag of mixed nuts (300 Cals)
6:00 No Shotgun
6:15 2 scoops protein, water
8:15 sweet potato souup with andoulie sausage, tuna roll
9:30 cell mass creatine

125 LB Rack Jerk 1 X 5
55 LB Snatch 1 X 5
55, 60, 65, 65 lb db shrug
55 lb W, N, R grip curl
135 LB 8 X 4 Flat Bench
55 LB OH Shrug 10 X 4

Derek Simonds
05-09-2007, 05:58 AM
Day 57 Wednesday

7:00 No Shotgun
8:15 eggs, small amount of potatoes, yogurt, some fruit
9:30 jerky
12:00 2 slices of authentic NJ thin crust pizza
3:00 zone bar
6:00 got upgraded to 1st class salmon salad, beef and vegetable soup
8:30 protein smoothie

BS 95 X 3, 135 X 1, 155 X 1, 195 X 1 X 4, 195 X 2
C&J 95, 105, 115, 125
P/U 6, 6, 5
C/U 5

Everything felt good P/U bar was the skinniest I have ever used.

Derek Simonds
05-10-2007, 12:40 PM
Day 58 Thursday

6:00 No Shotgun
7:30 2 scoops protein, lo fat milk, flaxseed oil, activa yogurt
8:00 apple
9:00 banana
10:00 tri-o-plex bar
12:00 double meat sub on whole wheat with lots of veggies
3:00 banana
5:00 1 1/2 chicken breasts
7:45 fajita steak shrimp and peppers with small amount of rice and black beans


Snatch Balance 75 LB's 1 X 5 I actually really enjoyed this exercise today
Clean 95 LB's 1 X 5 Rocked through the cleans focused on perfect technique
Incline DB Bench 45 LB's 4 X 10
Bent Over DB Row 40 LB's 5 X 5

Derek Simonds
05-11-2007, 02:38 PM
Day 59 Friday

6:15 No Shotgun
7:00 Kashi go lean, activa yogurt, 2 scoops protein, water
9:30 something else I have forgotten
10:30 fajita steak and shrimp
1:00 - 2:00 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk, some chicken, tri-o-plex bar

Worked knee on belly and three different transitions. Also drilled knee on belly escapes. 3 different types of escapes, push knee and pull on pants leg or cup shin with other hand. push knee and push belt with other hand and scoop foot feed hand through and place on inside of thigh and push them over.

Rolled with purple belt for 20 minutes straight in open mat. He was great and we went hard. I was fighting to get out of an armbar and he twisted my wrist to tighten the armbar and elbow made all kinds of noise and I went ow! He asked if that was my elbow making the noise and I laughed and said yep. we reset and went hard again for 15 more minutes. I really enjoyed the mat time with him.

Derek Simonds
05-12-2007, 05:12 AM
Day 60 Saturday

6:15 No shotgun
7:50 Some Fruit
8:30 2 scoops protein, water
10:30 tri-o-plex bar
12:30 chicken wings, some fries
2:00 - 3:45 Nap yeah!
4:00 snack of some sort
6:30 salmon, salad, sweet potato

Workout Testing Day

All in LB's

Snatch 105 easily, missed twice on 115, dropped down and missed once on 110. The 110 I had but got stuck at the bottom like I did last week on the 105.

Clean / Jerk 155 nailed it moved up to 160 and cleaned it fairly easily but totally missed the jerk. This was spectacular as I started to lose the weight backwards and wasn't prepared for that. No blood no foul. I tried it again without getting the jerk again. The last time I kept the weight where it should be just couldn't get my arms fully extended.

Front Squat 190 with a little strain but couldn't get 195 for some reason, the weight felt good going down just couldn't get moving out of the hole.

Derek Simonds
05-14-2007, 06:46 AM
Changing to new numbering system date and days of program

May 13 2007 Sun Day 1 Derek's Program

I got up real early and couldn't sleep, wasn't sure why and I realized that my sister was in a triathlon at Walt Disney and I was thinking about her.

5:30 No Shotgun
8:15 3-4 eggs scrambled with turkey and cheese, fruit
10:00 2 scoops protein, water
12:00 tri-o-plex bar
2:00 1/4 spicy hot dog, 2 oz jerky, bag of mixed nuts
7:00 lots of chicken, small amount of fettuccine alfredo, salad w/ apple cider vinegar.

Swim Workout

Warmup 4 X 50 Breast on the 1:30
4 X 50 on the 1's
2 X 100 on the 2's
1 X 100 on the 2
1 X 50 on the 1
1 X 50 on the 1 last lap went 40 seconds for 50

Total time around 20 minutes. Felt really good. Never really got uncomfortable aerobically. Definitely need to get my form down.

Derek Simonds
05-14-2007, 09:23 AM
May 14 2007 M Day 2 Derek's Program

5:45 No Shotgun
6:15 2 scoops protein, water
7:00 2 eggs, kashi go lean, activa yogurt
9:15 banana, triple threat power bar
11:00 chicken breast
12:30 trop chop chicken, rice, black beans
2:30 chicken breast
4:00 ate something not sure what
6:00 bag of ranch peanuts, started drinking 32 oz gatorade
9:00 16 oz lo-fat chocolate milk, 2 oz beef jerky, cliff bar
10:00 peanut butter, 2 slices sugar free wheat bread

Based on some feedback from Don, Allen and several other respondents to a question about a program for my wife I have come up with a program for myself. This program will take me through my vacation in the Keys in June and when I come back I am going to attack the Big 21 program from Dan John.

I am establishing weights on all of these lifts as I go.

BS 135 lb's 5X5
Press 80 lb's 5X5
Sn Pull, RDL 80 lb's 5X3
Sn Grip Shrug 80 lb's 4X12
Bench 135 5X5
P/U's 5X4

Skill Work
Ring Support 10, 15, 15 seconds with perfect form working on time

S/U 17, 17, 17
B/E 10, 10, 10
KTE 7, 7, 7

Took a little less than 1 hour from start to finish. Weights will increase each time some of the weights need to go up pretty significantly.

Fundamental class worked on sweeps from the open gaurd, learned a new variation where you pull your knee behind their knee as the third option and lift with your knee and roll them over. I was very succesful with this and need to practice it. Also worked taking the back from the turtle and details on rear naked chokes.

Advanced class warmup was 15 minutes of rolling with no submissions. I loved it. We worked a technique which I have forgotten and got to rolling. Last night the first 2 rolls were with younger guys that are super strong. The first guy was a HS wrestler and weighs 205. He was a maniac. I enjoyed it and finished him with a kimura from side control. The next guy I have rolled with in the past and he is also super strong. With both guys when working side control they were either posting on my chest or crossfacing to keep me from getting in tight the way I like. I finished the second guy with a gi choke. Than I got to roll with 1 of the bb's I rolled with him 2 weeks ago. We went hard, he was tired from muay thai and was pushing his gas. I learned a cool move when someone postures in your gaurd, you pull out on their elbows and pull them in with your hip flexors and knees. It totally works and I used it in my next match. Which was with one of the older guys who I have rolled with several times, he has good technique but he always leaves his neck open, so when I roll with him I try and finish using anything besides a choke. Last night seemed to be kimura night so that is what I used in the end. Great night and I went super hard the whole time.

Derek Simonds
05-15-2007, 05:48 AM
May 15 2007 T Day 3 Derek's Program

5:30 No Shotgun
6:20 2 scoops protein, water
7:15 kashi go lean, activa yogurt
9:30 apple, tri-o-plex bar
12:30 ultimate sub on 1/2 wheat with lots of veggies
2:30 cottage cheese, banana

AM Workout

OHS and OH Shrug were set up with Rack jerk from behind neck, for a total of 8 rack jerks with 65 lb's

OHS 65 lb's 5X5
Clean Pull, RDL 125 lb's (3 Each) 5X3
1 Arm Sotts Press 25 lb db's 5X5
OH Shrug 65 lb's 4X10
Ring Dips 7, 7, 7, 7
BB Row 75 lb's 4X7

Static Abs in seconds
Ring L Sits 10, 10, 10
Plank on elbows 20, 20, 30
Hollow Hold 20, 20, 30

Skill Work
Pistols 3 X 2 per leg

Just under 1 hour start to finish. Arms away from side on l sits, elbows not on straps during dips.

PM Workout
1 mile at 7:30 pace for warm up

10 X 100 Intervals 1 minute rest
Fastest 15:44 slowest 17:18 I was pleased with how fast I ran. I also hurt myself in the second interval.

Derek Simonds
05-17-2007, 04:21 AM
May 16 2007 W Day 4 Derek's Program

6:15 No Shotgun
7:15 Kashi Go Lean, Activa light yogurt
9:00 turkey burger, broccoli
11:00 apple
12:30 2 scoops protein, 16 oz lo fat milk, flaxseed oil, peanut butter
2:00 chicken breast, avocado
5:00 almonds, mixed nuts, started drinking 32 oz gatorade
8:45 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk, pure protein

Workout Rest Day
I need to move this so that I have one full day of rest where I am doing nothing.


GI fundamentals focused on turtle, taking the back and rear naked choke.

Advanced we did a sweep and arm bar from closed gaurd where you move your feet to hips, push away while pulling on both gi sleeves. Once you have created distance put top leg through arms and bottom leg opposite kind of like spider. Pull towards you pivot 90 degrees on hip and scissor legs. Don't let go of arms. opponent falls right into armbar.

Grappling, we really have a lot of strong guys at our academy. It seems that I am the kimura king for right now used it twice, I get frustrated when I am in side control and the only option I seem to have is the kimura. Worked to mount and got an armbar, worked side control and got an armbar where the guy straightened his arm out to the side. Rolled with a blue who got his 2nd stripe to a draw. The guy was amazingly strong. I used the elbow pull hip flexor movement Donald showed me last week and it worked great against a guy that is 6' 5" and 250. If it will work on him I can use it against anyone.

Derek Simonds
05-17-2007, 04:25 AM
May 17 2007 H Day 5 Derek's Program

5:15 No Shotgun
6:30 2 scoops protein, water
7:00 4 eggs scrambled
8:30 apple, banana, zone bar
12:30 garlic thai chicken hot, vegetables, very small amount of rice


FS 115 lb's 5X5
Scap P/U 5X12
Rack Jerk Front 115 lb's 5X2
Weighted Pull 25 lb's 5X2 2 pull, 3 chin
Wrist Curl 10 lb's 1F / 1B 5X1
TGU 20 lb's both sides 5X3
Incline 45 lb db's 5X7
Shrug 45 lb db's 5X10

4 X 200 interval runs to shake out the quads man are they sore

Derek Simonds
05-18-2007, 06:37 PM
May 18 2007 F Day 6 Derek's Program

5:30 No Shotgun
6:30 sugar free wheat bread and peanut butter
7:30 apple and protein cliff bar
9:15 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk, cliff bar
11:00 myoplex protein shake
12:45 3 slices of loaded pizza
3:00 chicken breast
6:00 started drinking 32 oz gatorade
8:00 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk, 2 oz beef jerky, 2 oz peanuts


I think I bit off more than I can chew today.
Snatch (w/new pendlay bar!!!!!)


I had a bit of an issue getting my balance right with my new lifting shoes which are blue suede thanks for asking.




Totally ran out of time this morning.

AM BJJ Private
1) Cleaned up my triangle: Make sure that you cant see either shoulder. get the first leg in tight and grab with opposite hand. Shift hips 90 degrees lock in triangle apply pressure
2) worked choke from side control moving to knee on belly. grab lapel feed to hand under neck pull up jump to knee on belly let them roll slide knee down chest to ground and grab same lapel with other hand and move to choke.
3) pushed arm across face grab from under the head pull and go for wrist lock. if no lock start to roll them, slide down and pull them across to take their back.
4) Clock choke, open lapel reach across grab deep and reach up and grab other lapel. With one hand pull lapel straight down and the other move like hands of a clock

PM Grappling fundamental class with grappling
Started with 15 minutes warmup rolling no subs. My instructor rolled with me the entire time working different positions. Worked 1 sub triangle and arm lock from guard very good, very very good. Grab gi sleeve pop arm off encircle their arm grab their lapel, grab other bicep and shove on top of your shin by moving foot to hip. Creat space when ready throw arm backwards and bring leg on top of shoulder. Get triangle, adjust position, 90 degrees with body going in same direction as leg is pointed. Tighten up triangle pull down on head or lock your arm to lapel and finish with a side arm bar. Ended up last roll of the night with a lot higher ranked guy who is in phenomenal shape and he came after me like a mad man, so I figure its game on to stay alive. We went hard for 6 minutes. I think it was the hardest I have ever gone in class. No sub tons of reversals if it was a point match there would have been plenty of points to go around. The whole class stopped grappling and watched our match which was pretty cool. We got done and everybody was like yeah great roll.

Derek Simonds
05-21-2007, 12:43 PM
May 19 2007 Sa Day 7 Derek's Program

Rest day spent the entire day doing stuff with the kids. Really cool stuff.

Derek Simonds
05-21-2007, 12:49 PM
May 20 2007 Su Day 7 Derek's Program

6:24 Dog woke up and I had to let her out. No Shotgun
7:30 2 scoops protein, water
9:55 cinammin roll
11:00 2 scoops protein, 12 oz lo-fat milk
1:30 2 hamburgers, ceasar salad
3:30 series of snacks
8:30 hamburger, 2 oz beef jerky, seeds, nuts and raisins

Intense hill intervals with my sister. Rode out 25 minutes with the wind, turned around and fought the wind all the way home. Total 17.5 miles 1:03 high hear rate of 168 and 973 calories burned.

Derek Simonds
05-21-2007, 04:57 PM
May 21 2007 M Day 8 Derek's Program

5:30 2 scoops protein, water
6:00 apple, banana
9:30 pure protein, peanuts
10:30 No Shotgun
1:00 6 oz turkey, black beans, some fries
5:00 apple, 1/2 cliff bar
8:00 turkey tacos, black beans, small amount of rice

Workout PM

BS 140 lb's 5X5
Press 85 lb's 5X5
Sn Pull, RDL 85 lb's 5X3
Sn Grip Shrug 80 lb's 5X10
Bench 140 5X5
P/U's 5, 4X4

I squatted with my new lifting shoes and I am not comfortable with them yet. I felt like I was using more quads and I really focused on shooting my a$$ up and initiating the lift with my hips.

Skill Work
Ring Support 15, 15, 15, 15 seconds with perfect form working on time

Derek Simonds
05-23-2007, 03:22 AM
May 22 2007 Tu Day 8 Derek's Program

5:30 apple, banana
9:00 2 oz jerky, peanuts, pure protein bar
11:00 No Shotgun
12:30 black beans, little rice, chicken
3:30 black beans, little rice, chicken
7:30 steak and salad

Workout PM

OHS 70 lb's 5X5
Clean Pull, RDL 135 lb's (3 Each) 5X3
1 Arm Sotts Press 30 lb db's 5X5
OH Shrug 70 lb's 5X10
Ring Dips 7, 7, 7, 7
DB Row 45 lb's 5, 7, 7, 7

Ran out of time as I was interrupted several times with different things. Working out at night at home is tough with everyone around. OHS felt good. I am trying to figure out if I should feel them in my quads. At the bottom of the sotts press I am actually sitting on my own calves so there isn't any additional stress that I feel just balance.

Allen Yeh
05-23-2007, 03:37 AM
Are you snatching the OHS's up? Or taking it from the rack?

Peter recommended the snatching method to me 2 weeks ago and I just hit a power snatch PR on Monday. This is without training the PS at all other than that first rep each OHS set.

Derek Simonds
05-23-2007, 06:00 AM
No I have been taking the weight from the rack. I read Peter's comments abut PS'ing to OHS and thought it made sense.

I think I need to add that to the routine. I probably could do the same (poer clean) with my FS workout Thursday.

Thans for pointing the PS out. My brain isn't functioning fully as I have been n the road before 5 am everyday this week. Ooof.

It's a beautiful spring day up here at BWI where I just landed.

Allen Yeh
05-23-2007, 06:46 AM

How long will you be here? I work about 35 minutes south of BWI. Lunch?

Derek Simonds
05-23-2007, 08:32 AM
I wish. I picked up my rental car and now i am in York PA for a W pm meeting. I get done and haul arse back to BWI for a flight back to Orlando.

I knew you were in Northern VA. Now that I know where you work I will schedule better next trip.

I am at BWI so much they just give me the same spot at hertz to pick up my car.

Allen Yeh
05-23-2007, 08:37 AM
BWI up to York? That sucks! ~90 minute drive 1 way right? Then on the way back you get a taste of lovely Baltimore Washington rush hour!

Definitely let me know if you'll be back in the area, I live over by Dulles Airport, and work in DC by Bolling AFB. I wouldn't mind taking a long lunch.

Derek Simonds
05-23-2007, 08:49 AM
I will be back for sure Sunday July 22nd for meetings that week. I will keep you in the loop.

Derek Simonds
05-24-2007, 02:12 PM
May 23 2007 W Day 9 Derek's Program

Travel wait till I could get good food before eating

10:30 spinach and turkey omelet, some potatoes, 1/2 slice dry rye toast
12:00 blue thunder drink
3:00 whopper no mayo no tomato, some fries
7:00 slice of pizza, ceasar salad

What a crappy day of eating.

Derek Simonds
05-24-2007, 02:18 PM
May 24 2007 Th Day 10 Derek's Program

Got home late exhausted from this week. Slept 6 hours and wanted to get a quick O-Lift workout in before I left for the airport

6:15 No Shotgun
7:45 2 scoops protein, water, banana
12:30 chicken, avocado, spinach, oranges
3:30 zone bar
5:30 muscle milk
7:00 sirloin, ceasar salad light dressing, sweet potato, broccoli

Workout AM


45 X 3
65 X 3
70 X 3
70 X 2
75 X 2
80 X 2
80 X 2

C and J

80 X 3
95 X 3
115 X 2
115 X 2
120 X 2
120 X 2
125 X 1, 1, 1, 1

My clean pull and snatch pulls are feeling great. I threw the weight completely over my head on 70 lbs and lost it backward, on 115 c and j I nailed myself in the chin with the bar. My shoulders and my jerk drive seem to be limiting me currently.

Workout PM
Deadlift 135 X 5, 195 X 5 X 2, 205 X 5, 215 X 5
Weighted Dip 25 lbs 5 X 3
BB Rows 95 Lb's 5 X 5
Seated Cable Rows 100 Lb's 5 X 5
Shrug 65 Lb's 5 X 5

Derek Simonds
05-25-2007, 05:23 AM
May 25 2007 F Day 11 Derek's Program

6:00 No Shotgun
7:00 Mass Recovery Drink

FS 125 Lb's 5 X 5
Rack Jerk Front 125 Lb's 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 135 Lb's 1, 1
Weighted P/U 25 Lb's 4 X 2 Pulls 1 X 2 Chin wide, 1 X 2 Chin Narrow
Incline Press 45 Lb's DB 5 X 7
TGU 25 Lb's 3 X 3 each side
Curl 55 Lb's W, N, R

FS felt really good, really really good. A lot better than my BS has lately. When I was doing the rack jerks a guy walked up to me and said man thats a lot of weight to be doing overhead. I thanked him and told him it was my weakness right now. I think someone was looking out for me and sent him over as the last two days there has been some monster right next to me DL'ing 400 plus Lb's for multiples and I was feeling pretty weak.

I need some help with the jerk and will post for advice.

Derek Simonds
05-29-2007, 05:32 AM
May 26 2007 Sa Day 12 Derek's Program


Epic Ride, started off and we were cruising, averaging 20ish MPH and it felt like into a pretty good wind, wrong. Hit the turn around at 15.5 miles and the wind was howling.

Total time 2:06:37, Total miles 31.6 and I will post all the stats later.

Derek Simonds
05-29-2007, 05:34 AM
May 27 2007 Su Day 13 Derek's Program


Nice little brick. 45 minutes hammerfest chasing my sister, under 2 minutes transition and out on a run. 20 minutes first mile 8:24 2nd 8:16 last 3 minutes pretty close to race pace. I tried to get my sister to slow down but it wasn't working.

Derek Simonds
05-29-2007, 05:35 AM
May 28 2007 M Day 14 Derek's Program


Active Recovery. Nice 20 minute session on the wakeboard. I was strong and tall.

Derek Simonds
05-29-2007, 05:38 AM
May 29 2007 T Day 15 Derek's Program

5:25 No Shotgun
6:20 2 scoops protein water
7:45 Tri-o-plex bar diet coke


BS 155 Lb's 5 X 3
Press with Press out's 90 Lb's 5 X 5
Bench 150 Lb's 5 X 5
Pull Ups 5 X 5 (Yeah thats a first)
Sn Pull / RDL 95 Lb's 5 X 3

Walk the dog around the block

Derek Simonds
06-02-2007, 08:59 AM
May 29 2007 W Day 16 Derek's Program

Day One Corporate Meeting

Workout 5:00 AM way too early for strength

OHS 75 Lb's 5 X 3
Clean Pull / RDL 145 Lb's 5 X 3
Sotts Press 35 Lb DB's 5 X 5
Ring Dips 4 X 7 1 X 5
DB Rows 45 Lb's 4 X 7 1 X 5

Derek Simonds
06-02-2007, 09:03 AM
May 31 2007 Th Day 17 Derek's Program

Corporate Meeting Day Two

Workout 5:00 AM again too freaking early

FS 135 Lb's 5 X 3
Jerk 45 X 3, 65 X 2, 95 X 2, 115 X 2, 135 X 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
Weighted P/U's 30 lb's 5 X 1
Incline Bench 45 Lb's 5 X 7
Shrug 45 Lb's 4 X 12
TGU 35, 40, 40, 45, 45

Derek Simonds
06-02-2007, 09:05 AM
Jun 1 2007 F Day 18 Derek's Program

Day Three Corporate Meeting

5:00 AM Workout

65 X 2
75 X 2
80 X 2
85 X 1, 1, 1
90 X 1, 1
95 X 1
100 Missed twice first was a crappy pull, second great pull just couldn't handle it.

95 X 2, 1, 1
105 X 1, 1
115 X 1, 1
125 X 1 Ran out of time

Derek Simonds
06-03-2007, 05:45 PM
Jun 2 2007 Sa Day 19 Derek's Program

Getting ready for the Keys. Decided to do a little active recovery so I did the 20 minute Yoga for Regular Guys level 2 DVD. It was good. Very simple to follow and good movement.

Derek Simonds
06-03-2007, 05:49 PM
Jun 3 2007 Su Day 20 Derek's Program

I have a 6:15 flight tomorrow morning so I went ahead and got my Monday workout in tonight. I got up at 5:30 and got all the gear set up for our Keys trip. Boat is loaded all the gear is double checked and we are close to ready.


BS 95 X 3, 135 X 3, 145 X 3, 155 X 3, 165 X 3, 175 X 3, 185 X 3, 195 X 3, 195 X 1, 205 X 1, 215 X 1 (PR) I felt really strong and just decided to ladder up and see where I ended up. Very happy with the results.
Press with DJ Press Outs 95 Lb's 6 X 3
Snatch Pull / RDL 95 Lb's 5 X 3
Incline 45 Lb's DB's 5 X 8

Derek Simonds
06-05-2007, 12:43 PM
Jun 4 2007 M Day 21 Derek's Program

4:00 AM departure to airport

PM Grappling

Fundamentals standard street defense and a pretty cool armbar from guard variation.

Advanced: Since it was my first night back in 2 weeks I was trying to take it easy in class so I would be ready to grapple. Rolled three rounds and was pretty much toasted. Rolled with my buddy Raphael and we never really got into any submissions but went hard at positions and passes, rolled with guy and pulled off a couple of subs and last roll with one of the higher ranking guys was pretty intense. I was pretty much toast as far as my body went but I pushed it and he couldn't get the subs but all I was doing was playing catch up on defense. It was great to be on the mat.

Derek Simonds
06-05-2007, 12:56 PM
Jun 5 2007 Tu Day 22 Derek's Program

AM Workout

OHS 45 X 3, 65 X 3, 75 X 3, 85 X 3, 95 X 3, 100 X 1, 115 M
Cln Pull / RDL 165 Lb's 5 X 3
Sotts Press 80 Lb's BB 5 X 3
Bent Over Row 80 Lb's 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
6 X 100 M Intervals as I ran to get pick up my truck from the tire and brake place. Total run a little over a mile.

NoGi Grappling

First time I have been to a NoGi class in a while. We worked on 2 armbars both from side control. The first was reach under the lat, secure the tri, control the hip, pull up on the arm and move to N / S. Once there stay heavy and when ready post one leg beside arm you are controlling and other leg by back of their head, pivot and sit squeeze knees together and lock. The second variant is a reverse arm lock where you have your head inside their arm, lock it up, roll them into you and put your knee in their chest, lay back and finish. That one kills when you are locked up.

Rolled 3 times, once with a guy I didn't know and I pulled off 3 subs 2 of which were taking the back and going with a RNC, I have been practicing taking the back and it worked well. Rolled with Rich and he was all over me with a ton of positional changes. I finally managed to go on the offensive and was working an americana right as time expired. The last roll was with Alex (I think) who seriously torqued my elbow in an armbar the last time we rolled (my fault not his, I didn't tap fast enough and he had it). He schooled me pretty good today. He had me in a nightmare choke and wasn't hurting me but I couldn't budge him at all so I tapped and we started again. Second time I was shrimping out from side control and he had grabbed my neck in a guillotine style attack, Brian the instructor is telling me to roll onto my belly and go to my knees. I didn't think that would work because I was worried about the arm around my neck. Oh well what do I know I went for it and he sunk the choke and pile drove my face into the mat. Oh Yeah tongue tastes good.

Great class as always.

Derek Simonds
06-06-2007, 06:35 AM
Jun 6 2007 W Day 23 Derek's Program

Snatches and Cleans Oh My!

I read something from Glenn over at WFW about using 20 / 10 for snatches and cleans and it seemed like a nice round number so that is where I worked today.

Snatch 45 X 3, 65 X 3, 70 X 3, 75 X 3, 80 X 3, 85 X 3, 90 X 1, M, 1, 1, 1 I am not used to people talking to me or being around when I am lifting as I usually doing it at 5:30 in the morning. This morning I slept in and started a little after 6:30 and my wife came out into the garage right when I hit 90 Lb's. I made the first lift and was taking a moment to recover and she was talking to me. I listened moved into my lift and asked her to stand in a different position in case I had to bail. Guess where she stood right in front of me. I really think that I need to work on lifting with people around me. She was talking to me and right when I started to set up she says "I'll be quite and let you lift". Mentally I wasn't prepared.

Clean and Jerk 90 X 3, 115 X 1, 1, 1, 125 X 1, 1, 135 X 1, 1 I really didn't want to do the last 135 but I manned up and did it. I am pretty exhausted. Grappling at noon and 1 more lifting session before vacation.


Advanced class worked armbar variants with the Gi. Grabbed the collar and did the same moves as yesterday.

Grappling, first session had a good roll with Slade and managed to get the armbar we have been practicing the last couple of days. Second roll with Derrick who choked me out completely with an ezekiel choke and after I recovered a roll with Dylan and I finished with a keylock.

Derek Simonds
06-07-2007, 08:12 AM
Jun 7 2007 H Day 24 Derek's Program

AM Workout

Deadlift 5 X 5 225, 2 X 1 275
Bench 5 X 5 145
FS 135 X3, 145 X 3, 150 X 3, 155 X 3, 160 X 3

All of this while the wife and kids are coming through the garage giving me stuff to pack for our vacation. Good final workout pre-vacation.

I can't wait to take it easy and heal up all the bangs, bumps, tweaks and bruises I have. Keys here I come.

Allen Yeh
06-07-2007, 09:33 AM
If you can, get a BW/BF check pre-vacation and then a post-vacation weigh-in too!

Derek Simonds
06-07-2007, 10:26 AM
Allen I did just that. Thanks for reminding me I forgot to post this morning. This is inside my standard deviation when I train hard in BJJ the day before a weigh in. I am surprised but even with consuming large amounts of liquids and eating well I still drop around 3 - 4 Lb's in a 2:30 hour session of grappling. I weighed in Sunday morning and was at 190.3 with a 10.1% BF.

BW 187.9 Lb's
BF 9.7%

I am losing fat and maintaining my current weight. I bought some new 34 waist board shorts and they are baggy! My wife told me yesterday that I need to not lose any more weight. I told her we would be ok.

I am hoping that over the course of the next 10 days I can put on a couple of Lb's so I will have a little extra mass to work with when I get home.

Derek Simonds
06-18-2007, 07:55 AM
June 18 2007 M

Post Vacation Weigh In

189.4 Lb's
9.4% BF

Well I picked up almost 2 Lb's at close to the same BF %. It was funny but with everything we had going on down in the Keys I adopted a modified IF protocol. The modified part was that we were drinking beer pretty early in the morning and since we were on the water fishing I didn't eat until after 3:00 each day. When I did eat I ate whatever I wanted and enjoyed it.

With the thread about ladders I decided to use them this week on my squat work.
BS 185 Lb's 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 Made the last rep but man it was sloppy.
Bench 140 5 X 5
P/U 5 X 4
Press, Shrug, Lockout 85 Lb's 5 X 3

Tomorrow is my 8th wedding anniversary so I only went to the fundamentals class. We worked a bunch of sweep variations with the final transitioning to a triangle.

Derek Simonds
06-19-2007, 10:36 AM
June 19 2007 T Happy 8th Anniversary to me and my wife!

I started with ladders yesterday on BS and I have experienced delayed onset muscle soreness. I got up this morning and was amazed at how my legs felt.

On with the ladders
OHS 85 Lb's 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3
Cln Pull / RDL 155 Lb's 5 X 3
1 Arm Sotts Press 35 Lb's DB 5 X 5
Ring Dips 5 X 5
BB Rows 85 Lb's 5 X 7

Derek Simonds
06-20-2007, 11:41 AM
June 20 2007 W

Rest Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fundmentals focused on scissors sweeps again and moved to scissors sweep to armbars. I worked with a trial guy and another newer white belt. Good training and a lot of fun to see someone new get excited.

Advanced focused on single leg takedowns for speed and 2 arm armbar. The 2 arm armbar is sneaky deadly. grip both of sleeves ligthly pull forward move feet to hips open wide then squeeze the knees tight around elbows. Keep knees tight and move feet over head, lock, lift hips and pull. OOOF! It is deadly tight. Grappled in a row with a new opponent every 3 minutes. I had two guys say oh no not you. I don't know if that is a compliment or if I enjoy rolling too much ;). I rolled with one of my nemesis who is a blue and weighs in over 250. If he gets you in side control he just smothers you. I pulled gaurd and kept him there for about 90 seconds, he passed went for side control and I got half guard. He almost had me in a straight armbar, but I was able to wriggle my arm back far enough to stop it. Lots of fun.

Derek Simonds
06-21-2007, 06:57 AM
June 21 2007 H

B-Warmup with 5 KG bar

65 X 3
80 X 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
85 X 1, 1, 1, 1
90 X 1, 1
95 X 1, 1
100 X 1
101 1/2 X 1

Clean and Jerk
101 1/2 X 3
115 X 3
120 X 2
125 X 2
130 X 2

Snatches felt really, really good today. I was up around my last tested max at 105. I felt like I could have easily hit that plus a little more today.

No-Gi Grappling
One of my best nights ever at No-Gi. We worked some sweeps when the guy in your guard stands up. One was a crazy move where you spin around put your knees on the back of their knees, grab their ankles and shove them down and take their back. Grappled with one of the guys that has one several tournaments and was able to take his back and sink a RNC deeeeep! For the tapout. Holy Cow! I was so gassed from my o-lift workout and some major effort with him for 8 minutes my next match was solidly average and I came back to life in the last match.

Derek Simonds
06-22-2007, 07:26 AM
June 22 2007 F

FS 160 Lb's BB 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3
Incline 45 DB's 5 X 7
Weighted Pull / Chin 5 X 2
SNGDL 155 Lb's 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

At some point in the last 2 days I pulled / strained a muscle in my back, left side from the scapula to the spine. Major distraction. I probably shouldn't have done the weighted pulls this morning and I definitely shouldn't have done the 50 lb KB work at the gym tonight before class. Aargh breathing hurts.

All levels class before open mat. Worked spider guard, not one of my favorites but I can see using it sometimes. 2 sweeps and an armbar pretty neat transition where you push them away with one leg then pull them in and throw the bent leg over their shoulder into a triangle. Did the monkey in the middle drill with spider guard passing and I was one of the monkeys, I stayed out for quite a while then got put out. Pretty much every time I would regain my spot and lose it a couple of people later. Lot of fun.

Derek Simonds
06-25-2007, 12:02 PM
June 23 / 24 2007 Sat / Sun

Wakeboarding! I had several great sessions this weekend, mostly in the 15 minute range 2 or 3 times throughout the day. I also worked with a bunch of people that didn't ski or kneeboard learn how.

Derek Simonds
06-25-2007, 12:05 PM
June 25 2007 Monday

My very workout program seems to keep getting less exercises week over week. I have a really bad pulled muscle in my back and it has been killing me for the last couple of days. I haven't stopped doing anything just icing and taking advil for the swelling. So this morning I decided I would take it easier than usual.

BS 135 2 X 7, 155 2 X 5, 175 2 X 3
Bench 135 2 X 7, 145 2 X 5, 155 2 X 3

The body truly is a system even these moves were painful.

Derek Simonds
06-29-2007, 12:01 PM
June 26 Tuesday 2007

I am so far behind on my log. It just seems this week has been more difficult for everything than normal. Oh well such is life.

OHS 75 X 7, 7 85 X 5, 5 95 X 3, 3
Press 85 X 7, 7 90 X 5, 5 95 X 3, 3

Derek Simonds
06-29-2007, 12:06 PM
Wednesday June 27 2007

Got up at 4:00 am and took the wife and kids to the airport for their summer trip to IN and MI. They will be gone almost 3 weeks. I hate when they go because I can't go with them but I will probably fly up for at least 1 long weekend.

7:30 Private with Brian BJJ

We worked on submissions from the mount that all started with a palm up gi choke. Once the first hand is in the gi then attack the opposite side arm and get it pushed across the body. First attack wrist lock. Second attack 100% armbar. Third attack cross gi choke if they pull their arm back through. Fourth attack Carlos Gracie Jr armbar. Fifth attack fist in throat choke. Sixth attack ezekiel. That is a stinking lot of attacks. I can't wait to get to mount Friday night to try them out.

Derek Simonds
06-29-2007, 12:07 PM
Thursday June 28, 2007

Travel and additional day of rest. I was just plain exhausted and wimped out on working out. I decided to give it one more day.

Derek Simonds
06-29-2007, 12:08 PM
Friday June 29, 2007

FS 135 X 7, 7 155 X 5, 5, 5, 5
Incline 45 DB's 5 X 7

Derek Simonds
08-11-2007, 04:23 PM
Rehab Day 1 August 11th

I have a spiral fracture of my right Ulna. I broke it Friday June 29th and thought I sprained it. Wrong! I have been training with it for the last 5 weeks. Sucks. I went in and found out that it was broke and have committed to not using it at all for 4 weeks. So with the help of my fellow forum members I have a couple of new routines up my sleeve for the next couple of weeks. Here was the first one.

Today was the first workout in my Rehab phase. I had fun with this. I did it in a circuit jump rope, step-up, DL, SU, BE. 1 -2 minutes of rest between. I played around with some lunges getting the feel of what I could do.

4 X 100 Jumprope
22 step-ups 20" box, 22 X 25 LB's, 22 X 30 LB's, 24 X 30 LB's
4 X 12 X 50 LB's Suitcase DL
4 X 25 Fast Sit-ups
4 X 15 BE

4 X 50 steps X 50 LB Farmers Walk
4 X 30 steps X 30 LB Waiter Walk

I used this rehab as a reason to pick up some new gear. I orderd an X-Vest with 40 LB's, a sled from EliteFTS and some jump stretch bands. My KB's will be here Tuesday so I will start with them on Wednesday.

Derek Simonds
08-13-2007, 06:46 AM
Rehab Day 2 August 12th

One legged fun

1 Leg Squats 3 X 6 per leg
1 Leg 1 Arm DL's 6 X 30, 6 X 30, 6 X 40
4 way lunges 3 per leg X 3 X 30 LB DB
3 X 12 hammer curls 25 LB L, 20 LB R
30 second plank hold on elbows

I surprised myself with 6 reps per 1 leg squat. I think I could maybe have squeaked out a couple more. Next week I am going for 4 sets. The 1 Leg 1 Arm DL's were easy when done ipsi-lateral but difficult when done contra-lateral. Need to add more abs and lower back.

Derek Simonds
08-16-2007, 05:24 AM
Rehab Day 3 August 15

All done with my left hand
35 X 5 DB Snatch
40 X 5 DB Snatch
45 X 5 DB Snatch
50 X 4 DB Snatch
55 X 3 DB Snatch
60 X 2 DB Snatch

50 X 5 DB C/J
50 X 4 DB C/J
50 X 3 DB C/J

25 X 12 Plate Swings
35 X 12 X 3 Plate Swings

Finisher done as a circuit no rest
90 LB Leg Press X 12, 12 Hanging Leg Raises, 12 Roman Chair all X 3

Derek Simonds
08-21-2007, 08:55 AM
Rehab Day 4 Sat Aug 18

Got my new KB's so I had to play. Someone posted about a workout from Ross about work capacity so I played with that.

36 lb kb
1 press
1 push press
1 push jerk
4 overhead lunges
15 second rest and repeat. I did it straight through for 15 minutes.

10 left hand high pulls
10 swings
1 minute rest x3

Derek Simonds
08-21-2007, 08:55 AM
Rehab Day 5 Sunday August 19 Copied from post on Sunday

I revisited Russ's Terrible Workout.

1 minute all out hardest gear.


plus 100 single unders


plus 200 yard sprint, down touch the grass and back.


plus 15 kb snatches left hand only. You can mix this up however you want I used a 1 pood kb with my left hand only since the right is still broken.


4 times rinse and repeat with 1 minute rest keep time for each round.

My times, not too impressive but very fun.

Round 1 3:42
Round 2 4:02
Round 3 3:48
Round 4 3:33

Derek Simonds
08-21-2007, 08:59 AM
Rehab Day 6 August 20

Glute Bridge X 3
Samson Stretch X 3

6 per leg
6 per leg
7 per leg

1 Leg 1 Arm DL 36 lb kb
6 per leg
6 per leg
6 per leg

Bulgarian Split Squat
3 X 10 per leg

S/U 4 X 20
B/E 4 X 12

Derek Simonds
08-22-2007, 04:36 AM
Rehab Day 7 August 22

Glute Bridge 15 seconds X 3
Samson Stretch 10 seconds per leg X 3

52 LB KB Lunges 6 per leg X 5
36 LB KB 20" step ups 10 per leg X 3

4 Times
5 High Pulls 52 LB KB
5 Swings 52 LB KB
100 Yard Farmers walk 52 LB KB

5 60 - 90 Second Intervals all out on trainer with 60 - 90 seconds rest

Everything felt really good. When I got done with the last set of Farmers Walks my forearm was on fire! I can tell that my grip is the limiting factor in the heavy swings, pulls and farmers walk.

Fundamentals class, I really just warmed up with the group then watched them go through standing guillotine and guillotine defense. I did do a few armbars from the mount.

Derek Simonds
08-23-2007, 05:57 AM
Rehab Day 8 August 23

Glute Bridge 15 seconds X 3
Samson Stretch 10 seconds per leg X 3
15 S/U's unanchored feet 3

Front Squats
This is the first loading I have done since my arm was splinted. I used the bar on the shoulder with the arms bent back in over the top of the bar technique.

45 X 6
95 X 6
115 X 6
135 X 6
145 X 5
155 X 5
165 X 2

All the squats felt great full depth really tight all the way through my entire body. Only concern was on the 155's I really felt like I was engaging my arm on the latter reps, that is why I only did 2 on 165.

Plank Hold 30, 45 and 55 seconds
V-Up Holds 15, 30, 45 seconds
B/E Holds 15, 25

Derek Simonds
08-24-2007, 03:10 AM
Rehab Day 9 August 24

3 rounds of:

10 16kg KB deadlift high pulls
10 16kg KB swings
10 16kg KB snatches

then 3 rounds of:

10 16kg KB row's
15 15lb DB curls

followed by 8 X 200 Intervals with the dog. She is exhausted. My legs felt incredibly strong on the run. In fact I over ran several of the intervals at my normal pace. HR recovery was really quick also.

Derek Simonds
08-27-2007, 03:04 AM
Rehab Day 10 August 25

A Coach Rut workout
In 75 seconds do the following
Traditional loading on the cleans for a male is half BW so I wore a 40 LB Vest, it made the jumps interesting.
3 36 LB KB Cleans
3 Box Jumps
3 36 LB KB Cleans
3 Box Jumps
I completed 11 full rounds.

Some light stretching and then onto

In 30 seconds do
1 Clean
1 Push Press
1 Push Jerk
1 OH Lunge Each Leg
I did this for 10 minutes straight. I was pretty exhausted when I got done.

Derek Simonds
08-27-2007, 03:30 AM
Rehab Day 10 August 26

Did progressive loading on squats from BW up to Xvest, Jr, KB and 25 LB Weight belt. Here is the video


Did 4 50 yard sled drags with 90 lb's and carried 52 LB KB.
This was actually harder than I imagined.

Today was originally just going to be messing around but ended up being pretty darn tough.

Derek Simonds
08-27-2007, 03:33 AM
Rehab Day 11 August 27

Another Coach Rut inspired goody

200 M Farmers Walk 52 LB KB
200 M Sprint
50 Jumping Squats
200 M Farmers Walk 52 LB KB
200 M Sprint
50 36 LB KB Swings Left Arm Only
200 M Farmers Walk 52 LB KB
200 M Sprint
50 S/U's
200 M Farmers Walk 52 LB KB
200 M Sprint
50 B/E's

Farmers walks started out unbroken for 100 M but quickly devolved. All exercises were broken; squats by 10, swings by 13, s/u's 33, 10, 7 and b/e's were all over the place.

Derek Simonds
08-28-2007, 04:09 AM
Rehab August 28

Rest Day Oh Glorious Rest Day!

Because of my wifes new schedule, the kids going back to school and me not traveling this past 10 days I realized last night I have worked out somewhere around 10 days in a row. Whoops. I was absolutely physically crushed last night when I went to bed. I got in a solid 8:30 hours of sleep and am feeling pretty darn spiffy today.

What I have done most significantly during this rehab period besides purchase some really cool new fitness toys is to get my diet dialed in. I am focusing on a paleo / low carb lifestyle. In the last 2 weeks I have had an insignificant amount of processed carbs, I can't say none because I am sure I have had something. The only carbs that have a real impact would be fruit and I eat that PWO most mornings and sometimes as a snack at 10:00 am.

I am in countdown mode to my physical and follow up visit to determine if my arm is healed. I am setting the clock right now at T Minus 8 Days and Counting. I keep telling myself don't use the arm just let it heal.

Derek Simonds
08-29-2007, 03:26 AM
Rehab Day 12 August 29

Glute Bridge 15 seconds X 3
Samson Stretch 10 seconds per leg X 3
15 S/U's unanchored feet 3

3 X 10 X 25 LB DB Sotts Press Left Side Only
2 X 8 X 32 LB KB Snatch Left Side Only
4 X 3 X 52 LB KB Snatch Left Side Only
4 X 4 X 52 LB KB Clean and Jerk Left Side Only

Tabata Intervals Mt Bike Trainer
OMG I am not sure that I am going to be able to walk upstairs and wake up the kids.

Derek Simonds
08-30-2007, 03:27 AM
Rehab Day 13 August 30 (3 weeks and 6 days to go)

Glute Bridge 15 seconds X 3
Samson Stretch 10 seconds per leg X 3
15 S/U's unanchored feet X 3

I wanted to get moving but not do too much with my legs as I am going to squat tomorrow. The result basically I just played around today.

Hanging KTE's X 10 X 4
Scapula P/U's from plank on elbows 12 X 3
Wrist Rolls X 2 X 10 LB's this was too heavy so
Wrist Rolls X 4 X 5 LB's Just right my wrist really loosened up doing these
Hammer Curls 25 LB's L, 10 LB's R X 15 X 4
Shoulder Press 25 LB's L, 10 LB's R X 15 X 4

5 X 2 Minute Rounds Bas Thai Boxing Shadow Box on Right Side
I substituted thai kicks for right straights and shadow boxed with my right hand for other moves. This was actually more fun than I thought it would be and I got my heart rate up with all the kicks.

Allen Yeh
08-30-2007, 06:44 AM
Sucks about your wrist I know it's got to be torturous right now. My wife seems to think I have a hernia...so off to the doctor I go.

Derek Simonds
08-31-2007, 04:13 AM
Rehab Day 14 August 31 (3 weeks and 5 days to go)

Glute Bridge 15 seconds X 3
Samson Stretch 10 seconds per leg X 3
15 S/U's unanchored feet X 3

Did some YRG with wife and neighbor for warmup.

28 KG KB DL 1 X 12 Fast
36 KG KB DL 4 X 12 Fast

Back Squat / Good Morning
10 / 5
11 / 5
12 / 5
13 / 5
10 / 5

Perfect example of why you don't go into the gym without a plan. I just couldn't get motivated to really make things happen this morning.

Derek Simonds
09-04-2007, 03:53 AM
Rehab Day 15 September 1

Work out with my son by the lake.

About 17 games of Horse
3 X 10 Prisoner Squats
30 Jumping Jacks
2 Suicide Runs on the tennis court
Some other various and sundry strecthing

All with 36 LB KB In a row with 1 minute rest, repeat 5 times
6 X Snatch
6 X Clean / Press
6 X Swing

20 minutes of tennis

Derek Simonds
09-04-2007, 04:02 AM
Rehab Day 16 September 3

3 X Samson Stretch
3 X 20 S/U's
3 X 10 Prisoner Squats
3 X 10 Hamstring Stretch with towel

Walk back from each sprint directly into the next exercise.
6 Per Leg 52 LB KB DL, 6 X 36 LB KB Snatch
100 M Sprint
6 Per Leg 52 LB KB DL, 6 X 36 LB KB Snatch
100 M Sprint
6 Per Leg 52 LB KB DL, 6 X 36 LB KB Snatch
100 M Sprint
6 X 52 LB KB Clean
100 M Sprint
6 X 52 LB KB Clean
100 M Sprint
6 X 52 LB KB Clean
100 M Sprint
6 X 52 LB KB Swing
100 M Sprint
6 X 52 LB KB Swing
100 M Sprint
6 X 52 LB KB Swing
100 M Sprint

I did this up at our lake trailer and had an audience. All the old guys got quite a hoot out of this little workout. In fact one I am trying to get a copy of a picture of me doing swings while one of the guys pretends he can't lift the other bell.

Derek Simonds
09-08-2007, 03:17 AM
Rehab Day 17 September 5

3 X Samson Stretch
3 X 20 S/U's
3 X 10 Prisoner Squats
3 X 10 Hamstring Stretch with towel

Modified Bear Complex

All with 95 LB's on BB
5 Front Squats
5 Back Squats
5 Good Mornings

Rest 90 Seconds and repeat 5 times

Derek Simonds
09-09-2007, 03:48 AM
Rehab Day 18 September 6

20 Minutes YRG
6 Minutes warmup on elliptical
4 Minutes Tabata
5 Minutes cool down

You should have seen the people looking at me like I was a nut. The elliptical I was on sounded like it was going to come up apart during the work sessions.

Rehab Day 19 September 7

I was at a hotel next to the airport getting ready for a flight so I used the weight machines they had. Nothing functional at all just 30 minutes of pushing and pulling with some random leg stuff thrown in.

Derek Simonds
09-09-2007, 03:55 AM
Rehab Day 20 September 8

AM Lucy Sprint Intervals
2 trips around the neighborhood with the puppy comes to a total of 1.8 miles. I ran all out for more than 100 M but less than 400 M each interval. Runs are feeling extraordinary.

PM Coach Rut Goodness
I adapted yesterdays W/O based on still being limited to one arm.

Reps of 10, 8, 6, 5, 4
1 Arm Box DL 78 LB KB
1 Arm OHS 30 LB DB

Reps of 20, 16, 12, 10, 8
KTE with arms in slings

All exercises were performed in series with no rest. I started with a 52 LB KB for the OHS did 1 and think I reinjured my freaking shoulder. OOOF! I went down to a 36 LB KB but it didn't feel good so switched to the 30 LB DB and worked through with it.

3 X 24 15 LB DB curls right arm
3 X 12 25 LB DB curls left arm

3 X 15 LB shoulder press

4 X 5 LB wrist curls

Derek Simonds
09-16-2007, 04:19 AM
Rehab Day 21 September 9

This is real rehab. I pressure washed my entire 3 car driveway and all of my sidewalks. That took a total of about 3 hours of holding a high pressure gun. After that was complete I went to Home Despot and did 11 sandbag cleans by 50 LB's 2 times (loading the cart and loading the truck). Proceeded to drive home and spread all that sand in the driveway. The driveway and sidewalks are pavers and pressure washing blew all the sand out of the cracks.

That took another 3 hours. Man the driveway looked phenomenal until we got a gully washer of a downpour and most of the sand washed away. AARGH! Now I get to do that again this sunday.

Derek Simonds
09-16-2007, 04:31 AM
Rehab Day 21 September 11

I was exhausted last night so I slept in until 6:30.

I did 25 minutes of YRG fat burner plus and a whole bunch of body weight exercises. 4 or 5 rounds of knuckle push ups, prisoner squats, sit ups and samson stretches.

Derek Simonds
09-16-2007, 06:16 AM
Rehab Day 22 September 12

Warmup 3 Times
Samson Strecthes
15 Sit Ups
10 Prisoner Squats
15 second glute bridge

4 Way Lunges
35 LB L, 15 LB R X 6
40 LB L, 15 LB R X 6
45 LB L, 15 LB R X 5
50 LB L, 15 LB R X 4

1 Arm Snatch 40 LB's
5 X 6

3 Sets of
12 X 15 LB DB Curl
15 X 15 LB DB Press

It feels like I am missing something.

Derek Simonds
09-16-2007, 06:21 AM
Rehab Day 23 September 13

3 X Samson Stretch
3 X 20 S/U's
3 X 10 Prisoner Squats
3 X 10 Hamstring Stretch with towel

10 X 45 LB FS
10 X 65 LB BS
10 X 115 LB FS
10 X 115 LB FS
10 X 115 LB BS
10 X 115 LB BS
5 X 115 LB FS
5 X 115 LB FS

Tabata 1 arm (L) KB Swings with 36 LB KB. No less than 9 per interval. This was actually a lot of fun and left me feeling like I got a nice little finish to my workout.

Derek Simonds
09-16-2007, 06:27 AM
Rehab Day 24 September 16

2 X Samson Stretch
2 X 20 S/U's
2 X 10 Prisoner Squats
2 X 10 Glute Bridge

Farmers Walk's 75 Yards
3 X 52 LB KB L 16 LB KB R

Waiters Walk's 75 Yards
3 X 52 LB KB L 16 LB KB R, R was the arm in the air

8 L, R Pistols
15 20 LB D-Ball Slam
15 Hanging KTE

8 L, R Pistols
15 20 LB D-Ball Slam
15 Hanging KTE

5 L, R Pistols Holding 20 LB D-Ball, this was my first ever weighted pistols
20 20 LB D-Ball Slam
20 Hanging KTE

2 Rounds of
20 X 20 LB Incline Bench
20 X 15 LB DB Curl
20 X 15 LB Press

I am slowly bringing my right arm back into play. Hopefully I will be able to see a physical therapist sometime next week to get more rehab exercises. The arm feels great but man do I have pain in my tendons / wrist.

Derek Simonds
09-17-2007, 03:14 AM
Rehab Day 25 September 17

5 2 Minute Rounds Thai Boxing with Bas

3 Rounds
12, 12, 15 X 72 LB KB, 72 LB KB, 72 LB KB + 16 LB KB DL's
20 S/U
15 B/E

I am slowly working my right arm back into the groove so I decided to do some O-lift practice with my sons 5 KG bar.

10 X bar only
6 X 31 LB's
6 X 31 LB's
6 X 31 LB's

My right wrist is definitely the weak point as I lack the required flexibility to get the bar where it needs to be. Overall the snatches felt good, I was getting under the bar fast and was fairly stable in the bottom position.

I did one Clean and Jerk and found out there is no way I can do those right now with the lack of flexibility I have.

Derek Simonds
09-23-2007, 01:02 PM
Rehab Day 26 September 18

In another hotel. I did a complete grab bag of exercises.

4 Rounds
4 Way Lunge with 40 LB's L, 20 LB's R overhead
15 Incline Sit Ups

4 Rounds
12 X 70 LB's Lat Pulldown
8 X 40 Single Arm L Snatch

4 Rounds
12 X 80 Machine Press
12 X 20 LB DB Bent Over Row

4 Rounds
15 X 20 LB DB Curl
15 X 20 LB DB Press

6 Minute Warm Up
Tabata Interval on Elliptical
10 Minute Cool Down

Derek Simonds
09-24-2007, 03:51 AM
Rehab Day 27 September 20

Got home really late last night from trip and slept until 6:45. Exhausted. I didn't have much time but I did this little doozy

4 Rounds
40 LB X Vest X 20 Squats
75 M Farmers Walk with Vest, 53 LB KB L and 36 LB KB R
40 LB X Vest X 10 Jumping Squats
75 M Farmers Walk with Vest, 53 LB KB L and 36 LB KB R

Limited to no rest between rounds. Lots of fun in a short time.

Derek Simonds
09-24-2007, 03:56 AM
Rehab Day 28 September 21

It's MF'ing Squat Day

45 X 12 FS
65 X 10 FS
95 X 10 BS
135 X 10 FS
135 X 10 FS
135 X 10 BS
135 X 10 BS
145 X 5 FS
145 X 5 BS

3 X 15 X 20 LB DB Curl
3 X 15 X 20 LB DB Press
3 X 12 X 30 LB DB Row

Derek Simonds
09-24-2007, 04:02 AM
Rehab Day 29 September 22

I came up with a doozy today. I wanted to do push ups but my wrist isn't ready yet.

4 Rounds 90 seconds of rest in between rounds

135 LB BSGDL X 8
15 20 LB Ball Slams
85 LB Sand Bag Clean and Carry 150 M's
30 LB DB Incline Press X 12

Lots of fun, the presses were too easy but what can you do. Soon I will be back. The bag cleans were very difficult in fact much more than I would have guessed.

3 Rounds of 36 LB KB Swing L and 18 LB KB Swings R X 12
1 Rounds of 36 and 18 at the same time X 12

Nice little finisher

Derek Simonds
09-25-2007, 04:00 PM
Rehab Day 30 September 24

Snatch, Snatch and more Sntaches

Jo Snatches X 6
5 KG Snatches X 6 X 2
31 LB Snatches X 6 X 2
45 LB Snatches X 6 X 2
55 LB Snatches X 6 X 2
65 LB Snatches X 2 X 2

Everything was in the groove except my wrist. I really felt like my form was spot on and I could have snatched a house, but the pain in my wrist was too much to take a chance re-injuring it.

30 LB Incline Press X 12 X 3
20 LB Hammer Curl X 12 X 3
20 LB Press X 12 X 3

All in a series still trying to slowly work the right arm back into the lifting business. I start PT either Friday or Monday Yeah!

Derek Simonds
09-26-2007, 05:37 AM
Rehab Day 31 September 26

Short Warm Up

Stretches on swiss ball with crunches
Samson Stretches

10 Pistols per leg (another PR yeah!)
5 Pistols per leg with 20 Medicine Ball X 2 last set was pretty tough.

5 Rounds no rest
10 squat jumps a2a onto a 20" box
10 high pulls 36 LB L, 18 LB R X 3 18 LB L, 18 LB R X 2
10 Hanging KTE's

At most 30 seconds rest between sets I tried to keep moving the entire time.

4 Rounds no rest
12 X 30 LB Incline Press (still can't do pushups I tried oh I tried)
12 X 30 LB DB Shrugs
15 X 3, 25 X 1 Situps
10 X 3, 15 X 1 B/E's

Beginners class, man it felt good to be on the mat. Tonight was the first time without a brace in 2 months. I haven't gone a lot just enough to keep semi current. Worked rolls, rear street choke defense both hip throw and step around and throw. Worked mount escape where you block the entire side oompa and roll to the left. Did the single armbar from gaurd where you pull the arm across block the same side with your leg scoot out and throw leg over head to the armbar. Fun, I had to leave because if I stayed for the advanced class I would have grappled.

Derek Simonds
09-27-2007, 07:01 AM
Rehab Day 32 September 27

BJJ Private

Everything was worked off the choke. Open collar insert hand palm down as far around the back as possible, goal to grab label in the back. Pull down and push away on the neck creating pressure. Escape hips to the side that choke is on and swim the other arm through so that the back of the hand is facing up in their armpit. From there bring your leg up their back and their arm to your neck. Once the arm is positioned work your arm to your lapel put your other hand on top and push down on the elbow for the lock.

Variation 1 if they escape their arm by bending it towards the floor slide your forearm to press their elbow to the ground grab their wrist and turn into a keylock by lifting on your hips.

Variation 2 If they escape their arm by bending it towards the floor but you can't get the keylock there roll to your back and pull them on top of you. From there lift your hips to go for the keylock again if that fails throw your leg over the head use your opposite arm to scoop their arms back for the double arm bar.

Variation 3 If they escape their arm by going noodle arm and bending it away from you slide their hand towards your hip reach across their back and step over their head with your leg so that it is front of their face. From there move both of your feet around their head and scoot your butt out. This puts them on the ground tight grab the lapel drive your knuckles into their neck and sit up for the omoplata.

Variation 4 Same as before but when you escape your hips slightly if the other collar is clear grab and apply the lapel choke.

Variation 5 Same as before but if they pull their hand down to your waist move directly into the omoplata.

Sweep 1 Same as before but when you escape your hips out to the side reach across and grab their opposite side armpit and with your bottom hand grab their arm on top of your neck pull it out away and push it under them to their other side so you can grab with your first hand. With the hand that you just let go reach under their hamstring on the same side as their hand is trapped and pull them over on top of you and roll into mount. From there rain down some destruction.

Derek Simonds
09-30-2007, 02:59 PM
Rehab Day 33 September 28

Glute Bridges X 3
Samson Strech X 3
Sit-ups 15 X 3

Squat testing
Triples up to 185
Singles up to 225
Everything felt good all the way up and I could have done more probably just didn't want to get greedy. Had a little twinge in the low back on 215 just wasn't tight enough. My hand was still the weak link in the whole deal.

4 Rounds
12 Knuckle Push Ups
12 Bent Over Rows X 30 LB DB's

Derek Simonds
09-30-2007, 03:06 PM
Rehab Day 34 September 29

Glute Bridges X 3
Samson Strech X 3
Sit-ups 15 X 3

Snatch up to 75 LB's. No problem with weight at all just can't hold any more with my wrist.

No Cleans at all hurts way too bad. Rack jerks up to 115 LB's with no real bad pain in my wrist.

Did the first of the long cycle KB C&J with 36 LB and 18 LB 3 minutes was no problem at 8 RPM.

3 Rounds
20 LB DB Curls X 15
20 LB DB Press X 15
20 LB DB Row X 15

30 Windmills with 18 LB KB

I did something else as a metcon but I forgot what I did.

I did the wrong ab work early so I came out and did the prescribed.

4 Rounds
30 Russian Twist with 20 LB MD
10 Overhead Sit Ups with 10 LB's

I could feel it in my lower back when I did the twists.

Derek Simonds
09-30-2007, 03:23 PM
Rehab Day 35 September 30

Glute Bridges X 3
Samson Strech X 3
Sit-ups 15 X 3

15 X 36 LB KB L, 18 LB KB R Swing
100 M Farmers Walk
15 X 36 LB KB L, 18 LB KB R C&J
100 M Farmers Walk
15 X 36 LB KB L, 18 LB KB R High Pull
100 M Farmers Walk
15 X 36 LB KB L, 18 LB KB R Snatch
100 M Farmers Walk

Sand Bag Bear Hug Cleans
5 X 50 LB
5 X 60 LB
5 X 70 LB
5 X 80 LB
5 X 90 LB
The cleans once they got up to 80 and 90 were pretty darn hard.

4 Rounds no rest and for time except I forgot to time it. I went all out and really pushed it.
500 M Row
100 Single Unders as fast as possible
21 20 LB MB Clean, Press and Slam

Really nice to get back on the rower. All 500's in 2:04 or less, I didn't push it at all with the wrist.

Derek Simonds
10-03-2007, 07:04 AM
October 2 Rehab Day 36

30 Minutes of various stretching

3 Rounds
15 Knuckle Push Up Plus
25 Sit Ups
20 Supermans
25 Squats
12 Stick Em Ups

All in my lovely hotel room in Hartford CT

Derek Simonds
10-03-2007, 07:05 AM
October 3 Rehab Day 37 AM

FS 150 LB X 3 X 5
Clean Pull 135 X 5, 150 X 5, 165 X 5
Rack Jerk up to 140 No Problem on the lift problem because I can't drop the weight at the Bally's I was training at today and it produces pain in my wrist bringing it down slowly. This was best in rehab by 25 LB's

Press X 45 X 10, 55 X 10, 65 X 10

3 rounds for time
20 swings with 35 LB DB L, 20 LB DB R, 10 each arm
20 jumping pull-ups
20 lying hip swings (mine were actually truthful hip swings)


Derek Simonds
10-03-2007, 06:07 PM
October 3 Rehab Day 37 PM

4 Sets
Decline Overhead Situp W/ 8 LB Med Ball X 12
Russian Twist X 15

3 Sets
20 LB DB Curl X 15
Push Ups X 15
Wood Chop 8 LB Med Ball X 12
Shrug 50 LB X 12 X 3

Treadmill Work 20 Minutes Total
W/ 2 X 2 Minutes at 6:53 Pace

Derek Simonds
10-04-2007, 05:52 AM
October 4 Rehab Day 38


2 Rounds
30 Situps
Samson Stretch

25 Minutes on treadmill walking at 3.8 and various elevations up to 7.5 for 10 minutes.

Derek Simonds
10-05-2007, 05:10 AM
October 5 Rehab Day 39

I misunderstood the set / rep schema this morning also. That's ok as I still can't clean well do to my wrist.

All weights in LB's

Hang power clean + push jerk - 5 x 2
5 Reps X 45 w / 1 Clean + 2 Jerks
5 Reps X 65 w / 1 Clean + 2 Jerks

Snatch balance - work up to a heavy double
I couldn't remember exactly the tech for SB so I was dropping into a full snatch catch. I Started with 65 and worked up to 90. Missed 95.

Pull-ups - 3 x max reps
5 (first pull ups since June)
9 (40 LB's assistance)
8 (40 LB's assistance)

3 rounds for time of:
25 Double-Unders
10 1-arm DB split snatch (per arm) - 35 LB's
10 Hanging Leg Raise

18 Minutes on the wall clock. This is the first time ever that I did all the Double - Unders! Each round I hit at least 10 in a row where I would Double then Single then Double. Why in the world are Double - Unders so dang metabolically taxing? I had the feeling in your chest when you can't get your breathe and it kind of burns. Great Met-Con!

Derek Simonds
10-06-2007, 06:32 AM
October 6 Rehab Day 40

Today was a good one.

Snatch up to 110.50
Clean and Jerk up to 130.50
Clean up to 160.50
Back Squat up to 230.5 LB's

I am going to have to get a lot better at math since I use KG and LB plates. It gets mighty confusing. I had to write everything down to add it up. Everything was a PR except the C&J. The jerk just hurts to much. I had more easily just don't want to push the wrist. On my last snatch my left foot was squirreling around and I had to get it set before I could come up out of the hole so it felt like I was sitting in the OHS position forever. The drive up was no problem.

I left a little out there as I have got Crossfit in the park with Leo tomorrow and want to be able to at least show up ;)

Derek Simonds
10-09-2007, 04:37 AM
October 7 Rehab Day 41

Painstorm in the Park with Leo from Crossfit Evolution
More like pain shower for me since I wimped out on the weight.

How many rounds of
50 M Bear Crawl
7 Reps Bear Complex
can you complete in 40 minutes?

I did 9 with 61 LB's. My legs are great but my upper body is pretty sore. The traps are the worst.

Derek Simonds
10-09-2007, 04:37 AM
October 8 Rehab Day 42

Rest, Rest Rest, Recover

Derek Simonds
10-09-2007, 04:39 AM
October 9 Rehab Day 43

WU Row 1000 M

FS 45, 81, 171 X 3 X 5
CLN DL 171 X 3 X 4
PP 81, 91, 101, 111, 111, 131
Chins W/ Green Band 3 X 10
Bench 115 X 10 X 3
OH S/U 15 LB 3 X 8

PP felt good on the push and the press not so good trying to bring the weight down. I could have worked around the 131 range for all sets if not for the soreness in shoulder area, mainly ligament, tendon not muscle.

Timing was much better this morning all the work in 1:10.

Derek Simonds
10-10-2007, 03:49 AM
October 10th Rehab Day 44

BS 185, 185, 187, 188.5, 190
SN Pull 135 X 3 X 3
Rack Jerk 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165 (PR), 175 (Miss), 170 (PR), 175 (PR)

For purely aesthetic reasons
BB Curl 45 X 12 X 2
DB Curl 25 X 12 X 2 (Neutral Grip)

No metcon today 2:30 of BJJ tonight. The rack jerks just clicked today. My arms are significantly weaker than the last time I tried for a PR but my legs are a lot stronger. Apparently the jerk is a leg based exercise ;)

Two more days until V-Day. I am going to really push hard the next 2 days so I can take 3 -4 days completely off for recovery. Starting Tuesday I will roll back into it at half volume so this will be my unloading week.

Allen Yeh
10-11-2007, 03:31 AM
Rack Jerk 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165 (PR), 175 (Miss), 170 (PR), 175 (PR)


Derek Simonds
10-12-2007, 05:54 PM
Oh I am paying for it. My shoulders are on fire!

Derek Simonds
10-12-2007, 06:08 PM
October 10th Rehab Day 44 BJJ PM

Brian has amped up the warm-up significantly. I was amazed at how many people were dying through it. Started class with hip throw. There was a camera man there filming class and he filmed me and my partner doing the throw. I was the demo dummy for Brian which is always fun when he is talking and you are choking in a triangle. We worked one of my favorite closed guard sweeps where you shrimp hips and place the shin on their stomach and sweep from there. We also used same setup to go to triangle by bringing foot to hip and pointing both knees at ceiling.

Worked what I call a firemans takedown. I struggled with the transition from the throw to the control. We also worked a sweep from the open guard where you threaded your leg through pushed and moved on top. I wasn't too good with this either. First time grappling in over 2 months and man was I exhausted. It is just a totally different energy level required. First roll was with a stud purple who worked with me and worked me over. He tried to set up some positions where I could work on the stuff from class, which I appreciated unfortunately I couldn't pull any of them off. Second roll with a big guy and had a keylock twice just couldn't finish it because of pain in my wrist. Dang It! I only went twice after the 2 hours of class because I didn't want to over do it especially with the workout I had this morning. It was good to be back on the mat...

Derek Simonds
10-12-2007, 06:20 PM
October 11th Rehab Day 45 BJJ AM Private

I talked with Brian about my inability to get the keylock so we worked on an additional technique where once I got the hand position I placed my forehead in the hole of my hands by his forearm and drove my head to the ground. Definitely added a new dimension to my game.

Drilled side control to heavy man to get the muscle memory back.

From heavy man we worked attack to keylock by letting them reach their hand through and trapping by placing on your hand on back of your own head. When they try to pull it free push it out and pin it with other hand and complete keylock like above. Worked elbow lock where you step over their head and grab your own butt and flex your hips forward for the pin. Next evolution of this was to pin their arm between your thighs and let them think they were escaping and use your legs for a keylock. This was freaking awesome. I am going to practice this religiously until I get it down cold. There is no way that someones arm can overpower your legs.

Great class.

Derek Simonds
10-12-2007, 07:48 PM
October 12th Rehab Day 46

Little Linda
205 DL
135 Bench
95 Clean (Full Squat)
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 For Time

39 Minutes that was kind of like a painstorm. Heaviest and fastest Linda to date.

3 X 25 Situps

Vasectomy at 12:30 oh what fun. Recoup no exercise Sat, Sun and Mon then 1/2 volume for the remainder of the week.

Derek Simonds
10-13-2007, 04:12 AM
October 13th Rehab Day 47

Vasectomy Recovery

To quote Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby" My wife is really taking care of me and I appreciate it. Advice for anyone getting ready for the snip, be prepared to do nothing for 48 hours. I am less than 24 hours in and I have slept a ton. Feels great to do nothing. We are getting ready for my daughters soccer game and then nothing but the couch, Good Calories Bad Calories and college football for me.

Allen Yeh
10-14-2007, 02:46 AM
Vasectomy Recovery


Derek Simonds
10-14-2007, 05:35 AM
Well said. I figured I might as well get everything out of the way before I am back to 100 % with the arm. It is Sunday morning and I feel surprisingly good. I really kept the ice on it for the last 42 hours. I plan on intermittent icing through today and back to regular schedule sans exercise on Monday.

Derek Simonds
10-18-2007, 05:56 PM
Oct 16 Tuesday

30 Minutes Exercise Bike no real intensity just getting myself moving

2 X 15 Curl Press Combo
2 X 15 Shrug

20 LB DB's

Derek Simonds
10-18-2007, 05:58 PM
October 17 Wednesday

4 x 10 45 lb db incline press
4 X 10 35 lb db bent over row
4 X 12 back extension roman chair
4 X 25 swiss ball situps (oh yeah work it baby)

3 X 10 hanging shoulder adduction

I just wasn't feeling it so I called it a night

Derek Simonds
10-18-2007, 06:02 PM
October 18 Thursday

4 x 10 x 50 lb db Goblet Squat

2 X 6 (each leg) 35 Lb / 15 Lb Cross Lunge
2 X 6 (each leg) 40 Lb / 20 Lb Cross Lunge

3 X 12 20 LB DB Curl
3 X 10 10 LB DB High Pull / Cuban Press

3 X 15 8 LB Med Ball OH Situp
3 X 5 Hanging Knees To Elbow

Derek Simonds
10-20-2007, 06:46 AM
October 19 Friday

For some reason I had Fran stuck on the brain. It must have been because I saw it both on xFit and Coach Rut's site. The hotel gym where I was the ceiling was too low to do pull ups so I modified.

21, 15, 9 rounds for time of
35 LB DB Thrusters
35 LB DB Swings, 11 R 10 L, 8 L 7 R, 5 R 4 L
Push Ups

10:59 and I was smoked. Had the bile in the back of the throat, the whole deal.

Did some curls and triceps and stretching and called it a day. Headed to the airport and flew home from Seattle.

Derek Simonds
10-20-2007, 06:46 AM
October 20 Saturday

Snatch up to 101 LB's
Clean and Jerk up to 151 LB's
Front Squat 200 LB's (NEW PR!! and one of my goals for the end of the year)

I just wasn't explosive today so I went with what I had. Might be do to the fact that I have been on the west coast all week and it felt like 3 in the morning when I was working out.

On the snatch I tried a new grip that was even wider than what I have been using. I put my hands all the way out to the end of the bar. The pull felt good and so did getting under the bar but the support was totally different and I need to play with that hand position in some overhead work.

Yuen Sohn
10-20-2007, 04:41 PM
Make sure to acclimate yourself well to the new snatch grip width -- maybe increase it by smaller increments and hold off on any max attempts for a while.

I experimented with a new grip that was maybe 1/3rd to 1/2 of an inch wider on each side. The result was an incredibly painful thumb (that still hurts right now) as well as a really awkward and painful feeling in my (non-injured) wrist, ESPECIALLY when I was lowering the barbell. Since I've reverted back to my usual grip, the wrist pain has disappeared.

Nice work on the 200lb PR, btw. That's a great milestone!

Derek Simonds
10-21-2007, 01:32 PM
Thanks Yoon. I have really long arms and have not really settled into a grip that I am 100% with yet. I was watching one of Dan John's videos on the flight back from Seattle and he was snatching and had his hands all the way to the end of the bar. Looking at him it made me think that maybe I could play with my grip width. I am really looking forward to this weekend as I will be with Greg, Robb and company at the benefit in DC. I am confident that I will come out of there much improved.

Derek Simonds
10-21-2007, 01:33 PM
October 21 Sunday

All in LB's

FS 45 X 3, 135 X 3, 155 X 3, 170 X 3 X 3, 165 X 3 X 2
Clean Pulls 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 180 (more than 105 % but just felt good so kept going)
Push Press 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 140 (these didn't feel good so I just worked my way up)
Pull Ups 8 X 3 (this is as many as I can remember doing in 3 sets)
Green Band Pull Ups X 10
Incline Press 45 LB DB's 8 X 4

Derek Simonds
10-23-2007, 07:38 AM
October 23 Tuesday

For real Greg, fire sucks and so does evacuation.

Worked out at the spa at the Wynn today. A little pricey ($25) and no get this not one single BB in the whole freaking gym. They did have a nice set of Iron Grip DB's in Wynn red but no BB's anywhere.

DB C & J 30 X 5, 35 X 5, 40 X 5, 45 X 5

Did a little circuit of 3 rounds no rest
That Hang Snatch thing from last week where you snatch one arm then the other X 25 LB's X 10
Push Up Plus X 10
KTE's X 5
Inlcine SU +25 LB's X 5
Roman Chair BE's +25 LB's X 5

Nothing to fancy just nice to get up and get going. Tomorrow I will be in PHX and will visit a real gym.

Derek Simonds
10-24-2007, 08:21 AM
October 24 Wednesday

For whatever reason my wrist is really acting up the last 2 days.

Working out at the LA Fitness in Avondale AZ. It is a brand new facility, typical big box gym. I will give props to the one trainer I saw working this morning. He had a big guy who was significantly overweight doing power clean and push press for reps with 95 lb's supersetted with some ab work. I even went up to the trainer after he finished and told him nice job with the guy.

5 Minute Row
Power Snatch 45 X 2, 65 X 2 X 2, 95 X 2 X 3
Power Clean and Jerk 95 X 2 X 2, 115 X 2 X 2, 135 X 1 X 2
FS 135 X 2, 155 X 2, 165, 175, 180
Fingertip Chins on support X 2 X 6
Press 65 X 10, 85 X 6, 105 X 3

I was having a hard time today as I have some stuff on my mind that was interfering with my focus. PS felt good I narrowed my grip slightly from last week. PC no problem but my wrist was very sore, Jerk no problem. FS felt great up to 180. Funniest moment on the FS was with 135, I was in one of those racks that are angled and you step back and the rack comes out flat with the supports well when you squat deep you make a real loud noise when the bar hits the rack and it is also a good way to rearrange your dental work. Note to self step all the way out of the rack before FS'ing.

Derek Simonds
10-29-2007, 12:27 PM
Thanks to Scott Kustes for transcribing this. I was going to do it this week and he saved me the time. I am putting it here for incorporation into my routine.

Via Straight to the Bar comes this Diesel Crew video for shoulder rehab. This was important for me given that I just crossed the four month mark since having my left shoulder scoped. I watched the video last week and started incorporating the circuits into my rehab. The shoulder is doing well and I’ve been getting back to exercising fairly normally without injuring myself. Here are the five circuits…for video demonstrations, watch the clip above.

Circuit 1
DB Retraction
DB Proctraction
Posterior Capsule Stretch

Circuit 2
DB Cuban Rotations
Band External Rotations
Band Pull Aparts
Band Dislocates
Band Press

Circuit 3
Pullup Retractions
Barbell Shrugups - Overhead
Elevated Pushup Plus Retraction
Posterior Capsule Stretch

Circuit 4
Incline DB Retractions
Prone “Y”s - Underhand
Prone Internal Rotations

Circuit 5
EQI Pushups - Pushup Hold
Prone “T”s - Underhand
Plate Halos

Additional Exercises
Seated DB Internal/External Rotations
EZ Curl Cuban Rotations
EZ Curl Cuban Press
Horizontal Abduction/External Rotation

Even if you aren’t rehabbing the shoulder, these are good exercises to incorporate for strengthening the muscles in the area, perhaps as a bit of prehab work. Let me tell you that you do not want to screw up your shoulders.

Allen Yeh
10-30-2007, 03:43 AM
I'd definitely try to incorporate wall slides into one of those days. Harder than it looks.

Derek Simonds
10-30-2007, 04:06 AM
I have been doing them as a GTG through out the day. They have helped a ton. I tried several of the exercises last week when I was traveling and it amazed me how much just that little bit seemed to help.

Derek Simonds
10-30-2007, 04:15 AM
Monday October 29

BJJ Fundamentals

Normal warmups and progressed into self defense with rear 2 handed choke using wrist lock to arm control to knee on belly. Worked on single leg takedown with arm grabbing gi collar. I like this variant if you can protect the face on the entry. Moved into taking the back from the turtle and finished with the rear naked from back. Three steps to RNC, squeeze bicep, tighten with rear hand and finish with squeezing shoulders up.

It was funny I worked out with a stunt man tonight and the first throw I did he landed square on his shoulders and had his hips up in the air. I was like dude you are going to kill yourself if you get thrown with any force. He then explained to me that this is how they do it in stunt school. Oh well what do I know.

Derek Simonds
10-30-2007, 04:16 AM
Tuesday October 30

One day behind recovering from the seminar. All work in LB's.

B W/U, B W/U w/ 45 LB's

SN 45 X 3, 65 X 2, 85 X 1 X 5
C & J 85 X 2, 135 X 1, 140 X 1, (WTF my math is all screwed up) 125 X 1 X 3
FS 125 X 3, 150 X 2 X 3
Press 65 X 8, 85 X 4, 105 X 2

I am still all kinked up from travel, walking DC and the seminar. On the 2nd or 3rd SN set my upper traps went into lock down. That made for a miserable remainder of SN and C&J. FS's felt really good and stronger than normal. Miscalculated on the C&J which was funny I did the 140 and went man this just doesn't feel like 75% and it wasn't. It is amazing what you don't know that you think you do today my technique felt spot on and I focused on the cues Greg gave us in DC.

Attending the seminar was the best thing I have ever done for my lifting.

Allen Yeh
10-30-2007, 04:33 AM
Attending the seminar was the best thing I have ever done for my lifting.


Derek Simonds
10-31-2007, 04:24 AM
Wednesday October 31

All weight in LB's as usual

B W/U with stick, B W/U with 45 LB BB

SN 61 LB X 1, 65 LB X 1, 95 X 1 X 2, 95 X M, 95 X M, 95 X 1 X 3
C&J 95 X 1, 115 X 1 128 X 1 X 5
3 POS Muscle SN 61 X 3

1 Round for time
500 M Row 1:48
35 LB Split SN alternating legs 10 L, 10 R
15 Jumping Rope P/U's


I was pretty spent and wanted to err on the conservative side. I know what is coming tomorrow and want to be ready. Besides I watched my coach get winded jumping up onto a box at a seminar ;). Cardio pashaw!

The 2 misses were a result of brain problems not mechanics I just wasn't ready in the head this morning. I actually cleaned the 128 twice in a snatch grip while my wife was talking to me. Talk about some funky mechanics try to go from a snatch grip to a clean grip in the middle of the pull under. I think that I might be tired. Tonight is Halloween so I doubt I will be getting to bed early. Usually it turns into a pretty big party for the adults with all of us sharing libations at each stop. I know it is ending at my sisters house with a big ole pt of chili.

Derek Simonds
11-01-2007, 08:36 AM
Thursday November 1

2:30 on the rower

B W/U X 1 with Stick
High Hang Muscle Snatch X 45 X 3

SN 61 X 3, 81 X 1, 97.5 X 1 X 4
C&J 97.5 X 1, 115 X 1, 140 X 1 X 4

Second C&J really didn't dive under the weight and ended up having to press it out more than usual. Focused on the movements and the last two were no problem. My technique is getting better and better every day. My arms are feeling it in the joints with throwing this heavy arsed weight around.

Ran out of time had to go to BJJ by 7 AM so wrapped up early and I will finish the WOD tonight.

Derek Simonds
11-01-2007, 09:28 AM
Thursday November 1

7:00 AM BJJ Private with Brian the BJJ Doctor

Worked on guard passing. Used the same basic technique for both closed and open guard. From closed guard lower the hips grab the top of the gi pants and straiten your arms by driving your knuckles into the bottom of their ribs. Stretch your leg bag to create additional tension on their guard and bring your opposite knee up to their rear. Press out and when the guard breaks pin their knee to the ground by placing your forearm on top of thigh. press down and with the other arm scoop their leg and drive your shoulder into it. Once you have them uncomfortable and a good base slide your knee over their knee you have pinned with your hand and move your forearm off and pin again with your hand. Once you have the shoulder up and the leg pinned grab their collar with the other hand and pass to either side. Once in position transition right into heavy man.

We used the same technique to move directly to the mount. From the mount if they mess up and you have one of their arms isolated and one of your hands behind their head attack. In a real quick session we went through all of these.

1) Arm Triangle (Brian's least favorite because it is one attack and you are losing position)
From the same start as the arm triangle with their arm across their own neck and your body holding the elbow down.
2) 2 hand wrist lock
3) Twisting wrist lock
4) Telephone wrist lock similar to the first but more painful quicker
5) Collar choke with your arm through at the top and the blade of your arm putting pressure on the throat
6) Collar choke with your forearm on top of their head pressing down as you tighten the choke
7) Going into Die A Slow Death, continue with the collar choke but grab your own gi collar around their arm and pivot so that your knee is on their neck. Pressure for the choke if no tap slowly move into
8) Armbar while continuing the choke lay back and extend hips to finish.

This is a particularly nasty series because the wrist locks are so freaking quick that you can finish a match before they realize what hit them. Great private as always and my brain is over full.

Derek Simonds
11-02-2007, 06:51 PM
Friday November 2

It was a rest day for me because of being off schedule with travel. I trained BJJ but not overly intense

All Levels BJJ
Fabio taught tonight and we worked several drills from the open guard. First was a sweep when your opponent has you in butterfly by grabbing under both knees and the gi then using your chest to drive the knees to the mat for the pass. We worked a variant of that where you take the back. From the back we used the clock choke as a finisher.

Rolled with Ben who is a stunt man and has trained with the BJJ club at UCF. Lots of fun really worked positions without hammering subs. Used the collar choke a ton to control the action. Apparently my performance on the mat is what got me on the belt test for tomorrow.

I am pretty jacked and hope to do well.

Derek Simonds
11-03-2007, 01:20 PM
Saturday November 3

Did Crossfit in the Park with Leo and Monique after the belt test.

10 Rounds for time of
5 Snatch (I did hanging power snatch focusing on shrug and straight arms)
7 P/U's (I did some variant of jumping and kipping)
10 Thrusters

All this with a whopping weight of 37 LB's

I think my time was 16:32 I could be wrong but I think that is where I finished. Leo crushed me using 67 LB's and full P/U's I think he was either in the 15's or right at 16. It was a lot of fun. I am planning on getting in a heavy o/lift session tonight time permitting that is why I went so light today.

The balance is a duplicate from my belt test post just so it is all in one place.

Hey I passed. Sorry for the crappy photo but all I remembered was my cell phone.


We ran through a ton of stuff.

Double, Single, Sprawl from double, Sprawl from single
Hip Throw
Guillotine defense arm goes on the same side as your leg (dope)
3 sweeps from guard: scissor, omoplata and armbar
3 passes from closed guard
3 submissions from guard: armbar, triangle, omoplata
armbar from mount both side
Gi choke from mount
escape from mount
escape from side control
2 chokes from back gi and rnc
escape from RNC

We then rolled with our partner at 50% to show live transitions and position. The instructor conducting the testing was very specific don't hold position work to different spots and move so they could see our flow. We did this for probably around 5 - 10 minutes. When you are amped up it is hard to tell how much time has passed.

I know I am leaving stuff out. We paired up and there were 7 black belts on the mat watching about 12 guys. I was pretty nervous in before it started but once we actually got on the mat everything flowed really well.

Derek Simonds
11-04-2007, 01:08 PM
Sunday November 4

Warmed up by totally rearranging the entire garage. I also built a very cool bar holder I saw on xFit the other day.


Snatch 45, 61, 81, 91, 104.5 X 2
C&J 104.5, 115, 135, 145 C missed J, 145 C missed J

I just didn't have it on the jerks today. I really was exploding out of the hole on the clean and even was using the bounce at the top to get my hands positioned like I was working on with Greg. Too bad my shoulders were not cooperating.

This week is going to be stupid with travel but I am looking forward to meeting Dr G and Yael in Tucson. I will also be in the Phoenix area for a couple of days.

Derek Simonds
11-05-2007, 03:29 PM
Monday November 5

Time change and everything that happened this weekend kind of smoked me so I was a little off.

I can't believe that we have 3 more weeks of this kind of training. I pray my body adapts quickly.

3 Minutes Rowing
45 X 3 HPSN
Snatch 61, 81, 91, 97.5 X 4
C&J 97.5, 115, 135, 141.5 X 4
FS 115 X 3, 170 X 2 X 3

All my joints just feel abused. My ITB feels like it used to when I ran multiple 10 K's on the weekend. They are on fire. Timing seemed better as I was able to finish in just over 45 minutes today.

Sitting in the Continental lounge in Newark waiting on my flight to PHX and I just ate some paella that wasn't excellent. UGH!

Derek Simonds
11-06-2007, 08:13 AM
Tuesday November 6

5 Hours sleep in a hotel bed +
Too much work to get done before my meeting today
= Crappy workout in hotel gym

5 minutes on elliptical

4 rounds no rest

15 incline S/U's
12 Roman Chair B/E's
12 80 LB Lat Pull Downs
8 100 LB Seated Rows
10 100 LB Machine Rows

Didn't time it but took no rest and just went through. I really need to stretch and make sure that I am ready for the heavy stuff tomorrow. I will probably add some push ups and pistols throughout the day.

Allen Yeh
11-06-2007, 08:20 AM
Tuesday November 6

5 Hours sleep in a hotel bed +
Too much work to get done before my meeting today
= Crappy workout in hotel gym

It's funny the 2nd thing that popped into my head after I was told we had to go to Italy for work....was "oh crap that hotel gym sucks so much for O-lifting"

The first thought was "d'oh Laurie is going to kill me since I told her yesterday we didn't need to go this month."

Derek Simonds
11-06-2007, 08:59 AM
When are you heading to Italy?

Allen Yeh
11-06-2007, 09:01 AM
When are you heading to Italy?

This weekend. I love having at least some notice.

Derek Simonds
11-07-2007, 08:32 AM
Wednesday November 7

Worked out with Dr. G. in Tucson. I really enjoyed the workout and getting to meet him. Extremely knowledgable.

Mobility work W/U
Various W/U

SN 45 X 3, 65 X 2, 85 X 2, 95 X 1, 106 X 1 X 2, 111 X 1 X 2
C&J 111 X 2, 131 X 2, 158.4 X 1 X 3
FS 160 X 2, 180 X 2 X 2

Metcon somewhere around 7 minutes with 10, 7, 7 KTE's

Finsihed with some really good PNF stretches; hip flexors, hamstrings, and shoulders.

My lifts felt really strong today in fact both of the numbers are higher than the 90% but were easily attainable.

Derek Simonds
11-09-2007, 06:08 AM
Friday November 9th

Worked out at a Bally's in Cherry Hill NJ. I am pretty sure that Bally's is some foreign word for partial ROM exercisers. Man I saw some funny stuff today. I didn't know it was possible to get a full on hip kip in a DB bicep curl.

I couldn't put a BB with plates on it overhead because when I did the plates would push up the ceiling tiles. Crazy. So lots of modification.

DB Snatch L Hand, L Leg, Squat, R Leg, R Hand, L Leg, Squat, R Leg 35 LB DB, 40 LB DB, 45 LB DB, 50 LB DB
Clean Pull / Jump Shrug up to 170 X 1 X 5
Walked BB to another place Press 105 X 1 X 5
Incline Press 45 DB's X 8 X 3
DB Rows 45 DB's X 5 X 3
FS up to 170 LB's 1 X 5

20 Jump Kipping P/U's
20 Push Ups
15 Jump Kipping P/U's
15 Push Ups

I am really trying to learn to kip. It was coming together nicely until I started making the squat rack come off the ground.

Not what was RX'ed but at least it was something.

Allen Yeh
11-09-2007, 08:14 AM
Worked out at a Bally's in Cherry Hill NJ. I am pretty sure that Bally's is some foreign word for partial ROM exercisers. Man I saw some funny stuff today. I didn't know it was possible to get a full on hip kip in a DB bicep curl.

That's called a power curl! Don't fake like you've never done it! heh

Derek Simonds
11-10-2007, 08:54 AM
All right Allen you got me. :D

Programming must be working I struggled at the work sets today.

Row W/U

SN up to 105 felt great, missed 115 4 times started getting pissed so switched to C&J
C&J up to 155 missed 165, missed 160, 155, 157 made but ugly
FS up to 180 X 2 X 2 FS felt much better than anything else.

Just below the RX'ed weights was fast and easy the work sets crushed me. On the snatch I got the weight overhead but couldn't stand up 3 times out of 4, pretty much lost it forward sideways and than had it set and couldn't stand up. Frustrating. On the C&J I wasn't diving deep and fast enough on the jerk.

Oh well looking forward to rest day.

Derek Simonds
11-12-2007, 03:55 AM
Saturday November 10

Programming must be working I struggled at the work sets today.

Row W/U

SN up to 105 felt great, missed 115 4 times started getting pissed so switched to C&J
C&J up to 155 missed 165, missed 160, 155, 157 made but ugly
FS up to 180 X 2 X 2 FS felt much better than anything else.

Just below the RX'ed weights was fast and easy the work sets crushed me. On the snatch I got the weight overhead but couldn't stand up 3 times out of 4, pretty much lost it forward sideways and than had it set and couldn't stand up. Frustrating. On the C&J I wasn't diving deep and fast enough on the jerk.

Oh well looking forward to rest day.

Derek Simonds
11-12-2007, 03:55 AM
Monday November 12

Thanks Greg and Alicia for the thoughts. Alicia its funny I have used that method every time I have done the CFT but never would have thought to apply it to the O/Lifts. Greg your weights are in Kilos but they translate almost identically to me for the SN how depressing.

Row 3:45

MS 45 X 3
SN 45 X 1, 61 X 1, 81 X 1, 91 X 1, 101 X 1, 106 X 1, 111 X 1, 116 X 1 (1lb pr), 121 M
C&J 95 X 1 + 2, 115 X 1, 135 X 1, 145 X 1, 155 X CMJ, 155 X 1
FS 135 C + FS, 155 X 2, 171 X 2, 181 X 2
OHS 65 X3, 75 X 3, 85 X 3

Coaching myself which is dangerous, I am not having trouble on the pulls just when I am putting the weight overhead. I think it is mainly a mental thing, but I definitely need to work through it.

I was real happy with getting the 116 on the SN since I had such a problem with it on Saturday. OVerall great workout.

Derek Simonds
11-13-2007, 03:34 AM
Tuesday November 13

B W/U about a million times

MS 45 X 3
SN 45 X 3, 61 X 2, 81 X 1 X 2, 93 X 1 X 2
C&J 81 X 1 + 2 X 2, 95 X 2, 115 X 2, 125 X 1 X 2, 135 X 1 X 2

3 rounds for time of:
500 m row
30 jumping rope p/u's
30 sit-ups

17 minutes I lost it on the last round of jumping rope p/u's it took forever. I have determined for me there is a significant metabolic cost in rowing a 1:40 versus a 1:50. 3 rows were 5:48 and the sit ups were unbroken.

Focus on speed and driving under the bars on both lifts today. Felt good and clean. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Derek Simonds
11-14-2007, 04:15 AM
Monday November 11

I forgot to post my BJJ Fundamentals from Monday. Good class with focus on the Kimura sweep and Kimura if your opponent post his hand out when you go for the sweep.

Skipped advanced because of my cold and Tracy got her massage table tonight.

Derek Simonds
11-14-2007, 04:17 AM
Wednesday November 14

All right I will jump on the Eva love fest train. I really didn't think there was anything that dirty about what she said I have thought that many times about you in the last 7 weeks ;).

Today was tough I don't know if I have a mental problem or the programming has me pretty dang close to the edge. All of my sets up to 90% - 95% are fast, clean and easy. Once I start to hit the 100% I come apart.

Row W/U really good and great stretch
B W/U several times

MSN 45 X 3
SN 45 X 3, 61 X 2, 81 X 2 , 91 X 1 X 2, 101 X 1 X 2, 103.5 X 1
C&J 81 X 2, 95 X 2, 105 X 2, 135 X 1, 145 X 1, 155 X 1 (NO PROBLEM), 165 X CMJ, 165 X CMJ, 161 X CMJ
PCFS 135 X 2
FS 145 X 2, 155 X 2, 165 X 2, 175 X 2, 185 X 2

FS Could have easily continued up with the weight but didn't. The misses at 165 were frustrating because I was cleaning the weight so well but just couldn't get the freaking drive under the bar. I really worked on visualization between sets to get that aggressive dive under but I just wasn't getting it. I never even got to full extension on the jerk. Frustrating.

MetCon I have 2:30 of BJJ tonight so I was going to skip it but I need work on the P/U's so heavily modified.

3 Rounds of
8 P/U's
8 24 KG KB Swings per hand

That was actually a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be. Nice finisher and my P/U's are getting better.

Garrett Smith
11-14-2007, 04:36 AM
I just now caught on that this was YOUR workout log. Duh...

It was great working out with you. Partially due to the motivation I received from our little group workout, I am:
Starting morning and evening group classes this coming Monday
Building Greg's "sloped OL platform" over the Thanksgiving holiday
Hanging my rings and AF bar from the rafters over the holiday
Basically getting my A** in gear

Again, it was great working out with you. Stop by anytime--that goes for any other board members as well. Meeting you folks in person (for me, that's folks like Scotty, Robb W., Derek, Yael, and others) is a real treat.

Derek Simonds
11-14-2007, 06:54 AM
Well you know with the names we use on this board it is hard to tell sometimes.

Good news we closed the deal with the client we were working with and it looks like I will be back out to Tucson on a quarterly basis. I will keep you posted.

Glad to hear that you are getting everything rolling. Your clients are lucky.

Allen Yeh
11-15-2007, 12:10 PM

You are a beast. I have no idea how you travel so much and still manage to train. I flew into Naples on Sunday and trained 1 day and it wasn't even anything to write home about. The rest of the week has pretty much been a bust.

Garrett Smith
11-15-2007, 02:42 PM
Thanks for the compliment, I'm looking forward to you coming out to Tucson again.

Shoot, I'm just driving up to Phoenix (~2 hours) this weekend for my state convention, I'm worried I won't get my Saturday workout in. You are an inspiration for us, Derek, in your consistency of training while traveling.

Leo Soubbotine
11-15-2007, 03:40 PM
That's one big log Derek!
What's the issue with your kip?

Derek Simonds
11-16-2007, 09:31 AM
Aw Shucks you guys are too kind. It all started about 5 years ago when I was still doing traditional BB'ing type of stuff. I was really traveling hardcore back then trying to make a name for myself at the company. I developed this mental state that if I didn't train when I was supposed to I was letting myself down. There would be some nights where I wouldn't get in to a town until 2 or 3 in the morning but I would be up at 5 and heading to workout.

I have matured in a lot of ways since then, so now I would probably sleep in ;) , but I would make up the workout later that day or in the week. The biggest thing for me is that in life I have very little time that is just me and my workout at 5:00 am is the one thing that is dedicated to me. I am not complaining about time at all, I just know if I don't train at 5:00 it will not happen that day as life will interfere. Therefore I train at 5:00 am in whatever time zone I happen to be in that day.

Leo, my biggest problem is that I can't string multiples together. I have watched Eva's video and read her article multiple times and it just hasn't clicked. On any individual p/u I can frog kip or use Eva's kip like a fool just have never figured out how to do it like Eva does with multiples.

Derek Simonds
11-16-2007, 09:42 AM
Thursday November 15


Fundamentals revisited the Kimura sweep and submission. We had several new guys so we got to do a lot of breakfalls. Yippeeee!

Advanced worked a takedown where you pulled the guy towards you, stepped out of the way to create space for them to move into, stepped your leg through and hooked on the back of their knee and pushed them over with your body.

Worked an escape from half gaurd where we used their kimono behind their head to control the body and then step out of the half guard. Used the same technique for a submission by feeding the Kimono to your other hand then using your top hand to grab their shoulder and apply a very wicked little choke.

Rolled 3 times with first with Matt whose techniques have improved dramatically since the last time I rolled with him. Rolled with another blue who I rolled with a lot in the past and was able to get into the mount and use my size to smother him and got a sub with a crappy cross neck choke. Third time with a Lt Colonel from the army who caught me in a baseball style collar choke that I should have seen coming. His forearms and grip are phenomenal. Finished with a little more with him and had a great evening.

I was very happy with my gas. I was never really out of breath, maybe breathing a little hard but pretty good. It is amazing the different muscles that are used in a static position when you are holding or moving that just don't get used on a regular basis with dynamic lifting.

Derek Simonds
11-16-2007, 09:50 AM
Friday November 16

Row W/U

MS 45 X 3
SN 61 X 2, 81 X 2, 86 X 1 X 2, 92.5 X 1 X 2 (I swear I did 10 reps but can't figure out how)
C&J 61 X 2, 81 X 2, 91 X 1, 101 X 1, 111 X 1, 121 X 1, 132.5 X 1 X 2

3 rounds for time of:
10 sand bag power clean - 44 LB's
15 jumping ring dips
10 Turkish Get-up's (5 each side) -- 36 LB KB

12 minutes and change with the full TGU. It sure is tough to read the directions properly when you have only had a couple hours of sleep. Had to modify the dips to jump and lowered the weights on the the other 2 slightly. I should have used the full weight on the sandbag. My dips are crap right now, with the flexibility in my wrist and pretty much the fact that I haven't done them in 4 months. Need to add to list of things to do. Dips and Holds.

Leo Soubbotine
11-16-2007, 03:35 PM
You MUST stop by one day. We'll fix it in no time.

Sean got a 8:58 Fran last time around, and blasted through it in 6:48 - with first 10 pullups in a row (his pr on pullups. He's been doing them for only 10 weeks tops).

Got a sub 5 Fran myself finally! One nasty rip on the hand though.

Sqeeze out a couple hours and get in. Hopefully you'll make it before we go to cert.

Chris Forbis
11-16-2007, 07:31 PM
Word on the 5am workouts. I try to keep the Tu/Th 5am workouts sacred. Everything else tends to get structured around that.

Derek Simonds
11-17-2007, 05:44 AM
Saturday November 17

Row W/U

MS 45 X 3
SN 61 X 2, 71 X 1, 81 X 1, 91 X 1, 101 X 1, 111 X M, 111 X 1 X 2
C&J 61 X 3, 81 X 2, 111 X 1, 131 X 1, 157 X CMJ, 155 X CMJ, 145 X 1
FS 135 CFS X 2, 155 X 2, 165 X 2, 175 X 2, 185 X 2

Made up ab work from Wednesday

3 Rounds of
20 36 LB KB Chops
20 S/U's
10 B/E's

Squats feel better every time I do them. The overhead stuff doesn't feel so good. My shoulders are pretty tired from yesterdays jumping ring dips. My clean mechanics are coming along very nicely. Misread the sets and did 2 at 95% on the SN.

Off to Jr's first flag football game and then to a Carlos Gracie Jr seminar. Should be a great day.

Sacred is a good word Chris. That is what my morning workouts are sacred.

Derek Simonds
11-17-2007, 05:44 AM
Leo, I will call you later today on my way back from the seminar. I definitely want to get over there.

Yesterday we got into a P/U comp at work and I pulled 12 on a crappy power tower with no kip. I won. The closest guy had 8. It was funny watching these 25 Y/O's struggle to get 3 to 5. One guy is like 150 LB's and very wiry / strong and he was like I can do 100. Well of course I walked out of my office and said show me. He got 5.

Derek Simonds
11-19-2007, 09:21 AM
Saturday November 17

BJJ Seminar with Carlos Gracie JR (WOW)

Here are a lot of random items from the seminar, starting with a very cool quote.

"What BJJ is at it's source is self defense, trouble in the street you have to survive, this isn't sport with rules, you have to survive. You have to be able to last 3 minutes til help gets there. If you do you win, you survive. That is the main thing in the street."

"Guard is your castle if they attack and you have them in your guard they are outside the walls, if they have the mount they are in the Kings room getting ready to take over. You must have a strong guard."

Technique work
Double Leg
My body has to be close to his legs
You have to explode
Use the GI to move him unto his toes at the same time kneel grab back of knees and push to the opposite side with your entire body

Guillotine Defense
If you get caught in a guillotine on the takedown grab their arm around your neck with the hand on the same side and reach over their neck with your other arm to prevent them from being able to stretch you out with their legs. Once you are secure drive your shoulder into their neck by posting your feet and pushing through hips as hard as you can. When they start to release use your arm on their arm around your neck to hold tight and look towards the ceiling to create space to escape.

Carlos talked about how many times people drill the double and single to get it perfect. He has a takedown that goes to half guard that he believes the average BJJ player can use in a couple of weeks consistently.

Takedown to Half Guard
Pull opponent and step out wide to left, shoot right leg through and hook back of their right leg. Pull them towards you as you go to the ground and figure four your legs. On the ground you need to secure their leg with your top arm. Once that is secure escape your hips pop to your bottom elbow. Transition from their leg to their waist and escape out and take their back. Proceed to some type of choke.

In the half guard do not let your opponent flatten you out if they do you are in trouble as they now have a dominant position. If they try to flatten you out block by putting your bottom arm on your own head so they can't grab your back or neck. With your other arm block their body and swim under their arm to their back. Pull them up several times by shrimping down and pulling up on their back. Once you can reach their shin with your bottom hand grab it and pull it to your top hand. Switch hands by grabbing their foot. Once you secure the foot either escape your hips outside and take their back or use their foot to flip them onto their back.

If they reach through your arm you swam under their top arm grab it with the same hand. Grab their knee with your other hand and sweep them over the top of you.

When you are in the guard and the person on top is posting hard on your chest use the figure four grip on their hand to break the grip by pushing way to one side. Once it is way outside swing it back across their body to initiate a hip escape to their back.

When you are in the street and your opponent attacks with a punch transition to hip escape and omoplata.

I have more but I have to get to the airport.

Derek Simonds
11-19-2007, 09:25 AM
Monday November 19

DROM W/U first time felt good

MS 45 X 3
SN 61 X 3, 81 X 1 X 3, 86 X 1 X 3, 93.5 X 1 3
C&J 61 X 2, 95 X 2, 115 X 1 X 2, 125 X 1 X 2, 135 X 1 X 2
FS 135 X 2, 145 X 2, 155 X 2, 160 X 1
DB Incline Press 40 LB's 3 X 8

Derek Simonds
11-20-2007, 04:55 AM
Tuesday November 20


SN 45 X 3, 65 X 3, 85 X 2, 95 X 2
C&J 45 X 3, 65 X 3, 95 X 2, 115 X 2, 135 X 2

Planks all ways X 2

Sure is weird using iron weight when you are o/lifting. It messes with your head a little. I am in York PA and figured out of all the cities they would at least have well stocked gyms. Lots and lots of iron no bumpers.

Today was nice not too hard.

Derek Simonds
11-21-2007, 08:31 AM
Wednesday November 21

Is everybody on holiday already?

I have been putting together some high energy mixes on my Ipod so I am not listening to the same songs every day. My main purpose was to create some higher levels of aggression through my music mix. Well this morning I learned the easiest way to increase levels of aggression was to have your PMS'ing wife work out with you. HOLY CRAP! I just smiled a lot and didn't say anything. Luckily I made it out alive.

2 Rounds of Craig Ballantyne's TT W/U with wife

MSN 45 X 3
SN 61 X 2, 81 X 2, 91 X 1, 98 X 1 X 2
C&J 61 X 2, 95 X 2, 115 X 1 X 2, 130 X 1 X 2, 140 X 1 X 2

No planks for me today thank you.

All felt good. I have a 5K that I run every year with my family tomorrow and I have to decide how hard I am going to attack it. My hip flexors are extraordinarily sore for some reason.

Happy Best Bar Night of the year to everyone.

Derek Simonds
11-22-2007, 07:16 AM
Thursday November 22

5K Turkey Trot at Spurling Sports Complex

This is our annual family run. Ran it with my wife, son, sister and mother. It is a special time for us. I haven't run at all in since I don't know when. We saw one of my sisters friends who was running the 10 miler and asked her what pace she was going to run and she told us 8 minute miles. Based on that we tucked in with her and followed her out to the turn around. I got a cramp at 1 mile that wouldn't go away. I ran through it and my sister and I finished within 5 seconds of each other.

Final time on the chip was 24:45 for a 7:45 pace and gun time was 25:01. I really wanted to break 24 minutes but under the circumstances (no running and a cramp) I am very happy with it.

My 7 year old walked and ran with his mom and grandmother and finished in 44 minutes. I walked back out and picked him up with about 6/10's of a mile and we ran in together which was awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Derek Simonds
11-24-2007, 11:11 AM
Saturday November 24

Went over to Crossfit Evolution to lift with Leo today.

SN worked up to 132 LB's new PR by 14 LB's missed 137 and 142, I had 137 in the bottom position and just couldn't stand up. 142 was there just didn't get it locked in at all.

C&J worked up to 176 LB's new PR by at least 16 LB's maybe a couple more. Missed 186 and 181. Cleaned both just didn't have the jerk.

Leo has video of the 132 SN but his batteries went dead on the C&J. In looking at the videos my arms are bending to soon and I need to work on my back position in the pull other than that I was pretty happy with my technique. My limiting factor is definitely strength. Every time I would lift Leo would say hey you need to squat more.

Greg thanks for the great program. I am 3 LB''s off my SN goal for the year and 11 LB's on the C&J. I am confident that after this next strength cycle I will be there.

Before I left Leo gave me some kipping instruction for my P/U's watch out world I actually understood it.

Leo Soubbotine
11-26-2007, 06:02 AM


Allen Yeh
11-26-2007, 07:07 AM


Do you always workout in your oakley hat?

Seriously though, nice lift.

Derek Simonds
11-28-2007, 05:12 PM
Yes I always wear my Oakley hat it is my lucky hat :D Lately I have been wearing an Oakley knit watch cap which I like a lot but the weather warmed up so I didn't need it.

Derek Simonds
11-28-2007, 05:16 PM
Monday November 26

Back squat – 170 LB's x 3 x 5
Snatch deadlift – work up to 140 LB's x 3 x 3
Push press – 95 LB's x 5 x 3
Pull-ups – 2 x 8
Turkish get-up sit-ups – 16 KG KB x 6/side x 2 sets

I got up at 4:45 am to get this in before I had to head to the airport. It was brutal. Push Press felt really odd and I don't know why. It was almost like I wanted to immediately go into a jerk. TGUSU's made my left shoulder hurt bad. I am going to have it looked at for sure before the end of the year.

Derek Simonds
11-28-2007, 05:20 PM
Tuesday November 27

I did a lot of Muscle Snatch to warm up
3 Pos Snatch 85 LB's X 3 Sets
SN Balance 45 LB's X 3 X 3

4 Rounds for time
5 60 LB DB Rows
5 60 LB DB Swings
5/5 40 LB DB Snatch


This was a great met-con I felt it in the back of my throat.

Derek Simonds
11-28-2007, 05:22 PM
Wednesday November 28

I took today as a rest day. I was traveling in MI, IN and IL and strategically stayed overnight where I could hang out with my boys. OOOF I am paying for that I haven't stayed up past midnight two nights in a row in forever. I did a little liquid carb loading in the past couple of days also. I am looking forward to getting home and back on schedule.

I can't wait for this workout Thursday.

Derek Simonds
11-29-2007, 04:31 AM
Thursday November 29

Front squat – 45 X 6, 95 X 3, 135 X 3, 150 x 3 x 5
Clean pull – 185 x 3, 195 x 3, 205 x 3 (man I have to read the instructions better, second time I have screwed up the pulls)
Rack jerk behind the neck – 45 R, 65 R, 95 R, 115 R, 135 L, 155 L (should have kept going)

While the bar was loaded and on the ground I DL'ed 295 X 1 just to see where I was. It felt ok not much more there but no problem.

Front plank – 47 S X 3
Lateral planks – 20 S X 3 X Side

3 rounds for time of:
10 Burpees
10 Sand bag clean to shoulder – 60 LB's Most I could fit in my bag)
300 m row

8:10 with 3:20 on the rows. This was really a smoker. Short but extremely intense.

Derek Simonds
12-02-2007, 02:08 PM
Friday November 30

This was probably a mistake but I had to be at the hospital with the wife very early for testing. Everything is hunky dory so that is cool. Based on the 6:00 AM arrival time there was just no way I could work out on 4 hours of sleep so I postponed the WOD to the evening.

SN PP + OHS up to 115 lots of little increases.
PC + PP + PJ worked up to 3 sets at 106

really wiped out this evening so
5 pu
20 35 SB Chops
5 pu
20 35 SB Chops
5 pu
20 35 SB CHOPS
5 pu
20 35 SB CHOPS
5 pu

Derek Simonds
12-02-2007, 02:10 PM
Saturday December 1


Snatch 45, 61, 81, 91, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 131 X
C&J 95, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155
BS 135 X 2, 155, 185, 205, 215, 225, 230 (PR)
Windmills only on R, L shoulder has major pain.

Snatch up to 120 felt easy over that pull was good just no speed. BS felt strong, but hips were coming up before shoulders.

I was never fast or explosive in my lifts. I think it is because I am over tired from this week and there was only about 11 hours between WOD's

Derek Simonds
12-02-2007, 02:11 PM
Sunday December 2

Doing Monday's workout today.

Another very early Monday so I elected to hit the WOD Sunday

FS 45 X 3, 95 X 3, 135 X 3, 160 X 3 X 5
Clean Pull 135 X 3, 160 X 3, 185 X 3, 205 X 3
PP 45 X 3, 70 X 3, 105 X 3 X 5
Ring P/U's 8, 8, 8
DB OH S/U 25 LB DB Per Arm X 6 X 3

Squats are feeling good. PP still don't feel so sporty with the left shoulder. I am going to have it checked out this week.

Derek Simonds
12-04-2007, 03:40 AM
Tuesday December 4

2-position clean (hang, floor) – 61, 81, 111 x 5 sets
Push jerk + jerk + clean (on 131's) – 1 + 1 x 61, 95, 131 X 5 sets

The cleans felt good, needed the hang practice. The PP + J complex was no problem with the lifts, I have a hard time with the negative. I ended up dropping the weight after the J and cleaning to put back on the rack.

3 rounds for time of:
10 KB 1-arm swing + clean + push press (per arm) – 36 LB KB 19.5% BW
20 box jumps – 20" Box + 45 LB Bumper Plate

13:19 This was stinking hard. I think it was the box jumps that killed me.

Derek Simonds
12-05-2007, 07:43 AM
Wednesday December 5

Back squat – 45 X 3, 95 X 3, 135 X 3, 185 X 3 X 5
DB Incline Press 40 X 6, 45 X 5, 50 X 5, 65 X 3
Snatch pull – 65 X 3, 95 X 3, 115 X 3, 135 X 3, 140 X 2, 145 X 1
Rack jerk – 45 X 3, 65 X 2, 95 X 2, 115 X 1, 135 X 1, 155 X 1, 160 X 1

For time:
700 m row
20 sit-ups
10 sandbag cleans to shoulder – 55 LB's
500 m row
30 sit-ups
13 sandbag cleans to shoulder – 55 LB's
300 m row
40 sit-ups
15 sandbag cleans to shoulder – 55 LB's

13 and change for the time. I didn't have my watch with me this morning

The BS's felt really heavy today. Really Heavy like almost fell on the second set. Inclines because I got some new toys and wanted to try them out. I will post a picture in my log. The metcon did suck but not as bad as if I had a heavier bag.

Leo Soubbotine
12-05-2007, 08:05 AM
CF in the Park this Saturday 1 pm same place. New Painstorm looks pretty fun :D

Derek Simonds
12-05-2007, 10:50 AM
That's just silliness. Did you see the times? It should be called craptastic. I am in, as always. The only issue I have is I can't do TGU's on my left side right now. The overhead and rotation results in something kind of kinky in my left shoulder.


500m Row
50 KB Swing Right Hand
50 KB Swing Left Hand
500m row
50 KB Snatch Right Hand
50 KB Snatch Left Hand
500m row
50 KB Clean and Press Right Hand
50 KB Clean and Press Left Hand
500m row
50 KB Swing Both Hands
50 Turkish Get Up
500m Row

Pick a weight and get to it! Post time and weight used to comments

Garrett Smith
12-05-2007, 12:43 PM
I think those Painstorms are the equivalent of Ironman triathlons in terms of wear and tear. That's exactly the "more is better" mentality slipping into GPP...

As I tell endurance folks, no thanks, but have fun!

Leo Soubbotine
12-05-2007, 03:55 PM
We'll probably go for something brutal yet short - 10 mins tops. Want to keep my Metcons short and hard.

Figured out the super duper AFT kip today - excited as a fat kid in an ice cream factory!

Allen Yeh
12-06-2007, 03:37 AM
I think those Painstorms are the equivalent of Ironman triathlons in terms of wear and tear. That's exactly the "more is better" mentality slipping into GPP...

As I tell endurance folks, no thanks, but have fun!

Heh, when Greg was out here we had a conversation about the Painstorms. "No thanks but have fun" was the gist minus the colorful language.

I've done 1 Painstorm before, I forget what number it was basically a barbell complex for 45 minutes. Not fun and no the "it doesn't have to be fun to be fun" thing doesn't apply to those workouts for me!

Derek Simonds
12-07-2007, 03:14 AM
Wednesday December 7

BJJ Fundamentals

Hip Throw
Scissors Sweep
Triangle from Scissors Sweep

Derek Simonds
12-07-2007, 03:15 AM
December 8 Thursday


Lots of fun and a bruised sternum. So I figured this class out. It is a basic class that does everything in 3 - 5 minute intervals at high intensity to simulate rounds of MMA. We did sprint takedowns with a 1 / 2 combination leading off. A drill where your leg is trapped and you try to escape a takedown, switch positions and do it again. A drill where the guy in the middle had on boxing gloves and was hitting you for real and you had to take him down. A drill where you punched out for a minute as hard as you can. A drill where you hit each other in the stomach with a 12 lb slam ball (when your partners aim to high you get a bruise on your sternum). A drill where you lay on the floor with your body and legs up and throw the med ball 1 handed back and forth. Did I mention that we are punching each other in all of these drills. Very interesting.

It was a pretty serious hour long metcon.

Derek Simonds
12-07-2007, 03:20 AM
December 9 Friday

Snatch balance – 45 X 2, 61 X 2, 81, 101, 91, 81 X 1 X 2

Tall snatch + hang power snatch – 61, 71, 81, 91, 101 X 1 X 5

Righteous Complex. Seriously that is just what I needed to work on my shrug. Tried to be extremely fast and explosive. It was weird but the tall snatch was a lot easier than the HPS. In fact I could have done more weight with the tall snatch but I was having trouble with the HPS getting directly OH.

I have had plenty of MetCon in the last two days plus I have BJJ at 11:00 today so only P/U's for me. I need plenty of practice on them anyway.

Kipping P/U's
5 sets 8 reps

Allen Yeh
12-07-2007, 05:29 AM
"Out of Stock! 6-8 weeks."

That's the email my wife got in regard to my blue suede shoes!

Derek Simonds
12-07-2007, 12:02 PM

What are you going to do?

Derek Simonds
12-07-2007, 12:13 PM
December 7 Friday

BJJ All Levels

Half guard and more half guard. We worked two sweeps from the half gaurd. The key to both is not to let the guy on top dominate by pushing you flat on the floor. Also make sure to defend his arm that is not around your head so that he doesn't trap you with your own gi.

Both escapes work well the second one used your opponents belt and was super tight just it required a fairly complex set of moves to make it happen.

Oh our instructors have been on an ab kick lately and we are doing tons of ab work. I don't think my abs have been this sore in years.

Derek Simonds
12-07-2007, 12:16 PM
We'll probably go for something brutal yet short - 10 mins tops. Want to keep my Metcons short and hard.

Figured out the super duper AFT kip today - excited as a fat kid in an ice cream factory!

Thats a great kip.

Why don't we do the same thing just sub 100 M sprint and do 10 per hand with a 36 or 53 LB KB. That should keep us in the 10 to 20 minute range and be a good all over workout.