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Yael Grauer
03-26-2012, 06:53 PM
Okay, I just turned 33 yesterday. :eek: Starting a journal to keep track of my progress and diet. Right now just doing boatloads of BJJ and trying to do some S+C, more on the mobility/stabilization side, when not at the gym. Working on being a bit more Paleo compliant.

Breakfast: 1 orange, 2 eggs cooked with Kerrygold butter
Lunch: some kind of stew with chicken thighs and collard greens, and an orange
Dinner: Paleo chili with beef and ground pork
Snack: 6 dried apricots, oh and fish oil

BJJ: 1 hour of jits, just an easy fundamentals class

S+C: Roy Duquette's Full Body Stability standing active posture series. It's just things like shrugs, front raises, L-flys, db overhead presses and standing bicep curls, really low weight, with a focus on maintaining good posture, lengthening, contracting the lats, etc. and maintaining stability of the shoulders. Hoping to do this 3X/week for a week or two and then move on to the harder stuff.

Derek Simonds
03-27-2012, 08:18 AM
Happy belated birthday!

Yael Grauer
03-27-2012, 09:45 PM
Happy belated birthday!


Yael Grauer
03-27-2012, 09:48 PM
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 banana
Lunch: Paleo chili
Dinner: pulled pork served over baked plantain
Snacks: 1 larabar, 2 dried apricots, a handful of carrot sticks

BJJ: 1 hour of fundamentals, but pretty heavy on the throws today

I am *so* excited b/c I found out today we're going to have an intermediate class. This is awesome because the fundamentals class is super basic without rolling but the advanced class is super intense, so an in-between class rocks. Woot! Starting April 16.

No S+C today since jits was kinda hard, and also I have an AM class since I've got to miss the evening class because Jonah Lehrer is doing a speaking gig I have to be at.

Allen Yeh
03-28-2012, 04:37 AM

2010 called, they want their word back.

Happy belated birthday.

Yael Grauer
03-29-2012, 11:34 PM
2010 called, they want their word back.

Happy belated birthday.

Shush! And thanks. :)

Yael Grauer
03-29-2012, 11:42 PM
This is my cheat day
Breakfast: eggs and bacon
Lunch: gnocchi, which made me sick. i should stick to cheat day tamales
Dinner: pork and plantain leftovers
Snack: ice cream. nomnomnom.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, banana
Lunch: I didn't eat lunch b/c of my enormous dinner I had planned; I made my boyfriend a pre-birthday meal, which was...
Dinner: cauliflower salad, bacon-wrapped scallops, salmon, and Paleo chocolate cake (coconut flour and tons of eggs)
Snack: just a chai latte. probably had some sugar.

workout: Duquette again, doing just phase 1 this week and then on to 2 probably next week.

Anyway, I missed BJJ both these days... Wednesday was because I wanted to hear Jonah Lehrer speak and today was because I was cooking that elaborate meal which took many hours.

But after "graduating" from our Fundamentals class (which is "Phase 1") and learning we have an Intermediate class ("Phase 2") starting on the 16th, I just haven't been enthused.

I still pick up some stuff from fundamentals, but it's pretty elementary and doesn't have rolling and isn't as exciting as it was 4 months ago, but Advanced ("Phase 3") is super tough on the body and I don't think I could hack it 6X/week like I was doing before (4 days of fundamentals and 2 days of open mat). So I have been missing classes, which sucks, but I just am not as excited about anything other than Phase 2 (17 days and counting)

Derek Simonds
03-30-2012, 04:03 AM
Completely understand about fundamentals. Because of my work schedule I am next to the academy when Fundamentals starts. I attend because I can't think of anything else to do. Most nights I will stay for advanced but sometimes I leave after fundamentals. Our fundamentals is a 16 week program and I have sen it so many times over the last 5 years. Hell I have taught half of the Curriculm but I still go because of timing.

I don't remember the quote but being great is about doing the basics better then anyone else. That gives me hope that all the times I have went to fundamentals isn't a waste.

Yael Grauer
03-30-2012, 08:45 AM
I really love our fundamentals curriculum, and I definitely think it's important, but I've gotten to the point now where I have enough of a base in it that all the stuff I learned in other gyms that wasn't working is working, and it's mostly just refining... picking up a few things here and there instead of learning a whole new thing. We have a 24-class curriculum and I guess after going to fundamentals 4X/week for 16 weeks, I just am not ask excited about it. When Intermediate starts, some days they are back to back, and I will do both then. Some of our most technical guys/girls (purple and brown) regularly do fundamentals, but the no rolling thing I feel doesn't help me get prepped for tournaments, and I'd like to get back in competition shape.

I guess after my last stripe which allowed me to go to Advanced if I wanted, I just took a week off (which was last week) and was hoping to pick back up to normal again this week, but it's slow starting.

Yael Grauer
03-30-2012, 10:39 PM
I did my month in review and I track my BJJ hours, it was 40 hours in January (seminars, etc.) and 27 in February and only 20 in March (22 if I go to open mat tomorrow). My goal is always 32, but I can't go lower than 16, which is my bare minimum. 20 is a bit lower than I want to do, but not bad.

I was going to go to this gardening thing tomorrow, but I may just go to open mat since I hardly trained this week... but I don't know what I'll do. It's so hard to finally be living in a city now and having options for things to do other than just training.

Then again, when I lived in the middle of nowhere, the gym there sucked, so I'll take it.

Breakfast: just had some leftover cauliflower salad
Lunch: Paleo chili, 1/4 slice of leftover Paleo birthday cake I baked for Todd
Dinner: pork meatballs

Snacks: So I missed BJJ b/c I went to this crossword tournament, and I had a beer because I got it for free for having a library card. Went to the bar with my teammates after we lost in the quarterfinals, and had some polenta fries (maybe 6 or so) and a couple handfuls of popcorn. 1 beer, a handful or 2 of popcorn and probably 6 or so polenta fries...

Yeah, I ate too much crap this week... and the weekend probably won't be great, either, since Todd's parents want to take us out for dinner Saturday to some Tex Mex place and I told him I'd take him out on Sunday, so it's our dinners out week.

Yael Grauer
03-31-2012, 08:58 PM
Ugh, this is a horrible week. We had friends from a different state invite us out to lunch and so I had to miss BJJ, then Todd's parents took us out to dinner. And I feel sort of sick and out of whack b/c it's so cloudy. I wonder if I have allergies or something... who knows.

Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: a Juicy Lucy and sweet potato fries
Dinner: Steak salad. Maybe a handful of chips and salsa. Also, I never drink soda but was falling asleep.
Snacks: some dried apricots

I guess it could've been worse, eating out at places I didn't pick 2X/day. Tomorrow will be the last day of eating out in a while, though.

Yael Grauer
04-01-2012, 10:06 PM
breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices bacon, a Paleo tropical smoothie
lunch: leftover pulled pork, leftover meatballs, Paleo mayo, broccoli slaw
snack: trail mix
dinner: took my boyfriend to this Polish place to celebrate his birthday; we split a sampler plate with some kind of soup, pickled beets, salad, an onion roll, ribs, sausage, really good kraut, some kind of dumpling, and three pierogies. Oh and I had some kind of fancy martini.

Back to the grind tomorrow; last meal out in a while I hope.

Yael Grauer
04-02-2012, 08:12 PM
BJJ today for about 3 hours; did the fundamentals class, and then I stayed for my first Advanced class. It actually was not that hard; i was super worried about keeping up during warm-ups, some of which are complicated, and during the class. It had more steps than I'm used to, but I did okay, and then we rolled for about a half hour at the end, and then a half hour or so on our own. Feels good to know I can do an hour of fundamentals and an hour of advanced and keep up and still have energy to bug people to roll after class (even when I'm super PMS-y and dehydrated and hungry).

I got a copy of our new schedule starting the 15th and it looks like this:

Monday: Fundamentals, Intermediate
Tuesday: Fundamentals, Advanced
Wednesday: Fundamentals, Intermediate
Thursday: Fundamentals, Advanced
Friday: open mat
Saturday: open mat

My coach said I should do 2 intermediate and 2 fundamentals classes a week, and at least 1 advanced or 1 open mat. So if I go to both classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, that should take care of that, and then I can pick either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday (or Sat. morning) to stay late.

I have to work some crazy late hours for Sherdog on Friday nights as a weekend editor, so Fridays are probably out. Saturday morning seems like a good choice, but sometimes during open mat it's hard to find people to roll with. But I also like how it's unstructured. Still, doing 6 classes over 4 days is cool because I'd like to throw in a day of circuits just to keep my strength up.

At the same time, though, I feel like 6 classes in 6 days is better than 6 classes in 4 days, so I'm torn.

But if I was going to do 4 days, it'd look like this:

M-easy day (fundamentals, intermediate) 5:30-7:15

Tuesday OR Thursday-hard day (advanced) 7:15-9:15
Tuesday OR Thursday-strength day (circuits) morning

W-easy day (fundamentals, intermediate) 5:30-7:15

F-rest day (stretching)

S-hard day (open mat) morning
Sun-rest day (bike rides, active recovery)

It is still 6 classes a week, still 8 hours a week, and before I was doing 4 easy hours and 4 hard, so it's still doing that, but instead of 1 hour X 4 days and 2 hours X 2 days, it's 2 hours X 4 days.


Yael Grauer
04-03-2012, 09:40 AM
Just realized I forgot to post my food from yesterday. I eat so bad when I don't pre-plan, but I made Todd go to Trader Joe's without me this week so I could stay glued to my computer screen and watch all my friends compete at Pan Ams. Breakfast was some kind of smoothie with avocado, coconut and banana (we just got a smoothie machine), and I had a rotisserie chicken and a handful of chocolate chips for lunch/dinner. Plus some of the cauli salad. And fish oil.

Yael Grauer
04-05-2012, 12:10 AM
Tues food:
rotisserie chicken with eggs for breakfast, then I had broccoli slaw and chicken thighs with coriander for dinner, and just more chicken as a snack of sorts.

Wed food:
half an avocado and a chai latte, tuna and cabbage salad with sesame oil, then almond-encrusted walleye with cole slaw and apple cider vinegar. and some chocolate.

Tuesday: too tired to train after 3 hours on Monday (imagine that!), so just did my S+C.

Wednesday: just a 1 hour fundamentals class; pendulum sweep to armbar to triangle type thing

Yael Grauer
04-05-2012, 05:46 PM
Breakfast/lunch: Paleo smoothie (the "tropical smoothie"), leftover chicken thighs and an apple
Dinner: pork coconut curry type thing
Snack: we are totally gonna get popcorn at the movies, and I had a couple handful of jelly beans... so straight sugar. :/ I need to get a handle on the sugar thing lately; so hard to resist it when it's handed to me and I'm having a monstrously bad day, though.

Did not go to BJJ tonight; I am just bored to tears at even the thought of sitting through another fundamentals class. Open mat on Saturday, though. I have to work late nights on Fridays and some Saturdays, so Friday open mat is a thing of the past.

Super psyched about getting some non-BJJ weight training in.

Yael Grauer
04-07-2012, 07:33 AM
About to go to open mat, even after a very late night. I'm a bit bummed about my new work schedule, but need the money, but missing Friday night open mat and having to go to bed at a crazy hour upsets me. And I need to find a non-sugary source of caffeine that I can stand to drink b/c otherwise I can't stay up for the entire shift.

I can't remember what I ate yesterday, because I know I ate more than what I can think of, which was Paleo shepherd's pie (with cauliflower mash) and half an avocado. I just can't think of what. Oh, and a peanut butter cup. Which led to the inevitable conversation with my boyfriend about how he needs to stop bringing me junk food. Which didn't go as well as I had wanted/expected. Oh well.

Yael Grauer
04-07-2012, 09:57 PM
Went to open mat this morning, but I'm pretty frustrated because I was there for an hour and only rolled with 3 people. There were way more people there the first half hour (when I was actively working) than the second, and I got to work with some good peeps (a small purple belt instructor, a larger purple belt, and this white belt who I like working with because I can work my offense against realistic resistance, since she's very strong and athletic and definitely no joke.) But then I asked like 4 people to roll; two guys said they were too tired and two said they were having a deep conversation about MMA. Um, okay. So I need to start drilling on my own or bringing my kettlebell to the gym so I won't waste time. Though I guess I did get some good longer rolls in.

Food: leftover shepherd's pie, a post-workout smoothie, half an avo, and I went to a Passover Seder this evening where I pretty much just ate matzah ball soup, chicken, and fruit. I need to really ratchet up my food intake a bit, though, as I feel like I've been starving all day, but there wasn't much there I could eat other than chicken.

Yael Grauer
04-08-2012, 03:39 PM
brunch: leftover rotisserie chicken with some shredded apple
dinner: beef ribs, cole slaw
snacks: a chocolate bunny, handful of trail mix

workout: Just more of Roy Duquette's stuff, which I love. Moved onto the sequential roll-up series, which is just three exercises to help brace the abdomen and link the anterior chain. Not easy but doable.

Anyway, my neck is SUPER sore from working upside down guard to spin back to seated upright/butterfly guard, so maybe I got a better workout yesterday than I thought I did.

sleep: ugh, this is such an issue; i seem to sleep a good 11 hours every other night and only 5 or 6 on the other nights.

Derek Simonds
04-09-2012, 05:44 AM
Hey look I am offering unsolicited advice... My two cents. If you can handle the recovery the 4 days is cool. There are a lot of weeks where I do all my training in 3 days. For me with travel it is what I can get when I can get it. Second open mat is always challenging. I try and have a plan and at least 2 committed partners before I show up. Otherwise it can end up being not as productive as I want.

Good luck with the sleep issue. That would be really hard for me.

Yael Grauer
04-09-2012, 07:47 AM
I don't mind advice, as long as you don't mind me shooting it down if I don't like it. LOL. But yours is fine. :)

I am going to try 4 days, but if I am still bored with fundamentals classes even with intermediate and advanced, I'm going to talk to my coach about just doing intermediate and advanced.

I wonder if open mat is always this bad; I'll have to pay more attention.

And thanks. I got 6 hours last night and 10 the night before. LOL. So it continues.

Derek Simonds
04-09-2012, 01:51 PM
Hey Brookins apparently got the interview bug. Here is his latest post. I haven't been training much during the day so I haven't seen him in a while.


Yael Grauer
04-09-2012, 08:49 PM
Cool. I have to check with my editor to see if he still wants a profile. Now that I'm doing editing for Sherdog, which comes out of their features budget, it's hard to get them to assign me profiles. LOL. But I will try.

Yael Grauer
04-09-2012, 09:00 PM
So we wrote out a whole meal plan for the week, which helped, and I've gotten all the crap food out of my house. Woot. Goulash for dinner today and an awesome salad for lunch, with hardboiled eggs and bacon and all kinds of goodies.

Sleep... only 6 hours last night, which seemed about right with the 10 I got the night before, but then I ended up taking a 2 hour nap instead. My goal is to slowly bring back the time I go to bed by about a half hour each night, maintain for a few days and then try to go to bed earlier until this thang is done.

Training... I still can't get motivated to go to Fundamentals and was too sleepy today to do advanced. Just did a little TRX work and mobility work on my own.

Other than tons of rolling, which doesn't seem in the cards right now as I go through our systematic levels of training, the only thing I feel excited about is lifting heavy shit, so I decided I need to go to the powerlifting gym in town or do something other than BJJ to keep my motivation up. Even once Intermediate starts, it's only 2X/week, and 2 easy and 2 hard classes a week isn't enough to keep me motivated and excited about training, but more than that and I don't know how well I'll recover. I guess morning classes are an option too and may help with the sleep thing, and they roll after those classes...which are all-levels. So I'll try to figure stuff out. But I think right now BJJ seems more like a long haul type thing and won't give me the immediate satisfaction I'm craving in my training, or much control over what I get to do, so it's time to start lifting shit.

$40 a month for a gym with tons of equipment seems nice, and I miss deadlifting. All I have is dumbbells up to 50 lbs., so I'm thinking I should just go to the gym and see where my squat, dead, power clean and shoulder press are at and go from there!

Yael Grauer
04-10-2012, 11:41 PM
So I didn't train today b/c I was sick again. Lots of naps and now I'm staying up late to get all of my work done by deadlines... so many deadlines. Just did mobility stuff, but my diet was clean. I did go to an event today, though, so at least I did some networking.

I don't know if this is just a string of bad luck or what is going on but I just can't seem to get it together this month. It's hard because I was doing so well from Thanksgiving through mid-March. I need to train tomorrow, though, doing something other than just mobility gunk.

Yael Grauer
04-11-2012, 07:45 PM
Still feeling about 85% so I skipped BJJ, but I did go to the powerlifting gym and spent my last $50 on a month membership. I figure that'd be long enough for me to figure out if that's what I want to do. Plus, there's something about going to the gym and getting to decide every single thing you get to do. There is so much in BJJ I have no control over... what we work on, who I'm working with, how long we do what, what the warm-ups are, etc.

Anyway, I just decided to play around a little bit, did some kettlebell swings, some drills (I work shots and sprawls and standing base every chance I get), some presses, some deadlifts, playing with single-leg squats, etc.

I'm trying to get a loose idea of what some of my numbers are. Deadlift is only 175, which sucks b/c my previous PR was 220, but 45 lbs. isn't that much of a loss considering I haven't lifted anything heavy in 17 months and spent a good portion of that rehabbing my arm. My heaviest dumbbells are 50 lbs. Shoulder press was only 75; I think I used to do 95 but that's neither here nor there.

I did not test my bench, power clean or squat yet. They do have a Gravitron, so I guess I could work my way back to it being an ineffective training too for me. I always mess up my arms before I get my first real pull-up. I'm not really sure how bad I need one anyway, though. My grip strength in BJJ is just fine.

I guess all I really feel like I need to do is hip dominant work, so KB swings and deadlifts (though I have to decide if I want to do sumo or traditional... I really like those weird hex bars too), and maybe some kind of rotational core training (though haven't decided what) and something to strengthen my mid-back, plus decide on the best hip flexor and front of shoulder stretches.

But I think I might get bored if I just do four exercises. I just want to have fun again and play and mess around. There's some programs I've done that I thought were a blast, and I may go back to one of those again. They are all in month-long increments. I think I need to move away from being time and energy-efficient and back towards having fun again, or at least finding a balance between the best exercises for my goals and having fun. Otherwise going to the gym will be a total drag.

Yael Grauer
04-11-2012, 08:38 PM
Oh yeah, and I played around with as many of the Athletic Skill Level Exercises as I could stand. Knocked off 10 out of 21 offf of Level 1, a lot are things I already knew I could do, though. Even did medball cleans--nobody tell Greg. I'm just wondering if I have any real deficits other than the pull-up thing. And I wonder how much of the pull-up issue is due to my on-again off-again arm injuries, though that may be a cop-out.

Yael Grauer
04-16-2012, 02:37 PM
So it took me a few days to recover from lifting heavy after not lifting anything for many many moons. Went to open mat on Saturday, and it was actually really good. I only rolled with 3 guys but I was there the whole time; we just went multiple rounds. Got a lot out of it. Today is the first intermediate class ever, and I'm psyched!

Yael Grauer
04-16-2012, 09:35 PM
Went to Phase 2 (which is code for intermediate) today and it was awesome! We had a long and kinda different warm-up and worked three different omo plata setups. Well, it was one oma set-up and then two transitions based on ways they could defend. Alliance curriculum is so well thought-out, which is fun.

My coach said something about how I should split my time between fundamentals and intermediate, so I felt weird staying for advanced today but I asked permission and he said yeah, but it was gonna be hard. I kind of like hard, though. I don't think the techniques he teaches are any more difficult than any new techniques in, say, intermediate, AND we get to ACTUALLY ROLL at the end of class so I get to test out all this theory we've been learning and also work up a sweat. I think I will still go to fundamentals on Thursday b/c I really like the instructor, but I'm thinking M and W could be my intermediate/advanced days, and open mat on Saturday. 6 classes but 2 intermediate, 3 harder and only 1 fundamentals. I mean, I have mad respect for my coach but I am so sick of going to BJJ and not rolling. Then I could lift weights on Tuesday and Friday and take Sunday off... so we'll see.

Anyway, so I did advanced and we worked on a wrist lock set-up to armbar and a couple variations, and did a lot of drills, and then we did like 10 one-minute rounds, with a few breaks thrown in, and it was fun. My guard still needs a lot of work, but my hooks are getting trickier and i got a nice butterfly sweep today, plus an arm drag to back take on a pretty decent blue belt. My top/pressure game is getting really good, if I do say so myself, and I got some nice half guard passes and things. Lots of fun. I was pretty tired afterwards, too, which was nice. Finally excited about BJJ again.

Yael Grauer
04-17-2012, 09:33 PM
Very busy day today with far too many deadlines, but I managed to get to the gym. Berardi has this month-long program I'm doing.

Warmup: 3 minutes of rowing

Circuit 1: 3X8 bb corner press, 3X8 bb corner row
I need to bend my knees more when I do these, after watching the video.

Circuit 2: 3X8 standing see-saw press, 3X8 pullups
Assisted pullups; blah. But I can't do 8 in a row even with my PU Revolution thingy, plys they don't have one at the gym.

Circuit 3: 2X10 machine flys, 2X18 seated cable row
Our cable row machine is so ghetto; it's rigged up with a cinderblock and things. Still works, though.

Anyway, I like this workout program... It's a month worth of programming; 3 different workouts to do 4X each, no more than 6 exercises (usually 5), quick warm-up, and it's fun.

He has circuit interval workouts to do, too, but I think my jits can count as my cardio. I don't know, though. I guess it depends how hard we go, etc.

I'm a bit disappointed at how much strength I've lost. I guess I assumed I wasn't losing much since we do a lot of judo throws and training with resistance, and I've increased my BJJ strength, but my corner press and row were only at 70 lbs. (I used to do 90), my seesaw dumbbell press was with 25# dumbbells, and my machine flys are at like 40 lbs., seated row at 50. Aside from it being a nice change, maybe I really should be lifting weights more regularly just so my muscles won't atrophy.

Yael Grauer
04-18-2012, 06:13 PM
Went to the intermediate class today and we worked on three Z-guard pass variations.

So my coach really doesn't want me to do advanced classes yet. I kind of get it because they just added intermediate, and I think he wants me to go through the curriculum the way it is intended, which is fundamentals for up to 3 stripes, intermediate until 4 stripes or blue, then advanced. Our blue and purple belts are excited about intermediate, and it's not exactly 101 material, and even though I want to roll more I trust my coach. And he wants me to do both (2) intermediate classes, 1 open mat and 2 fundamental classes. I told him I only wanted to do 1 fundamental class, and he said that was fine.

So my schedule looks like this:

Mon: Intermediate
Tues: Weights 1
Wed: Intermediate
Thurs: Fundamentals, Weights 2
Fri: Weights 3
Sat: open mat
Sun: off

Yael Grauer
04-19-2012, 06:14 PM
So I had to get my hair cut at this place right by the co-op and by my gym, and my haircut was at 1... then I was going to get a bite to eat at the co-op and do some work on my laptop, and then go to the gym. But man, my hair guy decided he wanted to spend an extra hour straightening my hair... plus I decided I don't want read hair anymore so he dyed back to a color that would match my natural hair color so I won't have to come in once my roots grow back. So I was at the hair place for like 2.5 hours. :eek: So then I got lunch at the co-op and went to the box gym and the drove home and then immediately had to get my gi on to go to fundamentals.

Workout #1:

warmup--2 minute row

3 X 9 triangle lunges per side. So I wasn't sure whether each set of triangle lunges (1 forward, one at an angle and one lateral) counted as just 1, but assumed it did. So that's like 3 sets of 54 lunges. I did 15, 10 and 10 lbs.

3 X 12 single-leg db deadlift per side--again this is 216 total lifts, so I did 15, 10 and 15 lbs.

2 X AMRAP pistol squats. I did 4 but they were only partial; I didn't get all the way down and had assistance available if necessary

3 X AMRAP ab rollout on a Swiss ball; I did about 10 per time

3 X AMRAP plank, I did 77 seconds, 77 with 5 lbs and 46 with 10 lbs. I feel weird putting weight on my back, but anything over 60 seconds means I need more, I think.

So then I went to fundamentals in BJJ, and we worked on 2 different takedowns off a defended single leg and three different escape variations from side control.

It was a good class but I think I need to be honest with myself about jiu-jitsu and stop treating it as a real workout, because it's really not. It's sort of like jogging for ten minutes and then doing yoga for 40 minutes, and then some body-weight work for another 10. I mean, I'm learning a lot but I don't think that running in circles around the mat, doing a few shrimping and cartwheel drills, doing 30 takedowns or throws and then drilling some techniques (with a lot of trial and error) and maybe 5-10 minutes of positional drills counts as a workout. So I guess that means I need to do more metcon in addition to weights outside of the gym, and just chalk BJJ up to a hobby for now.

In other news, I really need to make myself eat more.

Yael Grauer
04-20-2012, 05:54 PM
As expected, my hammies are hammered and I'm in no shape to go to the gym after the 500 zillion lunges I did yesterday. So taking today off.

Tomorrow I have open mat in the AM and have to work in the evening, so workout #3 will have to be in the afternoon or on Sunday. Though actually now that I look at it, workout 3 is all dumbbell exercises anyway (db snatch, vert. thruster, iron cross, renegade rows, T-pushups), so I could do it in my basement. Except the t-pushups would be hard with the type of dbs I have.

I'm leaving town for 8 days next Wednesday for the ASJA conference, and trying to decide what to do about week 2 workouts.

Yael Grauer
04-21-2012, 01:26 PM
Went to open mat this morning, and I got a ton of rolls. Probably about 10 total with 8 different guys. Good times.

I'm still annoyed with my game because my guard and half guard passes and side control are good, knee on belly is solid, I have a decent mount, and I have a good armdrag to back take... but my guard and escapes from bottom still suck.

People keep telling me to fake x-chokes and go for armbars, but I hate trying to go for armbars from guard; I just want to sweep and get on top rather than risk getting stack-passed. It's a conversation I'm tired of having with tall people. I've been wanting to model my game after Emily Kwok's, and I don't think her go-to move is to go for armbars and get stack-passed. LOL.

I've been playing almost all butterfly guard and working my butterfly sweep, along with some sweeps from when people stand, but people are onto it so I need to look at other options, too. It's just annoying to feel like I'm not developing my game holistically, though.

Anyway, my legs are still wrecked so I'll lift weights tomorrow or Monday. Leaving town Wed. and just been struggling to get things taken care of before I go.

I'm doing way better on making myself eat more, and trying hard to not skip breakfast. My biggest issue right now is that I have to stay up too late to edit for Sherdog on weekends, and my circadian clock is all sorts of messed up. Some days I sleep 10 hours, some days 4, and my bedtime ranges from 10pm to, like, 5am, so I get up anytime between like 8 and noon. It is bad.

Yael Grauer
04-23-2012, 07:57 PM
Was hoping to get to both the gym and BJJ today, but didn't get to either because I spent all morning and the better part of the evening redoing something completely at the last minute for a client at a non-profit, only pausing to get other work done. If they would've told me what they wanted ahead of time... yeah, they're getting their money's worth. Will hit the box gym tomorrow. I definitely need to figure out ways to work off some steam during the day. Maybe go on some hikes and leave my phone behind... but it's hard b/c what people think is nice weather around here I still think is cold. :(

On a happy note, really looking forward to my trip.

Derek Simonds
04-24-2012, 05:58 AM
but it's hard b/c what people think is nice weather around here I still think is cold. :(

For real! I woke up this morning and it was 49 in FL!!! That is freezing.

Yael Grauer
04-24-2012, 06:18 AM
For real! I woke up this morning and it was 49 in FL!!! That is freezing.

It's 52 here right now, though supposed to get in the 70s. I still have that desert blood, though!

Yael Grauer
04-24-2012, 06:45 PM
So I'm busy finishing last minute rewrites/requests and picking up a few things for the conference I'm going to in New York. Unfortunately ran out of time to go to the gym, but I think it's okay... I'm going to be out of town for the next week anyway, and don't exactly feel like dealing with being super sore (as is likely to be the case since I'm still working my way back into lifting) while navigating public transportation with luggage from the airport to my friend's place in Queens.

I did take about a 45-minute walk around the lake, though, which was nice.

I am really trying to figure out what my one goal is. My goal used to be completely grappling-related, like I want to get in better shape to improve my grappling, and then it'd be based around whatever I felt I needed to work on. Or I just focused on getting stronger for the year I took off from grappling. But now I'm thinking if I only do open mat once a week and have to take more basic classes before then, getting in shape to grapple isn't really practical--and I wouldn't know whether I met my goals anyway. So I have really been wrestling with this... Once I finish the 10 more sessions for the program I picked, which seems mostly strength-based, what is it I want to do?

I definitely want grappling to be a priority, but I think at this point it's more of a hobby than a workout since I have to do these technique-heavy classes. I think this may be a good thing for me in the long run, and I trust my coach, but it's annoying now.

I was looking at Nate Green's workout generator and was so confused...

His goals were:

1. I want to be healthy and fit (a blend of resistance and cardio designed for people who want to maintain a healthy, but not overly intense, workout routine.)

I think I might be bored with this one.

2. I want to be stronger. (Emphasizes big lifts for increased muscle mass, higher muscle tension, and improved intermuscular coordination.)

I like focusing on strength, but then I wonder, bigger and stronger for what? I'm not planning on competing in anything but grappling, and don't roll enough to compete in grappling... strength has always felt like a means to an end for me, but I don't really have a short/mid-term end right now.

3. I want to get toned and trim (women) (a mix of cardio and resistance training specifically designed to help you get toned and trim without getting bulky).

Ugh, who cares about being bulky? This sounds like #1, but they probably throw in "girly" exercises on Swiss balls to make people feel like they are doing something different. Anyway, it's always nice to have something physical to show for one's efforts, but I figure if you take care of the inside (as Krista Scott-Dixon always says) then the outside will take care of itself. And it's mostly diet, anyway.

4. I want an optimal body (men). Not applicable.

5. I want to gain muscle mass (optimized for maximum hypertrophy. If you want to look like a beast, this is your program). Not applicable.

6. I want to be healthy and fit (50+). Not applicable.

7. I want rapid weight loss. Meh, see #3.

8. I want to cross-train for stamina sports (swimming, soccer, wrestling.)
A conditioning program that includes high level cardio, resistance, plyometric training, flexibility, and ballistics. Develops stamina and strength, and prevent injuries.

I wanted this at first but now I'm wondering if that's what I even need, really. Is it cross-training if all my BJJ classes are drills at low effort and I only go hard one day a week?

9.I want to develop power for sports (football, baseball, etc.) N/a.

10. I want to maximize my athleticism in every aspect. Meh. Maybe. Except this seems so one-size-fits-all. "This is the broadest of all programs, providing a well balanced mix of stability, endurance, hypertrophy, strength, and power."

11. I want to cross-train for running, cycling, and long distance sports. No.

So strength, cross-training or overall athleticism? Hmm. They all seem problematic. Cross-training is pointless since I'm not "really" doing legit BJJ, overall athleticism is too broad and pure strength seems too specific. So yeah, I don't really know what I want and it sucks. LOL. I guess I just want to have fun and lift things and sprint.

Yael Grauer
05-01-2012, 09:49 PM
So much traveling and haven't really been training much, but I have been lugging around heavy things and doing a lot of walking, if that counts.

I did get the chance to attend two classes at Marcelo Garcia's academy in NYC, which was awesome. In the first one, we worked on a guard pass when they get the underhook, so you transition to the back step after posting the far side leg, and they trap the leg/foot half-guard-ish, and then you slide to the other side, and then have your leg posted again, and then end up in side control somehow... That probably makes no sense and I'm only remembering 90% of it, but that's how it goes. And then we worked on a double-attack from mount. Then switched to no-gi for an advanced class taught by Marcelo himself. We worked on a North-South choke and a Marcelotine and got to do a bunch of 7-minute rounds, plus takedown practice.

My food has been pretty bad since I've been traveling. Most of my choices have been Paleo, but I'm definitely not eating enough due to a combination of not wanting to spend tons of money and not having any time. I'm psyched to fly home tomorrow (Wed) but leaving again on Thurs or Fri to cover an event for Sherdog... Can't wait 'til next week when life is more normal again.

Allen Yeh
05-02-2012, 04:38 AM

My food has been pretty bad since I've been traveling. Most of my choices have been Paleo, but I'm definitely not eating enough due to a combination of not wanting to spend tons of money and not having any time..

I don't care what people say but trying to eat Paleo when you are traveling is $$$$.

Derek Simonds
05-02-2012, 05:38 AM
I don't care what people say but trying to eat Paleo when you are traveling is $$$$.

Dude for real! Trying to eat Paleo at home is bad enough but on the road it is rough.

Derek Simonds
05-02-2012, 05:39 AM
I did get the chance to attend two classes at Marcelo Garcia's academy in NYC, which was awesome.

Marcelo is definitely on my bucket list of BJJ academies. Did you get to roll with him? He often times trains with the people who are visiting. His philosophy is so different than most schools. He is completely open with everything and doesn't try to hid any techniques from anyone.

Super cool experience!

Yael Grauer
05-02-2012, 06:28 AM
I did not get to roll with him. We only did three 7-minute rounds. I've rolled with some other badasses though, like Lucas Lepri and Bill Cooper and Eric Schafer and Val Worthington and Emily Kwok, so it's all good. I was just happy to be there (and meet him.)

Derek Simonds
05-02-2012, 06:33 AM
Very cool that is a star studded list of people!

Yael Grauer
05-02-2012, 06:34 AM
I don't care what people say but trying to eat Paleo when you are traveling is $$$$.

Right?! I did have a nice meal last night--steak, potatoes and spinach--but it was super pricey and out of the norm. At the conference, the food offered was all pasta-based, and that sucked, since the price for it I'm sure was included in what we paid for the conference. Oh well, live and learn.

Another challenge is turning down drinks a lot. I just don't want to drink when I'm sleeping and eating so badly due to traveling... will take a drink here and there, but not nearly as much as is offered.

Flying home today, then going to Milwaukee, but I'll be home again Saturday night and will get back to normal on Sunday.

Yael Grauer
05-02-2012, 06:36 AM
Very cool that is a star studded list of people!

Yeah, I'm really lucky! Lepri visited my gym and was a guest instructor for a week, and I met Emily and Val at Women's Grappling Camp, and went to a Bill Cooper seminar and got a private lesson. Good times. And I visit Red's gym whenever I'm in Milwaukee--I'll be there Saturday, so I'm psyched.

Yael Grauer
05-05-2012, 06:52 PM
So I got home on Wednesday and then left for Madison on Thursday and then for Milwaukee on Friday to cover some fights for Sherdog... I got to visit Red Schafer's gym this morning (Saturday), which is always a blast. He's just a really good coach and it's a nice vibe, plus we worked deep half guard sweeps, and we don't do a lot of deep half at my gym, so it was fun. And I talked Heather Bassett into visiting, too, so I could train with her. She is an ammy MMA fighter with some good game, but I felt like I could hang (even though she's a lot better), so it was cool. She did work some nice sweeps a lot of times and gave me some pointers to fix up my positioning. Rolled with a brown belt, another white belt, and Heather again. (She's a blue, but a lot smaller than me, but very technical.) Then I rolled with one guy who was telling me I could do everything he could do if I understood little details, and to be like water and all this bullshit. I really hate abstract philosophical concepts disguised as legitimate (as in, helpful) pointers, because they're pretty much meaningless to me. But yeah, he had some good hooks and was fun to roll with. It was nice to get to train so much. Even though I'm not where I want to be, I felt like I could hang pretty well.

I am stuck in Madison now because of the storms I was avoiding on the way home, but at least there's a workout room here and a pool, so I'll get some work in. Honestly my biggest problem lately isn't not enough workouts, but that I'm not eating enough since I want to avoid eating crap and also due to my own forgetfulness. Like two days ago I had a cup of coffee, and then I ate breakfast at a cafe that I know has Paleo options, and then at like 10 at night I realized that I hadn't eaten dinner, but of course I had to work, and I didn't get to eat until the wee early morning hours, when I had the best diner food I could find, which wasn't very good. Steak and powder eggs.

But yeah, BJJ today, probably 90 minutes. Oh and I ran out of gas so I had to walk to the gas station to fill up my gas can and walk back to my car. :) Been a long time since I've done that!

I am so tired of being away from home... tomorrow will be nice.

Yael Grauer
05-06-2012, 09:18 AM
My recap of visiting Marcelo's gym: http://yaelwrites.com/2012/05/06/bjj-gym-review-marcelo-garcias-jiu-jitsu-academy-in-nyc/

Yael Grauer
05-07-2012, 08:52 PM
I'm doing another 30 day Paleo thing. Just tired of eating crappy while traveling and I feel gross. So!

Day 1: 2 paleo muffins + chicken apple hash for breakfast, chicken curry for lunch, a bit of pork tenderloin for dinner...

Jits today. I'm really really really bored in class. We just keep doing boring things, and my coach insists on breaking them down in even more boring ways sometimes. Like there's be a three-step progression and I won't get the third step right away, so he'll tell me just to focus on the first two steps that I already know. And it's not like we're even drilling against resistance. It just feels so choreographed. I told him I was bored today, which was probably not smart, but he did ask why I was acting not like myself. I just feel like I'm forced to play scales when I just wanna jam. So I guess I have to decide whether to try to go to every single class so I'll get striped sooner and will be allowed to go to the classes where I can roll, or to just do 2-3 classes a week and have more time to lift weights. And still not sure what my goals are.

Derek Simonds
05-08-2012, 10:42 AM
Ah goals, sometimes they are a miserable thing. How many more classes for you to get your stripe? Greg once said to me you need to determine if you are a BJJ guy who weight lifts or a weightlifter who does BJJ. Doesn't mean that focus can't change month to month.

Yael Grauer
05-08-2012, 07:13 PM
Hmm, I'm not sure how many classes 'til I get striped. I did get a stripe after going through the fundamentals series 3 times, though, which was about 4 and a half months, but that's 4 classes a week. Intermediate is only taught 2X/week. I'm sure I'll be allowed to roll by the time my contract runs out at the end of November, though.

Honestly, I don't think being more technically proficient is going to help me with the advanced class the way my coach thinks it will... I'm still going to need to learn from training against resistance. Like when I visited Red's gym I got to roll with Heather Bassett, who's an ammy MMA fighter and smaller than me, and she kept getting this one sweep when I was working on a pass, so then she showed me how she was getting it and I just wasn't using my hip pressure as well as I should've been. I could drill working hip pressure a zillion times--and I have--but it's still not going to click for me the way it needs to unless shit comes up when I'm rolling live.

As far as a BJJ player who lifts weights or a weightlifter who does BJJ...well, I don't consider myself as training in anything unless I'm competing in it or at least have a set number or a goal I want to get to. Like when I took a year off of jits, I did Cressey's powerlifting program, but it was to get ready for this women's weightlifting camp... which ended up being a joke, but anyway, I did a 16-week program to prepare for an actual event (even though it wasn't a competition.) I love jits, but if I can't train enough to compete, then I'm not really motivated to drill, get my cardio up, etc. because why bother? So I need to find another goal; something to train or prep for. But I'm paying way too much in BJJ fees to really try to compete in anything else and pay for the extra coaching, equipment, etc. So yeah, this sucks...

Yael Grauer
05-08-2012, 08:10 PM
Skipped fundamentals and went to Los Campeones to lift weights. Did the 3rd workout from the one I started before I went traveling. I guess it was dumb to pay for a monthly gym membership when out of town for 1/3 of the month, but whatever.

Anyway, it was:

4X3 db sn (I did 15, 20, 25 and 30)
4X6 vertical thruster (same: 15/20/25/30)
4X8 db iron cross (just 8 for this guy)

3X8 db renegade row (20/25/30)
3X4 db t-pushups (struggling on these even with a 15)

Then I just did a bunch of drill type stuff b/c i was bored and wanted to work up a sweat; just working my double and standing base and some other improvised drills with the equipment at that gym.

Food for today
breakfast: 3 eggs + 3 strips of bacon
snack: an apple with almond butter, 4 dried apricots
lunch: some leftover rotisserie chicken
dinner: Paleo fried chicken (with almond butter) and cauliflower mash (with chicken stock and butter)

So that's day 2 of being strict Paleo, and I'm trying to see if I still have meltdowns when I want sugar and can't get it, but not so far. Mostly craving fat lately... though I do have dreams of this chai latte at the Angry Catfish that I really want...

Yael Grauer
05-09-2012, 06:25 PM
Intermediate class today. We had a fun warmup for a change :) where everyone went around the room and picked an exercise for us to do 10 of. Plus 10 jumping jacks in between. When it got to me it was close to the end and I picked standing base, which sucked because I did so many yesterday for fun, but I didn't want to be the girl who made people do leg scissors or some BS. But I was nice and only made people do 5 per side instead of 20 total.

Class was a progression from side control to knee on belly with a choke grip, transitioning to a baseball choke, then transitioning from a baseball choke defense to an arm triangle, and then transitioning from a triangle defense to a n/s kimura and n/s choke. Then we got to do 15 minutes of training from side where the guy on top works subs and getting to mount, and the guy on the bottom just tried to defend. It was actually pretty fun b/c I was working with a cool purple belt who's really good (and little) and I actually passed to mount a couple times, which was awesome, but he has really tricky hooks. And of course my defense could always use more work.

I was sort of dreading going to class today because I told my coach I was bored on Monday, but he took it really well actually and he actually was helpful today. On Monday I felt like he was super condescending and kept telling me how to do stuff I was already doing or telling me not to worry about stuff if I didn't get it right away (even when my partner wasn't getting it and then he'd just help them), but this time he gave really good pointers that were helpful, so that was good. And I got a good workout and the training wasn't boring. I really think if I've learned anything from all of my experiences (good and bad) at all the gyms I've ever been to that you really have to teach people how to treat you.

Food today was pretty good. I actually had a meeting at this ice cream place and didn't stop to eat ice cream, so that was good. Not that I'm never gonna eat ice cream again, but I still feel like I'm detoxing from eating crappy food while traveling and then for much of the end of March/early April, too. I thought my scale was broken when I came home from 2 days in Milwaukee/Madison, since I don't think you can gain 8 lbs. in 2 days, but I already magically lost 6 of them. I think it was probably just me retaining water from eating high sodium food, which I never do, but I still want to be more strict with my diet for a while.

I always wonder if I'm getting too many calories from fat, but I also know from experience that trying to limit fat makes me want to kill people and doesn't help my body comp, and if I am gonna cut back on anything, cutting back/eliminating sugar makes me feel much better mood-wise and has the results I want.

Breakfast: green eggs (which is like blended spinach and eggs with some Old Bay seasoning), plus veggie chips
Lunch: a really yummy salad with some leftover Rotisserie chicken
Snacks: carrot sticks with almond butter, and I made some nori chips, which were okay
Dinner: pork chops with apples and onions, plus garlic broccoli


Allen Yeh
05-10-2012, 06:31 AM
Hey the other day on your blog you had written a book review on a Paleo recipe book and said it wasn't your favorite but good, which book is your fave? I'm always scouring the web for new ideas.

Yael Grauer
05-10-2012, 06:57 AM
Hey the other day on your blog you had written a book review on a Paleo recipe book and said it wasn't your favorite but good, which book is your fave? I'm always scouring the web for new ideas.

Oh, gosh.

Everyday Paleo is a great one for pretty simple and easy-to-make recipes.

Paleo Comfort Foods if you like really delicious but sometimes complicated and time-consuming recipes:

Make it Paleo is really good, too: http://yaelwrites.com/2011/10/25/book-review-make-it-paleo/

Robb's new e-book has a bunch of links to recipe websites, and my boyfriend is always finding new sites to make things off of with varying degrees of success. Lately he likes "low carb high style" or something like that.

Yael Grauer
05-10-2012, 09:22 PM
So I took today off instead of going to fundamentals because I didn't feel like it. And I didn't lift anything because I'm sort of sore and just wanted to chill and get caught up on my work. I got my inbox down from 600 to 32 and cleared 99 windows on my browser down to 5 and got a bit more caught up on the piles of work that have been building up since I left town. And I skipped class...

I actually thought a lot about this, and whether I should go to as many classes as I can so I can get striped sooner and go to better classes, or just chill...and I decided I'd rather just go when I feel like it and enjoy the journey. Or try to.

And same when I decided I really wanted a chai latte today. I'm not an automaton, and honestly I feel like the times I did Whole30 super strictly the rebound probably killed any benefit. I'm still wanting to really cut back on crap food in a very big way for a while, but I figured a chai as my only cheat food all week won't kill me.

Food today...

Breakfast/Lunch: a banana and some salad with mixed greens, carrots, tomatoes and Dinner: chicken cacciatore (with peppers, etc.)
Snacks: an apple with almond butter, a handful of almonds, a chai latte

Probably not enough food, though I did have 2 big bowls of the salad.

Allen Yeh
05-11-2012, 06:05 AM
Oh, gosh.

Everyday Paleo is a great one for pretty simple and easy-to-make recipes.

Paleo Comfort Foods if you like really delicious but sometimes complicated and time-consuming recipes:

Make it Paleo is really good, too: http://yaelwrites.com/2011/10/25/book-review-make-it-paleo/

Robb's new e-book has a bunch of links to recipe websites, and my boyfriend is always finding new sites to make things off of with varying degrees of success. Lately he likes "low carb high style" or something like that.

Thanks, will check it out. Lately I've been drawing heavily from Everyday Paleo and Paleo on a Budget websites. Sometimes some of those other websites get way too crazy with the recipes....I like to cook but I don't want to spend half my day cooking either!

Right now for me I'm doing all Paleo low carb/high fat on non-training days and higher carbs on training days. My wife is doing all gluten-free and mostly paleo, we found this GF oatmeal at Whole Foods that she loves, other than that it's all Paleo. This is the strictest I've been about food since I did the V-diet all those years ago, it will be 4 weeks on Monday. Laurie's neurosurgeon in MD put her on a gluten-free diet and she didn't want to just do gluten free crappy foods diet (like a lot of gluten free people seem to do) and wanted to just go straight up Paleo which is great.

My favorite thing that I've found so far is the whipped coconut milk stuff....man that really hit the spot earlier this week I was really wanting like ice cream or something! Thanks again for the info, oh and I wanted to let you know your blog is rocking!

Yael Grauer
05-11-2012, 07:16 AM
Oh, for easy recipes, definitely Everyday Paleo or even Robb's book or Scott's e-book, IMO.

I have not made the whipped coconut milk! I do coconut milk blended with blueberries sometimes, though. Yum.

Glad you like the blog! I'm doing the 30-day blog challenge. I've always had trouble getting readers since it's not 100% a Paleo blog or fitness blog or BJJ blog (even though that's 90% of what I write about), I haven't been able to get the backlinks I want. I did get a "like" from EC the other day, which totally made my day, though, since he's one of my favorite fitness celebrities. LOL.

Allen Yeh
05-11-2012, 10:37 AM
Oh, for easy recipes, definitely Everyday Paleo or even Robb's book or Scott's e-book, IMO.

I have not made the whipped coconut milk! I do coconut milk blended with blueberries sometimes, though. Yum.

Glad you like the blog! I'm doing the 30-day blog challenge. I've always had trouble getting readers since it's not 100% a Paleo blog or fitness blog or BJJ blog (even though that's 90% of what I write about), I haven't been able to get the backlinks I want. I did get a "like" from EC the other day, which totally made my day, though, since he's one of my favorite fitness celebrities. LOL.

Nice on the "like" thing, not really sure what the backlinks thing means?

The whipped coconut is super easy, basically put a can or 2 of coconut milk in the fridge, a few hours later open it and take all the white stuff out on top and reserve the water for whatever else, and then whip it using a handmixer. Add whatever else that floats your boat, I added vanilla stuff (I can't think of the term right now).

Yael Grauer
05-11-2012, 03:53 PM
Oh, backlinks I mean people linking to my site off of their sites. That's really the best way to build readership, SEO, etc. but I haven't had as much luck on my own site as I have when I do this kind of work for my clients.

You mean vanilla extract?

Yael Grauer
05-11-2012, 04:10 PM
I went to Los Campeones again to lift weights. But I'm not sure I'm going to finish the 4-week program I started because I don't really see the point. I am sort of stuck trying to figure out what I want to do in the gym but mostly I just want it to be fun.

So I did like 20 dumbbell snatches and a 30-second L-sit and a bunch of c+j with just the bar. Then I tried to see if I can still get a 2:20 500m row, which I can't, because my cardio sucks, because I'm not rolling. :) I can only do like 426m in 2:20. Need to work on this. Did some seesaw presses and seated rows for fun.

Then started playing around with some MovNat-esque type stuff. I don't have a 100 lb. log but played with just a bar for now--dead-->c+j-->shoulder walk--> squat.

Breakfast: 2 sunny side up eggs over cabbage
Lunch: leftover chicken cacciatore
Dinner: 2 brats, kraut
Snack: the guy at the bank gave me two of those little chocolate things and I totally ate them. chocolate is my crack. Good thing they were tiny. Oh and I had a Larabar

Definitely not enough food, and now I'm working, so that sucks.

Yael Grauer
05-12-2012, 09:40 PM
Open mat this morning, about 90 minutes of rolling. Not as many rounds as I wanted, but the 5 or 6 guys I did work with went for more than one round and I got a lot of good pointers. My buggest problem seems to be that I'm not committing on the bottom as much as I should be when doing hip escapes, probably because it's hard and I'm unmotivated and lazy now that I know I'm not competing for a while. Probably not a good excuse. My top game is just so much better than my bottom game, and everyone knows my go-to sweeps now, so...

Food today

Breakfast: eggs and a banana
Lunch: a tuna salad I whipped up with carrots, tomatoes, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, etc. This salad sucked b/c my boyfriend keeps buying that bland tuna instead of the good kind. LOL.
Snack: after standing in the sun planting our veggie garden. smoothie with coconut milk, strawberries, blueberries and cranberries. It was pretty awful, though, I think b/c of the cranberries. New goal --> whenever eating high sugar foods, make sure they actually taste delicious
Dinner: some pork shoulder roast i made. probably not enough food, though. ugh.

We planted broccoli, kale, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro and parsley. Pretty exciting.

In other news, I can totally barely keep up with my life right now. Too many piddly projects. My biz coach told me I should really give up on the sucky ones to make room for better ones, but it's always hard to turn down steady work. Still, it's hard, because I've been on the go literally non-stop all day and have sooooo much more to do tomorrow, and next week is insane as well. So I need to figure something out.

Yael Grauer
05-13-2012, 09:55 PM
Went to the park to try to do some MovNat-type stuff today. My climbing needs a bit of work, but I wonder how much of it is because my arms have been somewhat jacked for different reasons for the past 5 years or so. I totally don't want to whine (my brother just fractured a bone in his hand playing Ultimate, and my boyfriend's sister has her foot all wrapped up because she has some bone-on-bone action; very little cartilage and osteoarthritis already) but when I get time and money some day I hope to really get some serious SASTYM and deep tissue work done to kind of iron out all the kinks, especially in my right arm. But yeah, some of the stuff I tried to do was hard, even though I feel like I *should* be able to do it.

My food today was pretty much horrible... We went bowling for Mother's Day with Todd's family and got food afterwards and... I knew I wasn't paying so felt weird ordering a $10 strawberry salad... so I just ate pizza with everyone else. Probably the equivalent of 3-4 slices or so, they were in little squares so hard to say. I felt so gross afterwards but Todd (who's way more Paleo than I) was eating it too and sometimes it's easier to just go with the flow.

Groceries today were like $60 each for Todd and I, which is a bummer. I swear I try to follow all the Paleo on a budget guidelines, but between the 2 of us, we spend about $500/month on food, which seems pretty high. And that's just groceries, and not including eating out. Actually, I can get reimbursed for a lot of meals out for one of my blogging gigs, but it forces me to eat crappy food (and the pay for the actual writing is low), so I haven't been doing that as much. But $250 on groceries is more than I want to spend... Hopefully gardening will help a bit. And we did have to get things like olive oil...

Oh and since it was grocery shopping day and I always get one thing at TJ's that's crap food, this time I got about 8 oz. of chocolate. That's actually not too bad b/c I usually get one of those 16 oz. things of dark chocolate peanut butter cups, but needless to say, this was a pretty bad day of eatin'.

I guess I could pretend that bowling is a sport and that I needed pizza for my post-workout meal. Or not. LOL.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs and apple sauce with cinnamon
Lunch: leftover rotisserie chicken
Snacks: 3-4 slices of pizza, 8 ounces of chocolate
Dinner: ground pork with spinach stir fry

Despite my crappy food today, I'm pretty psyched that I lost all the weight I gained during traveling just this past week, which was quicker than expected, but I still have some ways to go to get back to my competition weight. When I compete with a gi I usually wear a 3-lb. lightweight gi so I only have to cut to 138 and can be in the 141 with a gi bracket, and I'd like to hover around 141 or so because I can usually lose the remaining 3 pretty quickly by eating bland food and taking fasted walks for a week or so. But I'm at 149 and that's really high, even though I'm not planning on competing anytime soon.

I *really* need performance-based goals so I don't obsess about my weight, though, which is pretty unhealthy and meaningless and a waste of my time. So I made a list of random goals to try to fixate on instead of numbers on a scale... some natural movement type stuff, the CF Level 1 Standards I don't have, and perhaps some stuff with weights.

Movement Stuff

I can already do the balancing, crawling and running okay, and I'm pretty sure I can throw/catch okay. I want to test my 4' jump (one leg and two-leg), and I'm working on my climbing skills and lifting/carrying. Basically I want to make sure I can squat 100 lbs. on one shoulder. I could do 45 a bunch of times and need to ramp it up. So:

-lifting/carrying (squatting)

CF Level 1 Stuff

-I want to work on my rowing time, since my gym has rowers, and I've unfortunately really lost a lot of my metabolic efficiency by never rolling. So in this order:
-500m in 2:20, and then once I get that,
-2000m in 9:50

-Same with running, and I worked on this great sprinting article for Experience Life, so lots of stuff from there to practice. In this order:
-400m in 2:04
-800m in 4:20
-1 mile in 9:00

I can probably do these already, but haven't tested myself yet.

-25 wall balls I'm 110% sure I can do right away; just need to find a way to test them.

Then these 3 are all sort of on the back burner. 3 pullups and 3 dips. I can't even do dips without my right arm clicking (I can do like 1), and it doesn't want to go down all the way, so I probably need to get some serious work done on it first. Pullups are the bane of my existence, and again, I have all these arm issues. And the third is "Christine," which wouldn't work at my gym unless I want to run from the rowers upstairs to the bar and box downstair for the deads and box jumps, which would make it harder to finish in 15 minutes. Still, when I first started CF, I really wanted to get all these Level 1 goals and never have, so it's something to work on, I guess.

Just want to get my numbers back up to what they used to be. Might as well, again, since I'm not competing any time soon. I want to get the "Advanced" numbers for my weight in the press, bench press, power clean, squat and deadlift. I can probably do some of these already, but need to test them. And I'll try to get them all at intermediate first, and then advanced.

So here's my list:

1. climb
2. jump
3. lift/carry/squat
4. row
5. run
6. wallballs (quick one to knock off the list)
7. press (72/94)
8. bench (105/135)
9. power clean (101/133)
10. squat (141/185)
11. deadlift (176/241)

1. pullups
2. dips
3. Christine

Anyway, I'm thinking I could structure my workouts like this:

1. Speed/warm-up... this could be where I do running or rowing, or wallballs once before I can knock it off the list
2. Movement type stuff: climbing and/or jumping ('til goal is reached)
3. Lifting: starting with my lift/carry squat up to 100 lbs., and then after I get that, work on improving my squat, clean, and/or dead. Maybe focus on 1-2 at a time.
4. finish off with a press or bench. I honestly think I can prob. do the press right away. My bench has always sucked.
5. stretching/rehab/prehab

Maybe work in some conditioning before 4+5 if I still have energy and feel like it... Standing base, wrestling shots, moving on my back, sweeps, etc. Whatever I want to do to work up a sweat since I never get to, and is more sports-specific than running or rowing.

Then once I've knocked off most of my goals, start working on those last 3 backburner ones.

Probably working up to weights I want and doing things once and then quitting isn't the best modality, but whatever. I want to do something.

I keep trying to think about what other goals I had before BJJ. The pull-up one was huge, but kept having brachiaradialis/bicep issues. Deadlifting 220 was big, but I have DL numbers in there to work on already. I was working very seriously on posture for a long time, but honestly getting a bra that actually fits properly has been way more helpful than all of the techniques I've tried combined. It sort of stuns me that it took me 33 years, but I think probably like 90% of women wear a bra band too large and a cup size too small, which really messes up your posture. Anyway, other goals I've had in the past included running a 7 minute mile, which I did, but then I quit running b/c I was bored, and things like single-leg squats, Parkour type stuff, etc. I don't know which of those I really still want to focus on. I also have a punching bag and a TRX I could play with, and an ab wheel thingy... I can only do it from my knees with my back straight... God, and I have so many workout books... most of which I've done, but there's always more. I guess the goals I have above are good... I think if I can get all 14 I'll feel like I can move with efficiency, am pretty darn strong and have a bit of well-roundedness, plus some of my metcon back. And then hopefully by then I'll be closer to that last stripe...

Yael Grauer
05-15-2012, 12:04 AM
Skipped BJJ today. Just too much work to do.

My biz coach told me to do all of my pitches early in the week, deadlined work midweek, and if I had to do piddly underpaying work, to keep it to just one day a week, like Friday. So I've been trying hard to follow her instructions, but it's challenging because I'm pitching these amazing magazines and each pitch takes anywhere from 2 to 10 hours of research. I want them to be well-targeted and well-researched, but it just makes it hard to keep up with everything. I worked from 8AM today til now; it's 2AM, and only took an hour break or so to go to the garden. And I still have to send an editing test in, finish a query for this science mag I want to write for, proofread a book manuscript, do some blog curation and do a little more writing. Plus I have a phone meeting. Too much!

Food today was okay, I guess...
Breakfast: 2 eggs & 2 strips bacon
Lunch: salmon salad
Dinner: lemon mint chicken with green beans
and it totally wasn't enough chicken so I had 2 LaraBars.
I also had a chai today to try to get awake/stay alert while working.

Not ideal.

Yael Grauer
05-15-2012, 10:55 PM
Well, no workout today. Too busy during the day and we went to see the Black Keys at night. The good news is that I think I should be caught up with work by the end of the week, and should have time to train tomorrow.

breakfast: green eggs, sweet potato chips
lunch: chicken salad
dinner: Paleo chili (http://paleoonabudget.com/2012/01/04/paleo-chili/)
snack: had a beer and some peanuts during the show

Yael Grauer
05-16-2012, 08:36 PM
Super frustrating day, today, dealing with people who don't do what they say and take credit for my shit and leave me madly scrambling at the last minute for them, and not able to meet my own deadlines, which means I have to invoice late, which leads to cash flow problems, and extra work, etc. etc.

Usually when this happens I eat tons of ice cream and drink lots of caffeine and stay up and work. Which I'm going to do tonight. And then I'm never ever ever going to do it again. I need to set some boundaries, drop clients who can't live by them, and since this is bringing out my bad side I'm pretty much done with it. Clearly I need to make some changes.

So anyway, I had to miss jits due to timing but even though I have no time for it I did get to Los Campeones because I was super pissed off and needed to lift things.

I did my 500 meter row in 2:20, so that's one goal I knocked off the list.

I worked on squats with a bar on my shoulder, and I did 65 easy and tried 85, which I did but it wasn't pretty. Then did it with the strongman log, but no idea how much that thing weighs.

Next, trying to hit the intermediate numbers on some lifts before I try to go to advanced...so I won't die of DOMS.

Got a 75 lb. press, failed at 85, so did some more reps at 75. I want 95 again.

Got a 175 deadlift, still not near my old 220 and the 240 I want, but something.

Did some dips with 30 lb. assist, my right arm is still all clicky but it didn't hurt to do at least, just felt weird. I need to build some strength back in it.

So my goals for the next week and a half or two:

-climbing stuff
-jumping stuff
-100 lb. shoulder squat

-140 squat
-100 clean
-105 bench

-400m run

Breakfast: eggs and bacon
Lunch: wedding soup
Dinner: Paleo chili
Late-night bender: more sugar and caffeine than i wanna write about on a public log

Yael Grauer
05-18-2012, 12:40 AM
The bad news:

1. I went to bed at like 5AM last night, and it's looking like 2 or 3 AM tonight.

2. I didn't go to BJJ today because I'm super super sore from not sleeping, lifting, etc.

3. Also, I'll have to stay up again tomorrow (tonight) and Saturday to work for Sherdog. Boo.

The good news:

1. Aside from that ice cream last night, I ate really well today. Paleo crockpot chicken soup, leftover chili, etc.

2. I'm finally really close to caught up with my backlog. I'm still waiting on tons of people, but it's more manageable, and all I have to do Friday through Sunday other than my usual stuff (and Sherdog) is proofread a book manuscript and take an editing test. And some scoring, if I have time. (And wait for people for the dumb project I was supposed to finish three weeks ago, but I'm thinking I harass people about that on Monday.)

3. Just found out we're gonna have a BJJ world champ working at my gym full time starting in a month. I should be really excited about this, but I'm having trouble getting motivated for BJJ lately. I honestly don't even care who is teaching; I just want to roll and I can't other than Saturdays and it sucks. But maybe this will help...

4. Finally made a Google doc with all of my goals, color-coded and everything. Prioritized, the whole bit. Cool.

Yael Grauer
05-18-2012, 10:03 PM
Went to the park and took a nice long barefoot walk and worked on some MovNat climbing stuff, which I still suck at. But it was fun.

Food was just leftover chicken soup and leftover chili today, and half an avocado. A handful of blue corn chips with salsa during the fights.

Yael Grauer
05-19-2012, 04:58 PM
I got a ton of rolling in this morning, which was awesome. I got at least 7 matches, may have been 8, for 7-minute rounds. I definitely can feel my technique improving, which is great, but it's also frustrating because I know it's from the classes I find boring. LOL. The good news is that we have a black belt from Brazil who'll be teaching the advanced classes for 4 months or so, starting in about a month, and my coach said they'd be open to everyone. So if I can just hang on for a month, I'll have all the hard classes I can handle, and I'm sure by 5 months from now I'll have another stripe if I'm consistent.

Got in an interesting discussion with someone today about whether or not it was the right choice for me to go from a collar choke from back mount when I could've tried to sink in an RNC. I tend to think people spazzing/muscling will be less effective for them when I use the gi so am guessing a collar choke may be a better option for me, even though I like RNCs better because they look cooler and I see them on TV. But for example when I work my standing butterfly guard passes, if I go for an underhook from the top instead of a lapel grip, people just push on my head and standing base out, so I need that lapel... it's a smaller person thing and the person giving me advice was a million pounds... I think I could sink in a collar choke grip and hold it there even when someone's flailing, but hand fighting a spazzy dude with a RNC when he can just arm wrestle, I lose the entire submission. Anyway, something to think about.

Food today... Todd made this awesome breakfast which was an omelette with vanilla extract and peaches and things, so delish. Then after training I had the rest of that chicken soup, and we're going to eat leftover pork shoulder tonight. Probably have a half a beer during the fights.

Oh and I went to this party... was super stoked to get invited b/c I knew it was mostly Gracie Barra people and I'm Alliance and we're supposed to hate each other. And also there were people from the Academy (Sauer affiliate) and everyone hates everyone and etc. But it was totally cool and we all got along. And I didn't drink the vodka with pineapple everyone was downing, and had to leave before the sumo wrestling, but it was really nice to be there. And I had probably 2 or 3 handfuls of corn chips.

I don't know if all these cheats and snacky foods are adding up... I feel like they're all pretty little, and I'm still losing weight etc., so I think it's okay for now. I use a fair amount of discretion/restraint.

Will do some more MovNat type stuff tomorrow.

Yael Grauer
05-20-2012, 07:28 PM
Well, apparently taking a long walk in the park and working in my garden in the heat, followed by like 6 hours of sleep, followed by 8 7-min rounds of hard BJJ, followed by watching fights and drinking a beer makes me super sleepy... I was still working at 1AM and waiting for something that was supposed to get to me at 2 which I was supposed to edit and turn in that night... and my boyfriend found me zonked out on the couch at 4:45 when he was trying to figure out where I was and why every single light was on in the house. And then I freaked out b/c I missed my deadline, LOL. But nobody said anything when I sent it in at 4:47, lol. I can usually stay up until 2AM easy but was KTFO. At least I got a total of 9.5 hours last night. I am just really hoping one of the 500 projects I have in the bush pans out so I can be more selective about work I accept (i.e. no working past 2AM.)

No workout today. Food.. I got up for lunch, which was rotisserie chicken and some tomatoes. Dinner was sausage and sweet potatoes. Ate some handfuls of chocolate from Trader Joe's. So tired all day. Tomorrow will be better.

Yael Grauer
05-22-2012, 10:59 AM
No workout yesterday, as I worked about 12 or 13 hours.
I ate chicken apple hash for breakfast, a bacon strawberry salad for lunch, and one of those Paleo beef hot plates with mushrooms and stuff for dinner.

Yael Grauer
05-22-2012, 07:59 PM
Well, my month at the powerlifting gym expired so I decided to go check out LifeTime for the free week pass, or whatever. They have a lot of cool equipment (kettlebells, ropes, rings, medicine balls, TRXs, etc.) but not a lot of room to use them, and of course super crowded. It's still kind of a good deal at $62/mo (plus I'd get $20 back from my health insurance if I went 12X/month), and they have all kinds of fun perks like $20 massages once a month and a nice sauna and stuff, but it's way too sterile for me, and no chalk and no bumpers. It's like fitness for people who want really nice stuff and it not to feel like fitness. (Not knocking them, but I knew I was gonna hate it once the guy talked to me about their pilates and yoga classes and chakra massages and fine locker room.)

On the agenda was just squats, power cleans, and climbing if I could find the setup for it. So I did squats up to 140, which was what I was going for, but I'm not really sure I was going deep enough. I did 5 or 6 to make sure it was deep enough and I'm sure a couple were below parallel but I'm still not happy with my form.

Then I was going to do power cleans, but some guy was hogging the weird elevated platform for-ever. I am so gonna go back to the powerlifting gym once one of these checks clears, lol. But sometimes it's fun to visit every single gym.

My coach said we can come up with a plan for BJJ to help me meet my goals, so that's promising, and I'm glad he's open to that. He's pretty damn cool but I've had so many gym situations go bad that it's hard for me to even talk to coaches sometimes about where I'm at and what I want...

Yael Grauer
05-22-2012, 07:59 PM
Oh yeah, food. Eggs with bacon and avocado for breakfast, and then I made some crazy beef stew with sweet potatoes and cabbage and red curry. I guess I forgot to eat lunch again.

Yael Grauer
05-23-2012, 10:14 PM
It's been an ice cream and brownies day. And no working out and not a lot of food since I'm spending hours upon hours cleaning my office, since it's the only thing I feel like I have any control over right now. I am a total basketcase today. This has kind of been coming for a while. Anyway, trying to figure out what to do. I've never been on meds but some acupuncture right now or some GABA might do me a world of good, and then I can stop listening to bad music. Blah. Training log will resume tomorrow. I'm kind of mad at myself for not getting to BJJ because my coach wants me to talk to him about coming up with a plan so I can train and also not be bored and meet my goals, while getting the fundamentals etc. he thinks I need... but I just don't want to be around anyone right now. Anyway, my goal is to at least have everything presentable before I crash in a few hours... I got 15 boxes down to what looks like it'll be 5 or 6, so that's a start.

Yael Grauer
05-24-2012, 11:57 PM
Okay, after my 16-hour cleaning spree (no joke) yesterday, and very little sleep, I spent the day kind of recovering. The good news is that my office is beautiful now!!! I can actually work at my desk and find things, and it feels nice in here. I even lit some Nag Champa and I have a little candle and everything. I just worked a lot today when I wasn't trying to nap. I was gonna go for a bike ride today but then it started pouring, right after I dragged the bike upstairs, too. Didn't feel up for BJJ.

I think my meltdown is pretty much over and that I'll be okay to be around humans again tomorrow, so I'm gonna go to the box gym during the day and hopefully hog the platform so I can get some cleans in. And then use the sauna.

Food today was good; some leftover beef stew and then I had chicken masala. Oh wait, but I forgot, the cauliflower was totally rotten so I made some brown rice in the rice cooker. And now it's completely gone and out of the house. I honestly would rather eat some rice than waste all that delicious sauce with all the spices, since the cauli died. Todd, on the other hand, totally can't handle rice anymore (we find out the hard way) so then I had to make him licorice peppermint tea for his stomachache. Ugh.

Anyway, we are still trying to figure out how to eat Paleo and cut back on cost of groceries, and I'm pretty fed up with the crappy produce at TJ's. I think farmers markets are gonna be the way to go, and we're going to buy another quarter share of beef once we get paid for this work project we're sharing, but I think the trick is going to be to just eat more simply instead of making complicated meals with specialty ingredients we use like once, and to use some of the veg from our garden or buy farmer's market produce, which is smaller quantities anyway even if it wasn't way cheaper, plus we need to go back to buying non-organic veg if it's in the 'clean 15,' and all that kind of stuff.

And then I get to do open mat on Saturday AM and talk to my coach about what classes I can take, etc. Working again late Fri and late Sat.

I really need to figure out what I want to work on and how to balance it all... Like I can eat really really well, or be a workaholic, or do BJJ, or get in better overall shape and work on my #s, but I can't do all 4. I can do maybe like 3. But lately it's like 1 or 2 it seems...

Yael Grauer
05-25-2012, 10:29 PM
Feeling a bit more even-keeled today, which is nice. I totally love my new inspired home office, and it's nice to separate my work area at home from the rest of the house instead of it all blending together.

Okay, so I went to the box gym again and decided to hog their weird elevated platform thingy. Got a 185 dead, which is better than last week, but I was hoping for 200. Boos. I wonder if I'll get back to 220 again soon. Then I worked on c+js, but it's hard while on the weird platform setup they have. I think I only got up to like 65 or so. And then someone was hogging the squat rack forever, so I just did front squats with those weird midget bars with the weight already on them, got to about 60 and some guy had the 70 and wasn't sure I even wanted to try 80 since it's a bannable offense to drop a bar and I wasn't used to the shape. This whole visiting gyms for their sauna and free week pass thing was a dumb idea, I think. Anyway, then I played on the TRX and the rings and some of their fancy stuff for a little while. I totally miss the other gym, though. Maybe go back on Monday.

Food was just leftovers and an awesome crockpot balsamic roast over mashed cauliflower. Will probably eat some strawberries.

Yael Grauer
05-26-2012, 09:51 PM
2 hours of open mat today. Was really great. I made it a point to ask all the guys who wouldn't roll with me last week to roll early in the day lol. And they all rolled with me and it was good. The whole male/female dynamic at the gym is kind of weird I think because we used to have separate women's classes and not a lot of crossover esp. at open mat, and I think some people are apprehensive at first, but my goal is to win every last one of them over. Once we actually roll and they see that I can get sweeps, pass guard, fight for underhooks, etc. it's all good. They're all really good guys and the gym vibe is super good, so I figure it's up to me to teach people that I don't have cooties. I think the fact that a lot of the higher belts want to roll with me helps a lot, too.

Anyway, this also meant that I rolled with monster after monster after monster, probably about 12 6-minute matches, and I'm frickin' spent. I will feel it tomorrow. :)

Food today was just okay... Eggs, bacon and avocado for breakfast, lunch was ground pork with tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and onions (so good!), then I had bugs in a boat (celery with almond butter and raisins) and dinner was this great chicken crockpot meal with collard greens. And the during the fights I had a couple handfuls of corn chips and popcorn, oh and I had a drink which will hopefully keep me up, too; I don't want to fall asleep on the job again like I did last week and have to stay up til 3 or so to wait for these post-fight reports to edit/fact-check before they go live.

I give myself a B- for the day; good workout, food was good for meals but bad with the snacks etc.

Yael Grauer
05-28-2012, 07:11 AM
Sunday was a rest day, and I made lunch with all the leftovers in the fridge: salad with mixed greens, hardboiled eggs, carrots, avocado and a balsamic vinagrette, and ground beef with mushrooms, onions, spinach and a few other random things thrown in. Turned out okay. Dinner was shrimp with some kind of tomato sauce stuff; recipe from Everyday Paleo. I also had a brat at this house party.

Holiday open mat this AM! Woo hoo.

Yael Grauer
05-28-2012, 05:57 PM
Memorial Day open mat this morning. It was cool because they opened it up to all the gyms in the area, and we only do that like three or four times a year. So I got to roll with a bunch of guys from the Academy (Pedro Sauer), Gracie Barra, Spartan, etc. which was cool. There's so much infighting and drama and politics in MN/WI BJJ/MMA, so it's nice when people get together from other gyms and everyone's chill. Anyway, about an hour of hard rolling. I'm noticing a lot of stuff I'm struggling with and also a lot of stuff that I am doing right on a regular basis. Lots to think about re: my game.

Rest of the day was getting sunburned at a Twin's game and catching up on the latest pile of work. I got an assignment to write about new stadium food for a local blog, so I tried the most Paleo options I could find: a giant meatball and a helmet of garlic fries. Dinner was pineapple pork ribs with mustard; pretty good.

Yael Grauer
05-29-2012, 06:36 PM
I walked a couple miles today at a very slow pace; probably a couple miles. Not that this counts for anything but fasted walks are fun. And then I did an hour of fundamentals, which was boring. We just worked on pulling guard, a scissor sweep variation from spider guard, and a progression at the end. I wonder if there is any way to get better at fundamentals without the super slow pace of this class, but there are only 16 days til we get the super hard training, anyway.

I asked a guy to partner up but then he asked me if I'd prefer to go with the brand new girl instead. This pisses me off because I don't want to be treated any differently because I'm a girl, or be made to feel that I ALWAYS have to partner with any other female in the room, and also b/c it's not really his place as a 1-stripe white belt to repartner people; our coach will move me with the one girl if he thinks it's necessary. I also just really want to work with people who are at my level or above if at all possible, at least while I'm forced to do the basic classes, though I guess this guy was a one-striper, but he wrestled and is closer to my weight than she was and would've probably given me some resistance. Oh well, at least I had open mats on Sat and Mon, and at least there won't be anyone brand new peeps in the intermediate class tomorrow, and I have to admit that I felt a small bit of satisfaction when said guy had to work with two no-stripe guys in a group of 3. But maybe he thinks that's better, since girls have cooties.

Anyway, hoping to join the powerlifting gym again for June and I want to do more kettlebell swings and Oly stuff.

Oh yeah, food. 2 eggs and a banana, the leftover shrimp tomato stuff, rotisserie chicken and strawberries with coconut cream.

Allen Yeh
05-30-2012, 03:25 AM
I walked a couple miles today at a very slow pace; probably a couple miles. Not that this counts for anything but fasted walks are fun.

Counts for more than sitting around and NOT doing the walk, right?

Since being back from country I've been trying to make more of a point to walk everyday even if it's for 10 minutes on top of my regular workouts. Right now I'm working from home taking care of my wife but when I was in the office I found the walks really helped me refocus.

Yael Grauer
05-30-2012, 10:16 PM
I guess walking is slightly better than nothing. I did an hour of weeding between yesterday and today, too, but not exactly a workout.

An hour of BJJ today; intermediate class. We worked on arm drags to singles, then an armbar from half-spider guard, and another armbar variation, plus some positional drills from half guard with grips. I really need to find a new way to get rid of my pent-up rage because 10 minutes of positional drilling after a slow-ass BJJ class ain't cutting it. I just can't seem to commit to and stick to a program... can never make up my mind what I want to do. At least we have a really kick-ass guest instructor teaching for a while in a couple weeks, with advanced class open to everyone, so I may actually work up a sweat and even have to wash my gi after class. I think even if things were perfect I'd still be all pissy. I have like 10 infuriating things happen to me every single day. And I am just one pissed off gal.

Food today was some leftover rotisserie chicken, the leftover shrimp/tomato stuff, 3 brats and some kraut for dinner, and a handful of dates.

Yael Grauer
05-31-2012, 11:46 PM
I only got like 4 hours of sleep b/c I had to drive Todd to the airport this morning, and I couldn't fall asleep again after I got home... so I did a half-assed workout with kettlebell swings and some TRX stuff. I didn't do any BJJ because honestly I am going to stop trying to put myself through that. I really need to figure out a way to get real rolling in. I keep meaning to talk to my coach but he is sometimes teaching or talking to people or traveling with people who are competing, etc. I think I may switch to the day classes, which I hear are more intense; there's 3 days of AM classes and 2 days of just drilling. And this is just for 2 weeks until I get a few months of intense training, thank GOD. And I'm gonna do another month at the powerlifting gym starting tomorrow.

Food was okay I guess...leftover chicken, 2 strawberries, and then I was supposed to write about this restaurant's new dinner menu so I ordered the most Paleo thing I could find, which was sausage and mustard greens (so far so good) and cheesy grits. Ugh. But I turned down the bread and free flourless chocolate torte, so I guess it's not too bad in the scheme of things.

I am just really struggling lately because I have SO much stress for a bunch of reasons right now and haven't figured out how to actually make my workouts be an outlet for that stress (in fact, going to classes where i can't roll causes MORE stress) and I really want to stop trying to use food to deal with things, so it's like I have no release valve. Plus I keep getting food assignments which are hard to do Paleo and that makes things more challenging. Oh and I probably didn't eat enough today.

Yael Grauer
06-02-2012, 07:58 PM
Little sleep and no workout yesterday b/c of work (and other things), but the good news is I have a new column up at Sherdog, which I'm super psyched about.

Today I did an open mat; hard to get people to roll with but I found maybe like 6 or 7 guys and probably about that many were too busy talking or taking a break or something. My gym is so damn frustrating sometimes. Can't wait 'til the 14th!

My diet has been pretty good, except that it hasn't been good at all since I got assigned 3 bakeries to review. I did find a delicious Paleo cupcake at one of them! But I had baked goods at the others.

I'm pretty frustrated that my work means I have to eat food I don't want and stay up when I don't want, but that's how it is right now, and I'll just have to try to control what I can control, I guess.

I am also thinking of getting acupuncture for liver blood stagnation or whatever it is because I am literally frustrated by everything right now, so I think it might be me instead of these infuriating external circumstances. Or at least a combination.

Yael Grauer
06-03-2012, 11:39 PM
Sunday: no workout (unless weeding counts, hah), but I have a plan! I am going to do this Gold Medal Bodies basic plan and am getting rings and everything. I think that makes more sense than rejoining the powerlifting gym and trying to lift heavy during the month were I will actually get to do hardcore BJJ.

Food was okay, I had eggs benedict and I had coq a vin and I had chocolate. I did get a ton of really delicious Paleo groceries and spent more than I wanted to. But it's okay. I tried to go to a normal people grocery store, but it was so depressing, so I went to TJ's. I think I just need to accept that I will always spent tons of money on food. But trying to figure out how to get off the rollercoaster where I have to do food blogging for quick cash to pay for groceries, which means that I have to write reviews of bakeries and crap. LOL. Maybe I can write about food classes or something instead of waiting for assignments; I don't know. I'll figure it out. I don't think not spending tons on food is really an option for me. :) But I think farmer's market produce will be cheaper and less crappy than TJ's, so I'll try to test out that theory.

Yael Grauer
06-04-2012, 09:12 PM
My food was just about perfect today. Eggs and bacon for breakfast, a really great tuna avocado salad for lunch, and then I made mahi mahi with carrots and green onions for dinner. Snack was a handful of marcona almonds from TJ's, and they have a bit of oil and salt and rosemary and are so delicious. Oh and I had a small handful of dried apricots.

Workout... I went to the intermediate BJJ class. We worked on my least favorite lesson ever; armbars and triangle variations from guard. I honestly think I will never ever go for armbars and triangles from guard because I'm 5'4. If I'm in guard, I just want to sweep. I was thinking this might be because I'm not good at armbars and triangles, but I'm not good at omoplatas, and yet I want to practice those, because I think they're actually useful for short people. I guess there's something to be said about knowing everything, but it's hard to be invested in a technique I can't see myself using.

I think the other thing that bugs me about our improvised training regimens in class is that it's such an artificial setting. I was thinking about this a lot, like about what bugs me so much in class, and a lot of it is in the coaching. Like say I'm rolling with a blue belt and he tells me my armbar isn't tight or something when we're doing a choreographed drill series at 50%, and then I do it again and it works... well, maybe my armbar improved. Or maybe he just wasn't resisting the second time. Or maybe I was trying to do what I did the 2nd time the 1st time but my angle was wrong.

I mean, I feel like there's this obvious temptation to believe that my armbar improved the second time because then I feel like a good student and he feels like a helpful, chivalrous dude. But the only fucking way to know if my armbars improved is to roll and set it up when someone's not expecting it. Or at least drill against more than 50% resistance with someone who's not trying to coach the whole time.

I kind of had the feeling that my pissiness lately is really deeper than me being bored and getting tired of people trying to coach me.

I mean, it is beyond like, me being annoyed at someone coaching to cover for the fact that I had a choke on right, or them being annoyed because they think I don't want to accept feedback from people trying to help me, or me rolling my eyes at my coach because he's correcting me on something I was doing properly (but he didn't watch closely enough), or a coach getting annoyed at me because I just want to get my heart rate up instead of doing something the right way.

It's about me wanting to really learn and internalize a living, breathing art which I originally decided to pursue because it's legitimate, because there is RESISTANCE and SPEED and improvisation. I don't want to rely on external sources to tell me how I'm doing; I want to look at data and you get data by competing. Or by rolling live with people who are trying to beat you instead of trying to coach. Or by drilling against resistance. I get that this is just building block shit right now but that doesn't make me any less annoyed.

The good news is that my coach said I could stay and roll after class with other people in the class who aren't staying for advanced, so I got an extra 30 minute roll in.

Derek Simonds
06-05-2012, 06:15 AM
I am just really struggling lately because I have SO much stress for a bunch of reasons right now and haven't figured out how to actually make my workouts be an outlet for that stress.

I am so feeling you right now on this... I do at least get to roll to relieve some stress but the rest of it is just an f'ed up mess at the moment.

Derek Simonds
06-05-2012, 06:22 AM
I have a friend who is a blue belt and she is also around 5'4" she has said several of the same things to me that you just wrote about. I don't know what it is like to go through what you are dealing with at the academy but I hope that you can find peace and enjoy it for what it is without the stress.

Yael Grauer
06-05-2012, 10:10 AM
Heh, thanks, Derek! I think things will be less stressful for me in a couple months once I'm done paying off the debt I racked up traveling, lol.

What did your friend say that I wrote about?

I guess I'm trying to sort of figure out what all of the different issues are. I think the hardest part is that I am so sick of people trying to coach me when we're supposed to be rolling or drilling. There are a few who are actually helpful and they're usually really small purple belts and they say stuff in a few sentences.

Other than them, though, I feel like I can't even go to a class without hearing 20 minute lectures about people's theories about BJJ instead of actually doing BJJ.

It's not even about the gender dynamic--e.g. noticing that a lot of men can't be around women without telling them what to do...and a lot of the time that's not about them wanting to teach me anything but about them wanting to hear themselves talk... ...and I'm sure from their perspective they're like, "I'm just trying to be helpful and this girl's such a bitch," which is probably also true some of the time, haha.

I guess in my life right now I have to listen to people and try to make sense of their theories all day long and at the gym I just want to do work. At least in the hard classes people tell you their theories while you are actually doing something instead of stopping to demonstrate and getting upset if I don't act appropriately enthused.

And I don't want to argue with 225-lb. guys about why I'm not working for an armbar from guard. Or why I decided to go for a collar choke instead of a rear-naked choke (hint: because when you spaz out, I can keep the collar grip in.) I honestly think it's pretty insulting for people to point out things I could do while I roll, like I can't trust my own instincts or something. I mean, I can't even imagine stopping someone mid-roll and saying, "Why aren't you going for xyz here? You totally had it." Even when I roll with new people (er, new girls since my coach won't allow girls to roll with guys under 2 stripes) and give them pointers, I usually just say, "remember the elbow escape?" or remind them to get underhooks or whatnot, I don't sit there and say, "Okay, go for an armbar. I'll stop resisting. It's drill time now." I hate people.

This is honestly the best gym I've ever trained at, though, so this may be more reflective of my own personal issues than anything.

At least my coach is letting me roll after class now, even if I'm not yet allowed to do the classes I wanted which he said I could do. :)

Derek Simonds
06-05-2012, 11:28 AM
She didn't read what you wrote she said the same sort of things to me. She felt like everyone tried to coach her and that being significantly smaller made things disproportionately harder. She also felt like our instructor was constantly telling her to focus on the basics.

Yael Grauer
06-05-2012, 12:08 PM
She didn't read what you wrote she said the same sort of things to me. She felt like everyone tried to coach her and that being significantly smaller made things disproportionately harder. She also felt like our instructor was constantly telling her to focus on the basics.

Interesting. Well, tell her to check out Emily Kwok's DVD. :)

Yael Grauer
06-06-2012, 06:27 PM
Eggs and avocado and bacon for breakfast. Leftover chicken with some mixed greens and a nice dressing for lunch. Shrimp and a side of broccoli for dinner. I did have a hot chocolate this AM, though, and I'm totally going to make some of this Paleo apple crumble while I do 5 zillion dishes this PM. http://www.myaimistrue.com/2010/09/apple-crumble/

Tomorrow we get to try our new grassfed beef, which is super exciting.

I did not go to intermediate today because I didn't feel like it. And actually part of it was that I was actually super hungry, and I think it might be because I got up earlier today and ate breakfast at 8 or so instead of at 10:30, and I'm trying to encourage my new keeping normal people hours habit.

Instead I did a super intro Jungle Gym workout at home, which was probably a bit too easy, but I threw in 25 wall balls at the end and some other stuff.

I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my hand. I thought I jammed my finger last November or so but I think I maybe broke it because it's still jammed. And it's amazing how one digit can screw up your whole entire arm and shoulder and stuff. So the TRX thing was also to see where my mobility is at a bit. We'll see what I do tomorrow. I mean we have weights, dumbbells up to 50 lbs in my basement but without a bench or anything they're kind of hard to use. Maybe I'll do some harder TRX stuff tomorrow and actually use the weights for body rows or something, I dunno. I could get another 4 weeks at the gym but it seems silly when I'll have tons of hard BJJ I can do starting in 2 weeks... I do have some jumping practice I want to do, too...

Yael Grauer
06-07-2012, 07:47 PM
I did a workout based on the intermediate Jungle Gym workout (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao-z_5xqIFk), except I didn't say awesome every three seconds, and some of those exercises didn't work for me. The bands are actually tricky to adjust, and we have the thing tied to a beam in the basement, not in a doorway or on a pole or anything, so I couldn't do everything. I actually didn't feel like I got much of a workout at all, so I threw in 25 kettlebell swings at the end. At least i know I got more of a workout than I would've during our fundamental class tonight. My hand feels a teeny bit better, too.

I have open mat on Saturday and next Thursday Gabriel Goulart is going to be teaching so I'll get to do the advanced classes, so I should quit whining, lol. Plus I get to go to a MovNat in two weeks which I'm super excited about. I sort of quit practicing the climbing thing, though.

Food was solid. Eggs and bacon again, then we finally dipped into our new grassfed beef supply with a nice steak along with some roasted broccoli. I skipped lunch because I was working on a bunch of stuff so I may eat something else; not sure if I'll have time though.

Yael Grauer
06-09-2012, 10:16 AM
No workout yesterday and I didn't really eat much...a taco salad with some of our grassfed beef for breakfast/lunch, a paleo Perfect Foods Bar we found, some almonds, and then made eggs and bacon for dinner. I had a half a chocolate bar on Friday (other half on Thursday night), 73% dark. I was so busy working all day and then covering the fights in the PM. It's a lot of juggling writing for so many sites about one event. I was going to cook up some pork tenderloin but decided to marinate it overnight; that shit is too expensive to half-ass.

I also didn't get my carefully written advanced TRX...er, Jungle Gym workout done, and I slept through BJJ because I was up so late working on my column and recaps and such.

The good news is that I'm leaning out a little bit more lately. I'm still ~6 or 7 lbs. higher than I like to hover around (I like to stay only 3 lbs. above my competition weight), but I'm surprised I'm losing weight/improving body comp at all since I've been so lazy with my workouts. I guess my food's been decent, despite the inadvertent intermittent fasting.

Hoping for a relaxing weekend...

Yael Grauer
06-10-2012, 10:29 AM
Bacon, eggs and avocado for breakfast/lunch. Some pork tenderloin--so delicious--along with spinach cooked with garlic for a very early dinner. Yesterday was Northern Spark, so I was literally out all night long. We went to see Snow White (and shared a medium popcorn, though I don't think I ate half), went to see raptors (Todd got a soda to share w/ me because it was midnight by then, but I can't drink soda anymore) and then after a series of art installations, he went to bed and I went to an all-night magazine writing and print-making event. Over the course of the event (and I was there til 5:30AM), I had a cold chai, a cookie and a brownie... but I'm sure the all-night bender was worse for me than the food. Good psychologically, though.

Today I'm back to strict compliance and doing my TRX workout. :)

Yael Grauer
06-10-2012, 08:13 PM
So after staying out all night... "breakfast" was Robb's Paleo sausage with gravy and biscuits recipe, and dinner was PaleoDish's 3-meat chili.

I did a bunch of weeding, and it cracks me up to call it a workout, but I guess it's the same as walking. And then I tried to do the advanced TRX workout. So weird. The stuff I could do was easy and the stuff I couldn't do I really couldn't do at all. I guess a lot of bodyweight workouts are like that... but I kind of don't feel like there's a really effective progression. I'll figure out what I want to do about joining a gym or not after the MovNat thing I'm going to, and after seeing how intense our jits classes are once that guest coach comes in and I can do the harder classes.

Yael Grauer
06-13-2012, 06:37 PM
So I took a few days off the gym to do things I normally don't do because I am training. This mostly involved me wearing a name tag, not eating any of the food around, and talking to women who are older, have more established business, and are really out of shape. They are nice though. I went to some publishing networking event at some cafe on Monday and I went to a Professional Editors Network meeting, where someone was raving about how she made her cupcakes with soy milk and vegan margarine and I immediately threw it in the trash. Wheat is one thing but margarine and soy are another. And tomorrow I may even skip the first day of Goulart being here because I want to go to a magazine launch party, and because it's gonna be so crowded, but I will hit open mat on Friday and/or Saturday. And then next week I'm out of town for 3 days and then have my MovNat thing. Meh. He'll be here for 3 months anyway.

I did manage to get through BJJ today, though, it was the intermediate class and I actually got a good workout. Hard-ish warmup, and since I'm tired of our class being segregated, I immediately made a b-line to the guy I want to work with. He is badass and got a silver at World's, and when he coaches me he says one-sentence things that are actually helpful instead of giving long-winded explanations that aren't worth the time it takes me to understand them. Plus I like being held to high standards. Er, not to say the women don't hold us to high standards... But I don't want to work with the same 3 people each class. And one of those girls who's actually really good is always chewing gum and it's so gross to hear her chomping in my ears when we drill... and the one girl who's actually really damn good is super bossy... I don't know, maybe I'm sexist, I'd just rather work in with the guys. Though actually there were two girls I really liked to work with but they both left the gym.

Anyway, so I worked with him on this one takedown which was an armdrag where you sort of sit down and then transition to a single, and then we worked on two different butterfly guard passes, one of them you grab around their back like a guillotine defense and then smash the leg with your leg and post your other leg up, then grab their ankle, backstep off to the side, switch your ankle grab to a gi grab at their leg, push it over, and then control their leg with your knee before letting go. The other is like a weave through leg grab and you punch that leg out and go straight to side. I had trouble with that prob. bc the guy was so big but when he asked if he could get the gum-chomping girl over I said no... Let's not automatically defer to segregation, please... maybe my angle was just off... plus there's no guarantee that the next girl I compete with is going to be 30 lbs. lighter than me and 4" shorter anyway.

Anyway, after that, we did 5 minutes of butterfly guard passes and 5 minutes of butterfly guard defense, and I got paired with this one really young girl. She is annoying to work with but it wasn't too bad. I mean she's actually pretty good technically but she has the work ethic of the 15 year old she is, which is totally understandable. I just have issues right now. But it's nice to work my offense sometimes, and she did manage to pass my guard once in the 5 minute round, and it was a good workout. I actually like her okay, but I want to work with people who are really serious, I guess. Plus she keeps leaving the door open in the locker room when there's still people changing.

I read this article about how people get pissed off (http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2011/03/where-do-bad-moods-come-from/) when they try to control their food or exercise willpower, and maybe that's what's going on? I honestly don't know what to do about my anger right now other than sequestering myself from people.

Anyway, other than that I got an Alexander technique session from someone for an article I'm doing. She was weird and freaked out when I told her I dislocated a kneecap once and assumed I no longer did any kind of training and wasn't sure how to proceed, which is so funny to me, people who touch people for a living and don't understand basic things... but she did tell me I had good hip movement, so I guess BJJ is good for something other than costing me $150+/month and pissing me off a lot.

Yael Grauer
06-13-2012, 06:39 PM

Yael Grauer
06-15-2012, 07:22 PM
Maybe like an hour of open mat. I got about 4 7-minute rounds in; 2 rounds each with 2 guys. One's a good blue belt and he's figured out how to kill all of my hooks, so I need to step up my game. But I got mount a couple times, so it works. And the other was a purple belt from another gym who was really sneaky. Had fun, though. I did a ton of drilling on my own. I need to start doing that when people aren't rolling with me for whatever reason so at least I get a workout and some practice in.

I still need to hit the reset button on my life, though... I feel like it's so hard to eat anything in the summer and I just want to drink chai or eat fruit. This happened a lot in Tucson, too. Hard to get motivated to eat real food, though my boyfriend's been trying his best to make sure I eat, but it's not really his responsibility, either. I think I just need lots and lots and lots and lots of water, maybe even use fruit to flavor it, and start cooking things like cold soup, and find a way to eat food without beef even though we have a freezer full of beef, maybe defer to chicken or fish or shrimp now and again.

I'm not really sure where I got off track... I think it's from not being able to compete, which means that it doesn't matter how much I train or what I weigh, and just being burnt out in general in all aspects of my life which I feel I don't have as much control over as I would like. Things just aren't fun when I feel completely powerless, but I think I really just need to change the way I think about things. So I'm going on a little spa trip with my boyfriend's mom and sister though, so hopefully that will help me recharge a bit. And I'm hoping MovNat helps me think about physical activity as play again, instead of this thing I have to do to get rank so it'll suck less. Also, psyched that Gabriel's teaching for a few months. I got to meet him today and we didn't get to roll but he was nice. Maybe tomorrow morning.

Yael Grauer
06-16-2012, 01:27 PM
I was at the gym for a good 2, 2.5 hours. I think I got 8 or 9 rolls in, but we were doing 6 or 7 minute rounds. I'm working on a new butterfly pass we learned, and also just focusing a lot on grips and hooks, and working on my own butterfly guard...and basic things from bad positions, like frames (especially framing on the head)

It was absolutely packed, with Gabriel in town, so I rolled with higher belts so I wouldn't have to move every 3 seconds (we move based on rank). So I totally want to roll with him but I know some black belts get weird when you ask them, so I just would stand near him and make eye contact but it didn't work. LOL. Good thing he's here for 2,3 months.

My coach said he would roll with me, which is cool, I was waiting for him to approach me for 6.5 months now. But he has noticed people not rolling with me and always tries to partner me with someone. It's cool, but it's also kind of sad, like when I ask someone I think the world of to roll and they say no but then roll with me because he makes them, lol. And then one guy told me he didn't want to start standing because it was no-win for him; if he gets taken down, he got taken down by a girl, but if he takes me down, he was supposed to anyway. So I asked him why he would even roll with me then, with that attitude. I mean, if I tap him, he tapped to a girl, but if he taps me, he was supposed to anyway. He said I was okay to roll with because I had good technique, which I guess is a compliment, but I just think that's such a backwards way of looking at things. Why roll with anyone lower rank? Isn't that no-win, then? And then nobody higher rank should roll with you, because it'd be no-win for them. It's dumb.

Another issue I'm dealing with is when I roll with higher ranked people and not wanting to expend tons of energy when I'm in positions I don't know as well. One guy was telling me I need to be more aggressive today, and I am aggressive when I know what I'm doing, but I try to be patient when I'm not instead of flailing and wasting energy. So he said I need to rethink that approach. I'm not sure I agree. I actually like this person but could do without the lecture.

Trying to decide whether to compete in Chicago on August 18th. Most of next week I'm traveling or doing MovNat, but that gives me a good 7, 8 weeks to prep for it, and I'll be allowed in the 7:15 class while Gabriel's teaching...

Food is still too much coffee drinks, but my meals are good.

Yael Grauer
06-18-2012, 11:34 AM
Leaving town in a couple hours... I get to go to a spa early Tuesday! And then I get to do this MovNat thing on Thurs-Sun. And so I'll figure out afterwards what I want to do... Probably my ring training and BJJ, but deciding if I want to compete in August and what to do about my whole only wanting to eat a slice of cake and drink a cup of chai and nothing else thing.

Yael Grauer
06-24-2012, 04:52 AM
So I've been doing this MovNat course, and it is so awesome. Too much to write about right now. Unfortunately also averaging only 5 hours of sleep each night because a bunch of stuff came up at the same time (deadlines, car breakdown, my brother visiting, etc. etc.), but damn am I learning a ton. First time I've been exciting about working on things I can't do in a long time.

Yael Grauer
06-24-2012, 07:06 PM
Just finished 4 insane days of MovNat today. It was really nice. I am totally beat, though. I think I learned more this week than I have in the past year or so about movement and areas I'm weak at and need work, as well as having some really amazing improvement in a short amount of time. The whole thing was pretty damn humbling, but also really empowering. I was kind of surprised at which skills I could do today that I didn't think I'd be able to (like crawling on a beam, which I really struggled with from the get-go, because I lack sufficient hip stability in contralateral movements). Got to work one-on-one with Erwan on my running and jumping over the past couple of days... We did SO MUCH work... It was pretty amazing, and I came home with a few things I really want to spend some time working on... I was also really impressed with their progressions and the way they teach people how to coach. Anyway, this will be a PM article so people can read more about it then.

Between my broken car and my broken dryer and giving people rides and emergency deadlines and the training, I'm pretty damn beat. I haven't slept more than 5 hours a night for the past 2 weeks. Gonna take a few days to recover while I get the car fixed and then go from there.

Allen Yeh
06-25-2012, 04:13 AM
Just finished 4 insane days of MovNat today. It was really nice. I am totally beat, though. I think I learned more this week than I have in the past year or so about movement and areas I'm weak at and need work, as well as having some really amazing improvement in a short amount of time. The whole thing was pretty damn humbling, but also really empowering. I was kind of surprised at which skills I could do today that I didn't think I'd be able to (like crawling on a beam, which I really struggled with from the get-go, because I lack sufficient hip stability in contralateral movements). Got to work one-on-one with Erwan on my running and jumping over the past couple of days... We did SO MUCH work... It was pretty amazing, and I came home with a few things I really want to spend some time working on... I was also really impressed with their progressions and the way they teach people how to coach. Anyway, this will be a PM article so people can read more about it then.

Between my broken car and my broken dryer and giving people rides and emergency deadlines and the training, I'm pretty damn beat. I haven't slept more than 5 hours a night for the past 2 weeks. Gonna take a few days to recover while I get the car fixed and then go from there.

I look forward to your wrap-up of the MovNat thing, years ago I remember reading an article in Mens Health about Erwan. Some of the stuff the author said Erwan was doing seemed pretty amazing, tried looking it up and doing more Movnat-esque stuff into my training for a bit but that was back in 2009.

5 hours/day for 2 weeks! Always seems like it pours when it rains doesn't it? Going to stick to Paleo during your recovering days?

Yael Grauer
06-25-2012, 05:35 AM
We did have an article Ryan Atkins wrote about a shorter MovNat class he attended. I really enjoyed it... it had a different quality to it than other courses I'd been to, and I don't know if I believe in body memory as much as some people do, but once you can jump and land softly or run quietly... it definitely feels different and beautiful... I think I want more of that in my training, and I can also incorporate some of it into drills we have to do at BJJ in addition to practicing it on my own.

I'm pretty much obsessed with sending in videos for the 3 tests I didn't pass, and 2 of them I think I can get right away, but I'll be working with Dan Baruch on the leg swing. Erwan said it wasn't a strength thing for me, but a skill thing, and since pullups have always been my Kryptonite, I think I'll feel better once I can get myself over a bar, and 3 months is plenty of time.

And yeah, it's been so frantic lately! It's not all bad, just stressful. I finally slept for 9 hours last night and almost feel human again.

Started on Paleo again yesterday. I was mostly Paleo during the course, though I did have some oatmeal for breakfast one day and had some coffee drinks which had sugar, etc. just to stay awake. I honestly think I do better with non-Paleo carbs than not enough carbs on days I'm super stressed out (physically or mentally), and I didn't have canned yams or anything at my disposal.

One day I just wanted to keep practicing during lunch and also it took me a couple days to trust driving the Jeep Patriot I rented (smallest thing they had) because I didn't trust the mirror on the side, and someone asked me why I wasn't eating lunch and I said I was intermittent fasting. LOL.

Anyway, so now I have 3 new movement-based goals, and I want to start incorporating a little bit of MovNat skills in my training to get better at the ones I can already do (and work on them with Todd, who will love them I think.)

I'm still not sure if I want to compete in BJJ in August or not. Honestly my BJJ goal is to get another stripe. But first I need to get my car fixed...

Yael Grauer
06-26-2012, 04:58 AM
So I got my car fixed (bad starter). Skipped BJJ because I was so sore yesterday, I think from practicing crawling (etc.) and tripods during lunch for 4 days in addition to the regular full-day training and my whole lack of sleep thing. And I kept practicing sand bag cleans, which were hard for me because I have done so many barbell cleans that I kept wanting to have my elbows parallel, which makes it hard to grip properly for the jerk.

I really am hoping to train today and Wednesday, since we have another guest coach in town for 10 days... but I don't want to spend the extra $100 or $150 or whatnot for the training, especially since I'll be missing the seminar. I'm out of town Fri and Sat, and I'll just have the intermediate M and W classes next week...

Yael Grauer
06-26-2012, 10:28 PM
Went to an advanced BJJ class today with Gabriel Goulart. I really liked the techniques he showed, but he didn't really seem to go around and check what people were doing. Luckily I was working with a really good purple belt, which helped. We worked some half-spider sweeps from opponent standing and kneeling, and a triangle from there. Then we got in groups of 3 for some 7-minute rounds. Some girl cranked the bejeezus out of my arm. I could feel her getting frustrated in the 1st round when she couldn't finish a choke she was working for, for like 5 minutes. I fucking hate that we can't pick our own partners. This is the 3rd time in 7 months that I've gotten hurt when working with someone that somebody else put me with. I feel like I know better than an instructor who I should be working with, and it's my body, but since it's not socially acceptable to ask to be repartnered, maybe next time my Spidey sense goes off, I'll just suddenly need to go home.

I am really bummed about my arm and I hope it gets better soon because I need to work on 3 different MovNat things to get my cert, and like two of them are arm-related. This sucks.

Yael Grauer
06-27-2012, 05:06 PM
So I got some acupuncture and cupping on my arm, which is still pretty messed up but a bit better. The guy told me to rest it for 3 days, so I guess I won't train again 'til Monday. We were going to go out of town on Friday and Saturday anyway, so I guess it works out. Hopefully it'll be healed up by then.

No other training today. Just trying to catch up on all this work.

Yael Grauer
06-28-2012, 08:17 PM
Arm is a bit better... not perfect but better. Did a little bit of running practice today.

Yael Grauer
06-29-2012, 08:27 AM
We're about to spend a couple days at the lake, so I'm just trying to finish as much work as possible before we head out. I'm hoping to work on my heel strike and then get a video of me running to send in... I'm pretty much obsessed with passing the 3 tests I didn't get in the MovNat cert and one of them was b/c I had a bit of a heel strike, but I wrote down the list of progressions they usually do and I think I can get it pretty quickly. It's just running backwards and "skipping" and one drill where you put your hands out in front to make sure you're not going from side to side... It can't be that hard. I think my problem is that I don't bend my knees enough. Anyway, should be a fun couple days, and we're bringing our bikes, too.

2nd test will be this medicine ball throw, which...we needed to get 6 of 8 throws and I only got 5. I really think it's because I test badly. LOL. The hard part is that I need an 8' wall and our ceilings even in the basement only go up 7'. So I need to figure out where to go, if I can find a brick wall somewhere or something.

I'm hoping to knock these two out within a week or so (assuming I can throw with my arm) so I can just focus on the climbing.

Yael Grauer
07-01-2012, 04:46 PM
We're back from the lake! Nice couple of days, and I got some running video which I think is pretty spot on... but I'm going to make someone look at it before I e-mail it in. Next I need to get my throws, and we found a fence in the park near my house that is 8' tall which will give me a place to practice some throws, so that takes care of the 7' ceiling problem. And then I just have to work on the climbing...

My arm is still jacked; thought it was better until we tried playing Polish horseshoes and I extended it all the way out suddenly and yeah, it's bad. Now I know who I never want to roll or drill with again...

I'm skipping the seminar next weekend and all the advanced classes since I don't want to kick down an extra $100 when I can't even roll, so I'll just do the intermediate classes I guess.

Yael Grauer
07-02-2012, 07:36 PM
I skipped the intermediate class today since I don't know what we're covering and just want to be careful with my arm/elbow... I figure I may as well rest it. Thing is though that aside from fundamentals, I think today is the only class I can do this week unless I pay for the seminar, with the holiday and all, or if I go to open mat. But I actually feel like I have more control over what happens to my arm at open mat because I get to pick who to work with and what I do.

I did some band and TRX work in my basement, but it feels like a play workout and I'm not convinced it's more effective than nothing.... but I don't want to play with the rings until my arm's a bit better.

10 band squats (hold at bottom)
10 lateral squats
30 mountain climbers (per side)
20 burpees
2 sets of 3-position squats
16 TRX rows
16 TRX pushups
16 TRX reverse push-ups
maybe like 10 stair dips

Kind of a crappy workout but I like the Jungle Gym because I can change the pressure/angle of each arm... besides, it was too hot to go running... But I did tell Todd we should do our workouts together on days that we're both doing basement workouts so we can push each other. I think all he did was hit the heavybag for 15 minutes after I decided it was too for us to jog and run stairs.

My food is back on track though. Well, i think... I always get all worried that I'm eating too much fruit and nuts and stuff, but it was...

2 eggs + 2 slices of bacon and a banana

2 hardboiled eggs, a handful of plantain chips, about a dozen cherries

this awesome scramble Todd made with chicken apple sausage and sweet potatoes and zukes and kale from our garden. so good

oh and some of those delicious marcona almonds with rosemary that they sell at Trader Joe's

It's Paleo but I feel like it's not enough protein and too high in carbs. Well, maybe I'm just a perfectionist. Actually, I am really trying to work on just one thing at a time so for this week I'm focusing on getting my fish oil every single day; it's something easy I have been blowing off forever and I used to take it religiously, so I need to make that a habit again... especially since I'm trying to get my arm to work as soon as possible.

Yael Grauer
07-03-2012, 09:18 PM
I did a bodybuilding style workout with my boyfriend in our basement. We really need a bench since we had to do Swiss ball stuff... anyway, this is me doing his workout; not the exercises I'd pick but definitely pushed myself harder than I did yesterday halfassing everything on my own.

db bp on a Swiss ball: 10 X 20 lbs., 10 X 25 lbs., 10 X 25 lbs.
seated shoulder press: 2 X 12, 25 lbs.
lateral raise: 2 X 12, 5 lbs
db rows: 3 X 10, 1 kettlebell (I think it's 26)
hammer curls: 2 X 10, 15 lbs.
1-leg Romanian deads 2 X 12 (25 lbs. then 15 lbs.)
db step-ups, 2 X 10, 15 lbs.
triceps extensions 3 X 12, with 15 and then 5 lbs.
calf raises (24)
swiss ball jack knives (24)

Breakfast: two eggs, two slices of bacon, some cherries

Lunch: two turkey sticks, an apple with almond butter, carrot sticks... yeah not enough food

Dinner: I made this tomato tart, because we're using it as a sidebar for an interview I did and I wanted to test it. It's not entirely Paleo since it had cheese and the crust had 2 tablespoons of gluten-free flour (I think it's mostly garbanzo beans), but it was mostly tomatoes and almond flour and olive oil and basil.

Workout and fish oil both done today; once I do those for 7 days in a row I'm going to add more goals in. I really need to make sure I'm staying on track...

My 2 big goals right now are the MovNat ones (hoping to knock the throwing off tomorrow; climbing will take longer) and also to start my rings workout. Other than that, rehab my arm and take enough BJJ classes to get another god damn stripe so I can do advanced classes even after GG leaves.

I just signed some new contracts today so I have a bit of work lined up (mostly corporate and ghostwriting), which means I can join the powerlifting gym again within a month or two once I'm liquid again. Also takes a bit of pressure off. So I'll see where I'm at then.

Yael Grauer
07-04-2012, 05:50 PM
So I'm actually a little bit sore from yesterday; I guess that workout was harder than it seemed.

I also got more acupuncture on my arm and since the guy is so good I had him look at my knee and other arm and finger as well. He's really good; I'd given up on acupuncture after the last 2 places I tried to go over the past 3 years but he was so good at cupping and said he thought acupuncture was more indicated... and I could feel shit moving right away. I think acupuncture is something that is really easy to get away with sucking at, so it's nice to find someone who is actually effective.

Anyway, he used a bunch of topical points to try to help with my knee stuff, and he told me not to walk too much or use my knee today, which is probably a good idea because it's a bit sore and feels unstable. I'm honestly not sure what else to do with my knee at this point since I've already done all the rehab and gotten ART out the wazoo and it still doesn't feel 100%. Everyone keeps trying to give me mobility exercises, but I think it's too mobile... my kneecap just sort of shifted and I don't know that it'll ever shift back.

Anyway, staying off my knee took biking and running and throwing out of the picture, so no workout today, just a little gardening.

Breakfast: ground pork and apple with cinnamon and nutmeg
Lunch: Rotisserie chicken and some roasted veggies (yellow squash and zukes and mushrooms and red onion)
Dinner: The really awesome Puerto Rican beef (http://everydaypaleo.com/2010/09/22/puerto-rican-beef/) recipe in Everyday Paleo, using kale from our garden.

Next week I'll be starting the Gold Medal Bodies Rings 1 program, which should be fun. And I'm toying with doing the LE program again.

Yael Grauer
07-05-2012, 08:07 PM
So now my arm only hurts when I put on a seatbelt (passenger side), get dressed or put on deodorant, lol. Awesome. But seriously, it's getting better enough I think to go to BJJ on Monday.

Breakfast: leftover chicken...
Lunch: leftover Puerto Rican beef, except without avocado
Dinner: the rest of the chicken, with some cherry tomatoes and the leftover squash/red onion/mushroom mix, and a tiny bit of grated cheese

Oh and I had an iced chai; I think I'll live though. I had a lot of corporate work and it's impossible to do without caffeine, and I can't do caffeine without some sugar, so... Actually normally I'll use it as an excuse to get a chai plus a piece of tiramisu and 2 brownies, so I think I'm doing pretty well if I lock myself in a cafe for many hours and all I get is a chai.

Workout is just some Roy Duquette stuff today, unless doing dishes counts.

Been thinking a lot about my goals... I think after the 7-week ring program I'm gonna do some Oly. I really want non-BJJ goals since I have so little control over what happens in BJJ and what I get to work on and who I get to work with and for how long, etc. My jits contract runs out in 5 months so I'll see how I feel then and if I need to reevaluate. I really love jits and I don't want to gym-hop, so I'm hoping by then I'll at least get another stripe and get to go to advanced, or get to pick my training partners, or something.

Was thinking of doing LE because I got such good results when I did it in '09, but it's annoying to pay money to people to give you workouts you don't necessarily want to do and give you nutrition advice you already know, and I think the results come from being consistent...which is something I damn well hope I can do on my own.

Yael Grauer
07-06-2012, 07:39 PM
Breakfast: two eggs, leftover squash/mushroom/red onion stuff
Lunch: spinach salad with avocados, walnuts...a little cheese. plus another chai
Dinner: I just made a soup with fish and scallops and tomatos and onions and garlic and coconut milk and lots of cumin.

Workout: another TRX thing w/ Todd... I'm not sold on tricep extensions and curls, but it was a good workout, and I just wanted to not think and do what he was doing anyway

3 circuits; 15 reps each, all on the Jungle Gym
inverted rows
triceps extension
back lunges
atomic pushups

Yael Grauer
07-07-2012, 02:02 PM
Okay, so it's Saturday, which is my cheat day and planned late-night MMA extravaganza; I have to score bouts and provide witty commentary on twitter and I get to do some fact-checking and editing and writing. It's always fun but requires much caffeine.

Breakfast was some Paleo muffins Todd baked; so good! I was supposed to eat eggs and bacons, too, but I had to finish some client work before our meeting. Which means I had to sequester myself in a cafe and drink chai. I think the hard part is over, but I really want to figure out how to do stressful (for me) work on a deadline without bribing myself with chai. My business coach told me that doubling my rates for corporate work would make it less stressful, lol.

Anyway, food. Other meals for today will include tacos, dark and stormies (is rum Paleo?) and maybe some leftover seafood stew from last night. I got a shot of espresso in my chai so hopefully that'll keep me up all night as I wait for blog posts to come in to edit and write my fight recap for GuySports and my column for Sherdog.

Workout... I'm hoping to go on a bike ride or at least a walk because it's so beautiful out and I have some time before the prelims, but that's not really a workout.

I am really working hard to try to make workout out fun for me, and making BJJ more of like a side/supplementary thing for now.

I think a combination of intro ring work (gonna do that 7-week program), MovNat playing (it really is just for fun, at least after I get the climbing done) and Olylifting will do the trick. I just want to have fun and get strong and skilled instead of trying to set goals I can't meet due to circumstances outside my control. This will hopefully make BJJ suck less because I'll have more say outside of that gym about my life... I just feel so stuck and disempowered in class lately, like I'm slogging through required classes to get my attendance checked off before I'm permitted to do anything fun. And I'm frustrated that I have no say over who I work with or what we do. So time to aggressively pursue what I want... I like the idea of actual programming so I'm not just aimlessly playing and actually get somewhere, but having a bit of control is also really nice. It's not that I don't trust my coaches (they're great), but just that I want to have short-term fun instead of being bored and getting deconditioned because someone decided my fundamentals are more important than me getting a workout. Plus it's a pain to train only for competition esp. when I can't even always compete because of money, no women showing up, timing, injuries, etc.

Yael Grauer
07-08-2012, 07:30 PM
I drank too much and didn't sleep enough and had to finish my column this AM, so yes, you guessed it, I went to a cafe and got some sugary coffee drink. I also ate a banana, then at a party I had some pulled pork and a no-bun burger and a drumstick and some potato chips... not too bad. Dinner was pulled pork over broccoli and it was good.

For my workout I went on a 45-minute leisurely bike ride. I forgot how much love I put into my bike...the handlebars I put on myself so I could be more upright, all my cool stickers, the new grips on the bars, an awesome seat, etc. Plus it was nice to be on the trails. I need to bike more.

Yael Grauer
07-09-2012, 06:38 PM
So I went to make eggs and bacon this morning and then realized we were out of eggs, so I ate eggs and leftover pulled pork for brunch. Dinner was this amazing bratwurst salad from the Paleo Table. I also had some coconut water and I'll be eating some cherries and pistachios.

Workout #1: Started the Intro to Gold Medal Bodies program on the rings. Today was just a warmup, holding the top position (3 sets of 10 seconds)--couldn't have the rings pointed in, and then 3 sets of 5 seconds per leg of front scales, plus 3 sets of hollow body pushups (hold for five seconds, lower for 5, hold on bottom for 5, raise up for 5 to starting position.) Then pullups on the rings, 3 sets of 3, except our rings are pretty low so we had to do more like L-sit pullups. I did 2 sets but my elbow was acting up on the 3rd. Then a hollow body hold, 3 sets of 10-second rep. Then the stretching/cool down.

Workout #2: Went to an intermediate jits class. This purple belt who's my favorite coach was teaching, which was great. We worked on transitioning from side control to mounted triangle/armbars, and then an armbar from side which didn't rely on giving up position, so I liked it, and then we did three 6-minute rounds. I got to drill and then roll with a smaller purple belt I really like, and then I rolled with this blue belt girl who I've never worked with before who's super good but not spazzy, and then with a younger kid. I really want to work on just positional defense. My top game is good but I want to figure out why I keep ending up in bad positions. It's annoying that Saulo Ribeiro's book is all about how to survive from crap positions (I already know how to do that) or how to escape/counter them, but not how to get out of them.

Anyway, I was gonna do another class but have a backlog of work to try to catch up on and I was tired b/c we finally got to roll.

Yael Grauer
07-10-2012, 06:36 PM
So I didn't work out today; our pre-test for the rings program I'm doing is tomorrow and I wanted to be fresh for it. Or maybe I'm making excuses. I could've gone to fundamentals, but I was at my garden forever and besides, it's boring.

Breakfast: three eggs and a slice of bacon
Lunch: leftover brat salad
Dinner: Paleo meat loaf, brussel sprouts
I'm still hungry so I'll probably have some nuts or fruit or something.

Yael Grauer
07-11-2012, 08:30 PM
Breakfast: cooked up some rotisserie chicken with a grated apple
Lunch: leftover meat loaf
Dinner: chicken, sweet potatoes and shallots over mixed greens
Snacks during the fights: some beet and sweet potato chips, pistachios and blueberries. and a banana. i am frickin' starving lately, not sure why

Workout was the GMB intro to rings pretest. It seemed easy but we tested twice for each exercise and didn't do as well the second time, so I'm guessing it was more of a workout than it seemed.

-top position hold: I got 31.5 seconds and didn't even have the rings turned out

-front scale: I managed to get to 90 degrees, but only held it 13 seconds on the right side and 14.5 on the left

-hollow body pushups: I don't feel like I could do this correctly; it's such a weird move

-ring pullups: 1. so I feel like I can't even get a dead hang since the rings hang pretty low, but I just had to put my legs off the ground before starting

-hollow body hold: so I can't keep my lower back flat unless I do this with my knees bent, so I did that for 1:12

So I did that plus their warm-up and cool-down stretch... No BJJ tonight because I was covering these fights, but I get to go Friday night and Saturday morning and possibly tomorrow.

I'm super tired and hungry lately, though, which is weird because I don't feel like I've been working that hard, but eating those sweet potatoes tonight felt good... as did sleeping 9.5 hours last night...

Yael Grauer
07-12-2012, 11:05 PM
Totally cheat day today. Here's the damage...

Breakfast was three eggs, two slices of bacon and some blueberries

Lunch at a cafe. I got a "sandwich" with roasted veggies but threw out the bread and ate the veggies. Most expensive couple forkful of veggies ever, but I was starving. I also had a chai and two gluten-free wafer type things.

Dinner was leftover rotisserie chicken and pistachios. Oh and I had a bunch of chocolate truffles. My new way to get myself to eat less of them is to buy the expensive ones (like $10 for a box of 4-5) but I still had like 9. Probably 500 calories or so, not that I'm counting.

Workout was just a hollow body plank and hollow body hold. Missed jits to work but I'm going to do open mat tomorrow and Saturday since there's no Friday night fights, may as well take advantage of it. I'm trying to come up with a new goal for jits since 5 days a week is unrealistic for me right now. Maybe 3... Saturday morning open mat and then M/W if possible...

I was doing well with getting to bed before 1AM but drinking chai messed that all up.

Yael Grauer
07-13-2012, 09:33 PM
Okay, so I got an adequate amount of sleep and got back on track today.

Breakfast: blueberries plus 2 eggs and 2 slices of bacon. really late breakfast.
Lunch: actually, I went to a cafe. but!! i got tea instead of chai! and no cookies! lol.
Dinner: fish and asparagus. also a post-workout banana.

2 weeks with fish oil so far and starting on Monday in addition to the fish oil I'm going to make sure all of my starchy carbs are post-workout.

Workout #1 was the last day of the first week of our rings program

top position holds: 3 sets X up to 30 seconds (mine were more like 10-15 and my rings were not turned out yet)

front scale--starting at 90 degrees and then lowering a bit to make sure I could maintain form. 3 sets of 10 seconds per leg

hollow body push-ups 2 X 5. we were supposed to hold in each position, but just doing the thing is hard enough

reverse row sit-backs: 2 X 5.

hollow body hold: 3 X 30 seconds.

Workout #2 was about an hour of open mat. Lots of rolls in, I think 6 or 7. One of my coaches was telling people who to roll with, which was annoying because I'd find someone to roll with and then he'd re-pair us up. I think it was to get people to roll with this newer girl who was there, but she was getting so exhausted because he kept sending people over. Eventually I just asked him if I was allowed to ask someone to roll and he said it was fine but I think I pissed him off. One of my teammates told me I just have a problem with authority. I think it's more that I have a problem with authority when they don't have their finger on the pulse... The guy was sending person after person to roll with someone who needed a break, and some of the people he put me with I wouldn't have chosen to roll with (including a spazzy white belt, who I'm not even supposed to roll with according to our head coach) so it seemed more random than anything. But it ended up being okay and I got to roll with everyone I wanted to roll with, just in a different order, though I guess it's annoying to have the one class I can go to with some semblance of autonomy turn into something different.

Game-wise, still focusing on guard recovery, my weak area. Landed a bunch of subs today, which felt good, though my armbars are still sloppy. I am still trying to work the moves from high mount we learned on Wed, but no luck yet.

Yael Grauer
07-14-2012, 08:39 PM
So I did about 90 minutes of open mat this morning, maybe rolled with 8 or 9 guys (and got to pick who I rolled with, as per usual except for yesterday, so that was nice). I also got to roll with my coach for the first time ever, and that was awesome; he gave me lots of little things to work on... like resting with feet on the hips knees out in guard and then putting my hooks in only when I'm ready to sweep. I could tell he was setting up a lot of stuff for me to get so I went for it but it's stuff I don't usually go for (like triangles from guard), and when asked I told him the reason I didn't trust my triangle was b/c I get stacked and so he showed me how to transition to an omo/armbar combo that prevents stacking. And he showed me a new way to break lapel grips that actually hurts so people won't try to regrip as readily, and we talked about far side hooks from back takes. And we talked about controlling the hip from half before fishing for the underhook and finishing the guard pass. So that was cool. And he told me I was moving a lot better, which is nice, but like how many times can I be "moving a lot better" and "really improving" as a 3-stripe white belt is what I want to know. I guess I haven't been training all that much for the past few months, though, only like 30 classes or so since I got striped.

Anyway, so food...

Breakfast: Todd made this amazing thing with eggs and chorizo and sweet potatoes... I figured just before a workout is almost as good as post-workout for the starchy carbs... Thing was delicious but I only had a little b/c I didn't want to be sick for the workout.

Lunch: I just had a plum and a beef stick and a coffee drink (cheat #2 for the week but I need the caffeine to stay up and work during the fights.)

Dinner: We just took out a cube steak and New York strip steak, cut 'em both in half, and then we had a bunch of steamed kale from our garden with Kerrygold butter and it was so delicious. Plus I had some cashews and blueberries.

Pretty good this week, overall, and I'm starting to feel like I'm moving a bit better that I was a couple weeks ago, so that's good.

Yael Grauer
07-15-2012, 06:45 PM
Today was an insanely busy day... Got up, went to my garden to weed and harvest (kale! tomatoes! parsley!), then took a shower and went to this Paleo/MovNat meet-up, then went to Trader Joe's to get groceries, then went to the park to work on some MovNat. Non-stop, all day.

Breakfast: two eggs and three slices of bacon
Lunch: oh, oops, I skipped lunch again. I keep doing this. but I had free TJ's samples and some dark chocolate. Just water at the cafe where we did our meet-up.
Dinner: this butternut squash, broccoli and ground pork meal from the Paleo Table.
I will probably also eat a plum.

I'm back down to only 10 lbs. higher than my competition weight and 7 than my preferred walking weight, so I'm happy, I'm thinking only a month or two and I'll be good again.

Workout was just MovNat stuff; I'm still working on the 2 remaining tests I need to pass (since I think the running is good for now.) I thought I'd knock out the throws, since I got 5 of 8 and needed 6 of 8, but it's hard to play wallball without a wall. We tried to use a fence but since it was chain link the depth perception threw me off. Then we did it on a wall at a park, putting a 3" X 3" target about 8' high, but the wall was only like 8.25 feet, and when I hit too high it hit the roof, which made it looked like I missed even though it would've hit the target if it wasn't for the roof. So I'd miss a shot and land like 6 and miss two... I totally don't want to cheat with creative editing to make it look like I landed 6 of 8 when I landed 6 of 9 (etc.), so I need to practice more or find another wall. It's frustrating, though, b/c I thought I'd be able to pull this off right away. Ah well, can't hurt to get some more throwing in.

Oh yeah, so my workout was probably around 30 12-lb. wall balls, 8' high, 8' away, or trying for that.

And I worked on my climbing, which needs help, but Brian was cool enough to offer to look at my video.

Aside from having to say up 'til 2:30 to edit last night and only getting 6.5 hours of sleep, I'm feeling pretty good.

Yael Grauer
07-16-2012, 10:10 PM
So I woke up super sore, and I think it may be from the 50 wall balls I did yesterday, haha. Anyway, skipped BJJ to just do the rings workout.

I kind of need to figure out my schedule. I've been trying to only work 8 hours a day instead of 12, but I need to break it up more so I can start my ring workout earlier and still get to jits. It worked out today to not go anyway b/c I'm so sore (I think I'll do Tues/Thurs/Sat) but just in the future.

Anyway. So my workout today:

top position holds -- 4 sets of up to 10 seconds. My rings are still not turned out; just getting used to pushing down through the rings and keeping my posture strong and stable.

hollow body pushups-- holding the top position, taking my time on the way down, holding at the bottom and then holding at the top after exploding up. 4 sets of just 1.

hollow body holds -- 4 sets of 5-10 second holds, with 30 seconds in between. i still am doing a modified position to keep my low back glued to the ground

handstand practice--5 sets of just trying to hold handstand position against the wall for 10 seconds. I am still really getting used to it and it's gonna take a while i think to talk my body into letting me move my hands closer to the wall so i look like i'm doing a handstand instead of a modified pushup, lol.

Breakfast: Green eggs (spinach and eggs blended together)
Lunch: Leftovers from yesterday, so yeah I had butternut squash not after a workout.
Dinner: So I tried to eat this jambalaya stew but it was sooo spicy. Then some cherries and cashews.

Yael Grauer
07-18-2012, 12:30 AM
So I said I was going to do jits 3 days a week, which means I'll have to do Wed/Thurs/Sat since I work Friday night (Bellator's on) and didn't go today... Same problem; too sore to do advanced, too bored to do beginner's. Wed is intermediate and hopefully by Thursday I won't be sore, and Saturday's open mat.

Breakfast--3 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, a banana, some cherries
Lunch--nothing (I ate a big breakfast on purpose)
Dinner--this amazing Brazilian stew that Todd got a recipe for on PaleoOMG. I'm glad he had to read that site and I didn't.

I also had a chai, of course. (Are you surprised?). I'm kind of amazed that I am more of a chai addict than a chocolate addict, somehow, but only buying expensive chocolate has helped me kill the habit or limit it anyway.


5 X 5 front scale leg lifts (holding the last for 5)
5 negatives (ring pull-downs, basically)
4 sets of 10-second hollow body holds
4 sets of 10-second Supermans (Supermen?)

Yael Grauer
07-18-2012, 11:59 PM
Workout #1 was a really fun one in Intro to Rings: bear walks, froggers, long jumps and sprints. I combined this with some of what I learned at MovNat... especially with long jumps and sprints. I've been working really hard on maintaining good form when running (which you guys will read all about in the August PM) and also, Erwan spent a lot of time working with me one-on-one on making my jumps silent. It feels nice to do stuff beautifully and skillfully instead of just rushing through it, so I did... I've been trying to incorporate that into BJJ, too... instead of just rushing through drills and trying to keep up, to make sure I do them perfectly, even if it's a little slower. I'd rather move well and get what I need to out of the drills than have people think I'm *really fast.*

Workout #2. Speaking of jits. So I made myself go to BJJ today even though I didn't really have the time because I really want to go 3X/week. I got to work with this younger kid, but it was actually okay because he drills hard and we're pretty much at the same ability level or maybe he's slightly better. I think boys around my weight who don't have that man strength yet are around my level. Not like level matters in drilling, though, just someone who's serious and actually drills. So I take back my previous comments about teenagers not wanting to drill; I guess it depends on the teenager.

We worked on two sweeps from De La Riva, one was more sideways and one was over the head when they push in, which is always fun to watch, but I don't look as Cirque de Soleil as my instructor does.

And then we got to do a half guard drill pass game, which was really fun and exhausting. I'm psyched that the intermediate class is actually hard lately.

Didn't get to stay for advanced; too much work which I just finished right now. I was slaving away trying to understand this spreadsheet so I could write a financial summary for a client, but after about an hour of sweating, I realized it was the spreadsheet that was stupid, not me. I mean, who thinks each year has 6 quarters? And who has different years listed vertically than they do horizontally?

Anyway. Of course I ate like crap today and won't get enough sleep, it's 2AM and I have about an hour's worth of dishes and laundry and cleaning to do, but it's my fault for procrastinating during the day...because I was putting off this project.

Okay, so food... I skipped breakfast, and had that leftover curry stuff for lunch, and then I had an apple with almond butter, and then I had two coffees, and then I had these corn enchiladas because I bought a frozen dinner, and yet another coffee type thing. I really need to outsource work that makes me sleepy so I don't need 3 coffees to do it.

Yael Grauer
07-19-2012, 07:38 PM
So I didn't go to BJJ today. It was a conscious decision. I'm just too sore from yesterday, which is weird, because I think we only did our game for 15 minutes. But it could have to do with the hyper-caffeination and lack of sleep and stress, or something. Even the rings workout was ridiculously hard today, even though it was the exact same one I did earlier this week fairly easily.

But yeah, I guess I don't know why I set up BJJ goals for myself if I'm not gonna keep them. Then again, doing an advanced class when I'm sore seems like it would just make me hate grappling, and I want to enjoy my life instead of just forcing myself to do things so I can get my name checked off on an attendance sheet and get a stripe on my belt sooner, which is kind of a dumb reason to do anything. Though it does suck to still be a white belt after all my years of training.

I think part of it too is that the classes are so different that I don't know what to expect; one day I hear there was a half hour crazy warm-up and sparring for 90 minutes in groups of 3, and other days it's more mellow, and I never know which is which. And I'll admit our world champ summer coach hasn't won my over yet by basically not correcting people in the one class I attended and not rolling with me during open mat. So yeah.

I decided not to compete in the August IBJJF tournament because there was only one girl at the weight I'm currently at and I don't want to lose 10 lbs. in a month and also the girl I want to rematch (we went 1-1) is now UP a weight class from what I'm walking at now, so boo. With only 1 person there and the fact that women get injured or just don't show up 1/3 of the time, doesn't seem worth it. Also, I kind of feel like even locally I've been competing long enough that competing at white belt is no-win. If I win, I'm sandbagging and if I lose, I suck. And then the whole not wanting to spend $300 or $500 or whatever it ends up being between gas and hotel and registration and etc.

SO I'm still looking for more goals but I guess short-term I've been working on my climbing for MovNat and will start with the throwing again--really I just need a better target so I can be a quarter inch above it without hitting the roof. So I guess those are 2 things to focus on. And I figured out what I was doing wrong with the leg swing...

Anyway, rings.

4 X 10 second top holds
4 X 1 hollow body pushup, holding top position for 3, lowering for 3, holding bottom position for 2, then exploding up and holding for 3.
4 X 10 second hollow body plank holds
5 X 10 second handstand holds

eggs for breakfast
chicken cilantro soup for lunch
then for dinner, i made steak with a dry rub and an avocado/tomato salsa and this amazing salad: http://everydaypaleo.com/2011/04/26/a-dinner-menu-steak-dry-rub-avocado-salsa-and-chopped-broccoli-salad/

Epsom salt bath for me!

Yael Grauer
07-20-2012, 09:32 PM
No BJJ today because I was proofreading Bellator coverage for Sherdog. But I'll do open mat tomorrow.

Rings was pretty easy; 5 sets of 5 leg lifts with a 5-second hold at the end, 5 ring pullups (I pushed off the ground a bit on the way up and then did the full pull-down portion), 4 hollow body holds (10 seconds), 4 Supermans (10 seconds).

Breakfast: eggs and avocado. but so sick of eggs; didn't eat much
Lunch: leftover bacon/broccoli salad from yesterday
Dinner: chicken
plus pistachios and some chocolate

I think my new goal is going to be to seriously cut down on caffeine or limit it to one caffeine binge a week for now, or something. My body seriously does not handle it well.

Yael Grauer
07-21-2012, 02:47 PM
Really great open mat this morning. I think I got 8 or so 7-minute rounds in, but I was there for a long time. All blue and purple belts, oh except I got to roll with Gabriel Goulart! I just walked up and asked him to roll and he did. It was a nice, slow death. :)

He told me I need to compete to get stronger, but I don't really want to kick down $75 plus $200 or whatever in gas and hotel and etc. money when there's only one girl in my division esp. when girls often don't show up. And also I feel like I'd almost be sandbagging at this point competing at white belt if I won. So it's really no-win. And I don't feel like cutting a ton of weight and dealing with the aftermath.

Anyway. BJJ... I also had someone talk me through the bow and arrow choke, which I really really like. I usually go for collar chokes from rear mount because they work better on spazzy guys (which is everyone when they're about to get choked out by a girl) than rear-naked chokes, but it's nice to have a third option, esp. when I can't get the collar choke with those really thick gis. I really want to add that to my arsenal.

One of my coaches said what I need to work on is getting my feet to not do dumb things, and also to chain together my sub attempts from guard, which I've been working on, with sweeps, which I'm more comfortable with. Whenever I attempt subs from guard I usually get stack-passed, so I've been chaining sub attempts with defense, instead of sweeps. He also recommended more fundamentals to help me get better with linking, so maybe I will. I think I could swing fundie classes if it's before another one, but when all I do is fund. for an evening, I get bored.

Other than that, I rewrote my list of goals again. So they're the two MovNat things I need to get certified, the CF North Level 1 goals I haven't completed, and then the intermediate and advanced Starting Strength numbers from that one chart, and then I added some from Dan John's latest article on T-Nation, plus to throw some really hard ones in there I thought I'd add the really crazy numbers from the average for female Olympians my age, which are actually not too far from my weight, just their sn and c+j and deadlift numbers. They are actually not that hard for the dead. Like the SS numbers are 176 and 241, and Dan John's is 275, and theirs is 304. I've done 220 in the past with minimal training so how hard can 304 be? Hard, but not entirely out of reach.

So as far as goals, there's 15 of them but since I don't have a rower, a bench, a squat rack, bumper plates or a bar at my house, and my dbs only go up to 50 lbs each, that narrows it down to 6 for now. Three of them are MovNat related... well, I have the 2 I need to get certified plus I want to work on my running, which will incorporate MovNat-inspired running form. And then I want to improve my shoulder press back up to 95, and I have dumbbells that go up to 50 per hand, so I can work on that if I want to, even though it's harder. Plus the goddamn pullups/dips thing, which I'm hoping my ring training will help me with.

So tomorrow I'm going to work more throwing and climbing. Not sure when I'll start playing with the others, but it's nice to have goals, and 6 is a reasonable amount.

Oh yeah, food. I had some awesome hash with poblano peppers and sweet potatoes and eggs and stuff for breakfast. No lunch. I can't eat after I train hard, esp. when it's so humid. It's like the last thing on my mind, I don't think I could make myself do it. So I need to figure out my post-workout nutrition somehow. Dinner is gonna be quite elaborate; ropa vieja and plantain chips with guac and mojitos. We like theme nights during the fights. I also got a soda in case I start falling asleep as I'm staying up til 3AM to wait for these post-fight articles to edit before I crash. Oh and I had some blueberries as a snack.

Yael Grauer
07-22-2012, 09:30 PM
So I just had the worst cramps ever today, which was weird because I've been pretty good food-wise, compared to normal, anyway. Pretty sore today and blah.
Oh well. I don't have tons of magnesium laying around, so I just used chocolate.

Other than that, food was.... leftover hash for breakfast, and then I made these great Paleo meatballs with tomato sauce for dinner, and I had an apple with almond butter. I was up til like 4AM working so I didn't eat a separate breakfast and lunch.

No workout today. Getting ready for week 3 with rings and also some more BJJ. We are going on our very last trip this year on Friday through Sunday, so will need to do the Friday workout before we leave. I'm super psyched about this trip because we get to go to the wolf sanctuary and also to visit Bob Dylan's hometown, plus Todd gets free gas and we have free hotel points, so it should be a super inexpensive fun weekend trip. Plus we want to watch Invicta 2 on my laptop. And some hiking... Fun times. So we'll have to do our ring workout before we leave.

Rings is pretty similar to last week, though they're adding a few really easy exercises to do for a minute each every morning. And I want to add some MovNat in there, too.

BJJ--I definitely want to do Monday and Wednesday intermediate, and hit a few advanced classes, too... depending on how sore I get and how I feel. It'd be a bit crazy to not take advantage of the fact that we have a world champ coaching at my gym. And at the same time, getting certified for MovNat (and getting stronger, etc.) is a top priority...and I don't want to feel sore and beat up all the time. So it's all about finding that balance.

Yael Grauer
07-23-2012, 09:36 PM
So I stayed up 'til like 4AM worrying about some project. I really need to be a lot pickier with what corporate work I take on, so I'm thinking of asking for full payment up front and making some other changes which will help me maintain my sanity. No amount of pay is worth PITA clients, but raising my rates will at least keep some of them away, etc. The good news is that I have some other really great work lined up this week, so I can just forget about this project which is over and done with anyway. I'm super psyched about these new projects.

Anyway, so I got up at 10 and did the rings "daily battery," which is this morning program which I don't think is all that thrilling. One minute each of shaking it out, then hip and trunk rotations, then balance, then a body-weight exercise (push-ups, this week), then a stretch (forward fold, this week), then the hollow body hold, and then a minute of breathing, followed by a glass of water.

I didn't too much today, I took a long nap after my restless night, and then did dishes, and ate a very late meal of eggs and bacon. My 1st real workout was the first day of Week 3 of the Intro to Rings program, which was:

5 sets of 10-second top holds on the rings (and I'm annoyed that I still can't turn them out with stability yet)
5 hollow body pushups (on a 3-3-2-0-3 count)
5 hollow body plank holds, 10 seconds each (and I'm annoyed that I can't do the complete version of these yet and still keep my lower back on the ground)
5 sets of 15-second handstands against the wall (which felt long)

Workout #2 was BJJ; I went to advanced because I was so frustrated with my client today and also I wanted to chill for a bit after the rings thing instead of rushing straight out.

We warmed up with a couple sweeps; first pulled guard... I need to remember to grip at the elbow instead of the wrist/sleeve. Then we'd follow the guard pull by pushing the leg through, spinning underneath, grabbing the ankle and sweeping. Then we worked on a butterfly guard sweep where you basically hold their far side leg on your shoulder and then sweep the other way. And then we worked another variation where this turns into an x-guard sweep the other way after hooking the leg. The guy I was working with was cool.

Drills were person on the bottom from x-guard and top trying to pass. I was in a group with two younger guys, but it was good, they worked hard and we were actually pretty evenly matched... I could get some sweeps and some passes but had to work for them and got swept and passed a lot too. And got passed and swept more than I swept and passed, lol. But Gabriel Goulart told me my x-guard sweep was good even though he then told me I didn't have x-guard set up correctly. LOL. But I switched from the first sweep we learned to the second one and that made me happy, haha.

Then we did about 30 minutes of rolling, each person was in for two 5-minute rounds so we all got 15 min each. I was so shot and got worked, but it's okay, I'll get better. And my coach said I was due for a stripe after Chicago, so that makes me happy, I wouldn't mind living in 4-stripe land.

Nice, long class which made me feel better about everything. I also feel like I really need to take advantage of GG being in town and make sure to train with him as much as I can, as long as I still meet my MovNat goals.

Food... eggs and bacon, and Todd made this awesome enchilada soup with avocados and cilantro which I ate when I got home, and I had some marcona almonds too. I should probably eat something else, too, but I just want to take a bath and go to sleep and hope tomorrow is a better day. I have two projects to finish and I *really* love the people I'm working with on those, so they should go well.

Yael Grauer
07-24-2012, 10:47 PM
Got up so late. I have to get off of this sleep rollercoaster! Breakfast was just a banana and then I had some leftover meatballs for lunch, and I had salmon cakes for dinner, with mixed greens, and then like plaintain chips and almonds as snacks.

Was thinking of BJJ today b/c I'm motivated again but I'm still kind of sore from yesterday and I wanted to cook dinner, etc. and do the ring workout, so just stayed home. I have to go tomorrow and Thursday to hit my 3 times this week, though, since we're going on the last trip of the year Fri-Sun.

So I just did intro to rings, which was 5 X 5 front scale leg lifts (holding the last one for 5 seconds each set), 5 sets of 2 pull-ups (I can't do 2 in a row, so I did reverse row sit-backs), then 4 X 10 sec. hollow body holds and 4 X 10 sec. Supermans.

Still trying to figure out how to get off the emotional rollercoaster I'm on. I have a lot of say over what I do, so I feel like I should be able to control things somehow.

Yael Grauer
07-26-2012, 06:58 PM
Workout #1 was more rings; 5 sets of 10-second top holds, 5 hollow-body pushups which are super prolonged, 5 10-second hollow body holds, and 5 15-second handstand holds against the wall.

Workout #2 was BJJ, I went to a fundamentals class b/c I'm pretty beat from the 2.5 hour session yesterday. We worked on a couple judo throws and takedowns from T-position, then recomposing the guard, and also we worked on a sweep that's like a kimura sweep, and then we worked on the actual kimura, and then we drilled a combination of all of those things.

Today was my 100th check-in at Alliance, so I'm pretty stoked. That's more times than I've gone to any other gym I've trained at... kind of cool.

Food... I had some fruit and cheese and a few (gasp!) whole wheat crackers at Barnes and Noble, where I was completing some work and picking up a copy of the new Black Belt (where I have an article, woo hoo!) Then I had a banana and a bunch of chili with sweet potatoes and green beans after jits.

I'm going away on this trip which we've been planning forever tomorrow, so probably won't post another workout 'til Sunday or Monday, unless hiking counts. Should be a lot of fun. We're going to Ely to the wolf sanctuary, hiking in Duluth (lighthouses!) and, what I'm most excited about is going to Zimmy's in Hibbing, since I'm obsessed with Bob Dylan. I will probably eat some rice during this trip, lol. I think I'm doing pretty well with my diet, though, comparatively. Aside from 2-3 chais or coffee drinks a week and a few small cheat meals, it's pretty spot on.

Yael Grauer
07-31-2012, 11:43 AM
So I'm helplessly behind on posting for a couple of reasons. First of all, being gone on Friday through Sunday. Todd and I got engaged (!!!!!!) and I'm so thrilled and excited and just trying to catch my breath. Obviously, posting a list of things I ate on my trip isn't top priority, though maybe writing all the cool restaurants we went to and snacks we ate in the car would be fun, lol. The second reason is because I got slammed with work. Freelancing is feast and famine and I'm enjoying the feast, but it's a TON of work and I likely will be working some very very late nights trying to finish everything up. I have a ton of work lined up for August, and so I hope I still get to train every once in a while. Aside from an epic 4-mile hike, I haven't really worked out I last posted.

Allen Yeh
07-31-2012, 12:07 PM

Yael Grauer
08-01-2012, 06:19 PM
Thanks, Allen! I am so excited! :)

Yael Grauer
08-01-2012, 06:29 PM
Okay, excitement aside... I've just been swamped with work and barely sleeping. I am working on putting systems in place to deal with the onslaught... getting some VAs who are possibly available to do work on call...some of the more boring stuff that just takes up a lot of time, working with my transcriptionist, etc.

So yeah, I haven't gone to BJJ since last Thursday. But I did do two rings workouts.
I'm a day off since I skipped Monday since I couldn't access the program until it got fixed--I skipped Friday, too, but I won't be making it up. So I'm doing the Mon-Fri workouts on Tues-Sat.

1 minute total top holds
4 X 5 hollow body pushups (the last one at tempo)
4 X 5-second tucks
5 X 20-second handstands

5 reps of deep squat repeats
4 X 5 reverse ring pullups, plus 2 slow ones
5 X 10-second hollow body holds followed by 10-second Supermans

Food was pretty good today...bacon and eggs, leftover sweet potatoes and chicken, then some kind of pork with veggies and cauli "rice" and avocado. Also a Larabar and an apple. I did have caffeine. I had to stay up til 3 yesterday finishing an assignment though and then interviewed 2 people and started 2 other projects today, so I get lots of caffeine with sugar to keep things under control for now...until I have more systems in place to help me deal with the onslaught of work. Not that I'm complaining.

Allen Yeh
08-02-2012, 04:40 AM
Thanks, Allen! I am so excited! :)

I had seen the photo on Google+ but was wondering if it was an old picture and I didn't want to say congrats and have it be like months old!

Yael Grauer
08-02-2012, 06:51 AM
I had seen the photo on Google+ but was wondering if it was an old picture and I didn't want to say congrats and have it be like months old!

There's a photo on Google+? I posted it on facebook, which is what got a ton of buzz... could barely keep up with it. :)

Yael Grauer
08-03-2012, 10:28 AM
Eggs and bacon for breakfast, leftover pork/cauli rice for lunch, dinner was these amazing bacon-wrapped chicken thighs, also had some chai..

I didn't work out, was so exhausted and literally fell asleep on the couch while getting ready to change into my gi, I sat down for a sec... as someone who doesn't nap, this means I needed another day off.

I am getting cupping/acupuncture today to try to get a bit of balance and help me deal with the work pressure...and also I'm so sore for no reason, probably stress. Hoping to relax a bit today and catch up before another crazy week starts.

Yael Grauer
08-04-2012, 07:18 AM
Green eggs for breakfast, chicken soup for lunch, went out to Brasa for dinner after screwing up Todd's dinner (I took the crockpot out but forgot to turn it on) so I decided to take him out to make up for it. We split some pulled pork and fried catfish, plus small sides (yams and andouille and potato salad), plus some cornbread and a flourless torte.

Missed BJJ because I didn't want him to have to wait til 9 to eat dinner b/c he hates that. I did do my rings workout, which was 1 minute total of top position, a bunch of hollow body pushups, and 5 5-second tuck positions, to prep for L-sits.

I got really strong cupping yesterday, which helped, and finally slept, so I feel a bit more human... I made a list of all my deadlines for next week and a schedule, so should be able to handle things better next week.

Yael Grauer
08-05-2012, 07:59 AM
Yesterday breakfast was some awesome kale/sweet potato/tomato/egg type thing, then a really late lunch/early dinner which was beef stew with more sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, etc. and dried apricots (this recipe, but without squash: http://chriskresser.com/argentinian-carbonada-3.) Then we watched the fights with friends; had some beer and lots of caffeine and some potato chips and corn chips.

Workout was a ton of BJJ at open mat, which went really well for being out for a week, I feel like I'm moving really well and even tapped out a blue belt, though I did sufficiently get my butt kicked as usual as well; rolled with a couple from Canada who were visiting and they both had the exact same game, which was funny, and it was annoying to know escapes but not get them to work (like hooking the leg as a mount defense, etc. etc.) I think I rolled with 8 or 9 people total and I also have been having more success breaking grips, though grip fighting is kind of a PITA and feels so pointless sometimes since they just regrip, but it's better than not breaking grips at all.

Yael Grauer
08-05-2012, 10:38 PM
sweet potato hash and fried eggs for breakfast/lunch
leftover stew from yesterday

oh and we actually bought ice cream cones and went on a walk around the lake, about 4 miles

Yael Grauer
08-06-2012, 09:47 PM
ugh, shin splints and soreness today. i think i need to wear shoes instead of sandals when i go on 4-mile hikes

workout was 2 min. total of top holds
5 X 5 hollow body pushups (with the 5th rep way slower on a 3-3-2-0-3 count)
4 X 5-10 second L-sits
5 X 20 second handstands

Food was a half an avocado, the rest of the stew, and some yellow curry with beef I made. Plus an apple.

Yael Grauer
08-11-2012, 02:15 PM
Oops, haven't posted in forever... and I took the week off from BJJ b/c I've been so slammed with work (which is a good thing!), so here's what I did on the rings; week 5.

Tuesday and Saturday
-front scale leg lifts and squats (1 leg lift per side and 2 squats = 1 rep; 5 sets of this)
-10 reverse ring pull-ups
-5 sets of 15 sec. hollow body hold/15 second Superman
-30 second hollow body hold

-2 min total top holds
-5 X 5 hollow body pushups, last rep in each set at tempo

5 sets of 5-10 second L-sits (or tucks if you start to fail)

Yael Grauer
08-12-2012, 10:57 PM
Okay, today was

7 sets of 10 bear walks
7 sets of 10 froggers
5 long jumps on target (I think I missed 2)
7 50m sprints

Yael Grauer
08-14-2012, 05:33 PM
Week 6 of the rings program:

3 X 10 second top position holds on the rings
3 X 10 second front scales per leg
5 hollow body push-ups at tempo (20 seconds total)
5 X 3 reverse row sit-backs
3 X 10 sec hollow body holds

2 more weeks left in the ring program and I've been neglecting BJJ but hope to go tomorrow. It's been like a week and a half.

Yael Grauer
08-16-2012, 12:11 AM
finally made it back to jits after a week and a half.

-single leg takedowns
-single set-up while sweeping the leg
-clock choke from turtle position
-getting a hook and jumping over to take the back of an opponent who's trying to reguard from turtle
-3 5-min rounds of getting my butt kicked.

Yael Grauer
08-21-2012, 11:09 AM
I guess I didn't work out on Fri/Sat/Su/Mo, but today I did my ring test.

top position holds: 40 seconds (I was at 31.5 when I first started. modest gain after 6 weeks, but it's something)

front scale: 16 second per leg (13 on one leg and 14.5 on the other when I started)

handstand: maybe like fifteen seconds or so against the wall (when I started, I couldn't even do hollow body holds)

long jump: I skipped this because it wasn't in the pretest and I didn't feel like going outside

ring pullups: still just 1

hollow body hold: Managed to do 35 seconds; couldn't even do it without my knees bent when I started (which I did with knees bent for 72 seconds) so this is decent

pancake stretch

So these are pretty modest but somewhat significant gains, I suppose. The rest of the program involves going through this test again twice, which I want to do this week, and then week 7 has 4 days of ladders and 2 days of handstand work, but I'm going to hold off on that one until after I get back from my trip.

Hoping to make it to fundamentals tonight, but we'll see. This month has been crazy but September looks like it will be less busy (which is both good and bad.)

Yael Grauer
08-30-2012, 10:00 PM
I guess I haven't worked out since the 21st because I was in Huatulco on a press trip on the 27-29, and had to do extra work on the 22-26 so I'd have time to just chill during the trip.

Anyway, went back to the last week of the intro to rings program.

Workout was reverse ladders (10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-10) of

-Squat Jumps in Place
-Reps of Hollow Body Push Ups
-Top Position Hold on Rings

Yael Grauer
08-31-2012, 07:38 PM
Went to the gym for open mat; I think I got 6 or 7 good rolls in. I feel like I'm moving well; working for armbars from S-mount, good top position still, transitions from guard to side to mount, bottom game is still meh but at least I can reguard a bit better and I'm attacking from the bottom. Promotion ceremony tomorrow and no idea if I'll get my fourth stripe with my inconsistent training, but here's hoping.

Other than that, I did another ring workout; 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-10 ladders of

front scale leg lift reps (last rep for 5 second hold)
reverse row sit back reps
hollow body hold seconds
superman seconds

Yael Grauer
09-01-2012, 02:31 PM
Went to the stripe ceremony this AM and didn't get my next stripe, which is fair enough because I haven't been training since I got slammed with work. My coach said that people who have been out due to injury or whatnot would get stripes/belts after training consistently if we were up for it, and the next promotion ceremony is around Thanksgiving or Christmas anyway, so I'm not too worried. It would've felt weird to get a stripe after only going to 3 classes for the past month, anyway. It is a little frustrating, but whatever. It's not like I need a next belt to compete, so...

I finished the Intro to Rings program, and so now I get to decide what I want to do next for my training; obviously working on climbing for MovNat but I've pretty much given up on being able to do that on my own without in-person training. We actually have MovNat-certified trainers in Minneapolis now, but they're all super weird about actually setting up a time for coaching so I think I'll have to wait for a one-day class to roll around unless I want to drive to Chicago or something.

So I guess I have to pick a new program. Thinking of doing some Oly or something; it's the only thing i can think of that might be fun and also supplement my BJJ.

Yael Grauer
09-02-2012, 07:44 AM
So the Oly gym here in town only charges $25/month and they do all your programming for you. Thought it might be a good supplement to BJJ.

I'm still trying to figure out how to get motivated in jits again b/c I'm just not.

I'm not motivated to compete because I don't want to compete as a white belt since I either suck if I lose or am sandbagging if I win. I also don't have many women in my division.

I'm not motivated for rank because my reason for not getting striped is attendance,
and feeling like I'm going to class to get my name checked off isn't the same as that burning drive I used to have to get better.

Getting in shape isn't really a motivator, because we don't roll in every class, and I have very little control over how long I do roll (except in open mat) or at what intensity etc.

Learning things isn't really a motivator, even though we do learn a lot, because I feel like I have such little say over what we do since it's so codified. I really do feel that my gym has the winning formula and that being this stringent about the curriculum is beneficial for the gym overall, but it's just so regimented that I have trouble getting into it.

I don't know if I just need to change my attitude and decide I'm going to be motivated. I really miss that burning drive I had to train which I've had for soooo long, but it seems like it just disappeared. I can't even imagine life without jiu-jitsu, so I know this is just a temporary thing, but I'm not sure how to get my mojo back.

Trying other programs to get motivated helped me get into the other programs but not into jits, so...

Yael Grauer
09-03-2012, 08:01 PM
open mat at 10; got about 6 or 7 good rolls in. i started telling people who dole out tons and tons of advice that they can only tell me to do one thing each roll. which turns into 2 or 3 but it's better than 17 tips I can't keep track of in addition to BJJ life advice, which is just their own personal philosophies. So my things for today are tighter underhook, hip escape when someone stands or sweeps or whatnot, and chaining attacks.

Yael Grauer
09-04-2012, 09:24 PM
Started my Olylifting today, which was awesome. Lots of work on my really bad snatch technique; apparently my right arm doesn't extend all the way out anymore either so I need to work on that. Then lots of work on cleans; same as the sn we'd do three in a row; one from the ground, one from mid-thigh and one from right below the knee. We worked a ton on jerks, too. Anyway, I think the highest c+j weight I did was 65; just getting started and working on technique.

Yael Grauer
09-05-2012, 05:15 PM
So I decided to get some tuina on my arm, but the guy said it was beyond his scope of practice and recommended I go to a chiropractor, so I'll do that tomorrow.

A bit sore today, so I just did fundamentals class, which was class #2.
class 1 I believe is learning how to get in mount, then a basic self-defense catching a punch and then a hip toss, class 2 is if they block the hip toss, you do a back trip and get into mount, then we worked on mount escapes, blocking the elbow which I always forget to do, and we did a kimura from mount, and some positional training from mount.

Yael Grauer
09-06-2012, 06:59 PM
Went to a chiro today. I love this guy; he said he wasn't gonna do soft tissue work until I stop armoring as much, and he was just really good. Also he use the activator, which I like, and he does Graston, though I don't need any yet. Anyway, he is gonna fix my arm and knee and finger, and he pinpointed some things and it's already feeling much better, though it may take 3-4 sessions. He did tell me to take today off of Oly, so extra rest day for me.

Yael Grauer
09-07-2012, 10:52 PM
Open mat. Got about 7 or 8 rolls in, I'm guessing. I went against some newer guys who just got striped so are the same rank as me, and I felt like I did okay, got a couple sweeps and got good position a couple times (mount, side, etc.)

My arm feels better, but there's a meet tomorrow, so no Olylifting for me, probably another open mat.

Yael Grauer
09-11-2012, 05:43 PM
Did Saturday open mat, 6 or 7 rolls in I think, then I missed BJJ on Monday because I went to Chris Guillebeau's Minneapolis book tour stop. He is awesome. Today went back to Oly and usually it looks like we start with stretches, then he'll have me do power snatches, starting from mid-thigh then mid-knee then below the knee, then I'll do some off the blocks, then off the floor, then work on just squats. Then clean and jerks; worked up to 35 kilo which I guess isn't too bad for my second time there. Then did way too many back squats, but I think I was only doing like 80 or 85 lbs. or so. Just lots of sets of 5. It's like...sets of 3 for snatch work, sets of 2 or 1 for c+j, then sets of 5 for squats. Then ended with some shoulder presses. My coach said I probably get enough cardio in grappling, so he didn't make me do situps or anything. I'm pretty wiped and wasn't even lifting that heavy. Having fun, though, and he said my arm looks straighter.

Yael Grauer
09-13-2012, 05:27 PM
Took off BJJ yesterday, which unfortunately seems like it's becoming a pattern, but really it was everything I could do to finish working on my fundraiser, plus meet deadlines and not slack on my client meetings, so yeah. Anyway, I did 4 days last week and will do 1 this week, so it's only 5 instead of 6, but not that bad.

Today was Olylifting, and I was super tired (stayed up too late plugging away on the fundraiser) and my legs still sore from squatting too much, so we went through everything pretty quickly and didn't go as high on weight in the sn (I'm not doing a full sn yet anyway) but the c+js were a bit better, but in all of them I kept wanting to hold the weight far away from my body because I'm so tired today. So we did them pretty quickly and then instead of squats I did some deadlifts off the boxes, which I thought was just so much fun and we went up to 75k with sets of 5. Probably hurt my hands more than anything; I'm not used to deadlifting with an Oly bar. Anyway, then did a bunch of shoulder presses and ended on those. I think I did 25k but can't remember.

I could tell my coach really wanted to have spent more time working on the lifts, and having me squat, but I can only do what I can do. And we can't remember how much I squatted but I know I've only gone up to 28k on the sn and it's def. more like a power snatch I think 36k on the c+j, more like a power clean though, not that I couldn't squat more on it but I just don't need to. Anyway, those are probably pretty low numbers but we're focusing mostly on form and higher reps and it's only my 3rd time.

Yael Grauer
09-14-2012, 09:06 PM
Went to the chiropractor today and he told me I was healing amazingly well, which was cool, but he won't work on my knee until I foam roll my IT band every day, which is just so excruciatingly painful that I don't really want to.

Open mat... I just did 3 rounds, I think. People really cut open mat short today, and I got there a bit late, but there also weren't that many people I wanted to roll with either.

Missing lifting tomorrow to go to a football game.

Yael Grauer
09-17-2012, 08:09 PM
Went to intermediate. We had a long hard warm-up, and then we worked on a takedown where you get your grips, pull down, pretend you're gonna pull guard, then when they put their leg forward and rotate their hips back to defend, you straighten your arm, grab the leg with the same arm, then get one grip with your other arm and the wrist grip with the arm under their leg, then basically circle around for the TD. Then we worked on a single-leg x-guard entry when your opponent is in S-mount; you basically work in both knees, then get one leg all the way through, then on the hip, and then move the other one to position, then loosen their lapel grip. Then we did a variation from when they have mount and are all the way forward, basically, so you push their hips up while bucking (you can try to put your feet in their armpit but I think probably don't need to), then get a knee in and when they stand transition to traditional x-guard. We then did two 6-minute rounds, and of course I'm trying to get to x, but I didn't know what to do from x, so I almost didn't see the point, but I guess they went over sweeps from x-guard last week on days I wasn't there. I have to admit that not getting striped last promotion ceremony has made me more single-minded in pursuit of that stripe (and belt, eventually), so it's hard to shake myself out of thinking that it's not even required to know x-guard to get a blue belt and I won't use it in rolling and am not even competing right now, so what's the point. Probably a bad attitude to have, and a few months ago i would've been flippin' psyched to work x-guard, but I guess that's what happens when you're in a sport with ranks.

Yael Grauer
09-18-2012, 05:15 PM
Olylifting day. So I started out with the same warmup, which starts with the stick and then the light bar and then the regular bar, working 3-position snatches, then working power snatches by 3s and 2s, up to 29k this time, then go back down to an easier wait for sets. Then clean and jerks, I can't remember if I got up to 37 or 38, but whatever. Mostly sets of 3, some 2s. Did a bunch of squats up to 45K, sets of 3. Then a bunch of presses in sets of 5; apparently I can press more than I snatch. Then about 20 box jumps.

Yael Grauer
09-19-2012, 09:46 AM
Okay, I'm sore.

Yael Grauer
09-19-2012, 07:17 PM
was all dressed up and ready to go to fundamentals but a client i love called and i ended up on the phone, then it was too late to go to beginner's and i'm way too sore to do advanced. oh well. if i'm still sore tomorrow i'll do bjj instead of lifting. it's those 5K increases between squats that kill my recovery. i think if i just squated 99 it'd be easier than squatting 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 for 5s and then 3X5 at 99.

Yael Grauer
09-20-2012, 07:04 PM
okay, i went to bjj since i was still sore from yesterday and because i missed it yesterday, so i thought i'd just lift tomorrow and go to open mat saturday morning.

we worked hooks (behind the knee, on the hips with knees out, biceps/spider guard), then we worked them with the other person walking around, then did the balloon sweep, and then we worked triangles. amazing how much turning your foot out once it's locked in tightens it up.

my oly coach said i should try a steam or warm bath if i'm too sore to train, which made me feel bad, but i feel like coming in when i'm sore is just a waste of both our time.

Yael Grauer
09-21-2012, 09:35 PM
Olylifting today.

Started out with power sn. These are all kg.

3 X 15
3 X 17
3 X 20
3 X 25
3 X 27
3 X 18
3 X 29
3 X 25
3 X 25
3 X 25

Then c+j

2 X 25
2 X 25
2 X 27
2 X 27
2 X 30
2 X 31
2 X 34
2 X 35
2 X 36
2 X 37
1 X 37
2 X 35
2 X 35
2 X 35

Then back squats, which I'm going to write in lbs. because it's easier:

5 X 77
5 X 82
5 X 84
5 X 88
5 X 95
5 X 99
5 X 99
5 X 99

Then shoulder presses, in lbs. again

5 X 33
5 X 40
5 X 44
5 X 51
5 X 55
5 X 60
5 X 55
5 X 55
5 X 55

My coach wants me to do lots of reps of weight that's close to my max until it feels super light and then we can go up.Working a lot on form, mostly my mistakes are pulling the bar away from me, using my arms too soon, not getting under/meeting the bar, and not finishing the c+j once I meet the bar.

I was also pretty PMS-y today and didn't eat enough, so I was pretty spacey and not with it. I felt like I was making a lot of mistakes. Also, people tried to be friendly and talk to me and I answered them in two syllables and looked down or away. I'm turning into a dude.

Yael Grauer
09-22-2012, 11:49 PM
BJJ today. Rolled with a really cool brown belt for a couple rounds; we're working on me keeping my hips parallel to the ground in transitions on top, plus creating space/hip escaping on the bottom more, plus I tried to shoot up some triangles from guard b/c I may as well. And a few other things. Rolled with a blue belt, which was good, he's a pretty crazy wrestler but at least I made him work a little bit. Then rolled with another blue belt but then he thought my light-hearted smack talk (which he started, lol) was me being serious and didn't want to finish the round. It always surprises me when people take me seriously when I make jokes at open mat because I'm a little girl and I wear a pink gi, but I guess everyone gets moody. Just weird being told I need to control my temper when I wasn't even pissed off. I think the worst thing I said was "good luck with that" when he told me he was gonna hold some weird position for the rest of the round, which isn't even that obnoxious. Plus even if I was pissed off, it's not like I'm gonna flip out and crank shit. It was weird but I tried to talk to him about it later and told him I was just playing around and he said we were cool, so whatever. I think I am just not going to roll with him though because I had enough drama at my old gym that I don't want to start new drama.

Anyway, so I rolled with another blue for the rest of the round and he totally arm triangled me, haha. Then I rolled with this really cool and mellow brown belt, and that was fun, and then I rolled with this white belt girl who was trying to kill me, turns out she used to wrestle, so I had to turn it up a bit and got back mount forever but couldn't finish the chokes, and then I showed her a back mount escape after. Then rolled with another blue and called it a day. So I think I had about 7 6-minute rounds, which is pretty good for an open mat, and then afterwards we all looked at gross photos of each other's finger injuries.

I'm not too sore today but I'm glad tomorrow's a rest day. So this week I did 3 days of BJJ and 2 days of Oly and hoping to do 3 and 3 next week.

Yael Grauer
09-24-2012, 10:53 PM
skipped bjj to get drinks with a friend. judge away.

i also ate a bunch of tapioca pudding.

Yael Grauer
09-25-2012, 09:46 PM
My knee was really acting up today, I think b/c of the change in weather, or barometric pressure, or something, so I went to my chiropractor but he told me not to do anything on it tonight except take a walk, so I skipped training, and he used the Activator to try to get my kneecap shifted back into place, since the IT band foam rolling did nothing. So now my knee feels weird and wobbly; I feel like the other leg is longer. He said it would adjust soon. And I had him work on my arm and finger some more, which he said were healing nicely, but of course still need some work for the tendons and ligaments and all that to recover.

Yael Grauer
09-26-2012, 08:37 PM
It was Yom Kippur, so I fasted today, which is the first year I've fasted in a really long time. I've had my own issues with food, so not eating anything always seemed like a really unhealthy thing for me to do, and I'm not really the prayer and fasting type, but I thought I'd do it this year anyway, so of course I didn't train. But I've been walking a bit to try to retrain my knee and it's feeling a lot better, and I'll be good to go tomorrow.

Yael Grauer
09-27-2012, 05:27 PM
Worked on sn first, after warming up with the stick and little bar, I did (all in kilos)

3 X 15 (the little bar)
3 X 19.5 (the little 5 lb wafers)
3 X 20
3 X 25
3 X 25
3 X 25
3 X 27
3 X 25
3 X 25

Then switched to c+js
2 X 25
2 X 35
2 X 35
2 X 45
2 X 45
2 X 33
2 X 37
2 X 37
2 X 38
1 X 35
1 X 35
1 X 35

then I guess I wasn't jerking behind my head enough, so I had to do
3 sets of 4 behind-the-neck jerks with just the bar

Front squats

3 X 20
3 X 25
3 X 40
3 X 45
3 X 45
3 X 45

And that was all she wrote!

Yael Grauer
09-28-2012, 07:39 PM
I slept 9 hours, so I guess the Oly worked. Really felt ready/itching to do jits today but I had to work tonight and 9:30 is too early in the morning for me, but I'll do tomorrow morning open mat at 10:30, though I have to cover the prelims at noon, so I'll only have an hour to train.

Yael Grauer
09-29-2012, 01:32 PM
Open mat. Rolled with this really heavy blue belt, but he said my legs were super strong, so maybe the Oly is working. Then I worked with this purple belt but my coach had me go with another guy during the same round for some reason. Then went with this really sick brown belt. Then I went with a blue while I was still recovering; got his back but couldn't finish the choke. So one of the coaches showed me a Marcelo version which I'm gonna try, sort of goosenecking the hand when you go for seatbelt position. Then I rolled with this one blue belt who really turned it up. Then worked on my double legs with this girl who's around my weight who wrestled in middle school and high school. So probably 5 rolls plus 2 drill sessions. Not too bad.

I looked at my classes for the month and I did 9 BJJ (10 if you count the promotion ceremony day) for a total of 16 hours, and 5 Oly. 16 is pretty good for me, not as good as I did in January-March, but more than I did April-August, plus with the Oly that's 15 training days. I'd rather have 20-24, but it's a good transition month IMO, esp. since I had so many other things going on.

Yael Grauer
10-04-2012, 03:03 AM
Monday I missed BJJ because I left my keys in Todd's car and also he locked his keys in his car which was parked far away and I couldn't get to class in time. But the other reason was because I had to wake up at 7AM to prep for some interviews for a blog post, so got maybe 3 hours of sleep, and was exhausted.

Tuesday went to Oly

33 lb x 2 reps
33 lb x 2 reps
40 lb x 2 reps
40 lb x 2 reps
44 lb x 2 reps
44 lb x 2 reps
55 lb x 2 reps
55 lb x 2 reps
60 lb x 2 reps
60 lb x 2 reps
62 lb x 2 reps
55 lb x 2 reps
55 lb x 2 reps
55 lb x 2 reps

Clean and Jerk:
55 lb x 2 reps
62 lb x 2 reps
77 lb x 2 reps
77 lb x 2 reps
84 lb x 2 reps
84 lb x 2 reps
84 lb x 3 reps

Clean and Press (clean followed by 5 OHP):
35 lb x 1 reps
55 lb x 1 reps
77 lb x 1 reps
79 lb x 1 reps
79 lb x 1 reps

Barbell Squat:
44 lb x 5 reps
66 lb x 5 reps
88 lb x 5 reps
99 lb x 5 reps
99 lb x 5 reps
99 lb x 5 reps

This is in lbs. because it's easier to just paste it in from Fitocracy.

Went to this Freshbooks customer appreciation party right after the gym, which was hilarious because I forgot to bring something to change into (and we don't have showers anyway) so I just threw a hoodie on over my sweaty clothes and am not sure if anybody noticed or not.

Wed missed BJJ, once again a buttload of work, in fact it's 5AM and am about to crash out; I have an 11AM deadline tomorrow and that's too early in the day for me. I tried to do the early class because I'm so sore from those squats, but didn't get done in time, and was too tired to do intermediate. I did go to the debate party, though...

But I'm noticing I miss BJJ every week for some reason or another. Instead of trying to do intermediate classes, I'm thinking I should just do beginner for a while so I can get more classes in and get promoted, which is what I want, and worry about intermediate more after I at least get my 4th stripe if not my blue. Plus then I don't have to worry about being sore. Also, those classes are earlier in the day.

I also need to figure out a way to fix my sleep schedule. If I have an 11AM deadline I'd rather do everything the day/night before, but it's almost impossible when it's a Monday and I have the pile of work from the weekend plus a deadline.

I'd like to work some semblance of normal hours and not be a vampire, though.

It's 5AM and I have a Thursday PM deadline and a piece due Monday at 11, so ideally I'd get both of those done tomorrow, plus I have to pack for my free weekend trip to NYC... and I promised to cook dinner... and ideally I'd want to get to open mat at noon if I get up in time and lift at 4:30... I think I may be able to pull it off, though--2 hours to write one piece before lifting, then 3 hours for the second piece after dinner/packing/etc. but not 100% sure.

Yael Grauer
10-04-2012, 07:47 PM
Okay, I feel like superwoman today because I went to bed at 5AM, got up at 11, went to jits, got home, did a rewrite I wasn't expecting, cleaned up and did the dishes and took the trash out, set up a traffic court hearing for this parking ticket I shouldn't have gotten, went to do some Olylifting, came home, cooked dinner, etc. I feel like a total stud just for doing BJJ and lifting in one day. Now I still have 2 things to write plus packing, but it's only 9PM so I should be able to pull it off.

BJJ was the drill/positional training class at noon. I actually really like this class and might start going to it. It was nice and small. Of course I got repartnered, but I can't complain too much since I got to work with the highest ranking guy in the room. We drilled knee on belly and worked on a baseball choke and another choke variation. I don't know that I'll ever use those particular chokes in my game, but I like knee on belly. Then for the game the person coming in was on the bottom and simply had to get to half guard or guard or something, and the person on top had to finish. I surprised myself (and others probably too, haha) by winning 3 or 4 times, including against someone with much higher rank than me, lol, because I could usually sneak back into half guard or whatnot. The rounds also lasted a pretty long time so I felt like I was sort of holding my own, and it was fun to maintain position or stop people from getting the finish, at least for a while... but that's not really necessarily true since I'm sure higher belts try stuff out on me that they wouldn't do on other people and could probably easily just smash me, but it still was kind of fun to kill people's grips and hooks and stuff and throw up some triangles from weird angles (never from guard, lol) and sneak in half guard sometimes. And there was one guy who's super strong and was trying to muscle out of (read bench press) side, and I ended up just landing on him pretty hard, which was pretty funny, though he got a sweep like 40 seconds later. Anyway. I think the things I'm best at in BJJ are...maintaining side control and half guard recovery. Just need to work on the rest. I like the noon class and need to start doing it more, I think.

Olylifting was the same as always: snatch, c+j, presses (clean followed by 5 presses) and back squats. Apparently I'm get stronger but my technique still needs work, especially my sn which I can't figure out how to not pull out.

Anyway, here's the #s (in lbs., from fitocracy).

33 lb x 3 reps
43 lb x 3 reps
50 lb x 3 reps
61 lb x 3 reps
55 lb x 3 reps
55 lb x 3 reps
57 lb x 2 reps
57 lb x 2 reps
55 lb x 3 reps
55 lb x 3 reps

Clean and Jerk:
55 lb x 2 reps
55 lb x 2 reps
66 lb x 3 reps
73 lb x 3 reps
79 lb x 2 reps
84 lb x 2 reps
77 lb x 2 reps
77 lb x 2 reps

33 lb x 1 reps
44 lb x 1 reps
55 lb x 1 reps
55 lb x 1 reps
55 lb x 1 reps

(These were actually combined; clean followed by 5 presses)

Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP):
33 lb x 5 reps
44 lb x 5 reps
55 lb x 5 reps
55 lb x 5 reps
55 lb x 5 reps

Back Squat:
66 lb x 5 reps
88 lb x 5 reps
99 lb x 5 reps
99 lb x 5 reps
99 lb x 5 reps

Yael Grauer
10-13-2012, 01:50 PM
Well, I was in New York for three days, and then got back and was slammed with work, and I also slept like 10 hours a night for 3 nights in a row, which was super weird. But I think it was the weather change, and I barely slept in NY at the hotel because my roommate snored something mean. Anyway, I didn't train this week except today (just some open mat) and am leaving again on Tuesday for a while, so won't train next week. I really have a problem with consistency. However, this crazy big but temporary ghostwriting gig I had looks like it's coming to an end, so I should theoretically have more time starting on the week of the 23rd.

Yael Grauer
10-22-2012, 08:02 PM
Lifted today, but I didn't feel like taking notes on everything I did. But mostly it was just snatches for triples, then c+js for doubles, then front squats, then presses, then back squates.

Yael Grauer
10-23-2012, 06:36 PM
BJJ fundamentals. Worked on a hip toss, then we worked on a hip bump sweep and kimura from guard, and not letting people get head control from side control, and reguarding from side (I keep forgetting not to put both knees in at once, but it won't happen IRL, because I never hip escape enough to have space for both knees anyway), and then a Torreando pass variation which I don't like, and then we did some drills. I think I did pretty well advancing position against someone 3 times my size (got mount once, got his back once, got an arm once) starting on top side before he used his size/strength/technique to escape.

Yael Grauer
10-27-2012, 01:01 AM
Lifted on 10/24; was tired and sore so low reps, high weight.
Jits on 10/25; drilling class.
Took 10/26 off b/c I had to work during lifting time.
10/27 will go to open mat.

Yael Grauer
10-27-2012, 07:07 PM
So drilling last week was working on putting hooks in when transitioning from top turtle to rear mount (and they tried to escape), and variations therein. I think that's all we worked on.

Today at open mat I just worked on technique, since I didn't sleep that well last month. Working on escaping my hips more, protecting my head (i.e. stopping people in side from getting head control), plus the usual guard passes and guard game. I think I only rolled for about a half hour... it was good, though, I did 5 days of training this week.

Diet this week was pretty dang good, though I have been eating a bit of cheese here and there, and some sugar. But overall pretty good and lost all the weight I gained during my 4-day food tour extravaganza (media trip.)

Went to the chiro again yesterday and he said I was strong bilaterally and my tissue was healing well and now would be a good time for cupping or something, and that I was building a ton of muscle fast which may be why i still can't extend my arm all the way yet.

I won the grand prize during a Gold Medal Bodies contest on facebook, so I get 30 days of training, and I'm totally gonna use it to work on some low weight db complexes or rope jumping or something to lose a bit of weight without being too hard on my joints. I think my weight is fine, except that I'd be at a competitive disadvantage if i competed at it b/c i'd be going against tall lanky girls with good guard games.

Yael Grauer
11-05-2012, 10:40 PM
I totally haven't been writing my stuff, but it's basically open mat or 101 jits, and Oly until today has been snatches, clean and jerks, squats and presses.

Today was a bit different, though. We worked on hang snatches because I'm learning how to keep the bar closer to my body. Then just cleans at higher weights. Then deadlifts on the boxes. Then split jerks on the high boxes. Then presses behind my head.

Yael Grauer
11-12-2012, 09:56 PM
So I didn't train much last week because I went to see the Goddamn Gallows play on Tuesday and then we went to see Bob Dylan on Wednesday and I hosted a book group on Thursday and then I had to work on Friday and Saturday morning, and there's nothing on Sundays. So I guess I only trained on Monday and took six days off.

But today I went back to the Oly gym and I did snatches and then snatches off the boxes with light weights to work on keeping the bar close to my body and then I did clean and jerks and then he made me do behind-the-neck presses, which I hate, and then I had to do squats, and got up to 2 sets of 5 with 50k, so that was cool, and then he took off some weight so i had to do a set of 10 with 40k or something. or maybe it was 45, i can't remember. Then he had me jump on a box, and then he tried to make me jump on two boxes and I was like fuck no, I barely cleared the first one. But he thinks I can jump it next time, haha, um no.

Also one of my stories got killed today by dumb people who think they don't have to pay for the work I'd done so far, so I was super pissed off, and tried to channel my aggression into lifting, and I think it made me lift faster, which is good.

I have to take tomorrow off jits but I'll do Oly on Wed and BJJ on Thurs AM and then I work on Friday but I can train Saturday in the morning.

Yael Grauer
11-15-2012, 09:51 PM
Wed was still sore so I went to Oly anyway and did some snatches and then did some c+js and then did some front squats on the boxes (so like 1/4 squats) and some front presses (i hate the behind the neck ones so i was happy) and then some jumping.

and then today (thurs) I skipped bjj b/c i'm sick. and it sucks.

Yael Grauer
11-16-2012, 10:49 PM
Worked tonight. Hoping I get to go to open mat tomorrow AM, but I'm still getting over this cold. My boyfriend pointed out to me that it's been about 2 weeks since I've been to jits, mostly because I've been juggling work and meetings and events I go to for fun and being sick, and I thought I was handling everything pretty well, but I'm glad he's around to point out all the ways in which I fail.

Yael Grauer
11-17-2012, 11:10 AM
Went to open mat, got about 7 rolls in. I feel like I'm moving my hips better from the bottom, and then on top guard I can maintain hip position a bit better to avoid sweeps and subs, so it's good, I think my Olylifting is helping my game a bit. Still feel like I'm just going through the motions.

Yael Grauer
11-20-2012, 10:11 PM
So I missed BJJ yesterday due to a deadline and did Oly today; switching my schedule around because of a new gym schedule so Oly will be Tues/Thurs.

I did snatches and c+js and then back squats up to 5X50kg a couple times (or maybe three, i forget) and then i did shoulder presses and some jumping and called it a day.

Yael Grauer
11-23-2012, 06:43 PM
Open mat. Let's see... think I got 5 rolls in X 7 minutes.

Yael Grauer
12-08-2012, 12:49 PM
I've been forgetting to post. I think I did one beginner, 1 intermediate, 1 open mat and one gym workout since last time.

Yael Grauer
12-31-2012, 03:44 PM
All right, working on being more consistent, so here's my day.

Workout: BJJ open mat. We did a 30-min warmup and three 14-minute rounds.

Breakfast: 2 eggs & 2 strips of bacon
Lunch: cauliflower chicken
Dinner: Rotisserie chicken and a baked sweet potato

Might have a glass of champagne this evening.

Yael Grauer
01-01-2013, 02:09 PM
Breakfast: leftover rotisserie chicken with a grated apple

Lunch: gluten-free cheese enchilada with corn tortillas

Snack: roasted seaweed chips

Dinner: beef tajine (http://fastpaleo.com/beef-tajine-moroccan-inspired-stew/) (carrots, onions, raisins, butter, etc.)

Oh, and I had some Evening in Missoula tea (http://www.marketspice.com/store/products/evening-in-missoula-tea) while waiting to meet with someone who ended up no-showing.

No BJJ today, but there was Oly at 1, so I went down to that. Started with sn up to 24kg sets of 3 (my max is 28, but I've been out for a couple weeks), then c+j sets of 2 up to 36 (my max is 40), then did shoulder presses, I forget how high, then squatted up to 40 X 5, can't remember my max. And then some sit-ups.

Yael Grauer
01-02-2013, 08:42 PM
Breakfast: bacon and eggs
Lunch: leftover beef tajine
Dinner: some rotisserie chicken and some frozen veggies (including potatoes)
also had ginger tea

work out: as to be expected, I was really sore from squatting yesterday, so did our intro BJJ class, which was singles, a collar choke from the whizzer and a hip switch/sitout/reguard from turtle.

Yael Grauer
01-03-2013, 10:05 PM
Breakfast/Lunch: bacon, and then I realized I had no eggs, so I heated up some leftover chicken dish.
Snack: I had a mocha with whipped cream, but it was at an ice cream place where I met a friend, so I was proud of myself for not getting 3 scoops of Nicollet Avenue Pothole (which is the best name for ice cream, ever.
Dinner: this awesome soup Todd made. it had chickpeas, though. oh and some popcorn. I guess we're not strictly Paleo, though we're mostly Paleo and I am pretty strictly gluten-free.

Workout: None. I was thinking of going to BJJ, but 1) I'm still sore from squatting on Tuesday 2) I had three deadlines, a conference call and a meeting--just finishing up at midnight as is 3) we're leaving town tomorrow for Invicta in Kansas

No BJJ on New Year's, out of town for 2 days, and yet I still got 2 days of class in this week and 1 day of lifting...and I'll get one hotel workout in. Is that enough? Who knows. I still want to average 3X BJJ/week, so I'll do more next week. Tues Oly, Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat BJJ. I have nighttime stuff on Mon and Tuesday but Oly ends earlier, so it works.

Yael Grauer
01-05-2013, 09:37 AM
Breakfast: chicken and apple thingy
Snacks in the car: a mint condition cooler from Caribou, a bag of jerky
Hotel snacks: half a candybar, handful of fruit snacks, a small bag of baked chips and some Fig Newtowns b/c I was starving
Dinner: We went to some barbecue place. I hardly ate anything because the meat was so gross and I didn't want white bread. I did eat a lot of fries and a soda, though.
Honestly, Paleo + traveling = $, but I really should plan meals better, and at the same time I was finishing work on my laptop in the car while Todd was driving, and there's only so much pressure I can put on myself. But it's something I want to look at.

Yael Grauer
01-08-2013, 09:30 AM
Got behind. I was traveling 1-5 and 1-6 and catching up on 1-7, but let me see if I can remember my meals.

Breakfast: hotel food....eggs, bacon, fruit
Dinner: barbecue
Snacks: beef jerky, hardboiled eggs

Breakfast: same hotel food
Lunch: just snacks, jerky, etc.
Dinner: Chipotle

Lunch: leftover chicken soup (had garbanzo beans)
Dinner: chili
Snacks: iced chai

Yael Grauer
01-15-2013, 09:00 PM
breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes
snack: raw almonds
lunch: stuffed sole with scallops and crab, and kale
snack: baby carrots and almond butter
dinner: pork chops with salsa, and creamed spinach (with coconut milk and garlic)

workout: BJJ
half-hour warmup (jogging, shrimping drills, lunges, forward and backward rolls, sideways rolls, etc.) and then we worked on three different escapes from half guard bottom (including one back take, one sweep and one reguard to full guard) and then we worked those escapes/sparred for about 15 minutes or so.

breakfast: sauteed green cabbage with eggs
snack: trail mix with raw cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and raisins
lunch: tuna salad (tuna, shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, paprika, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, etc.)
dinner: ground turkey and sweet potato stew
snack: raw almonds

workout: Oly
sn for triples (I think I did 27kg but I can't remember)
c+j doubles up to 37k and then a single at 38k; tried to do 39k but bombed twice, even though I think my PR is 40
back squats up to 50K (sets of 5).
then presses (clean and press for sets of 5; can't remember how much)

Yael Grauer
01-18-2013, 11:24 PM

breakfast: scrambled eggs with salsa and sliced avocado and bacon
snack: bugs in a boat (carrot sticks with almond butter, coconut flakes and raisins)
lunch: leftover turkey sweet potato stew
dinner: beef stew (potatoes, carrots, onions, peas, beef broth, tomato paste, mushrooms, etc.)
snack: raw nut trail mix

workout: none--had a book group meeting


breakfast: eggs, avocado slices, bacon
snack: raw almonds
lunch: leftover beef stew
snack: a cup of coffee with one packet of sugar and cream (cheat #1/3)
dinner: carrots and raw almond butter, and the rest of the stew (about half a bowl)

workout: BJJ. we worked back escapes--one positonal escape, one sweep, a half guard sweep, a reguard


breakfast: eggs with mushrooms and a bit of parmesan cheese
snack: jasmine green tea
lunch: this amazing African stew with kale and chicken and sunflower butter
snack: a couple of handfuls of raw trail mix
dinner: we went out for dinner and a movie; i had chicken pad thai w/ rice noodles (cheat #2/3)

workout: none--dinner and a movie

Yael Grauer
01-21-2013, 06:15 PM

Breakfast: leftover rotisserie chicken cooked with shredded apple and cinnamon

Lunch: leftover sweet potato and ground turkey stew

Dinner: Cheat meal #3 at Todd's family reunion: fried chicken sandwich (but no mayo) and fries, and a Dr. Pepper. I didn't eat the crazy big sundae dessert everyone else got, though!

workout: open mat, probably about six 5-minute rolls in with breaks in between


Breakfast: 2 eggs, bacon andbaby potatoes cooked with onions

Lunch: stuffed sole with scallops and crabmeat

Snack: the sample at TJ's (two spoonfuls of mac and cheese and about half an ounce of passionfruit mango juice) and half a PB&J bar (so 25 grams)

Dinner: green peppers stuffed with shredded chicken and salsa and onions; a little cheese. except the peppers didn't cook all the way so i didn't eat them. :(

Snack: a banana and a handful of trail mix

workout: none; Sunday is a rest day


Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon

Lunch: shredded chicken with salsa and onions and things

Snack: roasted plantain chips

Another snack: raw almonds and raisins

Dinner: Paleo chili with ground beef, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, onions, etc.

Workout: Phase 1 class; we just worked on RNCs and good base and regular throws and stuff. Pretty easy.

Yael Grauer
01-23-2013, 06:56 PM

Breakfast: shredded sweet potatoes with two fried eggs on top

Lunch: shredded chicken/tomato/onion stuff with some shredded cheese

snack #1: baby carrots and almond butter

snack #2: almonds and raisins

Dinner: chicken curry in the crockpot--carrots, onions, celery, chicken thighs, garlic, coconut milk, chicken broth and a whole lot of spices.

workout: phase 1 class... we worked on a takedown to side control, takedown to mount, bridge & roll mount escape, a standing guard pass to side and a double-under pass, and 15 minutes of positional drills.

also: got tuina for my arm; he said it'd take 12 weeks of weekly tuina for a half hour a session for it to heal, so that was 1 of 12.


Breakfast: 2 eggs and a banana

Lunch: tuna salad--tuna, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, paprika, salt, pepper, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil

Dinner: leftover slow cooked chicken curry with carrots, onion and celery, mmm.

Snack: a half a bowl of Trader Joe's popcorn with herbs and spices (seasoned with sea salt, dill, celery seed, and onion powder)

workout: phase 2 class; we worked escapes from mount, from someone posting from mount (escape to x-guard or half-guard), from a knee pillow and from high mount; then did positional training from mount; did pretty good, I could hang with my training partner even though he was bigger and stronger and he told me I was sneaky. :D easier to get out of mount to half guard than to hold mount myself, though... prob. cos i squeeze the knees which makes it hard to base quickly with my foot, so I get rolled instead. but in real life i don't hold mount; i go to side.

Yael Grauer
01-30-2013, 10:19 PM
Friday the 24th

Breakfast: eggs, caramelized onion, avocado, sausage, fresh herbs and smoked cheddar on a pretzel bun

Lunch: 2 cups of coffee. A lettuce wrap from Jimmy John's--no bread, no mayo, just turkey, lettuce, tomato and alfalfa sprouts. not bad for no time to pack a lunch!

Snack: carrot sticks with raw almond butter

Dinner: pulled pork with onions and garlic and spices

no workout


breakfast: eggs and avocado.

snack: cherry tomatoes

lunch: leftover pulled pork

dinner: way too much crap at a potluck. salad, dolmas, brownies, cookies, chocolate, you name it

no workout


breakfast: 2 eggs, some bacon and half an avocado

lunch: cilantro lime chicken and some salad (mixed greens, shredded carrots, tomatoes) with oil & vinegar

dinner: tacos with beef, shredded lettuce, a cheese blend and corn tortillas.

snack: lime and salt corn tortilla chips with guacamole

workout: open mat


breakfast: basil and spinach omelet, and some avocado slices

lunch: leftover pulled pork

snack: an orange

dinner: porkchops cooked with red wine, onions and garlic. plus some frozen green beans.

workout: TRX workout with Todd. :) we did 2 sets of 12X pushups, lunges, flys, pistols (8 each on this one), hamstring curls, reverse lunges, muscle-ups, one-armed pulls.


breakfast: 2 eggs and some bacon

lunch: leftover cilantro lime chicken (which I'm tired of, but we still have some left, lol) and the last bit of the wilted salad I made for Friday's potluck. Added some raisins and a handful of pine nuts to spice it up a little.

dinner: bacon mushroom chili.

workout: drove all the way down to the gym and realized I left my Oly lifting shoes and knee sleeves at home. :( I wonder if I subconsciously did it because I was still sore from the day before


breakfast: leftover Rotisserie chicken cooked with shredded apple

snack: chai at a meeting in a cafe (so that's probably cheat #1 for this week)

lunch: leftover bacon mushroom chili

dinner: Hungarian stew (beef, beef broth, onions, garlic, green pepper, tomato paste, carrots, sweet potatoes, lots of smoked paprika) and broccoli

workout: Oly

snatches up to 28K I think it was. working triples.
cleans up to 40K, working doubles but only got 1 for 40; missed at 41. :(
front squats... quintuples and then triples, up to 45K
behind the neck presses, up to...something, can't remember, I just do what my coach says. he had me do quintuples again.
ended with 2 X 10 situps.


breakfast: Paleo pancakes (with sweet potatoes and pumpkin)

lunch: leftover Hungarian stew.

snack: handful of plantain chips

dinner: bowl of chicken egg drop soup (and it was so good!)

workout: none; i got tuina on my arm today and it was so sore after he was done; didn't want to exacerbate it

Allen Yeh
01-31-2013, 04:08 AM
What is tuina? At first I thought you wrote tuna....and realized that didn't make sense.

Yael Grauer
02-04-2013, 06:55 PM
Tuina is Chinese deep tissue massage. It hurts a lot.

Yael Grauer
02-04-2013, 09:54 PM
breakfast: leftover Paleo chili
lunch: the rest of the chili
snack: 3 brownie bites, cheese and fruit, a couple crackers
dinner: the rest of the chicken egg drop soup

workout: just 3 rounds of 20 each pushups, situps, jumping jacks. busy day.

breakfast: eggs and bacon
linner: a banana and almonds
dinner: rotisserie chicken, mixed greens with oil & vinegar

workout: open mat; was late due to snow so I got 3 7-minute rounds in

breakfast: sweet potato hash with two fried eggs on top
lunch: mixed greens salad with some of the leftover rotisserie chicken and some tomatoes and dressing
snack: I finally let myself have a large mint condition cooler. so worth it.
dinner: pork rib and onion and still drinking my cooler an hour later. :)
snack: carrots and guac. gross, lol. i want chips.

workout: Saturday AM open mat. My friend from Milwaukee visited!!! It was so great rolling with her. I haven't seen her in a year, and she recognized specific areas where I've improved. After 137 classes (I track them on foursquare) and no change in rank, it's nice to know I've at least improved a little.

breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon
snack: sushi--assorted California rolls with brown rice. also had the samples at Trader Joe's at around 5 or so...some kind of tea/juice and half a meatball with some kind of sauce
dinner: Paleo Pad Thai. so yum.
snack: a handful of Honey Dijon potato chips and one of those cookie butter candy bars from Trader Joe's

workout: none; always rest on Sundays

breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: the rest of the Paleo Pad Thai
snack: an orange and some almonds
dinner: some lentil soup from a can. not the best choice, but works in a pinch

workout: BJJ Phase 2. We worked on two different ways of stuffing the butterfly sweep/passing butterfly guard, and then did some rolling. nice to know i can still smash people who came in way after me and now have the same rank I do. rank is stupid but it's annoying not to get it, esp. since i don't really want to compete as a white belt anymore.

Yael Grauer
02-06-2013, 11:21 PM
breakfast: I totally skipped it to make it to my hair appointment in time. herbal tea at the hair place.

lunch: client meeting. 6 oz. flat iron steak, pan roasted, with bearnaise on the side, and 2 scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, fruit. so yeah, that's a cheat meal, but could've been worse

dinner: chicken sausage, squash and sweet potatoes

snack: went out for drinks/cupcakes with my friend who just landed a sweet new job. one glass of chardonnay and one Irish car bomb cupcake (Guinness cake filled with Bailey's mousse and topped with Jameson buttercream). and 4 chips with salsa. (4 chips! lol but really that's all I had)

So yeah, not very disciplined on Tuesday.

workout: nothing. :( I got too busy with work between these meetings, and didn't sleep enough last night to feel up for it.)


back on track!

breakfast: eggs, bacon, half an avocado

lunch: leftover squash/sweet potato/Italian sausage stuff from last night

dinner: shrimp cooked with chili powder, salt, garlic, and a little orange juice (plus a slice of orange while cooking)

workout: I actually drove all the way to jits and then Tim reminded me 7:45 isn't on Wednesdays, so I felt dumb and drove home. I couldn't go do advanced b/c my arm was sore from tuina (ancient Chinese arm torture), so I just did a bodyweight workout: 3 X 20 each squats jumping jacks and crunches. Usually I do pushups but did squats instead. This workout is way too easy.

We've pinpointed that the parts of my arm that hurt the most are my brachiaradialis (which I strained like 6 or 7 years ago) and my tricep and possibly some damage to the back of my arm/elbow area, but even though he's digging in deeper every week, we still haven't gotten deep enough to know for sure, but he said probably next week he might want to use some needles too, to get more chi/blood/whatever flow to those joints. only thing he's worried about is whether or not there's calcification in the joint but no way of telling really. :(

Yael Grauer
02-09-2013, 09:57 PM
breakfast: 2 eggs and half an avocado
snack: just a cup of coffee (yes with cream and sugar)
late lunch: a homemade tuna salad with avocado, tomatoes, carrots, lemon, olive oil, etc.
dinner: slice of pizza and a root beer (oops! but it was so free)
second dinner: Paleo chili and vegetables
late-night snack: banana and almonds

workout: was gonna do Oly, but I didn't. I think I need to find a better plan for my schedule... knowing my arm is sore for 1-2 days after I get tuina on Wednesdays, I should do Oly on Mondays or Tuesdays.

breakfast: scrambled eggs cooked with spinach, with some cooked grape tomatoes
lunch: filet mignon served with arugula & blue cheese (AKA the healthiest thing on the menu)
dinner: pork loin and butternut squash stew with lots of other veggies

workout: open mat; 5 rounds

breakfast: sweet potato hash with two fried eggs on top
lunch: leftover pork and butternut squash stew from yesterday
snack: i ordered an orgasmic chai (which is regular chai with a shot of toasted marshmallow) at the cafe i was at
snack 2: went to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things, and I had their sample, which was a taste of lasagna with 1/4 of a mozzarella stick and some cranberry juice. These are the tiny servings in the little paper cups.
dinner: homemade bacon-wrapped chicken thighs with onion, garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper, oh and mushrooms
snack 3: half a bowl of plantain chips and guacamole

workout: open mat; 7 rounds

Yael Grauer
02-10-2013, 11:44 PM

breakfast: eggs scrambled with tomatoes and mushrooms, a banana
lunch: some chips and salsa. trapped at home b/c of the snow (and I just couldn't make myself eat that pork stew for the 3rd time in a row)
snack: peanut butter and jelly candy bar from Trader Joe's
dinner: sweet Italian pork sausage with sweet potatoes, collard greens, chicken broth, etc.

Been really watching my diet for the past month or so because I'm on a quest to get back down to my competition weight... well actually I guess lower than my comp weight because I used to walk around at 3 lbs over and cut water or diet the week before and then wear a 3 lb lightweight gi, so my "old" walking weight was about 6 lbs. more than I want to get to. I want to wear whatever gi I want. :) So I'm about 1/3 of the way there after just under a month (28 days). Hoping 2-3 more months will do it. My goal is to lose gradually and maintain instead of cutting down and regaining after the tournament, as I've always done.

So about 14 pounds to go, but I know the 8 will be easy and those last 6 will be tough because it's been forever.

I've been trying to have a more sustainable diet instead of trying to pretend I'm 100% Paleo or worse, Whole30. But I'm also trying to make sure my cheat meals are limited (smaller portions and only 3-ish times per week is the goal...I get closer each week). The best way to do that is to make sure they're awesomely delicious instead of just any old crap, and to chew tons of gum.

Also trying to not decide on a specific tournament I want to cut weight for until I'm at weight, and THEN I can pick a tournament.

Yael Grauer
02-15-2013, 09:04 PM
breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: homemade tuna and veggie salad (with lime juice instead of lemon juice for variety)
snack: a bunch of junk I really shouldn't have eaten...but it was free. I had a brownie, some mini candy bars, some crackers with sauces, a piece of spanakopita, etc.
dinner: frozen terikayi chicken. i was going to eat the leftover pork and sweet potatoes from friday but it was bad so i had to throw it out and went to get a rotisserie chicken but the store was out so i got the only frozen meal with veggies and whole grains (brown rice), also has chicken and snap peas and carrots and red pepper, but the sauce had soy sauce and honey/sugar, so i transferred the thing to a regular plate to get some of the sauce off.
snack: apple and almond butter. because that wasn't enough food.

workout: just did 3 sets of 20 of pushups/situps/jumping jacks; was still sore from the day before

breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: I skipped lunch. was freaking out because of a dental problem
dinner: chicken apple sausage with sweet potatoes, kale, zucchini, onion, garlic and spices
snack: an orange

workout: I went to restorative yoga instead of BJJ because I was freaking out about my tooth. I think I prob. need a root canal; will find out for sure next week.
also: got tuina, so at least my arm is getting better, even though my tooth is fucked

breakfast: grated apple cooked with leftover rotisserie chicken and cinnamon
lunch: homemade tuna salad
dinner: Valentine's day dinner--salmon on naan with mango salsa, salad with cheese, bacon and a raspberry vinaigrette, lobster with french peas on parmesan fettucine, apple crumb with whipped cream

workout: none; dinner and comedy night out

breakfast: eggs with salsa, bacon, avocado
snack: a cup of coffee...but I had it with no sugar this time, but it had added cream. not sure which is better.
lunch at 5:30: I made myself eat the chicken and a banana that I brought to the coworking space on my drive from there to open mat; figured I should eat something even though I didn't want to
dinner: Southwestern chili: sweet potatoes, diced tomatoes, onion, green pepper, celery, garlic and spices

workout: open mat; I did 4 or 5 7-minute rounds

Yael Grauer
02-25-2013, 04:01 PM
breakfast: morning hash: bacon, onion, garlic, red bell pepper, sweet potato, kale, thyme, and eggs on top.
snack: finally ate my almond & sea salt in dark chocolate Valentine's Day candy bar.
lunch: leftover turkey sweet potato chili from yesterday.
dinner: chicken and coconut milk and diced tomato, onion, etc. over cauliflower rice
snack: carrots with almond butter and a small handful of pistachios

workout: 2 X 20 jumping jacks, 2 X 15 squats, 2 1-min wall sits, 2 X 15 calf raises, 2 X 15 pushups, 2 X 10 lying torso raises, 2 X 15 crunches, 2 X 25 bicycles, plank.

breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: went to Space Aliens with Todd's nephew and sister and parents. Spinach salad with grilled chicken, hardboiled eggs and bacon (and dressing on the side). About 5 fries. (5 fries! haha)
snack: half a peanut butter and jelly candy bar when we got groceries at Trader Joe's.
dinner: Puerto Rican Beef: beef, all kinds of bell peppers, onion, kale, sweet potatoes, avocados, green olives and spices.

no workout, rest day

breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: leftover Puerto Rican beef with veggies and sweet potatoes from yesterday
snack: banana
dinner: more Puerto Rican beef

workout: none. this was the day before my root canal, and I was freaking out

2PM meal (lunch?): smoothie w/ frozen berries, Greek yogurt, coconut milk, cocoa powder
dinner: brussel sprouts with bacon, chicken and cilantro soup with onions
snack: a banana. i could barely open my jaw; i had to cut it into pieces.

workout: none; recovering

breakfast: scrambled eggs and half a glass of smoothie with blueberries, spinach, almond butter, coconut manna, cocoa powder, and coconut milk
snack (at an event): yogurt and 3 pieces of fruit
lunch: boxed lunch. mango chicken salad sandwich, chips, salad, cookie
dinner: just ate random food they had out for dinner while networking after this event. Some meat and salad, a few crackers, an egg roll, etc. No whole grains, but really I was just trying to chew and have been eating so little that I just ate what was there. Oh and I had a beer and I had part of a brownie. I don't really feel bad about it.

workout: none, was at an event all day

breakfast: the leftover rotisserie chicken cooked with shredded apple and cinnamon
lunch: chicken with cauliflower and broccoli and veggies
dinner: pulled pork, brussel sprouts

workout: just a home workout with squats, situps and jumping jacks. also got tuina.

breakfast: scrambled eggs with salsa and avocado
snack: a turtle cupcake and coffee
lunch: Italian sausage and spinach
snack: handful of plantain chips with guac

workout: nothing

breakfast: scrambled eggs, Paleo apple/banana muffins
snack: mint condition cooler
fight snacks: a bowl of Munchies. chili and bacon with cornbread. a beer.

workout: none; we had an in-house tournament

breakfast: eggs, bacon, red pepper, green pepper, garlic, onion, etc.
lunch: leftover Paleo chili with mushrooms and bacon and half an avocado.
snack: at TJ's, I tried the carrot with some dip and some cranberry juice
dinner: osso "buco" with tomatoes and carrots. I'm playing with the 4-Hour Chef

workout: nothing; i take Sundays off

So I basically barely worked out for the last week and a half.

Yael Grauer
03-25-2013, 07:16 AM
Just realized I have a month's worth of log stuff to transfer in here, so here we go!

breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado
lunch: leftover lamb shanks (omg they're so good) with carrots and tomatoes
snack: Greek yogurt (with sugar, yeah)
dinner: Chicken thighs with zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc.
workout: just a bodyweight workout (the longer one I've posted)

breakfast: eggs with salsa, bacon, avocado
then: coffee with cream and sugar
lunch: leftover osso buco and carrots
dinner: rotisserie chicken, cauliflower with coconut milk and a few cashews
workout: BJJ, this was my first day back after my root canal and I successfully avoided the crossface

breakfast: rotisserie chicken and shredded apple
lunch: leftover chicken thighs with veggies
snack: leftover muffin (Paleo, so almond flour) and yogurt (also leftover)
dinner: a frozen mean; sesame stir fry with brown rice
workout: nothing, but I got tuina

breakfast: 2 eggs, leftover cauliflower/cashew mash
lunch: kimchee ramen (not Paleo) and iced mocha
dinner: squash and kielbasa (not tasty though)
workout: I did pushups; trying to get 100. up from 33 to 41.

breakfast: eggs and sweet potato hash
lunch: tuna salad, sweet potatoes, kale salad
snack: handful of plantain chips, coconut kombucha
dinner: Italian shredded pork with tomatoes and spices
workout: open mat

breakfast: scrambled eggs (1 egg & 2 yolks) with mint, cumin and garlic powder. (working out of 4-Hour Chef)/ handful of cashews
lunch: leftover Italian shredded pork with tomatoes
snack: mint condition cooler
dinner: slow cooker Baslamic vinegar sausage and chicken (chicken breast and Italian sausage and diced tomatoes and tomato sauce with onions and garlic and spices and vinegar)
snack: a handful of chips (whole ground corn) and guac/salsa combo
workout: open mat; lots of sweeps and attacking from the guard

breakfast: eggs and pancetta
lunch: leftover pork from yesterday
snack: stone-ground chips and salsa
dinner: beef roast, a baked potato (with a bit of sour cream and chives) and kale (cooked in broth)
workout: none; Sundays are rest days

breakfast: eggs and egg whites with parsley and lemon cooked with grapeseed oil
lunch/dinner/whatnot: i can't remember, but i did end up in a bar eating tater tots and nachos with some friends at night. oh and i had a beer

breakfast: honestly, all i ate that day was two pieces of steak. i was pretty sick
workout: shoveling. while sick. ugh.

breakfast: banana, sunflower butter
lunch: ice cream; thought it'd make my throat feel better
snack: arugula salad with tomatoes and avocado
dinner: sausage and mashed potatoes at a restaurant with friends
workout: more shoveling while sick (Todd was out of town; our timing sucked)

breakfast: creme brulee french toast, cider (meeting with a friend)
lunch: coffee and cream and sugar
dinner: chicken and bok choy with coconut aminos and green onions and things
workout: open mat

breakfast: eggs bacon avocado
lunch: rotisserie chicken and kale cooked with chicken broth
dinner: just carrots and sunflower seed butter... I knew I was gonna eat a ton on the overnight website challenge on 3/9 so took it easy
workout: open mat; rolled with the new younger girl and with 3 guys; did some no-gi too

Overnight Website Challenge binge day
breakfast: donut, fruit (tangerine and apple), trail mix, cupcake, coffee (because I got limited sleep and had to get sugared and caffeinated up for this 24-hour event)
lunch: mango chicken salad sandwich, chips, a cookie (just a bite), soda
dinner: Qdoba--corn tortilla with steak, rice, guac, black beans, a few corn chips
2nd dinner: a slice of pizza
workout: I did some boxing in the bounce house with enormous boxing gloves, but that's really more of a party game. just one of the things they had for us at this event--I pretty much ate whatever was put in front of me. I think I had a cupcake too.

breakfast (still at the OWC): a banana and a sip of champagne (no Red Bull, though!)
dinner: short ribs and cabbage with bacon and coconut cream
I slept a lot because staying up for 24 hours on 3 hours sleep is no fun. and was still getting over being sick

breakfast: eggs, 1 strip of bacon, 2 Paleo muffins (with almond flour)
lunch: leftover short ribs and creamed cabbage from yesterday
dinner: goulash over spaghetti squash.
snack: trail mix
workout: nothing, was packing for Boston

more in a sec

Yael Grauer
03-25-2013, 08:01 AM
Okay so after 3/11 I went to Boston for a conference, and was staying with a friend in Somerville, and without a car it was really hard to find good food, etc. So here's what I ate.

breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: chai latte
dinner: chicken, kale and baked sweet potato
workout: nothing, just packing

breakfast: leftover rotisserie chicken cooked with cinnamon and apple
lunch: airport food: salad with spring greens, grilled chicken, olives, tomatoes, a little goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper
snack: airplane snacks--crackers and hummus and green olives and things (no not Paleo but it was the best I could find) plus almonds
dinner: at my friend's house! hot dogs (I didn't eat the bun), beans, chili, sauerkraut
workout: lots of walking down airport runways, carrying my suitcase up flights of stairs. it counts! lol

breakfast: none
lunch: at a cafe at the conference; the healthiest thing I could find: Chef's salad with mixed field greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, turkey, ham, cheese, hard boiled egg, balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Also a cappucino (trying to wake up a bit)
dinner: some rice and fish, a few bites of potato gnocci, some clam chowder (no oyster crackers), some fruit, a few other random things I really can't remember. 2 pieces of sushi--they just had tons of food tables. oh some veg and guac. two tiny muffins (they're like miniature--so i'd say both of them were about 1/4 of a whole one)
Incidentally, I was stunned at how much junk food they had at this conference, including big boxes of candy and movie popcorn--I didn't have any though
workout: lots of walking to buses and subways and things

breakfast: eggs, bacon, potatoes, yogurt, two cups of coffee with cream and sugar
lunch: Harvest salad with romaine lettuce, mixed greens, grilled chicken, dried cherries, pears, Gorgonzola cheese and toasted pecans (though honestly mostly just lettuce which I couldn't finish) more coffee sugar cream before editor meetings
snack: an apple
dinner: Roasted Chicken with “green bean casserole”, fingerling potatoes, and Madeira-thyme jus. I think the green beans had some flour stuff. also I had some kind of drink but I forget what was in it; i know it had mezcal though. open bar...
workout: 2.1 miles of sleep-deprived walking in the freezing cold.

breakfast: quiche, chicken apple sausage, hash browns, fruit, yogurt, coffee, etc.
lunch: salad with dressing on the side, salmon, rice, broccoli raab, roll, coffee
snack: they had epic free dessert. I had one gluten-free cake pop and two of these tiny little wafers, and a tiny thing of mousse (these were like the size of shot glasses)
dinner: chicken, fingerling potatoes, some veggies, a couple strawberries, and another mini cupcake.
workout: .4 miles of walking

breakfast: a bagel with cream cheese and a donut. (i know, i know...but it was all they had!) and two cups of coffee. (relying on conferences for food = no bueno)
lunch: nothing...conf ended, went to the flower show to meet my friend and stayed there all day
dinner: st. patty's boiled dinner: corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots
workout: nothing. so sleep-deprived and little room to move around at my friend's house

brunch: I had leftover boiled dinner (corned beef, potatoes, carrots)
snack: I met a writer friend for coffee and had a "Blue Machine" juice thing b/c I didn't want coffee due to sleep-deprivation. i know, loaded in sugar
another snack: I had to kill time at Starbucks between friend #1 and #2 so I had a tarragon chicken salad sandwich with chicken, celery, cranberries and whole wheat bread
dinner: I went out with another friend for barbecue and had steak, broccoli and potatoes with barbecue sauce. then we went out for drinks and I had a margarita and some other mixed drink. because fuck it. traveling.
workout: very little. we went to the science museum and so walked around a lot to chase a 6-year-old and i was hanging with friends other than that

breakfast: a handful of mixed nuts
lunch: canned chicken noodle soup (my other alternatives were lasagna and sandwiches on white bread)
dinner: lentil soup with veggies
workout: none. this was the day I was gonna visit cressey's gym and lauzon's gym but the snow made it impossible, bummer.

breakfast: none
lunch: none
snack: California Cobb sandwich, fruit and cheese box (on the airplane, best I could do)
dinner: pulled pork and broccoli slaw
workout: a ridiculous amount of running in the airport

breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: leftover pulled pork and broccoli slaw
snack: handful of raisins and sunflower seeds
dinner: chicken, kale, sweet potatoes
snack: a couple handfuls of plantain chips and guacamole
workout: nothing. I got tuina and my arm was SO sore and honestly still sore from all that running yesterday; who knew running three times in an airport would give you shin splints?

The good news on 3/21 was we figured out the source of what's wrong with my arm, which should help

breakfast: leftover rotisserie chicken cooked with shredded apple and cinnamon
lunch: homemade Paleo chili
dinner: Gypsy soup (no not Paleo b/c chickpeas). olive oil, onion, garlic, sweet potatoes, celery, tomatoes, kale, chickpeas, cinnamon, cayenne, bay, coconut aminos, smoked paprika, turmeric, basil, salt, water, etc.
another dinner: more stew (after training)
workout: open mat; 3 7-min rounds. wanted 4, but not a lot of guys rolling. there were 8 guys on the mats and 3 i won't train with because they're too new, too big, too spazzy, etc. and the timing just didn't work out--the last guy i wanted to train with was done for the day

breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon and some blueberries (not a lot)
lunch: post workout smoothie: spinach, kale, banana, honey (he probably put a teaspoon in the whole blender so I'm guessing I had 1/3 tsp), coconut cream, water/ice. also had 2 hardboiled eggs
dinner: probably the equivalent of 3 slices of pizza; todd's parents took us out for dinner and I didn't want to make a fuss and order salad which I didn't want so we ate what everyone else had
snack: 3 beers; met friends for birthday drinks. so yeah
workout: open mat; got 6 7-minute rounds in; doin' good

breakfast: breakfast skillet: we just used sweet potatoes, red peppers, chicken apple sausage, onion, etc.
snack: licorice mint tea
lunch: stir fry with ground pork and lots of veggies
snack: a peanut butter and jelly candybar from trader joe's (because we always buy a candy bar when we go to TJ's and because I wanted one); also I tried some salad they were sampling and some peach juice (not a lot)
dinner: one sweet corn tamale and one chicken and cheese tamale. because we didn't feel like cooking and found these frozen and because we wanted to eat them.
workout: none, I rest on Sundays

So all caught up! It's been a year since I started keeping this log. Unfortunately, I don't think I've made that many strides in the year. I guess my weight is lower because I was topping the scales at 156 and am now down to 151, but I was 145 for many many years (would lose weight and get to 141 for competition and then cut 3 lbs of water weight) and 135 is my ideal, so hopefully I can lose 16 lbs. in the next year or so. Then again my body comp has improved, so maybe I should stop looking at pounds anyway.

My BJJ coach is going through personal issues and it's been forever since anyone's been promoted, so I'm going to stick it out with my gym for now (contract through the end of November) and then if nothing's changed after that I'll reassess. I just feel like it'd be meaningless to compete as a white belt at this point, and I want to compete, so...