View Full Version : C&J of 14 year old son

Richard Bendekovic
01-30-2013, 11:24 PM
Would like to hear thoughts on son's c&J. He seemed to handle this weight pretty well and has done 60 kg with a coach but I am hesitant to go much higher than that in the garage. The lift in the video is 57 kg at the end of a workout that had some light segment pulls before the C&J sets and back squats after. Thanks.


Greg Everett
02-22-2013, 04:44 PM
More patient w the arms and keep the lats engaged better to move the bar back into the lap as it passes the knees. Keep the pressure on the heels longer (aim to keep the heels down until the bar is at upper thigh).

Smooth out the dip for the jerk - little to abrupt moving down and he drops out from under the bar momentarily. Make sure the knees are unlocked before the dip starts. That will help prevent his upper back from collapsing that little bit. Also a bit more patient w the arms - wait a split second longer to start pushing w the arms so he can get more leg drive into the bar and a little better position. Can probably adjust the jerk rack position a bit too by spreading the elbows instead of having them as high and toward the midline as they are.