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Dave Van Skike
08-28-2013, 11:20 PM

Here’s the rub about developing a base of strength/endurance/flexibility/power, you cannot fully develop these qualities in random haphazard fashion. It takes years – not months, not weeks – years to fully develop a foundation in the basics of athleticism because most if not all these adaptations are based in long term physical changes to the body like increased capillary networks, greater density and cross section of muscle, increased bone density, lowered resting heart rate, higher peak heart rate and an efficient metabolic system for processing fatty acids and glycogen. These are just the mechanical changes. The most profound and long lasting training effects from focused practice are neurological. Repeated focused practice builds new neurological connections; for lack of a better analogy, these connections are a sophisticated communication network between the brain and the body’s musculature. These “network adaptations” are near permanent changes to the body’s wiring. The beauty of these neurological connections is that once established (learned) they are slow to unlearn: - See more at: http://practicalstrengthfortrainers.com/blog/2013/08/26/base-vs-general-fitness/#sthash.Wpn8LC4K.dpuf