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Matt VanSchoyck
11-13-2013, 02:46 PM

So, here I am about a year into CrossFit and I'm not satisfied with my Olympic lifts. I've never had a coach and I've only been to a box once on vacation. So I decided to spend the winter months in the garage working my snatch and clean and jerk. I'm on the second week of the 12 week program. Theres probably not another platform within 100miles of my house. That means tons of youtube.. just looking for some pointers on the ol snatch. Any help from anyone would be awesome. I think this is was at 70% (155# I think)

Blake Barnes
11-13-2013, 10:39 PM
The video is not working for me.

Matt VanSchoyck
11-14-2013, 07:48 AM
I edited the post and just put the link up rather than trying to embed the video. Maybe that will work?

Blake Barnes
11-14-2013, 02:54 PM
It just looks like you're bumping the bar out a little on the extension.

Try to stay flat footed longer before initiating the second pull. You're just coming up on the toes too soon.

Immediately after your extension, let your elbows break up and out as you pull under the bar.

Also as you receive the bar, try to keep your head and chest up and sit straight down. It just looks like you're "diving" through the bar a little bit.

But all around, you look like you move well for having no coaching.

Matt VanSchoyck
11-14-2013, 04:56 PM
Thanks a ton man. Ill get to work on that tomorrow.