View Full Version : Snatch Critique

Jeffrey McCarthy
12-02-2013, 08:02 PM
Going back to the drawing board on my snatch. I was looking at a recent video and my form was absolutely terrible. So, I decided to go back and really focus on hitting positions and consistency.

I have tons of problems, in my catch I am usually way leaned over and in this ugly flying eagle position, also I typically bang the bar way out and I have a tough time keeping the bar close. Here is a quick video working on positions. Any and all advice is welcome.


Charlie Reynolds
12-03-2013, 02:43 PM
go back to wooden stick/empty bar and work on positions, slow the movement down slightly, straighten up the bar path and do sets of 5-10 with perfect form for a few weeks or so. one specific cue is to get that chest up and push it out much more throughout the entire lift, back really tight from top to bottom/upper and lower.

Blake Barnes
12-03-2013, 03:19 PM

From the floor to the knee it looks like you move your hips up a little too much. Also, your upper back looks a little rounded. Think about letting your hips and shoulders move at the same time to your back angle will stay the same all the way to the knee. Also, keep your back tight as you get ready to lift the bar off of the floor. The shoulder blades should be slightly retracted and depressed in the starting position.

On the movement from the knee to the hip, it looks like you only move your upper body up to compensate for shooting your hips up too much (like in the first paragraph). On this movement, your torso will become more upright but it shouldn't be as drastic. When you stop, you're almost just standing straight up. Your chest needs to be over the bar just a tad more on the 2nd stop.

Just before your extension it looks like you move the hips back and then forward. This may be why you feel like the bar is getting away from you. The bar needs to be moving towards you from you using your lats to push the bar into the hips.

In the bottom position, you don't really look hunched over in this video. But you do look very unstable. I would recommend holding the bottom position of all Snatches, OHS, Snatch Balances, etc. to help develop some comfort in that position.