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Paul Potter
12-27-2013, 11:46 AM
I found a series of, what look like, good programs available for free on the Idaho Weightlifting website. (Just an alternative to the stuff Greg has done).

I've made the Class 2 (intermediate lifter) program easier to use and have a breakdown of volume and some other stuff on there. I made 1 alteration and that was to use a russian squatting cycle to replace the squatting on there.

Just curious what people thing about these programs, and people might find it useful.

I've also included a folder with a bunch of articles, papers, books and manuals about programing theory. Inc. "The Training of the Weightlifter" by R. A. Roman

here is a link to the folders on google docs: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9hM_7UDb2uZS3dpZ0dlc1F1ck0&usp=sharing

I hope people appreciate this


Blair Lowe
01-10-2014, 10:29 PM
Cool, pretty interesting and lots to read. My Ukrainian coach/boss I trained under would have loved this stuff...and probably made me read it when I was at Berkeley. I think I actually read a few articles that were these or very close.

Or as he said..." you should probably read these...unless you smoke too much pot and can't read them which would be dumb "

Paul Potter
01-11-2014, 09:30 AM
Yeah thereís absolutely tons of stuff. I'm trying to chip away at it in small amounts. I think there are a lot of different translations out there for some of the papers so they will be slightly different.

Iíve just put a couple more things into the folder by the way. Not quite so good as the others but still might be of interest

Matthew Bosworth
01-29-2014, 06:26 AM
Awesome Man! Impressive folder of stuff. I hope you're ok with me sharing it with my buddies.
I currently have a dropbox folder with Diet/Workout Stuff if anyone is interested.


Paul Potter
01-30-2014, 01:26 AM
Yeah go for it! Thanks for sharing your folder, some good reading material in there too

jupp george
01-30-2014, 02:09 PM
paul, are the idaho weightlifting cycles based of the current 1rm or the projected one? :)

Paul Potter
01-30-2014, 02:12 PM
Jupp George, they're off your current 1RM